Princess of Aragon Ch. 1

By Jennifer Reed
Chapter one

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He was so angry his body was trembling as he passed the empty room. It
has been a very traumatic morning for Thomas Manning and it was so much
his mind had difficulty processing it all. Apparently, it was all for his
wedding that until hours ago, he didn't even know about. But everything
was prepared weeks before hand, and all it needed was, the bride. Him. So
now he stood and paced the empty room wearing a beautiful flowing bridal
gown. It was very exquisite strapless trumpet Marchesa bridal gown.
Beautiful sequins glinted brightly as Thomas looked at his dress. The
deep plunging neckline displayed his false cleavage that looked very
realistic. Thomas's breasts felt like they were on display. He stuck his
hips out and posed like a woman in the mirror, threw his hair back. He
almost smiled at the feminine image that reflected back. It was not
Thomas. He saw a natural woman. Then a frown appeared on his face. Thomas
felt disgusted. This was his wedding and no one asked him. Thomas was
seized by three men and brought here against his will. He was forced,
dressed like this against his wishes. Thomas fought and argued with the
women who were in charge of preparing him. He argued and fought and
demanded answers. The woman in charge told him this was his wedding. He
was chosen, and it was his wedding day. He was marrying a man, and he
would be the male bride of a powerful Duke of the nation. One of the
three Dukes in the Kingdom. He argued and told him he didn't know and
didn't plan on it. That was when he was told his Parents set this up and
they gave their consent for it, and it was now out of his hands. He was
going to be the male bride and he was going to dress as a woman.  It was
his husband's right to insist that his bride live his life as a woman.
The bride in this type of marriage lost all power over her life. His
husband would have the power to make all life decisions for Thomas.
Thomas could do nothing about it.

Thomas mind was in panic mode and wondered how marriages like this were
possible in the 21st century. Especially in the western developed
nations. This kind of thing happened in the east like in Egypt or
Pakistan, and they happened to women. None of this made sense to Thomas,
but he looked at the feminine image in the mirror, his handcuffed and
remember it was all real. This was really happening to him. This was
going to be a legal and binding marriage.

Thomas turned as he saw the door open and a slim figure entered the room.
He saw his younger sister Katherine approach. Thomas prepared for a very
humiliating and emasculating conversation with his sister Katherine. He
had not been the nicest brother, and some of his pranks had been very
cruel when he was younger. He matured, but never got around to
apologizing to her. She never really given up her grudge against him and
he was too afraid to try to apologize. After everything he did to her, he
doubted she would ever forgive him. He had been really cruel and made
some very sexist comments about her place. He knew she was going to have
a lot of fun now, and she probably deserved to.

She approached and closely examined him. He watched a smile spread across
her face, "Thomas, just wow. You look like an elegant woman."

"I am not a woman, and you know it," Thomas replied sharply.

"Oh I know you are not a woman, you are a man," Katherine said with a
smile. "You are going to be in a same sex marriage. It would not be a
same sex marriage if you were a woman."

"What I can't figure out sister, is why a gay man would want to marry me.
I am not gay, why would he want to do this to me. I am not a fag, I never
don't anything with a man before. I don't dress as a woman so why did he
pick me. Why would a gay man want me, when he could chose a real pervert
that likes this stuff?" Thomas said to her.

Katherine laughed. "I think I know why, Thomas. The Duke is a lot like
you are. He likes women and has dated and seduced many women in his life.
He is very rough and sexist toward women. Just like you are. You are very
handsome, soft and very beautiful. Your good handsome clean looks has
helped you attract many women in your life. Your soft beauty has
attracted the Duke. He knows you are heterosexual, and beautiful and that
attracts the Duke. He thinks it will be hot to seduce and force a
beautiful straight man to be his gay lover. He has a sick fetishistic
side that wants to do that to you." His sister laughed girlishly.

"But I am not a woman," said Thomas. "If he is straight, why is he doing
this to me?"

"Because," Katherine said. "You are probably not a man in his eyes. He
has the right to insist you look like a woman. You will not be a man to
him, you will be his wife, a woman and a beautiful seductive lover."

"But look what they did to me." Thomas looked up sharply, his eyes
flaring with anger he had repressed most of the morning while the women
were making him look pretty. "They made me look like a woman. Leanne and
her women did all of this to me and it's not right. They treated me as a
woman. I am a man."

"I am very jealous of you now, Thomas," Katherine said. "Very few women
ever get to experience the level of luxury you will be getting. The Duke
spared no expense for this ceremony. Your gown alone probably cost as
much as some houses. You are getting everything a person could ever

"Katherine, everything I had is being taken from me. Nothing will be
mine. My husband will own it all. I lost all control over my life this
morning." Thomas pointed out to Katherine who thought this is some fairy
tale dream come true. Maybe for a woman it was. "But it was clear the
Duke spared no expense in this. He hired the best security, the best
makeup artist for this. Then there was Leanne who seemed to direct it
all. She was a cruel bitch who specialized in transforming unwilling men
into male brides. Leanne has done one man before me and he's still
married and living as a woman one and a half years later. She told me he
still hasn't accepted it, but he cooperates and goes through his daily
life living like this. No expense had been spared doing this to capture
and force me though this. But I'm glad you appreciate it. I know I can't
because I'm not a woman and I shouldn't be treated like this or marrying
a man." Thomas yelled.

Thomas added, "This was designed for a woman to experience. To a man, its
demeaning,: Thomas said looking down at the floor. He could not even look
at his sister. He felt so humiliated.

