Man Dating Ch. 4

By Caroline S. 

Chapter 4 -The Masseuse

As Jane left the room, all Tuck could remember was the soft kiss and the
gentle probing finger in his butt. She had used him like that was the
correct way to kiss, like it was the way she shared her affection. He
could get used to it. But she also had a power, unlike any other girl he
had ever been with. It was as if for that brief moment she possessed
him, she owned him. How could she do that? He had never been able to
make a girl feel that way. But Jane had. This beautiful and lithe and
small creature, she couldn't be over 5'-6", had made him feel that way
in seconds. Was she really that strong, or was it just her will. No,
Tuck could feel how strong she was, lifting bodies out of the muck all
day built muscles, of that he was confident. He closed his eyes... he
could still feel her fingers filling him, pulling him close, and then
that kiss...

Just then a cool breeze brushed across his nude and newly naked skin,
the soft gush of air of a door opening and closing. He put his hands
across his privates again, realizing just how naked he was.

The witch had reentered.

"Oh Mary Anne, you are looking so lovely."

Tuck smiled at the compliment, but only to disguise the fear he had of
this woman who literally held his fate in her hands.

"Stop playing with yourself," Debbie chided, making sure he was not
hiding himself from her.

Tuck pulled his hands away from his bared penis and put them at his
sides quickly, not wanting to look like he was trying to elicit life
from his now baby smooth cock and balls.

"Oh yes, the Princess did a job on you," she said, grabbing his shoulder
and urging him to turn around in a small circle before her.

Tuck obediently did a small pirouette, his hands at his sides, not
wanting to be accused of fondling his privates by the blonde witch.

"Very nice. I don't think I've ever seen a man so smooth in my life.
They always have a little body hair somewhere, but you... you're so
stripped nothing remains." She reached out to feel his fanny as he
turned away from her and he jumped at the sudden touch. "And so soft... I
guess our little surprise cocktail does something to men after all."

Tuck was sure that it was still just a rumor, but he was now growing
uneasy thinking maybe it wasn't.

"Let me see that little cock of yours," she said, turning him roughly to
face her completely now that his little ballet turn was finished.

"My, my, but that is the smallest cock I have ever seen. It's just so
tiny," she said playing with it and feeling how little it weighed in her
hand. "Have you ever had sex with a woman with that thing?"

Tuck wanted to yell at her and say, 'yes you whore hag, many times', but
that would have been a lie. Yes he had sex several times, but he usually
came fairly quickly after he got hard and put it in. And then there was
the question that haunted him, and he heard it every time, 'Are you in
yet?' It was a verbal testament and reminder that his miniature cock,
penis, toy... was far from satisfying.  He had heard it all, but 'oh God
you fill me so well', or 'fuck me harder stud' were phrases that were
not part of his verbal memories.

"I've had sex before," he said, trying not to sound defensive.

"With that?" the witch laughed, a cackle from deep in her belly,
uncontrolled and honest... so deep that it almost hurt. She grabbed his
penis and held it, hiding the whole appendage, soft and hairless, in her
small hand. "Oh God it's just cute, so soft and so..." her words stopped,
trying to find the right one to describe how feminine looking the little
toy hanging between his soft thighs really was. "Yes... it's just so...
pretty." Her cackle again assaulted his ears. He didn't want to show her
how deep the cut was growing, but his tears were close. "Let's get you
ready," she said. Pulling Tuck behind her by his very short and warm
lead, she led her little prize over to a small table.

"Let's put a little lotion on that pretty little girl of yours." She
made sure the words 'girl' and 'little' were well emphasized.

"This should do the trick." She had scanned the table full of bottles,
all very pretty, colored and unmarked, and selected one. She pulled the
glass stopper out and brought the bottle to her nose. She smiled and
then shared the scent with Tuck. "What do, you think?"

The scent was deep, soft and sensual, but not flowery at all. It was
heaven, but on his date, not on him, and certainly not on his penis.

"I think this will be perfect," she said, setting the bottle down on the
table and donning a pair of thin latex gloves she pulled from a box in
the drawer.

She poured a liberal amount of the green lotion in her palm and then
took hold of Tuck's flaccid little boy, coating it liberally, making
sure it was fully covered. "This should keep your secret for a bit
longer, it's a topical relaxant." She continued to massage the green
cream into his cock and balls. "Oh yes that's perfect, see how they're
shrinking even more. It's getting smaller, and I had no idea it could
get any tinier."

