Initiation Nightmare (Part 3)

Silvy Richards     

Walking faster than normal, just in case Roxy and Lisa might have
decided to chase after him and humiliate him some more, Paul caught up
with Roxy's little sister, Angie, who was also on her way to school and
dreading her first day of initiation.

From behind her, just as Roxy had stated, it was clear she wasn't
wearing a bra. Supporting even bigger boobs than her older sister, who
had solid C's, he walked even faster hoping to get a glimpse. Angie's
boobs had to be somewhere between D's and double DD's, he had always
wondered which, and now was his first chance to see them up close
through a totally transparent blouse.

Always being semi arch enemies, because she never really gave him the
time of day, and he, wanting what he could never have , always craved
her. They did exchange words from time to time, but it was never for
long, and mostly consisted of him teasing her, followed by her blowing
him off with the perfect comeback. This seemed like the perfect
opportunity to tease her a bit, and for the first time since breakfast,
had forgotten about what lay ahead of him.

"Hey Angie! Do you find it cold out? Or are you just happy to see me?"
he started right away. He couldn't really see anything because she was
covering her chest with an oversized purse.

"Now isn't the time Paul," Angie said as she kept up her quick pace.

"You know, I could carry that for you if you want?" he said smugly.

"Listen Paul, today I have to deal with two, not one... but TWO
initiations, so NOW really isn't a good time to fuck with me!"

"Yeah, big deal. So do I," he countered, trying to sound like it didn't
scare him.

"I've got to pledge the DPD, the SWIM TEAM..." she emphasized, "...PLUS
I'm a second generation freshman!" Angie re-countered both with anger
and fear, figuring he'd smarten up, take pity on her, and leave her

"Yeah... well I'm pledging the AOA, the SWIM TEAM..." he sang out, if it
meant nothing, "...AND I'm a THIRD generation freshman. You don't see me
freaking out do you?" Paul said, continuing his tough guy impression.

Stopping in her tracks, Angie started laughing spontaneously, after
hearing Paul boast about his misfortune ignorantly.

"What's so funny?" he genuinely asked.

"Thanks Paul, I needed that. I think that's the first time I've laughed
all week." she said smiling, after finally catching her breath. Turning
serious again, Angie turned to him and said, "You know we're fucked,
right? The elders on the swim team ARE going to torture us. Technically
speaking, as soon as we arrive on campus, we are considered as their
slaves. They OWN us!"

"Yeah, yeah... how bad can it be?" he continued nonchalantly, like life
was good.

"Oh shit..." Angie started to panic as they reached the main archway to
the school, and saw Trish and Christie, captains of the swim team and
diving team, "... keep your head down," she whispered.

"You look like you saw a ghost. What's wrong?" he asked without lowering
his voice, unaware of what she was talking about.

Right on the other side of the schools elaborate marble archway, two
kiosks had already been set up. One for the last minute sign up for the
swim team, and the other was for the DPD sorority.

The girls who hadn't already signed up, because they could have already
done so in advance, and who still wanted to pledge the Delta Phi
Delta's, had to do so right away, even before classes started. It was
their way of controlling numbers. They had no choice, being that it was
the number one sorority in a college that was mostly female. That was
also one of the main reasons Paul thought these initiations could be
bearable. Girls out numbered the guys four to one.

Next to the DPD kiosk, there was a pile of cut up bras from girls who
had just signed up. Two weeks of being completely braless was a
prerequisite in order to be accepted. With two of senior sorority
sisters controlling a steady line of girls signing their names and
having their bra straps exposed and cut off with scissors, Trish and
Christie stood at their empty stand, upset that people were too chicken
to sign up with them, when all of a sudden they saw fresh meat

"Well if it isn't Paul Sweeny and Angie Sanders!" Trish announced aloud
to Christie, who had already heard the names before, but had never had a
faces to place them.

Both Paul and Angie's heart skipped a beat when their names being sassed
out loud, as all the girls who stood waiting in line at the DPD stand
looked at the two who just entered campus.

"Hi Trish..." Angie gulped, "... practice is still at eleven right?" she
tried to ask casually,  as she kept on walking towards the school,
hoping desperately they weren't about to get called over and picked on.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa... classes don't start for another twenty minutes. You
two come here... NOW!" as she raised her voice again at the end.

"Look... it looks like she already pledged for the DPD. That, or she's
really a slut! I mean... check out her blouse! It's like tissue paper!"
Christie remarked on Angie's top.

"Her sister's Roxy, didn't you know that? I'm guessing she was the one
who her chose her wardrobe this morning, considering she is VP of the
sorority in the first place. I'm I RIGHT pledge?" Trish barked out, so
loud she made a couple of the girls in line jump, as Angie and Paul
veered course and went to them immediately hoping to avoid a scene.