"You being pampered, dressed by handmaidens and that gown you are
wearing. It must have cost twenty thousand dollars at least," Katherine
pointed out. "That's one of the most expensive Marchesa. Thee top wedding
gown designer in the world. The nobility and elite and celebrities all
wear her gowns for special occasions and weddings. I really wish I could
wear something like that when I get married. I am jealous that my brother
gets treated like this pampered, made up and assisted by the top
professionals in the field. You had the best makeup artist, the best
gowns. There aren't a lot of women that get this on their wedding day.
You should be honored." Katherine said very seriously.

Katherine always had these weird ideas about life. Especially in gender
roles and he doubted he could get her to see the issue. "I know women
enjoy this treatment and this ritual was designed for a woman. But, I am
a man and I hated it. It was nothing but demeaning. That horrible bitch,
Leanne. She was in charge of me and told me she was here to prepare me
for this day. She is the top makeup artist and a neurotic perfectionist.
And she has no conscience. She doesn't do celebrities, or nobility. She
enjoys doing this to male brides for their weddings and the husbands pay
her a lot. Katherine, In these deals, the bride loses say in their life.
She put me in this chair," He moved to the chair and sat in it. He showed
her the thick restraining straps that secured him in the pink Barbie
heart like chair.

"You see, Katherine. This chair is what that bitch made me sit in so she
could work on me."

"How could she get you in that?" Katherine asked doubtfully. "I don't
think Leanne had the physical strength to manhandle you in that chair."

"She had security standing by. I didn't go willingly, I assure you.
Katherine. Security overpowered me. They forced me into the chair. Leanne
curled my hair, made up my face, plucked my eyebrows. They did everything
to me and these straps made me unable to resist or interfere in any way.
As is legal in this hell of a nation. This is for women! A man doesn't
enjoy this and shouldn't."

"You are going through it, Thomas," Katherine pointed out with a smirk.
"But, I doubt even a woman would enjoy this. I was appraised of the laws
of this land and women do endure this treatment. Many women are forced
into marriages in this nation. The law has been amended within the last
10 years to include men being able to be placed in a marriage to another
man by his family's consent. So, you are here being the bride to another
man. Maybe this will cure your sexist attitude."

What always annoyed her was her brother's belief that a woman must submit
to the man. He believed women should let the man lead her life and take
charge of her. Attitudes like that persisted in her home nation, but this
is an extreme even she was never aware existed. The horrors that she was
informed of that some brides go through for several days following the
wedding shocked her. Some elaborate consummation ritual. She doubted any
woman ever did it willingly. No man has gone through the ritual, now her
brother was going to endure it. She couldn't wait to see chauvinistic
brother's condition after the period was over and he went through it all.
If that would break him of his attitude. Or destroy him, but she knew
Thomas and didn't think it would destroy him.

"This wasn't made for a man to do," Thomas said. "why can't you women see
this. Katherine, this ritual was designed for women to go through to show
her submission and love for her husband. Women do silly things for love.
Not a man, no man should do this. Can't you see, he's forcing me and it's
not right?" He stomped his foot, the stiletto he was wearing sounded
though the room. It was a funny gesture.

"Thomas," Katherine said gently. "No woman should go through what you did
today and no woman should ever endure what you will go through for the
next three days. This, losing total control over her life and her husband
having complete legal authority over her life and body. It isn't right
for a man or a woman. Marriages like these aren't right for anyone
either. No one should be forced to marry against their will. A woman or a
man. Why can't *you* see that?"

"A woman needs help, at times. Women get put in these deals even in our
homeland. They endure and end up living happy lives with the husband
chosen for them. That's how it is and even in our homeland, a woman's
life is decided by her husband. Women submit and that's how it is. I will
admit this nation takes a woman's submission to an extreme. But its law
in our nation too and its law here. It's just the men in our nation have
more respect for women and don't go to this extreme. It's still a law
there has to be a reason? Women were designed to submit," Thomas told his

She gritted her teeth in frustration. She was really going to enjoy this
wedding and seeing her brother the next morning after enduring the first
night of the consummation period. She couldn't wait to see Thomas after
the third day's bridal banquet to present the consummated bride after the
full consummation ritual. Her brother, wearing the mask traditional
brides of nobility wear in this nation, the hickes she receives each time
they have sex. How would her brother be when he was presented and his
mask removed for the public to say, and introduced as the bride of the
powerful Duke. As his Lady for the public. She grinned, she couldn't
wait. "Well now Thomas, you are the Bride and the woman. You will see how
it is and hopefully change your attitude."

He yelled as she walked out with her heels tapping the floor, "No it
won't. I am not a woman. I am a man." Thomas knew she was going to have a
lot of fun. He would have to keep his pride intact, and not let them see
him break. He wondered if he could do it, knowing what this man wanted to
do to him. He looked down in shame.

Katherine said, "Well, you will sure feel like a woman after tonight. I
will see what condition you are in tomorrow morning, Thomas. It is almost
time to walk down the aisle and your mother is here to escort and give
you away. I will see you later after the wedding." Katherine walked out.

He was alone with his thoughts for several minutes and he knew Katherine
was right. Thomas resolved himself and made a silent promise that no
matter what that perverted fag did to him, he would not break for this
man, or for Leanne. He would show them all what a man really was.

The door opened and he saw his mother Renie enter. She smiled at him,
"Woah. My Son." His mother smiled brightly. "I was warned you would look
different, Thomas, but you are gorgeous. You are so sexy that your
husband will not be able to keep his hands off of you."

