Man Dating Ch. 2

By Caroline S.

Chapter 2

Tuck was back in his car and still shaking his head. What just happened?
Was that real? Did Jake have anything to do with what happened with

He paused in his musings and squirmed a bit in his seat. The thong he
was now wearing felt like it had a life of its own as it had worked its
way up between his butt crack and was causing not so much an irritation
but an unusual feeling; a bit of pleasure, a bit of naughtiness, he
wasn't sure. It seemed as if it was trying to burrow inside him. He
wondered how women could wear these things, and then he remembered that
part of the reason that it was so uncomfortable was that he had a little
more to hide.  But Lawrence had even addressed that short coming. Short
coming... well, it had been used pretty hard, and his little man rightly
was a bit tired. So yes, it was small, but did he have to... His mind
still caused him to clench down there. He thought the involuntary spasm
was akin to doing kegels that women do to strengthen certain muscles, or
at least that is what he had read.

He clenched again, the memory still fresh, along with the slight pain
and, well, difference. Lawrence had given him the pink panties, saying
that's all he had in the store at the moment. As Lawrence helped him
step into them, he could see the tiny patch of material in the front was
never going to keep everything in place, so he had very quickly and
efficiently popped Tuck's balls back into his body. Oh god, he clenched
his legs again, just letting the thought ramble through his brain. But
after that the thong had fit perfectly, holding back his small penis
between his legs, fully hiding any bulge at all. Well, a little bulge in
the right place if he were a sis... No! He was not, was not going to be,
and certainly didn't want to look like one. But there he was, driving in
his car with a thong riding up his ass, his balls pushed up into a body
cavity he didn't even know existed and his penis tucked back between his
legs.  But why did it have to be frilly and pink? The little bow in
front, tickled his tummy.

His underwear wasn't the only thing that had changed; in fact his whole
ensemble had changed.  Lawrence apparently had instructions from Jake to
not let him go near his club in the shabby clothes he usually wore. The
clothes he had dressed in that morning were now probably in some
dumpster.  'Not even good enough for Goodwill' was Lawrence's comment.

He now wore super tight skinny jeans with a thin belt, which looked like
it was made from crocodile skin, and a pale blue short-sleeve silk
blouse. Even his brand new white tennies had not passed muster, as they
too had been unceremoniously tossed in the corner, adding to the growing
pile. He had been given a pair of sandals, which had a bit of a heel,
but Lawrence convinced him that the extra height made him look taller.
Anything that made him look taller was okay with Tuck.

Lawrence had insisted that the outfit was unisex and appropriate for the
Dunbrier and his appointment in the afternoon; Tuck wasn't so sure. The
very tight silk blouse was not exactly see-through, but his nipples did
poke out. And they were huge. He had never seen his own breasts like
that. Again, Lawrence was the reason.

He should have stopped him, but he didn't know what Lawrence was doing
at first and it felt so... different. Good, yes, and well... different. As
Lawrence was slipping the blouse over Tuck's head, he had taken Tuck's
little nipples into his mouth and sucked on them hard. He could still
feel the warmth and wetness in his mind, along with the incredible
suction pressure of Lawrence's mouth. If he could have clenched his
chest he would have done so. But he couldn't do anything about it as the
blouse was over his head, and he couldn't see a thing. And Lawrence did
it not to just one nipple, but to both, and not just once but twice... oh
and the second time, he clenched both his chest and his little penis,
too trapped to respond. And well, too tired.

But now his little nubbins poked out against the light fabric totally
looking like they were excited, which they still were.  Hopefully they
would calm down before he got to the club.

He looked in the rearview mirror. Thankfully he still looked like the
same old Tuck, even after the quick brushing that Lawrence had done on
his hair. He was not sure about the part in the middle though.

He started up the car, pulled out of the parking lot and out into
traffic. He caught the next light and was through the intersection. He
looked down on the seat next to him and saw his brand new iPhone, and it
had Jake's picture as the background. He stared at, almost willing it
not to ring, but it did. He answered it, knowing it would be Jake.

