Man Dating Ch. 8

By Caroline S.

The room was empty now, his crying had stopped, his bottom felt like the
fire was dissipating but he was sure what ever make-up Debra had applied
that morning was now in smears and dripping down his face. The private
room had a second door and he hoped that it would lead to bath room or
such that included access to a sink and a mirror. As his man purse was
loaded by Debra that morning, he was more than sure that the items in his
purse were well suited to repair any damage that may have occurred during
his, he knew not what to call it, perhaps a correction, or just simply
refer to is as his salvation. Things would continue, at least for now.

The door opened easily and the light went on automatically, revealing a
very full en suite, a large sink and vanity area with a mirror that was
well lit. Tuck surveyed the damage and he knew he would have to start
from scratch. Destroying several white wash cloths, he removed the war
paint that Debra had applied that morning and having removed the last of
it, he looked at himself in the mirror, sans any of the product that
Debra had used on him.

"Not half bad," he murmured to himself.

He turned this way and that, the mirror image looking back at him with a
questioning look.

"I don't know, maybe she is right," he said aloud. "I do need some help."

He dumped the contents of the purse out on the counter top, taking stock
as to the items she had packed away. He separated it into neat little
piles, make up, sex toys, and condoms. He was appalled at the number of
protective's she had added, making him look like a hooker on a busy
night. Colored condoms, large ones, small ones, he had a selection that
would fit any size penis and satisfy any particular taste as well. One
even said candied "strawberry special". He picked it up to look at the
package, it was for an extra large cock, and had the note. "she will love
the taste". He shook his head. It was more than evident that not a single
version was for him.

The sex toys were even more embarrassing; the three butt plugs were the
most obvious items that would satisfy even the most jaded of fetishes.
One even had a bright pink puff ball attached to the end, he supposed the
wearer would be made to look like a gay bunny once correctly inserted.
She had thankfully contributed an unopened tube of "Kenny's Ass Lube" in
the purse. The other two plugs were of varying size, one much larger in
width than the other was wide, but equally long and very realistic. He
felt assured that they would stay deep inside the purse and "fully"
unused, even with the helpful new tube of lube she had added.

The makeup that she had added to his purse seemed to include everything
that she had used that morning, helpfully adding a series of makeup
sponges and brushes. Most of which he really had no idea how to use.

"I don't know maybe a little won't hurt." And he proceeded to carefully
squeeze out a little of the cover makeup from the light blue tube. He
used the rubber pad like he had seen Debra do that morning, touching his
nose lightly with the cream covered sponge.

"Here goes nothing."

Mrs. Getty had arrived at 9:00 AM exactly and interacted briefly with
Jake as he left the building. He had informed her that Marian would be a
few minutes late as he was in the bath room and indisposed. She let Jake
leave, wishing him a good morning and then sat down to wait reading a

Finished with his efforts, Tuck looked into the mirror again, and smiled
noting that his appearance did indeed look somewhat improved and thought
maybe "man make-up" was not such a bad thing.

Tuck cleaned off the counter and managed to repack unique collection back
into his man purse leaving no evidence of his use of the bathroom, and
walked out of the small room watching the light wink off as he exited.

Mrs. Getty was reading a magazine when Tucked walked back into the room.

"Sorry I am late ... but I..."

He did not get a chance to finish his thought, as Mrs. Getty stood up, a
look of horror on her face, and rushed over to Tuck and gave him a huge
hug, she held on to him for several seconds and then holding him, in two
arms, she pulled back so she could take full stock. "oh you poor dear...
but we can fix that, come with me."

Tuck was not sure what there was to fix but he thought it had to be tied
to the attempt at repair he had made in the bathroom after the attention
that Jake had paid to him, a two edged sword. The payment for yet another
tomorrow was well worth the sore bottom cheeks that still glowed red and
chaffed slightly underneath his tight jeans.

Mrs. Getty strode off in the direction of the ladies lockers, Tuck firmly
in tow, a location that Tuck was already familiar with and the two of
them entered that sanctuary once again. It was nearly deserted, but the
sweet smell of a 100 perfumes lingered in the air along with the slightly
musty order of old shower water drying on the heated floors.

"Sit here," she said plopping Tuck into a chair in front of large well
Hollywood style mirror. Under the counter were several drawers and as
Mrs. Getty pulled them out one by one, Tuck saw that they were well
stocked with all manner of cosmetics, almost as many as he had seen when
he had first entered this world all of one day ago in the salon.

"I know Jake can be very demanding at times, he really must like you
though to show you that kind of attention." She lightly touched the
corner of his eye gently moving a smudge of morning make up loosened by
tears. "A spanking like that, not to hard but on your naked ass over his
lap, really means that he thinks you have potential."

"It hurt a lot," Tucked whined in a little girl voice that was not
supposed to be there.

"Well I am sure your sweet bottom is now all red and hot, and yes
somewhat still stinging, am I right?"

"Yes madam it is... I can still feel where his hand hit me."

"Spanked me..." she corrected, expecting him to parrot correctly. "He did
not hit you."

"No," he took the cue, "yes, ok ...spanked me... I still do not like it."
He tried to sound forceful and attempted to show his strong male side to
which a spanking by another man would be an anathema.

