Mommy’s Little Sissy Ch. 8

Brenda  Gova

Chapter 08:  Caught

I ran to Steve’s house as fast as I could.  I really wanted to tell him of my adventures today at Sally Maries Boutique, and I wanted to show off my new dress (giggle).  He will be so envious (tee-hee).  And sure enough, when he saw me his jaw dropped open, he was speechless.  Finally, after a moment’s pause to catch his breath, he said ‘where did you get that Brian?’  I went down to Sally Marie’s to check it out, and boy is it good.  And the sales girl is wonderful ( I didn’t tell him her name was ‘Joe’).

Oh you have to tell Patty, or better yet show her.  Yes you’re right, can I use your phone and I’ll call her right now Steve.  Steve not trusting me, decided to call her himself saying ’Patty you’ve got to come over right now……… I understand, but….. do it later, you won’t want to miss this.  OK, bye’.  She was doing ironing her party dress but she’ll stop and come right over.  We both giggled, and tee-hee’d, and giggled some more (we couldn’t stop) thinking about how surprised she would be.

Then the doorbell rang and in came Patty.   Steve said to me ‘show Patty your new dress and I’ll be right back honey’ and with that he left the room.  When Patty spied me in my new dress she stopped short ‘Wow!  What a dress Brenda!  Where did you get that?’  ‘At Sally Maries Boutique’ I said, and what a place that is my dear, you’ve just got to go.

Just then Stephaney appeared in a cute red dress, and his hair in a pony tail.  WOW, I thought Stephaney looks better than me, and way better than Patty (with her ironing house dress on). I thought he looked just ‘stunning’, what a doll!  I couldn’t get over his pony tail, where did he get the ‘hair’, he had short boys hair yesterday.  OK, I just didn’t ask, I accepted it as part of his ‘girlie’ change (giggle).

Then Patty noticed my dress, Wow Brenda, where did you get that.  So I related the same story I had told Stephaney to her, with the same reaction (tee-hee).  I even told her about the ‘Sissy’ sign in the entrance (tee-hee).  She really thought that was a nice touch.  We sat and talked for hours, all about the boutique.  The dresses they had, the latest styles like mine, the ‘Prima Ballerina’, which little boys like us had never heard of.   The Boutique’s selection of beautiful lingerie, bras, panties, slips and camisoles was extremely large.   Oh yes, and we can’t forget the many sizes and shapes of crinolines, for every occasion, from ‘maid service’ to bridal.

Then Stephaney blurted out ‘I love the feel of a stiff crinoline against my legs’, and we all had to agree with him (giggle).  Then I added, I love bra’s, especially the big cup ones, and I imagine myself filling it (tee-hee).  Patty piped up ‘Oh you’re just a whore, aren’t you dear (giggle), and Stephaney added ‘a pansy whore, tee=hee.   Oh just cause I like big tits I’m a whore, you know there are good girls out there with big boobs.  But no matter how I tried I couldn’t make them stop.  Finally I changed the subject back to lingerie, specifically lace panties and girdles.  We talked about girdle problems for a long time.  But Stephaney was the only one with experience (he had an older sister ‘Karen’) and he told about how it pinched his b—ls.  ‘Ouch’ that must have hurt I said, and he responded ‘only for a moment, then they adjusted to being constrained, and they were all right.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  All during this conversation Patty hadn’t said a word, she couldn’t, she couldn’t relate to the experience.

By now the whole day had gone by (time flew by when we were having ‘girlie’ fun ‘tee-hee’).  So kissing the girls good-bye I headed for the door.  Then Patty yelled ‘dear aren’t you forgetting something, your ‘hobble’ dress’, and she handed me the bag.  Oh thank you Patty, I don’t want to lose my first girlie ‘trash’ pick (giggle).  Blowing them a kiss and waving good-bye I headed home (home was the house next door).  But when I looked up I saw mom’s car in drive (I was in a panic).  How will I explain how I’m dressed?

Simple, I’ll just tell her I was at the Summer Theater for a dress rehearsal. There, I was satisfied, that would work (giggle).

But when I opened the door there was mom standing there, hands on her hips, and murder in her eyes, ‘why are you in a dress sissy boy?’  You looked like a real ‘hussy’ walking from Steve’s house.  Mom I’m practicing my role for the play, remember, I told you yesterday.  Today was dress rehearsal and I wanted Steve’s opinion. Moms look softened a little and I could see my excuse was working.  OK boy, you’ll stay dressed like that for the rest of the day and you can practice for me.  I’ll even get you some of my old dolls to play with (giggle).  I tried to frown, but inside I was ecstatic, mom didn’t mind I was playing a girl (tee-hee).

When mom got to her bedroom she started to wonder.  She had noticed before that her dolls had been moved, but she hadn’t noticed that they were also a little ‘dirty’, like someone had been playing outside with them.  Judy, Brian’s sister was too small (only 5 years old) so it has to be Brian.  Well, I guess I’ll have to teach the little sissy the finer points of being a girl (tee-hee).  Looking through her dolls, fist, she picked out a Barbie Wedding Doll (cause all little girls dreamed of her wedding….tee-hee).  Then she picked out a Barbie Ballerina Doll in a Tutu (from the Nutcracker Ballet).  I really loved that Ballet during the holiday season (giggle, maybe Brian will dance for me, giggle).  Reaching out to her dresser she got a pair of scissors and proceeded to give her dolls a ‘haircut’ so they looked like ‘boys’, in fact they looked a lot like Brian (giggle). ‘I am having fun now’ she said to herself (giggle).

And finally, reaching to the back of her closet, she pulled out a ‘Pregnant’ Barbie, still in its box. Originally I had planned on giving this doll to Judy, but Brian needs it now (tee-hee).  Pulling up its dress it even had a ‘trap door’ between its legs.  That’s where the ‘Baby’ comes out (giggle), oh this was too much fun.
Still giggling she marched downstairs and she said in a stern voice ‘my dolls are dirty and I know you did it, you’re in big trouble boy!’  Brian knew he was in for it now and he was visibly shacking in his dress as he said ‘yes mama’.  Oh boy was he in real trouble now.

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