Initiation Nightmare (Part 1)

Silvy Richards

Having just turned eighteen, Paul was nervous about the up coming weeks
ahead. School was starting tomorrow, and he was finally starting college.
His new school was not only just a blocks away, but it was also the same
college that his mother and father had attended, and eventually ended up

But there was more to it than that, much more. Not only did his parents
graduate there, but Paul's grandparents also did the same, in both cases,
the men had joined the Alpha Omega Alpha's and the women had joined the
Delta Phi Delta's. The most elite fraternity and sorority houses on

To add even more pressure, his sister Lisa, who was three years older
than him, was not only graduating this year, with honours no less, but
last spring she had also been elected to be this year's president of the
Delta Phi Delta's.

All this to say, Paul had absolutely NO choice but to try and become a
member at the Alpha Omega Alpha's, it was literally destiny forced upon
him. Granted, his parents weren't expecting him to make presidency like
his sister, but they were counting on him to at least pledge the
fraternity. His mother and father assured him that if he truely gave it
his all, and did all that was asked of him during initiation, completing
the family legacy would be a shoe-in.

That's what made him nervous. The Alpha Omega Alpha's, or the AOA (slang
used by the students), were known for having rather outrageous initiation
rituals. Being more liberal than most colleges, hazing was not only
tolerated at this school, but it was also considered as a mandatory

Short spurts of public nudity was to be expected, as well as two solid
weeks of walking around school in crazy outfits. Some of the costumes the
pledges had to endure in the recent few years consisted of mere togas,
potato sacks, lab coats, bathrobes, and baby getups, just to name a few.

What made it even scarier for Paul, was that the sister sorority to his
fraternity, which happened to be the Delta Phi Delta's of course, or the
DPD as the kids now called it, got to chose all the embarrassing
challenges the new pledges would have to go through.

Having his older sister Lisa be the president of the sorority in
question, made Paul wish he could take back all the evil little things he
had done to her in the past. Like the several times when he had his
friends over and stole all her clothes and towel while she taking a
shower. Or the other time when he took all her lingerie and hung it all
in the tree in front of their house, during a time when their parents had
gone away for a few weeks.

His friends had dared him to do it, and Lisa had been embarrassed as hell
that day when she came home to find all her thongs hanging from the
branches with all the neighbourhood boys gawking at them. She never told
on him, but she did vow to get even with him one day, and Paul felt that
day was closely approaching.

Being that the AOA was primarily an all jock fraternity, Paul had almost
exempted from even attempting to join in the first place, which had
relieved him quite a great deal at the time, even if it meant
disappointing his parents and grandparents bigtime in the process. The
problem for Paul was that just this summer, due to the popularity of the
sport, the school had just installed a five and ten meter diving platform
for their gigantic olympic size swimming pool, and just as it happened to
be, unfortunately for him, Paul was an excellent diver. Much to his
dismay upon hearing the news, the window of opportunity had been opened
to him, and the only possitive aspect Paul could see in it was that now
both his parents and grandparents were ecstatic that he had an
opportunity to complete the family circle.

But what made it all really worse, which was giving Paul serious knots in
his stomach, was the announcement that for the first year, the diving
team was going to be meshed with the swim team, and when it came to
embarrassing initiations, apparently the the new rookies who joined them
got it the worst.

Paul had given up diving just the prior year, much to the great
disappointment of his folks due to the fact that he actually had a shot
at going pro, for the simple embarrassing reason that divers who wanted
to make it far, had to wear speedos in order to do so because when it
came to serious compitetion, wearing one was required. Never fully
developing like the other boys, Paul had quite the small package between
his legs, and showcasing it in tight spandex was something he just
couldn't handle. He wasn't super small down there, but just enough to
know that compared with guys he'd seen, he had a tad less than the
average joe.

Knowing that he was going to have to go through not only one, but two
initiations in the next couple of weeks, and that both would be occurring
simultaneously no less, Paul tried to distract his mind by trying to pick
out what he was going to wear for his first day of school. Having left
his bedroom door open, Paul didn't see that his older sister had stopped
in front of it, and was in the process of checking in to see what her
bratty little brother was up to.

"Choosing what to wear for your first day at school tomorrow?.. Awww how
cute. What's a matter? Are you nervous?" teased his older sister in her
annoying baby voice.

"Why should I be nervous?!? And why are you talking to me in the first
place?!?" Paul asked defensively, "I thought I wasn't worth wasting
saliva over?" remembering one of the putdowns she once used on him.

"Just wanted to make sure of something... you're going to meet the AOA
tomorrow after school right? Sign up and everything?" Lisa inquired being
the nosey bird that she was.

