Initiation Nightmare (Part 2)

Silvy Richards

Having forgotten to set his alarm clock, Paul woke up after a horrible
night of sleep only to discover that he had dozed off on his bed, and was
still dressed in his clothes he had on the previous day. Sprawled on the
bed under him, which had added to his discomfort all night, was the
outfit he had chosen for his first day of school.

"Oh God!" he whispered to himself, remembering he had to go meet the
Alpha Omega Alpha's today to sign up and pledge, plus he was in all
likelyhood going to meet up with the dreaded swim team that he had heard
so many horror stories of in the past. Waking up late hadn't been part of
his agenda, so looking at the clock he made the decision to skip taking a
shower, just change his clothes, slap some deodorant on, brush his teeth,
and run downstairs for a quick bite before heading off to his first day
of college.


Hurrying down the stairs and tucking his shirt in at the same time, Paul
heard the unmistakable voice of Roxy, his older sister's best friend who
also just happened to live next door. She and Lisa had been friends
forever, and Paul had always had a secret crush on both her, and her
little sister Angie, whom he'd shared classes with all his life.

"You should've seen Angie's face when I confiscated all her bras this
morning! She turned white! Then she went bitching to our mom who just
told her to 'Deal with it!' It was priceless!" she recounted, with made
Lisa laugh and prompted Paul's mom to asked, "I take it you also made her
wear a shirt that's relatively see-through?"

"Totally! It's an off-white blouse that leaves nothing to the
imagination. You can see her gigantic nipples, which she happens to be
seriously self-conscious of by the way, from miles away!" Roxy described
with glee.

"I still remember having to go through the same thing when I had joined
the Delta Phi Delta's way back when I was a teen, and let me tell you
something... showing off one's nipples back then WAS a big deal. Granted
we only had to do it on the last day of initiation though," their mother
explained while reminiscing. "God did we have fun" she added with a

"We use the term DPD mom," Lisa tried to correct her, "Get with the
times! No one calls us the Delta Phi Delta's anymore!"

"Sorry... the DPD then. I admit it is less of a mouthful... speaking of
which, your father..." she began, only to be interrupted by Roxy who just
adored Lisa's mother's sense of humour.

"Oh my God! Your mom's too cool!" she said staring at her at her best
friend in awe.

"It's true, William wasn't born with the biggest Crayola..." she

"Mom!! I don't really want to hear this," Lisa whined, feeling awkward
about hearing her mother talk about how small her dad's penis was.

"Oh quit being a prude!" snapped her mother, "Like I was saying, your
father's pencil isn't the biggest in the world, but my God can he sign
his name well!"

"Ok, that's enough!" Lisa begged as Roxy was laughing her ass off.

"He joined the AOA's... right? Sorry, the Alpha Omega Alpha's." Roxy
inquired, after correcting herself when she noticed Lisa's mom didn't
quite understand at first.

"Yeah, he joined. So did his father before him. I thought you already
knew this?"

"You mean to tell me Paul's going to be a third generation AOA?!?" asked
Roxy with big eyes.

"Oh my God... you're right! I can't believe I totally forgot about that!"
squealed Lisa who acted like she just won the lottery.

"You knew your father was a member," her mother asked her daughter taken
aback. "You're not going to tell me you forgot that?!?"

"No mom, it's not that," she said shaking her head with a smile, thinking
of all the evil possibilities she could now bestow upon her brother. "Now
a days, during initiation, second and third generation pledges tend to it

"Do you remember that guy from the basketball team last year? The small
guy with freckles?" Roxy blurted out.

"He was a third generation, right?" Lisa asked recalling the incident.

"Yep," she responded, and faced her mother to recount what had happened.
"On the last day of initiation, the team had their first big game in
front of the whole school, and after getting their buts kicked, the final
score was something like ninety-six to forty, all the rookies on the team
had to strip on the spot, in front of everybody, and do ten laps around
the gymnasium... wearing only their boxers!"

"Were there still a lot of people in the stands?" asked Lisa's mom with a
smirk on her face picturing it.

"They were packed, no one had a chance to leave yet! But wait, it doesn't
end there," she babbled on at a hundred words a second. "One of the boys,
the one with the freckles I mentioned before, because he was a third
generation pledge, right before finishing his last lap, the cheerleaders
had surrounded him, stripped him of his underwear, handcuffed him, and
sent him to do his final lap completely naked, with his wiener bouncing
up and down for everyone!"

"Remember how red his pubes were?" Lisa said, thinking back of the day in

"Yeah..." Roxy started as tears of laughter were rolling down her eyes,
"...and he was SO embarrassed about it! His new nickname became carrot
after that day, and it stuck ever since."

Not wanting to let his presence known, Paul waited right outside the
kitchen cringing at what he was hearing, when his mother starting telling
the girls about what the guys had to go through back when she went to the

"Back in my time, guys were never forced to strip in public, but they did
however serve us tea one afternoon, at our sorority house... wearing only
bow ties! You should've seen your father blush that day... my God was he

"What about in school? Did they wear crazy getups like they do today?"
Roxy was curious to know.

"Yeah, but it was all pretty tame compared with what I hear goes around
these days. The most outlandish thing a boy would have to wear around
school, was one of their mother's best Sunday dresses. But even at that,
it wasn't like they had to shave their legs, put on makeup, or anything
hardcore like that. Most wore their dresses over their clothes, so you
could always see their pants peeking out the bottom."

"Aww... that's boring. You mean to tell me with that no boys wore fancy
lingerie under their dresses?" Roxy asked both with disappointment and
disbelief in her voice.

"I did say most," she corrected her as took a sip of coffee and grinned.
"There were a couple of guys that went the extra mile."

