The Pink Rose

Miss Annie

(Note:  This is the second idea that I got at the end of my other
story.  I had a bunch of small ideas that I decided to ball up into one
large story.  In this story, I hope to break away from my usual way of
writing and try a more traditional story.  It's still slow moving, but
I hope the story has a better flow to it.

This story is strictly homosexual, so if you do not like that sort of
thing, then you will not enjoy the story.  This story has more sissy
elements than the previous one, but it does not have any transgendered
elements in it.  The main character never puts on a skirt or dress and
is never confused for being a woman.  However, he does wear female
clothing and turns into a very effeminate male.

I hope you enjoy this story.  I don't think I have any more ideas, so
it might be a long while before I write again.  But, who knows?  It all
depends on if I get another plotline that I cannot ignore.

Thank You!

-Miss Annie)

Chapter 1

So far, Hilary has had a rather unexciting life.  Hilary grew up the
only child of two very loving parents in a simple house in a simple
Midwestern town.  All throughout his life, Hilary has had three
passions in his life and his life has revolved around those three
passions.  His first passion was his love of video games.  When he was
very young, his parents got him an Atari and eventually a Nintendo
Entertainment System to occupy his time.  See, Hilary was a very shy
child and didn't make a ton of friends.  So, most of his life had been
spent playing video games by himself.  This love of video games allowed
him to constantly escape into fantasy worlds every time he would pop in
a new video game.  These new worlds made staying home on Friday and
Saturday nights much easier for him and shaped much of his teenage
years.  Even to this day, Hilary would spend most of his free time in
front of a large television playing all sorts of video games.

Secondly, Hilary absolutely adored the subject of History.  It was his
Dad's favorite subject and it was very easy to connect with his father
as they relived the past.  They would visit museums together, watch
miniseries and visit all sorts of artifacts from the days gone by.
Hilary and his father shared a special bond with History and that bond
would last all of their lives.

While Hilary bonded with his father over history, Hilary bonded with
his mother over cooking.  Fond memories of him being a small child were
mostly him watching his mother in the kitchen.  Eventually, Hilary
began to help his mother with all the cooking and even began preparing
some of the meals.  By the time Hilary finished High School, he knew
exactly what he wanted to be, so it was no surprise that he enrolled
into culinary school.  His parents supported his dream and were more
than happy to see their son live out his dream.  Hilary would become a
chef and nothing in the world was going to stop him.

It was just after he graduated from culinary school that tragedy
inevitably struck Hilary's life.  While his parents were out one
evening with Hilary at home playing video games, a driver ran a red
light and struck the car holding Hilary's parents.  Hilary's mother
died instant and Hilary's father died shortly thereafter from excessive
bleeding.  The driver had been texting and did not even see the car in
front of him until the sudden impact.

Hilary was severely devastated by this sudden turn of events.  Family
members from out of state came to the funeral and helped to put away
the final affairs.  Most of the assets were transferred to Hilary
including the house and the compensation from the driver.  Hilary's
parents were never wealthy, so he couldn't live on those assets
forever.  All of his friends were getting jobs after graduating college
and he needed to do so as well.  With a heavy heart and a very empty
home, Hilary began looking for a job that would fulfill his needs.  It
took a bit longer than expected, but Hilary did eventually find a job.
It had a small catch, but Hilary was ready for a change in scenery.

Cedar Falls, Iowa was a good day's drive from Hilary's hometown, but he
was very happy to make that drive on the warm summer day.  Hilary had
finally gotten a job at a local bakery that sold wedding cakes and
other deserts as he was now ready to start his adult life.  He had sold
his parent's house back home along with any assets that couldn't fit
into his car.  Most of his things were moved the day before and were
waiting for him in his new apartment.  He was ready for a fresh start
with a new place, a new job and a new city.

In a few days, Hilary had settled into his new life.  His apartment was
not grandiose, but it was perfect for the single man and all of his
things.  The bakery was small as well and was run by two older women.
They kept out of his way and left him to do most of the heavy baking.
The town was a small college town, but it had some really nice places
to visit.  Because it was summer, most of the students were at home and
had left Cedar Falls behind.  Things were quiet and falling exactly
into place for Hilary.

Growing up, Hilary always had trouble making friends.  He didn't have
the size to play sports as he was short and had very little muscle mass
to him.  His voice was very soft and usually a bit trembling when he
did speak to others.  He never knew how to approach people, so most
people left him alone and went about their daily lives without even
giving him much thought.  This never bothered Hilary too much because
he always had his games to fall back on.  He had made a couple of
friends that he speaks to online, but they now lived several states

Girls always seemed like an oddity to him.  With his sparkling blue
eyes, soft skin and sweeping blonde hair that was always a bit shaggy,
girls never found him truly attractive.  He was never masculine enough
for their tastes as he always seemed so meek and mild.  Whenever he did
get the courage to ask a girl out, she would usually reject him
outright and that would be the end of it.  However, one girl agreed to
go out with him as that night will live on forever in his mind.

Hilary didn't know it at the time, but that girl was a large slut
around school and would accept a date from anybody.  Her reputation was
proven correct when they went back to her bedroom and she pushed him to
have sex with her.  This was Hilary's first dating experience and he
was incredibly nervous at how fast she was going.  He tried to calm her
down, but she wouldn't listen as she kept removing both of their
clothes.  Eventually, they were both naked and the girl noticed that
Hilary's penis hadn't done anything.  She tried kissing him, having him
touch her breasts and even tried sucking his penis, but nothing
happened.  Hilary was much too nervous and scared at what was happening
to get aroused for the girl.  However, she was much too impatient with
him and eventually she got angry and told him to go home as she grew
frustrated at the entire experience.  Hilary wanted to die as a wave of
shame and guilt washed over him.  Ever since that night, Hilary has
never approached a woman as he was always happy playing his video

Hilary's life began to fall into place.  The two women who owned the
bakery were in their sixties and spent most of the day dressing the
cakes and talking about their respective children and grandchildren.
They were a bit traditional and thought it was a little odd to have a
male baker, but they were happy to have somebody do the heavy lifting
around the shop.  He was always nice to them and did his business
quietly, so they never made much attention to him.

On the other hand, Hilary would spend his days listening to his music
and baking all the cakes and deserts for the women.  On the weekends
and at night, he would go home and engross himself in whichever video
game he was playing at the moment.  On paper it seemed like a fairly
easy and great life for Hilary.  He finally got all that he wanted and
nothing could take that him away.  However, perfection can usually get
a little boring after a while.

