Monday, July 6, 2020

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy 4th of July Martin Hastings Saga Fans!

Hope you all have a great, safe and Happy 4th of July fans! Make sure to leave our lovely Rikki a comment or two! Stay safe everyone! Kisses to all!

Happy 4th of July! Force Feminization based on Kylie Gable's Calendar Girl

Hope you have all a great Happy and Safe Independence Day! This month's Calendar Girl image is based on Kylie Gable's classic story of the same name! This month I gave it a comic twist!

Brandi being made into a sexy Miss America Girl! Based on the story Calendar Girl.
Thoughts? Comments appreciated.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day (Based on Willow Cage's "Like Like Father Like Son")

Happy Father's Day! Based on Willow Cage's "Like Father Like Son" story on Fictionmania. Its a story based on about a young man coming home and finding his dad in a compromising position. 


"Like Father Like Son" 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Erotica Trans and Force Feminization Author Mindi Harris interviewed on the blog about her books!

Prolific TG and Force Feminization Author Mindi Harris is now on the Erotica Author's Corner. She lets us in on the background of her books and also on her writing precess in composing her books and upcoming works!

Thursday, June 4, 2020

From the World of Priscilla Gay Bouffant: The Castratos Explained

Cassandra Castratos - An Explanation and Brief History is now up! First introduced in Prissy La Femme. This brief history and mini short story was too much to add to the Glossory of the Cassandra Sisterhood which dig deep into the world of Priscilla Gay Bouffant.

 “Yes very. And thrilled with myself of course. After all I chose her apparel, hairdo, makeup and jewelry. Speaking of jewelry, do you like those dangling jeweled earrings she’s wearing?”
   “Yes, they are hard to miss. Are those yours. Diamonds?” I asked.
    “No, they are definitely hers and they are mostly zirconium. Zirconium mixed with her removed testicles,” smiled Phaedra.
    “Her testicles? You’re kidding? No, you aren’t, are you? Does she know? How did you do it?” I gasped.
    “She doesn’t know. I’ll likely tell her the next time she gushes about me giving them to her as a gift. Just to see her reaction. She loves them though. After surgery, I had Doctor Klein freeze them. I kept them in my basement freezer unit until I could take them to Phyllis Lane at her high-fashion jewelry store,” Phaedra laughed.
    “Phyllis had them baked them until they crystallized. They did the same with some zirconium. Then they ground both substances into powder. They mixed the two substances together into a compounded paste and cast them as small diamond-like stones. Isn’t it fantastic? My wife is wearing the very symbol of her castration attached to her earlobes?” Phaedra smirked.

From Prissy La Femme

Cassandra Castratos - An Explanation and Brief History