"Hello?" Tuck asked in a somewhat tentative voice.

"So, all finished with your fitting?"

"Yes, just now."

"Isn't Lawrence the nicest guy you ever wanted to meet?  I hope you
didn't give him any more trouble."

"No, I tried to be cooperative... it's just..."

Jake interrupted him, "That's good, as I wouldn't be happy at all if you
gave him any more trouble."

"No, but..."

"Alright, you're expected at my club, just sign in at the front door as
my guest. Evelyn is expecting you, I have arranged everything."


"I have to go, I'll check in on you during the day.  Just don't give
anybody a hard time; I don't want to get any bad reports."


"Best behavior, right?"

"Ok... no problem."

"There better not be," and Jake was gone.

The Dunbrier Club and Spa was private and members only.  It was situated
on a large parcel of land and completely surrounded with Douglas Firs
that were so thick you couldn't even edge sidewise through them. They
provided both the security and privacy that the club demanded. There
were definitely some tennis courts and an exclusive spa on the grounds,
but what else lied within its walls was purely a guess as Tuck had only
driven past the facility and never been in it.

Again traffic was light and he drove directly to the address, pulling to
a stop at the front gate.  The guard house there was designed to look
like a small cottage, but the gate and mechanical terrorist bars
imbedded in the road would stop any unwanted intruders on foot or in a
car. The guard, not recognizing the vehicle and not seeing any
identification tag, was very wary as he exited his little house, and his
demeanor looked like he would brook no argument if you didn't belong
there.  The very real Glock that he wore on his hip looked like it could
finish any argument most definitively.

"This is private property, members only," he stated, his hand near his

Tuck, his window already down, said, "I'm Francis Tucker, a guest of
Jake..." and for the moment Jake's last name went fleeting away; not
forgotten, but not available either. He chalked up the faux pas to
nerves at the sight of the rather large gun and the man ready to use it.

"Oh, Jake... let me check."  He picked up his clipboard to scan a list.
His hand moved away from his holster, and having run his finger down the
list, flipping the page once or twice, his finger stopped on Tuck's
name. "Your license, please."

Tuck dug out his wallet from the back of his pants and extracted his
driver's license from the little plastic holder and handed it to the
uniformed guard. It seemed everybody knew Jake.

Without saying a word the guard left the side of the car and re-entered
the guard house, and Tuck watched him pick up the phone and have a brief
conversation. It seemed slightly animated, the guard stopping and
glaring at Tuck throughout the discussion. The Dunbrier seemed to be
harder to get into than a Mafia run strip club.

He came back with a stick-on name tag. The guard had scrawled Mary-Anne
Tucker in the space where his name should have been. Tuck thought
briefly about correcting the error but the guard's no nonsense look
persuaded Tuck that correcting the obvious error might not be a good
idea. The guard handed the tag to Tuck and waited for him to put it on
his shirt. There was really no reason to argue or continue the
conversation, and it was just a temporary tag.

Once the tag was properly affixed, he handed Tuck another clipboard with
an entry log attached for him to sign. Tuck wrote 'Mr. F. Tucker' in the
small space provided and then handed the clipboard back.

"You head on down the road, stay to your right, and make the second
right turn; it will be marked Clubhouse.  Park in the visitors' area."

He rolled up the window and waited for the gate to open and the yellow
pylons to move back beneath the road, clearing his way.  It seemed to
take forever, but eventually the way was open and he was driving down
the road again.

The grounds looked like a forested park with immaculate, sweeping lawns
and gardens.  A path next to the road looked like it might be for horses
or golf carts. The first entrance to the right said staff only, and a
little farther up the road he found the second right and the small
Clubhouse marker, which could easily be missed unless you were looking
for it, with an arrow pointing in the proper direction.

The parking for visitors was in the back, farthest away from the club
house and, he assumed, the spa. He had no idea that Jake belong to
something this ritzy.  He walked up the parking lot path clearly marked
for pedestrian traffic and towards the large mansion in front of him.
The lot was littered with BMWs and more than a few Mercedes.

