Mommy’s Little Sissy Ch. 9

Brenda  Gova

Chapter 09:  Me, a pregnant ballerina

I sat there all afternoon and into the evening playing with my wedding and Ballerina dolls.  I was day dreaming about how much fun I would be to be a real ballerina, or being really wed to some cute guy.  The pregnant doll was still in its box along with the extra accessories.   Picking it up I looked closely at it.  I hadn’t looked at the accessories that closely.  Wow, it had a new skirt to change into, a diaper bag, a purse, some baby stuff, and a ‘Baby’.  Pulling the doll out of the box I lifted her dress.  And sure enough there was a trap door between her legs to let the baby out (giggle),

Then, without warning there was my mom, she caught me looking under ‘Barbie’s dress and she was mad.   ‘Here boy, put this nightgown on and go to bed.  Your father called and said he had to work late and is staying in town.  You’re lucky I don’t give you a spanking for peaking under her dress, but you’re my girl now and you will behave.’  I did as I was told and I didn’t say a word.  ‘Best not to tease the bear’ I thought, it could be worse.

Sliding into her cool nylon nightgown felt so good my little soldier was standing at attention, ready to shoot (giggle).  I remember mom wearing this gown a long time ago, ummmm, what’d she call it.  Then as I slipped the matching panties on it came to me, it’s a ‘Babydoll’ shortly nightgown (tee-hee).  ‘How fitting’, I thought (giggle) thinking of the ‘Prego’s’ doll.  All that night I had sweet dreams about my impending ‘wedding’, about my adventures as a ‘Prima Ballerina’, but surprisingly enough, I didn’t have any about being pregnant (but they would come in my future for sure, I giggled in my sleep).
The next morning I got up and found a pretty pink dress that mom had laid out during the night. Grabbing it up, I rushed downstairs (forgetting I had on a ‘babydoll’) and confronted mom ‘what’s this for?’  ‘It’s for my little girl’ she said smiling ‘and you look so cute in my babydoll Brian’.  ‘But mom’ I sputtered ‘I thought you said my ‘girlie’ punishment was only for one day’.  Oh I talked to your father this morning and he’s going to be gone for some time on a company trip. He’s going to Japan for at least three weeks, and I asked him to bring back Kimono’s in your size and mine so we can be twins (giggle). Now go put your dress on Brian, or is it Brenda now dear?’  How did she know, that’s the girlie name I had chosen?  Putting that question out of my mind, I put the pink dress on.  Looking in the mirror I saw a pretty girl looking back and I smiled.  Then I went downstairs for mom’s approval.

‘Oh honey’ she said ‘you look gorgeous. Just like the little girl I always wanted’. ‘You think I look good mom?’ I asked, with a big smile on my face.  You look like a teenage girl Brian, you’re beautiful.  I can’t wait to show you off to all my friends.  ‘No mom’ I said in a panic ‘but I’m your son.’ ‘Don’t worry they’ll never find out’ then she added ‘as long as you’re a good girl (tee-hee)’.  That meant mom was going to have me in a dress for some time (a shiver went up my spine).

Resigning myself to my fate I sat down and started playing with my dolls and my mom was visibly happy saying ‘Oh what a good little girl I have (tee-hee)’.  Well at least mom was happy, now maybe she’ll leave me alone (cause I want to do new girlie stuff (giggle)).  As soon as she left the room I picked up my ballerina doll in one hand and my ‘Pregnant’ doll in my other.  Then I wondered what a Pregnant Ballerina would look like.  So I stripped the Leotard and Tutu off the Ballerina Doll and proceeded to put them on the Pregnant Doll.  It was a tight fit but I finally put it on.  Then I imagined myself as a ‘Pregnant Ballerina’ dancing for my mother’s friends and I had to giggle.

Then I imagined myself in a wedding gown, ‘Pregnant’, and I couldn’t stop giggling.  Then my mom yelled ‘What are you doing son that’s so funny?’.  ‘Nothing mom’, I answered and I quieted right down, cause I didn’t want her to discover my secret dolly’s.  I really was fantasying about being a ballerina and how much fun it would be when I remembered my Birthday was this Friday.

WOW I’m going to be a teenager, a ‘Teeny Bopper’, jail bait, girlie.  How can I tell mom what I want for my 13th birthday?  I know, I’ll set a trap.  I’ll leave the Wedding Doll’s and Ballerina Doll clothes all over the house. A wedding dress here, a Tutu there, a petticoat here, and Leotards there, that should do it (I giggled, the trap was set).  If mom doesn’t get that hint that I want ‘girlie’ stuff on my 13th birthday, she’ll have to be blind.

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