Princess of Aragon Ch. 4

By Jennifer Reed

From the author:

This is a story that takes place in the Universe Rikki Created in the
Marriage of Martin Hastings. We spoke of me making a story that takes
place in that universe because I enjoyed it so much so I made this. She
gave me permission a while back. It starts much like hers, but it is
generally the same plot. It is about to get very different. I hope no
one is upset by this. It wasn't my intention to upset anyone with this.

The first intimate night with his husband takes place. Thomas endures
all of the horrors of their wedding night and the first consummation
with the husband he never met before that day.
He learns more of what his husbands wants from him in this marriage and
they make an agreement.

Chapter 4

The door opened and the doorway was darkened with the large shadow of
the Duke. The large looming man ambled into the room wearing a brilliant
scarlet bath robe. He moved in behind Thomas and embraced him from
behind saying, "You look stunning tonight my princess." The Duke stood
to the side of Thomas as he closely appraised the young bound man at the
end of his bed. "You are such a beautiful woman." The Duke tightly
embraced Thomas and ran his hand down Thomas's back and cupped his
buttock. Thomas felt very uncomfortable standing there in his lingerie
with the Dukes hand squeezing and caressing ass.

He knew protesting was no use, Thomas knew without a doubt that the Duke
has made up his mind to go through with the initial consummation. He has
decided to trap Thomas. The Duke was going to consummate the marriage.
He intended to humiliate and demean Thomas as much as possible. Thomas
decided to try to plead one more time. There were a few things that
needed to be said. The Duke needed to hear them. It was probably a waste
of time. Standing there in women's lingerie, hands and feet bond with
another horny man's hand squeezing his ass, any waste of time was good.
He turned and tried to look serious. His beautifully made up face only
looked inviting and sultry. His long false eyelashes and exotic
eye shadow only made the hard look in his eyes look soft and very
appealing, defeating the entire any of his efforts to look serious.
Thomas silently cursed. "Duke, Jose will you please try to listen to me
tonight before we start. I have something I need to tell you."

The duke didn't really stop. He did give his attention to Thomas.
Standing beside him, he faced Thomas while his hand was still rubbing
Thomas's ass cheek. "Sure my love. What do you want to tell me before we
begin making love?"

He wished the Duke would stop rubbing his ass, but he knew the Duke
fully intended to have sex with him. The Duke instructed Leanne to have
him secured this way so there was nothing he could do to prevent it.
Once it was done, it legally bound him to the Duke in marriage. He would
be trapped into being the Dukes wife. There was no way to stop it, and
no way out. "I know you will do this to me no matter what I say. Nothing
I say matters to you. You made this plan to trap me in marriage with you
and you intend to carry it out. I just want to tell you that I am not
feminine. I have no desire to be your wife. I am not a woman. I don't
want to be a woman so please listen to me Jose. I have no desire to be a
woman. I am only attracted to women. I love beautiful women, their soft
kisses, beautiful soft breasts and hips. I love and desire women. I
don't want a man having sex with me. This is disgusting and repulsive to
me. Please don't force this on me. Please, release me and let me go and
I will forget this. Listen please," Thomas yelled, he knew he had the
Dukes attention even if he continued to fondle and kiss Thomas. "Please
let me go before this goes too far. If you continue along this course,
and force me to be your wife. If you rape me against my will tonight. I
will hate you forever. You can force me to be your wife, but never in my
mind. I will hate you and sooner or later, I will find a way to destroy
everything you love. Is that what you want?"

The only response from that long winded speech was a disgusting forcible
full kiss on the mouth. The Duke tightly gripped Thomas's face. He
squeezed Thomas's cheeks apart forcing Thomas's face around and deeply
kissed him. Thomas struggled with the Dukes tongue slithering deep in
his mouth. It was totally repulsive. Thomas gagged in disgust.

The Duke released Thomas's face, but continued messaging Thomas's
'breasts' over his bra. He said, "My love Isabelle. I know this is
difficult. I believe you will adapt as a wife. In time, you will love me
as a wife should. You desire to be a woman, even if you can't admit it
yet. In time you will see this is your place and I will give you
everything. You look so feminine and lovely. I love you."

Thomas just glared at him and said, "I am afraid of you, Jose. I said
what I wanted, do what you want now. I hope you let me go." He knew the
Duke would not let him go.

The Duke kissed him again as Thomas grimaced in revulsion gagging at a
man's tongue in his mouth. "My love, you are my wife now. Why would I
want to let you go? Why do you want to leave me? I love you more than
anything in the world." The Duke was pinching Thomas's nipples like he
would squeeze and fondle a woman's breast. Thomas hated it.

"Why, so you can be a nice guy and not entrap and force a man into an
unwanted homosexual marriage. Give him his dignity and freedom so you
can be a nice respectful guy." Thomas looked at the Duke who was still
squeezing his nipple. Then he laughed. "We both know you have no
intention of doing that. You don't care how this will affect me. That's
simply the kind of man you are."

The Dukes hand was pinching him under his bra and breast forms squeezing
and playing with Thomas's nipples. He nuzzled Thomas's neck loving and
caressing the young man's hairless soft body. The Duke moaned and said,
"I love you so much. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen!"

Thomas fumed in rage as he was being kissed by the horny vile Duke. He
hated being referred to as a woman. Thomas tightened as he felt hot rage
boiling within him and he was helpless. Thomas felt so much anger but he
could do nothing but meekly accept this disgusting assault. He was bound
and restrained with straps, helpless to do anything, but allow this man
to continue kissing him as if he was a woman. He snapped, "I am not a
woman!" Then he got a tongue in his mouth again that made him gag. The
kiss was forceful and he knew his lips were going to be bruised from the
force of the kiss. He choked and gaged in revulsion.

The Duke pulled back and said, "Yes you are a woman Isabella. You are my
woman forever. I love you my sweet princess!" He cringed as the Duke
began to squeeze and play with his butt cheeks. "Did you receive your

"Yes," Thomas wept. "Please don't do this."

"I have to show my love to you, princess. It's required. Did you receive
an enema this morning?"

"Yes," Thomas whispered feeling deep shame. "She cleaned me out for

"Were you lubricated by Leanne?"

"Yes, she did you scum. I hate you, Jose," Thomas hissed. "If you do
this to me, I will hate you forever and never stop hating you."