He sneered, "I refuse marry that faggot. I refuse to participate in this
pervert marriage you set up. I won't even walk out with you to meet him.
I won't do it." He nearly shouted. "I won't marry a disgusting filthy
faggot and let him put his hands all over me. I am a real man, not a

She laughed, "Thomas, you will be the faggot in this marriage and he will
be the real man! Your sexist attitude will have to change or they will
change it for you. You are marring him. You are dressed as the bride,
wearing that most beautiful gown, vail and undergarments as the bride.
From how you look, you must be wearing a bra. I see your chest looks very
feminine, that must be because you have a bra on. I doubt you willingly
allowed it, but you are here wearing a Marchesa bridal gown and a vail.
Your hands are cuffed in front of you. You're shaved, your face is
painted and powdered and your eyebrows trimmed. You're wearing makeup. Do
you really there is anything you can do to prevent the marriage and you
being wed to this man after everything they showed you they can do to you
whether you cooperate or not?  Do you think you can stop the event she
has planned tonight with you in the privacy of his bedroom from taking

Thomas lowered his eyes. He tried not to think of what this man had
planned for him tonight. He knew what was customary for all brides with
their husbands on the wedding night. It was sure to happen to him and he
knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. "No. The events they have
planned will take place. I know it." He choked out the words. A tear ran
down his face leaving a black trail of mascara.

"You are the faggot now" His mother said cruelly.  "You are marrying a
real man and you will be his faggot. You will be the bride and he will be
your lawfully wedded husband. It is as legally binding as any marriage. I
hope you understand that, but if you don't, then tonight's activities
with him will show you what your part in the marriage is."

"Mother," Thomas said nearly weeping. "Did you and Katherine set this

"Yes we had a hand in it. Your father Craig set it all up. He got
involved with this man and set up all of the legal documents to make it
real for this nation. It required our consent. Your father and this Duke
approached me and he explained the process. His attorney was with him and
your father's attorney was there. They made out the deal, the legal
forms. It required our signed consent. I signed my name to the form, your
sister signed too. He paid me the dowry for your hand. I really didn't
want to, Thomas. I am serious, but there are things about this that will
be explained later. It is for your own good and I hope you learn
something from this."

"Katherine signed too?" He should have known, but it was still
surprising. "How can her signature be considered legal to decide my life?
She's so young."

"Katherine is eighteen. It is considered legal in our homeland and in
this nation. We signed, we gave the attorneys our consent and signed
affidavit. Then he passed away a few weeks later and we made the
arrangements to have you brought here. That's why you were brought to
this country. We were brought here to participate in this marriage and
help you along. I am to give you away as the ceremony. All your questions
will be answered at the right time. The time is getting short, we will
have to walk down the aisle very soon. Are you ready for that?"

Thomas had been strong up to now but, the final moment was coming. Tears
flowed down his face, "Mom please, get me out of this. You know I am not
some sissy fairy. Don't make me marry this man. I can't live like a
fairy. I don't want to be a woman and I really don't want some man having
sex with me as a woman. Can you please get me out of this?"

She shook her head, "No I can't Thomas. There is nothing I can do now.
The Duke is in control. I would help you leave if I could, but we must do
this. It is for your own good. You know the Dukes guards are right
outside ready to intervene. He won't let you leave. He expects his bride
to walk down the aisle and marry him. He knows you don't want to marry
him. He knows all about you and your history with women and I assume
that's why he chose you and asked for your hand. He has tight security
over you and I know they had to use it more than a few times to force
this process on you this morning to make you appear as a woman. They met
you when you entered the country and brought you here for the women to
transform you, didn't they?"

He avoided his mother's eyes. It was just too much for him. Standing in
front of his mother wearing a bridal grown and made up as a woman. "I am
not gay!" He yelled at her.

"Oh I know," His mother agreed. "You dated more women than most guys. You
are very sexual with women. You love using women and had those orgies
with Melony and Vanessa. You wouldn't leave Dianne alone. You are very
heterosexual. That may be why the Duke chose you, but he did choose you,
your sister and I, and your father consented. We signed our name to give
our consent. Other members of your family signed to approve this. His
parents and my mother. Money changed hands so it is all legally binding.
There's nothing I can do about it now. The wedding will take place."

Thomas backed away from her. The depth of the betrayal slowly
crystalizing in his mind. His sister and mother both knew about this, and
agreed to do it. They were informed of the details of this marriage and
what it would mean to his life. They were surely informed of the Duke's
intentions toward him and they agreed to the details of the marriage. His
father initiated it with this man. Thomas backed away from his mother and
he saw pink styling chair beside him. He looked up at Renie and said, "Do
you see this chair." He sat in most of the morning. He looked at it and
sat down, holding the pink restraining arm straps that held him
restrained while they transformed his face. Trimming his eyebrows,
putting mascara on his face, styling and curling his hair al while there
was not a thing he could do to prevent it. There were even shin and leg
straps to make sure he could not kick them. He was totally immobilized
while they transformed him. He was let up so they could carefully dress

"Mom," Thomas said. ""You do not know what that horrible Bitch Leanne did
to me. They put me in that chair and made me look like a woman."

"I know, my son." She said. "You don't look like a man. I knew what they
were going to do to you. I spoke to Leanne last month when the deal was
being finalized. The Duke and Leanne came to our house and she explained
the process, what she did and how. The Duke hired her because she has
experience in these forcible transformations. She only did one other
transformation of a male bride. Well two. One was forced as a male bride
for a husband. The other man paid her himself to transform him for his
man. So she isn't really counting that. She enjoys doing male brides like
yourself. You are her second, Thomas. I doubt you enjoyed your experience
with her."

He was fuming and she learned to be careful with his anger as his body
tightened. His physical appearances transformed slightly. Waves of danger
radiated from his body. Thomas did have a temper and almost laughed to
herself. She didn't know who would win this struggle, but she suspected
Leanne surely would. She had the force behind her. Thomas was dangerous
and very intelligent. Leanne would surely be frustrated by him. Then,
Thomas suddenly smiled. "I hate her."