Mrs. Getty ignored his little show of masculinity. "Did he reach between
your legs and a hold your little boy clit?," she asked squeezing out a
wash rag, the steam from the heat rising and fogging up the mirror. "He
does that with his girls too," she looked into the mirror and into Tucks
eyes. "his corrections can be quite intense and then he plays with their
clit in between spanks. He says it makes them more responsive to the
correction and less likely to complain if there is need for another

Tuck was embarrassed as she already seemed to know the answer, and
squeaked out a very meek, "Yes." She smiled into the mirror at his answer
and proceeded to use the hot wash rag to remove all evidence of his
unsuccessful attempt to imitate the position as a cosmetician.

"I am sure he was just doing the same, to assure you that the correction
was being given with affection, as well as attention."

Yes Tuck thought, but I don't have a clit, do I? His words were not
spoken but he knew that Mrs. Getty had heard his silent question never
the less.

"This won't take a second." And she proceeded to scrub his face and neck
ensuring a clean slate for her more expert ministrations.

After a mere 15 minutes she was able to step back from Tuck and survey
her work more carefully, turning Tuck around in the chair so he could see
first-hand her efforts and the results of the needed repair job that
Jakes attentions had caused. It was a miraculous transformation as the
amount of product she had used and the deft care she enjoyed, made the
result a much better fit to the unisex dress that Tuck wore this AM.

"Oh so much better, you look perfect, young man."

Tuck was not sure that most casual observers would make the same
supposition, that they were indeed viewing a young male, but as he
continued to study the image in the mirror, like the old vase and old
woman optical illusion, he could see the transition between both his girl
look and his boy look. It was a significant improvement from the overdone
look that Debbie had left him with this AM and light years as to what he
looked like when he had first taken a seat. He felt confident that his
appearance was now more in line with his apparel and that the look was
more than acceptable.

"Well what do you think?"

"I am beyond words, Mrs. Getty, I don't know what to say. I feel much
more right... if that is a fair way to put it."

"Indeed young man, it's an excellent way of putting it, you look just
handsome, the slight use of color only enhances your natural good looks."

Tuck was not at all sure of the term "slight use," as he had never until
these past days had ever even thought of using any sort of make-up, boy
or girl products, his natural self was good enough. But of course that
was not good enough for Jake and as he continued to study the reflection
in the mirror, he silently agreed, that his old self was really not all
he could be.

"Now just a touch of lip stick, just for fun, it's a very neutral color
only you and I will know you are wearing it, sort of our little secret."
He smiled at the slight amusement and not wanting to put any kind of
impediment between them and pursed his lips so she could gently apply the
soft pink color. He was sure it would be quite noticeable, but as he
looked once more into the mirror as she stepped away to admire her work,
he saw that the color did indeed blend in and was not at all apparent.

"We must abandon these pursuits dear boy, we have much to accomplish
before the noon bells toll."

Tuck smiled as she sounded as if she was reading from a Dickenson novel,
her voice stilted and oh so proper.

"It is my honor to be your consort and accompany you on your expedition.
I only hope my inferior company will not cause you any discomfort," Tuck
was echoing the tone and voice and trying to come up with a rejoinder
that would make Mrs. Getty smile. For some reason her smile seemed to be
a key to his own purpose.

"Ah my sweet prince." She took his arm lightly as Tuck made the effort
hooking his arm and providing a point of purchase. "I could not be more
pleased with both your countenance and your company. We must make haste."

They both laughed and headed for the door.

The drive was short but filled with a lively conversation about this and
that. Tuck learned more about Mrs. Getty and her various business
ventures, but it seemed she was able to draw more from Tuck than she was
providing about her. His life however was not complicated and she soon
found out about his work, his relationship with Jake and his fears and
triumphs over the last few years. She was both sympathetic and
understanding and her open manner made it easy for Tuck to talk. He felt
like he had known Mrs. Getty for years, while in truth their relationship
was really only hours old.

"So the Herman Project, sounds most interesting. "Mrs. Getty said turning
into the large parking lot that marked their destination.

"Well I thought so, for sure, but evidently my company did not, the 'not
invented here' kind of thing, killed it. They said they had engineers and
accountants that that were responsible for those kinds of things and that
I should concentrate on my real job."

"Ah I see, could you hand me my phone from my purse."

Tuck sitting in the passenger seat reached behind him on the open seat
and recovered her purse. The Mercedes made the stretch to do so for more
of a labor than the same would have been done in his elderly Accent.

Tuck opened the bag and had to root around a bit, albeit carefully, her
sun sunglasses, a case from Gucci, a leather wallet that looked to be
Ives Saint Lauriat, the purse itself was Louis Vuiton, he realized he
must be holding at least $5,000 dollars, possibly closer to $10,000 worth
of accoutrements in his lap. "Ah here it is." he said holding up the

"Could you press the Seri button please?"

He did so and the "What can I help you with" screen popped up.

She begin speaking and Tuck put the phone closer to her.

"Please call Marie."

The phone call was placed and in less than two rings it was answered.
"Good morning Mrs. Getty."

"Hello my dear, are you well this day?"

"I am having a lovely morning, thank you."

Having parked fully, she took the phone way from Tuck but kept the
speaker active sharing the conversation fully, her smile was both radiant
and warm.

"Could you take a moment of your time to help me with an errand?"

"Of course Mrs. Getty," her voice slightly anxious but open and ready, "I
am at your service always."

"Thank you, my pet." She switched hands again holding the phone closer to
Tuck so they were now both hovering over the speaker. "I would like you
to look into a some activity at Rosegoods. You will need to have Lenny

Tuck was wondering what she was thinking as Rosegoods was were he was
currently employed.

