Mommy’s Little Sissy Ch. 15

Brenda Gova

Chapter #17:  Sisters of Mercy

 When the Mother Superior called I was really surprised at how fast Sister Marie appeared.  It was like magic, ‘poof’, and she was there.  Mom was explaining to Mother Superior how I had a discipline problem, and I really wasn’t acting ‘Lady Like’ as much as she had tried to help me.  She had tried to teach me the necessary ‘Girl Stuff’ like sewing, dolls, and cosmetics, but it hadn’t done any good.  The rebellious ‘boy’ still appeared every now and then spoiling the ‘Girlie’ illusion.  That’s OK we can take good care of him (tee-hee), and that’s when Sister Marie grabbed my hand and drug me out of ear shot, but my mother was following.

Sister Marie led me into her cell (that’s what nuns called their room) where she told me to take all my clothes off.  I looked over to my mom for help but all she did was smile.  Well I can see you’re in good hands son so I’ll be going now (giggle).  So be a good girl Brian, and obey Sister Marie, Bye-Bye.  ‘Bye mom’ I said with a tear in my eye.  So there I was in Sister Marie’s cell, naked (and cold).  Sister Marie looked down at me and noticed my nipples were hard.  Smiling she said ‘I’ll get you a habit ‘little Sister’ (tee-hee) be right back.  After just a moment she returned and handed me a black garter belt, black hose, black bra and panties.  Now I’ll get your habit and belt, then pausing she asked what should I call you, I can’t call you ‘Sister Brian’ (giggle).  I’d prefer Brenda Sister.  Ok ‘Little Sister Brenda’ it is (tee-hee).
Getting my habit, fitting it so it was perfect, and modeling it for Sister Marie took some time. But I was ‘fun’ time spent.  She adjusted my 2 ½” black leather belt and hung my rosaries correctly.  Looking in the mirror I was in fact a ‘Little Nun’.  ‘You look beautiful little sister’ and she gave me a giant hug.  About that time I was wondering what nuns did for sex, then it dawned on me, they had the Priests of course.  But I quickly put that image out of my mind, for it was a mortal SIN to even think something like that. ‘Oh I was going to hell for sure’ and Sister Marie saw me fretting and asked what the matter Sister Brenda?  I’m going to hell sister I blurted out with tears in my eyes.  ‘Why is that dear’ she asked ‘you’re way too young to do anything that bad’.  ‘I had impure thoughts about priest’s sister’.  Oh that’s not all that bad, we all have those thoughts (giggle).

I felt better heading to the chapel for evening service.  Sister Marie then handed me a ‘girlie’ pill telling me to take it before going into the chapel.  Mom had given a supply to her telling her I was to have one once a day to maintain my girlish figure.  Before I took it I was apprehensive about meeting the Sisters, but after the pill I was comfortable and fit right in.

Going in we went right up to the alter rail for a short prayer.  Then we took a pew to sing some hymns.  All that only took us ½ an hour and the rest of the evening was spent as ‘social hour’ where I met all the other sisters.  It was really fun as they adopted me as their ‘Little Sissy Sister’ and they all ‘giggled’ at that.  So, I thought, they all knew I was a ‘sissy boy’, and I figured out that mom must have told them.
Then the parish priest entered the chapel and all talking stopped, there was dead silence.  Sister Marie made sure to introduce as ‘Little Sissy Sister Brenda’ to make sure Father Francis knew who (and what) I was.  Sister Marie wanted to make sure he knew how well she was taking care of me so she took him into my cell.

He gave it a good inspection saying ‘very nice Sister Marie, are you happy here little sister?’  ‘Oh yes Father’ I respectfully replied.  Then Sister Marie was called out of the room by Mother Superior for something (I didn’t know it but that was in the plan).  As soon as she was out of earshot Father Francis said ‘stand up little sister’.  I did as I was told and standing in front of him he reached down, pulled me to him, and gave me a gentle kiss whispering ‘there will be more when you’re ready dear.’  Then pushing me away he told me to raise my habit for inspection.   Which I did and he looked me over carefully and smiled with approval.

He noted I had the required black slip, a size ‘B’ black bra, and black panties and hose with that little something ‘extra’ (he actually giggled).   Then he said to Sister Marie he’ll be perfect in a couple of years (OMG he knew my secret all along) and Sister Marie smiled and said ‘how long shall we keep him for his first time’, ‘let’s try a month to properly adjust him’ father replied.  ‘A month, I’m stuck here for month, aaaggghhhhhh!’ I moaned.

But the month went fast, and there was lots of ‘Sister’ stuff to learn.  As the month drew to a close, Sister Marie brought me a Sissy wrapped package saying all the nuns had bought it as a ‘going away’ gift.  Opening the package I found a bright pink dress and petticoat, it was beautiful.  Trying it on it fit perfectly the nuns knew what they were doing.  They told me not to it dirty because my mother was coming to take me home.

Sure enough, in through the front door walked my mother.  Seeing me in my new dress she broke into a huge grin and said ‘Son you make a very pretty little girl, or rather, Brenda the nuns did a fantastic job with you, you’re beautiful dear’.  Then Sister Marie said sternly ‘Brenda take these, every 13 year old girl carries them’ (a box of Tampax, but I won’t need those, will I).
The Sister just smiled as she waved goodbye saying ‘we’ll be awaiting your return Brian (tee-hee)’.  They must know something I don’t I thought as I walked down the convent steps. And they did, I would be coming back for refresher training every weekend, with a month I the summer, for ‘Little Nun Training’.  And, believe it or not, I actually began to like it (but I didn’t know I would be doing it for the next four years, till I was 18, ugggghhhhh)

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  1. A very sly touch of innocence, the story was a pleasure.

  2. Thank you for you're kind comment Brenda

  3. I'm writing a new story now. Hope you will all enjoy. Brenda