She whispered, "I hate her too, but the husband and I approved of her,
even if she didn't need our approval. Only the husbands and his approval
is required. We agreed to help him on one condition, Thomas. I insisted
to her that she make you appear as a natural woman. I told Leanne to make
you look like a passable woman, not a feminized man trying and living as
a woman. We told him we would only approve and help this ceremony, if he
required Leanne to transform you into the image of a passable woman so no
one would know. They wanted you to look like a sissy man mocking the
image of a woman to humiliate and demean yourself."

Thomas's face turned into a dark shade of red as his body shook. "You
asked for this?"

"Yes," Renie said. "I was just trying to preserve some of your dignity.
It will be better this way."

"No! I have no dignity looking like this!" Thomas said to her. "I'd
rather have some male dignity left. Don't destroy all of my masculinity.
It's all I have left."

He didn't see the issue and he hoped some male could be left in him. But,
they would crush it all regardless. His mother knew if he tried to retain
some masculinity that they would crush it. The dressing and living 24/7
dressed in women's attire would do its part. The sexual activity with his
husband would do the rest. If he appeared indistinguishable as a woman,
then his appearance would not look out of place. A woman with her
husband. No one would think it was out of place, or him. If he insisted
on being a man, he would still look feminine and everyone would know he
was a crossdressed male, with a husband, obviously having sex as a woman
with the man. They would know. His male bride would be crushed into
nothing if he insisted on keeping it. Then she feared there would be
nothing left. In addition, she had very effective ways to punish his
resistance. Her son has no hope. That was what Thomas refused to see and
still thought he could preserve some male pride in this deal. "I won't be
a woman."

"Yes you will, Thomas. Your appearance is out of your hand. You will
appear as they want you to. If that is your wish, I am sure you can get
your husband to agree to that, as that was his wish. He wants a feminized
man, but you will still be easily identified as a man. Only wearing
women's clothes and being a full time transvestite. People will laugh and
humiliate you. But not if they think you are a woman. Thomas," Renie
pleaded. "Think about this!"

He shook his head, "I won't be a fairy. Leave me a man. I want them to
know I'm a man."

She laughed, "Oh they will, if you insist on going that route. Everyone
will know you are a crossdressed man being the submissive sexual partner
with his husband. Obviously being fucked as a woman. And they will laugh!
We did what we could to preserve your dignity. You can break the deal if
you wish and your husband will be all too happy to comply with you."

"You are enjoying this, aren't you? Seeing your son made into a fairy for
some sick faggot. He can do this to me and I am powerless to stop it. But
I will never accept it or accept the marriage, or him as a husband no
matter what he does to me." He said in a cold voice

Renie remembered his father Craig using her when he would not stop no
matter how she pleaded to him. He was firm in his use of force on her and
what her position in the marriage was. She was a strong confident woman
and didn't want to submit and be passive to a man. He was a firm dominant
male that demanded her submission to his manhood. She had no choice, he
used force and punished her when she tried to stand up to him. His
punishments were demoralizing and painful. She submitted in the end, and
surrendered her pride as a woman. She knew in her heart that her son
would make things as difficult as he could and she wished he wasn't so
stubborn in his masculine pride. It would only get him hurt.  He would
have to learn that the hard way. "No, my son," Renie said in a soft
affectionate tone of a grieving mother trying to get her son to
understand. "I am not enjoying this. You know your sister will, and she
insisted on watching, I will not enjoy it. It makes me very sad to see my
precious son being hurt like this. There was no other way to protect you,
I gave my consent very reluctantly. There are things we will tell you
about this later. You need a lesson and an attitude augment. You are rude
chauvinistic and turning into a very cruel man. I was also upset at how
you treated your gay friend Fred."

"Fred was a total fag. How could I be his friend anymore," Thomas
pleaded. "He began wearing those pink shirts and those bracelets and
making his eyes dark with eyeshadow. Limp wristed and dating that big
guy. It was disgusting mom, I couldn't hang out with a disgust faggot
like that anymore. He was gross and sick."

His mother gritted her teeth as her son's homophobic attitude. She wanted
to slap his pretty face, which was made up prettier than his friend
Johns. John who also insisted on being here to see it after the names
Thomas called him to his face.  Thomas has made many enemies lately with
his offensive sexist attitude and many of those women and his friend John
wouldn't pass this up to see Thomas walk down the aisle in a wedding
dress to marry a man.

Thomas was smart enough to know that his attitude was probably the reason
this was now happening to him, and that the people he offended were going
to enjoy watching his humiliation. He was strong enough to take it. There
was another side to it all that had not eluded him. Thomas looked
defiantly into mothers face and said, "I know that there were many people
who were mistreated by my father and his cruelty that are probably going
to go after me. I am his only son. So that is why you agreed to place me
under a powerful Dukes protection. They are all going after me now that
my father is gone and he can't protect me. They think hurting me is
revenge against him. I guess in a way, it's true. Don't think I do not
know how he treated you and many other women. It isn't right, but I can
see the reasoning behind it. Sins of the father being inflicted on the
children. Especially from a woman's point of view, like father like son.
You think I was going to be like him?"

She knew her son was very smart and able to piece together information
very quickly.

"I know, you withheld much from me about my family, my father and things
he was involved with here. There were things about me that I kept hidden
too. Mother. In time, I know everything will be revealed and we will be
allowed to heal as a family. I just wish my father's enemies didn't come
after me to be held to account for the things he did. It isn't fair or

His mother shook her head, "You're not being held responsible for the
cruelty of your father. It's your deeds you are here for."