"I want him to find all he can about a project called Herman, it was
developed by Marian Tucker"

"Dear what is your pass word, Lenny will need it to open the accounts."

Tuck considered options for a brief half second, "It's Perseus88 ....all
one word." He started to spell but was interrupted by Mrs. Getty.

"I have a strong suspicion that the program name will have evolved. Ask
the X team to work with Lenny and determine value and extradition needs.
My Marian developed the project and as of yet has received remuneration
or acclaim. "

Tuck looked like he wanted to ask a question and Mrs. Getty held her hand
up, touching Tucks lip with an extended finger to fend off the invisible

"And quickly please... report back as soon as you have any information."

"I will do so and You have a wonderful day, Mistress."

"Oh we will, Marian, I have some serious shopping to do."

There was a brief laugh exchanged and the connection was severed.

She nodded her head as to cut the phone connection and to put the phone
away. She leaned back against the soft leather door, the phone in her lap
and just let her gaze take in all that Tuck could offer.

"Oh my," Tuck said aloud breaking the silence, "you think there is value
in my idea." The other side of his brain was still trying to analyze how
Marie used the honorific of "Mistress."

"Most certainly, from the moment you started to explain it I was thinking
of ways we might implement your idea in my organization. We must first
see how far your present employer is working behind your back to towards
their own implantation."

Tuck smiled.

"That was an evil smile if I ever saw one," Mrs. Getty observed, brushing
an errant hair to the side revealing even more of the boys soft smile.

"Well it seems the original idea will come to naught and it will take
them some time to find the flaw." Tuck stated quickly brushing the
floating hairs behind his ear and out of the way.

"But you did." It was a statement of fact and assurance.

"Yes madam I did, your Lenny will find my program easily enough on my
computer space I am sure, a bit encrypted but the pass word I provided
opens all the doors."

"You are devious."

"Well if they were going to use it, it was only a matter time they would
come back to me and let me know they found a problem, I figured I could
get some kind of reward, attention or I would be long gone by then."

"Well I will not make that error in judgment, if you were working for me,
and you are you know.

Tuck looked at Mrs. Getty his face turning slightly to the side his
blonde hair falling slightly, he brushed it back the move becoming more
of reflex than a conscious choice of behavior. Mrs. Getty smiled as to
the feminine and casual move.

"I am sorry, I must have missed something," Tuck laughed even in the
short time of knowing Mrs. Getty it was easy to see she always got what
she wanted.

"Yes, I guess you did," she laughed. "You should listen closer, I will
put that down on your first evaluation. "must listen closer to imaginary
and silent conversations and instruction," and she continued writing the
first personal evaluation in the air. "clairvoyance must be used more
routinely." She was being most serious as she continued reading from a
fantasy employment evaluation.

"Ah yes, please forgive, I will do my best improve all ESP skills."

"Then I see no reason to mention this on your evaluation then either."

"I knew you would say that."

She laughed. "Perfect."

She held her phone once again, hitting the Seri button, and said, "Seri,
call Marie."

Mrs. Getty did not miss a beat and thought nothing of the anticipation as
if it was really the result of the improved clairvoyance but enjoying the
close working relationship that they were already establishing.

Marie answered on the second ring again. The speaker was still active.

"Mrs. Getty wonderful to hear from you again." You could almost see her
smile grow larger. "Is there something else I can help with?"

"Yes Marie, I wanted to know how our offer letter to Marian was moving
forward." She was playing the mind reading scene further and now
including Marie in her efforts.

"Quite well actually, the board has approved our position request,
special executive assistant, and the salary."

Mrs. Getty continued the role play, looking up at Tuck, a smile and
questioning look that they both shared openly neither not quite sure if
Marie had actually anticipated the request or was just playing along with
her role in the fun her boss was having.

"Starting will be 73 with quarterly bonus," Marie announced as if the
offer letter had been written and was already being transmitted.

Mrs. Getty was now sure that Marie had indeed anticipated her immediate
desire to have Marian as her assistant and the employment process was
well underway. She looked over at Tuck, asking, "Will that compensation
package be adequate?"

Tuck was in awe of how fast things were moving, the salary was almost
double what he was currently making. "And bonus," he thought as to the
words true meaning, but all that would come out as an answer as he tried
to voice "yes" and bring an offer of an affirmative comment and thank
you, was a soft croak.

Mrs. Getty smiled and returned to the conversation. "That is most
agreeable my sweet." She looked over at Marian again his face still in
shock as to the changes that were fast occurring.

"Benefits of course?" Mrs. Getty replied thinking that Marian would need
a car and other work related items to be the proper assistant her plans

"Mrs. Getty we have that well covered, you do not have to spend even a
second in concern."

"Oh Marie, you are a gem."

"Thank you Mistress, I only want to offer you my best always."

Mrs Getty smile just looked pleased and put the phone close to Tuck
urging him to speak.

"Ahhh, Marie, thank you..." Tuck was out of words and knew not what to say
at all, it was if his brain had taken a break and would be back

"Marian," Marie was talking from the phone directly to him. "You're most
welcome. My warmest greetings to you. I know you will be a huge asset to
Mrs. Getty directly and to the corporation. I so look forward to meeting
you. I wish you a most pleasant day."