The Duke stood back as Thomas said that. The cold manner Thomas said
that really bothered the Duke. It wasn't a shout of outrage. There was
no white hot rage. It was said in an icy calm manner. The Duke suspected
it was all true. There was a lot that really bothered the Duke about
this. Thomas seemed very calm and able to articulate his thoughts even
under this sort of stress. He knew he would overcome Thomas. Thomas
would become a suitable wife. It would not be easy, but the Duke has
never failed. He would not start failing now. The Duke said, "You don't
hate me. In time you will love me. I will make you beautiful. You will
have expensive jewels all over. The women will envy how rich and
powerful your husband is. They will envy your beauty. You will see, my

Thomas refused to respond anymore. He would be silent for the rest of
the night no matter what the Duke did. He would probably scream when he
was penetrated and make involuntary sex noises, but that would be it.
The Duke was going to know how Thomas felt about being his wife. If he
had no choice except to be the male bride to a man then that man was
going to know how unhappy it made him.

The Duke squeezed Thomas's cheeks into a pucker as he turned Thomas's
head around face him as he kissed the young man. His tongue slithered
into his mouth again as he caressed the feminized man's body. Then the
Duke bent lower and pressed his lips against Thomas's exposed neck and
began sucking very hard. Thomas knew this part was coming. He was
receiving another hickey to publicly signify that his husband had sex
with him again. He silently accepted it as the Duke grabbed his hair
tightly to lift his head up to expose his neck. Thomas felt the Dukes
lips upon his neck sucking. It was painful as he sucked and created
another dark spot on his neck. Everyone who saw him would see it. It was
totally humiliating. Thomas held his position allowing his husband to
give him his next consummation hickey. It was gross and he cried,
"Owww," when the Duke pulled his hair too hard.

Thomas endured the Dukes foreplay for around another hour. The Duke
spent a lot of time pinching and rolling his nipple with the Dukes
tongue in his mouth. He stood silently and passive as the Duke was
deeply kissing him while playing and pulling his nipple. The Duke
stopped and lightly slapped Thomas. That jolted Thomas and he cried out
in anger. The Duke said angrily, "Isabella. This is our wedding night.
Our night of seeding. I want to feel your passion for me. Give me your
womanly passion and love. When I am kissing you, kiss me back. Moan for
me. Move your body sensually and seductively like an aroused woman."

Thomas glared at the man who still had his hand moving and pinching him
beneath his bra cup. He had Thomas in a tight embrace. "How do you
expect me to show you any passion, you slime? I can't even move, you had
your guards tie my hands and feet to your bed. Do anything you want me,
I can't stop you. You made damn sure of that.  I won't give you any
passion. I feel nothing but hate for you I hate you! I am not gay!"

The Dukes answer to that was a more vicious slap that rocked Thomas's
head to the side and the impact resounded across the room. Thomas cried
out in pain as lights flashed in his head from the impact. Awwww. Thomas
sniffled. The Duke said louder and more dominant. "Yes you will give me
your feminine passion now. Tell me how much you love me and want to feel
my cock inside you."

Thomas just glared defiantly at the Duke. "No."

He received another slap that rocked his face. He cried out as he felt a
bruise form. Tears flowing from being struck so hard. "Tell me you love
me and be a woman for me tonight. Tell me how you want to fill my hard
cock pounding inside you."

Tears were flowing down his face. "No I won't. I will never do that. I
am straight, I don't want to feel anyone's cock inside me. I hate you.
Do what you will, but I won't cooperate with you."

Thomas received a series of very powerful vicious strikes. His face
rocked back and forth from repeated slaps. Thomas cried out and cried
out louder when the Duke reached down and gripped his scrotum in an
incredible grip that felt like a vise. "Tell me you will give me your
womanly passion tonight during our love making."

"Never! Owww. I will not surrender you scum. Do whatever you want."
Thomas was glaring at the duke in defiance. His gaze was stern
regardless of the pain he was feeling and his face red from the vicious
slaps. Tears were rolling down his face.

"If you do not agree to submit and give me your feminine passion as I am
giving you mine, I will instruct Leanne to do her worst. She will have
you given a very rough testicle massage, and a knob polishing by a
dominatrix. That is, she will have a woman rub your penis head with a
bristle brush."

That sounded painful. "So," Thomas said still feeling the painful grip
on his balls. "I have experienced worse. When you do electrocution,
water boarding, even cutting then we will talk, but that didn't even
break me. Can you do worse than that, my husband?"

He looked as if he thought the Duke would really do that. The Duke had
been very cruel and Thomas's short life had already been full of pain
and torture. His life had taught him to trust no one's good intentions
and expect the worse. The turn his life had taken now had proven it even
more. He expected nothing but pain and suffering from this man who had
proven himself a brutal monster in little less than a day. Did Thomas
have any reason to not believe the Duke would employ real painful
torture to get what he wanted from Thomas?

"Isabella I love you and I need to feel your desire. I love you." The
Duke said in a more pleading voice. "I would never do that to my wife.
What kind of man do you think I am? I have looked into your past and
there is no such indication of any type of torture you describe."

"I know what Kind of man you are," Thomas snapped. He lifted one of his
bound hands up showing the straps on his wrist restraining him to the
bedrails. "You are the kind of man to have someone strapped this way to
your bed so they can't resist when you have sex with them." He knew
these type of men very well. They say they will love the woman they beat
every night. Those type of vicious men do not know what real love us.
They never experienced it in their life. They are clueless. Their love
is more like ownership and possession and they expect their possession
to be thankful for what they do, and to obey them. When their
possessions rebel, or displease them, the result is pain. The men will
still insist they love the woman and want her to be respectful. They
don't know what love is and don't feel love. They feel a darker more
possessive feeling over the woman, but it isn't love. Love is when you
are willing to sacrifice your pleasure to please her.

There was a lot that was hidden behind many classified files, in such
places the Duke could not reach. The Dukes power didn't reach that far.
His power didn't extend past the borders of his own nation, and Thomas
was not from here. He seemed oblivious to that fact. So Thomas asked,
"Jose if you looked into my past. How far does it go back? Where was I

He looked at Thomas. "You were born in Aragon. The earliest records was
when you were around eleven, with your father Craig Manning. He admitted
you to school there."

Thomas laughed. "Nothing earlier than eleven. Do you think I was born
eleven years old? Why was there no records before that? Do you not even
know my birth date?"

"I don't know," admitted the Duke. "It is odd, but there are many
reasons. I will figure it out." The Duke was confident.

Thomas smiled knowingly. "No you won't. There is a reason my past is
hidden. Those records are sealed by people with a lot of political
power. Don't ask me, I won't tell you anything until you are ready to
hear it. If you are going to abuse me then you will get nothing."