"We know that isn't true. I never met this Duke in my life. My father has
business with him. I didn't. So whatever this is about, it isn't my
doing, but my fathers. The Duke feels doing this to me will even the
score somehow. It won't, but he must be very pissed at my father to do
this to me. I just hope he doesn't feel he must hurt me too much to make
it even. He dressed me like this to me. He's forcing me to be his wife. I
know he will expect me to have sex with him tonight as his new bride. I
just wonder how long and how many changes he will force on me before his
appetite for vengeance against my family is fulfilled. Months, years? How
long will I have to be a woman for him?"

One of the security stuck his head in and said, "The Duke is ready and
the ceremony is ready to begin. Ma'am." He said to Thomas. Thomas
remembered him as the first one he met that abducted him and throw a bag
over his head.

"Are you ready for the wedding, my son," Inquired. She tried to act
sympathetic toward him, but he knew she was enjoying every minute of
seeing him demeaned. He knew she never really loved him as a son. He
tried to be a good son and show her a child's affection to his mother. He
tried to be good enough for her to love him, but she was always cold to
him and that lack of motherly warmth hurt him a lot. So, he began not
caring and lashing out with his attitude. As he grew older, her coldness
toward him inspired even greater resistance and ways to irritate her. He
knew his sexism affected her the most so he developed a very sexist
attitude because of the lack of affection from his mother. He never
understood why she never showed him true mother's affection until he was
old enough to understand adult relations. Then he saw how his father
treated her. Then he put it together. His father's spousal abuse of his
wife. Her fear and distrust of men, and dislike of him as his father's
only male child. He tried to show her affection and love, but it only
made her more uncomfortable. There was nothing he could do to earn his
mother's affection. He didn't understand at his young age a child should
not have to earn his mother's love and affection. It should be freely
given from love to her child. The lack of parental affection inspired his
sexism and caused it to grow, because she never taught him how to treat a
woman. She barely was part of his life at all. His lessons came from his
father. Perhaps if she cared and showed him how to treat a girl, his
attitude could have changed. So now, here he was and she figured this was
the way to solve what his father did to her. Enslave his son and make him
a woman to another man. Hurt him over it all. He doubted it would work.
He didn't think it would ease any of the pain she felt inside at all. If
she was willing, his love to his mother could heal her. But she didn't
want his love.

He backed away. "No, I really don't want to do this."

"You know you have no choice. You know what they will do. I am sure
Leanne told you."

"Yes," Thomas said. "They will come in, drag me to the altar and tie me
to that post and conduct the ceremony anyway. I should make them do that,
just to show the audience there my true feelings so they know. Why should
I make this easy for them?" That post was interesting. Leanne told him
most churches have a post like that to conduct weddings like this. Some
refuse to do same sex weddings to avoid having to do these types at all.
So they don't have to tie a man to a post to conduct a nonconsensual
arranged marriage on a man to another man.

She shrugged, "It is your choice Thomas. I would hate to see you demeaned
that way. Please don't make me watch them drag you out there screaming
and tie you to the post. It would hurt me to see my son treated like

He stared at her eyes and said, "Bullshit. You would love to see that.
Fine, let's get this over this."

He wasn't sure why he wanted to rush this part. He knew what came after,
but it was going to be done the easy way or the hard way. He should make
them do it the hard way, but he wanted to show his courage and
determination to face this man who was destroying his life. So he would
boldly walk down the aisle as the bride and face him. So, Thomas took his
mother's hand and let her lead him out the door in his five inch
stilettos tapping the marble floor with his head held firm in place
because of the constricting neck corset he held. His hands daintily
cupped in front of him holding a bouquet of flowers as a bride. His
thumbs were cuffed together, hidden by a floral lace cover. He was warned
not to drop it. He assumed they didn't want him to drop the lace cover
because they wanted the guests to believe this was a consensual marriage
on his part. He had no intention of allowing anyone to have the illusion
this was a consensual marriage. There were no gaps, nothing looked out of
place at all. A woman in a bridal grown being escorted by her mother is
what all of the guests saw. None of them had any idea the bride was
really male. They watched the bride walk down the aisle as any woman
would. The illusion was so perfect, the bride even moved as a woman.
Nothing looked male at all. He looked up at them and let the lace cover
slip from his hands and the flowers fell to his feet. Everyone saw his
hands cuffed together with his shiny red fingertips. He heard many
surprised gasps of surprise. Thomas just smiled and kept walking. He saw
his sister siting in the audience beaming and smirking. She was enjoying
this a lot. He nodded and smiled a soft feminine smile back at her. He
loved his sister. He saw his gay friend that he offended and outed in
front of everyone. Thomas kept his soft smile in place. He saw a few
others he didn't know. But they looked like they knew what the deal was
and was enjoying this display a little too much for the average guest.
They didn't look surprised or shocked to see the cuffs on his thumbs. But
he has strong suspicions as he approached the altar. The groom's men
accompanied him just in case he caused any trouble. They provided the
security for this event and they knew the details of the marriage.

He approached the altar with his mother escorting him. There was a woman
standing regally wearing a purple robe of a religious and legal authority
of this nation. He figured she was in her fifties. The woman was a
justice of the peace for this part of this strange little country he was
tricked in to visiting.

Thomas examined the enormous man wearing a tuxedo standing at the altar
waiting for him. The man looked like he was in his mid to late forties.
His heart ached as he thought he would be dressed that way for his
wedding. Instead, he was the bride approaching his groom. The man had a
strong looking face quite contract to his own which was delicate and
small. Almost now indistinguishable from a woman's. This was totally
humiliating. He smiled at Thomas as he boldly approached the man and
stood by his side. The man was huge as he stood over a foot taller than
Thomas. His shoulders were broad. His hands were huge. Thomas guessed the
man was over seven feet tall and possibly over three hundred pounds.
Thomas was intimated. He was always a small man and pretty much looked
like a woman next to average sized men. This was ridiculous. The man took
Thomas's small delicate hand in one of his large hands. Thomas's bright
fingernails glinted showing his new feminized appearance to the Duke.

