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Kylie Gable Interview on Erotica Author's Corner

Hello Friends and Fans,

Kylie GableI'm excited to announce that we have Kylie Gable as our guest on a new edition of the Erotica Author's Corner.

Blog followers first knew Gable through The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu book review (required reading for fans of forced feminization fiction). Many of you know I have a little fan girl crush on her books, so this was very exciting for me.

However as a journalist, I did ask Kylie Gable some tough and interesting questions about disappointments, outfits, personal questions and obstacles.

Here is a very small sample:

Welcome to College Ominibus: Welcome to College Books 1 to 10 by [Gable, Kylie]Annabelle: Tell us a little about your own fans, how have they reacted to your books? How have your readers affected you and your craft? Do readers get upset over outcomes of your stories?

Kylie Gable: This is actually one thing I'd love more of. I crave the feedback of my readers and want them to post more on my blog.

Hope you all enjoy as this interview got deep into Gable's craft and past experiences. 

Click Below for Interview:
Kylie Gable Interview

Pastry Forced Feminization

Don't know the artist name, but its so deliciously good!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Martin Hastings Saga Holiday Card

Due to popular request, here is the Holiday Card for the Martin Hastings Saga fans. Hope you all had a great and "pleasure filled" weekend fans. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays Forced Feminization Illustration!

Hello Fans, 

You all are probably traveling or are already at your destination during this busy holiday. I just wanted to thank you all for sending your Holiday Wishes. I prepared this greeting card for you all inspired by Kylie Gable's Sissy Under Wraps story found inside her Gift Wrapped story collection. Great read for a Christmas story.

Again thank you all for your comments and support. By the way you may see a character named Martin from Rikki's story celebrating the New Year soon on the blog, but not exactly the way he wants it be....

Jack feminized by the friends of his ex girlfriend after he broke up with her on Christmas Eve! He is sexily dressed, bound and gagged as a Christmas present.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Bambi Ch. 2 Illustrated

Bambi Ch. 2 is now up with illustrations from author/artist Brenda!

MTV's Undressed - Season 2 - Episode 2: Identical Twins

Hope you enjoyed the first episode of the second season of Undressed. Here is episode 2, this one gets hot! Dominic gets more intimate with Joy and we get spin the bottle which lead to some bisexual kissing in the crossdressing story line.  

Saturday, December 10, 2016

MTV's Undressed - Season 2 - Episode 1: Handcuffs

In high school, I used to secretly watch and enjoy MTV's Undressed. This show was an anthology series revolving around the sexual experiences of high school students, college students and post college graduates.

Despite being having no real nudity or sex, this series proved to be very steamy and erotic that created loyal cult following among people my generation as it had almost every kink imaginable! Love triangles, gay, lesbian, bisexual, crossdressing, humiliation, blackmail, interacial, name it! Undressed pretty much covered it!

Below is episode 1 of Season 2. It has high school boy being helped dressed as a girl by his best lady friend, a straight girl switching places with her lesbian twin, and a guy waking up in bed wearing panties while handcuffed to a girl!  

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holiday Card Sissy illustration sneak peek

Hello Friends, 

I just wanted to thank those fans that have made pledges to my Annabelle Forced Feminization page. Below is a small sample of some art for the holiday of a candy cane gagged sissy. Patreons of who have made contributions get the treat of seeing my work early before anyone else.   

Also, Brenda has her latest story, Bambi Ch. 2 on the blog!

Monday, December 5, 2016

New stories coming this Wednesday

I have some new stories coming this week on Wenesday. Sorry for not adding any new stories recently. There are a few new minor changes happening on the layout of the blog, so please bare with me.

Love and hugs,

Annabelle B.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Story Pick of the Week: Gang of Six

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the disappearance from the blog. I would like to thank you all for the Thanksgiving wishes and to those of you post up on the Fictionmania board, I appreciate that a lot Klyde! I do read all your comments and deeply apologize for not responding to those who have written. You readers are the principle reason that I keep this blog running. Thank you!

Before I got sick (it has been raining in my area), I was talking online with writer Blondie, he writes Clothed Female Nude Male stories similar to our blog friend Joe. Blondie has a few stories with a feminizition angle though like Gang of Six where two male school students are dominated by a gang of tough school girls.

A great read! It is free on The Blondie Humiliation Story board site! It is in 3 short parts with spanking, panties, domination and plenty of humiliation for the boys by the girls  Worth the read, you may also find other stories you may like from him!

Gang of Six story

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Friends

Related image
Hello Friends,

Wishing you all a great Thanksgiving (for my fellow Americans). Hope you all have a great and safe day!

Kisses and love for all!