The phone clicked off as Mrs. Getty and Tuck having pulled into the
expansive parking were now parked in the Mid Town mall. Their most recent
business concluded. Tuck was still in a bit of awe as to how fast things
just changed. A new job, a new boss, new everything. He tried to breathe,
he found it a bit hard at first.

"Shopping, my dear boy," Mrs. Getty said breaking the silence. "We have
much to do lets not waste a moment."

Mid Town Mall was a place that Tuck had seldom visited, the upscale shops
held no pull to him as he was not in a position, in the past, to partake
in their selections. Perhaps that was about to change.

"Come dear boy, we have so much to do now, we need a wardrobe for your
first days at work and tonight's dinner party too. So much fun," she said
exiting the door and standing patiently waiting for Tuck to emerge.

Tuck thought about his already well dented credit cards, two of which
Debbi had extricated from his wallet and now took residence in his new
man purse. He pulled the leather from the floor of the Mercedes and slung
the long strap around his neck so that the purse hung neatly at his

"Absolutely the first item on our list this AM is shoes, we need to
discard those clunky things in the first Goodwill bin we come to."

Tuck was not so sure a donation was in order as he had only had the pair
for some 3 years, and they had much good wear left.

Tuck did not in the least balk or pull away as Mrs. Getty, came around in
front of the car and took hold of his hand as they walked toward the mall

It was most evident that the mall and its environs were no stranger to
Mrs. Getty, she paused not a second at the large illustrated map
detailing the immense gathering of stores, on not one level but three. He
followed as best he could, her grip pulling him along in her wake. The
crowd parting as if she was the Moses of the mall and her dominion was as
of yet not in sight, the large tidal wave that would follow, forcing her
adversaries to follow behind or be swept up in the torrent.

One level up and several lengths of store fronts and they stood in front
of a store with only a hint in the widow as to what they carried. It must
evidently be a shoe store as that was her first goal of the morning. As
they ventured farther inside its purpose was slowly reveled and the
selection and breadth of what they offered became more evident.

"Oh my, Mrs. Getty such a rare pleasure to see you."

Mrs. Getty was well received almost anywhere she had been as far as Tuck
could tell and this emporium was not an exception.

"Thomas, I am so pleased to have you here this AM as well. So how has
business been for you?"

"Growing and growing, thanks to your fabulous endorsements, sometimes I
think I am going to need two more of me to satisfy the demand. I can only
thank you so much and I become sycophantic, your notes have changed my

Thomas the owner of the establishment was in his middle 50's, a light
touch of gray hair and standing over 6 feet tall, a prince in the
establishment. He looked to have played most sports during his college
career and still held the body of an athlete. His sandy brown hair and
good natured smile carried handsome off in new directions both casual and
real. Tuck was surprised at the smile he shared.

"And who might this young person be." He was careful not to assume gender
in his first assessment but his friendly look provided evidence that it
did not matter, he was enamored in either case.

"Might I present Marian, my new executive assistant in my corporate
offices, and special projects coordinator."

Tuck listened to his introductions as if he should bow or step down the
steps into the ball room, and was fully surprised that she had added the
secondary job description.

"Such a title for one so young."

Tuck blushed, for not the first time.

"A rare pleasure." He took Tuck's hand in his, the handshake firm but
somehow lacking in the normal grinding grip contest that defines men's
handshakes. "I must say you are just a lovely handsome lad." He held the
connection a bit longer and then added a second warm hand on top. "I wish
you the best in your new position." A small second squeeze somehow more
gentle than the first and then he pulled his hands back.

Even though he felt it was impossible, Tuck's blush only deepened.

Mrs. Getty smiled as to the impact Marian was making and totally aware of
the attraction that Thomas was already telegraphing.

"Mrs. Getty must think very highly of you and I know her taste and view
of people is most accurate. It is my pleasure to serve you both and how
in that regard should we proceed."

"I would like to divest Marian of these," she pointed down to the shoes
he was wearing. "and find something much more appropriate, much more so."

"Wonderful." His smile widened, exchanging brief glance towards Mrs.
Getty and then back to Tuck. "Let me bring out a few selections and we
can see which way we should go."

Thomas disappeared as if by magic and left the two alone for a brief

"He did not even measure my foot."

"No need Thomas has the gift, one look and he can immediately tell size
and width, believe me the fit will be perfect."

Before Tuck could say a word Thomas was back with a small stack of boxes
which he carefully set to the floor and took a seat himself on the
fitting bench inviting Tuck to take a position in front of him.

"I think you will like all of these selections it will only be a chore to
see which one is the best fit and look." He smiled up at Tuck as he
gently took Tucks foot into his lap slipping off his old shoe and lightly
massaging the toes through the tight nylon socks he still wore, the pink
color now fully evident but not causing Thomas a moment of care and
certainly no ridicule towards Marian. "Does that feel better? I could see
that your previous foot ware was pinching a bit around the toes and at
this point." He pulled the pink sock off completely revealing the naked
foot, smooth and hairless to the ankle and hidden by the tight jeans,
well beyond. Thomas put a bit of pressure at the side and mid point of
Tuck's foot, making him jump slightly but the pressure and gentle massage
caused a pause in the conversation and for Tucks eyes to close. "I can
tell there is some release, there now, it's called The Tuberosity of the
5th metatarsal bone, the wrong pressure can simply make a delicate foot
like yours most uncomfortable."