Chapter 2

After a while, Hilary's life began to take a toll on him.  He was used
to being alone in his life, but he always had his parent's as a
connection.  As the days went by, he began to miss them along with his
friends intensely.  As with many online friendships, their real lives
began to become too busy and they could no longer talk to him or even
play games with him.  While out in Cedar Falls, he never found a group
of people that he belonged with as he always went home alone.  It was a
beautiful Sunday that Hilary's loneliness took a hold of him and would
change his life forever.

During the afternoon, Hilary decided to take a walk around town as he
needed some fresh air.  It was a beautiful summer day and all he saw
around him were lovely couples.  They were holding hands and enjoying
the warm sun together while he was alone without a soul in his life.
While walking around town, he eventually made his way to the University
of Northern Iowa's campus.

Even though it was summer, classes were still being held and some
students were still walking about.  Hilary saw a couple of them talking
on the lawn and he desperately wanted to talk to them, but his fear
took a hold of him and he eventually moved on.  In the middle of the
campus, Hilary found a large post that would allow students and groups
to post flyers of upcoming events.  Out of curiosity, Hilary stopped to
look at the flyers to see what was happening in this sleepy college
town.  Most of the flyers were for fraternity and sorority parties that
didn't interest Hilary one bit.  However, one flyer caught his interest
as it was a meeting of the History Club.  The meeting was open to
anybody and would be held this coming Wednesday.  Remembering his
father and all the wonderful moments they shared discussing History,
Hilary wrote down the meeting's information in his phone and decided to

Wednesday finally rolled around and Hilary was finally ready to go to
the History Club's meeting.  Drawing up every ounce of courage that he
had inside of him, Hilary found the large meeting room and slowly
walked inside.  Considering it was a meeting for the History Club and
it was in the middle of the summer, Hilary was not expecting a large
turnabout.  However, even with such low expectations, Hilary was
severely disappointed.

When he opened the door, he felt a small circle off to one side made up
of History majors take one look at him and then go back to their
conversation.  Hilary walked by the group of students and noticed that
most of them were in couples as they had somebody close to them.
Picking up a small glass of lemonade, Hilary looked around the room as
he noticed the other people waiting for the meeting to begin.  The
other attendees were older people as they looked to be about his
parent's age or older.  Some of them brought their spouses, but some of
them were alone.  Taking his drink to a chair in the back, Hilary began
to regret his decision.  There was nobody here to talk to and the group
of students didn't look too friendly.  He quickly drank his lemonade as
he looked at the clock and realized that he had time to escape before
the meeting began.  Contemplating his decision, Hilary's choice was
made for him as one of the older ladies sat down next to him.

"It's is so nice to see a young person take an interest in History!  I
am Deborah and I wanted to be the first to welcome you to our little
meeting.  We don't have many new people attend these meetings, so I
made sure to grab you before you scampered on out of here.  You are a
little cute one, so why don't you tell me your name?"

Hilary drops his empty plastic cup on the floor at the shock of this
woman sitting next to him.  Deborah looked to be in her fifties or
sixties and had a booming personality.  Hilary was certain that every
single person could hear Deborah's words as she spoke to him.  She was
incredibly sweet to him and took him in almost immediately.  Deborah
then began to explain the History Club to Hilary as she was constantly
touch his leg and made him feel incredibly welcomed.

As Deborah talked more and more, Hilary began to notice that Deborah
was dressed rather strangely.  Deborah must have really loved History
because she looked the part of Jacqueline Kennedy from the 1960's.  She
looked to be wearing an original Chanel navy blue skirt suit with a
pencil skirt, a white blouse with a frilly jabot, a small jacket, a
small clutch purse, tall heels and even a small pillbox hat.  Hilary
was certain that Deborah would stick out like a sore thumb, but as she
looked around the room, she noticed that many older women were dressed
rather similarly.  Hilary was about to ask about her appearance, but
Deborah kept talking and pretty soon the meeting started.

The meeting is pretty simple as they talk about their previous one
along with any questions that anybody might be having.  Most of the
material Hilary had no idea what they were talking about as they never
once discussed anything historical.  Finally, the meeting was let out
and Hilary was confused about the entire affair.  Deborah stayed behind
as she began to explain what was happening as Hilary was obviously

"Every semester, the History Club has a get together where all of us
dress up in correct historical costumes.  It is the most attended event
and what all of the students are looking forward.  Tonight was the last
meeting before the event and we just went over the final preparations."

"Well, since I arrived late, that does make sense and I guess I
shouldn't attend..."

"Oh, pish-posh, the History Club desperately needs new members
especially ones that are as cute as you are.  The event is a couple of
weekends away, so there is plenty of time.  In fact, why don't you
arrive at my house before the event and I will help you?"

"Deborah, I don't know..."

"Hilary, I insist.  Meet at my house the morning of the meeting and I
will help you prepare.  This will be a great way to introduce you to
the club and I know you will fit right in."

"Well, if you insist.  I guess I should be going, so I will see you

As Hilary walks out of the room, Deborah cannot help but smile.
Deborah is actually a very important and famous person around Cedar
Falls.  Everybody knows her and she knows everybody along with knowing
all of their little secrets.  Hilary had become a small topic of
conversation as nobody knows what to make of the young man who mostly
keeps to himself.  With a wicked smile, Deborah realizes that Hilary is
perfect for her plan.  She just needs to set the trap up right and
Hilary won't even know what hit him.

Chapter 3

The day of the event has finally arrived as Hilary gets up extra early
on that Saturday morning.  Deborah gave him a specific time to meet at
her house and she told him not to be late.  Rubbing the sleep from his
eyes, Hilary dresses rather simply and drives over to Hilary's house.
Her house is a giant mansion that is fairly secluded away from town.
Hilary drives up a long driveway and parks his car off to the side.
Looking at the very old home, Hilary is amazed by the enormity of it
all as he rings the doorbell.  Footsteps are heard inside as the large
wooden door is opened to reveal a sight Hilary has never seen before.