The Duke was silent for a moment. It was now clear there were people who
had a lot more political power and influence than he did who had an
interest in keeping Thomas's past hidden. Even a Duke from Dolora
couldn't access it. Whatever it was, it was something very dark and
cruel. It had inflicted much of pain on this young man. Much more pain
than the Duke could legally inflict on Thomas.  He could inflict
discipline, testicle massages and brushing. Few other things, but if it
ever came out that the Duke had inflicted outright torture on his wife.
A judge and police would have a lot to say about. If Thomas had the
ability to survive that much pain and still be defiant, there was little
else the Duke could do. It would be fun hearing about how he would
resist Leanne. The Duke didn't like her all that much.

He looked at Thomas coldly. "Isabella, how would you like to be made
into a feminized man. I am talking about more than just clothing and
stuffing under your bra to make you appear like a woman. I mean real
surgical changes to your body after the consummation period. Maybe I can
schedule you for a pair of real breast implant and hip implants,
orchiectomy? Maybe I will begin giving you hormone injections."

Thomas looked back. "I know you can't do that. You need my consent."

The Duke replied, "No, we don't need your consent. I have the authority
over you and your body and appearance. I can schedule anything to be
done to you that I wish short of actually changing your real physical
sex, SRS. It is my right as your husband. I can start you on HTR and
Hormone boosters and pills. You can become a very feminine man."

"How can you give a man breast implants, we aren't like women and our
body isn't designed for it," Thomas said desperately.

Thomas was right, he did and breast implants on a man was risky and lots
of preparation or there could be real damage done. "It can be done
safely, many men get breast implants," replied the Duke.

"You mean," Thomas said. "That you will agree not to really change my
body if I am submissive and affectionate during the consummation process
with you. If I give you my passion during our lovemaking?"

"No," the Duke Replied. "During our love making and private time and at
all times, like a wife."

Thomas thought of it. He really didn't want to be made into a woman.
"Yes. I agree, my love! You will still know how I really feel. I can
pretend for you," he sneered sarcastically.

The Duke seemed pleased. "Good, you may resist Leanne all you want. She
annoys me too. She thinks she knows it all and she is arrogant as a
woman. Think about this, our agreement and what you want from me after
the consummation period. I know you want something and as your husband
and a Duke, I can give you a lot. It can be a very good marriage. I will
give you anything you desire. I need your desire too."

He wished he could move. Thomas just smiled in a soft feminine way and
said, "I agree. First, I want you to help me with Jessica. Do you know
her, that woman that met me today?"

"Yes," he said defensively. "We have met a number of times. She is here
to help you."

"Right!" Thomas said dryly. "I am sure she wants to just help me. I
don't buy it. Find out everything about her that you can and tell me.
Remember. I am your wife and I expect your loyalty. We are a married
couple bound in a sacred sacrament of marriage. We can't have divided
loyalties. Whatever agreement you have with her ends now. You and I now
have a legal binding agreement, and one for life. You also vowed to
protect and honor me. Remember? Does your vows mean anything to you?
Will you honor the Vows you gave me to, being a good husband protecting
me, honoring me as your wife in marriage? Will you be a dutiful devoted
faithful husband honoring me as a good husband should?"

'Fuck,' the duke thought. This did put him in a corner. He had to decide
now, and he agreed. "I accept, I will serve and honor you as my wedded
wife. I will give you anything within my power to give you. You only
have to ask and I will do everything I can to honor you as my wife. Just
honor and serve me as a submissive perfect wife, and we will discuss the
terms of the marriage after the consummation period and the bridal
banquet." The Duke had no idea what Thomas was going to ask for. When
Thomas asked, she would get it.

Thomas bowed his head in submission and said, "Then I will fulfill my
obligations as a wife. I will serve you as a devoted wife. I will please
you as a wife should and devote myself to your pleasure and happiness. I
will obey you as a faithful submissive wife should. I will regard you as
my husband. I will endeavor to be as womanly as I can be for you" Thomas
kissed him. "You will feel my intense passion as a good wife." Then
Thomas laughed. "Except, I am not a woman nor ever raised to be a wife.
I will try, but Jose, I don't have the foggiest clue how to be a wife or
show passion as a woman." Thomas felt a small tear run down his face
leaving a thick purple mascara streak on his face. Thomas felt intense
humiliation and shame at what he had said. He knew that he now had taken
his own wedding vows, and he was bound to them. He had meant it which
meant he had to carry them out. At least he would his get his husbands
loyalty in return. Jose would know that he was bound to them too, and if
he acted dishonorable to break those vows, it would remove Thomas from

The Duke was still caressing Thomas's ass and he thought for a few
seconds then agreed, "You have a point, Thomas. This was a role you were
never taught how to do or expect. I will hire additional help to show
you how to show womanly passion during sex and to conduct yourself as a

"I thought that was Leanne's area," Thomas pointed out.

"Oh no no," the Duke replied. "Her area is your presentation, and
discipline. She is your principal handmaiden. She you sets your daily
schedule, disciplines you when needed and dresses and makes you pretty.
Her job is only your appearance and hair and makeup. Her area is not
training you to conduct yourself as a woman or train you in feminine
mannerisms. She doesn't have the background train you to conduct
yourself as a woman. That is not her area. I will find someone that
specialized in feminizing men's behavior. You will follow their
directions won't you?"

"Yes," said Thomas. "I will expect you to fulfill your part of the
agreement." Thomas glared at the Duke in warning and said quietly, "You
better fulfill your part of our bargain."

That made the Duke fill like needles of ice were traveling down his
spine. Thomas's whisper was more threatening than any scream.  It froze
him for a brief second before he regained control. He said firmly, "You
can trust me, Isabella. I am a man of honor and will fulfill

Thomas snorted. "Yeah I have seen your honor. Marry someone bound in
handcuffs and gagged after he was forcibly abducted and prepared for
you. Then having me bound to your bed. So honorable. We will see, but
forgive me if I don't trust you."

"That must have been very frightening," the Duke admitted. "I am sorry
it had to be done that way. In time, you will realize it was all better
for you, my love. I don't blame you for mistrusting and fearing me, my
princess. I will prove my honor to you."

"Make sure you do," Thomas whispered using that threatening quite tone
again that sent ice shards down his spine. "Do whatever you want to me,
I will submit as a woman should submit to you. I will do it, just make
it worth it. You will give me what I ever I desire. You had better see
that you do. I make no promises to obey Leanne. You are the one I took
the Vow to. I vowed to serve and submit to you, my beloved Husband."
Thomas kissed his husband.