Tuck could feel the cream and her hand playing with his naked penis.
With no hair it already seemed smaller and almost foreign to his body.
The warm hands and pleasurable manipulation would normally bring about
an erection, but his little boy remained docile and seemed to shrink
before his very eyes.

"It's almost disappeared. I don't think we'll have any trouble with your
boy parts the rest of the day."

She turned back to the array of bottles, selecting another with great

"And this one will take care of that sweet boy cunt. Turn around and
bend over." She roughly took his arm and turned him to face away. She
placed the well-aimed heel of her hand into the middle of his back and
bent him over at the waist, his bottom at a perfect angle for her
further ministrations.

"This one is called 'opened flower'. On a woman it causes her pussy to
flush and swell and her cunt lips to open like a flower. Let's see what
it does to you, sweetheart." She poured the new lotion into her gloved
hand and rubbed it around Tuck's already abused rosebud.

The lotion stung on his raw skin, but as she continued to rub more of
the lotion into his back end he could feel the sting turn into a warm
heat. As her fingers traced over his bum hole, he could feel it also
opening on its own. She pushed one and then two fingers past the
restriction. He let out a little mewing sound as she fucked his bottom,
the cream acting as lubricant and opening him more each time she stroked
in and out.

"Oh that's nice. I can see your pretty bum looking more and more like a
pussy. I bet it'll enjoy being fucked, too."

Tuck didn't want his 'pussy' fucked, of that he was sure. He was so far
from being gay. Even the thought of having a man enter him like that
filled him with a feeling of loss of control. As she plunged her rubber
coated fingers in and out of his hot bottom, the image of them being
replaced with a warm and hot, pulsating, hard cock sent shivers down his
back, feelings that were to be avoided at all costs.

She pushed more of the cream inside Tuck's once private orifice. She
pulled on the skin around the hole, pushing and molding it with the
cream. He could feel his hole opening and the skin around it flushing
and spreading, the flower metaphor becoming more real on his boy pussy.

"I had no idea what this cream would do for you, but is seems to be
perfect.  It makes women literally pant it excites them so much, but I'm
not sure what it'll do for you." And then adding more fingers into the
party, she pushed a liberal amount of the green gel inside of his bum,
filling him roughly. It was nowhere close to the gentle manner that Jane
had explored what Tuck had referred to in the past has his very private
rosebud. Her fingers probed around, circling his entrance several times,
plunging in and out and coating his boy hole liberally with the green

"That should do it."

Tuck's nose was filled with the scent. It was almost too much and he
hoped it would dissipate somewhat as he could imagine filling a room
with this scent upon entering. It would be unmistakably attributed to

"Do you feel your tiny penis getting even smaller?" Debbie laughed,
snapping off the gloves and throwing them into a trash can at the side
of the table. They made a wet splashing sound as they were still covered
with the green lotion.

The lotion still coated his penis completely. There was a slight cooling
and then an itch, but that faded too as he suddenly felt like his penis
was retracting into his body.

"Oh that's so perfect," she said watching his little cock become nothing
more than a small nub. It even shrank so that it was not much bigger
than her finger, the little pink head just barely visible.

Tuck was horrified as he looked down and could not even tell he had a
cock any more.

"Okay, put this on," she said, throwing him a pair of panties. "It'll
hide that embarrassing little thing," she said flipping a finger at
Tuck's naked penis. She watched as Tuck pulled on the tight garment.

The small piece of lingerie was not silk or cotton, but was made of some
kind of rubber or latex. At least he was glad to have some level of
modesty again. But as he pulled it into place he immediately figured its
real purpose, and modesty was not on the plate. It was more about
display, as his entire bottom was poking out the rear, and what at first
he thought was covering his bum only served to pull his cheeks apart and
lift them. For a girl it would be an instant Rihanna development, but
for him it was more of a Kardashian showcase.

"Pull it up tighter. I guessed at the size, small, and that seems
right." She reached over and helped him pull up the very tight panties
until they were pulled tight against his crotch.

"That looks good, but there's still too much bulge," she laughed as the
rubberized material pulled tight into Tuck's crotch and hid everything.
He was virtually smooth with almost no bulge at all, like his little
penis never existed.