On the other side of the door stood an extremely traditional Victorian
maid looking at Hilary with a very quizzical look on her face.  The
maid had on a long sleeved black dress that had puffy shoulders, tight
wrists with white lace and was buttoned up the back.  It was fairly
obvious that the maid on a very rigid and tight corset, several
petticoats under her dress and a pair of heels on her feet.  A large
apron that went to the bottom of her dress had large lace on the
shoulders and tied in a large bow in the back and a white mop cap that
was pinned to her head signified her stature as a maid.  She had thick
brown hair that was pilled under her cap, large brown eyes and even
wore a pair of glasses.  She looked extremely young as Hilary wondered
all about her.  He stared at her for the longest time until she finally
spoke in a rather annoyed tone.

"May I help you?"

"Ah, yes, I am here to see Deborah..."

"Yes, I will go get the Mistress.  Come in and wait on the carpet."

The maid shut the large door behind Hilary as she quickly disappeared.
Besides the whistling of her petticoats and clicking of her heels, the
large mansion didn't make a sound.  Finally, another pair of heels was
heard as Deborah finally appeared at the end of the long hallway.  If
Hilary thought Deborah looked strange before, Deborah really pulled out
all the stops this time.

Deborah was in all black as she was wearing a complete Victorian
Mourning Dress.  The dress had long bell sleeves, started to the bottom
of her neck, almost reached the floor and was supported by several
petticoats.  Up close, Hilary could see a small brick pattern in the
dress that seemed to have a satin look to it.  Hilary heard heeled
boots on the ornate floor as she walked to him.  He also saw a black
bonnet tied underneath her chin that was also black.

"Hilary!  I am so glad you have made it.  We really need to get going
if we are going to get you in costume for the party.  Let us head
upstairs as I and Emma will help you dress.  Don't dawdle!"

Deborah led Hilary up the large stairs as the maid came up behind him.
Emma must be the maid and she must be another member of the history
club.  After several doors, they walked into a large bedroom as Emma
shut the door and locked it as well.  The Victorian era was always one
of his favorites in history, so he was actually excited for this.
Inside the room was the master bedroom with a large bed and ornate
furniture all throughout the room.  Hilary couldn't get a good look as
Deborah suddenly spoke to him.

"Yes, let us get ready.  Now, get undressed and Emma will lead you to
the bathroom."

"Excuse me, Deborah.  I can dress myself and I don't think..."

"INSOLENT CHILD!  Where are your manners?  Never call a lady by her
first name.  For now, my name is Ma'am to you.  And you will follow my
instructions exactly!"

The sudden raising of Deborah's voice almost made Hilary jump out of
his clothing.  She had always been nice to him, so to have her suddenly
yelling at him scared him to death.  He couldn't remember the last time
somebody yelled at him as Emma led him to an attached bathroom in a
state of shock.  Hilary tried to plead with Emma, but she was like a
robot.  A warm tub had been prepared for Hilary and he was told to step
inside.  Emma puts on a large plastic apron over her other apron as she
helps with Hilary's bathing.  The entire process is quite clinical as
she makes no notice to his manhood region.  After the normal bathing,
the maid begins to slather on some sort of gel all over his body.
Telling him to stand there for a moment, Hilary waits in the empty tub
as Emma goes out to the bedroom.  After some long minutes, she finally
returns to wash the gel off of his body.  With an open mouthed
expression, Hilary watches as all of his body hair goes down the drain.
He is handed a towel and led out of the bathtub.  Emma then applies
some body lotion, some perfume and even a slight dusting before he is
finally led out to the bedroom.  By now, even meek Hilary is fed up
with this treatment.

"Listen, ma'am, I don't think I want to do this anymore.  Can I have my
clothes and I'll just skip this whole event all together?"

"Absolutely not!  I have worked long and hard these past few weeks to
get your costume ready.  You will wear it and you will happily attend
the event.  Do I make myself clear?"

"But, Deborah..."


Suddenly, Deborah takes a white glove and slaps Hilary across the face
with it.  Hilary immediately recoils as he suddenly feels the red
hotness on his cheek.  Small tears reach his eye lids as he looks to
Deborah in a very terrified fashion.  She raises the glove once more as
Hilary now understands the situation.  Hilary's eyes shift to the floor
as she submissively speaks to her.  "Yes, Ma'am"

Deborah and Emma then began to help Hilary dress in his outfit.  He
wanted to object to the clothing he was made to wear, but the look that
Deborah kept giving him scared any thought of rebellion out of him.
First, a pair of white bike shorts was slid up his naked and hairless
body.  The bike shorts were skin tight and held his package close to
his body with no fear of anything protruding later on in the evening.
The bike shorts were then followed by a pair of pink panties with
frills of white lace on the back.  The panties were a bit larger than a
woman as they covered every inch of the bike shorts.   The panties were
then followed by a long legged girdle that stopped mid thigh and went
all the way past his stomach.  The girdle continue to keep his flat
front, give his butt a little shape and brought his stomach in even
tighter.  A small male corset was then slid around the top of the
girdle and cinched incredibly tight.  All of Hilary's stomach fat
disappeared as the corset gave his body a significant S pattern to it.
The corset caused Hilary to take shorter breaths as he slowly got used
to its new shape.

As Hilary was getting used to breathing again, Emma pulled some
glistening white stockings up his legs.  The stockings were knee length
and elasticized at the top as they reached the very bottom of his
girdle.  Meanwhile, Deborah slid a large white blouse over his
shoulders and began to button it in the front.  The blouse had
billowing sleeves that ended tightly on his wrists that exploded in
white lace.  The buttons were small pearls as they were button up to
the bottom of his neck and two more were buttoned around his neck.  The
limped satin material was tied in a puffy bow around his neck as the
top of the large bow tickled his chin and the long streamers went down
his chest.  He then stepped into a pair of pink satin pantaloons.  The
pantaloons ended at his knees and were tucked into his glistening white
stockings.  The material hugged his tight crotch and continued the
entire way up to his waist.  The pantaloons were incredibly tight and
hugged every inch of his bottom, crotch and stomach.  A very light pink
vest covered his blouse from underneath the bow to the top of his
pantaloons.  Then, a heavy pink satin overcoat that reached his knees
and was left wide open.  Finally, a pair of white leather shoes with a
large gold buckle, large white bow on top and slight heel was slid onto
his feet.  With a proud smile, Deborah led Hilary over to a full length
mirror to show him her handiwork.

