Life Model


So Mandy and me, we were like flat mates at college.  I was studying Media Studies and Mandy was studying Art with Psychology.  When I say studying I mean the studying in a loose sense of the word.  I mean we went to the lectures and things, but we didn't spend a lot of time doing essays and reading books and things; we liked to hang out down the gym and the pool and round the Students Union.  I mean life at Uni isn't all about studying is it?  I mean you go to Uni to learn about life, to make friends, to have a good time.  That's what they say isn't it?

So Mandy is like dead pretty, and got a nice figure with big boobs, bigger than what I've got, but then she says I look good as well and big boobs aren't everything and I have a nice bum.  By which I think she means I have a big one, which isn't really as good as big boobs.  And Mandy is like this stunning redhead and I'm more your average light brunette.  But that's all right because I wear my hair in bunches which gives a little girl look which Mandy says makes me look dead sexy, which makes up for having a big bum.

Anyway here's a typical day for me and Mandy.  Get up about nine.  Skip first lecture.  Do a bit of work at Uni.  Have lunch.  Go down the gym and work out (got to tone up that bum!). Go back to Uni.  Go back to Mandy's flat what her parents bought for her and where she rents me a room.  Have something to eat.  Go out clubbing.  Have sex (if lucky).  Back to flat and go to bed.  (Or other way round - back to flat, go to bed, have sex if lucky and Mandy in the mood).

So this day we're at the gym Mandy and me and we like get real sweaty in the gym.  So we go in the shower together.  Mandy likes sex in the shower - well when you're in the nude and wet and soapy like it's dead sexy isn't it!  And Mandy has like her arms round me and she's like squeezing my bum then suddenly there's this bloke like standing there watching us.  Oh My God!  I shrieks and he's like just standing with his mouth open and going bright red.  And he says "Sorry, sorry...  I'm so sorry...  I didn't mean to...  I thought..." and he rushes out.  And Mandy and me bursts into shrieks of laughter.

And when we're like doing our hair Mandy says we'll have to get our own back for that.  She says she bets he was dared to do that by the lads.  You mean he did it on purpose I says.  And she says, of course you don't go in the girls locker room by accident do you.  And I says how do we do,that.  And she says we'll think of something.  But first we've got to get to find out who he is and get to know him.


How embarrassing!  How dreadfully embarrassing.  My first day at the pool and that had to happen.  I'd been at university a month and really I hadn't got about much.  I'm not much good at making friends you see and I was stuck out of town in temporary accommodation in a sort of boarding house place till they found me something permanent.  No friends, no sex, never got invited to parties, nowhere to live.  Life was not good.  So I thought I'd join the gym.  There was an offer for a year's cheap subscription for students so that was all right.  The gym had a small pool so I thought perhaps I could swim and meet some people.  Probably I wouldn't but I felt I had to do something.

So I go to the pool and of course I go in and I don't know where to go.  So I ask this group of lads and they're very helpful and they say the changing room is over there through that door.  So off I go without giving it another thought and inside there's all these lockers, and they don't have keys.  How was I supposed to get in without a key.  So I can hear there's someone in the shower.  Well I don't like to interrupt someone in the shower normally, not with them having no clothes on and everything, but they'll just be showering before going in the pool like you do, and have swimming trunks on, so I poke my head round the corner and.....  Oh no!  How embarrassing, there's two of them there, and not only do they have no clothes on, they are girls, and not only are they girls with no clothes on they are holding each other in a rather passionate clinch.

I didn't know what to say.  I stared at them.  They stared at me.  What were they doing in the men's locker room.  Was it some sort of dare?  I was frozen with embarrassment for ages, then all I could think of to do was gabble an apology and rush out.

And the lads were creasing themselves with laughter.  They'd sent me into the wrong changing room deliberately for a laugh.  Well of course I didn't tell them what I'd seen.  You wouldn't would you, but I was jolly careful to get the right door next time.

And when I come out the pool the girls are there.  I thought they might have tried to avoid me, but no, they said they thought it was a good laugh and we got chatting.  Out of all,that embarrassment some good had come, I'd made some friends!  And girls at that!  Going to the pool had been a good idea after all.  And I said I'd be going every Wednesday as it was my free morning and they said we'd likely meet again next week.