That was probably the best that he was going to get. Then Thomas said,
"I will obey Leanne as long as her instructions make sense and help me
help you. If you agree to inform me of her plans. So I know which of her
orders are your explicit instructions, and what is only her sadistic
desire. My only desire is to fulfill your desires and be a good faithful
wife." That was the most humiliating declaration he has ever made. Then
he went further and said, "During our 'wedding'" he empathized the word
as if it didn't really mean anything. It was faked or invalid. He knew
it was very legally valid and binding, but not in his mind, since it
didn't mean anything. He wasn't given a choice. He was forced, so it may
as well not had taken place. It would have had the same affect if he was
placed in an auction and men placed bids on him. Thomas said, "Since I
was cheated at our fake wedding. I will take my own vows during the
Banquet. I will publicly proclaim my love and commitment to you. In
front of everyone, I will formally declare my acceptance of you as my

He still was not sure what to think of Thomas. He knew Thomas was very
beautiful and desirable. Thomas was not what his family told him.
Thomas's mother had told him that Thomas was a sissy looking for a man
and he was fearful and very quickly submit to being feminized. It seemed
he was fed a load of lies. Thomas was anything but weak, he wasn't
afraid. Thomas may be an effeminate sissy, but that didn't mean he would
submit. Thomas fought and now only agreed to give his submission in
exchange for something. What Thomas wanted was anyone's guess. He wasn't
going to tell the Duke what he wanted yet. It seemed that Thomas was
someone who took Vows and Oaths very seriously. In that case, this was
going to work and he was going to have a very beautiful and faithful
wife that would obey him. The Duke knew it was going to cost him dearly.
That didn't matter, nothing came free. He paid a lot for Thomas, but he
paid Thomas's sister and his family. He was going to have to pay Thomas
too, that was to be expected. Thomas was his wife so his prime concern
should be his wife's desires. That was Marriage and The Duke knew it. He
was getting hornier, and said to Thomas, "Good that we now agree. Let's
proceed with the first night of seeding my love. I can't wait to
experience your passion. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever

Thomas felt anger. He hated being called a woman, it still felt so
incredibly demeaning and demoralizing. There was nothing to be done
about it. Thomas had agreed to submit and be a woman for the Duke, so he
had to accept being referred to as a woman. There was no possible reply
to that now. He had to accept it, Thomas smiled seductively and said in
an alluring feminine voice, "Kiss me like man kisses the woman he
desires. Show me your love my husband."

The Duke pulled Thomas in and kissed him roughly. The Duke gripped
Thomas head, grabbing handfuls of his curls. He dove in for a rough
dominant kiss. Thomas endured the rough assault and his hair hurt from
being gripped so hard. He stiffened as he felt the Dukes tongue force
its way inside his mouth. Thomas tilted his head back as he saw women do
when getting deep passionate kisses from their boyfriends. He side his
own tongue inside the Dukes large mouth. He tasted the Dukes mouth and
swirled his tongue around. He tightened his lips around the Dukes tongue
sucking on it and kissing the Duke back. It was completely grotesque,
but it was necessary.  He had to kiss the Duke like a wife would accept
intimacy from her husband. Thomas said to himself, 'I am a woman. This
is what women do.' Thomas kissed his man. It was a deep and affectionate
feminine kiss. Thomas felt the sensuality as he seductively swayed his
body seductively, grinding and moving his body against his husbands as
they passionately kissed. He did his best with his hands and feet still
bound. He whispered in his husbands ear, "Take me, my husband, I am
ready." Thomas knew he was anything but ready. He wanted to do anything
but this. Thomas knew if he didn't submit, he would be raped. It was
rape either way, there was no way out and no free choice for Thomas. It
would be a very violating rape to him either way.

His husband whispered, "Are you sure Isabella?"

Thomas shook his head no, but said, "Yes, Make me your woman tonight."
His mind screamed 'no.' His words felt like a demeaning betrayal of what
it means to be a man. It felt like he gave his man permission to take
his manhood away. He had said it. He told his husband to have sex with
him and make him a woman. There was no getting around that. The Duke
said, "Yes. I am ready for you my bride."

Thomas groaned in fear and disgust at what he had just given his husband
permission to do. He hated it. He saw the Duke undue his robe and let
his penis hang out freely. He had seen the enormous thing before. It had
filled mouth, he sucked on it before. There were pictures of it filling
his mouth. The enormous penis was still frightening. The Duke standing
there with the enormous two inch wide shaft hanging down from its own
enormous weight pointing at the floor. The two balls hung freely each
one as large as Thomas's entire package. The Duke was an impressive man,
and Thomas felt some pride that this man was his. Thomas felt much fear
staring at the huge penis that was about to penetrate him. It was going
to take away from him everything that made him a man. Thomas felt a tear
roll down his face. He said, "I can't wait to fill that massive cock
fill me. Make me your woman and I will love you." It sounded like
something a woman would say. Thomas braced himself as the Duke
positioned himself behind Thomas.

Thomas stood still in his panties and bra as the Duke embraced Thomas
from behind. The Duke placed his large penis against one of Thomas's
thighs. His sensual feminine thigh was encased in floral nylon
stockings. He began sawing his Penis along the inside of Thomas's thigh.
Thomas cried out in despair. The penis was huge and limp as he was
sawing it across his thigh. Thomas saw the penis slowly stiffen as the
Duke rubbed the penis against the inside of his thigh. The Duke
positioned his penis closer to the juncture of Thomas's thighs. Along
the silky bottom of Thomas's thong panties. He felt disgust. Thomas
couldn't help but feel fear as he watched the penis slowly grow and
stiffen as it rubbed back and forth across the bottom of his crotch. He
saw the head appear and disappear as it moved back and forth from
between his own thighs. The Duke kissed and nuzzled his neck. His
breathing quickened. Thomas breathed and moved his own hips matching the
Dukes own sawing motion, doing his best to act like an aroused woman
encouraging her husband to take her. He whispered soft encouraging words
to his husband. "You are growing so huge my love, I can't wait to feel
that massive organ penetrate me. You are such a man, make me your
woman."  Thomas kept whispering, "Make me your woman tonight!"

The Duke suddenly stopped, his penis had grown its full eleven inches in
length. He whispered, "Are you ready my sweet!"