She leaned over and unceremoniously pulled out the front of Tuck's
panties, reached her hand in and popped his little balls back into his
body, the second time this very day that they had reentered that
juvenile space, the displaced discomfort eased each time they were
pushed into hiding. "Much better," she said letting the material snap
back into place.

She stepped back to see how Tuck looked. She smiled at the more
feminized form, smooth and without a tell-tale sign of manhood, although
the little bit of fluff that he referred to as his cock could never
really masquerade as a testimony to manhood. But she thought it was cute
and should not be hidden, and then she smiled that witch smile. She
hoped it was sending shivers down Mary Anne's ass, too.

"Let's try this," she said slapping Tuck's inner thigh with her hand,
"spread your legs."

Tuck moved his bare legs apart. He looked down and noticed maybe for the
first time how bare his legs were and how great they looked... for a
girl. They were legs to die for, killer legs, legs that go on forever...
And they were his.

With his legs now spread to an almost uncomfortable width, she reached
between his legs and opened a little flap between his legs and fished in
and pulled out his penis, or really just the head. He looked down and
saw the tip of his small boy peeking out. It looked so small, and
against the pink rubber it looked almost feminine. It couldn't be any
bigger than his middle finger, and it was only an inch long.

"Oh that's perfect; the muscle relaxant cream I used was just perfect."

Tuck was aghast; the little pink head could not have been smaller. It
just peeked out of the material, pink on pink. Everything was tucked
back, and the little mound that was left with the sexy little nub that
stuck out... the only thing that came to mind was too embarrassing to even
contemplate, it looked like it clit.

"So much better," the witch laughed again, having arranged what was left
of his empty ball sack so that it hung out the small hole with the
little 'clit' on top of that. "That's just about perfect. If you took a
picture of this, nobody, but nobody, would know you're not a girl. I bet
Jake will get a kick out if this," she said, taking her cell phone out
and very quickly setting up the photo app.

"Okay, hands on hip and foot forward, now turn... more," she said
adjusting Tuck until he took on the classic pinup image. "Oh that's
sweet, now smile." The cell phone clicked and flashed. "More smile... now
pout... mouth open... hand on your leg... good." She kept snapping pictures.
Turn around so I can see that cute fanny... Now turn back..." A dozen
pictures were taken, each more embarrassing than the last, but Tuck knew
if he balked or put up any kind of argument Jake would get a bad report.
He was shaking just thinking about Jake's reaction to the pictures.

"Great ... They're sent... In the cloud forever. "

Tuck could only imagine what they looked like.

He didn't have long to wait.

His cell phone rang and Jake's smiling picture blinked on; of course it
was Jake. The witch grabbed it and hit the speaker button, holding the
phone in front of her so the conversation would be shared and anything
but private.

Tuck only waited until the third ring to answer.

"Very cute honey," were the first words from Jake. Tuck couldn't tell if
Jake was upset or just questioning.

"So funny, Tuck. It looks like you've sprouted a hot little honey of a
cunt, baby doll."

"Look Jake, I can explain..."

Jake was not listening and just continued. "What a sweet little clit you
have, girl. I had no idea you were hiding that from me," he laughed.
"Glad you're having a good time, keep being a good.... girl... and I'll
see you tonight."

He hung up, leaving Tuck speechless.

"Guess he enjoyed the show. I uploaded it to YouTube, too, titled 'slut
sissy boy shows sweet cunt and baby clit'. That should come up on
searches pretty easily. Don't worry, it doesn't show your face... much,"
she laughed in her now familiar and evil manner.

She looked over to her right again at the table full of bottles each
prettier than the next, picking up one with a spray atomizer attached,
the gray bulb and tiny hose attached. She turned back to Tuck.

"Say something!"

"Like what?"

"Count to ten."

Tuck dutifully started counting. "One, two..."

"Okay, open your mouth." She sprayed a cool liquid down his throat
tasting of mint mouthwash; he didn't realize his breath was that bad.

"Count again."

Tuck still had no idea what was going on, but started the count again.
He immediately noticed that his voice was off, not quite his own,

"Okay, again..." she held the spray up again, indicating to open his mouth
once more. This time she sprayed the minty green liquid twice. He could
feel a slight desensitization, like when a dentist smeared numbing agent
on your gums just before the line, 'you're going to feel a slight
pinch', as he then buried the dull needle into the soft flesh and moved
it around in a legal torture fully authorized and paid for.

"Okay, count."