"Absolutely Trish," Angie tried answering her in a calm voice, "Roxy
made VP this year, and Paul's sister here was elected president," she
attempted to deflect some of the attention off her and onto Paul.

"Paul Sweeny?!? Third generation freshman Paul Sweeny?!?" Christie
finally realized, smiling an evil grin.

"So Angie," Trish focused her attention on her, "Why don't you move that
bag of yours so we can see just how big your funbags really are."
Embarrassed as hell because Paul was standing right next to her, Angie
sheepishly lowered her purse figuring he was going to probably see them
anyway considering they both joining the swim team.

Hearing angels sing in his head as Paul finally got to see what Angie's
boobs looked like, he didn't hear Christie when she spoke to him.

"Earth to Paul... FRESHMAN!" she barked and he jumped, waking from his

Holding a pair of scissors she had borrowed from the the sorority girls,
Christie started speaking very calmly at Paul telling him he needed to
pull his shorts up as high as possible, and warned him she wasn't going
to ask twice.

Knowing better than to question her, Paul hoisted up his loose khaki
shorts as high as he could, when Christie reached under into both pant
legs, and started pulling his boxers down. Carefully cutting them on
both sides, she victoriously pulled his underwear off in one triumphant
yank, flagging it in the air before tossing them in the same pile as the
massacred bras.

Shocked by the sudden feeling of nakedness, combined with all the
females present, not to mention Angies gigantic boobs on display right
next to him, Paul's penis started to grow and there was no stopping it.

"Is it me..." Trish started saying with a giggle, "... or is Paul here
getting an erection?"

Nervous laughter from the sorority pledges ringed in his ears, as his
shorts clearly tented out beyond his control.

"You know what?" Christie stated with authority, as she asked the girls
around her for their opinion, "He deservers a good thirty seconds...
being that he's a third generation freshman and all," more giggles were
emerging, as well as many yeses were being replied.

Clearly not understanding, Christie explained it to him in plain
english: third generation newbies could be forced to expose their
privates in public, but it couldn't be more than thirty seconds, and
could not be repeated twice on a same day.

With mostly fear, but also believing what she was telling the truth,
Paul did nothing as she slowly lowered his zipper, and asked for a

"Ready when you are," Trish said with a smirk, as she looked at her
watch, "Go!"

Not being shy at all, she reached in and freed Paul's cock, and stuck it
out of the zipper hole for everyone to see.

Not believing this was happening, turning redder by the second, Paul
really freaked out when he saw Roxy and his sister Lisa entering the
campus walking up to him. Tempted to cover himself up when he saw them,
Trish warned him they would restart the timer if he made attempt at
covering up.

Girls were all around were giggling, as Lisa said "Wow... school hasn't
even started yet and check you out!" as she took out her cell phone and
took a quick picture for the hell of it, but mostly just to play with
his mind.

"Looks like he's having fun at least," as Roxy stared down at his boner,
which was still as hard as ever.

"Fifteen seconds!" Trish announced as she down at her watch.

'Oh God!' Paul thought knowing he was only half way through. Even with
her breasts exposed, Angie still managed to smile seeing seeing Paul
squirm in front of all the girls with his tiny erection showing off in
broad daylight. When it got down to seven seconds, all the girls around
Joined Christie in the countdown.

Once it was all say and done, Paul was allowed to stick his erection
back in his pants and make his way to his firlst class.


Two hours later, Paul found himself walking to his dreaded diving
practice. After the incredibly embarrassing incident before school, he
had also managed to forget it all, due to all the braless girls that
surrounded him. It seemed to Paul that at least half the girls in school
weren't wearing bras, and with the combined sensation of not wearing any
underwear in his baggy shorts, his erections kept coming and going.

Reaching the entrance to the pool area, he was stopped by the scary site
of Trish and Christie.

"Did you bring a bathing suit Sweeny?" Christie asked as he approached.
"Let's see it!" she ordered.

Embarrassingly pulling out the baby blue speedo his mom just recently
bought him, Paul handed it over to her, as she yanked it from his hands.

"Not bad," Trish said, which made Christie laugh as well as nod her

"Looks like Paul just added to our collection!" Christie confirmed,
which made him frown in confusion.

"We're talking about the lottery game." Trish semi explained. "Have you
heard of it?"

Shaking his head, the girls explained that for the next two weeks,
before each practice, all the newbies would have to pick out of a hat
which bathing suit they would wear during their workout. Inside a
ceremonial rubber swimers cap, pieces of paper with both male and female
bathing suits written on them. It was basically luck of the draw.