"The entrance fees to this place must be very steep. I guess Jake is
doing a lot better than I imagined," he said aloud to no one in

Once he entered the building it looked like a fancy hotel.  Everyone was
dressed as if they had just stepped out of Vogue.

A young man in a crisp white shirt and a red tie came up to Tuck with a
big smile. The name 'Bruce' was embroidered over the right pocket. Bruce
greeted Tuck in a big, happy, booming voice, "Hi, Mary-Anne Tucker,"
leaving out the customary Mr. or Ms. because he wasn't sure if he was
addressing a man or a woman. "Welcome to The Dunbrier."

Tuck looked around, his face glowing a beat red, looking to see how many
people had heard his name so badly mispronounced. He saw several people
looking over and smiling at him, evaluating him and checking to see this

"It's not Mary-Anne," said Tuck fuming, keeping his voice low but
responding more rudely than he meant. "It's supposed to be Marion, I go
by Tuck."

"Oh, I see," smiled Bruce, thinking the young man could easily have been
a Mary-Anne with the long blonde hair and thin body. "So how can I help?
I assume you are guest?"

"Yes I am, of Jake..." his last name clear in his mind but interrupted by
the young man again.

"You must be the new Marsha," he boomed loudly.

"Huh, what are you talking about? Who is Marsha?"

"Oh, forgive me. Each member is allowed to have one full guest pass, and
the last person that Jake had as a guest was his old girlfriend, Marsha.
You're the new Marsha was just my way of saying you're Jake's new guest.
It simply means that you will be treated exactly like a member and all
services are open to you."

"That's nice; I'm supposed to be going to the spa today."

"Oh the Spa," he smiled, "you lucky girl," and he smiled again,
immediately correcting himself, "I'm sorry, guy. I keep looking at you
and thinking Marsha." He smiled again, looking at Tuck and evaluating
the situation. "Well, let's get you in to the spa for your wonderful

He turned and strode off expecting Tuck to follow, and in a second Tuck
was standing alone in the large foyer with people staring at him again.
He moved off quickly to catch up with Bruce.

They went down one hall and took a right, and soon they were in front of
a wall of windows that looked into another lobby of sorts. An attractive
brunette stood behind a desk, talking on the phone.

"Evelyn will take it from here, Mary-Anne. You have a wonderful day." He
laughed, turned and walked away.

The lady who was evidently handling the reception area was still on the
phone as Tuck stepped into the lobby area, and she indicated with hand
signals to hold on, she would be finished in one minute.

Just then Tuck's cell phone rang. It rang only once before he could get
it out of his pocket, and of course it was Jake.

He said, "Hi, Jake," before Jake could say anything.

"So you made it to the club ok. I talked with Bruce already and he said
he brought you down to the Spa. Have you checked in yet?"

"No, not yet. Evelyn is on the phone, she said to hold on for a second.
Wait, she's calling me over."

Tuck took two steps and was in front of the desk again. She was still on
the phone, saying, "Yes, I know. That's such a shame..." and she pushed
him a bright pink plastic name tag with a magnetic clasp that would
attach to any material. The name read, in very clear lettering, "Mary-
Anne Tucker".

"Jake, they did it again. They have my name as Mary-Anne, first at the
gate and now this."

"What are you talking about? Mary-Anne is your name, why shouldn't it be
on your name tag?"

"No, it's Marion, not Mary-Anne."

Either the phone connection was not great or Jake was not hearing,
understanding or caring. "Look, Tuck, I don't want to hear any more
complaining. I have a wonderful day planned for you, and they're going
to fix that rat's nest you call hair, your chipped nails, and clean you
up so you look human. And honey, I want you to look special for our
first date."

That's right, it came screaming back at him; date, dates, dating. This
joke was getting a little out of hand.

"Jake, I think we need to talk. I..."

"Listen Tuck, no more complaining. Just sit back and let them do their
magic. Remember, I am in charge. I swear if you give anyone a hard time
at my club, the first item on the agenda for our date will be a bare
bottom spanking. Understood?"


"Understood?" his voice louder and more insistent.

