Man Dating Ch. 5 - Illustrated

By Caroline S.

Tuck sat in the salon chair, staring at himself in the huge mirror in
front of him. He still wore the very tight little rubber panties, his
penis was still very artfully arranged, and his boy clit was still very
much exposed. But his previous near nudity was now hidden, or mostly
hidden, with a very sheer silk robe, loosely tied with a pink sash
around the waist. And his bottom felt... squishy.

His legs, however, still looked fantastic. He crossed his ankles in a
very feminine way just to see how they would look. If it had been
possible, they would have given him some certain eruptive excitement,
but his little toy was well trapped, forbidden to escape in that

The other chairs in the salon were occupied as well, but each separated
by some significant space, and each station had a crew of three
attendants. It was a very plush and private world of pampering for the
rich, and... Well, he kept wondering what he was doing there.

Having been escorted from the massage rooms to the salon by Debbie, who
could not keep a smile off her face, he was left to his own devices
while she went off to conspire with the crew that would be working on
him, no doubt continuing to plan his impending doom, or just further
doom. Her words, "I'll be back," were no less foreboding than when he
had first heard the words uttered in a movie, and they were far less

She was no doubt laying out the next element in her day of terror for
him, and he was still in no position to bring about any kind of
resistance to her plans, being only a phone call away from the massive
security officer intercepting his masquerade, the end of Jake's
friendship, and potentially jail. His only hope was that her plan of
his punishment and retribution would not go that far without raising
some negative notice from Jake. It seemed he carried some weight at the

He looked around the room for a clock, as it seemed time had come to a
complete standstill. How long had he been at the Greenbrier? Just long
enough for his life to change, seemed to be the answer. It felt like it
was time for Jake to call again.


The phone rang. His phone, and he knew it was Jake. His mouth was still
sticky from the huge load of cum that had pooled in his mouth. Jason's
softening cock no longer filled his mouth, but his jaws were still a
bit sore from the heretofore unknown exercise that he had just been

The second ring.

"You want me to get that sweetheart?" Jason touched Tuck's puffy cheek,
the result of the internal fullness of his recent erection, waiting for
an answer.

Tuck was trying to get over the feeling of having had a man's cock in
his mouth. The taste of sperm was all the evidence he needed to prove
to himself that he had. What was Jake going to say? He didn't want to
speak to him at the moment, so he simply nodded to Jason who then
stepped over to the side table and picked up the phone.

"Hi Jake... yes... right here."

Tuck watched Jason walk away from the table and out of sight, his
large, wet cock swinging between his legs, glistening from Tuck's
attentions. He was unable to hear Jason's voice, as his volume was
reduced by the distance between them as he had a private word with

Eventually he came back into sight, still on the phone.

"Yes... Just give me a second... We've had quite a session. Is this
really her first time?

Tuck could not hear the other side of the conversation since Jason was
not sharing it on the open speaker as Debbie had. He walked back over
to Tuck and stood next to him, stroking his hair absently, his naked
cock pressed against Tuck's cheek. It was still slick from Tuck's
attentions. Jason lifted his cock and again placed it on Tuck's lip,
pressing the soft flesh forward, urging Tuck to open and allow him

Jason was not taking no for an answer and reached down and pinched
Tuck's nose softly, but firmly. Tuck didn't wait to be out of breath,
but opened his mouth and let Jason's soft cock past his lips once
again. Tuck was not sure, but it seemed more natural the second time.
Jason was enjoying the feeling of Tuck nursing on his limp dick, and
resumed stroking Tuck's hair and his conversation with Jake.

Tuck spaced out as he was forced to clean the meaty member being thrust
in his mouth. He collected a fair amount of fluid again, leaking still
from Jason's spent cock, his mouth filling with a mixture of spittle
and sperm. He was wondering if he was ever going to get relief from
sucking the monstrosity clean when Jason thrust the phone in his

Tuck had no option left now but to swallow again. His tongue brought
the fluid to the back of his mouth, moving the mixed pudding around
with his tongue, not so much to savor the taste but to work up the
courage. He could taste the thick soup again, slightly salty and
bitter. It was the consistency, and warmth, and the knowing of where it
came from that shocked his senses, elevating the texture, smell, the
taste, the fullness, and the sense of the forbidden. Was it a rare
caviar, or the leavings on a bathroom floor? He choose to think of the
silver chalice, trying to make the best of a bad situation. He closed
his eyes and let the sweet cream slide down his throat, one then two
swallows. What he would give for a glass of water.

He took the phone.

"Hi Jake."


Debbie was walking back to the chair, her iPad in one hand and a glass
of water in the other, the ice tinkling against the sides. She was
smiling, which was definitely not a good sign. She stood in front of
Tuck and blocked his view of the mirror. She was a beautiful woman, for
an evil witch, but so was Maleficent and every other witch that Tuck
could think of at the moment. He marveled at her perfect hair and
flawless make up. She would make any man pant.

"I would ask how your spa day is going, but since I've arranged most of
it, your answer is moot. But right now it's about choices."

Tuck looked up into her green eyes and watched as she brushed back a
lock of her auburn hair, so soft and the color of a rare wood. Was she
holding another poison apple behind her back?

"I have a number of choices for this afternoon, all of which are yours
to decide upon."

Tuck was motionless. Choices, bad to worse he was sure.

"They have your nails already soaking I see," she said holding the
glass of water in her hands, the iPad pressed close to her chest.

He looked down at his hands, resting in the two dishes. Arranging a
dish under each hand was the first thing his team of attendees had done
before they left him to conspire with the witch. He had to admit that
biting them occasionally was not the best sort of nail care regime, and
a manicure might not be a terrible idea.

"So your choice is..."

Tuck felt like he was suddenly transported to a game show, and he was
about to pick door number one or two. Behind one of them was a new car,
a vacation to Hawaii and a wad of cash, and behind the other a broken
clock radio. In this case, with the choices coming from the witch, he
was sure that either choice would end with him in a dark hole. So many
dark holes he could consider, the question was just how deep.


"Here honey, Jake wants to speak to you," he said standing close,
letting his cock slap against Tuck's closed lips.

Tuck looked at the phone in his hand, his mouth still tasting of
Jason's warm and generous gift, afraid of the voice that would come out
of his mouth after Debbie's vocal cord modification.

"Hi Jake."

It was the same little girl voice.

"Tuck, is that you?" The voice came out over the speaker, evidently
Jason had switched modes as he handed him the phone.

"Yes, it's me, Jake."

"You sound funny, must be the connection. I thought I was talking to a
13 year old girl for a second."

"I think I'm a little hoarse, too."

"From all that moaning under Jason's fingers, I'm sure. "He's very
experienced, yes?"

Jason laughed out loud. Tuck looked over at Jason and tried to laugh
too. "Yes, he is very experienced."

"Jason wanted to know if that was your first time."

Tuck looked over at Jason again and made a face that he knew Jason
could not see but hoped he could feel.

"Yes, that was my first time... for a massage."  So many firsts today.


Debbie looked down at her screen. "We have you scheduled for a
manicure... first."  She lifted his hand out of the goo for second and
then let the hand drop back down. "And you really need one, too. Have
you ever had one before?" The question hung in the air unanswered, but
the answer was fairly obvious. "No matter, you need one."

Tuck silently agreed.

