Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Change of Prearrangement is now up!

A Change of Prearrangement is now available exclusively here on this blog! Priscilla worked hard on this story of a strong willed young woman from a wealthy family looking to avoid a pre arranged marriage to a homosexual rich heir and looks to place her weak willed younger brother in her place, but as a girl! It works out since the male's parents also prefer a lady to marry their son as apposed to a same sex male marriage that would taint their family reputation!

   She was a very savvy businesswoman. Both Briand and Odette Marcoux trusted her faultlessly. So, as it was after dinner and during drinks, with both Pierre and Marie smoking a cheroot, that Marie launched into her proposal and discourse, on the future of Cordelia and Etienne as a married couple and the unification of the two, family fortunes.
    “Well, I have to admit you are both cunning and thorough Marie. As for Etienne having any financial control, I’ll leave that up to you. I’m just happy to be able to save face as a father, and have my son married to someone who appears to be a female,” Briand smiled.
    “That you and your mother, Colette, would sacrifice the manhood of Corneille in order to achieve this objective we all have, is commendable, Marie. Don’t you think so, Odette?” Briand asked.
    “Oh, yes, absolutely darling. Yes. We save face. The fortunes are united through marriage, and safely taken care of by Marie. I just hope, Marie, that you can find a man to give you heirs, and grandchildren for your mother,” Odette intoned.
    “We might be able to do something along those lines. As for Cordelia, well, she was never much of a boy, and would never have amounted to anything as a member of the male sex. She’ll be much better off as a bride, a trophy wife, a little homemaker and possibly a mother of adoptive children,” smiled Marie.

This story touches on many themes of feminization that I love and support, role reversal, identity change some bondage, and the idea of even maternity is involved in this story something that few writers do, but you have here. Priscilla created a story that is sure to get you hard or wet...

A Change of Prearrangement

Sunday, May 12, 2019

New TG Captions site

Linda's TG Captions is a site that our Priscilla recently wanted found for us to enjoy!

Below is the link:

Linda's TG Captions

Below is a sample:

"Erica, sweetie," Ms. Trainer cooed, "Take off you little bolero and show us how you look without it."  Erica obediently did as he was told, exposing his soft, skinny shoulders. Just enough of his sweet  breasts were on display peaking out over the top of his gown.  "Oh Erica," Ms. Trainer said gently, "you look absolutely lovely.  Your wife/mistress will be so proud to have you serving her at her Commitment Ceremony."  Ms. Trainer's compliments tore through Erica like a knife.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Kylie Gable's Newsletter Volume 55

Author Kylie Gable has a new newsletter with loads of news from her Candy Apple Press! She also has a survey which allow her to get a better idea of the stories her readers enjoy.

She also has a free story on the newsletter!


Kylie Musing's Newsletter Volume 55

Monday, May 6, 2019

New chapters to Priscilla's Mrs. Iglesias!

Priscilla's Mrs. Iglesias' latest new chapters are now up!

Sorry for the long wait. My apologies to the talented author Pris Pris (Priscilla). I also added the updated and corrected version to Ch. 4 on the site.

Bless Priscilla as she spoils us rotten with her lovely stories.


Ch. 4 
Ch. 5
Ch. 6
Ch. 7

Monday, April 22, 2019

Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 of Mrs. Iglesias now up!

The lovely and imaginative Priscilla Gay Bouffant (my Pris Pris) wrote a new delicious story, Mrs. Iglesias (a Cassandra Romance).

Sorry to fans and my beautiful Priscilla for taking too long to post this gem!

Mrs. Iglesias Ch.1 
Mrs. Iglesias Ch.2

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Martin's Easter 2016 (Illustrated)

Written By Rikki Blackwell
Illustrated by Annabelle B
       "Martin's Easter 2016" 
This episode of Martin's Easter takes place before his separation with the Baron. 

(*This story was written by the imaginative mind of Rikki Blackwell.)

        It was still dark in the room. Martin opened his eyes without moving his head from his pillow. He was wearing a frilly white teddy and pantie ensemble. The padded bra was very uncomfortable to sleep in. The bra wasn't a sexy piece of lingerie like the rest of the ensemble, but was a white longline full figure bra with D-cups stuffed so two firm cones sat on his chest.

      Martin's forearm bumped the fake bodice as he raised his hand to wipe away a small tear. It was early Easter morning. He remembered last Easter when he was dressed in a very elaborate and childish creation by Felix. Martin was put in pigtails by Leanne and paraded in front of all the domestic help like some frilly adult two year old on Easter morning. The amused staff smiled respectfully at his appearance as the Baron kissed his cheek just before taking Martin's hand and leading him into the study. Martin had looked about to the domestics watching with pleading eyes for help. The girls covered their mouths and began to giggle as Martin's hands were pulled away from his grasp on the door frame. The Baron closed the door right in front of all standing in the hallway. They all knew what this meant for Martin.

      And so it was that Martin was bent over a chair to give his husband Easter access to his butthole for a quickie.

     Once the Baron had been satisfied, the golden egg for the Easter egg hunt was hidden. Martin was then informed that he was to accompany the ladies church group to services dressed in that childish dress.