"Ugh... what do we wear from the locker room to the pool," Paul asked
fearing they might tell him nothing, and after a good ten seconds just
to making him sweat, they told him to show up wearing his towel. Only
his towel.

Taking his courage with both both hands, Paul walked up the pool ten
minutes later wearing only his towel as ordered, and joined the rest of
new newbies who were also dressed the same way. In the stands, many
students (mostly girls) who had a free period at that time, had come to
witness the famous swim team's lottery game in person.

Put together, both the diving and swimming teams consisted of roughly
twenty students, eight of which were new to the team. Aside Paul, only
one other boy was new to the team, while the rest were all really cute
young girls, Angie included.

Being small in stature like Paul, the other new guy standing next to him
was a swimmer. As the crowd was starting to get noisy a little, he
turned to Paul and told him theonly  reason he was here was because of a

Seems his four older stepsisters, who also attented at the school,
agreed to pay him five hundred bucks each, one thousand total (in cash),
if joined the swim team and made it through the initiation. If ever he
quit the team in the first two weeks, he would then have to pay each of
them the same amount in return. Just recently moving to the area and not
knowing any better, Ryan took the bet thinking it would be easy money,
something he didn't have too much growing up. His dad just got remarried
a few months ago, and along with moving into a big new house, he found
himself living with four older stepsisters. Being he was a fast swimmer
and enjoyed the sport, that just gave him more incentive to take the
bet, but he found himself regretting his decision, as more and more
girls arrived in the stands.

One by one, the new recruits were asked to reach into the swimmer's cap
that was presented to them, and pick out a piece of paper.

The first girl who went ended up picking a white one piece girls bathing
suit. Being kind of see-through, and seeing the embarrassed look on the
girl's face, Paul was releived that that bathing suit had been removed
from the equation.

Going to semi-sheltered shower stall right next to the pool, the girl
went to change. Once on, and before coming out, she was ordered by the
captain of the team to turn on the cold water and get both her front and
back nice and wet. With nipples erect to the max, the embarrassed blond
rejoined her fellow newbies wearing a completely transparent swimsuit.
Her pubes were even visible.

When it was Ryan's turn, he picked out a piece of paper that had nothing
written on it. Showing it to Trish not understanding, she just laughed a
bit and told him he still needed to take a cold shower before he joined
the others, as she reached over and yanked his towel away. With the
reflex to cover himself with his hands, he was odered, loud enough so
that all the newbies heard, no one was allowed hidding themselves with
their hands. So with his arms at his sides, Ryan quickly made his way to
the shower stall, as one girl in the stand yelled out "No running in the
pool area!", which made even more people laugh out loud.

Returning after his cold shower, Ryan was redder than an apple as his
once average sized penis was now shriveled up to almost nothing. Girls
in the stand were waving their pinkies at him, as he made his way to the
edge of the pool with all the other new recruits.

When Paul heard finally heard his name being called out, he made a
silent prayer when approached Trish who was shaking the hat, mixing up
the remainders with an evil smile. With sweaty palms, Paul thought his
prayers had actually been answered when he unfolded and read what was
written on the scrap of paper: 'Babyblue speedo'.

Having picked his own swimsuit, Paul felt almost relieved. Yes it was a
speedo, and he did hate wearing them, but considering the options he was
sure he had lucked out, until he noticed that all the inner lining had
been carefully cut away. As he changed and finished taking his shower,
his heart sank when he looked down and saw the results. Just as see-
through as tissue paper, Paul took his march of shame wearing the
transparent speedo, with a dick so small that practically only pubes
showed. With the crowd cheering, he felt even worse when he saw his
sister and Roxy in the stands.

The only bright side that Paul could make out that afternoon was that
Angie, like Ryan, ended up spending all practice totally nude. Seeing
her huge boobs bounce up and down as she made her dives made all the
humiliation he endured almost worth it.

After practice was over, all the new recruits from both teams (even the
guys), were escorted into the girls locker room and brought to the large
open shower area. Presented with razors, they were forced to strip on
the spot and shave their bodies... everywhere. To make matters even
worse, Ryan and Paul were paired off so they could shave each other. No
one was allowed to shave themselves, instead a person of the same sex
had to do it, just to add to their humiliation.

The room erupted with laughter when Paul started getting an erection
when Ryan started to shave his privates.

"Look Ryan," someone teased, "I think he likes you!"

"Does that feel good?" Christie continued the banter, as Paul tried to
make it go away through concentration.