He started the count. "One..." and stopped. His voice was not only
softer but now a higher pitch as well, a woman's voice, not his own.

"Oh that's getting better," she said holding the bottle up again, ready
to spray.

Tuck now fully understood the ramifications of the spray and held his
mouth closed. His voice was not something he wanted to alter, however
temporary it might be.

"Now, sweet cheeks, or my next call is to Jake and then to the front

Tuck looked at the witch with the poisoned apple in her hand, knowing
that he didn't have a choice at taking the first bite, but also knowing
the consequences if he didn't continue. Slowly he opened his mouth and
closed his eyes. She spritzed her poisonous brew not once but three
times in quick succession, one after another, and with his mouth still
open, added a last one.

"Okay, now again. One, two..."

Tuck closed his mouth; the numbing feeling seemed to dip down his
throat. Even his tongue felt heavier. He hesitated, not wanting to
confirm her plan for his voice, but morbidly curious to hear the death
of his manly baritone.

"One..." he stopped. No, that couldn't be his voice. This was a girl's
soft, high pitch; even the feel of the words screamed girl.

"More... Count to twenty."

"One, two..." As the sweet, little girl voice issued forth, the witch's
smile grew... "three, four..." he wanted to say 'shut the door'. "Five,
six..." 'pick up sticks' he said in unison in his head to keep the
little girl company. "Seven, eight..." he droned on, each numeral sounding
more and more like a 13 year old girl. He wanted to try and mimic
something trite to hear how sounded, like 'Oh sure', or 'Boy he is
cute', but he kept mum, finally ending the test as the little girl said
quite clearly, "twenty," as if she had just finished jumping rope.

"I had no idea that would work so well. "

Tuck had no idea at all that his day was going to go so terribly wrong.
There was nothing "well" about it.

"Let's go, your masseur is waiting."

He looked at her, his mouth open, wanting to ask a question, but afraid
of the voice that would issue forth.  He shook his head and closed his
eyes tight, hoping that he might just wake up and go get a coffee or
some other very routine thing. But no, when he opened his eyes again he
was still there, his little penis was pushed back up and pressed in, and
leaving what looked like a very real clit hanging out of his rubber
panties. No, there was no way it could get worse. The line from a movie
came to mind ... It could be raining.

They walked down a well-lit corridor, her leading him by the hand, the
carpet soft beneath his bare feet. Finally they stood outside a door
marked 'Spa 7'.

"His name is Jason."

"Who's name?" Tucked asked, the 12 year old girl speaking.

"Your masseur, silly girl." The witch just loved his new voice. It made
her smile every time she heard it. "Now listen..."

Tuck waited for her to begin, assured that whatever instructions she was
going to share had in their main purpose his embarrassment as their only

"Jason is blind, and he is going to give you a massage. I will speak to
him. Got that?"

Tuck nodded, saving his voice and hoping it would wear off before the
beginning of his date that evening.

She opened the door and stepped into the room.

The man inside picked up his head at the sound of the opening door and
said, "Hi there, you must be Mary Anne. Welcome to the club."

"Hi, Jason."

"Oh, Debbie. I didn't see you come in, too."

They both laughed at the sightless joke.

"I came in because Mary Anne is very shy and she wasn't sure she could
be nude in front of you."

"Well, I won't peek."

Tuck laughed too. His laugh, a giggle of sorts, even sounded juvenile.
He saw Jason smile as he listened to his voice.

Jason was nearly as big as Jake, but more muscled and heavier. He wore
only a thin t-shirt that did less to hide then to show off his great
form. The tiny shorts barely able to go around his waist bulged heavily
in the right place. Two meaty legs ambled out from the tight form, the
fabric stretched tightly over his chiseled thighs.

"You have a sweet smile, Mary Anne."

Tuck was silent, just staring at the manscape in front of him.

Debbie grabbed a pad of paper and wrote 'Thank you' on it and showed it
to Tuck.

Tuck looked at it and shrugged his shoulders, asking what he was
supposed to do with the words. She mouthed, 'Say it, stupid.'

Tuck understood the words 'say it', but was not sure of the third word,
but he could tell that it was derogatory in nature.

He opened his mouth like a frog and nothing came out, afraid to make the
effort of making sounds and intelligible words, and afraid the voice
would escape as a croak. She pointed at her fast scribble again, her
face clouding quickly.