"Was dad one of them?" Lisa asked her mother, never having heard this

"As a matter of fact he was. He had argued with his mother that day,
claiming his dress was way too over the top, and as punishment she had
sent him to school wearing a girdle and pointy bra under his pink chiffon
cocktail dress."

"How come you girls don't do that anymore?" she wondered out loud. "You
know... make guys dress in drag? Used to be the big thing in my time."

"That died out in the eighties, I think." Roxy said scratching her head.
"I guess seeing the boys walk around wearing only diapers took it's

"Only diapers," Lisa's mom repeated shaking her head. "You girls are
bad!" as she got up and brought her dirty dishes to the sink. "I've got
to get going, I have to be downtown by eight-thirty. Have fun humiliating
the new boys at school today girls," she practically sang out.

"Consider it done," winked Roxy.

"Oh don't worry, we will mom," assured her daughter with a broad smile.

"Speaking of which, where's your brother?" their mother wondered, worried
he might've overslept.  "PAUL!!!" she yelled out, at which point he made
his entrance into the kitchen, pretending to be out of breath from having
just run down the stairs.

"There you are," said his mother as she went over to give him a kiss on
the cheek before leaving.

"Aww... come on mom, not in front of Roxy" he whined as he ran over to
mirror to see if she might've left some of her patented red lipstick on

"Geez Paul, if that makes you embarrassed, I can't wait to see you
tomorrow when you'll be in some crazy getup." teased Roxy, knowing how to
push his buttons.

"Seriously Paul," his mother warned him, "You have to chill out a bit,
and learn to live a little. From what I just heard, you're in for a lot
of fun in the next couple of weeks, and during the course there are going
to be times when you're going to have to swallow your pride and take what
they dish out. My best advice would be, whatever they ended up putting
you through, just take it all in stride, and don't let harmless teasing
get to you. If you react like chicken without a head, well that'll just
gives them fuel to make it worse. Understand pumpkin?"

"Yes mom," he resigned to ague with her, knowing full well in was
pointless. "I know how to take care of myself" he said trying to sound

"Ok, if I'm going to miss the traffic, I better leave now." as she
grabbed her briefcase and scurried out the door waving to the children as
she made her way to work.

"So... ready for day one of initiation, pumpkin?" teased his older
sister, as she finished her toast and last sip of coffee.

"I don't think he likes being called that," Roxy answered, since he
hadn't, and continued to pour himself a cup of joe and acted like nothing
was said.

"Do you know what name he really hates?" Lisa questioned her friend with
a smirk, recalling an episode that had happened when they much younger.

"No... what?" she wanted to know.

"Well, when I was around fifteen, I came early from school one day to
find Paul here, who had taken a sickday from school and was supposed to
be sick in bed..."

"Roxy doesn't have to know every embarrassing incident in my life." he
tried to cut her off, but she continued anyways the second he stopped

"... and my mom and I found him playing in my room with my old Barbie
set!" she finished her phrase.

"No way?!? Paul liked playing with dolls?" Roxy asked teasingly.

"Ugh... ugh... I had a fever... and ugh... ugh... I was bored...and don't
forget I was quite younger b-b-back then." he tried to defend himself
while stuttering at the same time.

"You were young yo say?!? You were TWELVE at the time!" Lisa countered
putting him in his place before finally continuing with what had happened
afterwards, "Well... our mom was so mad with him, that for the entire
weekend afterwards, as punishment for not staying in bed when he was
supposed to, she refered to him only as 'Princess'!"

"Aww... is that true Princess?" Roxy asked with a giggle, as Paul started
to turn red. "Wow, you really blush easily... eh?" truely amazed by how
fast the blood was rushing to his face. Walking over to him, she statred
poking his face to see if she could leave white marks with her fingers,
which she could. "Check this out... it's freaky!"

Thinking her best friend just came up with the perfect way to gauge
Paul's embarrassment, Lisa started asking her little brother some touchy
questions. "So tell me Paul, how would you feel about wearing ONLY
diapers for the next two weeks?"

"Looks like we have a winner," announced Roxy as Paul's face once again
started glowing red.

"Oh... not yet. I do believe there might be an alternative," thinking of
the laundry incident of the previous night, combined with their mom's
recent confession over breakfast. "Ok, forget about the diapers for a
minute" she tried to clear his head, "Instead, how would you feel if...
for the next two weeks, each time you opened your underwear drawer,
instead of finding your regular boxer shorts, you'd be forced to pick out
a pair of... p-p-panties." to which his face immediately turned deep-deep

"Holy cow!" Roxy couldn't believe that even his ears were turning red, "I
didn't know people could blush this intensely."

Concentrating so he wouldn't stutter, "Diapers, panties... it's all the
same to me." Paul said trying to act all nonchalant, like none of it
bothered him.

"Yeah... right!" Lisa scoffed at her little brother, "So if I gave you
the choice between the two, you'd pick panties over diapers? Is that what
you're saying?" to which he didn't answer her, knowing there was
absolutely no chance at winning. "You know if you can't decide... I could
always arrange it that you'd be forced to wear both."

Deciding he'd heard enough Paul got up from the table, and made his
goodbyes as fast as he could, "Yeah... well... I got to go".

"Ta ta Princess... we'll see you at diving practice." his sister sang out
as he left for the door.

"Yeah that's true, his first practice is today! God... I hope they still
make the newbies play the lottery game." he heard Roxy say just as he
closed the door.

'What lottery game' Paul wondered to himself, fearing the worst as walked
towards his new school.

**to be continued**  

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  1. Seems Princess Paul
    May be in for a fall.
    If it's up to Sis,
    Princess Paul will miss
    Wearing any clothes at all!