Annabelle B

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fan Art of Kylie Gable's Jaguar character: Katsumi

Below is a little fan art of The Jaguar's Katsumi from the mind of author Kylie Gable. Earlier this year I fell in deep love with Kylie's idea of female vigilantes that use forced feminization tactics to capture and punish males who bully, cheat or are abusive. 

The Jaguar's partner "Katsumi" has restrained and gagged a bully to girly bed after feminizing him by having him wear panties, a wig, makeup and having him wear a sexy nightie to sleep in. For those of you who may not know Katsumi is a beautiful Japanese young woman who is an expert martial artist and well skilled in bondage. She wears a white latex catsuit that hugs her tight slim body.  

Link to Kylie Gable's Jaguar Series on Amazon. 

Please Go read it! It's a great take on the feminization genre! Highly recommended.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

New content announcement for the blog

Hello Friends,

This is a just a notice of a few things happening here on the site. I'm making a few modifications to help identify which stories have visuals, so you all know what you are getting into before you start reading.

I have a new story coming from the mind of Brenda. I'll add another story from Joe and Priscilla.

Also! I have a new interview I'm working on with the prolific author Kylie Gable!

Plus a I have a new fan illustration for The Jaguar series! This week!

Stay tuned and thank you for visiting this blog.

Annabelle B.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Rikki is okay

Hello fans and good morning!

I received a message from Rikki ensuring me she is okay and has been busy with other things in her life, but she will be contacting me later this week. That worried me for a while.

I'll let everyone know later today what content is coming to the blog in terms of art, stories and interviews.

Thanks and hope everyone has a great week.


Annabelle B.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Featured on Bending the Bookshelf and NEW Art for Rikki with NEW stories on the blog

Hello Fans and new Fans,

This week I was featured on Bending the Bookshelf, a blog dedicated to transgender and feminization writing. It was a major honor for my art to be recognized by a well known and respected blog in our community. 

Hope you all took notice of the new stories presently on the blog, Joe's Running the Gauntlet (you have to read it!), Karen's Step Sissy 2, Brenda's Bambi and Caroline's latest Man Dating Ch.10 (so much detail are in her stories).

Below is a new background for my long time collaborator Rikki Blackwell, which I have not heard from in a while. Yes, I am getting worried with her. The illustration features her taking a break from her writing one of her erotic feminization stories. 

To see the feature on Brending the Bookshelf click here

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Feminization Art of Andy Latex

Hello Friends, I wanted to bring to your attention the art of  artist Andy Latex from his blog, Smooth Slick n Shiny: The Kinky Dreams of Andy Latex Blog

His art centers on the the feminization of young man by his Auntie and her friends. Andy's manipulation of figures and depiction of latex on his figures is beautifully rendered. 

Please visit his blog which features more of his fantasies beautifully visualized.


Thank you Andy for allowing me to share your lovely art.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Brenda Gova's Bambi story is now updated with her illustrations!

Attention all Brenda Gova fans!

Author/Artist Brenda Gova's Bambi story has now been updated with her illustrations!

Hope all you enjoy the additions!

Thank you!


Vintage Sissy Art

Don't the artist, but I like it! This reminds me of Joe's A Big Strong Lass and Valerie's Frankie (ch.9)!
Source : Davina Cox's World of Femdomination

Friday, November 11, 2016

Story Pick of the Week: Sara Desmarais' The Photo Shoot

The Photo Shoot, this Week's Story Pick of the Week comes from writer Sara Desmarais.

The Photo Shoot by [Desmarais, Sara]In her 2010 erotic short story (it was actually on Fictionmania for a short time), we meet Eric who agrees to take part in his wife's wish in going through with posing as a Bride in a sexy fashion photo shoot! It begins innocently enough as a fun little adventure for the couple with Eric taking on the role of woman while being guided by an all female photo shoot staff, but it gradually turns into something more as Eric is slowly entered into femininity with each new pose.

A little short, but Sara cuts the fluff out of her stories and focuses on tension and the reluctance of the husband Eric. Great EROTIC story! A must read for wedding theme fans!

The Photo Shoot    

Saturday, November 5, 2016

New Story! Joe's Life Model!

Hello Everyone,

I added a brand new story from Joe as well as some new art! Life Model is now up on the blog! A very creative story of college girls playing toying with a fellow male student. If you liked Job Interview, you will enjoy Joe's latest story!

Story Link:
Life Model

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Pick of the Week: Bridled by the Bridesmaids

Bridled by the Bridesmaids by [Gable, Kylie, Acosta, Claudia]

This week's Pick of the Week comes from Kylie Gable and Claudia Acosta with their Bridled by the Bridesmaids story.

A tale of bridesmaids trying to help their good friend Page by trying to "correct" her fiance's rude drunken behavior through feminizing him.