Tuck could sense her impatience, and tried again. "Thank you," he
paused, adding, "that was very sweet of you to say so." He regretted the
extra words, but the 'thank you' had just hung in the air, and the voice
told him that there had to be more. He smiled at the giant of a man, not
wanting him to think ill of him, and hoped that maybe he would even like

"You're most welcome, princess," he said. The witch smiled.

"Jason dear, Mary Anne was so embarrassed to be nude, so we compromised
and she is wearing an open crotch panty. She asked that you leave her
little clit away from any attention."

Tuck heard the words and breathed a silent, but deep, sigh of relief.

"But she is really into anal sex."

Tuck nearly fainted when he heard her say those words aloud.

She wrote on her pad 'I just love it...'.

Tuck looked at what she wrote and shook his head vigorously; he wasn't
going to say that.

She stamped her finger against the page...silently ordering Tuck to
deliver his lines.

"I just love it," he said, his little girl voice becoming more natural
and acceptable. She pointed to the dot dot dot, indicating he was to add
more on his own.

Tuck thought, 'What else can I say? I love it... Why do I love it?' He
decided on an answer. "Anal sex makes me feel so full."

"Oh, I'm sure it does, my sweet girl," Jason's grin growing even bigger.

But the witch wasn't done.

"Jason, my pet, would you give my sweet girl one of your very famous
massages and open her up so that she might be able to entertain her
boyfriend this evening?"

"Special... how special?"

The witch wrote his line on the pad, 'very special'.

"Very special," Tuck said, the little girl voice indicating just how
kinky a 12 year old could be.

"She wants you to open her up using your special creams and talents.
Maybe you could use some of your larger toys on her?"

Tuck looked at her, his eyes flashing. He mouthed 'how large?'

The witch answered out loud. "Maybe some of your bigger ones."

"It will be my pleasure. I have some special creams that will relax your
pleasure pit but keep the sensitivity."

She wrote 'oh thank you 'on the pad, and then 'you are so sexy and hot,
would you fuck me'.

There was no way Tuck was going to recite that script, no matter what
face she made.

The sudden and intense pain took him by surprise as Debbie took hood of
the little nub sticking out of his panties and squeezed the head of his
clit between her thumb and finger. The pain quickly radiated down his
trapped penis, her fingers increasing the pressure.

"Oh Jason, I think you are so sexy and hot. Would you fuck me?" He
added, "Please?" not wanting to seem rude.

"In your fanny?"

Tuck knew he had to answer in the affirmative. "Yes."

"You mean after I open your slut hole completely."

"Yes, please."

"So you want me to open you rear cunt, and after I make it into a sloppy
opened loose fuck hole, you want me to take my huge tool and fuck you?"
He was taking a perverse pleasure in all this.

Tuck let out a defeated, "Yes."

The witch was smiling ear to ear, trying to hold back her laughter. She
quickly wrote something else on the pad of paper and handed it to Tuck.

Tuck looked at the scrawl, not immediately understanding the words, but
after studying them for a few more seconds his mouth dropped open and he
dropped the pad to the floor shaking his head an empathic NO!

Debbie reached for her cell phone and started to dial.

Tuck knew he had no choice.

"Jason, I want to suck your cock..." he stopped mid-sentence, unable to go

"Of course, sweet girl, everyone wants to suck Jason's cock," he said,
pulling down his shorts in one swift motion. The reveal was everything
that Tuck could have imagined and then some. It was massive, thick and
long. It looked like it belonged on a horse out for stud. The balls that
hung loose beneath, a singular comparison, would outweigh Tuck's
complete toy. The word was aptly used in this case, a toy next to this
man's tool. Jason hefted his large man meat proudly, holding it up for
Tuck's inspection.

Debbie interrupted, "Well Mary Anne, I will leave you in very good
hands. You two have fun." She took the pad again and began scribbling
outside of Tuck's view.

"Okay, honey bunch, let's get you up on the table so old Jason can do
his magic, and I think you might be doing some magic to old Jason, too."

Tuck let himself be led by the hand to take his place on the table like
a lamb to slaughter. Jason's hand was large but very soft and gentle;
the years of massage oil had finished off the skin like a well-worn
glove. Tuck glanced behind him and Debbie was still writing.