"Yes... ok... understood."

"I'll call in a few hours and see how my girl is doing," he laughed.
"Sorry, I couldn't help it. It brings back memories, Mary-Anne."

The phone clicked dead and Tuck was again staring into the smiling face
of his best buddy on the screen saver... and, he thought, his date for
the evening.  'His date?  Or would I be the date', he thought to
himself. In either case it was a bit out of the norm, but so would
having dinner on Mars.  He pocketed the phone and put the badge on,
finding the magnet and attaching it to his shirt, proudly displaying to
the world that he was Mary-Anne Tucker.

Evelyn was still on the phone, and seeing he had his name tag on she
handed him an envelope and began gesturing for him to move on, aiming
him down the hall to the 2nd door on the right. At least that's what he
thought that the sign language indicated.

As he moved down the hall he looked at the envelope. It had a number on
it with a list of instructions. The note read:
Dear Mary-Anne,

Jake has arranged a wonderful day for you. Here is your locker number,
and in it you will find a robe and a pair of slippers, all you will
really need to wear for the day (sometimes less... smile). We are very
casual here and you will find our staff VERY friendly. Should you need
anything, please don't hesitate to call me. My direct line is ext. 3333,
and you can dial it form any phone on the grounds. Have fun...
Joan will meet you in the mud room and will guide you on your way when
you finish. We hope you will love the new you.

He stopped at the second door which was marked 'Changing Salon'. It
didn't look very masculine, but it seemed the entire spa area was
designed and decorated for the women visitors, but he had definitely
seen two or three men briefly in and around the lobby area since his

The door opened easily, and turning a corner he found himself in a very
spacious locker room with padded chairs in the aisle and oak sided
lockers with doors and no padlocks. He found the locker with the same
number as on the envelope, and inside he found a robe and slippers.  He
started to take off his shirt and undid his belt, and was quickly down
to his underwear.  He was embarrassed by the light pink thong, but once
he had gotten used to it he found it to actually be fairly comfortable,
and beside Lawrence, nobody was the wiser.

He heard them before he saw them. Women's voices were coming from around
the corner and were getting louder by the second. He quickly pulled on
the robe to cover his near nakedness.

"Oh, hi," said one of the women as they came into view. Tuck was shocked
to see they were both naked and still wet from the shower. The blonde
stuck out her wet hand. "Hi, honey. I'm Dorothy McKay, but everyone
calls me Dot."

"Or Dotty," the other one said, with a big smile. "I'm Franny. And you

Tuck was a deer in headlights.

"Sweetheart, we don't bite," said Dot.

"Well not hard," chirped Franny, and they both laughed.

Tuck thought, 'Oh my god, I'm in the wrong locker room. I knew it looked
too nice.' But since they weren't recoiling in horror at his presence,
they must have assumed he was a girl, so he decided to bluff it out.

"I'm Mary-Anne."

"Are you new here or just a guest?"

"I'm a guest of Jake Preston."

"Oh, you're the new Marsha," and they both laughed again.

Jake was surprised that they hadn't noticed his hairy legs. Well, he did
have to admit that they weren't very hairy, and the hair was kind of
blonde and didn't really show up that well in the light of the locker
room. But his voice, that had to give things away. But no, they carried
on like he belonged there.

"Jake set you up for a spa day?"

"Uh huh."

"Sweet shy little thing, isn't she," Dot remarked to Franny, her arm
reaching around to cup her friend's bottom.

"Oh, you'll just love it here," Franny said, eyeing the new girl in the
club, fresh meat as it were.  "Yes, there's just so much the club
provides, and as Jake's guest, it's all available to you."

"Everything?" Tuck asked, not believing that the entire menu of items at
the club would be available to guests.

"Well, gold guests only. It's like they're a member, too. Steve had
Jenny as a gold guest for years."

"Oh my," gasped Franny. "Jenny? I thought she was a member."

"No, just a gold guest."

The conversation was going around Tuck and he felt he had to ask a
question. "Just what does a gold member get to do?"

"Oh, everything..."