I've made some friends!  No sex yet and no accommodation, but I can't wait for next Wednesday.


There are steps you know, to persuading somebody to do something, and if you follow these steps you can get anyone to do anything.  Well just about anything.

Step 1:  Get to know them.  Get to know all about them.  Get to know what they need.  And get them to like you.  Flatter them unmercifully.  And all the time keep them on the back foot.  Say things to keep,them a bit embarrassed, call them by a pet name, that's a good way to establish your authority.

Step 2:  Get them to feel under an obligation to you.  Give them something they need - it may be something physical, but even better something psychological, like love or friendship.

Step3:  Let them know what you need.  They'll feel obliged to help you.  Don't ask directly.  Let them think it's their idea.  But here's the thing.  Just a little thing at first.  Something to draw them in then when they're drawn in...

Step 4 : Boil the frog. You know if you put a frog in boiling water it will jump straight out and run off, but if you put it in luke warm water you can heat it up slowly and it will never know.  Until it is too late.  And what do I use for boiling?  Two girls and one boy, and considering the goal we had in mind there was only one answer.  Sex.  Get him aroused, then arouse him some more.  Men, once they're really aroused, once they are boiling, all their inhibitions go.  They're putty in your hands.

Step 5 : At the risk of mixing my metaphors, turn the screw.  Once you have the frog so aroused he is boiling, he is in your power.  You can get him to do anything.  No matter how embarrassing.  And when I say anything I mean anything.  And what Tracey and I had planned for him would be an excruciating embarrassment.

How mean, you're thinking.  But you know you've got to get your own back haven't you?  And he'd laugh about it afterwards.  And I had a sneaking feeling he might even get a reward.

So the first thing.  Get to know him.  Don't rush it.  Don't make it obvious.  Softly, softly catchee monkey as they say.  So we'd introduced ourselves.  Said hello.  Said we see him again next week.  Let him spend a week looking forward to it.  Next week the game would be on.


"Hi!" it was Mandy at the pool again with Tracey.  They hadn't been for a couple of weeks, but there they were again.  They really were two very sexy girls.  One redhead and one brunette.  Mandy had the big bosoms and Tracey was more for the admirers of the female behind, but both were very sexy.

"Hi!" I said. I still couldn't quite get the vision of them naked out my head.

"Hi," said Mandy, "here's a sight for sore eyes Tracey, a sexy boy in a swimsuit."

I blushed bright red.

"Oh Diddums!" Cried Mandy, "he's blushing, just because we called him sexy in his sexy little bathing trunks."

Oh my gosh!  Nobody had ever called me sexy before.  The thought went straight to my penis.  I'd better not think about it too much or there'd be an obvious reaction under my Speedos.

"Sexy indeed," said Tracey, "come and sit down Diddums and tell us all about yourself."

So I did.  How I'd come to university to study engineering.  How I was stuck out in the suburbs.  Even how I wasn't very good at getting to know people.

"Well you got to know is in a very interesting way," said Mandy.

Oh know, my penis started twitching again.

"Oh I'm sorry," I said again, "I'm so sorry.  I didn't see anything really I didn't."

"Oh look at the boy," said Tracey, "you're blushing Babes."

"Stop embarrassing the lad," said Mandy, "you'll put him off.  You're a lovely sexy boy," she said to me, "I don't know why you're so insecure Diddums."

"Don't worry Babes," said Tracey, "we'll take you in hand, won't we Mandy."

"We will that," said Mandy.

It was all rather embarrassing and I wished I'd been wearing more.  I'm sure the bulge in my costume must have been obvious, but the girls didn't say anything.  We chatted for a good hour.  They were doing art and media studies.  Though from what I could gather, actual studying didn't seem to form much of their course.

In the end I had to go, and as I walked back to the locker room (the right one!) Tracey called after me, "Nice arse Babes," she said.  It was a good job I was facing the other way, the bulge suddenly became very noticeable indeed.


Mandy said we'd got him.  He'd taken the bait.  He was like hooked she said,  which was good because I like a nice arse, and the bulge under that little costume of his showed a lot of promise.

Still it was a long way to go before we got our revenge.  We had got him hooked because he wanted friends and we were his friends.  No really, we weren't pretending, we really was his friends, it was just he needed a little pay back.  And Mandy said it would do him good, what we had planned for him, he would never be shy again after that, she said.

