Saturday, November 19, 2016

Featured on Bending the Bookshelf and NEW Art for Rikki with NEW stories on the blog

Hello Fans and new Fans,

This week I was featured on Bending the Bookshelf, a blog dedicated to transgender and feminization writing. It was a major honor for my art to be recognized by a well known and respected blog in our community. 

Hope you all took notice of the new stories presently on the blog, Joe's Running the Gauntlet (you have to read it!), Karen's Step Sissy 2, Brenda's Bambi and Caroline's latest Man Dating Ch.10 (so much detail are in her stories).

Below is a new background for my long time collaborator Rikki Blackwell, which I have not heard from in a while. Yes, I am getting worried with her. The illustration features her taking a break from her writing one of her erotic feminization stories. 

To see the feature on Brending the Bookshelf click here


  1. Hey Annabelle congratulations on being profiled.
    I love the new drawing of Rikki it's so fun and sexy. I hope Rikki is okay. No updates for a while. But she may still be dealing with her grief.
    Thanks for the new stories and have a happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thank you Klyde. I did this picture for Rikki and now she dissapeared. Well I still will continue to work with Valerie, Joe, Caroline and the rest of the authors on the blog while she returns.

  2. I can see Rikki's deep in thought on the next chapter, fun drawing thanks Annabelle you deserve all the acknowledgements for your wonderful illustrations.