"You, my dear, are the perfect picture of a French Dandy.  A macaroni
if you will were a part of the social elite during the time of the
French Revolution.  Much like Marie Antoinette and her court, the
macaroni were a high social class that loved talking gossip and high
fashion.  You are its prime example and will be the hit of the event
tonight.  Emma, finish up with Hilary and head downstairs when you are

Several hours later, Deborah sat in the back seat of her expensive car
as her driver drove her, Emma and a frightened Hilary to the gathering
tonight.  As Hilary sat next to Deborah, he could only look at the
woman who had suddenly changed his life forever or his new reflection
in the mirror.  Emma had painted his lips a pure red, gave him eyelash
extensions, powdered his entire face that made him look extremely pale
and attached a large white wig to his head.  The wig was several inches
in size and had large curls on its sides along with a large pink bow at
the front.  Looking down at his white gloves, Hilary wanted to cry as
he had never been so embarrassed in all of his life.  As Deborah
watched Hilary in his seat, she knew that the bait would be too much to
bear and the perfect trap had been set.

Chapter 4

Inside of the large hall, Hilary felt every single eye upon him as he
was certain that he heard some snickers and giggles from the students.
Looking across the room, Hilary sees several couples dressed in several
different eras.  He saw a couple dressed like teenagers from the
1950's, a Great Depression era couple, a couple dressed like America's
forefathers, a couple dressed like they came out of Downton Abbey and
one from the American Civil War.  He even saw another French couple,
but they were dressed like characters from Les Miserables.  Looking
across the room, all the men were wearing fine suits and all the women
were wearing large gowns.  Hilary stuck out like a sore thumb and
wanted to run screaming.  Sensing Hilary's reluctance, Deborah grabs
his hand and leads him to an unoccupied corner.  Emma follows and
begins conversing with Deborah as Hilary scans the room.

After several long moments with Hilary wishing the world would suck him
inside, a tall gentleman stops talking to an older couple and walks
over to Deborah, Hilary and Emma.  The tall man is wearing a Victorian
black suit with black pants, vest, overcoat, shoes and top hat.  He has
on a simple white shirt and large red bow tie along with a sturdy cane.
The top hat makes the man look even taller than he actually is.  His
suit cannot hide his firm muscles as he walks in a confident stride.
He has dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and a dark brown mustache.  He
is at least a head taller than Hilary as he kisses Deborah's cheek and
then speaks to the group.  "Good afternoon to you Mother.  You are
looking lovely as usual.  But, who may I say is this charming young
thing?"  The man looks right into Hilary's eyes as he speaks in his
powerful voice.  Immediately, Hilary is frightened as the man sticks
out his hand for Hilary.  Besides his confidence and appearance, the
man appears to be in his 40's as he is several years older than Hilary.

"Hilary...?"  Hilary was quite amazed that he could speak as his voice
came out quivering and shaking.  The man took Hilary's gloved in his
own and pressed it to his lips.  Never taking his eyes off Hilary, the
man then answered in a joyful tone.

"Robert.  But, you could call me sir.  I know you don't want to hang
around in this darkened corner all night, so let's go out and enjoy
this event."

"Robert that is a wonderful idea.  Emma and I need to meet some people
and I can't babysit Hilary all night long.  Come along Emma, let's
leave these two together."

As Deborah began walking way, a smile crossed Deborah's face as Robert
fell for her perfect trap.  Deborah realized that if Robert wasn't
going to get what he wanted, then Deborah would do it for him.  Deborah
watched the two of them talk and realized that Robert's dream was now
within his grasp.

Robert was a History Professor at the University and was one of the
best the department ever had.  He would grab beginners from his
Introduction classes and he would convert them to History majors.  He
had written several papers and was one of the most distinguished
professors the University has ever had.  However, Robert has never made
tenure.  He has fulfilled all of the major requirements and is quite
close with the Chancellor, but one fact keeps holding him back.

Robert is gay.  He dated in High School, but girls never did anything
for him.  He then went into the Navy and that is where he discovered
his sexuality.  He learned all about it with another sailor along with
other men than he would meet on port.  He learned what he liked and
what he didn't like in another partner.  See, Robert is extremely
controlling and masculine and he hates competing for control with other
men.  All the men he would meet would never meet his expectations, so
he would leave them when they would do anything he didn't like.  After
serving his time in the Navy, he returned to Cedar Falls to look after
his mother when his father suddenly passed away.

Cedar Falls is very accepting of his gay lifestyle as they love to have
several minority professors on staff.  However, it is not his
homosexuality that has prevented him from gaining tenure.  It's the
fact that he hasn't married yet.  Thomas, the Chancellor is very old
fashioned and does not trust single people.  His greatest fear is
promoting a young professor before he was ready to settle down and then
having them leave at the moment's notice.  Thomas believes that if a
person is married or has a child, they are not inclined to move and are
willing to stay at their current position.  Several young professors go
to other universities for bigger paychecks because they can pick up and
leave at a moment's notice.  Thomas wants to see his faculty have a
commitment to the university and be certain that they will be there for
a long time to come.

This has been difficult for Robert as Cedar Rapids does not have that
many gay men.  And the ones that he does meet are usually too young and
cocky as they want to control Robert.  He is set in his ways and knows
exactly what he likes, so he is not going to change for some young guy.
He has tried meeting other men, but it has failed miserably.  So, when
Deborah saw Hilary walk into the meeting, she knew that she had to set
him up with Robert.  She didn't care if he was gay or not as she knew
Robert would be perfect for him.

And she was completely correct.  Robert falls head over heels for
Hilary and he stays with him throughout the entire evening.  Hilary is
terrified at first because of the tall and large man, but his booming
personality and sweet demeanor make it hard for him to ignore.  It is
the first time that he can remember somebody paying attention to him as
it feels good to have somebody smile at him.  Robert flits, smiles and
even gets a little physical with Hilary.  He never introduces him to
other people as he makes sure to occupy his entire evening.  After
several drinks, Hilary is less nervous and is actually beginning to
enjoy the evening.  He is completely oblivious to Robert's intentions
and has no clue that Robert is homosexual.  At the end of the evening,
the two men depart with Robert kissing Hilary on the cheek as a
confused Hilary is lead back to the car.

Later that night as he goes back to his apartment still in his costume,
Hilary wonders about the entire evening.  He was totally embarrassed by
his clothing as he felt like the biggest sissy in the world.  He was
slapped and yelled at by Deborah.  He was looked down upon by the
entire meeting of the History Club.  And some older gentlemen spent all
evening flirting and talking with him.  As he changed into his regular
clothes, he suddenly missed being alone and playing his games.  This
foray into a social life was a complete disaster and he was now more
than ready to go back to his normal life.