The massage table was padded, and it was the first time Tuck had ever
been on one. He was very nervous at the prospect of what was going to be
done to him, not to mention what the man was expecting him to do.  Tuck
was convinced that the little bit of 'magic' that was expected of him
was well beyond his expertise, having had his own cock only sucked on by
two girlfriends, and, he thought, correcting his historical experience,
by Lawrence this morning; a comparison as unequal as could be imagined.
So perhaps expertise was part of the magic, but being on one end of the
pleasure surely would not make him an expert on the other end. He looked
at Jason's cock hanging down, taking in the massive tube and heavy balls
beneath. Not even excited, it looked almost other worldly. It was going
to take a lot more than any kind of magic that he possessed to equal
Lawrence's magic from this morning.

"Here's a pillow, put it under your head. It will prop you up, hon. I
will do your back while you do... what you do."

Tuck watched Jason take station at the top of the table, the man's
crotch in front of his face. His cock inches from him, the smell of
sweat and body filled his senses as he felt the large hands start to
knead his back. The movement caused the hardening cock to slap against
his face.

Debbie stepped around the side of the table and thrust the clip board
under Tuck's face so that he could read her final missive. Tuck's eyes
widened and his head shook from side to side. Debbie calmly took her
phone and holding it on the clip board used the quick dial number and
called Jake.

Jake answered on the second ring.

"Anything wrong?"

"No, I don't think so," said Tuck as she pointed at the words again.

"Tuck, you still being cooperative with Debbie?"

Tuck didn't want to use his new voice, so he nodded his head.

"He is," said Debbie, as she reached over and casually took hold of
Jason's cock and offered it to Tuck.

Tuck opened his mouth and allowed the black snake to rest on his lips.

"Oh that's a good girl," Jason said aloud as she pushed more of his cock
into Tuck's mouth.

"Hi Jason," Jake said, hearing Jason's thick southern drawl over the
open line.

"Hey Jake, some little hottie you got here... she's a real doll."

"Well, Mary Anne is very special. We just started dating."

"Is she the new Marsha?"

"We'll see... I'm just concerned about cooperation and behavior. I don't
want my guest being any trouble to the club."

"No Jake," said Jason tilting his head down and stroking Tuck's long
hair while sliding a bit more of his hard cock between Tuck's newly
exercised lips. "No problems at all."

"Just let me know if you do."

The words flowed around Tuck, swimming over and around him. The words
seemed to be about him, but then again not. It was a conversation about
someone who did not exist, but about someone who was being led past
desires that existed on another plane, one that did not include him. The
warm and hardening cock between his lips was a testimony to that
alternate reality and window that had opened, and he was now on the
other side.

"Yes," said Debbie, "I think we are past any problems right now and
Jason is doing his best to relax our honey. You know he has magic in
those fingers."

"Oh I've had the pleasure of Jason's massage many times. He's an
expert." Jake said his voice filled with a smile.

"Well I think it's a new experience for our Mary Anne,.." she added
taking and finger it between tuks lips and the hardening cock, " she's

"Okay, you let me know if there are any other issues, I will deal with
them right away."

"Oh I will. Could you hold a second..." Debbie put the phone to her hip
and held the words on the paper so Tuck could read them again. 'When I
come back in the room I had better be able to smell cum on your breath
and it had better be oozing out your open cunt. Or else...'

The rest of the threat was not empty, just unwritten. Tuck looked up at
her, Jason's cock filling his mouth, and nodded his understanding.

"Well Jake I'm back... yes, as soon as we finish her massage we're going
to get her hair fixed and her nails done and make her ready for your
date tonight." Debbie emphasized the feminine pronouns for Jason's
benefit, not to mention putting a scare into Tuck.

"Well whatever you do to clean her up will be an improvement," said
Jake, falling into the spirit of Debbie's teasing. "Bye Mary Anne, see
you at six."

The strange 4 way conversation ended, well three-way, actually, as Tuck
had not said a word.

"Jason, I lit up the 'do not disturb' and 'privacy' signs when I came
in. You have Mary Anne to yourself for an hour or so... you kids have

Debbie went out the door and the room was quiet for a second.

"You have very soft lips, pretty girl. We can stop if you want to; I
know Debbie can be very pushy when she wants to be," he said sliding
another inch of his cock between Tucks lips.

Tuck saw a way out, but then if he took it, the way out would probably
not end at this door but a door with bars.  Tuck, allowed Jason cock to
slip free,  "Oh Jason, I want to," Tuck said, not very good at being a
horny girl, and without someone writing his lines he was adlibbing, and

"You are a sweet girl. My cock feels so nice between your lips," he
said, putting his hand down on Tuck's face and tracing the contours of
his nose and eyes. "You are also very pretty."