"Well let's see, we have hundreds of options here, but I have picked
out two."

Tuck knew that neither option would have been something that he would
have selected from the list, but he was in no position at the moment to
offer an opinion.

"Choice one, we call it fairy princess. We usually only offer it to the
under 5 crowd, when a parent brings their child in with them; we have
special family days on occasion. So "Fairy Princess" ... we clean up your
nails until they look fabulous, and then once we have them looking
wonderful, we paint them with a lush glow in the dark pink, and iron
coat them. You know how little girls are just so very rough on their
hands, playing in the dirt and all? Well, an iron coat will just not
chip or break, and will stay on for months. Oh, and we add a sprinkling
of sparkles... Fairy dust..." she smiled. "But we don't add anything to
your nail length, we just trim them until they look nice."


"Yes, it's just so little girl. I've never had anyone over five ever
ask for it. But there's always a first time," she laughed. It was her
witch laugh. It so suited her.

"Choice number two is the Lady Anne. Here we get your nails corrected
and prepared, then add half inch nail extensions for better detail."
She saw Tuck's puzzled expression and continued her spiel. "Let me
explain. Each of your nails will be exactly one half inch past the tips
of your fingers. The extensions are exclusive to the club, latest nail
tech. I'm not going to bore you with polymer science that you probably
wouldn't understand anyway, but they're unbreakable. Yes we color them,
but with a more natural color. No little girl pink. Though I have to
warn you," she smiled, "it will take a while to get used to half inch

Tuck thought quickly... pink bubble gum and sparkles, and glow in the
dark... or half inch nails. His nails had grown that much at times
before doing his self-manicure regime, so little girl sparkles or
natural color, this one was easy.

Other choices... not so.


Tuck was not sure if the camera on the phone was active or not, and he
licked his lips in case any of Jason's cum was still visibly coating
them. He tasted the remnants of cream again, and no large glops we're
detected, but without a mirror that was as good as it was going to get.
He sat up and let his bare legs hang over the edge of the table.

"Jason tells me you've been good and very cooperative."

"Yes, I told you I promised I would be on my best behavior."

"That's good, because Debbie was not so sure, and she carries a lot of
weight at the club. If you piss her off and get excluded... Well,
that's an embarrassment I will not accept."

Tuck begin to panic. What had the witch told on him?

"No, I've done everything she asked and have been nothing but

"You sure?"

"Yes, she's in charge and I'm following everything she says."

"Honey," Jake was using affectionate terms more frequently, and in this
case Tuck welcomed them, "I'm just giving you fair warning about

"Yes sir." Tuck didn't know where that came from, but it was accepted
without comment.

"Jason said he thought you were enjoying your massage."

"Oh yes I am." Tuck was glad to be changing the subject. "Jason is very

"His hands are like magic, aren't they?"

"Oh yes."

"They're large, too. Who do you think has larger hands, me or Jason?"

Jason laughed when he heard the question, knowing the implication Jake
was making.

"Jason's hands are quite large," he said as Jason lewdly lifted his
cock in his hand, showing Tuck it's impressive size. Tuck smiled,
looking at the now soft but still enormous monster, a Goliath in
comparison to his David, especially since his own member looked more
like a Juliet at the present. "But I think your hands still might be
larger." The insinuation was obvious to Jason who stroked his cock
encouraging his prize horse to show its colors again.  'But I haven't
seen yours yet,' thought Tuck, who most certainly didn't want to say
that out loud.

Thankfully Jake changed the subject.

"Jason said he enjoyed you as well."

"That's nice," Tuck said watching Jason's cock rise again slowly.

"He said he looks forward to your future visits, which is good, as I
think highly of Jason. I think of him as a friend."

"I think he's very nice, too."

"Well, he mentioned that you and Debbie had requested some special
treatment. I don't know what that might be, but if Debbie thinks it's a
good idea... " He left the rest unsaid.

Tuck figured that if Debbie thought it was a good idea, it was probably
not going to be a very pleasant experience for him.

"Jason also wanted me to ask you if you wanted to go with a heavy, deep
massage or just a light touch. I told him to go as deep as possible,
it's the only way you can get the full benefit of his hands."

The decision already made, Tuck thought it best to agree.  "Oh yes, a
deep massage would be best."

"As deep and hard as she can stand, you hear that Jason?"

"Yes, Jake, I will take care of our little girl."

Jake laughed at the continuing joke of Tuck being run around the club
with the name tag declaring him as Mary Anne. "Yes, do that. My 'girl'
and I have a date tonight," he laughed again, "and I want 'her' nice
and relaxed."

"Jake, I'm not sure you..." but Tuck was cut off by the sound of Jake's

"These figures look good, but let's combine revenues for Royce and
Gilbert." Jake was obviously talking to someone else in the background,
completely ignoring Tuck's attempt to clear up what Debbie had planned
for him. It was evident that Tuck was not going to get another
opportunity when Jake said, "I have to go, you be a good 'girl' now,
Mary Anne," he chuckled. "Call you later."

The phone went dead again, and the picture that came on this time was
of a fairy princess complete with wings. Jake had a sense of humor, and
perhaps either foresight or planning.


No, not fairy princess, for sure.  Tuck looked at his new nails, still
shaking his head. It was like looking at someone else's hands;
beautiful, sexy, immaculate, rich, but certainly not his.

The process had been quick and painless, as it had only taken about 30
minutes. They had put headphones on him, and the soft music made him
close his eyes and drift off while his attendants had worked their
magic. There was a lot of "tsking" and shaking their heads and saying
very negative things for some minutes before the first positive
comment. His biting and shearing and not attending to his cuticles,
nail beds, and other technical nail items he had no idea even existed,
were slowly being repaired, rebuilt, modeled or whatever, but soon it
seemed their ministration had turned a disaster of horrendous
proportions into a least a manageable state , one that was recoverable.

"Oh, quite an improvement." Debbie had stepped back in as the last coat
of sealer was being applied. "You don't ever have to worry about your
nails again; we'll correct any flaw that might occur over time, as long
as you're the new Marsha."


"Funny thing, but Marsha enjoyed this too." Jason was now moving around
the room getting the next session readied.

"Marsha enjoyed what?" Tuck asked.

"We played, too," Jason responded, not answering the question directly.
"She was talented as well, a bit more experienced than you, and she
made Mr. Johnson very happy.  But she loved her deep, long and sensual
anal massages. She liked being opened like a flower before a date with

Tuck was not sure he wanted to be opened like a flower. In fact, he was
sure that he wanted to avoid that scenario altogether.

"Yes Marsha," he continued, "also liked this special procedure. She
loved the way it opened her up, for Jake, of course."

Tuck was not sure how to take this new piece of information. Surely
Jake was not expecting any interaction like that with him. Jake knew
that Tuck was not that way at all, he was all guy. Nevertheless, the
new information was most unsettling to Tuck.

"We should continue, as I know you have an appointment in the salon in
an hour. So roll over and let's get you situated for your special
treatment.  We'll call it 'Getting a Marsha'," Jason laughed.

Tuck did not.  Please let's not call it that, Tuck said to himself.

Tuck rolled over onto his tummy, waiting for further instructions. The
rubberized panties that he wore exposed his bottom completely. Debbie's
special tucking hid his package very effectively, leaving just a hint
of his small manhood exposed. He put his arms under his head to get in
a more comfortable position.

