Man Dating Ch. 3

By Caroline S.

Chapter 3

The phone rang.  Tuck immediately looked down and saw Jake's image; of
course, who else could it be? Having been chastised already for any
delay in answering his new phone, Tuck wasted no time and picked up the
demanding device.

"Hello, Jake."

Without any other preamble Jake started in on him again. "I hope you're
finally behaving and not being an embarrassment to me."

"Jake..." he was cut off.

"Seriously, Tuck, for this to work I need your full cooperation. I need
you to listen to me and act accordingly, or we can call this off and go
our separate ways."

"No... really, Jake..."  again he was not able to say anything more as
Jake cut him off once more.

"I want this to work, but I have very strict guidelines. I told you this
was an experiment and I think it could be good for us both, but unless
you start acting better I'm calling it off."

"But Jake..."

"So do I have your word that you're going to be obedient and do exactly
as I say, that I have 100% control?"

Tuck was silent... it was the first time Jake had used the word

"Well, do I?"

Tuck didn't know what to say, but blurted out "YES!" to get him off his

"Good, I knew I could count on you."

Tuck relaxed as he could hear Jake's voice calming down. But then he
thought about the video that Dot had sent. What was he going to say
about that embarrassing incident? He couldn't be blamed, he didn't know
he was in the girls' locker room, his name tag and all, it was not his

"Dot and Franny are very nice girls, I'm glad you got a chance to meet

Tuck smiled, not sure if Jake could see him or not, but decided that the
camera was most likely active. "Yes, they both seem very nice," not
knowing what else to say. He wasn't sure how much of the video he saw,
or what his reaction would be to the intimate play that the girls had

"Well then, have fun. I'll call you a little later to see how you're
doing. I'll pick you up at 6 from the spa for our date."

Tuck wasn't sure he was comfortable with calling it a date. After all,
it was just two guys having dinner together. "Yes, I am looking forward
to our dinner." He recognized that sounded very much like a date
acknowledging to her beau that she was ready and willing.

Jake laughed and then hung up.

Tuck stared down at the phone, the picture of Jake disappeared and a
pink rose filled the screen as the background image. He didn't remember
seeing it there before. He assumed that it changed infrequently on its
own, but he couldn't fail noticing that it was a decidedly feminine
image. He wondered if he could change it to something more male
appropriate; maybe later.

He turned back to the locker and continued to undress as he saw no
reason now to rush out and change lockers.  Inside the locker hung a
robe, and in the pocket was a note addressed to Mary-Anne. He was going
to have to find a way to get that changed sometime during the day, as he
really didn't want to go around all day explaining the mistake.

'Dear Mary-Ann,' the letter began, Tuck just sighed.

'Thank you so much for visiting with us today. We have a wonderful day
ahead planned for you. First off is the mud baths, I am sure you will
find them wonderful and relaxing. They are so very good for your skin.
No clothes, just wear the robe and we will have something else for you
after you're out of the bath. See Debbie and she will get you settled.
Happy relaxing.'

Tuck put the note back into the locker and took out the short robe. He
couldn't believe how soft and plush it was, and under the light of the
locker room it appeared slightly off white with a hint of color that
could be considered pink. No clothes was the order of the day, so he
pulled off the tight fitting thong that Lawrence had squeezed him into
at Kisses.  He smiled, thinking back on the unique experience, realizing
that the store was aptly named. He shook his head to get the image out
of his mind, as if the sudden movement could erase the thought of those
hidden embarrassing pleasures, making them disappear like a child's
etch-a-sketch. He still wasn't sure how to feel about the whole

Now naked but for the robe, Tuck looked to follow directions and be as
good as he knew how. Franny and Dot had indicated that the mud baths
where at the back of the locker room.

He walked down the center aisle and noticed the absence of any other
people. The club seemed active, but maybe this was just an off time for
the locker room. The door was clearly marked, MUD ROOM, no clothing
allowed.  He wondered if there was one for men and one for women or if
it was separated somehow. He kept the robe on.  It was very short and
barely covered his bottom as it was.

The door swung in and immediately he could smell the mud, and it was
nearly overpowering. It was a combination of sweet perfume, dirt, and
some sort of toxic chemical smell. He was not sure how long he could
stay in the room, as he was getting light-headed and sort of felt like
he might faint.

He was shocked back to alertness by the sound of a female voice off to
the side.

"Hi, dear, I'm Debbie. Oh, is this your first time? It does take a few
minutes to get used to. I know it doesn't seem like it, but in a minute
or two you won't smell a thing other than a sweet flower scent.  Funny
how your mind works."

"I'm sure, but it is quite strong at the moment."