Most of the guests now knew this wasn't a consensual marriage. They saw
the imposing security close by Thomas. They saw his hands were cuffed.
They got the message, but he was going to make sure the message was clear
and unmistakable.

The woman watched as the beautiful male bride approached the altar and
stood beside the groom, the man who was responsible for all of this. The
young man was brave. The other young man refused and the security had to
force the man to stand beside the groom. Thomas looked up at the man and
their eyes met for the first time in Thomas's entire life. The man he
only saw today. The man who would marry him. The man who would be his
lawfully wedded husband accepted by law. The man who would have sex with
him tonight. The man smiled. The woman watched, knowing all of the
details of this wedding. She spoke in an authoritative voice, "We are all
gathered here today for this blissful ceremony in sight of god to join
these two men Duke Jose Cordoba and Thomas Manning in beautiful wedlock,
a beautiful moment in their lives. May the time they spend together grow
and blossom with love and devotion now that they have decided to spend as

She looked toward his mother. "Who is giving the bride Thomas Manning
away today?"

His mother spoke up, "I am, Renie Manning. I will give the Bride Thomas
Manning away."

Then the woman asked her, "Was the dowry acceptable for you, Ms.

"Yes it was," His mother replied and looked toward the Duke, "Thanks,
things have been difficult since my husband passed."

"You are welcome," The duke said in a voice that seemed very accustomed
to power and authority. He was a Duke. Obviously nobility in this
country. He was wearing the colors of nobility and had badges and a sash
along his shoulder. Dukes are very powerful. Their about the highest
ranking authority in a monarchy. There are princes the reigning monarch.
But, most princes get the title of Duke of a Duchy. He could hold power
over millions. He was an extremely powerful man. There were three Dukes
in this nation. His father had really picked the wrong man to pick a
political fight with and now his won was paying the price for whatever
his father did to this man.

Then she looked to the Duke and began that part of the ceremony when he
spoke up, "Wait, May I say something?"

She looked annoyed to be interrupted. "Yes. You are the bride and it is
your right to address us, You may speak ma'am." She smiled calling him
ma'am and Thomas guessed he may as well get used to being addressed by a
woman's pronoun. He assumed Lady, Mrs. Would also be how he was

"What is this dowry? I didn't receive any it. Doesn't dowry from the
bride's family to the groom?" Thomas asked.

"Yes, but we have different customs here, ma'am. May we proceed?"

Thomas almost sneered. "So then it's really a bride's price. And, I
didn't agree to this marriage. I don't want to marry a man. I am not
gay!" Thomas said that loudly and heard a large gasp from the crowd. Even
the Duke looked shocked by Thomas saying that. Now, the guests knew that
Thomas was a crossdressed male.

Thomas continued, "I never agreed. I am a man, the dukes men forced me to
dress this way. I am not gay and never wanted to marry a man."

The woman asked, "Was the dowry paid?"

The Duke replied, "Yes,"

Then she looked toward Renie, "Was the dowry acceptable?"

"Yes it was," She smirked at him.

"We have all of the consents in order, the paperwork is filed. So let's
proceed." The woman said.

"But I didn't consent and I don't want to marry this Duke. I never met
him in my life. Please," Thomas pleaded. "Don't I get a say?" Thomas said
loudly making sure it was heard. I am a man and I don't want to dress
like this or be a bride to any man." He knew what the woman was going to
say. He knew his pleading was no use. Marriages in this manner were
acceptable and legal in this nation. They were binding by law, obviously
since it was being done. He knew there was nothing he could do to prevent
it from taking place. He simply wanted his voice heard so the people
assembled here had no illusions that this was in any way shape of form,
consensual for his part. He wasn't going to allow them to believe so.

"This is a family arranged marriage, ma'am and you are the Bride. Your
family consented and found the Duke a suitable spouse for you. They
agreed, the dowry was paid. Your consent is not required."

"Of course not. Then this isn't a marriage at all. I didn't consent, but
my consent is irrelevant. I was bought and sold by my family. I have no
say in my life or who I marry now. This is human trafficking. I have been
sold as a sex slave to this man. I will never accept this as a marriage.
And that you participated in this and have no problem with it says a lot
about you, and your nations' character. Can you stop this ma'am?"

She almost looked sympathetic. "I couldn't if I wanted to, ma'am. Many
women find themselves in this situation, so it happens. You aren't the
only one.  This is an arranged marriage and this ceremony is only a
formality. You were married the moment the document was signed by your
family and the husband. If I didn't conduct this ceremony, someone else
would and it would make no difference to your situation, Mr. Manning. Now
let's proceed."

He looked toward the man, desperation filled his eyes. He had little hope
this man would be willing to call it off. Actually, he knew the Duke
wouldn't listen. He went through all of the expense of doing this,
setting up this ceremony. Paying Leanne a huge sum of money to make him a
woman. Arranging this wedding and the documents. He obviously knew any
man he did this to wouldn't be happy with it. Even if the man was gay.
The Duke Knew. So, no amount of pleading would make any difference. He
was obviously heartless and cruel. Thomas wanted the Justice, and the
guests to hear him pleading and begging the heartless Duke to call this
off. "Sir, Duke. I don't want to be your wife or dress as a woman. Please
don't do this to me. I am not gay, please, whatever my father did to you,
don't hold me responsible and humiliate me in this way. Let me leave."
His eyes were tearing up and his mascara was running down his face.