"Thank you," Tuck said softly in his little girl voice.

"Lick the underside, from my balls to the top, slowly. Use your whole
tongue. Taste it, suck off my sweat."

The instruction, wholly rude and wanton, was also somewhat welcome as he
wasn't sure how to... just how to anything.

"Yes, that's right," Jason said, helping adjust the right angle for Tuck
to get his tongue slowly tracing the veins on the underside of his cock,
from the heavy balls to the tip. "You're doing very well."

Tuck, not sure what to do, repeated the request several times. With each
long stroke the taste on his tongue intensified, as if the Jason was
exuding maleness, a taste unknown to Tuck, but not entirely unpleasant

"Oh baby doll that feels so good. Go slower."

Tuck smiled at the compliment, but good at this? He shook his head
slightly to rid himself of the compliment.

"Go under my balls and suck on each one. Let them roll around in your
mouth, suck on them hard, pull them, bite them. You know what feels
good, baby."

The instructions were coming too fast, and so unfamiliar. Not even
Lawrence had progressed to that, perhaps if he had more time or another
visit. Tuck thought, 'Another visit? What am I thinking?' But Jason had
moved closer, giving him easy access to the heavy balls hanging in front
of his face.

"Suck them honey," was the added instruction as Jason's strong hand came
down, helping the situation by pushing his ball sack between Tucks open
lips. "Feel them with your tongue and lips, make love to them, baby."

They filled his mouth completely, warm and firm. A panicked thought
rushed through Tuck's mind, 'I have another man's balls in my mouth, oh
God how is this happening?'

"Oh that's right, lick them baby, bathe them with that soft tongue, and
use your lips, too."

Tuck was not aware he was doing anything other than putting these
massive rocks in his mouth, but as per instruction, his tongue began to
bathe the stones in his mouth with loving attention.

"Oh God that feels so wonderful, you are such a dream. Jake is so lucky
to have found you, little girl."

Tuck was sure this was not a dream, but continued to follow
instructions, the compliments guiding his actions. He decided to try
something different and allowed one ball to fall free and let the other
stay in his mouth as he pulled on it and sucked it hard."

"Oh my, Mary Anne that feels lovely, do it again."

Tuck was beginning to think that he knew what he was doing, switched
balls and did the same action on the new toy in his mouth.

"Oh yes."

So it was good. He went back and forth several times to see the
reaction, and each time he got either a soft brush of hand through his
hair or a moan of ecstasy.

"Oh yes..." Jason pulled his spit slick balls free. He wanted something
more. Tuck was waiting, looked up from his position on the table but did
not have long to consider the next move or instruction, as the urgency
of the now very hard and huge cock was demanding entrance to his mouth.

"Suck it, baby. Suck it and watch the teeth. "

Tuck nodded as much as he could with the hard cock entered his mouth. He
noted the watching his teeth might be a good thing, he appreciated the
courtesy on the  very rare occasions he was on the receiving end. His
mind flipped over to Lawrence's appreciation.

The huge monster caused his jaws to open fully as it slipped in, filling
his mouth with warm hard cock. The size was astounding, and Tuck was
surprised that he could get it all in, but now what?

"Oh fuck, yes..." said Jason as he pulled out and pushed back in deeper
with each thrust. He found purchase behind Tuck's head, grabbing hold of
a hand full of blonde hair. "Don't swallow pretty girl, I want to see it
fill that pretty mouth."

Not swallow, god no, he was never going to swallow.

As TTuck was fed another inch of Jason hard cock Tuck learned what
gagging was all about. He felt like his throat was being invaded, and
then released, as he coughed up nearing a gag and vomit. But again it
pushed in, Jason's hand guiding how deep and hard on each thrust. On
each gag the hardness was more covered with his spit. He was just a
receptacle now, the cock a tool for his debasement. In and out, his eyes
were watering,

"Oh girl you are so good. Hold it, slide your hands up and down, hold my

More instructions, he was doing good... he smiled and allowed the cock,
the hot man meat that he now possessed and controlled, to enter his
lips. He held it deep, enjoying the control. He let his hands slide down
the length of it, the slickness of his own juices allowing swift
movement, gliding effortlessly up and down... he could almost feel his
own cock stir as he slid down the thick shaft, holding the tip of
Jason's penis between his lips, kissing it, licking the head round and
round and then taking command again and allowing the monster to enter
deep once more.