The story offers more than the regular cliches in the genre, Gable and Acosta blend pro wrestling with feminization successfully to give the tired wedding-themed feminization story new life! Very smart and witty dialogue!

Bridled by the Bridesmaids 

Karen Jensen's Flapper now updated with two new images!

Hello Fans! A little late *sorry* but I updated Karen Jensen's Flapper costume party themed story with two new illustrations to help bring it to life!

Hope you enjoy the art and don't forget to leave a thought or two!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Halloween Weekend

Hi everyone!

A new illustration has been added to Karen Jensen's Flapper story!
 I also started working on a new Rikki and Annabelle cartoon for Halloween. I also have a new illustration for Valerie's latest story "Norma"

I hope you have been enjoying Joe's stories, because I also have some art in drawing board for his clever and witty CFNM stories.

Love you all!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Pick of the Week: Job Interview

This week I choose Joe's Job Interview story short series.

Its a story about a young man being interviewed by a potential employer. During the interview his possible future stern and confident boss asks him a series of unorthodox questions and uncomfortable positions!

It contains no feminization, but it has plenty of surprises and humiliation for this young man at the hands of office girls and a strong confident lady. Very smart and clever writing!

It has a great ending! You will not see the twist cumming!

Job Interview

Friday, October 7, 2016

Been away dealing with things, but I'm back

Have been away sorry for the lack of updates and posts, but I added two new chapters to Brenda's ongoing Mommy's Sissy. Chapter 3 and 4 are now up.

BIC also added some new poetry. Has anyone noticed his poems on The Initiation Nightmare series? They are in each of the commentary sections.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Sorry for being away. I appreciate everyone who has left comments. I have been working more hours.

Brenda sent a new chapter to her series, but I have been apprehensive to publish it. I have decided to publish it and decided for you the reader to decide.

I hope you have noticed the stories of Joe and Bic on the right side of the blog list. I will add more of their content.

Also has anyone noticed the new illustration on ch. 3 of Subjegated Step Sissy.

Again thank you for all the comments! I read all of them and I appreciate the comments you left for Man Dating!

Thank you again for the feedback.

Much Love,

Annabelle B.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Updates to the blog

Hello Everyone,

As some of you know Rikki's sister passed away this week. My dear friend and partner is currently taking some time off from her Martin Saga project. I wish the best and pray for her in this time of great sadness which I can't even begin to understand.

I have a new contributor, Joe X who has agreed to share his stories to the blog. I will begin to create a more CFNM branch to the blog along with BIC's poems. Trust me Joe's stories are very hot and entertaining! Welcome to the Blog Joe and BIC!

In other news, I have a major announcement with Valerie coming up soon. Stay tune.

Brenda has also submitted her latest Mommys Sissy story to me which I will post this week. Love her immensely.

That's all for now!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Review and Illustration: M.C Questgend's The Nightmare Vacation

Chris surprised by his new female body. 
M.C Questgend’s The Nightmare Vacation, starts out with recent college graduate Chris Granger taking a vacation trip through Europe. While stopping by Amsterdam he succumbs to a mysterious illness which causes great pain, emergency surgery is needed. When Chris wakes up free from the immense pain, but that the doctors had accidently performed gender reassignment on him as well! Now he has to deal with being a female while on vacation!

The Nightmare Vacation by [Questgend, M.C.]With the title “The Nightmare Vacation,” you almost believe that the story would be a Hostel-like feminization story, but in reality you have a story about a young man coming to terms with his new skin as a young woman and the relationships that emerge from the change into the opposite sex.

M.C writes treats her readers to plenty of surprises as Chris returns back to America as she tries to reconnect with everyone. You would think nothing would shock you from the trauma from waking up a girl, but M.C writes treats her readers to plenty of surprises as Chris returns back to. M.C has a talent for shaking things up when you least expect it. Chris or Christine’s interaction with her family is well put together as a tense and awkward experience. The father struggles to look his new daughter in the eye.
The author has a way in making you care about the characters. The sense of isolation that Christine goes through most of the book is done very well. Unfortunately I’m left wondering what would the story had been if she slowed down a bit in certain portions of the story. The story is easy to read, but she glosses over many parts of the story. The first part of the book feels as if the author was in a rush to get to the sex transformation. We also are left with little to no descriptions of the physical characteristics of the characters in the book.

When it comes to the more intimate moments of the story, M.C delivers on the erotic department! The buildup to her first sexual encounter is done surprisingly well and the last one is sensuous borderline raunchy! However there are a few problems or scenes that feel a little out of place in a soft sentimental semi-erotic self discovery novel, but would feel just right at home on a rated R Fictionmania story (no offense, I love Fictionmania). Without spoiling too much, the inner slut in Christine takes over in one scene causing a bit of turbulence in the flow of M.C’s style of writing.