And now we could put him under what Mandy called an obligation.  He was living out in some hole in the suburbs and would be stuck there for weeks.  Mandy's flat had a spare room.  We could put him up in that.  We'd be doing him a favour really.  That and we could get working on him big time.


I wasn't sure at first.  When Mandy offered me a room in her flat.  I mean, sharing with two girls, was it really quite proper?  But Mandy assured me it was done all the time.  They had two bedrooms, Mandy and Tracey could sleep in one and I'd have the other.  Tracey seemed quite keen on the idea when I said I didn't want to put her out.  And their room had en-suite facilities so we wouldn't have to share the bathroom.

And Mandy turned down the offer of rent,

"Nonsense," she said, "what are friends for.  It's only for a few weeks.  It doesn't cost me anything.  You can earn your keep.  Help with a few chores."

But there weren't any chores to do.  The girls did everything.  Cleaned, cooked, washed, everything.  I was so really grateful.

"Mandy," I said. "Anything I can do for you, just ask."

I was so grateful.

"And anything you want, just ask."

"Well, there are a couple of things."

"Ask away."

"I wondered if I could have a lock on my bathroom door."

"Whatever for!"

"Well, you might come in when I'm well, in the bath..."

"Oh Diddums!" Said Mandy, "you're shy!"

"Well...  It's just that..."

"Just that what?"

"I wouldn't want to embarrass you."

"Hey Tracey," shouted Mandy, "Diddums thinks we're going to try and surprise him in the bath.," she turned back to me, "Just because you like to catch girls in the altogether, doesn't mean we're all like that."

"No, I didn't mean to...."

"Yes you did!  Poor little shy Diddums.  Just because Tracey nearly walked in on you when you were on the toilet.  You should whistle or something.  Gave the girl a real fright.  And the other thing?"

"Perhaps You could ask Tracey not to walk around in her underwear."

"No chance of that.  You'll just have to avert your gaze."

"It's just that those panties she wears.  They don't leave much to the imagination."

"Hey Tracey, he's been imagining you without your panties!  Oh Diddums!  You are naughty."

"Perhaps she could wear something a bit more modest."

"What?  Gym knickers!  You're at University now not Junior School.  Tracey doesn't like ironing knickers.  So she wears disposable paper knickers.  Oh!  I see, Tracey!  He wants to iron your knickers."

"No way Babes," said Tracey, coming in wearing her paper knickers.  I looked the other way.  Those girls were a real tease.

It was two weeks before Mandy made the comment.  We were just finishing a glass of wine.

"I need a model," she said.

"What sort of model?  Model aeroplane?"

"Silly boy, Babes," said Tracey, "Mandy means one of them artists models.  She has to do a portrait for her project and she needs a model.  They cost the bleeding earth."

But this was something I could do.  Something to repay Mandy for all the help, something to repay for the friendship she had given me.  But would I be suitable?

"What does the model have to do?" I asked.

"Look good.  Stand in the pose I decide on, not move, and not really much move.  Basically speaking."

"Do I look good?"

"Course you does Babes," says Tracey, "we seen you in them sexy little swimming trunks."

I blushed at the comment.

"Well, if you really think that, if Mandy thinks that, I could do it."

"You!  Diddums! You've never done any modelling have you?"

"Well no, but it sounds easy enough."

"Well, as Tracey said, you've got the body for it.  I suppose we could give it a try.  If you don't mind that is."

"Why should I mind?"

"Well, there's some men as do.  And you are a little bit shy Diddums."

"No, it's no problem, and I owe you."

"Well if that's okay.  Let's get started.  Get your things off and I'll set up my easel here."

"Things off?"

"Yes, life models don't usually have anything on.  Oh Diddums! Sorry, I forgot, you're shy.  Well you could wear something something to preserve modesty.  If you think you need it that is."

"Oh..  I er..."

Life model!  I hadn't realised she meant life model!  I mean of course I should have, with all that talk about a good  body and everything.

"You're not going to let me down are you.  After you promised and everything I've done for you."

"No of course not..." how could I.  I had to do something.  They were my friends and I was under an obligation.  And she did say my modesty would be protected.  And I was rather modest.  I would have died of embarrassment if they'd seen me in the bath with no clothes on.

