Another Alphabet for Sissies


*Inspired by the Sissy Alphabet

A is for anal, how you like to take cock
B is for buttocks, tight and hard as a rock.
C is for cock, tucked tight in your thong.
D is for diaper, into which you belong.
E is for erection, which you must maintain.
F is for flogging, for you deserve pain.
G is for girly, for the clothes you select.
H is for hair, all removed below neck.
I is for inch, the size of your cock, at most two
J is for jerk-off, just edged, making your balls blue
K is for kiss, which you'll give to some jock
L is for lick, what you'll do to his cock
M is for masturbate, done on command
N is for naked, all clothing is banned
O is for orgasm, denied for a while
P is for pussy, your anus sissy-style
Q is for quiescent, your natural mien
R is for ravaged, up your ass once again.
S is for stripped, in public, you bet
T is for teased, for the best fun yet
U is for undies, yours will be oh so girly
V is for vanilla, which you'll no longer be
W is for wussy, which we call sissy guys
X is for x-ray, as all see through your guise.
Y is for your ying-yang,  where cocks go up you
Z is for zipper, down so cock and balls on view.

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