Tuck closed his eyes, letting the hard warm cock fill him completely,
time stopped as he felt the cock fucking him. Deep and then just the
tip, his had slick with his excitement holding it sliding it down again
and again, each time a new sensation discovered, shared, his mind empty
except for the pleasure shared and given extracted. The warmth and
closeness like a drug so rare, another world, and lost.

"Oh baby, that's the best... oh my... I'm going to fill you baby... are
you ready?"

Tuck pulled back to the reality of the room, a cock filling his lips,
could only guess that meant that Jason was going to cum. He sucked on
the tube harder, holding the hot sweaty balls between his fingers. Cum,
what would that mean from such a massive tool? He had only his own
little toy for comparison. When he came, he dribbled a few teaspoons if
that, but what of Jason's? He waited.

"Oh baby, I'm almost there... just the head... fill your mouth. I want
to feel it full and feel it slide down your throat."

The instructions were so foreign; fill my mouth, slide down my throat,
hold it, feel it. Tuck pulled the cock from his mouth, looking at it
slick with his juice. He owned it and he wanted to see what it would
deliver. He had to see if it was a river of cum, what it would taste
like, feel like, be like. He popped it back in and let his mouth engulf
and slide down until his nose rested against the hanging balls... and
out again, he was done holding back, the gag gone but the deep slime
still fresh covering the cock in layers of his passion. And then he felt
the first spasms as he hoped. With just the tip inside his waiting
mouth, it erupted.

It was like a jet, nothing he had ever experienced before. The cream,
sweet, salty and hot, pulsed into his mouth not once but five times,
over and over again. It was filling his mouth, pushing out his cheeks,
the comparison to his cum and Jason's was impossible to imagine. Jason
was explosive, wondrous, and his... the dribble he produced was a small
leaky faucet. He had no time for recrimination, the pleasure he shared,
provided, gave was responsible for all this... the gift more than given.
What Lawrence had shared was nice, but here and this, it was

Jason pulled his slowly softening cock from Tuck's lips, a string of cum
and spit still attaching his open mouth to the cock that had delivered
the lake of cum now filling Tuck's mouth, held back by lips and teeth,
but ready for inspection.

"Oh god, my sweet, that was so wonderful, one of the best ever; and
being able to deep throat, only a few girls have ever been able to take
my 8 inches to the max."

Tuck was not sure of the compliment, as he had not found the feat that
staggering. He had only wanted to please and follow directions. He had
no predetermination to master a rare sexual art in the process.

"You have worn me out, baby. I'm not going to be able to fuck you today,
my sweet pet. I'm only good for one of those earthshaking, fucking
amazing cums an hour. I'll let Debbie know."

Tuck smiled, his mouth still full of the man goo as he had not been
given permission to swallow.

"Oh my pet," Jason put his finger to Tuck's cheek and then noticed his
mouth was open, forgetting  for an instant that he had given Tuck the
instructions during his moment of passion. He put a finger between those
lips and dipped it into his offering. "You held it for me, oh you are an
obedient slut, aren't you, Mary Anne?"

Tuck smiled again at the compliment, his mouth still full, waiting to be
given permission to swallow. Jason swirled his fingers around in the
pool inside Tuck's open mouth and felt his lips close around his digit
as Tuck sucked on it softly, allowing the sweet cream to disappear in
several flavor filled swallows.

Tucked smiled around the finger and allowed it to be pulled free.

"Thank you Jason." It was a thought that had become verbal without
Tuck's control. He wasn't sure what he was thanking the master masseur
for, but it seemed appropriate and he felt better after sharing it.

"Thank you my pretty girl." Jason took the wet finger to his nose and
then licked it licked clean, "It was so lovely, and for your first time
you were spectacular."

'First time?' Tuck thought. 'What did he mean by that? How did he know
that Mary Anne was not an accomplished slut and this wasn't something
she had done countless times? The first...?'

"Let's go ahead and work on that pretty tush of yours. We've a lot of
work to do, and I have some wonderful toys to play with."

Tuck was torn and didn't register Jason's last statement as he wasn't
sure if he wanted his accomplishment appreciated as a first.

The phone rang.

"Do you want me to get it?"

"If you would."

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