"Good boy.  I knew you wouldn't let me down."

"I was thinking perhaps I could wear my Speedos."

"Silly boy," she said, "modest, but not that modest."

She went out the room to fetch something more appropriate.

"I don't have a posing pouch," she said, "but these will be just as good."

"What are those!"

"A pair of Tracey's panties," said Mandy.

She held up the pair of disposable girls panties.

"I can't wear those," I protested.

"You and your silly Diddums modesty.  As you so rudely pointed out Tracey wears them, so I don't see why you can't."

"Oh...  All right then," I couldn't let her down now.

They were paper, and they were so brief would cover nothing of my behind and only just covered my privates.  I went into my room, undressed and put them on.  They were really thin, but I couldn't think of anything else to wear.  I was going to have to wear those.

I was blushing scarlet as I crept back into the living room.  Mandy had set up her easel.  And fixed up two bright lights.  Under those lights the panties were completely transparent.

"Cor Babes, you look real fit," said Tracey, "doesn't he look fit Mandy.  Like one of them Greek Gods."

"A god exactly," said Mandy, "and a well endowed one at that.  The transparency of the panties hadn't escaped her attention either.  Being almost naked, and posing to be admired was turning me on.  My penis was visibly swelling.  Oh heck!


Of course Mandy didn't need a model,  but we like needed him in his birthday suit.  She'd given him a pair of my disposable panties to wear and we could see everything underneath.  I could see he was getting turned on.  Mandy had explained to me that for our little revenge we had to get him turned on good and proper.

That was my job.

"Nice bum Babes," I said.


Tracey was of course watching all this.  Mandy had put me in the pose of the Apollo Belvedere, arms outstretched.  And I was instructed not to move.

"Nice bum, Babes," says Tracey, "what did you think that day when you saw us in the altogether.  Did you like my bum Babes?  Did you think it was a bit big?"

Thinking back to that day, thinking back to the sight of Tracey's bubble bum being kneaded by a naked Mandy turned me on even more.

This was getting embarrassing.

"We can't have your little man straining at poor Tracey's panties like that Diddums.  Get control of yourself."

"Sorry, it's just that..."

"To be honest I don't think those panties are preserving your modesty that much.  I don't really think you're one of those pathetic men who are shy about their bodies are you..."

"Well no..." I lied.

"Yes you are Diddums, but all the same.  Better take them off."

"Take them off.  I'll have nothing on at all."

"Well, it's not as if we can't see everything.  Anyway you've seen us in our birthday suits.  Tit for tat and all that!"

"Well I er..."

"Tracey, Diddums is wittering."

Tracey took the hint and grabbing hold of the paper panties tore them off.  I stood there in the all together.  Dreadfully embarrassed, but at the same time really turned on.  My cock was, what is the best word?  Tumescent.

"See," said Mandy, pointing at my exposed penis, "you're enjoying this Diddums.  And don't you dare move!"

So I could only stand there starkers.

"You can call the girls now," said Mandy.

"What girls?" I asked.

"The girls from the drawing class.  We agreed.  First girl to get a model tells the others.  Save us all trying to find somebody.  And Diddums, we'll not find a better body than yours.

"But I..."

"And don't move!"

I was going to be life model for a whole class of girls.  Completely naked.  The thought was so arousing.  I looked down.  My cock was going up! Oh heck!


The frog was boiling.  He was stripped, he was aroused, he was boiling,  he was putty in my hands now.  The girls would be round soon.  They were going to enjoy this.  Girls life drawing class my arse!  They were Samantha's bachelorette party.  And they were looking for fun.


Mandy got out easels, paper and drawing pencils and arranged them around me showing that the different girls would all get a different view. And I could just wait standing there naked, until the ring came on the door. It didn't take long. They must have been waiting nearby.

My mouth dropped open when they came in. These didn't look like girls from our class. They seemed to be in fancy dress, in little short spangly skirts, high heels, stockings and a big sash on each of them with "Samantha's Hen" written on it.

Samantha was dressed the sexiest of the lot in a black basque, thigh length fishnet stockings and four inch stiletto heels.  For some strange reason she was pulling a little toy doggie on wheels behind her.

Oh my God. It wasn't an art class after all. It was a bachelorette party I've been set up and there was nothing I could do about it. Mandy looked at me. Tracey looked at me. And they both burst out laughing.