"Yes I am ready to be your woman tonight, my husband." Thomas sensually
swayed his ass side to side as he slipped his thongs down. The Duke
groaned as Thomas's feminine ass came into full view. He rubbed the head
of his cock against Thomas's opening. Thomas groaned in fear. This was
it, everything that made him a man was about to be taken from him. He
cringed when he felt the massive head of his penis rubbing in-between
his butt cheeks. He cringed. His mind was filled with the feeling of
disgust. It was like dozens of spiders crawling on him. The penis rubbed
up and down inside his butt cheeks. It was probing in a circular motion
around his anal cavity. This was no position any man should ever find

Thomas was overwhelmed by shame. There he was in sexy bridal lingerie,
all made up like a beautiful alluring woman for his husband on their
wedding night. He was bent over the bed with his husband behind him. He
was in the proper position to be penetrated as a woman, his husband's
penis probing the anal opening and it was about to happen. His hands and
feet were bound, there was no way he could prevent it if he wanted to.
All of this happened with Thomas now willingly allowing it to, having
formally agreed to behave as a passive submissive woman who desired it
all. Thomas felt ashamed. He leaned over the bed in the proper bridal
custom for the Three Nights of Consummation. His arms were already
spread, the wrists being cuffed to the rails. Thomas said, "I am ready,
my husband. Take me now and make me your wife."

Thomas whispered desperately, "Please be gentle, I have never done this
before, especially with a man as large as you." He knew tonight was
going to be painful, degrading and he was never going to be able to feel
like a man again. He was also going to be filled with this man's semen.
A man's semen he hated was going to fill him. He did his best to keep
his anus loose and ready to be easily penetrated. This was a very
demeaning position for a man to be in. He prepared himself for the final
event as best he could. Leaning over the bed took some of the weight off
the balls of his feet. The heels were painful to stand in for this long.

Suddenly, a very high pitched feminine cry sounded though out the room
as Thomas was penetrated as a woman. The large penis head slipped just
inside Thomas's anal captivity.  The pain shot though him and his high
pitched scream was uncontrollable.

It was the vilest disgusting feeling. The pain was intense. It was one
of the most painful events, and the emotional pain of the penetration
was even worse. He could do nothing but uncontrollably sob as he felt
the head of his husband's penis inside him. It wasn't very deep, an inch
and that was it. Even with the extreme amount of lube Leanne had
squirted inside him with the special device, his ass wasn't ready to
allow the full penetration yet. His anus was too tight.

His husband groaned in pleasure. Thomas was jumping up and down in pain
as his body thrashed around. He knew there was no way to stop the pain.
This was his introduction to anal sex. His husband had the right to do
this and Thomas had to accept it. The Dukes hands were on the small of
his back holding him down. Thomas felt the Dukes body tense up and shove
another two inches of his massive penis inside him. An involuntary very
high pitched feminine cry escaped Thomas's mouth. It was a humiliating
sound as he felt the Duke's penis force its way deeper in him. Thomas
felt his husband's hard body lean over him. His husbands strong arms
wrapped around his body as his hot breath on his neck. Thomas was crying
in pain. The man's penis already three inches inside him, The Duke felt
the need for further intimacy wrapped his arms around the young man.
With a mighty shove, the penis forces its way another two inches in him.

Thomas let out another involuntary feminine cry. He began to sound like
a gay porn star with his high pitched feminine cries coming from his
mouth. The sounds he was making filled him with deep shame. He looked
across the room at the mirror on one walls and he saw how humiliating he
looked. He saw the image of a woman with her man hutched over her. He
saw the enormous penis stuck almost halfway in him. He shoved more of
his penis inside Thomas. Thomas cried out, "Owww Please, Duke, pull out
of me Please. This hurts too much I can't take it. Please stop and let's
do this later?"

He caressed Thomas curls in a loving odd way compared to the brutal
humiliating assault he was enduring. "It will get better, my love. Don't
cry. I am almost half way in you and we must finish the initial
consummation. I must make love to you tonight, consummate our marriage.
It will be much easier after the first time. Easier my beautiful
princess, are you ready for me to go a little deeper. I am making it
slow and gentle as I can, but we must do this tonight. It will be the
first of many times. This is what it means to be my wife."

Thomas thought about it and knew the Duke, his husband was right. This
was what it meant to be a wife. It was a woman's duty, now his duty was
to fulfill the duties of a woman. He forced his anal muscles to loosen
and said to his husband, "I am ready for you to go deeper. It really
feels so good, fuck me deeper my love." He used a high pitched falsetto
voice and winked back at his husband. "Your wife is ready for your cock
to go deeper."

Thomas felt his husband tense. The Duke pulled back a bit, he gripped
Thomas's hips and pulled the young man's body back against his as he
thrusted his hips forward. He forced another two inches of his penis
deep into Thomas. Thomas screamed again and cried. The penis was really
deep inside him how. The Duke moaned in pleasure and said, "You feel so
good Isabella. I love you."

"I love you too," Thomas replied.

The Duke pulled back. Thomas felt the violating penis slide almost
completely out of him. Thomas wasn't deceived, he knew what was coming.
With one brutal massive thrust, the Dukes hips violently slammed into
Thomas's butt cheeks. The penis forced its entire eleven inches deep
inside Thomas's anus. Thomas screamed as loud as he could. It hurt so
much. He felt like he was splitting. The violation felt even worse. Then
the Duke pulled back and began brutally fucking Thomas. He was being
fucked by a man and he could do nothing about it. It was the most
violating disgusting feeling. Thomas just cried in between grunts when
the Duke pushed in, Thomas grunted.

The room was filled with the humiliating feminine sex noises Thomas was
making in rythim with the Dukes thrusts. Uhh, smack, uhh, smack, uhh
smack. It was a very demeaning feeling. Then Thomas remember that he has
to submit to the Duke. He began shoving his own hips back meeting the
Dukes vicious thrusts. The steady rhythmic sounds of the Dukes hips
against Thomas's butt cheeks were heard around the room.  "Yes, Jose,
Fuck me harder, deeper. Make me feel like a woman!"

Thomas was now being fucked and there was nothing he could do about it.
He maintained the position learning over the bed. The Dukes thrusts were
vicious and painful. His entire body was rocking back and forth, the bed
was rocking with each thrust. It was so painful Thomas began screaming
in a high pitched feminine tone. The fucking was vicious. The Duke
pulled back until only his penis's head was in Thomas then brutally
slammed his cock in its entire length, then pulled back again. Each
thrust forced Thomas forward against the bed, the back stroke pulled him
back to thrust forward again. Thomas was screaming and sobbing. It was
painful and incredibly demoralizing. He wondered how he would ever feel
like a man again. This act was stripping everything from him that made
him a man. He just accepted and took it. It was cruel. He silently swore
that everyone who had a hand in this, especially Leanne would pay. She
did this to him, no matter how long it took. Leanne would never be free
of him. Leanne had to pay for what she has done.