Chapter 5

The next day, Deborah calls up Robert to get all of the details from
the evening.  Robert tells his mother the good news and that he really
enjoys Hilary.  Deborah is overjoyed and already pushing marriage, but
Robert puts the breaks on that situation.  "I'm not ready yet, Mother.
He is really great and has great potential, but it is just potential.
We need to slow down and not scare him away.  Give me some time where
it is just the two of us and I will decide if I am ready.  Do you know
anything about him?"

"Yes, dear.  I know that he works at that small bakery as he makes
cakes and deserts for everybody in town.  I know the two old ladies who
work there as they have mentioned him several times to their friends.
See, he even bakes, so he is absolutely perfect for you."  Deborah was
absolutely giddy and wanted nothing more than to have her son finally
be happy.

Hilary was happy to go back to work and do the things that made him
happy.  By Monday, Hilary was ready to forget all about Saturday and
that History Club meeting as he was engrossed in his music and baking a
wedding cake.  The two old women were in the front of the store talking
amongst each other when a large surprise walked through the door.  A
man carrying a large vase of a dozen pink roses walked into the door
and set the vase on the counter.  The women began getting giddy as they
wondered which of their husbands was extra thoughtful today.  However,
when the florist said it was for a young lady named Hilary, the two old
women stared at each other and then began laughing.  Walking to the
back, they both grabbed Hilary's arm and led him to the front.

"Dearest Hilary, it looks like you have an admirer." "And here we
thought you were just a quiet stick in the mud when in fact, you have
been wooing all the suitors."  "Come, let us read the car together."
"Dearest Hilary, it was so great to meet you on Saturday.  You looked
absolutely divine in your costume and I would love to see you soon.
Thank you, Sir Robert!"  "Robert?  That sounds like a handsome man."
"Why don't you take a break and tell us all about your new boyfriend?"

Hilary then experienced one of the worst days at the bakery as he then
had to retell the entire story of Saturday in excruciating detail.  The
women would not let up as they continuously probed him for answers and
made sure he went over every single aspect of his embarrassing
experience.  By the end of the day, his cheeks were a glaring pink in
color and the women began thinking him as a homosexual.  He really did
want to bury himself in a hole in the ground as went into his small
apartment.  The women decided to keep the bouquet at the shop as it
seemed to liven up the place and it would constantly remind Hilary of
Robert's affection.

Thankfully, no flowers showed up on Tuesday.  The two women still asked
Hilary a million questions, but he was at least allowed to go back to
work.  By Wednesday, he had hoped that the entire conversation would
have died down.  However, around noon, the door to the bakery was
pulled open and in walked Robert holding a single pink rose.  The
ladies are shocked to find out that Robert is Robert from the
University and Deborah's son.  He has a reputation of being quite the
catch along with being very homosexual which hasn't stopped all the
women from drooling over him.  The two ladies start talking to Robert
as Hilary appears to see what the fuss is all about.

"There he is!  He has been going on and on about your evening on
Saturday.  And he said that the bouquet was the sweetest thing any many
has ever done for him."  "Wow, you two make like such a perfect
couple."  "Now, Robert says he is here to take you out to lunch, so
freshen up a little and the two of you be off."

Hilary desperately wanted to reject the offer, but the two women pushed
him out the door.  He was about to say no to Robert, but his words came
out like an order, not an offer.  With fear in his stomach, Hilary
nodded his head and walked alongside Robert.  Hilary was wearing his
chef's jacket which had double breasted buttons and a pink manuscript
of the shops name on the left breast.  A pair of white pants and white
shoes finished off his required uniform.  Robert was dressed in a
casual pair of khaki's, blue polo shirt and a pair of tan loafers.
Walking down the street, Robert steers them to a very popular eatery.
All along the small tables are fashionable women who now watch every
moment of the new couple.  The restaurant is incredibly expensive and
these are the most well to do ladies in town.  The hostess leads them
to a small table in the corner and leaves two menus on the table.
Robert pulls out a chair and nods for Hilary to sit down.  Hilary
meekly complies as Robert pushes the chair in for Hilary and then takes
the seat across from the table.  Robert sets both menus aside and
orders for both of them when the waiter appears.

A fresh sandwich and an iced tea appear for Robert while a salad and a
glass of water is then given to Hilary.  Robert then spends the entire
meal asking Hilary about himself.  Hilary tells him all about his
career and how much he has loved cooking.  He then explains his home
life and all about his parents.  Robert is genuinely interested in
Hillary and it feels nice for Hilary to be able to talk about it with
another person.  Robert gives Hilary some advice along with helping him
out.  Hillary blushed and laughed several times throughout the meal.
Of course, this only causes the women to chatter more about the new
couple.  Robert then pays for the meal and escorts Hilary outside the

Once outside, Robert takes Hilary's hand and walks him back to work.
They take a much longer way as Robert shows Hillary different shops and
places of interests around Cedar Falls.  Several people see the two men
walking as the small town buzz are now in hot pursuit of the new gay
couple.  Robert then kisses Hilary's cheek as Hilary goes back to the
bakery and explains the entire event to the two women.  With
conflicting emotions burning deep inside of him, Hilary explains the
small date and wonders how everything got so complicated.

Within a few hours, everybody in town has heard about the new gay
couple.  Hilary is labeled as Robert's boyfriend as he feels stares
coming at him from all directions.  He goes grocery shopping that night
as everybody looks at him much more different now.  Most men accept
him, but some just ignore him.  Women are jealous and they are afraid
to ask about the situation.  By the time he gets home, Hilary just
wants to hide in his apartment forever.  However, he knows he has to
work in the morning and it would be so difficult to remove this new
label.  Hilary suddenly wished that he was alone and ignored like

Chapter 6

Friday finally arrives and Hilary is looking forward to escaping inside
of his lonely apartment.  The two women had left already and Hilary was
closing up the shop all alone.  He was going to lock the door when
Robert suddenly walked inside once again carrying a single pink rose
which he handed to Hilary.  "Come along, my dear, we have some big
plans this evening and later on this weekend.  Finish up here and let
us go out for the evening."

"Robert, I really don't want..."

"That is Sir to you and that wasn't a question!  Finish closing up shop
and we are heading tonight.  First, we need to get you some new clothes
so clean up and let's get going."