"Sorry Babes," said Tracey, "just a little payback for getting a sneaky peek at us in the shower. You"re enjoying it really Babes.  We can all see that."

Oh my God! She was pointing straight at my cock.  And my cock was...  Oh heck!

What could I do!  The girls had set me up,  stripped me naked, tricked me into posing nude for a hen party, and now I was going to have to go through with it.  And I did deserve it.  I'd walked in on them naked, and I deserved it.  I'd said I'd do it, and I couldn't let my friends down.  And anyway my cock was reacting for a reason.  I was as horny as hell.  There is nothing so arousing, believe me, as the embarrassment of displaying your naked body for the admiration of a group of sexy college girls.  And was I embarrassed!  My face was burning, my mouth was dry and my legs were shaking.

"Look at him," said Samantha who looked like sex on legs, "poor lamb.    He's blushing all the way down to his willy!"

"Serves him right," said Mandy "Come on girls, get your pencils and start drawing,  there's a special prize for the best picture.  And mind, he's for looking at not for touching, I know you want to get your hands on that cute little bare bum and everything but hands off!"

"What's the prize then?" asked the rather sexy Samantha

"Never you mind Sam, but you'll think it's fun, and so will he," she added enigmatically.

"But why is he doing it?  He looks like he's going to die of embarrassment."

"As a penance.  And believe me it is fully deserved."

The girls started drawing.

"You're a lucky pair," said Samantha.

"How do you mean."

"A cock like that in the house!  Have a good time do you?"

"Believe it or not," said Mandy, "this the first time Tracey and I have seen his cock. He is, to put it mildly, a very shy boy."

"No way," said Samantha, "Poor lamb.  A shy boy!  And you made him do this.  You are one wicked girl Mandy."

"Believe me, it is fully deserved.  Now let's have a look at those drawings.  Good, good.  New pose I think.  What do you say Sam?"

"You said it was fully deserved?"

"I did that."

"In that case.  Hands on knees, bum sticking out, and look sexy," said Samantha.

"But..." I whimpered, so embarrassed I couldn't stand up for myself any more,  "I thought you said classical poses."

"So you don't think it's fully deserved Diddums?"

"I suppose," I said.

"So you heard the girl.  Put your hands on your knees and stick your bum out."

I did as I was told and to look sexy.  And the poses came thick and fast.  I'm not sure half the girls were drawing now.  The were just looking and seeing who could think up the most embarrassing pose.

"Kneel on the sofa!"

"Look over your shoulder."

"Down on one knee."

"On your hands and knees."

Blushing down to my willy.  I was blushing all over,  and the more embarrassed I got the more aroused I got and the harder my cock got.

I tried hard to keep my cock down, but as soon as I partly succeeded I'd get another sexy pose and up it would go again.rm

"You know Babes," said Tracey, "your willy is like the Grand Old Duke of York.  When it is up it is up, and when it is down it is down, and when it is only half way up it is neither up nor down!"

The girls burst into howls of laughter and wished the floor would open up and swallow me.  The girls were laughing at my willy.  I was down on hands and knees and my cock was rigid.

"Mandy," cried Samantha, "I've got it, the pose!  This is absolutely the pose I have to do!"

"What's that?"

And Samantha took the collar from her toy dog and put it round my neck as I knelt on all fours.  And she attached the lead.

"Come on boy," she said, "what's your doggies name Mandy?"

"Diddums," said Mandy.

"Come on Diddums," said Samantha, "come on boy," and she tugged on the leash, starting to lead me round the room."

"But..." I protested.

"Naughty boy, Diddums," Samantha, "little doggies only go 'Woof woof'!"

"Woof woof," I said, "woof woof!"

"I think Diddums wants his bone," said Samantha, "producing a rubber bone that the toy dog had had in its mouth.

She put it in my mouth, and the girls roared with laughter as I was led round and round the room completely nude on all fours.  Mandy was sketching away furiously.

At last Mandy announced the session was over.

"Tie your doggie to the table leg," she said, "Time to judge the drawings."

"Who does the judging," asked Samantha

"You, of course Sam.  You have to look at you pictures.  And she turned them all round so we could all see."

