Mommy’s Little Sissy Ch. 11

Brenda  Gova

Chapter 11:   At Dr. Pussybutt’s

The rest of the walk home I was silent.  However mom was constantly jabbering about her plans for my baby.  I firmly belied my mom was crazy.  Thinking my belly’s ‘Pillow Baby’ was a real baby, giggle, oh well. I’ll let her have her fun giggle.  At home I rushed right up to my room to change out of my ‘Preggos’ dress and mom was right behind me.  When she saw what I was doing she stopped me, helped me with the back zipper, and lifted the dress over my head and off.  Then she commanded in a stern voice ‘stand there son, I’ll be right back’.  Initially, I was happy for her help with the zipper (they always gave me a problem) but now, standing there in my slip I was apprehensive, what was mom planning now (uggghhh).

When mom returned she had a ‘Preggos’ nightgown, a ‘Preggos’ dress, and a very pretty purple Smock and Skirt set.  Saying ‘now you’re my pregnant daughter and you will stay that way for your whole term (that’s 3 more months, Nooo mom, I silently screamed in my mind).  Not only that but you’ll see the doctor to insure you and your baby are doing alright.  ‘My god mom you are crazy’ I thought to myself ‘when will this end’.  In fact I’m going to call and make your appointment right now.  I was beside myself in silent panic.
Then I heard her on the phone ‘Dr. Pussybutt, I’d like to make an appointment for my son ….. ‘He’s pregnant’…….3 or 4 months…… today…. yes, of course… a full exam… 2 o’clock, yes we’ll be there, thank you.  OK son, put a nice dress on and look pretty, we’re going to the doctors.  I tried to bring some sense to my mom ‘but mom, it’s a pillow’ but she wouldn’t hear it.  So doing as I was told I put on the outfit, smock and skirt, that I had started the day in.  Explaining to mom that it easier to put on and take off (no back zipper).

Then mom started arranging my closet so that her new maternity dresses were all together.  Then standing back she said ‘There son, now all your pregnant dresses are right in front where you can see them’.  Now get in the car or you’re going to be late for Dr Pussybutt’s appointment.  So I waddled out to the car as fast as I could (that must have been a sight for the neighbors).  Mom was driving so fast I thought she was going to break the sound barrier, and we arrived at the Doctors in no time (it was only 4 blocks away).  Mom was pushing me to hurry (I was waddling as fast as I could) and I finally got to the reception area
Mom went right up to the Reception Nurse and told her my story, that I was her son and I had an appointment with Dr Pussybutt.  Looking at me with a little smile in her face the nurse directed us to some waiting room chairs saying, as she picked up the phone, the Doctor will be right with you.  Doing as we were told we sat down, and I started looking at the pictures on the wall.  They were all of ‘Little, Pregnant Boys’ or boys with babies. ‘Mom look’ I exclaimed ‘their all pregnant sissy’s and there’s even a ‘boob enhancement’ clinic here.  ‘I know son, you’re going to love it’ she said with a smile.  A moment later, Dr Pussybutt appeared and called us in to an examining room.  Speaking to mom he asked what the problem is and mom told him that I had been fooling around and gotten myself pregnant.   Hmmm, I see, well I can fix that.  Dear go behind the screen and take your dress off, then call me and I’ll come and examine you.
Silently I did as I was told but I could still hear mom and the doctor talking.  He warned mom that this may be something she didn’t expect, I’ve seen this before and it’s rather simple fix.  Why don’t you go and get him a new dress to wear home.  The Maternity dress won’t fit him when he leaves.  ‘OK doctor’ mom said sadly as she left gently slamming the door.

Hearing mom leave I called the doctor in (I was sitting on the pillow trying to hide it).  The doctor looked at me, smiled, and said I’ve seen this before son and don’t worry your secrets safe with me (tee-hee).  Then he turned and called his nurse to assist him saying ‘this won’t hurt and it’ll make your mother very happy, son’.  His nurse, Randine, was a beautiful, big busted beauty and my little soldier was starting to rise.  Dr. Pussybutt noticed my arousal and flicked his index finger, hard, on it and my Little Soldier died right there.  Remember, girls don’t have little ‘tents’ between their legs Brian.  Then he said ‘Randine, my dear, please prepare two ‘Girlie’ Hypo’s for me and a suction hose’.  ‘Yes Doctor’ she said, as she prepared his order, and handed it to him.

Then Dr Pussybutt turns to me, grabbing me roughly by the arm, says ‘this may hurt al little bit Brian’ as he jabs one of my tits with the hypo.  Before I stopped saying ‘Ooowwhhhh’, he then shot the other one, so I sounded like a big long moan.  Then he attached one end of the hose to a pump and the other end to my ‘Little Soldier’ and turned it on.  He was draining all my ‘Boy Baby Juice’ from me and amazingly, almost immediately, everything seemed good, nothing hurt anymore, and I was in a complete state of ecstasy.  Then, I blurted out without thinking ‘Oh Doctor that feels so good!’  He smiled, but didn’t say anything. A moment later I was completely drained and Dr Pussybutt removed the hose saying look down Brian.  I looked and all I could say was ‘Wow’, I had little bumps on my chest.

Then we heard my mom come back from shopping, ‘son I’ve got you a new dress’.  She walked right into the examining room and saw me trying to ‘cover’ up.  Oh Brian you are my little girl, thank you Dr Pussybutt, I knew you could do it.  She then helped me into my new dress and zipped it up (it had a back zipper and I hadn’t mastered that yet).

Leaving the examination room we all took a seat in Dr Pussybutts office for his final instructions.  We listened intently as he explained what was next.  He also explained I could stop the process whenever my mother or I wanted.  And over time I would revert to the young man I should be, but so long as I put on a new patch every day, I would become a beautiful young girl.  Here’s a three month supply of girly patches for you Bria, uhh, Brenda.  Thank you doctor, I said as I curtsied politely, mom also thanked him and gave him a little kiss on the cheek as we left.

As we walked the car I noticed moms arm was continually brushing my new breasts, and I just smiled.  I really liked my new little tits (giggle), and I knew mom did too (giggle).  Then I started to wonder when mom would buy me my first ‘B’ cup bra (tee-hee).  If I had only known it wouldn’t be that long with the patches. And I had a three month supply (Ummm good patches giggle).

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