The tone in Robert's voice made Hilary not want to bring up the subject
any further.  After cleaning up and closing up shop, Robert grabbed
Hilary's land and led him throughout town.  Desperately, Hilary wanted
to stand up to him and inform him that he wanted to go home and play
video games by himself.  But, Hilary is slowly growing terrified of
Robert as his immense size and confidence is too much for Hilary to
handle.  Also, for the first time in a long time, Robert's masculinity
is allowing Hilary to feel safe.  Looking down at their enclosed hands,
Hilary is led throughout the town and it feels nice to have somebody
else take control of the situation.  There is a safety and security
that he feels with Robert along with enjoying all of the special
attention that he offers him.  Hilary can feel his weekend slipping
away, but a part of him is happy to be spending it with Robert.

Robert takes Hilary to an upscale clothing store.  The store's clothes
are the finest money can buy and they range from casual to some nice
suits.  Robert talks to the owner as Hilary tags along and is not
allowed to get a word in edge wise.  Eventually, Hilary is taken to a
dressing room and told to strip off his clothing as new clothing is
slowly handed to him to put on for him to wear.  The first is a pair of
briefs that are in a cream color.  These briefs seem different to the
touch as they have a very silky feel to them and are incredibly small
as they slid up Hilary's legs and cup his manhood.

A soft pink polo shirt is then handed to him as he slides it down his
hairless chest.  The polo shirt's sleeves are very small and the shirt
is an incredibly tight fit.  He doesn't button any of the buttons as it
is too small as it stays open to reveal his soft skin.  A pair of
pressed white pants is then handed to him as he slides it up his
hairless legs.  The pants end around his lower shin with large cuffs
and goes past his hips to end around his natural waist.  The pants are
much different than his regular ones as they feel incredibly tight and
cup his small curves.  A very small brown belt with a gold clasp is
looped through his pants and a pair of loafers is then handed to him as
well.  Hilary has no socks nor an undershirt as the outfit exposes much
of his skin.  Walking out of the dressing room, Robert tucks in his
shirt into his pants for a tighter fit and adjusts the outfit some
more.  With a satisfied nod, he pays for the outfit along with a large
garment bag that he is carrying as well.  After dropping off the items
in his car, Robert leads Hilary through the downtown area to a nice
Italian restaurant for dinner.

Much like the previous meal, Robert pulls out Hilary's chair for him
and orders for him as well.  The restaurant is a bit more romantic, so
Robert and Hilary are now sitting much closer to each other.  While
waiting for their food, Robert plays with Hilary's hair and rubs his
finger up and down Hilary's slender arm.  The attention causes Hilary
to grow more nervous, but he can't help leaning into Robert's touches
as his body responses to his touch.  After the meal, Robert guides
Hilary outside of the restaurant and back onto the sidewalk.  Robert
pulls Hilary close as his firm lips place themselves gently upon
Hilary's.  All of the couples at the window get a good view of the
couple kissing under the lights.  All doubt about Hilary and Robert was
completely vanished as they are the new 'it' couple to talk about
around town.

Hilary wanted to back away from the kiss, but Robert was insistent and
his firm grip would not let him back away.  Hilary felt Robert's lips
press against his own along with his burly mustache rub against his
soft skin.  Hilary didn't know what to do as Robert held his lips
against his own for the longest time.  Hilary stayed motionless as he
involuntarily closed his eyes and accepted the kiss.  The surprise came
as Hilary felt his manhood move for the very first time in his life.
Blushing deep red because of the very public kiss, Hilary's body could
not deny its feelings as he felt himself swooning under Robert's strong

With his strong arm still around his shoulder, Robert leads Hilary back
to his car.  Opening his door for him, Robert gets in the driver seat
and takes Hilary back to his large house.  The very expensive sports
car was an indication of Robert's wealth and his large house was the
exact proof.  It wasn't the old mansion like Deborah's as Robert's
house was a bit smaller and much more modern looking.  Taking the
garment bag and Hilary's clothes from the car, Robert took Hilary on a
tour of his house.  Each room was filled with the finest decorations.
The floors were either a new tile or shiny hard wood.  The kitchen was
beautifully modern with new stainless steel appliances that looked like
they haven't ever been touched.  Eventually, Robert led Hilary back to
the bedroom and showed him his large bed.  "I have set aside some
clothing in the attached bathroom for you to wear tonight.  We have an
important date tomorrow, so let us get some sleep tonight.  Now, what
do you say for my generosity tonight?"

Robert was testing Hilary and Hilary knew it.  Hilary didn't want to
stay the night as he wanted to go back home and sleep in his small bed.
However, Hilary remembers the earlier conversation and what happens
when somebody tries to defy Robert.  Swallowing any courage that he had
left, Hilary knew what was expected of him and submissively replied to
him.  "Thank You, Sir."

After changing out of his new clothing, Hilary found the clothing
Robert mentioned.  With a sigh, Hilary put on the pajamas that were
made of a pink and white striped satin material.  The pajamas had a
little drawstring that he tied tightly around his waist.  The shirt had
large white buttons as he buttoned them around his small body.  Looking
at his new pajamas in the full mirror, Hilary walked into the bedroom
to find Robert wearing similar pajamas.  However, Robert's pajamas were
made of a coarse cotton material and his stripes were larger along with
being a dark blue color.  After both of them got ready for bed, Robert
turned off the light and pulled the covers close to them.

Lying in the large bed, Hilary was ready for a good night's sleep until
a large hand pulled him closer to Robert.  Hilary's head was lifted off
the pillow as it settled into the crux of Robert's shoulder.  His arm
came around to strongly hold him close as his head came on top of his.
With a final kiss on the top of his head, Robert fell asleep holding
Hilary close to him.  It took Hilary a while to fall asleep, but once
he did, it was the deepest sleep he had ever experienced.

Chapter 7

The next morning, Hilary awoke to a loud thumping sound against his
ear.  His eyes slowly awoke as he looked down the long body of Robert.
His head was resting on Robert's chest as he directly heard the
thumping of Robert's heart.  His fingers were slowly rubbing circles on
Hilary's back as Robert lay awake as he patiently waited for Hilary to
open his eyes.  With a smile, he saw Hilary slowly stir out of his
slumber as he softly spoke to him.  "Good Morning, my dear.  You slept
very peacefully last night as you looked like an angel.  It's time to
get up and get ready for the day.  Use your baking skills to make a
hearty breakfast for me and bring it to me along with the morning
paper.  Also, make sure not to get your cute pajamas dirty and put on
an apron for me.  Now get going as I am getting hungry.  Is that

Robert's hand slid down to Hilary's backside and ended his question
with a tough pinch on his small cheeks.  Hilary was suddenly wide awake
as he squirmed under the sudden pain.  He really didn't want to get up,
but Robert's insistent nature caused him to think twice about his
actions.  Forcing a smile on his face, he pulled back the covers and
headed out of the bedroom.  "Yes, Sir."