"Well, Mary-Anne..." she said, reading the name tag that he had affixed to
his robe. One of the cardinal rules of the club was to have your name
tag prominently displayed.

Tuck cut her off to try and correct the error. "I'm sorry, they made a
mistake. My name's Marion, and I go by Tuck, the name tag is wrong."

She was evidently not listening and said rather brusquely, "That's what
I said, Mary-Anne."

Tuck didn't want to appear rude or difficult and decided to leave it
alone and let her call him whatever she wanted. He smiled and said, "Oh,
my mistake."

"Yes, well..." She was not mollified at all.

With her negative reaction to him already, Tuck was afraid that any
aspect of argument from him would further set Debbie off more than she
already seemed to be, and that was the last thing Tuck wanted.  It was
also the last thing that Tuck needed, another bad report.

"No clothes..." she said rather sternly, holding out her hand for the
robe he was wearing.

Tuck looked at her the hand which was bobbing impatiently as if to say,
'now and hurry'. He undid the belt and slipped the robe from his
shoulders and handed the garment to Debbie who just tossed it off to the
side. Tuck's hands went immediately to his crotch to cover his bare

"What's this? I thought you were..." She reached over and grabbed Tuck's
hands, wrenching them back and away from their protective position,
uncovering his diminutive toy. "I thought you were a girl. How dare you
pretend to be a woman and use the women's locker room? So, did you get a
peek at any naked ladies you pervert?"

Tuck was shaking. "No, it wasn't like that. My name tag was wrong and I
was told to go in there and there was this note and..."

She was not listening. She had her cell phone out and had begun to punch
in a phone number that Tuck was sure would bring the giant from the
front gate to this room in seconds and he would be spending the rest of
his life in some prison.

"I should call the police."

"Oh please, no." Tuck was in tears.

"Get your hands away."

Tuck put his hands to his sides.

Debbie reached over and took hold of his cock. Her hand was warm and she
began to stroke it. It was getting harder by the second.

"If you let that thing spit at me I will rip it off."

That was enough for Tuck and his penis began to deflate.

She had a firm grip on his cock and began to pull on it while taking a
step away, pulling Tuck along by using his cock as a makeshift lead.

"Get in."

They stood in front of one of the coffin-like mud baths. Tuck looked at
the thick brown goo, not sure about how to do this without slipping and
killing himself.

"Put this on," she handed him a rubber bathing cap, "and then grab the
bar and lower yourself in."

He looked up and saw a metal like trapeze bar hanging over the trough.
The bathing cap was tight but he managed to stuff his long hair inside
and pull it tight over his head.  He reached up and grabbed the bar with
one hand and pulled it over to him. Grabbing it fully with both hands,
he could now see how it would be possible to enter the bath using the

Gingerly he took one foot and stepped into the bath. It seemed like the
tub had no bottom, as his foot, then leg, went further in until his foot
finally came to rest with the mud thigh high. He stopped and looked at
the woman, her anger still evident. With a little more confidence he
stepped in with his other leg, the mud parting and his second foot also
coming to rest on the bottom. He still hung onto the bar even with both
legs in the mud.

Debbie was silent, waiting for him to immerse himself further. Using the
bar, he lowered himself and felt a shelf that would support him. He
slowly inched down into the mud as the weight and thickness of the mud
prevented him from moving with any speed.  He leaned back and allowed
himself to settle into the mud fully, his bottom resting on the shelf
and the mud oozing up between his legs and up his chest, his hands still
holding onto the bar.  Once fully seated he let go and found hand-holds
and foot rests under the mud. He settled in carefully so as not to slip
completely under, not sure what the muck would do to his face; at least
his hair was covered with the bathing cap.

"Now listen up, you little shit."

Tuck was amazed at the woman's anger.

"I don't know what you think you were doing pretending to be a girl. I
should have called the police and I know I should call Jake and tell him
to come pick your sorry ass up."

"Please, I am so sorry."

"Shut up, I have a better idea. You're going to spend the day as Mary-
Anne, just like your name tag says."  She took out her I-phone and
seemed to open to an application. "Yes, that will be good, and that one
too." She was using her finger to select items on the screen.

Tuck couldn't tell what she was doing but he could see the smile on her
face as she continued.

"Well, that will be quite a day for you. Now listen up, little girl.
You will go through every procedure on here, and I better not hear a
word of protest or I will call the police. So don't test me."

"I'll do whatever you say. Please don't call the police or call Jake.
I'm really sorry; I didn't know that it was the girls' locker room."

"Well it's yours now, too."

Tuck felt like he had been slapped in the face and could not tell why
she was so angry.