"Okay, let's get you set up."

Tuck thought he was already set.

"Lift up that pretty butt," Jason said, sliding a large hard pillow
under Tuck's tummy, lifting his bottom up and out. The comfort factor
was rapidly diminishing. "That's good, now we add a little bit of air
to it for support."

Tuck heard the air rush into the pillow as it inflated, lifting his
bottom even higher with his head farther down.

"That's got it. Now swing those knees out to the side." The table
expanded, offering Tuck a purchase for each knee.

Jason came around to the front of the table, his dick still out, naked
and available. He adjusted a support under Tuck's head, dropping the
table from under him. Tuck's head fell into the empty space.

Down or up?

"Uhhmm," Tuck said to the floor, his neck not able to lift up easily.
"Up, please."

"Ah yes, better to take care of Godzilla."

"Godzilla? I thought you said his name was Mr. Johnson?"

"Marsha named him Godzilla. I thought you'd like that name, too."

 The extension under Tuck's head rose up slowly until it was resting on
a padded support. The table underneath began to rise and after a few
inches of lift his face came level with Jason's naked monster.  Jason
moved a lever on the side of the table causing the arms under Tuck's
knees to swing out to the side, spreading his legs. Tuck's bottom was
now in a very open and exposed position, one that suited Jason's
intentions perfectly.

"So are you ready for your Marsha?"

"I guess so."

Tuck was getting use to the little girl voice emanating from his lips.

"Good, that way you can check again to see who has the bigger hands,
Jake or me?" He laughed.

Yes, decisions.


"I think your nails are just beautiful. I'm sure Jake will be pleased."

Tuck looked again, not sure what Jake would think of the muted cream
color, as smooth as glass on each of his fingers. His fingers looked
thinner, too. He held his hand up, facing away, tilting left and right,
seeing how the light played with the color.

"Now you need to decide how we pierce your ears. I noticed you had one
already done."

Tuck touched his ear lobe where he had years ago thought that having a
pierced ear would add to his coolness. It didn't. It had gotten
infected and was quite red for several weeks. He had purchased several
earrings over the years, thinking he would try again, but in truth he
never had worn anything other than the initially installed silver stud
for a few days until his ear had become so painful that he had to take
it out. The array of choices lay abandoned in his top drawer, waiting
the courage to open the holes again. Perhaps today was that day.

"So my sweet, ersatz girl, your choices are as follows; in my right
hand," she showed him a closed fist, "I hold four very pretty studs,
two for each ear."

Tuck thought this was going to be another easy choice, remembering the
pain of the last insertion.

"They have pink stones with gold filigree, one is smaller than the
other, and they're a set.  In the other I have just two, the earring is
a set of three small hoops hanging together, also gold. They are quite
lovely, if I do say so myself, as they are my design. They're about
this size," she said holding the fist still closed but showing two
fingers about an inch apart.

She held her hands out in front again, like the guessing game "Which

'Yes, choices,' he thought hard, 'four holes or two? Small, easier to
hide studs, or ones that would dangle and be more obvious?'

"Oh, one more thing. In either case, after I pierce your ears, the
earrings will be permanently affixed with a spot of super glue. We can
change them on your next visit to the spa.

He gazed back and forth between Debbie's right and left hand, each
holding a choice that balanced out an equally bad position, the lesser
evil impossible to discern.


"See, that's much better. You're right at the perfect height," Jason
said, sliding up into position again in front of Tuck's now raised

"I don't know, Jason..." The rest was unsaid as Jason lightly touched
the sides of Tuck's nose, showing him that he could pinch it again to
force the issue, but without physical pressure he was leaving the
decision up to Tuck.

"I want to feel those soft lips again, pretty girl."

Tuck opened his mouth, allowing Jason to slide his cock once again past
his lips. The warmth and intimacy flooded him deeper and more sudden
than he could imagine possible. He felt a rush flow through his being,
like a wave of electricity, as the hot flesh took him again. He let his
tongue lick underneath, pulling a slight suction in and out, his hands
hanging, not able to reach the spit slick monster, his lips doing all
the work.

"My sweet princess, your lips are so fucking hot, I could do this

Tuck heard the words and involuntarily let the monster invade deep, his
nose buried in the soft fur of Jason's crotch. Holding there, he could
feel the pulse, the urgency, as Jason pushed harder. It was as if the
effort could fill Tuck any deeper, any fuller than he already was. Tuck
pulled off, allowing sweet breath to refill his lungs, his mouth full
of thick lube, and his spit coating Jason's hardness. His breath
stopped for seconds as he enjoyed the forbidden feeling; the tip, a
bulb of flesh just barely inserted, he licked it softly, waiting for
the next command.

Jason pulled free once again, wet, slick and still hard as iron.

"Now my pet, let's get started with your special attentions."

Tuck, his bottom raised, open and well readied with Debbie's previous
preparations, watched the swinging cock disappear behind him.

"Okay, sweet cheeks, do we start with the probe or fingers?"


The gold rings swung from his ears, a slight tingle still radiating
from the twin insertions. He turned his head left and then right,
staring at them out of the corner of his eye to get a better view.
There was no way they could be hidden. They dangled down in plain
sight, the rings turning at each movement.

"Just lovely," Debbie observed, reaching over and playing with the twin
baubles, spinning the rings with her long finger, "they would have been
my choice, too."

"What am I supposed to say to Jake?"

"Whatever you want. The earrings stay in, the super glue makes sure of

Tuck shook his head and the rings tinkled together playing their own
sweet music oblivious of the person wearing them.

"We have many more decisions to make pretty boy."

"Yes, I'm sure."



"Oh yes, much more fun."

Jason walked over to a sink and washed his hands carefully. "I like to
work without gloves. The first thing we're going to do is what I call a
wash out; it's really unique, my own invention," he laughed, "sort of a
backward sewer."

Tuck was getting more nervous by the second.

Jason dried his hands walking back around in front of Tuck, his cock
still very much in evidence and pushing into Tuck's face. Tuck opened
his mouth and Jason nonchalantly let it slide past his lips.

"Oh yes, so very sweet, Jake's a lucky guy." He pulled it out again and
walked over to the wall to Tuck's left and pulled two tubes with him.
"This is one is for the warm water flush, and this one is the sewer; in
and out, fresh as a daisy in five minutes." He had walked back behind
Tuck to his upraised rear end. "In you go."

Tuck felt the tube entering his bottom, already well oiled. He didn't
think he had a lot inside him as he had douched this morning. It was a
douche, there was no kidding himself that it wasn't. And now more than
ever, it was what it was.

"The other hose is a bit bigger, but I used a lot of lube so it should
slide in easier." Tuck felt the tip enter beside the water tube. It was
much bigger and he felt Jason use some effort to get it into place.

"Now we just squeeze a few times."

Tuck heard the hand bulb compress, and each time the pressure in his
bottom increased. "Let's see..." He felt Jason give a hard pull on the
tubes and they stayed firmly embedded. "Good, nice tight fit... for
now," he laughed.

Tuck was very full; the tubes going into his bottom left him feeling
like a lab experiment gone wrong.