Thomas laid over the bed for more than forty minutes. It was a vicious
pace that was hurting Thomas. He could do nothing, but lean over the bed
and accept it. The pace slowed at times, drawing out and in at a slow
steady pace. Thomas figured it was to enjoy the feeling of his ass
messaging the Dukes cock. It was a slow steady motion at times, then
quicken to a more vigorous pace that shook Thomas and forced him against
the bed each thrust. At around the fifty minute mark, the pace became
more intense. The Duke was slamming the small man as hard as he could
drawing in and out. Thomas was slamming against the bed with such force.
He cried out, but it did no good. Thomas figured the Duke was preparing
for an orgasm.  He wanted to tell the Duke to stop, but he knew it would
do no good. He prepared himself for the final disgust. He cried out,
"Fuck me Jose. Cum in me and make me feel like a woman. Harder, I want
to feel your cum in me."

The Duke pulled his head back and let out a loud cry of pleasure. He
yelled as his rhythm became even most intense. Sounds of their pleasure
could be heard outside of the door and probably though the entire house.
Time stopped as Thomas felt it. The Duke began shooting massive loads of
hot wet semen deep inside his anus. The warm sick feeling spread within
him. Thomas felt the Duke keep his hips tightly against his own as the
massive organ was pulsing inside him, shooting load after load of hot
semen inside him. The Duke pulled out and the semen spilled out of him.
It ran down his ass cheeks and leaking down the backs of his thighs.

He choked trying to keep from vomiting over what had just happened. It
was a truly revolting feeling. A man had just ejaculated in him like he
was a woman. He was now the Dukes wife and he could do nothing about it.
A loud fart escaped Thomas as he felt the Dukes large cock slide out of
his anus. It was so degrading as Thomas let the Duke kiss and caress him
for a few more long minutes. Kissing and nuzzling Thomas in the
afterglow of a satisfying orgasm. Thomas took it, whimpering and
sobbing. Then the Duke silently slid a chair over for Thomas to sit in.
Thomas sat in it feeling the pooling semen run out of him as the Duke
slid into bed. Thomas laid his head down on the edge of the bed. The
Duke gave him a pillow and Thomas thanked him.

Thomas laid his head on the pillow sobbing uncontrollably for around ten
minutes. He was sobbing and fighting to get a grip over himself. The
horrible traumatic experience he had just been though was life changing.
He needed to discuss some things with the Duke, but the Duke had just
went to sleep. Thomas laughed and assumed that there would be no sleep
tonight. Thomas said loudly, "My Husband, Jose, can we talk?"

The Duke Jumped then looked at his wife. He was tired but that was tough
shit. Thomas didn't give a damn. The Duke said, "Sure my love, what do
you want to talk about?"

"There are a few things we need to discuss about this marriage," Thomas
replied. "What we expect from each other, and things I want from you.
Now the deed is done, can you give me your full attention and explain
some things."

"Sure, my love," replied the Duke.

Thomas looked down at his shoes. He felt sick. The semen running out of
him was totally gross. "Jose I feel sick and used. I was never given a
choice and you know it. I feel more humiliated than anyone has ever made
me feel before. I can never be a man again. How can I after what you
just did to me?"

The Duke did not respond. He was relaxed in his bed just watching his
wife and waiting for a point.

"I can never present myself as a man again," Thomas said indignantly.
"You have deprived me of my masculinity and everything that made me a
man. You have done it, had sex and ejaculated inside me. That makes this
marriage real and official. I am now your wife, you are my husband and I
can do nothing about it." Thomas looked down as a tear rolled down his
face. His makeup was messy, Thomas had obviously been crying a lot.

The Duke replied, "Isabelle my love. You are a man and no one can take
it away unless you let them. Just because I had sex with you and
ejaculated in your ass does not make you less of a man. You are as much
of a man as before and we must dispense with these preconceived notions
of what a man is. You are a man. We are in a same sex marriage, and you
are a man and I am a man. You are still as much of a man as before and I
didn't take your manhood away. Take away the clothes and makeup, you are
a man. What just happened doesn't make you less of a man so don't fall
into that. You are my male wife. This didn't make you into a woman."

"How can you possibly say that with a straight face, Jose," Thomas said
in an icy voice. "You make me your wife. You have people call me Mrs.
Cordoba and Ma'am. You dress me like this, make me wear makeup. You have
my hair styled as a woman's. You forced sex on me tonight as a woman.
And you dare say you have not deprived me of my manhood! How can you say
that I can still be a man, like this after what happened?"

"You are right," the Duke admitted. "You will not be much of a man, but
you won't be mistaken as a woman. I will be there to help you, my love."

Thomas wiped a tear out of his eyes as he sniffled. "I don't want your
help on this." He sobbed. "I just don't know how I can do all of this
for you I never wanted to be a man's wife. I was never meant to live my
life dressed and acting as a woman. I don't want to be feminine!" Thomas
rose his voice.

The Duke scooted to the edge of the bed and stood up. He moved around to
embrace Thomas tightly to comfort him. "I know this will be a difficult
transition in your life. I will be here to help you." He kissed Thomas
on the forehead while gently caressing the man's beautiful feminine
face. "I do love you very much."

Thomas stiffened. Alarm rushed though him. He whimpered and said in a
cracking voice, "Please, you can't want me again! You have just cummed
in me. It was a massive load. You have put more in my ass with one load
than most men can with five.  I think I felt more than six, maybe eight
massive loads in me. I feel disgusting."

"No," said the Duke. "I couldn't do it again if I wanted to. I have to
rest a while and we will go again. I am just here to comfort you."

"Oh thank you," Thomas sneered sarcastically. "I am being comforted by
the man who had me tied to the end of his bed so he could forcibly fuck
me while I was pleading for you to stop. I feel so comforted in your
arms Jose."

The Duke chucked slightly, hoping Thomas didn't notice, but he did. "I
hope that you will feel differently in time."

"That isn't likely," Thomas said. "But, I want to know what will happen
tomorrow. What can I expect?"

The Duke was deep in thought. His mind was slowly tonight, the day had
been such a rush from dawn. Preparations for the wedding, assembling the
people and guards and everything. He looked at Thomas and said, "I
suspect we will have sex one last time early in the morning when we wake
up. Then I will leave you to prepare for the day. Leanne will come to
clean you up to prepare for our meeting with your family around noon.
Your sister and mother will have lunch with us. I have made reservations
at a good restaurant. Leanne will clean you up and you will get dressed.
You will walk on a treadmill in heels for about ten to twenty minutes
depending on how well you do it for her. Then you will bath. Either, I
will do it with you as husband and wife, or you will be bathed by
others. It will be a strict morning ritual for the consummation. Then
she will fix your hair and dress you to go out with me to meet your
family. I will have arranged further training and meetings for you by
the time you return here after meeting your family."

