Becoming a Rubberdoll Part III

Chloe Latex 69

Once again I wake up in a cloudy haze. I really hope that this doesn't
happen every single time I have to do something. I'm still in shock
about the orientation. What kind of company is this? I thought it was
just a research facility for medical and psychological purposes. I guess
I was partially correct from the fucking slideshow I saw. Being forced
to become a ponygirl, breeder, baby, or a slave would be horrendous, but
it doesn't compare to becoming a rubberdoll. The rubberdoll looks like a
combination of all the previous jobs put together. Not only is the
training regiment terrifying but no one has survived the process of
becoming a rubberdoll. There was no indication on how many people were
subjugated into that role either. I don't really want to think about how
many people died at Femco because I need to survive and escape this

I'm strapped in a gynecology exam table. My legs are firmly secured in
the stirrups, my chest is strapped down, my neck is immobilized, I have
a ball gag in my mouth, and my ass is high enough for easy access. From
the limited mobility I can see that I am in an examination room of some
sorts. The walls are the ever so popular pink and black colors that
Femco loves so much. The table looks to be in the center of the room and
I can't see anything behind me. I'm almost positive that there is a shit
ton of torture devices that they plan to use on me. My new employers
already made me to drink cum from a squirting dildo, forced my eyes to
watch the worst power point presentation ever, and shocked my genitals
numerous time. I kind of wished I listened to my mom and went to grad
school instead of working at Femco straight out of college.

I hear a door open and Nurse Crotchet walks into the room. She is a 45
year old woman who used to work for the Mayo Clinic. Her job was the
head of the nursing department but left to work for Femco. Nurse
Crotchet was very good with people and was well loved by the staff, but
her real calling was not at the hospital. She was a sadist at heart and
loved to dominate people. Her knowledge of anatomy and psychology gave
her an innate ability to ensure that her subjects endured the most pain
and pleasure that their body can handle. She was wearing a clear latex
body suit and a latex nurse outfit. Her attire looked like she was in a
porno movie and for all I know Femco is probably recording right now to
upload my session for blackmail and extortion.

Nurse Crotchet walks over to the examination table and grabs my file.
"Cody Jackson. age 23. Born in St. Paul, MN. Blood type A-. It's nice to
meet you Cody. My name is Nurse Crotchet and I will be performing your
medical examination. Before we begin I need to take your temperature."
She takes a therascan and puts it in my ear. "98.5 degrees. That is very
good! From what I can tell from your past you have been very healthy
throughout your entire life. I'm glad to hear that. It will make your
job easier if you have a high immune system if you get chosen for one of
our more intricate positions! Now the first thing that I am going to do
is give you a couple of enemas. We are going to be cleaning out your
intestinal track. We have some patented liquids that will ensure that
your body stays slick and clean. The first enema is the primer. It is
specifically designed to protect the good enzymes in your system. The
second one will get rid of all the shit and interference so we can do
some real work to your body. The last one is a special liquid that will
make your ass well lubricated and relaxed for penetration. It lasts for
72 hours so you will have to come see me every couple of days to get
another one. If you become a slave or a rubberdoll you will be spending
a lot of time with me!" Nurse Crotchet has a wide smile and her tone
scares the shit out of me.

Nurse Crotchet wheels out the enema bags and inserts the first tube in
my ass. She turns a knob and the bright blue liquid enters my body at an
enormous pace. My body starts to swell and I start sweating from the
discomfort. "You are just going to have to get used to these fun enemas.
Every role except the stud requires that you get enemas. Eventually you
will enjoy getting them because you will get plenty of sex afterwards.
Now I am going to remove the nozzle and I want you to hold in the liquid
as long as possible. If you release before I say so you will get shocked
and possibly electrocuted from your chastity device. It doesn't bother
me one bit what you do because I will enjoy watching you suffer." Nurse
Crotchet removes the tube and I clench as hard as I can to keep the
liquid in.

After 20 minutes of excruciating torment Nurse Crotchet brings a pan
over and I release my bowels. The feeling was embarrassing and
exhilarating. The second enema was just as bad as the first one. I had
to hold it in for a good 20 minutes which felt like an eternity. The
last bag was a pink liquid that smelled like strawberries. It was so
thick that it took 3 times as long to empty the bag. My ass started to
feel weird and numb. "The lube has lidocaine in it so we can really go
to work on your ass. It's easier to treat you when you are loosened up."
I had to keep that concoction in me for a good 45 minutes. Shitting out
that lube was one of the weirdest experiences because it was so thick
and my ass so numb I couldn't even tell it coming out apart from the
wetness I was feeling under my body.

"I'm going to get a better look inside your ass and make sure you are
all cleaned out." Nurse Crotchet grabs a speculum and puts it in my ass.
She starts to pull on the device and I hear a clicking sound. My ass is
so numb that I can't feel it spreading apart. Several clicks later and I
can start to feel the pain and I start to whimper into my gag. "Very
impressive Cody. You were able to stretch to 3 inches and your ass is
gaping for me." The Nurse grabs a long 18 inch dildo and starts to work
it into my rectum.