"So here is how it will go... The water goes in, you hold it, and then
you'll hear a bell; that means you can push out. I'm sure you'll be
pushing well before that, but the bell signals that the sewer is open,
you push, it sucks too. This will go on for about five minutes, and
then I will come in and turn it off and remove the tubes.

It sounded just like an enema, and Tuck had many of those over the

"Okay, sweet cheeks, I'll be back in five or ten, sweet dreams."

The water flowed in slowly, and was indeed warm.

The feelings of the slowly building pressure caused his trapped penis
to try and get bigger, but the creams that Debbie used had equally
diminished his ability to harden. The fullness and warmth were
increasing, and then stopped, as did time. Tuck let his mind drift... the
full feeling, the special pressure, the heat, the openness, the flushed
cheeks, the intimate touch... in an instant he was 12 again at camp.


"Okay Marion, I don't like that you haven't gone potty in over a day.
We don't need you to spend a day with the camp nurse, so I'm going to

Why didn't anyone ever call him by his first name, Francis? Besides, he
never liked the name Marion, as it was too close to Mary Anne, and the
other cabin kids had already picked up on the obvious and were milking
it for all it was worth. He had no idea where they had gotten all the
girlie panties, but suddenly all his underwear was missing and he was
forced to wear the offensive garments. Although Peter, his cabin
counselor, was a nice guy, he was unable to keep the other campers from
hazing him all the time. He thought that was a counselor's job, and he
wished he would work harder at it.

Peter took his hand and led him into his room, shutting and locking the
door as he did.

The little boy looked a bit uncertain as he watched the older man lock
the door preventing his escape.

"We certainly need privacy if I'm going to give you an enema."

"What?" Francis yelled. "No, I don't need that."

"Yes you do, and we don't need anybody walking in on you with your
pants off and your bottom full of sudsy water, do we?"

"No," Francis shook his head, the long blonde hair hanging around his
ears, another source of harassment that gave the other boys yet another
thing to make fun of.

The very first week of camp they started throwing curlers at him.
Francis just thanked them, thinking that would make them stop. It
didn't, and then one morning he woke up with his head full of the pink
curlers. All day he went around looking like Britney Spears, even now
some of the curl was still there. The camp president just said, 'boys
will be boys, and if you want it to stop, just get a crew cut like the
rest of them.' Francis said he'd think about it.

"Okay, take off everything; we don't want to get any of your camp
clothes dirty, do we?"

"No, I guess not."

Francis had forgotten about the panties he was wearing, but by the time
he realized his mistake it was too late.

"Those are cute," Peter said, helping Francis remove his camp shorts
and exposing the silky pink panties completely. "I like the little bow,
and the lace makes your legs look real cute."

Francis blushed and reached down to hold his pants up as Peter was
pulling them down. "Can I go now, I really don't want an enema."

"But you need one," Peter said, taking both the panties and shorts down
at the same time, exposing the little boy's privates to his view.

Francis was very embarrassed and almost instinctively put his thumb in
his mouth as a reaction to this kind of unwanted attention.

"Let's get that shirt off, too." And Francis was naked except for his
little white sneakers and crew socks.

"Here, why don't you sit up here?" and Peter lifted the boy up to sit
on the dining room table, the increased height putting his little penis
much closer to Peter's potential touch and attention. "I'll get your
enema bag ready." He was enjoying talking to the nearly naked boy.

Francis was very uncomfortable in that position, his face now at the
same level of Peter's. He tried to smile and carry on the conversation
while naked and covering his privates the best he could. Peter busied
himself at the sink, mixing the contents for the now unavoidable

"What are you putting in there?" Francis asked as Peter was working out
of his direct view, but seeing him adding different ingredients to the
large, red rubber bag.

"Well, for sure, very hot water. I want you all cleaned out," Peter
said over his shoulder, "so we don't have any more problem with po-po
staying in your bummy for too long," he continued as if talking to a 2
year old.

"What's that?" Francis asked again as Peter poured some other liquid
into the red bag.

"That's super lube, it will make your bum hole let go of all that

"Oh," said the young boy, watching him empty a lot of it into the bag,
"and that?" Concerned with the amount and kinds of additions Peter was
making to the large, red bag as it was soon to be pushed into his own

"This is powdered baby soap; it will make you nice and clean, as will
this dish washing soap." He emptied a cup of the dry flakes in the bag
followed by a good portion of dish washing liquid from the window sill.
"I like to use a little hand cream as well," he said pumping 10 or 12
times on the pump, "and then olive oil. This is one my inventions, it
really does the trick."

"What's that?" Francis was getting more nervous by the second.

"Oh, that last little bit is chocolate syrup, for color... mostly." But,
he added in a very low voice, just to himself, "and taste."

"Ok, now we just add the hot water." He went to the stove and took the
tea kettle that had been warming and poured it carefully into the
already bulging bag.

"Not too hot," Francis warned.

"No, not too hot, honey, but it might be a little bit uncomfortable.
You'll get used to it. Okay, up on all fours now... head down..." he
said, turning back to Francis with the rubber bag in hand.


Tuck's enema was definitely getting hotter as the images of summer camp
evaporated, his attention shifting back to the present day. Tuck's
bottom had been filled and emptied several times with Jason's
contraption, and he could feel the water filling him one more time.  It
was not entirely unpleasant, but each time the amount of liquid that
filled him had increased. This time around he was already full, but the
water was still coming and he could fill his stomach extending. The
pillow under him helped to support the now familiar position, but he
was going to pop if the water flow didn't stop soon. In addition, each
time the flow started the temperature was a bit warmer.

Tuck closed his eyes, drifting back to that summer, waiting for it to
be over and for Jason's return.


"Okay, I'm going to use a small wand to start off with," he said,
hanging the huge red rubber bag on a hook located on a heavy stand next
to the table. Francis' body was now perched on top of the table which
had been covered with a sheet of thick pink plastic. He was on all
fours, his bottom up high and now almost at eye level with Peter.
"I'll put some lubricant on your bottom and on the wand so it will make
it nice and easy to go inside."

Francis felt Peter's finger rest on his little rose bud, rubbing it in
little circles gently, Francis smiled at the soft movement. It was very
nice, most unusual, and so unlike any other enema he had ever had.

"How does that feel?" Peter asked, letting his finger dance over the
boy's most private place. "Now I'm going to put my finger inside with a
little cream to coat the inside." Peter used his previous movement
again before trying to enter the boy's bottom. Having excited the flesh
already, some enlargement was evident, but he wanted to give it even
more, because he knew patience was important.

Francis felt the finger stop its soothing circular movement, each touch
sending another shiver through his young body, and then pressure as the
finger now pressed hard against the near unwilling hole. Then he felt
the just the tip of Peter's finger enter, and again the young man
started the similar dance, rubbing the opening, pushing on the delicate
flesh, exciting him even more.

Peter was smiling. He slowly moved his finger in and out, a little
deeper each time, moving it in circles,  watching the hole enlarge and
swell with his well-practiced  delicate and intimate touch.  Gradually
he pushed more and more of his long finger in, always kneading and
playing with the pretty red rose bud until he was knuckle deep. He
pulled out fully, leaving Francis to gasp at the sudden empty feeling.

"Do you want me to put in more cream, honey?"


The dream was interrupted again. The water had to stop soon as he could
feel the slow flow continue, with both the fullness and the temperature
causing him to begin to sweat. He was waiting for the bell, he pushed
back hard, but the flow continued.