"I see. And what does that mean?"

"The club is like a little city unto itself, everything is included; the
restaurant, the spa of course, tennis, golf, swimming, and..." said Dot,
parting her robe to reveal her massive cleavage.

"Really? That too?" said Franny in amazement.

"Yes," Dot said, hefting her well-developed tits as an indication.

"No... I had no idea."

"The whole program is included."

"Program?" Tuck asked, not getting the implication of what Franny and
Dot were talking about, even with the very obvious and naked
conversation aides in front of him. The hints escaped him completely.

"Enhancements," Franny stated as she undid her robe and lifted up her
own large naked tits for Tuck to study.

"Oh..." was all he could manage as he finally figured it out.

"Yes, a whole suite of plastic surgery. I had my lips plumped," Dot
said, pursing her lips.

"Oh you had more than that, I know," Franny chided.

"Well they were lifted, not filled," pouted Dot.

"And they are lovely too," Franny said, letting go of her own augmented
tits and taking the effort to admire Dot's for a second.

"What about you, hon? Looks like you could do with a little fluffing on
the top yourself," she said, her hand sliding over Tuck's mostly flat

Tuck didn't know how to respond to the intimate touch, covering her hand
with this own in an effort to gently remove it from his person, but only
accomplishing holding her hand so that she cupped his mostly absent tits
and letting her tweak his nipple, which was still standing out after
Lawrence's attentions.

"Oh I don't know if I want to go under surgery, I'm such a chicken."

He thought that his statement would end the matter, but no such luck.

"Oh it's no big deal; snip, snip, tuck a big balloon of silicone in, a
little glue and you're done.  Twenty minutes and you're a size C,"
Franny grinned.

"Or double D," Dot smiled.

"Well, some of us are built for bigger things," Franny cooed as she
sidled up to Dot.

They kissed and began to roam their hands across each other's breasts,
taking the time to thoroughly feel the results of their respective
surgeries, more an art than a procedure.

They could see they were making Tuck more than a little uncomfortable,
so Franny decided to press the situation. "Here, feel them yourself,
hon," she said, taking Tuck's hand and placing it on her breast.

Tuck blushed as he gently cupped the hot flesh.

"No, go on, squeeze and play with them and tell me they don't feel 100%
real. I can tell you one thing, when a cute girl like you plays with
them I can certainly feel it."

Tuck took her advice and moved his hand around the globe, feeling the
pliant skin and soft flesh under his fingers. He felt the nipple with
his thumb.

"Go ahead and squeeze them, honey, they don't break. And feel them both,
they match," she laughed.

Tuck took his free hand and held the other beautiful breast, also. He
was not quite sure, but he thought it was probably the first time that
he had ever held two boobs in his hand at once.  Barb, a former
girlfriend from work, let him grope her, but it was just under her bra
and she would only allow one of her breasts to escape at a time. This,
though, was easily the only time that he ever held, looked at, or was
near tits that even came close to rivaling Franny's wonderful gifts.

"Oh god, that does feel nice. You have such lovely soft hands, Mary-
Anne. Pinch my nipples a little."

"You are a slut," huffed Dot.

"Yes, but there are advantages," smiled Franny. "Oh suck them, please?"

"What?" Tuck asked, shocked at the suggestion... no, really more a demand.

"Suck my tits," repeated Franny. "Wrap those sweet lips around my
nipples and make me cum."

"You better watch out, sweet girl. Franny's a squirter."

"Squirter?" The new pleasures and information was coming at him at too
fast a rate.

"Yes, when she cums she actually ejaculates, it's quite something. So
get busy girl and suck her tits." Dot pushed Tuck down to the red and
stiff nipple. It was long, almost an inch long, and fat, at least a
dime, maybe a quarter. It was the single most exciting nipple he had
ever seen, and the first that he had ever put between his lips.

"Oh my god, even her mouth is like silk... oh yes... lick too."

