Mommy’s Little Sissy Ch. 13

Brenda  Gova

Chapter #13:  Our Micado Show

When I awoke the next morning, after having so many beautiful ballerina dreams, I was ready for whatever mom had planned.  So I decided to wear Patty’s gift to breakfast.  I was a pretty dress but it had that D—n back zipper (which I still hadn’t mastered).  So after several minutes of struggling I finally got it all the way up.  Looking in the mirror I saw a pretty little girl looking back and I smiled.  I was PRETTY (giggle).  Going downstairs I presented the new Brenda to mom. Smiling my prettiest smile and giving her my sexiest pose I said ‘Hi mom, your new little girl is here.’  ‘Oh how beautiful you are son, and I just love Patty’s dress on you.’ she exclaimed.  This isn’t Patty’s dress, it a look alike she gave me yesterday at the party.  You mean she wants to be your twin son, how cute that’ll be (giggle).
OK mom I will (calling her bluff). So I called Patty and told her what was going on (all the while I kept scratching my little tits).  Patty said ‘OK Brenda, I’ll wear the same dress over as you.  Then turning to mom I said ‘OK mom, she’s coming over wearing the same dress as I have on and you can see if we’re twins for real’ (I was now constantly pulling on my tits they itched so badly).  Then turning back to Patty, ‘I have a great idea Patty, maybe we can do a ‘Gilbert and Sullivan’ skit for her (tee-hee).  We both tee-hee’d at the thought of that, and saying good-bye, I hung up.  OK Patty’s coming over mom and she, er..we have a surprise for you.  We’re going to put on a ‘Gilbert & Sullivan’ skit for you from the play ‘Three Little Maids from School we are’.
As soon a Patty arrived mom started right in ‘Well you two certainly look like twins with the same dress on, but son your hair is way too short’. It’ll grow longer soon mom’ I replied, just like my tits (which wouldn’t stop itching and were driving me crazy).  OK dear, so you’re singing ‘Three Little Maids’ but there’s only two of you.  Just go with it mom, soon there will be three of us (giggle, thinking about Stephaney), So, holding hands, we started to sing……..

‘Three little maids from school are we.
Pert as a school girl we can be.
Filled to the brim with girlish glee.
Three little maids from school.’
Everything is a source of fun.
Nobody's safe for we care for none.
Life is a joke that's just begun.
Three little maids from school.

We were singing our hearts out (really good) when mom stopped us saying ‘girls you’re good, but you need to be three’.  Well mom we can get Stephaney to join us, I’m sure he will, and we can get Patty’s mom to make him a dress.  OK son, I’ll make plans for you to entertain my woman’s club next Friday at our noon luncheon (giggle). Now mom’s women’s club wasn’t really a club, it was more ’friends’ just getting out for an afternoon. Friends like Patty’s mom, Roberta’s mom, Karen & Stephaney’s mom, and my mom having some time to themselves.

Patty ran home to tell her mom she had to make a dress for her girlfriend (tee-hee, me) and I ran over to Steve’s to tell him (giggle). When I told Stephaney what we were doing he was all excited.  We’re going to perform the Gilbert and Sullivan play ‘Micado’ to a bunch of women, WOW!  But what if they recognize me Brian, I’ll be the laughing stock of the whole town.  Don’t worry Steve, you’ll be so pretty there’s no way they’ll know you’re a boy (giggle).  Then Patty stormed in, all out of breath, my mom wants to see all three of us together.  I told her we were doing the Micado and she said we’d need special costumes, Kimonos.  So she needs your measurements right now. ‘Oh my god’ Steve said, as he rushed to put a dress on.  Patty and I both inspected him to make sure he had everything he needed (particularly under clothes) and we headed out the door.

At Patty’s house her mom was waiting.  She was all business (didn’t even bother to say ‘hello’) but said in a stern voice ‘strip down to your underwear girls, I’ve got a lot of work to do’.  So the three of us did as we were told, right down to bra and panties (my nylon panties were so flimsy I was afraid Patty’s mom would see my ‘little soldier’).  I looked at Patty and found she had a nice little ‘rack’, and then I noticed where she was looking, right at my panties.  And my ‘little soldier’ was starting to rise (OMG), and then a little smile came over her face.  ‘Want me to help Brenda?’ as she slid a hand into my panties, grabbed my soldier, and turned him around between my legs, leaving just a spot of pre-juice on my panties.  I hopped Patty’s mom wouldn’t spot that.

Well figure the odds on that.  First measurement she took was my bust (I could tell she liked it), than my waist (it was a 28), then my hips (she had a little smile on her face as she looked up) and said ‘you’ve got a spot on your panties Brenda (giggle).  Then placing one hand between my legs (right on my little soldier, which was waking up) and the other on a tissue she rubbed the spot saying ‘there that looks better dear (audible giggle)’.  I’ll make you a special Kimono dear (giggle).

