Mommy’s Little Sissy (Formerly Sissy Steve and Me) Ch. 4

Brenda  Gova

Chapter 04:  Summer Play Days

I had had so much fun that day playing with Stephaney.  And with Karen’s help I felt like a real ‘little girl’.  But when Patty came over and I was ‘out’ed’ I was initially horrified, then slowly I became comfortable, then I was realized I should be ‘happy’ to have a girlfriend I could trust.  Patty turned out to be a real ‘Girlfriend’ (tee-hee) and I was planning plenty of time with her, and of course, with my other ‘girlfriend’, Stephaney.

Patty and I were becoming real close spending more and more time together.  Every afternoon after school was spent playing with dolls or playing ‘dress up’ (tee-hee).  That was our favorite game, and when we had enough time before my mom came home, we would do it right with full make-up.   But other times when time was short we would just trade clothes, my jeans and shirt for Patty’s dress and panties (giggle).  It didn’t matter how we did it, it was fun.  And when Steve joined us we really had fun planning future adventures like shopping trips, playing with dolls outside, and long walks around the block or to the playground.  These were our fantasy dreams because we hadn’t done most of them (Yet …… giggle).

Then it actually happened, school was almost done for the year, only two days to go, WOW.  Soon we would have all day to live our fantasy’s, to play with dolls, to be the best little girls boys could be (WOW again).  And since mom stopped tucking me in (come on, I was 12) I could also wear a night gown to bed all night, and she wouldn’t know.  I could also wear it down to the kitchen for breakfast after she left for work.  Oh what girlie fun I would have.

14-16 Sandy & Louise fun at the beach.jpgWhen Stephaney and Patty came over that afternoon we started planning what we would do on our first days off.  Ideas ranged from wherein a dress to the ice cream parlor for a sundae to going swimming in the town pond, but we’d have to have lots of girlie experience to do that.  Imagine, me in a full body girl’s bathing suit at the beach (tee-hee),oh, what a pretty sight I’d be with my boyish hips and no tits (yet).  But I knew they were in my future (giggle).  When Patty and Stephaney ask what I was laughing about and I told them, then we were all giggling and carrying on like little school girls (hum, I guess we were).

That night was a dreamy, a real ‘girlie’ dreamy, night.  With lots of dresses, girlie adventures, and of course swimming at the town beach (with little boobs and hips).  I was still smiling to myself when I awoke and subconsciously started to but a dress on.  Whoa, I stopped what I was doing when I realized there was still one day of school.  Putting on my jeans and plaid shirt I went downstairs to kiss my mom goodbye.  I really loved my mom and wished I could be just like her (oh, I wished I could be her).

Later that day, after school, Patty and Stephaney came over and I told them about my dream at the beach.  So we agreed that’s what we would tomorrow (tee-hee) our first full day off.  But what about bathing suits, I said, we haven’t got any.  But Patty offered to loan us some of hers, and you can try them on and model them now, my mom’s not home.  So we ran over to Patty’s so fast I almost broke a leg (just kidding) and in o time we were in her room.  Patty’s room was so ‘girlie’ I almost fainted, oh it was beautiful and so dainty, it was overwhelming.  Oh Patty, I stammered, your room is gorgeous!   Like it boys, someday you may have one like it (giggle).

Then, after a moment looking thru her summer clothes, she pulled out three swim suits and said ‘try these on boys and let’s see how they look’.  Doing as we were told we put them on.  Surprisingly they fit perfectly, like they were made for us.  Then we sashayed around the room wiggling our hips exaggeratedly like a girl.  Well, how do we look Patty, will we pass as girls at the beach?  With a bathing cap, oh yes, you’ll pass (tee-hee).

Reluctantly, we took the suits off, got dressed and gave Patty a ‘goodbye’ kiss on the cheek promising great things for tomorrow (tee-hee) and headed home with smiles on our faces.

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