"Uh.. duh... I kinda have no choice airhead! Geez... what other
fraternity did you think I was going to pledge?!?" Paul barked out,
putting on a facade, trying to sound tough.

"That's all I wanted to hear," she smirked, "Ta ta... twerp!" as she
casually started walking away before stopping momentarily, "Oh yeah, one
other thing..." she paused looking down at the clothes on the bed, "...
where's your speedo?" to which she finally left giggling to herself.

Being that they both lived in walking distance to their school, neither
of them were expected to move into the community dorm, sorority house, or
frat house they belonged to. Even when Lisa was elected as president,
living in the DPD sorority house that was just a few blocks away was
never forced upon her. It wasn't a question of saving money either. Their
parents were very well off, so much so that while growing up, being short
of cash was something that never happened to any of them.

Their dad was rarely there, because he worked on the road as a roadie for
several big name bands. He had actually been promoted just a few years
back and was now part of the management team, which meant he no longer
moved the equipment around, instead basically told others what to do. The
pay was more than generous, but not seeing his kids grow up was the

Their Mom was a very successful high-end lawyer that earned triple the
money their father made, and was the main reason why they lived in such a
big house with both an indoor and outdoor pool. She was a no nonsense
woman, that was very down to earth, and loved to argue like no one else
on this planet. That's what made her so good at her job. Her debating
abilities were so keen, that regardless which side of an argument she
chose to defend, she always seemed to be in the right. Given the chance,
she could convince the pope to give up religion if she wanted to.

"I'm so proud you of you," his mother said as she too stopped in front of
his door on her way back from work, "To think my little boy is entering
college." she beamed to take in the moment, regardless of having a bad
day at work.

"I haven't been accepted into the Alpha Omega Alpha's yet mom..." Paul
said feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders, "... I might not
make it in you know." he admitted waiting to see her response.

"Oh, you'll make it in," she tried to comfort him, "I have no doubt in my
mind. Look, you've already been accepted into the diving team, thanks to
the recommendation your old coach gave. All you have to do now is get
through the initiation process and after that it'll all be smooth
sailing." she stated rather matter-a-factly. "Sure, some of the hazing
might be a bit embarrassing... but if your father was man enough to go
through with it, I know for sure you'll be able to bite the bullet and
get the job done."

"You seem to be forgetting that aside the AOA initiation, there's also
the swim team initiation I have to worry about" he reminded his mother,
"and from what I hear, they can be real jerks to the newbies." Paul said
with a trembling voice.

"So you might have to show your little pee-pee to some of the girls," she
tried to downplay the reality of the situation with a bit of humour,
knowing full well that he was born with as small a cock as her husband's.
"God made us all different, so if even if you do get teased about it, I'm
counting on you to buck up and take it. Not all girls have big boobs you
know? It just one of those things in life you'll have to accept."


Two hours before bedtime, Paul was doing his bi-weekly chore of doing the
laundry when he stopped in front of his sister's bedroom and knocked at
her door. "Do you have any dirty clothes? It's laundry time." he
announced, hating to have to speak to her.

"Open the door, I got tons!" replied Lisa with authority as Paul turned
the knob to enter his sister's private domain.

After giving him her weekly load she said, "Here, don't forget these!"
reaching under her pink babydoll nightie, she removed her matching
panties and flung them square at his face which ended up rebounding into
the laundry basket he was carrying.

"Don't fling your... undies at me" he hesitated, too embarrassed to use
the correct term.

"They're called panties! Why can't you call them that?" Lisa questioned
bewilderedly and also annoyed at the fact that her little brother still
refused to call them by their actual name.

"Fine, don't throw your... p-p-panties at me." he stuttered for a split
second before making his exit, at which point she stopped him, wanting to
test a theory.

"Do p-p-panties make you uncomfortable? Is that it?" she tried to decifer
the enigma, while still managing to make fun of him in the process.

"Fuck you!" he flustered in embarrassment, as he made his way to the
laundry room, turning several shades of red on the way.

"You know, it's really in your best interest to be nice to me,
considering the situation you're in," she yelled out in a loud voice as
he fled. "Prepare to be owned little brother" she warned as he vanished
from her sights.

'So panties make you nervous eh?' she thought to herself with glee,
believing she might've just found another chink in his armor.

With fresh ammunition in hand, Lisa began to formulate a plan to make the
next couple of weeks a living hell for the little twerp.

**to be continued**        


  1. It was a time dreaded by Paul Sweeny.
    For one thing, his sister was a meanie
    Who now the chance
    To wreak vengeance
    On him by exposing his wee teeny wienie.