A Big Strong Lass Part 3


The WI met in the church hall. Lunch was laid on, but I didn't join in. I wasn't allowed to, and I wouldn't even if I could. Well you wouldn't want to eat lunch stark naked with a load of women would you? You mean you would! Not this lot believe me.

No, I was kept behind a screen, ready to be brought on when a demonstration was required. My face might have been burning, my legs might have been shaking, but I had no choice. My cock was still rigid and only Sharon could get it down.

I could hear her addressing the audience.

"Long ago, before the wonders of Viagra had even been thought of, Tantric medicine had devised a method of penile stimulation that was a hundred percent effective," gasps from the audience, "a simple massage technique which I have used on our demonstration subject produces a firm and permanent erection. Orgasm cannot be achieved neither can the penis relax. It remains in a state of heightened sensitivity driving the owner to more and more frenzied activity to achieve satisfaction. It is known as the Maiden's Blessing."

She turned to me.

"And now for our demonstration model," she said.

I crept out crimson with embarrassment and shame.

A huge gasp went up from the audience.

"Impressive, I think you'll agree," Sharon was getting into her stride, "How long has your penis been erect?"

"About four hours now," I gulped.

"And how does it feel?" I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I was stark naked in front of the ladies of the WI talking about my erect penis which was visible to all of them: Mary McTavish, Sexy Selina, the dreadful Mrs Hardcastle, the lot.

"Very sensitive," I said.

"And you can't bring it to orgasm?"

"No, not at all..."

"And it won't go down?"

"No, not at all..."

"No wonder ladies, that the eastern princesses kept this secret. They could be pleasured for as long as they wished, with no premature disappointment. A blessing indeed ladies"

A murmur of assent ran through the hall. Hands shot up.

"Yes Mrs Hardcastle..."

"Can you show us how it is done please."

"We'll it requires both strength and technique. I'm a big strong lass; you ladies might lack the physical strength."

"Please..." Mrs Hardcastle begged.

"Very well, but first we must get this down," she took a sudden grip on the tip of my penis; there was a sudden grip and a twist.

"Oooooooooh!" I let out an involuntary yelp as my penis seemed to explode. I looked at it. It was still intact but it was going down. It was down! I was free. All I had to do was run, out the hall, down the street, on the number 47 bus, get off at the post office, run up the hill and I was there. Except I had no money, no clothes on and...

"...and a further advantage ladies. His penis will now stay down until I stimulate it again. Nothing will get it back up until I permit it. Those eastern princesses knew how to stop their men straying."

It was no use. She had my cock under her control. I had no option.

"Now who wants to see the demonstration?"

A sea of hands shot up.

She patted the table in front of her in a command to lie down. I did a I was told.

"Now push the knuckles into the buttocks like this, until you get a....,"

"Oooooooooooooooh!" The familiar electric shock shot up my penis.

"... A shout."


"....which shows you've hit the nerve. Once more for good luck...."


"...and hold it for two minutes. The pressure on the nerve will numb his penis completely. You will know when you can stop because he will stop shouting."


"That's it. Now get up," she patted my bottom in an encouraging fashion, "and stand facing the ladies."

I did as I was told. As before life returned to my penis and as it did so it slowly swelled and rose to its full dimension. A ripple of applause ran round the room which gradually increased to a standing ovation.

"There you are ladies. The Maiden's Blessing. Any questions?"

Hands shot up.

"Does it make it that big as well?"

"I'm afraid not. Our subject today is naturally well endowed. However in my experience the larger the penis the better the control."

"How does it affect performance?"

"It is greatly enhanced. The penis is desperate for stimulation but is too sensitive for manual stimulation. The subject will desperately seek an unobtainable relief until you choose to grant it.

The next question was all too obvious.

"How do you grant it?"

"That is very simple ladies. There is near the tip of the penis on the underside a spot of extreme sensitivity. You simply need to flick that with your forefinger."

A further loud gasp from the audience. And I could just stand there. Still nude, still erect, face still burning, legs still shaking and await my fate. She was going to do it. In front of all this audience she was going to do it. The audience waited expectantly open mouthed as she turned and with great deliberation flicked the end of cock just as she had described. Immediately I felt the tension build up. My cock started visibly throbbing, my balls contracted. I tried to contain it, to stop it, but it was useless. The sensation in my cock grew until it seemed to occupy my whole body and exploded as I felt gripped in an electric vice of ecstasy.

It would have been quite a pleasurable experience if a roomful of women hadn't been watching. What they must have made of the look on my face as the explosion came I have no idea. But it is the only time in my life I have received a standing ovation.

Then glory be my cock went down.

The hands went up again.

"Does it stay down permanently?"

"Certainly not. Relaxation lasts ten minutes. Then the cycle can continue until you perform the relaxation technique I demonstrated earlier.

More questions followed and I could only look on and wait. The ladies were obviously waiting for the ten minutes to be up. They didn't have to wait long. With gasps and pointing fingers my cock started to come back up again.

"So there you are ladies. He's going to need relief again soon and regularly until I release him. If you are interested just sign your name and give your phone number in the book as you leave."

So here I am, a month later. It's up again and Sharon doesn't come till next Tuesday. I'll have for see who's next on the list. Oh My God. Mrs Hardcastle again! I'm in for a long night.

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