He was hit with a cramp that started in his groin and grew like a
balloon in his stomach, a grinding pain that continued to grow. He
wanted to yell out.  And then the water stopped, but no bell. He pushed
back hard and the cramp lessened and disappeared, but he was stuck on
the hoses and could not move.

Bell... bell... where was the damn bell.  He let time drift back again.


"Huh?" Francis said softly.

"I said, do you need more lube, sweetie?"

Francis didn't know how to answer as the application of the lube that
Peter was putting on him and into him felt so wonderful already;
strange, yes, but the tingling feelings he had experienced were
something he had never felt before.

"I don't know, maybe a little, whatever you think."

"Okay, I'll put a little more inside."

Peter stressed 'inside' as he wanted his finger back inside the little
boy's bottom as soon as possible. He picked up the jar of lube and
dipped his finger in again, getting a fresh and much larger dollop of
lube ready, and took it to Francis' open and waiting bottom.

"Oh..." was all Francis could say as he felt Peter's finger enter him
without any preamble, this time burying his finger to the maximum
depth. In and out he fucked the boy's bottom, his finger getting a bit
of the muck that was now escaping. He coated the boy's insides
carefully and fully, each time slamming his finger in deeper.

Francis closed his eyes to better concentrate on the delicious feeling
behind him.

"We're almost ready... just a little more lube, ok..." he said, adding a
second thick finger opening the virgin hole even more.


Finally the bell went off interrupting the remembrance of Peter's
amazing fingers. Tuck pushed hard and the watery fluid escaped in a
huge rush with both pressure and suction. He continued to push long
after it was all gone.  Surely the 5 minutes were up, and Jason would
be back to get him off this horrible machine.

But as soon as the last trickle of fluid had emptied out of the thick
tube he started to feel the hot trickle of the flow starting again.
Jason, where are you? All Tuck could do was let time drift back again,
he smiled.


Peter now had at least two of his coated fingers in Francis' naked
bottom and was putting in even more of the butt lube inside his bottom,
fully coating the sensitive tissue. Francis closed his eyes,
alternating wishing the probing to stop and then for it to never end.

"That should do it." Peter said, pulling his greasy fingers from
Francis' opened hole.

"Now let's get all that nasty poop out of your bottom." He picked up
the white tube hanging from the hook and attached it to the bulging red
rubber bag, so very full and weighed down. Peter watched Francis stare
at the full bag, knowing that its contents over the next hour would be
filling him. The fear and embarrassment were almost palpable, filling
the room deliciously.  He stoked the boy's hair softly, soothing him
like a spooked filly, the curl still evident. The curlers were such a
great idea, he would have to add styling gel to the mix next time and
maybe some coloring in his shampoo.  Boys could just be so mean.

"Don't worry honey; you'll feel so much better after getting an enema
every day."

"No..." Francis almost yelled.

"Honey, we have so much work to do to get you back to normal, and you
do want to get back to normal, don't you?"

"Yes, I guess so," Francis agreed. The finger slipped back into his
well-greased bottom.

"Okay, then I think we need to start with a small wand," he said,
picking up the pre-selected enema nozzle. He waved it in front of

"That's too big," he said looking at the rubber cock.

"Nonsense, this one is small one. We'll get to big later," Peter said
attaching the rubber replica of his own cock to the white hose.

"Not too big..." Francis started to say as Peter began pressing the hard
cock into the well-lubed ass.

It was meeting resistance, so Peter said, "Push out like you're taking
a poop."

Anything to lessen the pain Francis pushed hard, afraid that what Peter
was trying to get out would come out now at the most inopportune

"Good girl."


"I'm sorry honey; of course you're such a good boy."

With some effort, the thick coating of lube already applied allowed the
soft rubber tip of the enema cock to slip past Francis' sphincter.
Peter pushed harder, moving the cock farther in, and he let a little of
the rubber bag's content flow through. He pulled the cock out then in
again, opening the boy's hole further. The steaming soapy mixture
lubricated Francis' shit hole for the unwelcome intruder.

"Oh my... Oh god, stop please." The cock continued to be pushed in to
its limits.

"Just a little more."

The slow entry was now eased by the rubber bag's contents. Peter
pressed harder until the whole enema cock was deep in the boy's ass. He
paused there, and then pulled it out completely.

"Oh, fuck," yelled Francis, the cock no longer filling him. The sudden
evacuation was almost as intense as the entry. And then he felt Peter
pushing hard on the cock as it entered again with much more ease.  Deep
and hard one thrust.

Francis yelled.

Peter pulled it out and then slammed it back again several times, each
time with less resistance.

Francis began to moan.

"Feels good, yes?"

"No, it hurts so much."

"It will feel better," Peter said while pushing the well lubed cock in
again, allowing more of the steaming hot mixture to enter the boy's

Peter's left hand was stroking Francis' hair and back while the right
was fucking him with the soft rubber cock. It now slid in almost
effortlessly.  Francis continued to moan, but the sounds were of a
pleasure impossible to define.  He was beyond words.

"I told you. Maybe next time you won't be such a baby."

"Yes, next time," Francis mumbled, his head down on the table, his butt
in the air, the hard cock sliding in and out and the hot water filling
him. He closed his eyes hoping it would never end.

"Now let's get that poop out. Here comes the water, and don't worry, I
have you all plugged. Nothing will escape until I permit it."

Francis felt the hot water enter in a rush. He was unprepared for the
temperature and the immediate fullness. As Peter stoked his blonde hair
and back, his bottom rocked back and forth in time to Peter's thrusts.

------------      -----------------------------------------------------

"Nice nap?" Debbie asked.

"What... No, just thinking about the day."

"Reliving your first blow job?"

Tuck did not dignify her insult with a comment, and he was not sure he
could carry off the lie either. He looked at her with a touch of anger,
the sudden movement causing the earrings to tinkle musically again. At
each turn of the head, they made their presence known quite clearly.

"I just love those earrings; but the question is, since you have enough
time to day dream, have you made a decision about your hair?"

"Hair?" Tuck touched his scrabbled locks. "Just a trim, I guess."

"No dear... the question was, have you made up your mind about hair style
yet?  I've shown you your two choices, or do you want me to make the
decision for you?"

Tuck looked up at her; the decisions, each with their own set of
consequences, each demanding a balance of outcome, bad or worse. He
looked down at the two glossy pictures again. "But they both look very

"Yes they do, don't they." She smiled looking down over Tuck's
shoulder, touching his new earrings and making them dance, the rings
twirling inside each other.

"Well it's really a simple choice, long or short. We keep it long,
there is some curl; gentle, nothing much. You can keep it in a ponytail
for work if you like, although the bangs might be a little hard to
hide. But with the long hair we do add color to the equation." She
handed him a banded lock of blondish hair as a sample.


"Yes dear, very blonde."

"And the other choice is short?" Tuck asked, his voice still sounding
as if he was in third grade.

"Yes, very short," she said, holding up the Hollywood glamour shot of
the other style. We do a very short bob and do a full perm, just like
in the picture... so very cute. It will show off your new earrings
perfectly,  but you will have nice curls for months to come."