      Martin sobbed quietly at the memories and the humiliation from the last year. It had been horrible.

       He felt the Baron stir in bed behind him suddenly breaking all thoughts about the past and raising concerns about the present.

      Martin hadn't had much sleep. The Baron had come in very late the evening before and was horny. He got into bed and immediately rolled Martin on his stomach and pulled his panties off.

     "No wait," Martin had said as he was forcibly rolled over rather roughly.

     Martin tried to relax as it was of no use to fight. It seemed it made the Baron even more excited at times when he fought back and besides the Baron already had a erection. He pushed Martin's hands away as he positioned himself behind Martin. Putting several pillows for Martin to bend over. Martin then felt the head of the Baron's penis touch his anal opening causing a quick contraction, and without any further hesitation the Baron buried the full length into his ass and began pounding Martin's butt cheeks with his pelvis.

The Baron having sex with Martin (Lady Vargos)

      "ouch!" Martin squeaked meekly at the sudden full entrance of the shaft, but he only moved forward slightly and held the position as best he could.

     Martin gripped the sheets and grimaced as he always did in this position. He looked at his red painted nails, then the woman's diamond ring on his finger. His wedding ring. The ring that was the symbol of his marriage to this man and that gave the Baron every right to do to Martin what he was doing now.

      Martin grunted quietly on each forward thrust as he held his position properly and waited for the Baron to finish. He hoped the Baron would cum soon. Not because he wanted to share the final moment of pleasure with his husband, it was because he wanted it all to stop the hard rhythmic insertions back and forth of the 9" dick deep into his ass to cease, the sheer humiliation of it all.

      Martin held on mentally as long as he could then he began to sob pulling the sheets to his mouth and biting down on them. The Baron was in one of his rare forms tonight. Having spent the evening out being worked up sexually by a real woman only to come home to find physical relief in Martin's poor butthole.

      Finally Martin reached back with one of his hands trying to reach the Baron's point of penetration. It was just taking too long, the mental images in Martin's head were too much now.

      "Stooooopp!!!" a soft submissive blubbering plea came from Martin's lips. It was so helpless sounding it came out more as a request than a demand. Martin was exceptionally emotional this evening and sobbed into his pillow.

      A few minute later the Baron tensed and pulled Martin tight to him. A high pitch muffled squeal came from the pillows and Martin kicked the bed repeatedly with the tops of his feet after trying to pull away to one side had failed. Martin continued kicking the bed as the Baron held himself up tight against Martin's ass and deposited his semen deep inside his spouse.

      The Baron pulled out quickly.

      "OOWWWW!!" Martin spat out at the sudden pull back.

      Martin buried his face in the pillow and remained in the position crying until the Baron rolled over and went to sleep. Martin then fell to one side and curled up in a fetal position and slept very little.

     He had hoped the Baron would spare him this morning, but those thoughts were short lived. Martin was pulled by the hair as it was now a custom it seemed every morning and pushed under the covers to have his mouth filled with his husband's cock.

     After roughly being handled and forced up and down, Martin continued the sucking at the speed he had been set, which was rather a quick pace this morning. The bed comforter bobbing up and down with Martin's head under it.

     The Baron stretched and put his hands behind his head as he lay back and enjoyed Martin's pleasuring lips. Martin tried his best to finish this off without any problems but after last nights butt fucking, and this morning being Easter and the humiliation that awaited him, he couldn't help it.

     When the Baron was prepared to fill Martin's mouth with his semen, Martin couldn't help but fight back.

     The Baron pushed in his full length and held Martin there by his hair. It hurt having his hair pulled so hard. Martin squealed and slapped the Baron on the thigh with his free hand. Martin was choking and his hair felt as if it were being pulled out.

      Martin was held that way as the semen started to flow. There was the last frantic by Martin to get it out of his mouth but it was no use. His mouth and throat filled with his husband's semen very rapidly, causing an awful gagging sound from Martin. He almost threw up. He wished he could have, but the deed was done.

     The Baron said nothing. He just got out of bed and left the room. 

     The door opened again. It had only been a few moments since the Baron left the room.

     "Good Morning Lady Vargos. It's 5:00 AM, rise and shine. Time to get you ready for Easter. Isn't this exciting?"

     It was Lisa. She had was pulling Martin over to roll him out of bed.

    "Come on now, Leanne is ready for you. Have much to do today." Lisa said sitting the teary man up on the side of the bed.

     "Can't you just give a few minutes. Do you know what just happened to me?" he asked totally unable to physically resist.

     "What you and your husband do in the bedroom is none of my business. You want handcuffs or Security this morning?" she asked with a smile holding up the handcuffs. Martin had semen on his chin.

     It was a simple request that Lisa saw nothing unusual in asking.

     "What?" he said as she had him stand and allowed her to cuff his hands behind his back.

      She then manacled his ankles and pushed him forward. He slipped his feet into the furry 4" heel slippers beside the bed shuffled his feet toward the room where Leanne was waiting.

      "Why all this?" he whined.