The man showed a look of concern, smiled softly "I love you. Everything
will be alright my sweetheart. I will show you my love." Then gently
caressed Thomas's face. It was what Thomas expected. He noticed that some
of the guests looked disgusted and appalled at the Duke now. He had hurt
some of the Dukes approval points now. Whether they were disgusted that
the Duke was marrying a man, or forcing someone to marry him, Thomas
wasn't sure. It was disheartening to see only some faces were disguised.
Not all, not even a majority. Most just accepted it that was how some
things were done here and this kind of force for marriage was a
nationally accepted custom. It was amended to include same sex marriages.

He said his piece and made damn sure everyone now knew he was a man and
was being forced into this. The guests now knew how he felt about it.
There was nothing else to do now.

"Renie Manning, do you agree to commit  your son Thomas Manning to the
love and protection of the Duke Jose Cordoba to love and cherish for the
rest of his life and agree this will be a beautiful blessed part of your
son's life."

She frowned at Thomas. It looked like it really hurt her and she was
concerned. That couldn't be, Thomas knew how his mother felt and wanted
to do this. She hated him and wanted to see him demeaned and destroyed.
So why did she look very reluctant now. "I do."

"Do you, Duke Jose Cordoba promise to take Thomas Manning into your life
and love and cherish him as your wife? Hold him above all others and
protect him for as long as he lives, in sickness and heath and cherish
him as your beloved wife." "I do," He said in a deep powerful voice.

Thomas said low so only the Duke could hear, "The hell you do." He knew
what this man wanted and cherishing and protecting him wasn't on the
Dukes agenda. He wanted to pound and destroy Thomas and mold him into
what he wanted, for his perverted freakish desires. Something no good
husband would ever do to a woman. Thomas was no fool.

"You may place the ring on the bride's finger." The woman said and
Thomas's delicate beautifully manicured hand rose as the Duke placed a
massive ring adorned with many large shining diamonds on Thomas's finger.
His red fingertips glinted in the son bringing a tear.

"Then by the power vested in me by the state and country of Dolora, I
pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride."

The Duke lifted Thomas's wedding veil and pressed his lips against
Thomas's. He knew it was coming and slightly opened his mouth for the
final kiss. He didn't want to, but he knew it was expected so it was no
use fighting it. He felt the Dukes mouth descend and his tongue slither
in his mouth in a full kiss. He cried out and tried to push the Duke
away. It was a powerful forceful kiss that hurt. The Duke wasn't a gentle
man at all. It hurt and Thomas's face twisted in disgust as he was kissed
by another man and he wasn't gay. He felt his stomach twist and lurch as
the Duke's large tongue swirl and lick the inside of his mouth. Then he
pulled away as Thomas was futilely trying to push the Duke away. It was
disgusting to kiss another man like that. But, he knew it was just the
beginning and there was more coming later. Thomas knew he would simply
have to adapt to more sexual activity with this man. The duke took
Thomas's hand and led the stunned man back to the preparation room of the
small chapel. He said, "Leanne will help you prepare for the reception
and I will wait for you, my love. Just wear that corset a little more for
me and ask her to use a larger cup size for your bra and show a little
more cleavage." The Dukes hand was squeezing Thomas's butt cheek.

Thomas brushed the Dukes large hand away from his buttock. "I am not your
wife and there is nothing you can do to make me accept it. I didn't get a
say, so I don't have to accept you as my husband. You can abuse, molest
and demean and humiliate me like this. I know with your power and
security I am powerless to do anything about what you want to do with me.
Just know there will never be love between us and I will never regard you
publicly or privately as my husband. You are my master. Now leave me
alone you animal." He kissed Thomas and walked away.

Leanne turned and looked as Thomas entered the room alone. She looked
startled. Thomas sort of liked her. She was beautiful and very hard. Her
face was flawless and beautiful as a woman should be. Thomas could watch
her all day in that blue skirt she had and that top. Thomas would guess
she was a large C cup. "Oh, Mrs. Cordoba. I didn't expect to see you
until tonight after the wedding reception. Then I was going to prepare
you for tonight's activities with your husband. What can I do for you?"

She saw Thomas flinch at being called Mrs. Cordoba, but it was to be

"Well," He avoided her gaze. This was going to be embarrassing, but he
feared what would happen if he didn't. "The Duke is displeased with my

A look of alarm was very evident on Leanne's face. "Oh my, what?" She
really sounded concerned. Thomas had noticed that Leanne was an
exceptional makeup artist and an obsessive perfectionist. She wanted
everyone to know and respect her work. That was important to her. That
was something he could use.

"Well, it's my breasts and he wants a larger cup size and more cleavage
to be on display. That's it. Your work on my face was very good."

Leanne loosened the gowns chest and pulled it down. "Men," She said more
to herself. Looked at him and loosened the corset and removed the bra."
Alright, Mrs. Cordoba. We will have to lift you up to retighten your
corset with the larger breasts.

Thomas mentioned, "Yeah, men. He obviously has a large breast fetish and
I guess I have to have massive breasts for him. I just hope he doesn't
make me get real breast implants."
He put his wrists in the rope again and let her tighten them and lift him
off the ground" She inserted larger breast forms inside the bra cups.
They were very visible now as they stuck out and would attract a lot of
attention. Leanne smiled approvingly of the new feminine image of Thomas
and laced the tightened the corset again. She twisted and tightened the
corset and it hurt just like before. But, with his mother he had learned
not to show pain. Not that she ever hurt him, but she liked to humiliate
and said some very mean spirited things. And his father, he tried not to
think of that. All of that during his childhood taught him to control his
outbursts and expressions of pain. So he remained silent as she did her
work. Leanne was surprised. The previous man was screaming as she
tightened the corset on his wedding. This man was creepy and more than a
little unsettling in how calm he was. She knew his mind was taking in
everything and analyzing everything. He watched and said very little. But
what he did say was always accurate.