Staying erect for the rest of the shaving session, Paul left for lunch
feeling totally humiliated and bald under his clothes. He still wasn't
wearing any underwear, so with a now hairless pecker under his shorts,
he had a very hard time concentration when he went to his classes.


As the school day finally came to it's end, Paul found himself at the
AOA frat house, and had just signed his name on the pledge form making
it official. He had almost chickened out, but after all he'd been
through, he figured it coudn't get any worse.

"Ok, now that everyone has sign up," the president announced to the
group of nervous pledges, "I have in front of me the list of sorority
sisters that will be in charge of you. Each of you will be assigned a
sorority sister, and she will be the one deciding on your wardrobe for
the next couple of weeks. You will wear whatever she tells you to wear!
Is that clear?!?" he asked the group to which they all answered 'Yes

"Lisa Sweeny, president of the DPD, has also modified a certain rule
regarding what kind of underwear you guys will be wearing for the
duration of the initiation. It's simple enough, after this meeting is
over, which should be in just a few minutes, all of you are have to go
to the DPD sorority house and undergo both an erection and shrinkage
test," as the seroir boys chuckled at this, the pledges shuddered.

"Just a warning, if your dick shrivels down to anywhere between two and
three inches..." he continued, explaining the consequences of the
results, "... you will be made to wear diapers, twenty four seven, no
arguments. I just spoke to her on the phone and the way she put it, she
wants baby sized penises to be dressed appropriately." Most of the
pledges gulped upon hearing that.

"Those of you who are naturaly hung and have cocks over seven inches
long when you're erect, prepare so spend the next couple of weeks going
comando. That, and wearing tight clothes. The girls are going to want
you to show it off."

"And finally..." he concluded, "... and I really hope none of you fall
into this next category, if any of you happen to mesure up less than two
inches during the shrinkage test, you will be sentenced to two weeks of
wearing only girl's panties, or frilly girly lingerie as Lisa bluntly
put it."

Slamming his gavel down to regain order, as most of the seniors were
laughing and yelling out nasty comments, he finally informed them that
there was one more piece of information before he was going to dimiss

"The sorority sister who ends up owning you, will also give you a new
name for the next couple of weeks. You will wear a name tags at all
times, and you will also only refer to yourself by your new designated
name. If you'd all come up front, I have the name tags in quetion right
here. Most of them are blank, but some of them already have names
written on them. At the same time, I'll let you know which girl will be
in charge of you."

Eventually reaching his turn, the president let out a small laugh and
pinned his name tag on and said, "Here you go Princess..." grimacing
upon hearing it, fearing his worst nightmare, Paul's fears was confirmed
when the senior told him, "... your sister hand picked you! Aren't you
lucky?" he mocked, knowing full well just how evil she could be.


Walking home from the sorority house an hour later, Paul was still red
in the face from what had just transpired. After both tests were done on
all the boys, they were told that the results were going to become their
new designated team number, the one they would have on the back of their
jersey or swimming robe, whichever the case may be. Meaning, if a pledge
who's dick shrank to two inches in the first test, and grew to six
inches in the second test, it meant his new designated number for his
team would be twenty-six.

With black felt markers, the girls wrote each of the boys new designated
number on their forehead, and gave them a strict warning not to try and
wash them off for at least twenty-four hours.

With many newbies ending up with numbers in the mid-twenties bracket, it
appeared that there was going to be a lot of boys wearing diapers around
campus in the next coming weeks. A lucky few managed to empress the
girls, and ended up having to give up underwear altogether, but compared
with the alternative, they were very happy.

Being that Paul was the only boy who failed miserably at both tests, he
now found himself arriving home wondering if it was all worth it. Before
openning the front door, he saw his reflection in the glass part of it,
and cringed when he saw the number thirteen wrtten in bold on his
forehead. Mad that he was the only boy who had scored a one in the first
test, his palms rebecame sweaty as he turned the doorknob and heard his
sister call out, "Princess... is that you?"

**to be continued**      


  1. Thinking he may begin to like his new life

  2. Paul liked Angie, but he'd never kissed her,
    But was glad to see the swim team enlist her.
    That's because he knew
    Her top was see-through,
    A ploy that was devised by Roxy, her sister.

    But the swim team had many more tricks,
    Including swimsuit lewd lottery picks.
    Girls showed off tushies
    As well as their pussies.
    And freshmen exposed their little pricks.

    But for Paul there was greater humiliation.
    Part of his Alpha Omega Alpha initiation
    Forever he'd be called
    By a nickname that galled.
    'Princess Paul' was his his new appellation.

    But his shaming would not stop there.
    It extended to his required underwear.
    He wasn't happy
    To wear a nappy.
    But I guess by Part 4 he'll be totally bare.