"Do I have to go dressed as a woman?" Thomas asked, almost pleading.

"Of course," the Duke said. "You are my wife."

Thomas sniffled a little. "Okay, I will let her."

The Duke said, "I know the meeting will be very embarrassing to you.
Part of the meeting is to confirm to the mother of the bride that we had
sex, That I ejaculated inside you, officially consummated the marriage.
Her agreement and confirmation has a legal standing. So she will have to
ask you and make it very clear, we had sex. I had anal sex with you and
I ejaculated in your ass. I had sex with you and did it. That will make
it legally binding that you are my wife. I am sure they will want to
know more, especially your sister. She seems to have a very dirty mind.
I think she is enjoying that her brother is forced to be a wife to
another man. It excites her."

Thomas whimpered, "Oh no. I have to tell all of them?" Thomas wept and
hide his face imagining the look of his sister as he told them all in
humiliatingly explicit detail everything he did with his husband this
night. How could he tell them and face his sister. Katherine was going
to love it.

"Yes," the Duke Confirmed. "Now can you tell me what you want me to do
for you?"

"Yes," said Thomas. "I want to help Jessica-"

The Dukes eyes looked up sharply. "What?" he said startled. "Are you
serious? Help Jessica? In what way?"

"I assume my father forced her to marry him, he abused her and cheated
her out of everything," Thomas explained. "I want to share my trust fund
with her. She deserves it."

The Duke chuckled. "That's what you think?" he said. "If you are
serious, we can discuss it after the consummation and I will approve a
transfer from your trust and assets to her."

"Of course," confirmed Thomas. "I know how my father treated women. It
wasn't right and she deserves to be compensated. A man shouldn't do that
to a woman."

The Duke was utterly confused now. He was told Thomas was a sexist
asshole. He thought that Thomas believed that women deserved to be
abused and demeaned. They were made to submit. The Duke agreed with the
assessment. Here was Thomas, feeling bad for a woman his father badly
hurt and molested. It didn't make any sense.

"I fully believe women are meant to submit to a man's authority," Thomas
explained. "The man is the leader and she is to follow his directions.
The man is to lead and protect her as you will be doing for me. The
important thing that men like you and my father forget is this. A woman
submits and follows her man out of love, and she does it to a man she
chooses to devote herself to. It can't be forced. No man should force
that on a woman. That is a horrible violation of her spirit. It is a
corruption of marriage and no different than slavery. It is not a
marriage." Thomas explained to the Duke. "I have chosen to submit to
you, and make this real."

"I am sure you will learn a lot more about Jessica," the Duke said. "If
not, I will tell you. I think you are smart enough to see though her."

"And my sister," Thomas said. "If she thinks this is so exciting and
fun. I want to teach her otherwise?"

"How do you intend to do that?" asked the Duke.

"I don't know," Thomas admitted. "I will find a way and when I do, I
expect your help."

"Sure," the said Duke replied. "I will gladly help you there."

"Jose," Thomas asked. "What will we do after the lunch with my family?
Is there anything else planned?"

"Yes, I have my appointments and duties," the Duke replied looking at
Thomas. "And you have a few people to meet. I have instructed Leanne to
use her judgment to help you adapt to being a wife in an arranged same
sex marriage. I imagine she has methods she uses. Now, I may have a
better idea and you will be notified."

Thomas shook his head. "I will comply with Leanne in things I feel is
necessary. If she goes too far, I can't guarantee my compliance. I will
fulfill my duties to you as my husband Jose. I will let you fuck me when
you want. I will suck your dick like a woman should. I will be your
devoted submissive wife. Just be sure you fulfil your duties to me as a
husband to his wife. Now let's get some sleep my love. I can't wait for
you to seed me again. Make me feel like your woman." Thomas laid his
head down.

The Duke laid his head down. He shut his eyes and slowly drifted to
sleep. Thomas was funny, strong and very determined. He felt bad for
whoever inspired his anger. He knew this wasn't going to be easy and
this would cost the Duke a lot. Surely, his anger would be directed at
him and it would have a serious painful cost. The Duke could take it
because he was strong and determined. Thomas wanted to hurt his sister,
well Katherine was a bitch and deserved it. Selling her own brother,
that was despicable. The Duke had no problem helping Thomas teach
Katherine a lesson she would never forget. The Duke was astounded at how
easily Thomas started referring to himself as a woman. He knew sooner or
later, Thomas would give up fighting and embrace his sissyhood. Thomas
was so naturally feminine, everyone saw it except Thomas himself. Thomas
was naturally a feminine male, a sissy that needed to be dominated by a
man. It would be better for him. The Duke couldn't wait, it would be
wonderful. Thomas would make a great wife when he embraced the feminine
part of himself. Then the Duke drifted off to sleep. He needed to sleep
and recharge.

Thomas knew it would be a busy traumatic night. He slowly drifted off
into an uneasy sleep. Movement in the bed awakened Thomas. He looked up
to see the Duke standing up. He smiled at Thomas as he stood up as he
walked around the bed with a raging hardon as he smiled at Thomas.
Thomas groaned in dread, standing up and preparing himself for another
violent fucking. He leaned over the bed in the customary position for a
wife on the first night. A soft feminine inviting smile spread across
Thomas's face. In a sweet naturally feminine voice, Thomas said, "I am
ready for you my husband. Make me feel like a woman."

The Duke was sporting a raging huge hardon. He watched his husband rub
himself until he was ready to fuck Thomas. His husband was ready and
moved around to him. Thomas prepared for the violation, dreading it. He
waited for his husband.

'My husband,' Thomas thought. 'This man is now my husband, how
humiliating. To have to regard the Duke as my husband. He is legally and
socially now my husband I may as well admit it to myself.' Thomas
wondered how many women were in the same situation he was in now with an
unwanted husband forced upon them. Thomas was leaning over the end of
the bed waiting.

His husband positioned himself behind Thomas. Thomas prepared, keeping
himself loose for his husband. With one brutal thrust, he thrust the
entire length of his eleven in penis deep into Thomas's unwilling ass.
It slid smoothly into Thomas filling his reluctant anus. Thomas wept.