Tuck was following Franny's directions, holding on to the generous tit
and doing his best to suck her lovely nipple. He could feel it getting
harder and actually getting bigger in his mouth.  For some reason he
thought it would be fun and a good idea to switch to the other nipple,
quickly letting go with a soft wet pop and grabbing the other tit gently
and taking hold of the nipple. He licked it with his velvet tongue and
then began to apply gentle and steady pressure.  He could feel the hot
flesh expand, and as he sucked harder it got longer and even fatter.

"Oh god, that feels so wonderful, sweet girl... oh harder... I'm going
to cum."

Tuck, in all his dating years, never had a girl cum. They probably faked
it a couple of times, but never had the intensity risen to this level
for a real orgasm.

"Oh yes... I'm... get down there girl!"

Tuck screamed in his mind, 'WHAT?'

Franny pulled Tuck from her hard, excited nipple and pushed Tuck down to
the floor. Tuck stared at the naked pussy in front of him. It was soft
and bereft of any hair. The fingers of one hand were teasing the folds
while two fingers on the other hand were plunging in and out of her well
moistened pussy, opening the flower to his shocked senses.

"Just take it," Dot said, pushing Tuck's face into the maelstrom between
Franny's legs and then held his head to her wet and bald pussy.  Tuck
had never before been in this position, but the urgency in Franny's
voice and the feeling of both women's hands on him, pressing his lips to
the open cunt, hot and excited, was making his own more manly erection
stir inside his tight panties.

"Oh yes... she is so good. Right there, yes, right there."

Evidently the novice efforts that Tuck was making, the soft tongue
lapping at the hard nub, was hitting the right place. He let his
attentions vary between licking like a bitch puppy and sucking the hard
nub and making it extend, even touching it with his teeth.

"Oh yes, yes... oh my god..." he heard her scream and then his face was
covered with hot juice, two jolts of her cream filled his mouth,
splashing over his face, his lips, down his chin and onto the floor. And
yet she still held on, forcing his face and tongue deeper. He could not
help but swallow, and the taste was so sweet it was like a delicate
desert.  He savored it, as it was a once in a lifetime event. He licked
the folds and crevices, sucking the cream from Franny, his face and his
attentions in the most intimate of contacts.

"Ok girl, my sweet Mary-Anne. That was so lovely," sighed Franny as she
finally stopped convulsing.

Tuck looked up at her from his kneeling position on the floor.

"What a show, girls," giggled Dot. "I got it all here on my camera
phone. This is going to make Jake's day, I'm sure. Oh my, I bet it'll
get a million views on sextube, also."

"Oh please don't," Tuck begged, knowing that once people he knew saw it
the deception would be unrecoverable and his whole life would fall

"Don't worry, sweetie. Jake will know it's you, but all the world will
see is a hot lesbian locker room scene. No faces."

Tuck still didn't want the video out there, it was just too
embarrassing. He knew once it was on the net it was there forever.

"It's ok; I already sent it to Jake. He saw it and look, he sent back a
text with two big smiley faces.

Tuck looked at the phone and the smiley faces were sticking their
tongues out and winking.

"Hey, we have to go. Thank you so much, that was so much fun. We'll do
it again soon."

"Kiss kiss, bye," Dot smiled, putting an arm around Franny.

"Bye honey," Franny said. "I'm sure we'll see you around, dear. The mud
baths are right through that door, I know you'll enjoy that, we sure
did... the mud baths, too," she laughed." She let her finger trail
through her open and very red cunt, getting it very wet with her juices.
Her finger came up and she put it against Tuck's lips, waiting for him
to open them.

Tuck took the finger in his mouth and sucked off the cream as she pulled
it free. He smiled at the shared intimate taste.

"Naughty, naughty," said Dot, slapping playfully at Franny's naked butt.
"Now you be a good boy and play nice the rest of the day and we'll see
you around later, Mary-Anne."

They walked off laughing, still pawing at each other, stopping at the
end of the aisle, their arms wrapped around each other, oblivious to the
rest of the world and exchanging a very deep and passion filled kiss.

Tuck stared until they broke, smiled and waved back to them; they knew
all along he was a guy. They knew.

-End of Chapter 2-

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