Mommy’s Sissy Ch. 4

Brenda Gova

Chapter #4 Black Sissy at large

This morning when I got up I decided to get even with my mom.  So instead of putting on my Ballerina attire I selected a jean mini-skirt and a white blouse (that’ll get her I laughed too myself).  Walking into the kitchen mom could hear me, but didn’t see me (mom was cooking breakfast) so I lost the shock effect that I wanted.  Sitting down I resigned myself to just telling her I was going out for a while (but I didn’t mention I was going to the ‘black’ ghetto 6 blocks away).  Mom answered without even looking up from the stove ‘OK dear, but don’t be long, I’ve made an appointment for you at Dr. Pussybutt’s at 10:00 and we don’t want to be late’.  I wouldn’t be late for that, I liked Dr Pussybutt and especially liked his Nurse Randine (I giggled).
So I headed out the door on my adventure into the ‘unknown ghetto’. My imagination was running wild with big black men chasing, catching, and doing what they will to me (giggle).  But I won’t go into that now, let’s just see what happens.  The first person I met was a ’certified’ pimp with his ‘stable’.  He had two girls younger than me, about 14 or 15 in his stable.  He said to me ‘Yo girl, yo want to be part of my stable?  I’ll take care of yo good.  I’ll take care of your ‘booty’ babe.  Give yo good meat girl, meat I know yo want.  I just smiled and went on thinking to myself ‘I bet he’s not talking about steak (tee-hee)’.

The next people I met were a bunch of old ladies just people watching and chatting. When I walked by I really gave them something to talk about.  I jutted my booty out and wiggled it excessively to show I really wanted some (tee-hee).  And just as I hopped they noticed, boy did they notice.  I could hear them talking ‘Look at that ho just strutin her stuff’ ‘with her booty out like that yo know she’s just lookin fo it’ ‘That booty will be filled with Niger ‘steak’’ and they all laughed and giggled.

It was then I realized the time was flying by and I was about to be late for Dr Pussybutt.  I didn’t want to be late for that, so I reluctantly left the ghetto before anything happened (but I was going back, oh yes I was).  When I got home mom was really mad and started yelling at me to get moving, get out to the car, you’re going to be late.  She didn’t stop yelling till we got there (with 3 minutes to spare, I might add) and went into his office.  As soon as he saw me he started to giggle and Randine covered her mouth with her hand.  Looking hard at me he said ‘Go into the changing room and change your clothes, you’ll find your new ones hanging in there’.  What I found hanging was a nurses uniform, so I put it on.  But immediately I had a problem, my little soldier was standing at attention.

When I walked out of the changing room Randine saw my ‘problem’, and she called for Dr Pussybutt to come over.   When he saw my problem he smiled and said ‘that’s not a problem, we can fix that easily’, right Randine’. ‘Yes Doctor.’ And she smiled a big smile.  So I stood there, with my ‘ding dong’ standing at attention, while he and my mother talked.   He explained my nursing duties, to both my mom and me, and how important it was for me to have a clean uniform at all times.  Then he directed Randine to take me to the examining room and get me ready.

Randine did that with a big smile (like she knew something I didn’t) and then help me out of my uniform.  Sitting me on the examining table she gently grabbed my ‘ding dong’ and started rubbing it, explaining that this would be one of my duties and to pay attention.  I tried to explain to her (between gasps) that it was (Oooohhh) hard to concentrate with her doing that.  Then I let out an audible ‘YELL’ when I shot my load.  Then between gasps for breath I blurted out ‘Oh Randine I love you, my dearest’.  She said ‘I know dear all the girls say that I’m done tee-hee’.  We both smiled and giggled.

That’s when Dr Pussybutt came in, smiled and saw the mess I had made.  I see Randine has done her part Brian, now let’s look at you.  I see your well on your way to girlhood, nice, firm tits, rounded hips, ‘pouty lips’ and an even skin tone.  You’re progressing nicely dear.  Now let’s see if you were paying attention to Randine.  ‘Now get dressed in your nurses uniform Brian’ he directed as he started to un-dress.
Now nude, and obviously ready, he directed me to take hold of his ‘pussy pounder’ and gently stroke it up and down.  After several minutes of the he then directed me to lick it saying it was dry.  I started to object saying Randine didn’t show me that but thought better of it, and just did as he instructed.  Now he was moaning saying ‘oh Brian, that’s good, oh I love it’.  Just as he was about to shoot his load he pulled my head up and replaced my hand on his ‘pussy pounder’ and said ‘faster Brian, faster, harder, ohhhhh ahhhh’ and he shot a gallon of baby juice on the floor (that was a waste I thought).

After regaining his breath he said ‘Brian that was great, good job, ohhhh the greatest giggle’.  But what should I call you, I can’t call you Nurse Brian can I.  How about Nurse Brenda, that’s what your mom calls you, isn’t it.  How about Nurse Bianca Boobs, that’s got a nice ring to it (giggle).  Then that’s it, Nurse Bianca Boobs, I’ll go introduce you to your mom.  ‘Thelma’ Dr Pussybutt said as he entered the room ‘I’d like to introduce my new Sexual Therapy Nurse to you …. pause …….. Nurse Bianca Boobs.

Oh son, I’m so proud of my little girl, and a Black Nurse too.  I just stood there and beamed at hearing my mom.  Saying ‘good bye’ to Doctor Pussybutt mom took my hand and literally dragged me home.  Then mom gave me some idea of what the hurry was.  There’s someone waiting to meet the new you, then she let out an evil giggle (now I was really nervous).  Mom sensed I was nervous so she let out who was at home waiting, ‘Suzie’ (my best ‘girlfriend’).  Mom sensed that I had calmed down (I wasn’t holding her hand so tightly).  Then she dropped the ‘bomb’, she’s never seen you a a ‘black’ girl (tee-hee).  There was that evil chuckle again, and I immediately tensed up again.

Upon reaching home mom sensed my reluctance to enter so she pushed me through the door first.  Then she yelled ‘Suzie, where are you dear?’  Up here Thelma, I’m in Brenda’s room.  Are you ready to meet the new girl?  Oh yes, I did everything you asked me to do.  What did mom ask him to do, I wondered. Mom pushed me to the stairs and I climbed them slowly, trying to put off the inevitable as long as possible. Entering my room I was greeted with ‘Oh hello my darling, your mom said you were beautiful but I couldn’t have imagined how you’ve changed dear’.  There was Suzie in my bed, a baby doll nighty on, and a huge smile on her face.  He put his arms up beckoning me to come over for a kiss. I went over and got my kiss and a big hug which lasted forever.  The hug eventually ended up with our hands ‘groping’ each other.  Oh her breasts felt wonderful and her hands on mine felt like she was ‘milking’ me (I almost went off it felt so good).  We just kissed and hugged, and felt each other up for some time.  Then he rolled me over and ‘entered’ me from the rear. Oh My God, when he was totally inside me it felt so good.  Slowly he moved in and out the full length of his shaft.  I could feel him pumping me full of ‘baby juice’.  I could even taste his sweet juice in my mouth.

And that’s when I woke up and realized it was all a dream.  My becoming a ‘black’ girl, the trip to the ghetto, and my becoming Dr Pussybutt’s Sexual Therapy Nurse, was all a dream.  I jumped out of bed and ran to my mirror to make sure.  I was sad now, I so enjoyed being ‘black’ and the new adventures I had I vowed to some day to return.  I know Dr Pussybutt would know how I can do it.  I’ll be seeing him soon (giggle), oh yes I would.

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