He was still hanging from his wrists when she twirled his body in the air
so they were face to face. He was helpless hanging in the air and she had
an air of seriousness to her. s she adjusted his curls and positioned his
breasts correctly. Leanne said, "Mrs. Cordoba, I hope from here on out,
we can have an understanding. Even though I work for you, I have specific
instructions from the Duke that override anything that you say that
contradicts his instructions. I have my instructions from him and I will
do what I am supposed to. You will have them done. You are now married to
the Duke and I will call you Mrs. Cordoba as it is appropriate now. There
is nothing you or I can do about that.  I have my job and I am well
compensated by the Duke for it. I will do my job. I have security if you
get out of hand. Do we understand each other?"

Leanne lowered him to the ground and they spoke.

"I am not his wife, Leanne, you can count on me getting out of hand. I
fully intend to." Thomas smirked at her. "I know what is planned for
tonight. What gives him the right to have sex with me?"

"You are his wife, that is what gives him the right," Leanne said. "It is
appropriate. He has the right and you are his wife."

"I never agreed to be his wife, I never gave my consent or approval. I
don't want to be dressed as a woman and married him to him. This is
unacceptable to me. I am a man and don't want to have sex with another
man. I am not gay, Leanne please understand this. I won't allow him to
have sex with me." He knew what her argument would be, he knew her type
of personality already and had it all figured out. He was leading her
down a road that was inevitable. She had no clue.

"You said you wouldn't be dressed as a woman and now you are here and
dressed as a woman. You said you wouldn't marry him and you are now
married. He will have sex with you tonight. You are his wife." Leanne
stated matter of flatly.

"I am not married and I'm not his wife," He stated. "I won't allow him to
have sex with me." Thomas said very sternly. It bothered her that there
was little emotion to his voice. No outrage, or screams of rage. Just an
icy cold logic and resolve in his demeanor. Most men would be in complete

"He will have sex with you and you know it. It is customary. The bride,
you two will have an intimate night." She smiled evilly. "I would get
used to the fact if I was you."

"No, I am not his wife and won't allow him to have sex with me." Thomas

"He will, what makes you think you can prevent it," Leanne inquired.

"Nothing, but I won't allow it and I don't have to. You have
misunderstood Leanne. I have said I won't allow him to have sex with me.
I know you and your security and the Duke can overpower me, and force me.
He will have sex with me whether I allow it or not. It is not sex then,
we are discussing rape. That is what will happen. I won't allow him to
have sex with me."

She was getting irritated. "It is his right, you are married. It's not
rape, it's the first night to consummate the marriage."

"I am not his wife, I never consented. It was forced, I was sold and I am
his captive and slave, I am not his wife." He stated firmly. "No I won't
let him have sex with me. He will have to force me."


Thomas smiled at how impassioned she was. She was very emotional about
her job and easily irritated when the logic didn't go her way.

"I will never accept this. It was forced on me, no one asked my consent
so I am not under any obligation to accept this. You got that, it was
forced so it will continue to be forced. I will be raped tonight. My life
has been destroyed, by you Leanne!"

"None of this is my doing. I didn't put you here. This is your husband
and your family's doing. She saw the depth of the hatred in his eyes. It
was no hot rage. Just an icy cold resolve in his eyes. It actually
frightened her.

"You are here, you dressed me like this. I told you not to and you did
it. I blame you, Leanne."

He asked, "Are you happy with your work, does this make you proud."

"Yes," Leanne replied. I am very satisfied.

"Would you do this to your son?" Thomas asked accusingly.

"No," She said. As she cursed himself seeing Thomas smile. Now he knew
she had a son.

"You know I don't want to do this and you are forcing me. You are
enjoying tormenting and humiliating me."

"I am just helping you to be beautiful for your husband. That is my job
and I focus on appearances. I am an artist."

Thomas smiled. "You are a sadist. You enjoy a man's humiliation and
suffering. Their pain gives you joy. You enjoy your work Leanne."

"Mrs. Cordoba I am only doing following directions of your husband.
That's it."

Thomas smiled, it was a creepy unexpected smile. Not because it showed
any malice. It showed no malice at all. "You offered the explanation of
all the monsters, we were only following orders. We merely carried out
directives from our superiors. We aren't responsible, we did it but
others told us to. I understand, but I don't accept Mrs. Sterling. That
excuse has never been accepted. You can determine right and wrong and
when your work creates suffering, you are doing wrong. You would know
that if you had a conscience."

There wasn't much to say to that and his position was clear as she
lowered him to the floor. She would probably have to punish him a lot.
Thomas decided to ask, "So you are already calling me Mrs. Cordoba. I bet
you were itching to call me that all day since I arrived. Do you mind
telling me my entire name? Since I bet he had it changed weeks ago and of
course, no one bothered to tell me or ask my consent."

"Isabella Cordoba."

He smiled, "Lovely name. I guess I may as well get used to it, but you
will refer to me as Thomas or I will not respond. You may as well get
used to that. I guess I am ready to go to the reception now.


Authors Note. I have about a fourth of the story already written and the
rest outlined. Some plot devices in this story were taken from Rikkis
Marriage of Martin Hastings. I love that story. This story is about five
to six years prior to Martins story. This is an earler transformation
that Leanne took part in. I hope you all enjoy this story, it will be a
lot different than his. I have corrected some major mistakes I saw in my
earler posting last night. If anyone sees any other major errors or
mistakes, please tell me. You can tell me in my comments or email me at


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