Tuck looked at the two pictures, both of beautiful models. He looked
more at the faces than the hair. Was he going to end up looking like
that? It was just a haircut, sort of. He might have a bit lighter hair,
and he could still wear it in the pony tail that he had been wearing
for years, neat, masculine, nobody ever said a thing.  Blonde and soft
curl or short and curly? He looked at the blonde again and she winked
at him. The decision was made.

"Okay, blonde."

Debbie laughed, "Yes, very, very blonde, and that would have been my
choice as well. You just strike me as blonde in more ways than one, and
I know Jake's going to love it."

Tuck was not sure about that at all. But he was going to go through all
of the changes and let Jake see for himself what a good sport he was,
and then the joke would be over and everything would go back to the way
it was.

He let a smile escape even looking at the picture of the beautiful
blonde in the glossy photo that was still in his hands. Tuck shook his
head, knowing that soon he would be adorned with a similar look. He
hoped Jake would see the joke for what it was and let things return to
normal. The witch had wandered off to tell her minions the continuing
plan. Tuck closed his eyes.

------------           ------------------------------------------------

"Okay, looks like we're almost finished," Jason said coming back into
the room. "Just that last fill and dump and we can get started with
your Marsha." He laughed again.

The water, now much warmer and approaching hot and a bit uncomfortable,
was pushing in. He could hear it and feel it as it slowly entered, and
if this was the last one and each was larger than the last, he was
going to feeling rather full in a few minutes.

"The last one is always the hardest, but if Marsha could take it so can
you, princess, and it gets easier each time we open you up like this.
I've added some special creams, my secret sauce, which will help loosen
up that little cunt even more.  He felt the open face of his watch, "I
guess it's quite a date Jake's got planned tonight."

Tuck had no idea what kind of date Jake had planned.  It was a first in
many ways.

"I really don't know," Tuck replied in the little girl voice, "it's a
surprise to me, too."


The water was beginning to gain in pressure, and Tuck thought carrying
on a conversation would take his mind off the increasing fullness and
the cramps that were soon to follow.  "Yes, he has it all planned, I

"So this is all part of master plan then?"

"I guess, you know how Jake likes to be in control," he added, not
knowing if Jason was aware of this particular personally quirk or not,
but perhaps getting some background information as to the extent of the
control that Jake expected.

"Oh yes, I do. Marsha used to use this opportunity to vent at how Jake
controlled everything. "

It's was Tucks turn to act as if this was new information.

"How so?" The first small cramp washed over him like a wave and then
was gone. The hot water continued to flow and seemed to be increasing
in temperature. The pressure did as well, and in that there was no
doubt. "He liked to control her?"

"Yes, and I think that's why you are the new Marsha. I think his
control kink finally was too much for her."

"He can be a bit controlling."

"Well she complained that he wanted say over her whole life."


"He picked out her clothes, her lingerie, shoes everything.  She looked
like a million dollars all the time, well as far as I could tell," he
laughed, very comfortable with joking about his lack of vision. "But I
think he hit the jackpot with you, princess," he added, offering a
preemptive soothing to Mary Anne's potential jealousy if it existed.

Tuck felt a warm smooth hand caress his bottom. He moaned softly as the
fingers dipped down between his opened legs as Jason so very gently
touched the exposed boy clit, still coated with the cream, giving the
impression of a very excited little girl.

"Yes, the jackpot."

"What else?" Tuck asked, hoping that his secret stayed soft, but not
wanting Jason to move his hand with its gentle touch away, either.

"He chose her perfume, how she did her hair and had the spa treat her
like a queen, but it was all under his strict instructions.  She was
very happy with that for a while."

"What happened?" Another cramp rolled through, the water continuing to
seep into his bottom, the plug preventing any escape.

"I think it was the collar that finally broke the game."


"Yes, he didn't mention that to you?"

"No... At least not yet."

"Well, he bought her this silver choker; it was beautiful, smooth,
glass-like, about an inch in width. It had the most perfect rings of
chains, so fine, like wire hanging from it; it was a masterpiece of

"She didn't like it. It sounds beautiful."  Tuck sounded like he was
almost jealous, and wondered how he would look in something like that.
And then asked himself why he would want to wear it.  Confusing
questions, like so many others already swimming in his imagination.

"She thought it was wonderful, she had tears in her eyes, until she saw
that it was not built with it a clasp but a lock."

"A lock, like with a key?"

"Yes, exactly. Once on, Jake would be the only one to take it off. She
must have told him it was too much, and he gave her an ultimatum;
accept the collar or leave. "

"She left?"

"That night, apparently, as we haven't seen or heard from her since.
She called once and asked if I would give her an anal massage again.
I'm still considering it."

"You mean a Marsha," Tuck laughed, the water now having stopped.

They both laughed.


It had been a long hour but Tuck, as promised, was now a blonde, or
rather blonder.  He looked in the big full wall mirror and could not
get over how the new style fit so well with his look.  It was him.  Ok
a bit on the fem side, but the soft curls framed his face, and the
bangs and the way they swept over one eye looked cool.  What had they
used on his hair, it was so incredibly soft.

He shook his head and the curls came right back to the position from
which they had started. 'I guess that works,' he said to himself.

"You look so cute," said Debbie, turning the chair around to face her
so that she could see the back in the mirror. "Oh yes, the perfect

Tuck was not quite that sure, but it was not as bad as he had
anticipated. The curls hid his earrings, sort of.

"Well, we must move on, we only have an hour before we get you

The impending date came back in a flash, and being readied not only
here in the chair but in the final hour with Jason.

"You just relax and relive your special massage with Jason and I will
be back in few with your next decision, and that will be fun, too."
Jake closed his eyes not sure where his thoughts would take him


"Just a few more minutes and we can begin," said Jason.  Here let me
rub your tummy, it will help with the cramps that will start in a few

Still facing away, Tuck could not see but felt the two strong hands
start to sooth his distended tummy. They felt nice, and as promised the
cramps started almost immediately. The hands felt so wonderful.

And just as quickly as it has started the sewer opened up and the
fullness started to diminish immediately. It was over in in less than a

"All clean my sweet girl. Jason's magic machine is infallible and so
very efficient, isn't it? And fun, too."

"I'm not going to comment on fun, but yes, I don't think I have ever
felt this clean."

"Well for the fun, wait until next time. On your next Marsha the clean
out will be much more enjoyable,  I assure you."

Tuck was not reassured.

"Let's check to see how open you are already."

"Ohhhhhh," Tuck moaned as Jason pushed his strong and fat finger deep
into his open hole, the rude and lewd move shocked Tuck like a shot,
and then after four or five strokes he was in heaven again.

"Oh that's nice," he said as he pulled his finger out again and walked
around in front of Tuck to put the still wet finger under Tuck's nose.
"Nice and clean, yes?"

Tuck could smell a slight muskiness mixed in with the watered down
lubricant that was in the final flush. "Yes, I think so."

Jason touched Tuck's nose and Tuck almost instinctively opened his
mouth. "Suck it clean, sweet girl," he said, pushing his dirtied finger
past Tuck's open lips and pressing onto his tongue.

Tuck closed his eyes, allowing his lips to suck in the offered gift.
The taste of him was faint, the taste of the lubricant fainter, and
there was a taste farther in the back ground, a cherry flavor maybe,
some fruit, sweet. He swallowed.

