Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Such a Sissy: Comprehensive Immigration Reform

From one of my favorite blogs!

Such a Sissy: Comprehensive Immigration Reform:
"Okay Priyanka, if you want to get ahead in America you have to learn what the American male expects from you!"
"That's just like back in India!"
"Yes but here it's the woman who controls the male!"
"That's just like back in India!"
"But here we make them bend over for us so that....."
"They understand their place in the relationship....just like back in India!"
"I don't see any problem for you in adapting to life here, here's your Green Card, welcome to the United States!"
"Thank you so much....now can I finish with him?"
"Absolutely....in fact I'll join you!!!"

Gorgeous Crossdresser Kirsty gets a good fisting

Gorgeous Crossdresser Kirsty gets a good fisting

beautiful english mistress plays with her sissy whores

beautiful english mistress plays with her sissy whores

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pheobe and Makeover at the Mansion story

Can't wait for everyone to see Pheobe! I'm currently working on her profile! It's turning out great!

I added a new story from Priscilla titled "Makeover at the Mansion" it's a new story from her. If you liked Subjegated Step Sissy, then you will enjoy her new story. It's on the right list of the stories. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Miss Donna interview now up on the Erotica Authors Corner

I'm very happy to announce that my interview with Miss Donna (Adventure at the Mall and The Party) is now up in the Erotica Authors Corner.

She is a lovely person and a talented writer. In this very in depth interview she shares the real life stories behind her stories.

I'm very honored to have interviewed her and fortunate that she shared a little of herself on this blog.

Click Below 

Miss Donna Interview

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Schedule for more art work

Hope everyone enjoyed the last two original illustrations for Martin and Rhonda. Priscilla the author of the Subjegated Step Sissy is helping on the second visual to help get it right and offered some new suggestions for the third one.

Jennifer's Princess of Aragons banner's drawing is done, but needs badly color and clean up.

Man Dating will also get a new visual since they came in second on the poll.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Now married online to a submissive pretty male wife!

Over the week, I tied the knot with a fan over the internet. We are role playing on google, she wants to be submissive housewife while I am the Lady Husband (the bread winner). Her name is Clarissa and has declared her total surrender to me. Its great we are going to redo our wedding because we did it rather rushed. We are even writing together our wedding vows and marriage certificate!

I have been thinking of including other people in on the ceremony. Contact me if you are interested. I want to have a wedding similar to the wedding in Kylie Gable's Sam series. Those that read that story know what I'm talking about. It would be all feminine. Hit me up if you are interested, while I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out. Please be respectful.

Martin's Easter Dress from the MMH Easter Special Chapter

Its been a little while since I drew Martin Hastings (plus been on the blog, apolagies). After reading the latest entry into the ongoing Martin Hastings saga, I had to illustrate his Easter dress. I took some artistic liberty in this one. I just wish Rikki could have described it better and had a little more dialogue...The scene is after Martin is fully dresses and is trying to walk with the you know what in his rear....

Here is the link to the story:

By the way a new illustration for Priscilla's forced fem classic, The Subjegated Step Sissy is now up! Check out ch.1.of the ultra forced fem classic. More to come on that series.