Hilary went into the kitchen and found the apron Robert was talking
about.  The apron was knee length, had white with large lace edging and
tied in the back in a large bow.  Hilary found a fully stocked kitchen
as he began to get Robert's meal ready for him.  Eventually, Hilary
returns with Robert's food that is served to him on a large tray.  His
coffee, morning paper, eggs, bacon and some sliced fruit is all ready
for him as he places it on his lap in bed.  Robert makes sure to kiss
Hilary on his lips when he is nearby and informs him to clean up the
kitchen.  After some cleaning and preparing of a light lunch later in
the day, Hilary finally hangs up the apron and is ready to change out
of the pink satin pajamas.

"We need to get ready for this evening as we have a very important fund
raising event that I must attend at the University.  It is a formal
affair and you will be dress appropriately.  We will work on most of
your appearance later on, but I have prepared a bath for you.  Now, I
expect you to shave your body along with using the supplied lotions
when you are finished.  Once done, we will meet in the bedroom and I
will dress you in your new suit."

Hilary just wanted to go home and really didn't want to attend such a
public event.  However, Hilary's sluggish movement was met a sudden and
slightly playful smack on his behind.  Realizing he had no choice in
the matter, Hilary went to the bathroom and slid into the warm tub.
Making sure to use all of the provided products along with shaving
close with the offered female razor, Hilary spent an incredibly large
amount of time in the bathroom.  He then got out of the tub and sprayed
himself with various sprays and used several lotions on his soft skin.
Hilary felt incredibly clean and smelt like a flower garden as he
wrapped the pink towel around his waist and went into the bedroom.

Robert was already dressed and ready to go for the evening.  He was
wearing a fitted black suit with a plain white shirt and an all black
tie.  His belt, socks and shoes were black as well.  A smell of cologne
wafted around him as he greeted Hilary with a deep kiss.  The suit was
incredibly modern, form fitting and very masculine.  Hilary was hoping
for a similar suit, but he remembered what he wore to the History Club
meeting and hoped it would be better than that outfit.  Robert first
handed him a similar pair of panties that were a soft cream color that
went up his small legs and held his package close to his body.

A pair of white socks was pulled up his feet that felt different than
his cotton socks that he would wear.  The socks felt finer and a
slightly silkier to the touch as they were pulled up his shins.  He
then put on a white dress shirt made of a soft silky material that was
then buttoned up to his neck.  The material was soft to the touch and
really fine as he was certain that somebody could see through the
material.  Robert then tied a bright pink tie in a large knot around
his neck.  Unlike Robert's tie which was very small and skinny,
Hilary's tie was quite large and had a huge knot around his neck.  A
pair of cream pants was then handed to him as he pulled them up his
legs.  The pants started at the very top of his hips and ended around
the top of his ankles.  A small and bright white leather belt was
pulled around the loops and cinched tightly in the front.  A matching
cream jacket was then put over his shirt and buttoned twice in front of
him.  Robert made sure to fluff out the tie so that it can be seen
between the lapels of the jacket.  Finally, a pair of white leather
shoes were put on his feet as his outfit was now complete.  Robert
makes sure to plant a kiss on his lips as he leads him to his car.
"You have a salon appointment before the big event tonight.  I will
leave you there as I have one more item to pick up.  You will look
beautiful tonight and be the proper boyfriend.  Yes, tonight is truly
our coming out party!"

Robert laughed at his little joke as he drove them downtown to a very
upscale salon.  Robert talks to the stylist as Hilary is instructed to
sit in the chair in front of the mirror.  After a while, Robert leaves
and the stylist puts a pink satin cape around Hilary and begins to work
her magic.  Paralyzed with fear, Hilary slowly watches the stylist work
on Hilary.  First, Hilary's hair is worked on as his color is now a
softer blonde and his locks flutter gently against his face.  Parted to
one side, the hair falls a little in front of his one eye and has a bit
more volume to it.  A young stylist comes over and begins to give
Hilary a slight manicure.  His nails are shaped into small ovals and
painted a clear color.  She doesn't add extensions, but his nails look
much better in appearance.  The stylist then works on Hilary's face as
his eyebrows are trimmed, his face is moistened and his lips are given
a wet look to them.  All of these changes are very subtle and won't be
noticed by anybody, but Hilary's look is now changed from someone who
doesn't care about his appearance to someone who takes too long in the
mirror to get ready.  Hilary looks now like a fashionable metro sexual
as Robert returns just as the stylist is removing the pink satin cape.

He pulls a boutonniere made of a pink rose and pins it his jacket
lapel.  With a satisfied smile, Robert pays for Hilary's transformation
and they are off to the fundraising event.  Hilary feels better about
his appearance, but not by much.  Looking over at Robert and his
masculine suit, Hilary feels like a sissy in his feminine suit.  There
is no doubt that Robert is the dominant one and that Hilary
submissively follows along to his new boyfriend.  Hilary is Robert's
date for this fund raising event and it cannot be more obvious.  In
just a few short days, Hilary has become the swishy gay boyfriend to
one of the most dominant men he has ever seen.  Robert then goes over
the event and tells Hilary to stick by him so that he won't get lost as
he will be introduced to several couples tonight.  Hilary is not sure
he is ready for the evening, but Robert pulls up to the hall and they
walk inside hand in hand.

Tonight is an event to celebrate all of the large donors who had given
to the University.  Many of them were the elderly couples around town
as they had the largest amount of free money in town.  They instantly
recognized Robert and Hilary from all of their recent outings.  All of
the couples wanted to talk to the new couple around town.  Hilary must
have met hundreds of people and the same thing happened each and every
time.  Robert would take the lead and introduce the two new people to
Hilary who he mentioned was his new boyfriend.  Hilary then shook hands
with the women in the relationship as they would talk while Robert
would talk with the man in the relationship.  Hilary never talked to a
single male except for Robert as the old women would blabber on
throughout the entire evening.  They always asked him about fashion
advice, decorating tips or compliment him on his suit along with his
lovely boutonniere.  Hilary makes conversation with these women as they
love talking with the new gay man in town.  Hilary is soft spoken and
very quiet as they all say he is the perfect complement to the
overbearing Robert.  Eventually, the news of the gay couple reaches the
ear of the Chancellor as he heads over to them with his wife in toe.
"Robert!  Why didn't you tell me you had brought somebody with you?"