"Let's see how far we can make this thing go!" The dildo slides right in
from the giant gaping hole and the enema earlier makes it easier for the
toy to work its way up. I can't fucking believe that my ass is being
violated right now by a latex clad nurse. I started to moan and cry at
the same time because of my conflicting emotions. I have never played
with myself like this before and I was getting pleasure out of this
experience, but I never wanted this in the first place.  "You must have
been quite the slut in college because I got at least a foot into you
with ease. Your ass is very pliable and it will definitely make Femco a
lot of money! Now let's see how well you take my fist."

Nurse Crotchet removes the slippery dildo and speculum out of my ass.
She puts on a black latex glove that is elbow length and I start
screaming in my gag. "Shhhhh. It's gonna be okay!" Her gloved arm starts
caressing my face. "I'm just going to ram my arm into your ass as hard
and as fast as I can. It will only hurt for a couple of minutes. I want
to test your durability and see how much you can really take. This is be
over very soon. Okay?"

Her fist slides easily into my ass. The enema made it easy for her to go
as far as she can. My body starts jerking, but my restraints are keeping
me from moving. I start to get a shock from my chastity device and I
start crying from the pain. "You need to stay calm now and not make any
rash moves. I don't want to damage you any more than what I initially
intend. I assure you if you don't cooperate your life will be much worse
than it already is believe me." I stop resisting and I let her finish
her task. She punch fists me for a few minutes and the sound from my ass
is utterly disturbing and enticing. I have always found fisting videos
to be arousing, but I never would have dreamed that it would be
happening to me.  When she is all done she rams her fist as hard as she
could one last time and her arm made it at least to her elbow.

"I'm really impressed Cody. You are doing a wonderful job and I can see
a lot of potential in you. You would make an excellent slave or maybe
even a rubberdoll. You might be the best candidate I have ever seen for
the rubberdoll program. You took that fisting like a champ and you
didn't even pass out. Your ass is incredible and I can't believe you
have never used it too its full potential before. I will make sure that
it gets used properly over the years!. Now it's time to test you other

Nurse Crotchet grabs some smaller devices and some more lubricant. "Have
you ever tried sounding before Cody? Probably not but I guarantee you
will love it! I am going to lube up your cock and put these rods down
your urethra and stretch it out." Once again I am powerless to resist .
She takes a small syringe and shoots all the lube in my cock. "We have
many different variety of sounds to use on you, but I will be using the
Hegar sounds for now. They are lightweight and slide in quite nicely as
well as being double sided. Hopefully someday we can have another
sounding session and I can use some of my other toys on you!" Nurse
Crotchet takes the smallest sound and glide it down my cock. It 's not
painful yet having a rod working my pole, but the larger sounds could be
quite cumbersome. She starts with 3mm and works her way up to 12mm
before I start  complaining or making an unpleasant sound. Having my
cock fucked from the inside is one of the strangest feelings I have ever
encountered. I can only imagine what it would feel like if I had a pussy
and I was getting fucked by a hard cock.

"Once again I must congratulate you on your performance thus far. Most
of the guys I have worked on have only made it to 6 or 8mm before giving
up. 12 is great and I know you can take more eventually. Now I have one
more measurement I have to do and I need to remove your gag. I must
remind you that if you do anything drastic there will be consequences.
Understand?" I nod and Nurse Crotchet removes my gag and head

"Thank you. Please you have to let me out of here. I don't want to do
this anymore and I want to go... FUCK!!!!!" My balls are getting shocked
yet again.

"Didn't I tell you not to do anything drastic? Now I don't want to hear
you speak another word unless I say so. If you speak out of turn I will
castrate you. I can see by the look in your eyes that I have your
attention. Now I have to measure your gag reflexes. I have this
measuring dildo and I am going to jam it down your throat to see how
much you can take. Given your other talents I assume you will pass this
test with flying colors."  She takes a thick black dildo with numbers on
it and it starts its crawl down my throat. I wanted to throw up
instantly, but instead the dildo kept going down.

"13 inches! Holy shit. I can't even deepthroat that much and I have a
lot more experience than you. Well I must say you are in perfect
condition to work at Femco. I really hope you end in the rubberdoll
program. It would be a shame to let your talents go to waste. Now I am
going to write something down and hand you a note to give to your test
evaluator." She grabs a huge butt plug that is at least 5 inches wide
and puts my examination results on it. "Now I don't want you to lose
this so I will put it in a safe place!" The plug gets inserted up my ass
and I hear a locking sound.

"Your evaluator will remove the plug when you arrive. Your evaluation
isn't for another couple hours so why don't you head to your room and
relax. Oh and I totally forgot to mention that the plug will be
vibrating at different speeds and intervals so I hope you have tons of
fun with that. I look forward to seeing you again Cody and have a
wonderful day!" Nurse Crotchet escorts me out of the examination room
and I take the walk of shame back to my cell. Fuck my life!



  1. whew I actually started to sweat reading this, good job.