A missed opportunity is missed by not fully exploring the inner conflict inside Chris regarding his sexuality. The reader never really believes Christine is fully heterosexual, alas a great opportunity to help give a little more dimension to our heroine is missed. However a later trauma in the book helps flesh out the Chris character out in a different way which ultimately helps her welcome the future as a woman.

The Nightmare Vacation is available now through Amazon.

Click Here for the Link: The Nightmare Vacation

Click Here for the Link to M.C Questgend website

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Up and Beaming

From BIC

Technically, she is still a virgin

But her sex hormones were urgin'
Her to have some sex fun
With something or someone.
So she tried an alternate sex version.

She ventured into a sleazy sex-store
And found naughty sex toys galore.
Now a dildo of great size,
Which she dubbed 'Enter, Prize',
Boldly goes where no man's gone before.

She'd learned about giving sex oral,
Which she felt was not immoral.
For it's a proven fact
That hymens stay intact.
Now she loves giving blow-jobs for all.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Short Story: P is for Pussy

This week I made a new online friend named BIC from the Stripped and Humiliated board site. Anyways, she shared with me a handful of poetry and this short story. I'm planning on opening a small section devoted to poetry soon on the blog soon, since BIC was so kind to share some with us and I think a few of us will enjoy them. Thank you!

The following story is not what you might expect from its title. Rather it is a satirical, fictionally-historical,  hysterical and humourous mockumentary. As a speculative fiction of futuristic fantasy, it could be called Feminist 451.  The story takes place in a land not so far away in a time yet to be when excessive heat from feminism reaches the boiling point and everyone gets burned. But don’t get your knickers in a twist. There’s a happy ending.    Btw, This story in no way reflects the opinion of the author.  (Well, just a little bit )

P is for Pussy

Dogs chase cats; it’s just in their nature. No one blames them or looks down on them.  It’s just Mother Nature doing her thing.  Likewise, hounds of the horny male humanoid variety love to chase pussy.  But for that these days,  they get a bad rep and are called pigs ( Porcus Chauvanisticus Masculanus, to use the proper scientific term ) It’s just not ‘PC” to be a P.C. Porcus Chauvanisticus these days.

For many years the radical feminist girlella movement had cowed government and private institutions into a corner of guilt and put pathetically pandering politicians on the defensive.  So defensive were they, that merely being a man’s man was an offense in some circles.  Not illegal, but politically incorrect and decidedly immoral.

Women’s Liberation Groups were known to blackball colleagues and associates who were married .... to a man, that is.  They were accused of ‘sleeping with the enemy.’ Fem-terrorist conferences went so far as to expel their own lib-sisters if it was discovered they were dating guys.  That was called ‘fraternizing with the foe.’

What this radical, exclusive and judgemental approach did to some vulnerable and impressionable  women was sad indeed.  But that was nothing compared to what it did to men.  The cultural changes in North America and Europe  saw the male model of manliness eviscerated and emasculated.  Traditional roles do shift and flux with the times as well as through technological and economic necessity.  No one was denying that.  But this latest impact on the male psyche shattered men’s will to an imposed and unnatural degree: by fiat, men were symbolically neutered.  They became neither female ( nurturing givers of life )  nor male ( protective and overseeing fortresses of strength. )  Ironically, given the rhetoric and ideology of the era, men were objectified.

Male and female as sex objects was nothing new, of course.  In the Victorian Era fig leaves were placed on statues and even paintings to cover up the male genitals.  The nude female figure, on the other hand, was considered the essence of human pulchritude and smooth shaven yoni were on display in public galleries with nary a sniff of prudishness from the Christian Ladies Guild or Church of England elders.  Woman equaled beauty, man equaled shame.  Freudian theorists, for instance, thought the male phallus was just too powerful a figure for the weak willed women of the day.

But the modern reality was far different, indeed its polar opposite. While the smooth shaven Venus Mount was still considered by all the height of beauty, the male phallus lost its inherent power and morphed into its opposite quality; cocks became shameful, not as too powerful an image, but because they symbolized utter impotence.  As men’s position and esteem in society lowered, so men themselves, and especially their cocks, became sorry versions of virility, pathetic fallacies...( a pathetic phallus, see)  Cock of the Walk became Mock of the Jock.

That’s how it was 100 years into the decline and fall of masculinity.  The feminization of men had one purpose only,  their humiliation and emasculation.  Men became pussies and the more they accepted this role, the less they were regarded by women.  And not just  by staunch feminists.  Woman of all walks of life and persuasion laughed at these male-pussies, these boys-without-balls, these droopy-dicks.  The most popular expression among young, giggling girls to describe such men, these pathetic pussies, was ‘Tiny Toms‘.