"Whether I call either is up to you. I better see a happy girl all day
long or you're going to be one very sorry little boy."

"I'll be good, I promise."

"You had better be. We have twenty mud baths in here, and they all have
girlish descriptions. Do you know the name of the bath you're in right

"No ma'am."

"I call it Princess, as it makes you feel all pretty. You feel it?"

"It feels a little tingly."

"Yes, it would... first, it has a very strong, and I emphasize strong,
exfoliator. It's much more than a simple hair removal, as it gets down
to the root. It doesn't kill it, but it retards growth significantly.
Rub some on your face too, just don't get it in your eyes or on your eye

Tuck looked at her with some fear in his eyes.

"Do it now!"

Tuck took his hands out of the muck and marveled how the mud stuck; it
looked like he had sprouted wooden limbs covered in oozing bark.

"On your neck... stuff some in your ears too," she instructed the
placement of the powerful mud. "More over your face... you missed a spot
under your nose.  Good, now do all that again and rub it in."

Tuck started to massage the muck into his face, careful not to get any
in his eyes or closer to his hair line.

"Good, we'll do that two more times."

"Yes ma'am."

"The mud, if you noticed, is also infused with a powerful scent. Your
nose is already immune to it, but when you leave the tub you will be
able to tell, as will everyone around you. It is designed to make you
smell good but still not clash with any perfume that you might wear."

"Tuck was very sure he didn't like the idea of smelling like anything
that mixed with a perfume."

"It's called 'Sweet Passion'."

Now Tuck was even more sure. He hoped his after shave lotion was enough
to mask the scent, and maybe after a shower or two it would go away.

As if reading his mind, she grinned and said, "The scent is infused into
the skin, as you sweat it becomes stronger. It should last an ample
amount of time.

What was ample, Tuck wondered?

"As I said, the mud removes and then prevents further growth of hair,
but it also shed the first layer of skin; that's the tingling sensation
you feel. Your whole body will feel baby smooth, although a little
sensitive and pink when you first get out, but that will go away after a
few hours."

"One more thing... our Princess mud bath has a special added feature.
We have introduced a very strong soup of female hormones that have been
modified for absorption through the skin. For women, it makes them feel
alive, makes then sexier, wetter, and sometimes even enhances their
physical attributes; for you, my little impersonator, I don't know what
it will do.  I guess we'll see.
When the timer goes off, reapply your mask, thick... I will be watching
in the monitor."

Tuck watched her turn around abruptly and walk away, leaving  him lying
in the mud bath with the brown goo doing all sorts of things to his
body; denuding it of hair, making the skin softer, and then the unknown
hormones. He thought the last was more of a threat than anything else.
It wasn't possible for them to do anything like that, was it?

Her words echoed in his head; female hormones, extra strength, hair
removal... this all had to be a giant mistake. The large and very
effective security officer was not, however, and Tuck didn't want to
meet him under any circumstance, especially if he was being accused of
impersonating a woman and using their locker room in order to get a
chance to look at naked women.

The video that Dot and Franny took, while amazing and very real, was all
the evidence they would need, and he wasn't sure if they would throw him
under the bus or stand beside him. Even if they did say it wasn't his
fault, the scene in the locker room would certainly lead to his exposure
and a loss of Jake's friendship. It was all a disaster waiting to
happen, and now that witch, Debbie, had put him into the most feminizing
tank possible; Princess, he was sure it was altering his DNA in some
sinister way.

He sat as still as possible in the mud bath and quickly became bored.
Debbie didn't even have the courtesy to turn on the music. He noticed a
headset that was hanging within reach, but his arms, already coated with
the pungent mud, would cover the delicate instrument, and he didn't want
to add damaging property to his growing list of alleged crimes.

He watched the clock and waited for the 15 minutes to be up so he could
reapply the mud mask to his face. He figured somehow she was watching.
The clock moved slowly, and the mud seemed to ooze around his body
keeping time with the hour hand of the clock. There must be a hidden
pump as he could almost see mud flowing around his body in gentle
eddies. He felt like the mud was carrying away the last of his manhood.
He had to tell Jake enough was enough, that he couldn't do this anymore.
The morning had been bad enough, but now the threat of jail hung around
his neck like an albatross. He decided he would have to learn to live
without Jake in his life. If there was going to be a new Marsha, it
certainly was not going to be him.