Tuck would have taken umbrage at the "delicate" comment, but the expert
fingers taking possession of his foot were too pleasant to argue with.
His diminutive feet, only a man's size 8 easily fit into size eight and
half women's shoe or nine depending on the manufacture. The other reason
that he was disinclined to share his shoe size or show even his feet when
he was in school, was the comparative of shoe size with his own smallish
penis, now but hidden and invisible after the treatments that Debbie was
responsible for during the last two days. As he opened his eyes, Thomas
was still smiling and his size thirteen shoe and the corresponding bulge
in his pants was proving the adage quite completely and well in his

"Is that better?" He asked and impulsively picking the foot up and
kissing the toes, an almost involuntary reaction that was not missed in
any way by Mrs. Getty.

"Oh yes, thank you, that was quite amazing. You should charge for that,"
Tuck said trying to make a joke.

"Ah, I should but for you, dear boy, my hands are at your service."

Tuck blushed and glanced over at Mrs. Getty as if asking for some help
but her face and eyes told him he was on his own.

"I think these will do better," Thomas said reaching down to the stack of
boxes and retrieving a plastic sleeve and pulling free a pair of ankle
high nylons, a soft black in color. "May I?"

Tuck nodded and allowed Thomas to remove his other shoe and sock and
watched as the big hands carefully fitted the nylons in place.

"Well let's take a look at our first pair, I would have to say they are a
bit daring but I believe Marian can carry them off quite easily." He took
the top off the first box and laying on their side were two deep red,
almost burgundy shoes. The heels had to be a least 2 inches.

"They are quite lovely, aren't they Marian," Mrs. Getty said peering over
from her seat next to Marian.

"Yes quite nice, but aren't they just a bit feminine?"

"Nonsense, we are not going to let others dictate our tastes are we?"
Mrs. Getty asked her question more of a dare than an inquiry.

"No, of course not." Tuck was very careful not to offend Mrs. Getty in
any way, and beside the more he looked at the red hues the more beautiful
they were.

"Let's try them on and see if they look as lovely in the box as they will
on you." Thomas smiled and he lifted Tuck's foot back into his lap, the
nylon covered toe resting squarely on his expanding cock, and pushing
hard against his gray slacks. He fussed over the shoe pretending not to
notice the placement of Tucks foot.

Tuck was afraid to pull away not wanting to embarrass Thomas who had
already been so nice. He could not believe the size and hardness and the
strength of the steel hard member under his toes. Gently Thomas took
Marian's foot once again and helped him slide into the new foot ware. It
was like slipping into a soft glove, the fit was exquisite nothing like
he had ever worn before.

"So how does it feel?" Thomas's smile lit up his face.

"Wonderful thank you, they are perfect."

"Well let's do the pair and we can let you try walking in them and see
how you do."

Thomas pulled the other offered foot into his lap, this time all business
and removed the old shoe, had him don the matching ankle length nylon and
slipped on the matching new footware.

"Now stand up and walk a little."

Tuck stood up and immediately felt the heel cause him to pull his weight
forward, feeling a bit off from his normal tired tennis shoe or well worn
loafer. He took a tentative step away from Thomas and Mrs. Getty, and
then, two or three more. He turned around, spinning, he thought like a
model, but probably just looking like a ungainly boy in heels.

"They are perfect on you," Thomas said from his position still seated.
"How do they feel...Still as we have hoped?"

"Yes, oh yes they feel like I am walking on air, so very comfortable but
the heel, seems a bit high, don't you think?"

"Take a few more steps and put a bit more weight on the back, smaller
strides too, Mrs. Getty was providing instructions as to how to walk in
the, as for now unfamiliar, foot ware. "Much better dear," she watched
the immediate improvement.

"Yes, I can see that that does feel better," Tuck said feeling more and
more comfortable in the unfamiliar shoes. "My balance seems improved

"Wonderful, but I have 5 more for you to consider."

"Oh my I will never be able to pick."

Thomas laughed. "We have all morning I have set this time aside just for
you." Thomas smiled. "I am all yours." His smile said more than just
offering services in a sales role.

Tuck smiled back. "Well then, let's see the next, I am so excited." Mrs.
Getty was just beaming and so enjoying herself. The morning could not be
going any better.

The boxes continued to pile up and with Tuck just glowing in the light of
Mrs. Getty and Thomas, each offering compliments and encouragements and
each choice being better than the last. Each new shoe also allowed for
Tuck to sit again in front of Thomas and allow him the opportunity for
the older gentleman to remove the previous pair of shoes and don the
next. Tuck even got use to having his foot massaged and placed so
precariously close to Thomas's very ridged manhood. The heels on each a
bit higher than the last.

"I have one more, it's a little bit more daring than the others. But for
perhaps an evening where it would pay to be a little outrageous, I think
you could have fun with them." Tuck took his seat again and watched as
Thomas took his, each time he did, he felt that the space between then

"These are Del Marco's and have a very unique binding that travels up the
calf we will need to inch up your pants just a bit."

 Tuck looked at Mrs. Getty for guidance and she just grinned back.

"May I?"

Tuck just nodded, he swallowed nervously.

"With my pleasure." And Thomas reached down and opened up the zipper at
Tucks ankle and rolled up the leg on his jeans until they were just above
his knee. The smooth bared skin of his leg was fully revealed. Thomas
allowed his hand to caress the leg from the ankle to Tucks knee sending a
shiver through Tuck. Thomas's strong hand cupped the back of Tucks leg
the most sensitive spot, kneading the tight muscle softly, Tucks eyes
closed for a second. "I can tell you're an athlete," Thomas said not
mentioning the baby soft skin, fully bereft of even a hint of hair.