So Tiny Tom pussies became the male norm and women boasted and bragged,  kept the men in their place and thought they had won at last.  But life is not that simple.  While Tiny Toms had lost any semblance of masculine power, control and virility, they had attained little more than the mere trappings of femininity.

The new culture provided feminized fashion for men,  such as bikini style men’s underpants which were redesigned women’s underwear adapted to fit the male physique.

The new culture provided multi-level advertising and subliminal propaganda to reinforce its message, ‘ One cunt good, two balls bad. ‘

The new culture did get them to use male make-up.

The new culture did teach them to do domestic chores.

The new culture did put them into low-paying, meaningless, boring jobs.

The new culture did subject them to humiliating advertising that mocked their nakedness. Ads showed men blushing with shame as clothed women snickered at the guys’ nude and semi-nude state.

But what the new culture did not do is off-set their loss of masculinity.

Men did not, could not, become women,  just lesser men.  And a woman is not a lesser man. She is a creature unto herself.  And that is non-transferable.  Tiny Toms did not become Mighty Moms. And despite hormonal injections and increased testosterone dosages, women could not acquire the essence of manhood, just its awkward misplacement in a feminine psyche ( plus coarser body hair. )

The New Order became a perversion of Genesis 1 : 27. “…male and female created He them.”  The new cultural order of the day became ‘ Masculine-females and feminine-males are recreated equal. ‘  But it just didn’t work.  Just as nature abhors a vacuum, so too it revolted by drastic polar reversals. Things were gradually changing as Tiny Toms turned the tide and took on the Fanatical Feminists.  And they did it spontaneously all over the Western World ( Islamic states continued to keep women encased in black sacks to preserve their feminine charms.. but that’s another story.)

Demonstrations in major cities  became impossible to control and all media as well as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social networks fueled the fire that now raged as men stood up.. so to speak.  For the mass male gatherings were all in the nude.  ‘Streak a blow for Manhood’  campaigns saw hundreds of thousands of naked men parading their wares and getting in the face of flabbergasted women.  Slogans like “Proud to be a Cock–Jock “ were on placards and banners ( no buttons were worn, for obvious reasons ).  Men chanted, “ We’re rude, we’re nude.  We’re proud to be a dude! ‘

Finally, one great leader emerged, Bravehard, a man in his early 40’s who looked a lot like a kilt-less, sober Mel Gibson. Bravehard  addressed the undressed crowd outside the Big O, Oprah Studios in Chicago. This bare baritone spoke eloquently

They may take away our beer steins and cold pizza,
They may spray Febreeze to clear the manly air of our unwashed bodies,
They may force safety-at-the-cost-of-fun upon us
They may pass bike helmet laws
They may erect plastic playgrounds devoid of fun,
They may banish body hair and sweat with cosmetic chemicals,
They may use fabric softener on our jockstraps,
They may change game rules to take the fun of violence out of sports,
Yes, they may mess with our ball games...”

Bravehard stood tall grabbing his erect penis and cupping his scrotum. His baritone voice ironically hit a higher pitch as he screamed out:

“ But they will not take away our balls!!!”

The Occupy the Jockstrap Movement grew some and things for a time got ugly,  downright testy you might say.  For months the lads persevered, even into the winter in cities like Boston and Toronto where freezing rain and snowstorms diminished the size of the crowds ( as well as the size of their manhood  ) But Bravehard was an outstanding and upright leader of men.  He rallied naked men throughout the land to continue the struggle despite adverse conditions.  He cried out…

Our cause is just.
Our balls are blue.
Yet we know we must
To our cocks be true!

Other groups were formed, including Men’s True Nation which held monthly demonstrations where they proudly waved bloody flags to show their commitment to sacrifice.  Their battle cries rang out!

We’re He-men, not She-men.
Our balls are full of semen!
Our horny cocks are creamin’
‘Cause that’s our right to be men!

In the end, all humiliation was washed away in a wave of new-found pride in their naked male bodies.  Men asserted themselves without shame.  What’s more, that sense of comfort with their own nudity impressed women of all persuasions.

At last, the feministas surrendered and proclaimed that men would be granted their rights, they would be allowed to display their naked maleness openly and with no stigma attached.  Henceforth, the Fem-authorities declared,  men will not only be allowed to display their naked genitalia, it will be the law of the land.  No buts about it. Men had won the battle.

And, to show their subservience to men,  women would no longer parade in skimpy outfits meant to rouse, tease and humiliate men. No, instead women would be clothed at all times in public.  But men and boys would not be shackled by image-denying clothing.  In fact, clothing was no longer an option for men.

