Q is for Quickie


There once was a girl named Nicky
Who was known for giving a quickie.
This freshman lass
Often missed class
Because she’d been sucking some dickie.

Now our Nicky was no common slut.
You might say she was anything but.
She just wanted to know
How boys’ penises grow
When into a girl’s mouth they are put.

She took sex education quite seriously,
Although her rep paid for it most dearly.
But to come to her defence
It was hands-on experience
She sought and got that most sincerely!  

Nicky refused to use the science lab
For she found it dreary and drab.
She chose the boys loo
Her experiments to do.
And made the boys swear not to blab.

Thing was, Nicky had to work quick
Because quickly the clock did tick
Three minutes between class
Meant she worked very fast
Properly licking and sucking each dick.

When the Head Master found out
How Nicky had been putting out,
She was sent to his office
Where she opened her orifice
To show him what it was all about.

Now Nicky could have been charged.
For into the head’s office there barged
Five of the male staff
Who just had to laugh
When they saw head’s cock so enlarged.
But the teachers agreed to keep mum
As long as they too could get some.
Nicky gladly obliged
When she realized
This way she could get lots more cum.

Because education was Nicky’s sole aim,
There’s nothing for which she feels shame.
A girl who uses her head
To improve her sex-ed.
Gets ahead of boys who obligingly came.

Now the moral of this story, heaven knows,
Is that a girl should take time when she blows
Her boyfriend's cock.
So don't mind the clock.
Guys prefer girls who take it nice and slow.

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  1. How I wish I had a man to adore. I love being his sissy so much!