      "Lady Vargos we have so much to do this morning. You have a new dress designed by Felix that I'm sure you are going to just love."

      "Those dresses are degrading to wear in public even for a woman much less a man." he hissed.

      "Oh Lady Vargos, just like last year I'm sure you will be the envy of all the women at the church services."

      "No," he said softly.

      "Yes, so lets get started."

      They entered the room and the tub was filled with warm, almost too warm water and plenty of scented bubble bath. He stepped in slowly and allowed himself to be pushed down to his neck.

     We're doing the works this morning. Bath, shaving, hair, nails, and then a nice testicle massage."

      "No," he said looking to her, then noticing the security woman entering the room. "Lisa please, no testicle massage."

      "Sorry ma'am, it's on the schedule," she said scooping out a liberal amount of cold creme for his face. "Just relax in the bath right now," she said putting the creme on his face and neck very thickly. "You'll be just fine."

      The dress for Martin's Easter was on a rack across from the styling chair. Leanne was just finishing filling his head with brush curlers and two security personnel began undoing the straps of the styling chair. He was all done accept for his hair drying and his massage.

     "NO!" he screamed and jerked back as he saw the massage table put in the middle of the room. It had stirrups on one end for his legs and feet.

      He struggled as he was carried to the table. Straps were applied as he was held down on the table.

     "NO," he yelled again squirming knowing what was about to be done to him.

     "Mrs. Vargos," Leanne said with a smile standing next to the table. "Why are you so upset? You're getting a massage. It will be soothing and relaxing I promise," she said with a smile as his legs were placed in the stirrups.

      "No," he said gasping between tears now. "They're going to squeeze my nuts like last time. Let me up."

     But Martin was strapped down on the table almost motionless. His legs in metal brackets held up as if he were about to give birth. But he wasn't, his butt was on the edge of the table facing out and his balls hanging freely.

     "Hello Mrs. Vargos. Ready for your testicle massage?" a young woman said entering the room.

     "No," he said almost resigned that it was going to happen.

     "But Mrs. Vargos, all my lady customers love having their testicles massaged." she said as she snapped a pair of rubber gloves on her hands,

      Martin wasn't going to play her game this time. He stared to one side as she lubricated his private area.

      Martin grunted and groaned when she started the massage. He was not going to give her the satisfaction. Then she started rolling his testicles between her fingers and thumbs applying pressure with her thumbs.

      The cries of Martin were heard through the door as he received his Easter massage. The massage lasted about twenty minutes. His balls were then tied off with rubber bands and left swollen. She took his penis and brushed the head of his penis vigorously with a stiff bristled hair brush.

      Martin jumped against the restraints as she worked her way around the head several times.

      "There we go," she said as she finished up. "Nothing like a nice knob polishing to finish up a testicle massage."

       Before Martin was allowed down from the stirrups Leanne and Lisa took the prized Golden Easter Egg, lubricated it and inserted into Martin's puckered butthole, much to his objections.

       He was finally dressed. Martin found it difficult to walk. His balls were so sore and bumping his thighs with each step as they were still banded tightly, not to mention 6" high heels.

       Martin said nothing as he walked down the hallway. A rather severe lace neck corset forced his chin upward and limited his head movement to almost nothing. It was worse that the one he had worn on his wedding day. He had also been severely corseted again. Every inch of an hour glass figure had been crushed out of him.

      His face made up overly for such an occasion once again. False eyelashes, red wet lips. His earring almost touched his bare shoulders.

     The dress covered his breast but left his shoulders and upper back completely exposed. His breast padded to D-cups and pointing straight out and slightly to the sides. The dresses bodice was a mass of yellow lace and bows. The dress had a special feature at the point of his breast. It was designed to look as if he had his nipples exposed thru the 2" lace covered openings. They were rubber, and realistic if not shocking at first sight. The dresses skirt was short this year and he wore to white petticoats, but no underwear.

     His tortured balls hung free.

     Martin wore white gloves and lace ankle white socks for his high heel sandals. His toenails once again painted all different colors for Easter. A small gold clutch purse finished off his look.

     Last year his hair was in pigtails, but this year he received a big girl hairdo with a large yellow bow on the very top of his head.

     Martin was led out into the hall and met the Baron at the end. People were snickering at his appearance. The Baron took Martin's hands.

     "You are absolutely beautiful my dear," the Baron said kissing Martin on the cheek. The posture collar already had him facing upward for the kiss.

     Martin said nothing. He allowed one of the girls to take him outside where the women's church group was waiting for him.

     "OMG," one of them said stunned, but opened the door for the slow moving feminized man.

      His balls ached. His penis knob was raw and burned with each touch of fabric from the petticoat.

      His public humiliation lay just ahead. He didn't know why they insisted on doing this to him on Easter, but Lisa had given some advice when he complained.

      "Lisa, this is beyond degrading." he had whined.

      "You need to just get used to it," was all she said.

Martin in his yellow Easter dress.

Femboy Bunny Enjoying Himself

A holiday favorite. I had to share this one with you all again,

Video Link Below:

Japanese CD Bunny Masturbating at Crossdresser Tube