"Yes, I try to work out," Tuck said softly, Thomas hands still magically
finding the exact spot that caused Tuck to moan between words,
involuntary and with a slightly higher pitch.

"Well, let us see how these fit." He pulled the last pair from the
remaining unopened box on the floor. A soft dove color and gold
adornments across the toe and at the ankle, but what was most amazing was
the heel height was easily 3 inches or more and these in a spike
variation more so than any of the others he previously tried on.

"Oh I could never wear these." Tuck tried to protest but the bared leg
and the strong hands urged him forward.

"Of course you could," Thomas assured Tuck, insuring the boy would be
wearing the sexy shoes momentarily.

"Maybe not to work," Mrs. Getty added, "but should we have a gala and you
are looking for something special and different, these would be perfect.
Like tonight's dinner"

"Really, you think so," Tuck said not really believing it himself but not
wanting to contradict his new employer.

"Oh Mrs. Getty you are so right, these would be perfect for a special
occasion," Thomas quickly agreed cementing the idea the shoes would be
appropriate for some gatherings, both adults trying to make the wild
shoes seem plausible. "These will work with out the nylons," he added
deftly removing any hidden secret.

Tuck watched as Thomas slipped the shoes on to his feet, slowly wrapping
the long golden lacings strands, looking as if they had been extricated
from gold bullion around Tucks bared ankles and then up his slim and a
hairless leg. The golden straps crossed back and forth till they met just
beneath his knee where Thomas tied the ample remains in a beautiful cross
bow. He did the same with the other shoe and then helped Tuck to stand.

"Now take it easy hon." Thomas stood next to the boy holding Tucks hand,
his strength keeping Tuck from falling over. "One foot in front of the
other and small steps you will be fine." He led Tuck over to the mirror
that was carefully angled down so that it only showed the person standing
in front of it from the waist down, emphasizing the foot ware that was
being modeled.

Tuck was not at all sure he would be fine, the shoes were skyscraper tall
and the heel was impossibly small he looked down at the mirror image and
saw the womanly shape of his legs the gold wrappings off setting his
slightly tanned skin. The heels looked sexy and were quite exquisite but
he had to blink twice and then realized he was looking at his own legs.

"I am not sure," Tuck said turning back to Mrs. Getty hopefully. She saw
too that these were too much for any occasion and in no way something he
would wear even to be outrageous.

"They are perfect, we will take them."


"We will take all of them, you have my particulars."

"Yes, Mrs. Getty of course we should have them all to your door by ten
tomorrow morning."

"Wonderful, we will wear these out today, they just look to smashing for
words. You will do that for me sweet boy wont you?"

"I... but..." Tuck was beyond words.

"Thank you, ever so much Thomas."

"My pleasure to serve you anything I can do, please do not hesitate to
call me. Good bye Marian, I will look to see you again soon."

"Marian... we will be off then... thank you again, so much you, have been
more than considerate."

"Always a pleasure, Mrs. Getty." Thomas's voice belied a brief moment of
sadness that the session was now over.

Mrs. Getty turned to leave the store taking Tuck by the hand. Tuck took
another step away from the safety of the store and Thomas's strong
support, fearful that he must endure strange looks all afternoon, unable
to answer the questions. "Who was that boy wearing those ridiculous
shoes?" His jeans now carefully arranged to show off the entire shoe, the
lacing, the bow, everything. But it was the sound that they made on the
tiled floor that was so definitive, leaving nothing to question.

As they took some steps away from the store Mrs. Getty halted the

"You did not thank him dear."

Tuck was agin at aloss for words. But the silence was only filled with
his need to break it.

"Oh, but you did so well, I did not think you needed me to add anything,
I am sure he understands how much you, I mean we, appreciated his
service." Tuck thought he had done a good job explaining why and
proclaiming his innocence, and reason for escape .

"Well my dear boy, I would like you to do so for me."

"Of course," Tuck said obediently understanding it was essentially
useless to make any further argument and turning back to the store. He
was stopped by Mrs. Getty, not letting go of his hand.

Tuck turned back, his eyes asking...yes?

"Marian, I would like you to do more than just 'saying' thank you ... I
would like you to show him your thanks."

Tuck immediately passed from a mere fright to terror in the split second,
as he saw Mrs. Getty's eyes light up with the request.

"Now my sweet Marian, you work for me now and I will say that I do have
very open way in the world, and I expect those around me to respect

"I do... but..."

"Don't think I did not notice how you your toes fondled his very full
erection. I was clearly worried his cock was going to erupt any second
the way you were giving him a foot job."

"No, I was not, giving him a foot job." Tuck blushed again. "He was
playing with my foot, and well maybe, I was only teasing him a little."

"Yes, well dear, you did that very well. His excitement was most evident,
and it s really very impolite to tease. Especially a man's cock, and as
was most plainly seen, his was in a very serious need of intimate

Tuck looked like he was going to faint, he said softly so only she could
hear, "But Mrs. Getty I am really not gay, I could never say thank you in
that way."

"I assure you that Thomas is not either, I have seen some of the
beautiful women he dates, but when he saw you today, I think he was just
enamored. Did you find Thomas ugly?"

"No... not all."

She waited for Tuck to respond, her silence an apt tool for eliciting a
desired response.