"See, all clean," Jason said as he pulled his finger free, Tuck
cleaning it off as he did so.

"Yes very," Tuck agreed, a blush growing on his cheeks.

"I guess we're ready. Give me a moment; I have one more thing for you."

Tuck just closed his eyes and drifted back to camp once again.


Francis did not say a word; his eyes were tightly shut making the room
like a retreat, private and intimate.  He was in his now familiar
position on his camp counselors dining room table, naked,  his butt in
the air, and the so wonderful feeling of Peter's fingers deep in his
bottom, coated with thick lube, caused him to smile, the delicious new
feeling  could go on forever and he would not mind.

"Okay honey, I think we're ready for your enema."

"Alright, daddy." Francis had started to call the counselor his private
name when they were alone and being intimate. Peter had shown Francis
how to kiss, cuddle and pleasure someone. He was not so sure about
pleasuring part, but Peter explained that he was teaching him to be a
good lover when he got older, and there were girls around. Francis
spent most afternoons now practicing all that Peter was sharing.

He was up on the table again, naked and ready, his bottom well lubed,
ready for his daily enema.

"I got a new toy for you; it's an even bigger one than before."

"Bigger?" He started to push it in the boy's already enlarged slut

"No Peter, that hurts! Please stop!"

"I told you we needed to use a bigger wand this time."

"It's too big."

"Don't be a baby."

The 8 inch, extra thick, hard enema cock, was a fresh delivery from the
mail order house this morning. He couldn't wait to try it out, and with
some extra effort he was going to make sure his young charge was going
to enjoy it, too.

"Just a little more, push hard."

Francis pushed very hard, feeling a turd that was starting it's move to
escape, but the monster pressing in was not going to let it get by.

"More lube, please?" Francis asked softly, feeling the huge new toy
pressing hard into him.

"You are already fully lubed, precious," he said, pressing the rubber
cock against Francis' naked bottom, sticking up high and wide.

"Peter please, it hurts."

"Almost in," Peter said, pushing the monster in and out, each time
gaining a bit more depth.


Tuck spun back and forth between the memories of Peter and now Jason,
repeating the same painful path. He was torn between images of
humiliation and pleasure, each additive to the other.

"All the way, such a good girl," Jason and Peter said together.

The pain soon washed away as Tuck allowed the twin monsters to fill him
completely, the pressure easing and building with each thrust, each
filling his hole. The wash of pleasure was also building, falling and
building, as their experienced hands opened him up like a flower. His
rose opening surrounded the rubber cocks with wet sticky embrace,
sucking in the supposed invader, and eventually being invited in his
slut hole, slick wet with excitement.

"Harder please," he said looking back over his shoulder to Peter and to
Jason. "Deeper... fuck me... oh yes that's so good."  His eyes closed he
was in both places at the same time.

And Jason happily complied, fucking his boy pussy, opening up his
delicate rose, opening it for Jake.


"You're such a good girl," Peter said, patting Francis' blonde curls,
the result of another night spent with curlers in his hair and the perm
solution he got from his sister.  She said they should last the rest of
the camp session. He hoped so as Francis looked so cute in them. And he
had so much more planned for the boy during the summer. "Next time I
have a very special wand we are going to use, even bigger." He looked
down at his own 7 inches laying against Francis' warm bottom.



She just appeared in front of Tuck like magic, startling him from his
afternoons at camp and with Jason

"Yes, but you of course have a choice."

Tuck thought there was always a choice. He was hoping he was making the
right ones.

"But this will be an easy one, though," Debbie said, holding out two
lipstick cases.

"But lipstick... I don't know... I think we've gone too far already."

"Fine, don't go along with my game. I'm sure the fellow you met at the
gate, by the way we call him Brutus, would have an interesting
conversation with you. Should I make that call?"

"No, I guess it'll be alright."

"So, as I was saying, lipstick."

The gold cases danced in front of Tuck's face, the salon light bouncing
off their gleaming surface.

She held the case close to him, removed the cap  and twisted the bottom
to reveal the candy pink wax tube. "You like?"

Tuck looked at it aghast.

"So this one is our Fairy Pink," she said, twisting the tube up to its
highest point. "See, all frosty and scented like bubble gum." She waved
it under his nose. "Tastes that way too, lasts for a week.  Or," she
held up the other hand which bore a little white container, "or a lip
stain. We match your lip color perfectly and even out any imperfections
in color. From a distance you can't tell, but up close the affect is,
well, subtle... Last for months.  See, I told you it was an easy

Nothing was easy with choices that weren't choices, leading from bad to


"Okay, now three."

Jason's fingers glided in on the lube, filling Tuck like he had never
been filled before. God that felt so nice.

Jason's expert touch massaged and pulled his rosebud open, each long
stroke twisting and pulling a fat piston, sending Tuck into new
directions. The sound of slickness was a wet clack each time his
powerful hand slammed hard into him, becoming more and more open on
every stroke.

"Oh so good, honey, you feel so open. We're now ready for your toys."

"Toys?"  Tuck asked in his baby voice, the whine exaggerated like a
petulant 13 year old girl. "I thought we were done."

"Sorry, but we're just getting started.  I'm going to fuck you like you
requested, princess, just not with my cock. So do we start with small
or large? We'll get to huge no matter what. We want you to be ready for
Jake, now don't we?"

Jason put the two choices in front of him.  They both looked huge to


"Are you back, Mary Anne? I think you faded out on me."

"Yes, sorry, this is all too much."

"Oh don't wig out on me yet, there's still so much to do, honey, so
much more. So what's it going to be, the candy lip stick or the stain?"

"I don't know," Tuck said feeling confused, "I guess the stain."

"Good choice. The fairy pink would still be visible for a few weeks,
just not as much so on your date. Again, that's really for our under
five crowd."

Tuck looked in the mirror briefly and saw two women discussing salon
choices behind him, then it was "Hi" again. It was Judy, one of the
beautician's helping him.

She began her preparations and her happy humming was interrupted by
Debbie one last time.

"Oh, did I mention that the stain also plumps your lips up a bit?"

Tuck looked up at her in the mirror as she stood behind him tucking a
strand of his blonde hair behind an ear, the golden rings were visible,
dancing in the light.

She could see the fear in his eyes and smirked. "Yes, as long as the
stain is active you will have what I love to call cock sucker lips;
nice, fat and puffy, soft and just right to curl around a hard cock.
Too bad you didn't have them when you were pleasing Jason, I'm sure he
would have appreciated them. But no worries, next visit."

Tuck wondered when the torture would let up.

It took Judy a few more minutes to get ready, so Tuck drifted back to
his day with Jason.


"Okay my sweet girl, that's all for today. I'm just going to put this
plug in you to help keep you open until your date. Feel free to pull it
out when you go into the ladies john and save it in your purse. But if
I were you I would keep all the lubricant in so that when Jake makes
you a happy girl tonight, both your pussies will be good and ready."

Jason pulled the huge dildo out, as near an accurate duplicate of his
own cock as he could find. Mary Anne could tell Debbie that Jason had
fucked her, sort of. He was looking forward to the next visit when he
could substitute the ersatz rubber version with the warm and hard real

With the "Jason" cock being pulled free, his hole felt like it was open
a mile wide, almost as if air was rushing in our out, like a balloon.
He could not close it, only push harder to keep it open.

