Bambi - Illustrated

Chapter #1 Meeting Karen, my lesbian love

By Brenda Gova               

It was a beautiful fall day as I looked out the window. The sun was shining, and the trees were so beautiful with all their leaves changing color.  It was just a beautiful fall day, a good day to take a walk.  I stripped off my work clothes (a suit and tie, you see I am the owner of a large retail store) and I tried to select something appropriate for a nice cool day in the woods.

Whoa, I’m getting way ahead of myself so let me stop here and I’ll tell you something about me.  My name is Bryan, I’m male, age 24, reasonably good looking, and financially well off.  I live in a third floor apartment in an upper middle class neighbor hood.  From my front room I can see downtown, and from my kitchen there are only pristine woods. So that’s it, enough about me, on with my story.

Looking in my closet it was a hard choice.  So many nice dresses to choose from it was hard to choose.  Picking out a mini-skirt and a white blouse I then went to my lingerie drawer and picked out a sexy shelf bra, a camisole, silk French panties, nylons, and flats for walking (tee-hee’ing to myself). Getting dressed took me about 10 minutes, making sure my hose was straight took the longest time.  You see I didn’t wear seamed nylons every day, and mom had taught me years ago that girls didn’t go out looking like a whore with sloppy nylons.  And I wasn’t a whore yet (and I giggled to myself again).

I went to my mirror and fixed my hair, touched up my make-up, refreshed my lipstick (it was Cum Fuck Me red, giggle).  Satisfied that I looked good (for all the squirrels) I headed out the door.  I had no sooner closed and locked the door when I heard Karen yelling to me. Hay Bambi, where you going?  That’s what she called me, and I hated it.  My female name was ‘Brenda’ and I had told her that a dozen times.  I’m heading for a walk in the woods, (then I made my mistake) want to come with me?  Happily she joined me and we walked down the path arm in arm (just like real girls do).  We talked about the colors of the leaves being so beautiful and what a nice day it was.

Then it happened, a gust of breeze tickled my legs.  It was hard enough to lift my mini-skirt and I let out a yell.  I reached to grab my skirt and pull it down but it was too late.  Karen saw what had happened and stopped me. Oh that’s a beautiful ass Bambi, why don’t you leave it out for a while.  Ok, so I did (giggling to myself).  As I walked I wiggled my ass more and more knowing Karen was watching intently.  I could even hear her breathing hard and I smiled to myself.  She didn’t know it but I had known for some time that she was a lesbian, and she didn’t know I was a boy, giggle.  If she thought I was a real girl then she had a real surprise coming.  As we walked it was getting hotter and I don’t think it was because it was now noon.  It was both Karen and I was in ‘heat’ and wanted ‘it’ bad.  So when Karen suggested I take my blouse off to cool down I readily agreed.

So still holding my skirt up, I took my blouse off and facing Karen I asked ‘How do you like me now honey?’  She smiled an evil smile and I shuddered in anticipation. Before long Karen said she was tired and would like to stop a while.  That’s when she showed me the surprise she had brought.  I gasped at the sight of it.

It was the biggest dildo I had ever seen.  It was about 12” long and about 6” in diameter.  It was just beautiful.  Want to hold it she asked, and I greedily held my hand to take it from her.  I had seen ‘standard’ sized dildo’s before, and have even used one, but nothing like this one.  It was just huge and I could imagine it splitting me wide open and I giggled.  Karen then said ‘would you like to try it’, she was reading my mind.  Oh I did so want to try it, but not out here I said.  Karen suggested that we go to my place and I can get out of my walking skirt and get into something comfortable.  I agreed to that and we hurried home.

Back at my apartment I mixed Karen a Chocolate Martini and then I excused myself and went to my bedroom to change.  I stripped out of my skirt and blouse and put on a ‘Shorty’ Tinkerbelle sleep tee (which really showed my ass).  I giggled to myself as I looked in the mirror, thinking ‘Karen will like this’.  Then I put on special ‘cum fuck me’ pantyhose (pantyhose with the ass cut out) and walked out to show Karen.  And Karen really did like my ‘special’ pantyhose, I could tell by the broad smile on her face (giggle).

We went into my living room and sat on the couch making ‘small’ talk and it didn’t take long before we were kissing (and ‘petting’).  Her tits over filled her ‘C’ cup bra, they were a real ‘handful’ and they were positively beautiful.  How I wished my little ‘B’ tits were as nice as hers.  That was when her hand slid down between my legs and discovered my ‘boy toy’ and she let of a yell.  OMG I thought you were a lesbian like me, you’re a ‘boy’!  She calmed down when I put my hand between her legs and started ‘diddling’ her ‘wet’ spot.

She let out a low moan and said ‘Oh Bambi, you could be a ‘lezzie’ you do it so well.  I love that darling’ and I knew I had her.  That’s when she asked ‘Ready for a good fuck Honey?’  ‘OK dear’ I said thinking about that big beautiful dildo she had.  She saw the little smile I couldn’t hide and headed to the bathroom to get ready ‘giggling’ all the way.  When she came out her beautiful dildo was strapped on and ready for action.  She told me to ‘assume the position bitch, you’re going to get the fucking of your life.’

I hesitated a moment looking at the dildo wondering if I could take it all.  Bending over I offered her my ‘boy pussy’ to her and she smiled an evil smile.  Now I was nervous.  But when I felt her entering me it didn’t hurt at all, in fact it felt like it belonged there.  Now I was thinking about the ‘rubber’ she had put on and what it was for.  Like she had read my mind she said ‘Oh, did you see the rubber I put on the tip.  That’s a surprise for you. I filled it with female ’baby juice’ and when it gets to the ‘end’ it breaks, and you end up with big tits and a wide ass.  Nice isn’t it dear (giggle).’  I was smiling as I thought about having big boobs like hers and started to wiggle my ass in anticipation.

That’s when she started to ‘push’ it in really deep.  Wow, that hurts, I screamed.   Shut up you ‘virgin’, learn to like it.  There’s a lot more in your future bitch (giggle).  Then I felt the rubber break and a flood of warm ‘baby juice’ entered me.  There was so much that I was leaking ‘baby juice’ out where the dildo had entered.  I could hear Karen laughing and giggling but I didn’t care, I was thing about my new tits.  Karen was ‘ramming’ me hard and deep now and I was starting to like it, I guess that meant I wasn’t a ‘virgin’ any more (giggle).

At last Karen pulled out, and we sat there talking.  Planning our next adventure (and me ’leaking’ all over the couch).  But I was a ‘happy girl’ now.


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