When she finished taking the measurement of all three of us, she told me to come back tomorrow afternoon for a fitting.  The others she told to come back Wednesday for their fitting, assuring us we would be ready for Friday’s rehearsal (giggle, she couldn’t stop).

On the way home Stephaney asked me what she was laughing about and I told him ‘I went in my panties while she was taking measurements and she saw it’.  ‘Oh’ he said ‘I had relieved myself before you got there, so I was empty tee-hee’.  I didn’t say another word all the way home.

The next day I put on my prettiest school dress and went over to Patty’s for a ‘fitting’.  Patty’s mom, ‘Sue’, had my kimono ready, helped me out of my dress (paying special attention to my panties) and helped me into a beautiful Kimono.  It fit perfectly, and she had me ‘strut’ around the room modeling it and giggling the whole time.  Well, one down and two too go, but they’ll be done tomorrow Brenda.   If Steve’s and Patty’s came out as good as mine know one will ever know two of us aren’t girls (tee-hee).

The next day I went over with Stephaney for his fitting.  Patty was already dressed in her kimono and looking good.  So I slid mine on to compare them, and they did, come out as good as mine, they loved them and wanted to show my mom.  So still wearing them we waddled over to my house (we couldn’t take normal steps in the long kimono).  My mom had been watching us from the kitchen window and greeted us at the door.  Well, how’s my little flower girls doing today (giggle).  ‘Great’ we answered in unison ‘Patty’s mom made these for our debut recital mom’.  ‘Wow they sure are nice’ mom said ‘too nice for just my friends, hmmm’.

I know what we’ll do, Saturday the town has a talent contest and it will be great to enter it, you might even win (tee-hee). So that’s what we practiced for, and we planned on winning (giggle). Two boys and a girl singing ‘Three Little Maids’ in a talent contest (if they only knew tee-hee).  I didn’t know about Stephaney’s but my little soldier was ‘leaking’ into my kimono, giggle.  All I could do was smile and try to hide the growing spot.  But my mom noticed and went to get something to fix that.  She came back with a ‘pad’ she said would take care of that.  Well no more spots on my kimono (tee-hee).

The next two days were a blur.  So many girlie things to do to get ready for the show, hair, make-up, nails, etc….  Then it was time for us to get on stage.  As we walked out the audience got quiet and flash bulbs went off (I guess we were beautiful, giggle). Then we started to sing……
Three little maids from school are we
Pert as a school girl we can be
Filled to the brim with girlish glee
Three little maids from school

Everything is a source of fun
Nobody's safe for we care for none
Life is a joke that's just begun
Three little maids from school
Everyone started clapping and cheering, they loved us.  My little soldier was standing rigidly tall and read to shoot.  I was glad mom had given me another pad to prevent an accident.

Three little maids who all unwary
Come from a lady's seminary
freed from its genius tutelary
Three little maids from school
Three little maids from school

One little maid is a bride, yum yum
Two little maids in attendance come
Three little maids is the total sum
Three little maids from school

From three little maids take one away
Two little maids remain and they
Don't have to wait very long they say
Three little maids from school
Three little maids from school
The cheering was so loud that you almost couldn’t hear us sing.  So we wiggled our asses in unison to the beat of the song which brought more clapping and flashes.
Three little maids who all unwary
come from a lady's seminary
Freed from its genius tutelary
Three little maids from school
Three little maids from school

At the end we bowed low in true Japanese style and just stood there posing for pictures (trying to look as sexy as two boys could possibly look) and accepting the applause.  When I glanced over to our moms, I could see them beaming, and I knew we had done well.

We left the stage laughing and giggling at our success, and shouts of ‘bravo, more, more sweetie, and encore girls.  We smiled at that and knew we would be back.  Then I began to think, what shall we do next?  ‘Cinderella’ maybe, I loved her big gown (tee-hee).  ‘The Nutcracker’ ballet, but that’s for a Prima Ballerina I thought.  That’ll be just for me, well there is the dance of the flowers for Stephaney and Patty, and maybe Roberta.  Yes that’ll be OK (giggle).

So I decided to work on mom for the ‘Nutcracker’.  I would start by dancing around the kitchen (the only room with enough space to dance) and I would let mom see me (giggle, with only a tutu and no leotard (little boobs out, giggle, yes that would do it).  I would beg her for lessons at the local dance school, and In short order she would agree and take me.  Oh this would be so much fun, I love you mom.

I had made my plans but decided not to spring them on mom till the next day at breakfast.  So that night I had sweet Ballerina dreams (with no leotard, with my little tits just flopping in the breeze).  Mom would love me (tee-hee).  I slept with a smile on my face all night.

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  1. I hope you don't mind me mentioning it, but it's actually "The Mikado", with a 'k', not a 'c'.