But just as quickly Jason was shoving the tip of the butt plug into the
gaping hole. "In you go, push hard honey, the fat part has to go all
the way in."

Tuck was already pushing, but strained some more until he felt a pop as
the bulbous probe entered and seated inside. Then he felt a vibration
deep inside him.

"I've it set on random until you take it out. It will come out easier
than it went in, I promise. It will mostly vibrate and hum, then expand
and contract to keep loosening you up. It has a mind of its own and the
battery should last until tomorrow if you let it, but take it out
before dinner so your ass pussy relaxes enough to give Jake some sense
of tightness when you're in bed. But make no mistake, you will be
loose. He likes it that way."

Tuck was not comfortable with where the conversation was going, but
tried to remain polite. "Thank you, can I have some help getting down?"

"Just stay there, I'll get Debbie to help you. It'll be safer that

"Yes, I suppose," Tuck said, not wanting to mention his impairment

"Marsha was nice, too."

Tuck was a little confused with the sudden shift in the conversation.

"She was?  I never met her."

"Just as well, she was the jealous type. They didn't get along," Jason

Another non sequitor. "Sorry?" Tuck asked. "Who?"

"Debbie and Marsha."

"How so?"

"Marsha's jealousy I guess. Jake had dated Debbie for a while, and when
they broke up he started dating Marsha."

"I guess that could be complicated."

"And now you're the new Marsha, and Jake's dating you. But I think
Debbie is over it."

Tuck certainly hoped so.


The application of the lip stain required the expertise of the salon's
lips technician. Before today he never knew there was such a job
designation that was so focused on a single area of the face, but now,
as his lips still tingled, he appreciated the care and expertise she
brought to her job.

The process was another club exclusive. The very first thing she did
was to take detailed pictures and load them into the computer;
evidently the tiniest flaw could be detected. But equally as important,
these flaws could also be corrected.  The first step in the process was
smoothing. He anticipated a grinder of some sort, but in fact the
thinnest of material was coated onto his lips like a plastic paper, but
thinner, more like a silk. Once in place it adhered and then
disappeared, and the lips immediately looked smooth.

The stain came next in steps, and Judy worked fast and accurately. Tuck
tried to watch in the mirror, but for the most part she blocked his
view until she was finished. He wasn't sure if that was by design or
simply an accident.

He looked in the mirror and saw himself, but then again it wasn't the
person he remembered. He saw a new person emerging, good looking,
feminine and almost pretty. He certainly didn't look masculine any
more, apparently that was left for the Jake's of the world.

Just then Debbie returned. "Oh, Judy, you did such a lovey job. Mary
Anne, you should thank her."

"Thank you, Judy," Tuck said, staring at himself in the mirror, trying
to decide if he liked the new Tuck or not.

Judy walked away and Debbie took station in front of Tuck once again,
her extended hands clenched tightly into two fists. Tuck opened his
eyes and knew it was decision time again, but what was it going to be
this time?

"We're getting close to the end of your first spa day, and that much
closer to your date with Jake. You are going to look so nice for him."

Tuck tried to peer around Debbie to study his new look in the mirror.
It was definitely different, and one could argue better, cleaner, and
more kempt, and that was really what Jake was going for. He wanted him
to look his best, and not to be an embarrassment on their "date". He
wondered if he had been a liability to Jake the times that they
actually went someplace in public before. Now his time with Jake would
be divided into before and after the spa. He looked again and smiled at
the person in the mirror. Maybe the after wasn't so bad after all. He
just hoped Jake thought so too.

That was the real question that had yet to be answered. The important
thing about today was whether he was no longer that embarrassment.
Would Jake decide to move their friendship forward, albeit in a bit of
an unconventional manner, or was this to be the last time he would see
the big guy. Tuck shook his head again, looking at his new blonde look
with the earrings that poked out from beneath those soft waves so
recently added.

"You're really coming along, and I think I have the next perfect
addition, but you have to make a choice again.  People often
underestimate the power of the eye and how much we look to the eye for
signals such as intentions, feelings, affection and understanding. I
want Jake to look into your eyes and see..." she paused for dramatic
effect and smiled, "...sexual opportunity."

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh princess, are you really that blind?"

Tuck looked like a deer in headlights and shook his blonde curls,
indicating how lost he was.

"Well everything we've done today, and I mean everything, from being
baby smooth, having your cunt softened, to the new you," she gestured
into the mirror, "has been done to make you into the kind of person
that could attract Jake's sexual energy."

"But Jakes not..."

Debbie interrupted, "I know, but you're going to change that. He is
going to eventually see you as a sexual being, not just a friend. He is
going to view you with lust, and he is going to experience you in ways
he hasn't even dreamed of... yet."

"I don't understand."

"Well you know the way Jake goes through women? If they get the
slightest bit clingy, wanting more from him, 'measuring for curtains'
the way he puts it, he dumps them."

Tuck had heard the exact same phrase only the evening before.

"I was one of those women, Tuck," she said, using his real name. I got
too close to the sun and my wings burned and I fell back to earth. I
was devastated, hurt beyond words. I felt like I couldn't breathe for
months, but I finally recovered enough to return to work."

"I'm sorry." Tuck started to feel for the witch.

She looked at him in silence and paused longer than a moment, gathering
what she was going to say next.

"Well, Mary Anne," she said the name as if it was his permanent club
moniker, "when I heard about Jake's plan to do 'man dating' because of
his fear of curtains, I figured a way to get even. The spa day was my
idea. But when I saw you and how pretty you were already, I couldn't
have been more pleased, because my plan just fell into place. You see,
my sweet pet, you are going to be my revenge. I am going to make Jake
fall in lust with you. I am going to make it so that you and he become
not only friends but lovers; deep, sexy, kinky lovers."

"Sorry, but that's not going to happen."

"Ah, my pretty girl, but it's already happening."

"But I'll tell Jake what you're doing and he'll stop this immediately."

"No you won't!" It was a very clear command, delivered cold and even.

"Because if you do, I will have no recourse other than to complain to
the authorities about your impersonation, attempted rape, thievery, and
anything else I can come up with that will put your ass in jail... and
such a pretty ass. I just bet I'll get thank you letters from cell
block C."

Tuck couldn't believe what he was hearing. The witch was even more evil
than he had first envisioned, but the plan was flawed as Jake would
never think of him in that way.  So she could plan all she wanted, but
he was confident it was never going to happen.

"But now I'm going to give you your next choice. Jail, or being a good

Tuck looked at Debbie, her eyes were very clear and dark. There was not
a hint of questioning or backing off, he had only one possible answer.

"Good girl," he said meekly and almost inaudibly.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" as she picked up her phone.

"Good girl, good girl," Tuck said quickly and much louder than before.
"I will be a good girl for you and do everything you say," he added as
she lowered the weapon to her side.

"Good," she touched his cheek. "I knew you would see it my way."

Tucked looked away and into the mirror.

"I have been giving you a choice, but now I'm going to be making them
for you.  Eye lashes are next, the framework of the soul, and I have
such pretty ones planned for you," she said, opening her hand.

Tuck looked down at the single hand open, the other fist closed, and
then back up into her face. His life had changed again.


  1. Your artwork is amazing. It really adds another erotic layer to an already fantastic story. I hope that the next chapter is posted soon.

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