With no music or any other distraction to take his mind off his
predicament, he began looking around the room. Apparently each of the
mud baths was in a separate and private room.  He assumed they were all
like his, with white tiled floors and walls.  Every fourth tile, he
counted, had pink roses on them. The tub itself was made from heavy,
white porcelain, smooth and shiny except for where the mud had stained
it brown. The mud entered into the tank through a large stainless steel
tube about two inches in diameter, dropping a fresh new batch in the
tank about every thirty seconds. The end of the tube was right next to
his head, and the sound of the wet mud falling a foot or so and then
ending in wet mush and was like a very irritating clock. On the other
end of the tub was the outtake tube, also stainless steel, and it
dropped down from the ceiling and dipped down into the mud.  He could
watch the mud move slowly from the where it entered the tank to where it
exited. It was constantly moving.

"Time's up," drilled Debbie's disembodied voice over the speaker in the
room. "Mary Anne, please put another layer on your face and in your
ears. We want to make sure your skin is as smooth as a baby's butt for
your date this evening. Remember, I'm watching you."

Tuck noticed a closed circuit camera in a corner of the room at the
ceiling. He figured there would be one to monitor everyone's progress,
although he had not quite counted on how close his supervision was going
to be.

Tuck reached under the black mud, and scooping up a handful he smeared
some across his already coated face. As the fresh mud was applied, the
old mud began to slough off. He continued the process and was especially
careful to keep it away from his eyes; there was no telling what type of
damage the chemicals would cause if he got it in his eyes.

"More, and thicker... you don't need to talk so put a nice thick coat on
your lips, maybe they will fluff up a little," he heard her laugh.
"Maybe it will give you some nice cocksucker lips." Her laughter was
like a sudden whoosh of wind on the speaker.

He picked up another handful of mud, and now he not only had to be
careful to keep it out of his eyes but out of his mouth as well. He was
absolutely sure he did not want to taste it. And as far as her implied
threat went, he felt his lips were fine as they were and hoped the
female hormones would have little effect.

Now with the mud at least an inch thick covering his face and ears, he
was like a deaf mute. He wondered what he looked like. But the ordeal
was not over; he had one more application before she was going to let
him out. In his paranoia he was absolutely sure he could feel his
breasts growing, too. That was ridiculous, of course, but the words once
uttered were not going away, and neither was his concern for his loss of
all manhood.  No this had to stop, and soon.

The clock moved even slower, and he could feel the mud hardening not
only on his face and neck, but on his ears and lips as well.  He
wondered what he was going to look like without any hair on his body,
even his dick would be as smooth as a baby's. He was equally sure it was
not going to make it look bigger. He wondered how long his hair would
take to grow back, and he worried silently that it might not ever grow

Finally the last application was due and the speaker came alive once
more. "Try to peel off the mud from your face before you put the next
application on."

Tuck reached his hands out of the muck and touched the now hardened
concrete and felt like its removal would also remove skin at the same
time. He was very sure he didn't want to see any blood this afternoon.
He scratched at the surface of the caked on mud and it broke after some
pressure. It started to flake off in bigger clumps as he worked on it
until his cheeks and nose were cleared.

Finally he could open his mouth again. Obediently, once the hard cake
had been entirely removed, he applied a new thick layer to his face. It
felt different, like every pore was open and he could feel the thickness
and even the color of the mud on his face. It was like having a fresh
start. He was not sure he disliked the feeling, but it was different.
Like the last time, he put some in both his ears, the sound muting
immediately, and then over his closed lips. He did not feel any
puffiness, but they did feel different.

"That's good. Jane will be here in 15 minutes to get you rinsed off and
ready for the masseuse.  I will be there to meet you and give him
instructions. I do hope you're enjoying your spa day, Mary Anne."

She had very carefully said 'Mary Anne', and Tuck could tell she was
going to keep his girl name alive over the course of the entire day.

The clock eventually made its way to the hour mark and the door opened
briskly to allow Jane to enter.

"Oh Marion," she said, using the correct pronunciation of his real name,
"how are we enjoying your mud bath?"

Tuck could not speak with the mud still caked on his lips.

"Oh my, I think you stepped into the wrong tub, dear... oh this could be
bad. You're in the Princess suite, how could you make that mistake? Your
instructions were very clear; you were to go to Anthony or Brutus...
Princess is quite special, but only for the ladies. Oh my..." She seemed
flustered and entirely unaware that he had been purposely put into that
particular tank by Debbie.

Tuck could still not say a word, but looked up at her with a questioning

"My sweet boy, this one is very special, very strong hair removal
treatment. It lasts for weeks if not months, and it makes the skin extra
smooth. And I understand this is just a rumor, but it's supposed to have
a female hormone cornucopia that makes women feel special; I have no
idea what it would do to a man? Oh my... but that part may just be a
rumor for fun."
Tuck hoped it was a rumor and just for fun, as he was not all that
pleased to be a test subject for a new level experiment.

