Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Stories! Joe's Taught a Lesson and Bambi Ch.3

Hello friends,

I hope everyone got a chance to read the interview I had with Kylie Gable, it was fun and interesting to conduct. I'm going to try to invite a few more willing authors to be on the Erotica Authors Corner in the near future. Thank you to those who commented on the interview.

This week, I have Brenda Gova's latest entry in her surreal Bambi series (picture right), her character makes a trip to a fetish shop in this episode.

We also have Joe Taught a Lesson by Joe. In this story, he has a male worker for an underwear company "persuaded" to perform a very humiliating performance in front of his all female co worker audience.

Brenda's Story:
Bambi Ch. 3

Joe's Story:
Joe Taught a Lesson 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Kylie Gable Interview on Erotica Author's Corner

Hello Friends and Fans,

Kylie GableI'm excited to announce that we have Kylie Gable as our guest on a new edition of the Erotica Author's Corner.

Blog followers first knew Gable through The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu book review (required reading for fans of forced feminization fiction). Many of you know I have a little fan girl crush on her books, so this was very exciting for me.

However as a journalist, I did ask Kylie Gable some tough and interesting questions about disappointments, outfits, personal questions and obstacles.

Here is a very small sample:

Welcome to College Ominibus: Welcome to College Books 1 to 10 by [Gable, Kylie]Annabelle: Tell us a little about your own fans, how have they reacted to your books? How have your readers affected you and your craft? Do readers get upset over outcomes of your stories?

Kylie Gable: This is actually one thing I'd love more of. I crave the feedback of my readers and want them to post more on my blog.

Hope you all enjoy as this interview got deep into Gable's craft and past experiences. 

Click Below for Interview:
Kylie Gable Interview

Pastry Forced Feminization

Don't know the artist name, but its so deliciously good!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Martin Hastings Saga Holiday Card

Due to popular request, here is the Holiday Card for the Martin Hastings Saga fans. Hope you all had a great and "pleasure filled" weekend fans. 

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays Forced Feminization Illustration!

Hello Fans, 

You all are probably traveling or are already at your destination during this busy holiday. I just wanted to thank you all for sending your Holiday Wishes. I prepared this greeting card for you all inspired by Kylie Gable's Sissy Under Wraps story found inside her Gift Wrapped story collection. Great read for a Christmas story.

Again thank you all for your comments and support. By the way you may see a character named Martin from Rikki's story celebrating the New Year soon on the blog, but not exactly the way he wants it be....

Jack feminized by the friends of his ex girlfriend after he broke up with her on Christmas Eve! He is sexily dressed, bound and gagged as a Christmas present.