Thus, the CFNM Act was passed by Congress and soon was adopted in all 50 states to become the XXX Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Men got the right, the privilege and, in fact, the duty to appear in manly fashion, which is to say, naked before clothed women. No longer would naked men be mocked by women....... just enjoyed.

From: Such a Sissy Blog: Monday ManCandy

Its not illustration feminization, but I thought it looked like a cute gif to share.

Such a Sissy: Monday ManCandy: Star Trek - The Future...... Light Speed - surpassed hundreds of years ago!!! Poverty, inequality. injustice, racism - just words in a his...

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sissy's Humiliation by SissyFellatrixFL

Found this on Deviant Art. Unknown artist. Very similar to Sissy Fellatrix's classic about a man blackmailed into being dressed like a little girl in party dress for the entertainment of others. The story I'm referring to is Sissy's Humiliation by SissyFellatrixFL on Fictionmania.

Link to the story Sissy's Humiliation

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Martin Hasting and Rhonda from Sub Sissy

I got a question thus week if there were more Rhonda pictures on the way and the answer is yes. Martin Hastings fans, you may want to stay tuned. You never know when you may see a new profile.

Thanks for those who commented on Rose's story! It always helps to know what the readers think!

Annabelle B.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying their labor day! Ryan Rose, or as i call her "Rose" allowed me to share her story to the blog, "All Grown Up." She is a new author and was looking to get back some feedback on her tale. If you could please give a read to her story and leave a comment or two, it would be really appreciative.

Also, if anyone who is an author and wants to share their story here on this blog wants to share their story, please contact me at or

Thank you!

All grown up

By Ryan Rose

What do you think happens to all of the terrible men who get turned into
little baby girls by vindictive women. What happens to them and what
kind of women do they become when they grow up. Lets find out

Alice had just turned twenty one a few weeks ago. Her childhood had been
a vicious struggle. She excelled in high school even if she didn't get
along with the other girls. There were various reasons for that. The
girl scene that teenage girls indulge was still totally foreign to her
and held little appeal. Girls in their teenage years are awkward enough,
but it was ten fold for her. She struggled and her studies excelled and
the girls taunted her enough for that. It hurt her a lot, but nothing
near as much as her mother hurt her during her childhood. She was
downright cruel, as if it was some sadistic act of revenge.

You see, Alice actually was a grown man. He was a cruel sadistic man who
pretty much deserved what he got. His mother, was actually his wife
before she had some friends with some very advanced tech transform him
into a baby girl. His wife, who was his victim during the marriage
adopted him. Her revenge was vicious, and the other various women he
abused took delight in also abusing him.

He grew up again in a dark abusive childhood. His new view on life now
showed him that he was terrible and he figured he pretty much deserved
it. But Alice wanted something more.

She looked across the table at the other darked haired older woman,
hoping for some understanding. "Kimberly, I know the way I treated you
when you worked for me all those years were wrong. I am so sorry I hurt
you. I should have respected you. I hope you can forgive me for it. But
what happened to me is so much worse. I did what I did four times in my
office. My mother invited various men to do it to me continuously during
my childhood. For years from ages 5 on up. Here is what bothers me, and
I hope you can forgive me enough to understand that these men are sick."

She spoke up, "Allen, I have forgiven you years ago. I didn't take part
in what she did, She stoped being my lover years ago. I will help you."

It was hard to believe that this girl, as a man raped her. She was so
much older than him now, she was a woman in her 40s.

"Those sick men my wife invited to abuse me, delighted in molesting
girls that age. Once I got too old, they lost interest. Even of those
teachers. They wont stop, they will find other girls to abuse. Please
help me, expose them, expose my wife. I have learned my lesson. She
hasent, she was an evil woman when we were married, I was cruel too. But
she wont stop. You know what she did to me and other women," Alice

"What do you want me to do?" Kimberly asked.

"Come forward with me. Make statements at the police, that she invited
men to abuse me and watched. That will be enough to put her away for a
long time. Then give names of those men, You know who they are."

She smiled. "Yes, I will help you." Then she went to hug Alice.

She was shocked enough, Kimberly must have seen. "Alice you look nothing
like the man that hurt me. There is none of him left. Just a shattered
little girl crying out. I will help you."

They went to the police station together. They both gave their
statements. The detectives were horrified at what they were told. It was
nothing new to them. It wasn't like they haven't heard statements from
sexual abuse victims before that were abused as children. Even if it was
invited by the parents, unfortunately, that happens too. They took the
two womens statements. It was recorded, evidence was collected. Then
warrents were sworn out by the judge.