"No, he was quite handsome," Tuck added hopefully satisfying her
requirement for his own evaluations.

"And sexy," she said pointedly, and not quietly.

There was a similar pause in the conversation, Tuck recognizing his words
would be the only way to end it, blushing he added, "I suppose, yes I
could say that."

"Say what, dear?

"Yes, He was sexy." Tuck was getting more and more uncomfortable with the

"Well his hard cock will attest of how he saw you."

Tuck smiled shyly, not use to that kind of attention from a man.

"You think he thought I was sexy?" Tuck asked fearing the answer but
secretly hoping for the affirmative.

"He could not keep his hands off you," she smiled enjoying how the
conversation was going and where it would end up. "it's your countenance,
your new being that he was drawn to and one that he could not explain or

"I don't know, it was just playing, I am sure he does not see me that way
at all."

"Ok then, I have a bet for you."

Tuck smiled he liked bets, although he usually lost most.

"You will go back in and tell Thomas, thank you and tell him how much you
like the shoes."

"I can do that."

"But first you ask, if he has a moment, and then ask to step into a place
of privacy."

Tuck could see where this was going.

"When you are alone and the door is shut behind you."

Tuck's mind was floating in all directions but leaned in close as Mrs.
Getty gently pulled him to her.

"You are to say," she whispered in his ear, Tuck nodded his head, knowing
that after the first words were spoken, he would find the closed door
would quickly reopen and his escape would easily be made, and the winner
of the bet would be himself. Much relieved and reassured of his own self
and not the image in the mirror.

"Hello Thomas."

"What a pleasant surprise, Marian, did Mrs. Getty forget something." The
older man's smile was open and revealing.

"No. .," Tuck searched for the next words. The store was still empty
Thomas was alone.

"If there anything she needs of me, I only seek her satisfaction." Thomas
smiled, his dazzling teeth, and slight wrinkles around the eyes, only
made him look more distinguished and perhaps sexy, if you thought about
men in that way. Tuck was not sure how he viewed them at this point.

Tuck sighed, and continued in the voice that Mrs. Getty had provided.

"No ... it's just that I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your and assistance." The two words that Mrs. Getty insisted that he use
in his initial opening of the conversation.

"It was entirely my pleasure Marian, I hope our play was not too forward,
I would never want to offend you."

Tuck blushed and turned away for a second hiding a smile that overcame
him for a second.

"I was just wondering if I might be able to say thank you in private,
would you have a moment?" Tuck had screwed that request up, the asking
for time was supposed to be first not last, now it sounded as if he
wanted to take time in saying thank you. It was not going as he had

"Yes, by all means, my sweet boy, let us go back to my office, we can
have all the privacy you might desire."

Tuck touched his fingers to his lips, a nervous gesture and stepped off
to follow Thomas to the office in the back, but his heel caught in the
carpet and he begin to fall, and only stopped from hitting the floor by
the quick catch, as Thomas arms caught him and pulled him back up and to
him directly.

Their faces were only inches apart. They stayed that way for several
seconds. "Thank you," Tuck said softly, his face close enough so his
voice had no need for increased volume.

"You're welcome." And he brought Tuck back to a standing position.

Thomas smiled and brushed a lock of Tucks hair behind his ear that had
come dislodged due to the near mishap, looked at the boy standing in
front of him, the desire to take him in his arms and kiss so foreign but
so real. "This way." He did not let go of Tucks hand and led him past the
inventory of heels, and farther back in the dark. He opened the door to a
compact but well appointed office allowing Tuck to enter first. A desk
and two wing chairs filled the space, a small desk lamp provided the only
illumination in the room.

"Let me close the door."

The door now closed behind him, Tuck searched for next words whispered in
his ear. He was now fully uncertain as to how they would be welcomed.

"It looks like you are going to need more practice in those shoes. They
do so look nice on you, really more perfect than I would have ever

"Thank you, so nice of you to say, I am getting use to them despite the
near disaster." They both shared a small laugh.

"We now have privacy, how may I be of further assistance," Thomas said,
his hand sweeping gracefully and offering a seat to his office guest.

Tuck took a seat, his bottom near the soft leather edge, he closed his
eyes briefly and then looking directly at Thomas recited...

"This is hard for me to say, but I wanted to ask you as to-" Tuck paused,
his words coming from Mrs. Getty directly. "When your hands were on my
legs I was ... aroused..." he was supposed to say sexually, but he
thought that was too much. He continued his script. "and I may have
noticed that you were as well." He smiled shyly thinking back as to the
feel of the hardness under his toes each time he tried on new pair of
heels, the feelings and his blush not in the director's cut, but very
real and not hidden. Now for the icing on the cake, his words next were
exact and without edit, molded by Mrs. Getty's hot breath. "I apologize
for being forward." He uttered the words so softly, sonly Thomas could
hear. "But I find you to be quite handsome and sexy and if you think of
me in similar manner." His eyes closed not wanting to see either the
scorn or desire, both equally frightening. "I would like to say thank you
in much more special way."