They were all really good.  These really were drawing class girls.  But one was outstanding,

I was depicted in pencil drawing.  The likeness was striking.  So was the pose.  A side view, me on all fours, Samantha complete with basque, stockings, and stilettos pulling on my leash, a bone in my mouth, my erect cock and my balls, clearly visible and drawn in painstaking detail looking more than impressive.  Was it really that big! It looked nine inches at least.  And my face with a look which can only be described as orgasmic.  It was titled 'The Subjugation of Man'.

Oh my God!

"That one," said Samantha, "that is absolutely the one!"

"Good," said Mandy, "that's mine."

"And the prize?"

"It goes on centre stage at the art school end of term students exhibition."

It was too much.  My naked body.  The girls roaring and laughing.  My penis started throbbing.

"Oh Babes!" said Tracey, "I've got to do this!"

She unfastened my leash and pulling up said, "Diddums beg, Diddums beg!"

I went up on my knees, my hands begging like a doggie, my erect penis vertical.

"Sorry Mandy," said Tracey, "I know you said no touching, but there's only so much a girl can take!"

She took hold of my cock and gave it a quick stroke.  It was enough.  The embarrassment overwhelmed me,  my penis throbbed, my balls contracted and oh no!  With an orgasmic climax the like of which I had never experienced before, like a miniature water cannon my cock exploded in front of all the girls and hit Tracey full in the face.  And with their peels of laughter ringing in my ears, I fled from the room.


He looked real cute with no clothes on. I could feel me knickers getting wet just looking at him.  I mean that cute little bum, all bare and cheeky.  And there he was tied to the table leg on all fours, he looked so vulnerable, his face all red, and his legs shaking, and his willy... I mean that willy!  As hard as a stick of rock, and throbbing .  It was so, so.... Inviting.  You can't blame a girl can you, not when her knickers is all wet.  It was just a little wank, I mean when you see a cock like that you just have to wank it don't you?  I mean that's what it's there for, to be wanked, and I hadn't wanked a cock for ages.

So I got him to beg for it.

I didn't expect that to happen so quickly.  I wouldn't have had me face in the way if I had.

"Poor lamb," said Samantha as he rushed out the room. "That was really cruel. He was so embarrassed."

"Cruel," I says, "You wouldn't say that if you knew what he'd done. Only sneaked up on us in the shower and ogled us when we were in the altogether.  Sneaky I call it.  I mean he's cute and Mandy and me likes having him here.  But I mean, you've got to get your own back haven't you?"

"So you dreamt up this little plan?  With the sole purpose of getting him to pose in the nude and wank him in front of a hen party."

"It were Mandy's idea really.  And I didn't mean to wank him honestly.  It just sort of happened.  I could see.  He just had to be wanked.  Call it an added bonus."

"Well wank him you did..."

"Wasn't a proper wank...  Not really..."

"Looked like it to me.  Not that I'm objecting mind you...  Sounds like he deserved it!  When did all this happen?"

"About four weeks ago?"

"At the gym?"

"Yeah, how did you know."

"You idiots, the lads on our course played a prank on him.  They were laughing about it for days."

Looked like and Mandy had been a bit mean to him.

"Hey Mandy," I said, "perhaps we shouldn't put the picture in for the exhibition."

"You kidding?" said Mandy, "that's the best picture I've ever done."

At that moment he came back in, looking extremely sheepish.  He was still completely nude.


Of course I'd fled, but I would have to go back some time.  I had been going to put my clothes back on, but those girls had come to have a good time.  Mandy and Tracey had promised them, and they'd been so good to me.  I couldn't let them down.  I went back into the room in the nude.

A big cheer went up.  I'd made their day.  And that's always a nice thing to do.  Even if it means being stripped stark naked and wanked in public.

The picture was the star of the exhibition, won first prize, got reprinted in the college magazine.  Which wouldn't have meant much except Mandy tweeted my phone number.  But although it was a nuisance I made lots of friends, which meant I got invited to lots of parties, well girly parties (as long as I went round in the nude and didn't mind being wanked).   And Mandy let  me stay on in her flat (as long as I went round in the nude and didn't mind being wanked).  It was almost as if she felt guilty about something.

So in the end I got lots of friends, a nice place to stay...  And

Tracey was calling...

From the girls bedroom...

"Hey Babes...  Mandy and me needs you..."

She had the leash in her hand...



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