His wife Karen was sitting comfortably in her manner that she had stolen
from her husband so many years ago. A few thoughts crossed her mind that
brought total erotic delight to her as she smiled into the darkness. She
reveled in the humiliation that her sadistic husband felt when he was
touched by a man, and violated. It happened over and over, and she loved
the look on that bastards face when he faced what he did to her and the
other women in his life. The fact that she often took delight in others
humiliations didn't enter her mind as she cheated and stole from others.
She often ripped apart their family's, taking their homes and property.
She had a long history of fraud, theft, and many other crimes. She could
be as vicious as her husband. She didn't consider what she did to him as
a crime, he was her husband, and a man. She never considered the fact
that legally he was a child, and she had become his parent when she
legally adopted him. He was legally adopted as a five year old girl. She
never considered any of that.

Then there was a knock at the door and she went to open it. There were
officers at the door holding official looking documents. She was taken
and handcuffed. She was totally shocked when her rights were read to
her. "You are under arrest for aggregated child sexual abuse. You have
the right to remain silent." She had no idea what they were talking
about. She never abused a child.

Nothing made any since until she was taken to the station and saw Alice
there, beeming with glee seeing her in handcuffs taken to a cell. Now it
all came very clear and she tried to protest.

Luckily, the officers didn't understand and began questioning her sanity
at the nonsense she began spewing. This idiot may not even be competent
to stand trial. Alice, a fifty year old man who abused other women.
There was no way.

Now Karen heard herself and realized it. She shut up in embarrassment.
Standing beside Alice was Kimberly. She realized she was done. And she
realized that what she did was a crime, alice was a little girl being
abused by her. She was alices mother. There was going to be no mercy on

Then she realized how screwed she was when some of the other men she
invited over came in, wearing handcuffs. She was lead to a cell, and
bowed her head in dispare. That bastard had won again. He screwed her
over, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Most of the men got from 10 to 20 years, few made it out of prison
She got life with parole. She would be an embittered elderly woman she
she got out, but she would be on the sex offenders life.

Alice eventually found happiness in the arms of another woman around her
age. She got his company back, and resolved to respect women, because
she was one. Her wife helped her run the company, but it went though a
transformation from the way her mother, ex wife ran things.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Back To School Sissy | The Sissy Alphabet | Watch And Learn

Becoming the Rubber Doll added and sneak pic into Subjegated Step Sissy and art for Rikki!

Annabelle B- "Hello Rhonda, this is Annabelle B, how are you?"

Rhonda- "Hello?"

Annabelle B- I have some great news for you!

Rhonda- I'm out of this feminzed prison!?

Annabelle B- "No, I have Chloe Latex gave us permission to share her "Becoming the Rubberdoll" series on the blog, we have a new author Ryan Rose, a new illustration for your Subjegated Step Sissy series and even a sneak peek for Rikki's Tales of Forced Crossdressing Blog  both in the sketch folder!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Brenda's Mommy's Sissy now published!

Sorry for the delay fans, it has been a bit of a busy week here. As promised, a new illustrated chapter in artist/writer Brenda's Mommy's Sissy series is now available here on the blog!

Click here: Mommy's Sissy


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

Priscilla Gay Bouffant Avatar completed and New Brenda story on the way!

I have some quick news, Brenda sent me a new chapter to her ongoing story. I will publish it tomorrow.

I will be adding the Priscilla avatar to her stories now that its done. I think I captured the style of her stories. She wanted to be represented as being in a maid outfit gagged and restrained while a stern mistress looks on.

Hope you all had a great weekend and thanks for visiting my little blog!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Going digital and Facebook!

I just wanted to let you all know, that I will slowly be transitioning my work flow digital, meaning that I'm going to be drawing on my digital tablet and leave paper, pencil and eraser.

I'm loosing too much time on the scanner and cleaning up the images on Photoshop. The first images will probably lack experience, but it should be for the better.

I'm also now on Facebook as Annabelle Brito!

Thank you.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Karen Jensen avatar and The Jaguar's Kastsumi illustrations

I recently finished another illustration for Kylie Gable's The Jaguar story. A series about two female viglantees that feminize criminals and sexist males. All though I tried to demonstrate all of the Jaguar's trademarks the first time around in the book, I left out Katsumi (below, partner of The Jaguar)  and the full body transformation of a petty thug at the hands of Katsumi and The Jaguar.
 I'm working my way through the authors avatars on the blog. To the right is Karen Jensen (like you can't read *laughs*), but next is Priscilla and then Caroline and Brenda.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Bliss TV Show episode: The Value of X

A few years ago (a year before getting into forced fem literature) I used to get my erotica fix via a show called Bliss on the Oxygen network on late nights. It was written by women for women, it was mostly so-so, but they did produce a few notable steamy episodes. Like the one below about a friend helping her bi guy friend explore his feminine side while also exploring her own lesbian tendencies. Great episode, with a sex great role reversal in it. Enjoy!