"Let's get you out and see if you've grown tits during the last hour,"
Jane laughed.

Tuck wasn't so sure that the joke was all that funny.

"And don't worry about modesty; we just don't have any here, you leave
that at the door. Plus, you don't have anything I haven't seen before."

Tuck tried to smile under the mud mask and hoped his eyes conveyed the
message of thanks for being so kind.

"Take and grab the bar and use that to leverage yourself up, and I'll
help you get out of the bath."

The mud didn't want to let him go and sucked him down hard, but with a
little effort and moving slowly, which turned out to be the key, he was
able to sit up and then stand. The mud adhered to him all over, like he
was a giant mud monster.  He leveraged one leg out, and with Jane's
help, he was able to take the bar and pull himself fully out of the bath
and was soon standing dripping mud on the rubber mat beside the coffin-
like bath. The mud settled back into the bath and still the slow current
continued like he was never there.  The steel tube continued to fill the
tub with fresh mud every thirty seconds.

"It takes an hour for the mud to circulate through the cleaning process
before it's returned to the bath, all ready for the next victim," she
said, trying to make a joke.

She picked up a thick red hose from a hook on the wall and aimed the
nozzle at Tuck's mud covered body. She pressed the control button on the
side and a warm stream of water under moderate pressure started to wash
away the mud.  The spray hit his chest first and large dollops of mud
fell away revealing his bared chest.

"Nope, no tits. You're a lucky girl, I guess," she smiled. "I suppose
this doesn't work on boys like it does on women."

Tuck was certainly hoping that was the case.

"Let's get that stuff off your face. Close your eyes..." Tuck did so and
felt the warm water splash against his eyes and mouth. He rubbed the mud
off with his hands, allowing the water to clean both his fingers and
face at the same time.

Finally he was able to speak. "Does that bath really have female
hormones in it?"

"That's the rumor," she said, continuing to spray Tuck and allowing him
to rub away the mud. She sprayed his belly and then lower, revealing his
manhood from under the muck, now completely denuded of any hair.

"Oh my," Jane said seeing his little cock. She stopped the water for a
second, stared at him and then down at the hairless little toy between
his legs. She was embarrassed, and asked in little voice, "Was your
penis this small before the bath?"

Tuck didn't know how to react and his hand went down to feel his cock.
The lack of hair made it feel smaller, but it couldn't have gotten
smaller in an hour. The mud had, however,  caused it to retract farther
than he ever noticed before.

"I don't think it's any smaller, but it has been through a lot ...maybe
it's just tired." He wished immediately that he could take back what he
had just uttered, as it didn't make sense to him either. The female
hormones couldn't have anything to do with it, and after all it was just
a rumor.

"Well, I'm sure it will be just fine in a day or two," Jane said

She continued to spray Tuck, removing the last of the mud and leaving
him fully bared. Not one hair survived the bath.

"I'm sorry, but the Princess suite did its job, and you're very smooth.
It looks good on you, though."

Tuck was speechless. His hand was not covering his little cock and he
was getting cold.

"Here, let's get you dried off and into your robe."

She handed him a big pink fluffy towel and helped him dry off and get
more comfortable. Tuck could feel the chill air on his body much more
than before. He realized that without hair, everything was going to feel
different. The towel on his bared skin also felt different, and it
wasn't only the lack of any hair. His skin felt different, too.

"I can't get over how soft your skin is, now. I don't know if that was
just the bath, or maybe there are hormones in the bath. In any case, you
have beautiful, soft skin." Jane smiled and inched closer. "Even your
lips look softer," she breathed as she got a little closer, "and you
smell like heaven, too." Her lips touched Tuck's and he opened his
slightly as he could feel her press against him.

Jane dropped the towel and wrapped her arms around Tuck, pulling him
close, her strength becoming very apparent. Tuck reached up to touch her
hair, blonde and soft, but she pulled it down and pushed his hand firmly
against her bottom.  Her hands then went to his bottom and to the bared
cleft between his cheeks. She wasted no time, grabbing hold firmly while
sliding first one, then two fingers into his rosebud. She pushed her
fingers in until they were deep inside him, then her lips closed hard on
his. She was in charge and Tuck was the girl once again. She bit his lip
softly and then broke the kiss.

"Oh you are one sexy piece of ass, my sweet boy, and I'll be getting
more. Of that I am sure."

She pulled her fingers out of his ass with a soft plop, turned and
abruptly left the room, leaving Tuck in a state. His little cock had
woken up to some extent, still looking small without any pubic hair
around it, but definitely larger than it was before. Maybe the whole
thing was just a rumor after all.

-End of Chapter 3-

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