The Duke said, "You are doing much better now. See, that was much
easier," said the Duke softly. He groaned. He was enjoying the sensation
his cock was receiving from Thomas's unwilling rectal muscles. A
pleasurable moan escaped the Dukes mouth as he began slowly fucking

Thomas was moaning loudly while he moved his hips to the Dukes rhythm.
He was working hard to help stimulate his husbands cock.  His hips
rocked back and forth to his husband's rhythm. Thomas moaned like a
woman and cried out, "Yes, my husband, fuck me and make me feel like a
woman. I love your cock. Deeper my love. Go deeper in me my love. Deeper
and harder. Make it harder, Yes oh Yes show me how fertile you are."
Thomas was trying to get himself in the feminine mindframe, where he may
be able to emotionally accept sexual contact from this man. He was
moving his hips with his husband's rhythm and shouting cries of feminine
passion and It wasn't working. Thomas only felt the intense violation
and disgust from sexual contact from this man. This still made him feel
disgusting as he was being fucked by his husband. Jose may be his
husband, but it was in name only. He would never be accepted as Thomas's
husband in spirit. It was irrelevant. It didn't matter what Thomas could
accept. Jose was still legally Thomas's husband and had full rights of a
husband. That was what was relevant. Thomas belonged to Jose and he
could do nothing about it, but lean across the bed in the submissive
feminine posture and accept his husbands cock making cries of feminine
passion as his body rocked back and forth from his husband's thrusts.
"Yes! Fuck me harder, Jose. I am your woman!"

The Dukes thrusts were at first very slow and deep. The Duke kept a slow
steady rhythm going in deep and long into Thomas. Jose was not wanting
an orgasm. He was enjoying the stimulation of penetration in Thomas's
anus. The Duke pulled almost all the way out of Thomas and thrust back
in very slowly. It was slow and very methodical, enjoying the sensation
and sex with Thomas. Thomas cried out in fake passion, but hated every
minute of it. He listened to his husbands praises telling him how good
he felt, and his masculine moans of pleasure. The Duke was thrusting in
and out rocking Thomas with the motion. The thrusts slowly became more
violent as time slowly passed. Time passed and the Duke was still
fucking Thomas. Thomas's sore body was still rocking back and forth from
the Dukes slow thrusts. The Dukes thrusts became more violent after an
hour. He was mercilessly fucking Thomas at a blindly rapid pace. The
Duke's pelvis was violently slapping Thomas's butt cheeks with each
thrust. The Dukes cock violently impaled Thomas each time. Thomas's sore
body was thrust violently against the bedrails with each brutal thrust.
The Impact forced Thomas up on the toes of the stilettos he was wearing.
The Duke backstroke pulled Thomas's body down onto his heels making a
distinctive clicking sound when his spike heels came down on the
hardwood floor. The thrust forced the entire bed against the wall. The
violent sex sounds must have been heard though the entire manor. Thomas
kept crying enduring words of love as his husband quicken his pace even

The Duke had been violently fucking Thomas for around two and a half
hours when he tightly gripped Thomas, pressed his body into Thomas's.
His head pulled back as he cried in orgasmic passion.  The Duke
ejaculated a massive load of semen deep into Thomas. Thomas slumped over
the bed. A wave of revulsion overpowered Thomas as he slumped over the
bed weeping. He must have accepted five full loads into him. The Duke
pulled Thomas back up and spent another few minutes kissing and
caressing Thomas in the afterglow of another very satisfying orgasm. The
Duke pulled his cock out of Thomas and another load shot onto the
surface of his ass cheek and ran slide down the back of Thomas's thigh
into his shoe. The Duke pulled Thomas up into a passionate embrace.
Furiously kissing and caressing Thomas. He lifted Thomas's chin up and
began to suck hard on the young man's neck. Thomas arched back more
offering himself to the Duke the way he saw women learning their heads
back for their boyfriend's satisfaction. He felt another dark spot form
on his neck. He now had three humiliating hickies to show the world now.
Thomas shut his eyes in humiliation. Leanne would really get a kick out
of this next morning. His husband deeply kissed him and went to lay back
down. Thomas kept that position a few minutes more feeling the semen run
down the back of his thighs. It went down one leg and ran into his
shoes. His feet were wet with his husband's semen. He laid his head on
the pillow and began sobbing.

His husband woke up another time for a long intense session of sex. The
sex was even longer this time, about three hours and a half of intense
vicious pounding. Thomas did his best to get into it, moving his hips to
meet his husband's thrusts as a woman. Grinding and moaning as a woman.
He cried out in passion, encouraging his husband to fuck him harder. It
was degrading and felt like a violation of his manhood, but he had none
by that point. He endured the relentless pounding of his husband's cock
that slammed into him like a piston pounding him. His heels were
clicking with every backstroke. The bed was rocking and hitting the wall
with every thrust. Thomas's feminine cries filled the room. "Make me a

They were both exhausted by the time his husband ejaculated and they
spent another ten minutes necking and kissing each other. Thomas
received his fourth hicky.

Thomas had got little sleep that night and he saw the soft yellow glow
of the sun fill the room with the morning rays. The Duke rose to fuck
him one last time. The Duke was quicker this time as his husband worked
at a furious rapid pace, working up to having a quick ejaculation in
Thomas before the day began. Thomas knew it was a quickie. He had done
it to women at times before he left for the day. Thomas was fucked for
about twenty minutes. Thomas accepted the two shots of semen that
spilled down his ass and legs. Thomas accepted the Hickey that signified
it. He began crying as his husband kissed him.

"My love," the Duke said. "I have to leave to meet some people and
prepare for our day with your family. Leanne will come shortly to clean
you up and give you some formal instruction. You will walk on a
treadmill wearing heels learning the feminine way you will walk and move
for me. She will observe your toiletries for the morning and then you
will be cleaned and dressed for the day. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Thomas said silently.

"Good," the Duke replied as Leanne walked in with a bright smile.
"Please don't fight or upset Leanne. We all know what we have to do. I
am going to give you a choice," the Duke said.

"Okay," Thomas said. "I understand, and I won't give Leanne any

"You can either bathe with me this morning. Husband and wife for the
first time," the Duke said. "Or we can have the assistance come in and
they will do it."

"Assistance," Thomas said. He thought of bathing. Having his husband
intimately with him was disgusting and frightening. He endured that
enough. Thomas said, "I would rather be bathed by the assistants,
please. I endured enough of you, Jose."

The Duke smiled. "Okay. I will see you later my love."

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  1. I just loved how the Duke manipulated to Thomas that offer their anal virginity to him and the description of how the huge dick do Duke makes Thomas scream like a woman and leaves her gaping asshole and running his sperm.