Martin Hastings Art question

I have been getting some questions about Martin Hastings art by fans. All I have to tell you is that you will be getting a sneak peek at new art on the Sketches folder page of the blog.

I was in Northern California for some needed time off and now I'm back ready to produce.

Annabelle B.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Final Mommy's Little Sissy is now up!

New and last Brenda's Mommy's Little Sissy is here!

Enjoy dear readers and don't forget to leave a comment for Brenda.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Article- The Greatness of Male Femininity

A while a ago a fan named Carol shared this article with me to share with the blog followers.

Ms Brito,
Here's an article By Nancy Lewis of Washington, DC.    Ms Lewis' themes are:

Being female is better than being male.

The Alpha female trend is growing faster than you think.

Her skills:
Service to Alpha females. Actively supporting Femdom. Believe in the superiority of Females.

Assertive Women - Feminized Men

Welcome - This Forum is for the Radical Feminists of the 21st Century that have had enough of Patriarchal Control. This Forum is for Women and Girls that want to take the Assertive Lead in the 21st Century while turning the tables on Men and boys and taking a Gender Role Reversed Philosophy into the 21st Century. 

If Women want to be in "Control" they first need to "Take" that Control from the men and boys. While women and girls become more Assertive and Strong, they need to Encourage Men and Boys to be "In-Touch" with their Feminine and "Docile" side. By Women encouraging the males in their lives to become "Pretty" and "Sweet", to Look "Nice" for the Women's pleasures, as men have insisted that women do for them for centuries, it will create a Better, Less Violent and Less Aggressive World. 

By Men adopting a "Traditionally Feminine" Attitude and "Dress Code", the Women will Take the "Stress' away from men, and let the men experience the Greatness of Male Femininity! We Need Women that are Assertive and Independent to achieve this Wonderful Goal!

The Greatness of Male Femininity

Maybe I'm just so used to working in a women's world that male submission and the acceptance of feminization are slowly becoming entrenched ideologies in me. I 
find myself looking to women for authority and leadership as well as guidance in my attitudes. Or m
aybe Feminization is just evolution.


Women are  unstoppable !

        a Better, Less Violent and Less Aggressive World. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Aren't I the popular one?

I have been getting a lot of mail recently, appreciate that. I'll have some new art this week too. One question has anyone picked up a copy of The Jaguar? If so, what do you think?

With that book out of the way, I should have more time now for Paul and Martin.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Story Pick of the Week 7/25/16

Its been a little while since I have done a Story Pick of the Week, I used to think I could do an illustration and a review, but now a days I have two jobs, a blog to moderate and of course feminization art to work on for stories and avatars.

This week, I found a neat story that is taking on the ambitious task of exhibiting different fetishes in one single story. Chloe Latex 69'Becoming a Rubberdoll. Cody Jackson is recent college grad who applies for a job in Femco a massive corporation that specializes in research for medical and military purposes.

Jackson interviews for the job and is later surprised the scope at the job positions at the corporations. At orientation he along with the other male job applicants are told that that Femco trains potential employees to be maids, secretaries, babies, servants among other jobs... for the the company.

"Welcome everyone to Femco Genetic Institution! We are very glad that
all of you could join us today for orientation. Before we begin we want
you to introduce yourself to your fellow co-workers. If you could tell
us your name, place of residence, college you attended, course of study,
and why you are excited to work for Femco that would be appreciative.
The person who gets shocked will be the person that introduces
themselves. Keep in mind that we do have all of your private and
personal information on hand so I advice you not to lie or suffer the
consequences." As soon as the intercom goes silent one of the men
started screaming.

The author tells the story from the first person perspective and does a great job of capturing the uncertainty of the job orientation as a new potential employee. Great story so far, its ongoing, its free and its on Fictionmania.

Link Here: Becoming a Rubberdoll

Saturday, July 23, 2016

5 new stories added and avatars added

Hi Everyone,

From Brenda's story, Sissy Steve and Me
If you looked to the right this week I added author avatar images for Silvy Richards and Miss Annie's stories section.

I also added 5 new stories this week:

Brenda Gova -Mommy's Little Sissy Ch. 14 (illustrated)
Karen Jensen - I Was a Boy Bridesmaid (sweet and sentimental bridesmaid story)
Priscilla Gay Bouffant - Nancy House Rules
Silvy Richards - Britney's Bunny
Valerie - Frankie Ch. 9 (bondage in
this one and most erotic yet)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

New Sketches Added to Sketches Folder

I recently updated the sketch folder to include notes and roughs of a Valerie's Perils of Paul and concept sketches for the two main characters of Kylie Gable's The Jaguar.