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Miss Annie Interview

Hello everyone on this edition of Erotica Author’s Corner, we take a look at the art of erotica fiction author Miss Annie. 

She has written classic forced feminization tales such as The Lass (2001), 7 Days (2002) and The Pink Rose (2014).

I am proud to present Miss Annie. 

Miss Annie welcome to the Erotica Author’s Corner, I wanted to start off with what was your earliest exposure to this genre? 
If I recall, I remember some of my earliest exposures.  There was "The Landlady's New Niece" by Vicki that I mentioned before.  I also remember finding the website Prissy's Sissies.  I never joined because I was way too young, but I remember the pictures leading a big impression on me.  Also, "Sissy Therapy" by Kate was really an eye opener for me.  That hit home and hit so many buttons so early on for me.

How would Miss Annie describe herself? In other words, how are you different than from other authors? 
As a writer, I am very methodical.  The best way to describe my writing is to describe the process of writing a comic book.  I first find an idea.  I then slowly expand the idea and create a simple arc from beginning to end.  I then write down the steps from beginning to end.  I then expand on those steps.  Finally, I color in what is drawn before me.  I then write and expand everything that is set out for me.  I go from point to point and eventually reach the end.  It's almost like I'm writing an essay.  It doesn't work for everybody, but it keeps me focus and helps me reach the end.

Was 7 Days your first story? Were there others? 
7 Days was not my first story.  It was my second story.  The first story I ever did is called The "Lass" and it is on FictionMania.  I wrote that story only about a year or two after discovering TG or Feminization stories.  The "Lass" is an homage to the first story that I ever enjoyed and that was 'The Landlady's New Niece' by Vicki.

7 Days is a classic erotic tale of a young man
put through 7 phases of womanhood by
a mysterious artificial intelligence  
You took along break between "7 Day" and "A New Kind of Family"? Did you suffer artist block?
Yes and No.  I wrote a story between those two called Diaper Therapy that I did not post to FictionMania.  I posted it on another site and it got pretty bad reviews.  Also, some of the reviews that I got from my previous stories were pretty harsh, so it stopped me from wanting to write again.  Also, I wrote my first three stories while in college, so I took some time off to live my life again.  Initially, I got my fix for writing by doing online roleplaying, but I stopped doing that as well.  I wrote 'A New Kind Of Family' over Christmas Break from work and it just consumed me for a few days.  I wrote the entire story in like 3 or 4 days.  It grabbed a hold of me and wouldn't let go.

"The Lass" is drenched with great juicy dialogue, "The Pink Rose" is very descriptive and told well with words, and "7 Days" has very little dialogue, but very simple. Was this something as a writer you intentionally set out to experiment with or did it come out accidentally?
Dialogue is my worst aspect of writing.  I can write pages and pages of description as that is the part I love about writing.  I love writing about every little detail.  Dialogue, however, is something that I have always struggled with.  I have learned to do dialogue better as I have gotten older, but it's not perfect.  For '7 Days', I didn't want to repeat myself too much.  You can only have the character scream No for so long before it gets old.  And because of all the machines, dialogue isn't very important.  Also, I wanted to immerse the reader and I felt like dialogue would take that away.  So, after a while, I just had him stop talking and let the story write itself.

You seem to have a diverse portfolio of work, was this something you set out to do? 
Not at first, but I did think about it later on.  I really like different stories or stories that do something unique.  I get tired of the same old tropes over and over again, so I kind of wanted to do that.  I didn't want to be one of those authors that repeated themselves over and over again.  Each story felt like its own and very unique personality and I liked that.

Do you have any regrets in your stories you wish you would have taken? 
My main inspirations for writing are Cheryl Lynn and Kate.  Their stories are my absolute favorites and I've often wanted to emulate them.  However, whenever I do, I just can't.  Maybe I am too nice or grow attached to my characters, but I just can't be that mean.  I've wanted to write a really mean story, but I just can't.  To supplement that, I have realized that love is a powerful weapon.  If a victim can fall in love their torturer, then that is a really interesting idea and can be used for great effect.  They don't like what is happening, but they cannot say no because their heart is pushing them in that direction.

What is your favorite time era for fashion? 
Ooooh, this is the hardest question.  I absolutely adore the 1950's.  The entire era for fashion is just marvelous.  I LOVE petticoats and the 1950's was perfect for that.  I love the bright clothing, big hair and everything about that era.  I love watching movies from that era as it is a sight to see.  I also love the Victorian Era.  I love tight corsets, strict rules and large skirts from that era.  I also love the strict social norms and the way society was.  Back then, you had to dress up every single time you left the house.  Nowadays, people dress and behave awfully.

When you were writing your stories, what were the parts that you looked forward to writing about?
Clothing.  Without a doubt.  Clothing.  I love outfits and I love creating them.  In all of my writing, I take an extra long time to describe the person's outfit as I love that detail.  I probably have a clothing fetish and that is probably where it comes from.  I love being creative with that part and I love the variety of clothing.  It is my favorite part.

And what are the parts you dislike or feel as if are played out in this genre? 
I like it when authors take chances.  I like when they try something they have never done before.  I like it when they add a little spice to their stories and try something new.  It doesn't have to be a big change, but just something different that is unique to them.

This might ruffle a few feathers, but in my humble opinion, I am loosing interest in Femdom stories.  They just seem so unrealistic to me.  Most of the female aggressors seem like psychopaths and have no compassion whatsoever.  Maybe it is because I haven't met any 'mean girls', but I get tired of it.  There are other aspects, but they aren't my cup of tea, so I wouldn't like them in the first place.

What projects are you working on now in this genre? 
To be honest, I was pretty much done after 'The Pink Rose'.  However, the tremendous and wonderful response that I got from the readers really sparked my interested.  It really made me want to write again just as a thank you for all the support I got.  About a year ago, I had three ideas that I wanted to do.  One was going to take place in Victorian England, one about the 1950's and one in Disney World.  However, after writing several pages of the Victorian story, I lost interested and deleted all of my material.  One day, I might write again as I can never say no, but it might be a while.  Though, your idea of a '7 Days' style going through pregnancy and Motherhood sound very interesting.  ;-)

Miss Annie, Thank you so much for being on The Erotica’s Author’s Corner.

Before I go, I just wanted to thank you for including me in this spotlight.  It has been a real honor and it's been extra special to talk to somebody who really loves my writing.  I also wanted to say that as a writer, feedback is our salary.  Most writers don't get paid to write especially those who submit their stories to FictionMania.  So, if you liked a story, leave a comment.  It is very quick and easy to do.  Even if it's an old story.  You have no idea how much that means to a writer.  Positive feedback keeps up wanting to write.  So, if you want more or another story from that author, tell them and it may just happen.

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