The words were now out in the open and he was waiting for the smile and a
comment of such, 'I am not that way, however flattered, but you can show
yourself out,' then door would open and he would make his quick exit.
There was a long pause as he waited for the words that would allow the

Thomas stood and pulled Tuck to his feet, and Tuck for a second worried
that his exit might be punctuated with a black eye or worse, but the exit
would be much forestalled as Thomas pulled Tuck ever closer, their lips
the same distance apart as the catch had concluded but this time, they
closed together as one. Tuck felt the power and strength as he was held
in close embrace and the hardness that he had held with is bared toes now
pressed against his flat stomach. The kiss, the first, was light being
hit with lightening, it lasted forever and for seconds, it was like time
stood still. And they parted, Tucks eyes were closed.

Thomas waited for Tuck eyes to reopen. "My sweet boy, I do not know the
magic you hold, as I am not boy lover, but from the moment I saw your
sweet face, I have wanted to pull you to me and feel your soft lips." He
emphasized his words by taking possession of Tuck yet again and pulling
him close, their lips touched and opened, the soft and hard embrace, a
testament to the attraction fast becoming mutual. The electricity
multiplied, currents, waves, coursed across new conduits.

Tuck let his arm drop and Thomas immediately placed Tuck's open hand on
top of his own rock hardness, his cock straining for release.

Two hands now, working together, one holding the soft hand hard against,
molding the incredible stiff monster, the vast bulk expanding, growing
and the second working in near tandem undoing the stiff leather belt and
opening the clip on his pants and sliding down the zipper, urgent and
strong, his cock now was free.

The kiss coming apart and the hand moved its task completed, urging Tuck
to his knees, hot and strong, pressing down, each second with more

The strength, the urgency, the desire, forced Tuck to his knees, the fat
monster pressing into his face. Thomas hand holding his own cock and
gently directing it to its ultimate destination. He pushed against Tucks
lips again and again, urging Tuck to take it, finally knowing that it he
was past any point of abandoning his purpose, Tuck opened his lips and
allowed the fat cock to enter.

"Oh god, honey your lips are so soft warm and hot... oh so good... "

Tuck let Thomas do the work as he pulled in and out holding Tucks soft
curls for a positive purchase and control. Deeper each time sliding in
and out, Tucks hot spit coating and allowing him to be filled over and
over again. Near gagging, as the ram hit farther and father in, the hold
on his hair tighter and more urgent.

"Oh god, this is wonderful, so right... oh god." Now two hands where
holding him close, harder and deeper each thrust, an open hole, soft lips
neither man or boy, girl or women, just the physicality of it was all
that was left.

"This is like a dream, oh ahhhhh." Thomas's strong vice filled the small

Tuck touched the cock with his tongue lapping at it as it slipped in and
out, the pool of spit filling his mouth, he pulled it out and looked at
it, hard wet and pink. So hard he let the spit drip from his own lips,
covering the meat with his hot excitement, his hand rubbing it up and
down massaging the wet hanging balls. Opening wide he welcomed the entry
again, holding his lips tight and letting the pressure build.

"Oh you are so special... this is so much ... I have never felt this way
before what are you doing to me."

Tuck pulled the cock free again, he owned this hard tool, it was his to
play with, he spit again making it even wetter and pulled it back to him
letting it enter and pulling him deep. Wet balls touched his lips, in and
out, his hands holding the fullness hot and heavy, feeling the urgency,
the hold on his hair guiding him, pulling him close and deep again,
holding the cock so full and hard, the moans the yells, a music of
satisfaction. And then he felt the first pulse, a sudden increase in
urgency, faster deeper, and then his mouth was full. Steaming hot rich
cream, pulsing sweet, filled him completely. He looked up, his mouth
full, so full, catching Thomas his eyes and smile and swallowed once
twice, the music still ringing in his ears.

Tuck swallowed for a third time, as he could feel the pressure lessening
and the urgency and thrust diminishing, a tide slowly going back to sea.

"Oh my god that was just exquisite."

Tuck smiled, it had not gone the way he had thought, it was a near sold
out play as to how Mrs. Getty had written the lines. The only thing left
was the exit and then showing her that he had followed through, as he had
not made the early stage call.

"Oh dear Marian, you are a jewel." Thomas said pulling his cock free from
between Tucks lips and slowly regaining his breath his hearts racing
hammer coming back to a steady rhythm . A strand of cum lingering between
them, sucked back into Tucks lips and swallowed.

Tuck looked up from his spot on the floor, still on his knees he smiled
and softly said, "Thank you."

There was a pause as neither said a word the urgency now a faint glow in
the background, a mist retreating, and then finally Thomas said. "No,
thank you, my sweet pet. Thank you... you have given me such a wonderful
gift, one that I will treasure always." He helped Tuck to his feet,
making sure he was comfortable on the heels as possible. "I have never
felt such pleasure. You are rare gem."

Tuck could only look down his blush making his cheeks glow more.

"But I trust I have kept you far too long, Mrs. Getty maybe getting

"I think not." Tuck smiled.

"Might I have one last kiss before you go."

Tuck thought for a half second, why not... the reason for anything other
than a smile and feeling this man's strong hands pull him close had

Thomas smiled as he pulled Tuck to him one last time.

Tucked pulled back slightly. "But ... I have not had a chance to rinse
out my mouth I still have a taste of your..."

"Pleasure and excitement," Thomas finished Tucks thought and concern.
"with pleasure my sweet boy, with all the pleasure in the world," and he
pulled Tuck to him one last time, holding the boy close his hand in the
golden hair and his other molding the soft bottom. The kiss lasted longer
than Tuck could imagine, and when it ended, he could only imagine it
lasting longer.

What is happening to me, he thought to himself, evidently it was not just
one last kiss.

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