Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Halloween Weekend

Hi everyone!

A new illustration has been added to Karen Jensen's Flapper story!
 I also started working on a new Rikki and Annabelle cartoon for Halloween. I also have a new illustration for Valerie's latest story "Norma"

I hope you have been enjoying Joe's stories, because I also have some art in drawing board for his clever and witty CFNM stories.

Love you all!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Pick of the Week: Job Interview

This week I choose Joe's Job Interview story short series.

Its a story about a young man being interviewed by a potential employer. During the interview his possible future stern and confident boss asks him a series of unorthodox questions and uncomfortable positions!

It contains no feminization, but it has plenty of surprises and humiliation for this young man at the hands of office girls and a strong confident lady. Very smart and clever writing!

It has a great ending! You will not see the twist cumming!

Job Interview

Friday, October 7, 2016

Been away dealing with things, but I'm back

Have been away sorry for the lack of updates and posts, but I added two new chapters to Brenda's ongoing Mommy's Sissy. Chapter 3 and 4 are now up.

BIC also added some new poetry. Has anyone noticed his poems on The Initiation Nightmare series? They are in each of the commentary sections.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Sorry for being away. I appreciate everyone who has left comments. I have been working more hours.

Brenda sent a new chapter to her series, but I have been apprehensive to publish it. I have decided to publish it and decided for you the reader to decide.

I hope you have noticed the stories of Joe and Bic on the right side of the blog list. I will add more of their content.

Also has anyone noticed the new illustration on ch. 3 of Subjegated Step Sissy.

Again thank you for all the comments! I read all of them and I appreciate the comments you left for Man Dating!

Thank you again for the feedback.

Much Love,

Annabelle B.