"Chancellor, it's so nice to see you again.  Thomas and Barbara, this
is my boyfriend Hilary."  Robert introduced Hilary to the Chancellor
and his wife.  Both were in their 60's, though they appeared a bit
younger.  Robert and Thomas shook hands while Barbara almost squealed
at the sight of Hilary.  She was wearing a beyond the knee length black
dress filled with sequins.  Her brown hair was slightly graying and she
was beginning to get the sight of slight wrinkles.  Her smile burst
onto her face as she grabbed Hilary and immediately air kissed one of
his cheeks and then another one.

"Robert!  He is absolutely divine!  And look at his precious suit and
little flower on his jacket.  Oh, he is absolutely perfect and I must
hear all about him!"  The rest of the evening was then spent with
Thomas and Barbara as Hilary entertained Barbara throughout the entire
evening.  She asked hundreds of questions and forced Hilary to tell
every ounce of information that he could.  Hilary never got a chance to
talk to Thomas as he and Robert talked jovially throughout the entire
evening.  Hilary desperately wanted to talk to the men, but Barbara
kept occupying his time.  It was most embarrassing when Barbara began
asking in depth questions about Robert and their relationship.  Barbara
absolutely adored Hilary and wanted to spend even more time with the
happy young couple.  Thankfully, the evening eventually ended as Robert
led Hilary to the car and back to his home.  Hilary was ready to go
home and at least spend Sunday by himself, but Robert had other plans.

"Make sure to hang up your suit and let us get ready to bed.  We need
to be up early tomorrow."  Robert commanded Hilary as he began to hang
up his black suit.

"But, Sir, I was already your date for the evening.  Can't you take me
home?"  Hilary spoke up his words in a trembling voice as he was afraid
of the repercussions of his insolence.  Robert sighed annoyingly at
Hilary's objections.  He then got up and walked over to Hilary who was
beginning to shake in his shoes.

"The Chancellor and his wife invited us golfing early tomorrow morning.
There is no point in driving you home when you can sleep here with me.
Don't make me repeat myself as I want you in your pajamas this instant.
Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes...Sir."  Hilary knew nothing about this golfing outing as he
realized that he would be spending the entire weekend with Robert.
Hilary then changed out of his suit as he hung it up in an empty
closet.  Making sure to remove his makeup, Hilary changed into his pink
satin pajamas and got into bed with Robert.  As Robert shut off the
light, he turned to face Hilary as his hands began to encircle the
young man.  His mustache tickled Hilary's ear as Robert began to
whisper sweet musings into his ear.  Robert's lips then began to kiss
his face and eventually his lips.  Robert's kissing was more powerful
and purposeful as he could not control his desires.  Robert guided
Hilary's hand to feel his powerful erection inside of his pants.
Hilary's eyes exploded out of his head as he felt the monster penis
just waiting to be let out of his pants.  Robert's large hands moved
down to Hilary's much smaller penis and began to coax it into a full
erection.  Making sure both of them were fully erect, Robert's kissing
began to move throughout Hilary's body.  Hilary had never felt anything
as exhilarating as this experience was much different than the one with
the woman.  Robert was the one in control and he knew exactly what he
was doing.  Eventually, Robert began to slow down as his hands
encircled the small figure of Hilary and held him tightly throughout
the entire evening.  Hilary smelled Robert's cologne's and listened to
his rapid heart beating.  The constant droning caused Hilary to fall
asleep as he was now safely protected by Robert.

Chapter 8

Arriving at the Chancellor's house, Hilary was immediately swept up by
Barbara.  He was told that he had an outfit ready for him to try on
while Robert and Thomas began to talk by themselves.  Robert was
prepared for the outing as he wore a white golfing hat, a blue striped
shirt, black pants, black golfing shoes, white belt and a pair of white
golfing shoes.  He had his own clubs and was comparing them with Thomas
who was also wearing his golfing outfit.  Thomas' outfit was a little
less modern as his shirt had some age to it and in a red color.
Barbara was wearing a white skirt and red top as she shuffled Hilary
off to another room.  "That simply will not do, Hilary dear.  I have
some clothing that will be perfect for you and I know you will
absolutely adore."

Stripping down to his panties, Hilary was first handed a pair of dark
pink shorts.  The shorts had two buttons in white off to one side,
started at his natural waist and ended in large cuffs above his knee.
A white collared shirt with no buttons was put over his head as the
shirt was tucked tightly into the shorts and paired with a large white
belt.  The shirt had small sleeves and had a pink trim to it.  A
sleeveless vest in a diamond pattern of pink and white was slipped over
his head as the vest ended right above his belt.  White with pink trim
shoes, small socks and wide brimmed hat were the final accessories.  He
was also given a matching set of clubs and gloves along with being
pronounced as being ready for the golfing trip.

Hilary walked into the other room and was met with a large kiss by
Robert.  The two couples then got into the Chancellor's large SUV and
drove to a secluded country club.  Hilary sat in the back with Robert
who held his hand throughout the entire trip.  He looks at Robert in
his envious appearance as Robert looks to him with that familiar
sparkle in his eye.  The memories of last night flash in Hilary's mind
as he feels his penis stirring inside of his tight pants.  The
conflicting and confusing emotions are growing more and more by the day
as Hilary wishes for them to disappear all together.  His outfit only
confuses him more as he wonders what he is turning into.

Arriving at the country club, Robert and Thomas walk together while
Hilary talks with Barbara.  Reaching the first tee, Hilary goes to the
longer male tees with Robert and Thomas, but Barbara quickly directs
him to the women's tees.  Barbara instructs Hilary on how to play as
the two of them struggle throughout the entire day.  This is Hilary's
first time ever golfing, so he is incredibly bad at this sport.
Barbara tries to help Hilary as he gets a little better by the end of
the day.  Hilary only sees Robert at the end of the hole which always
ended with a quick kiss.  Robert and Thomas are incredibly good golfers
as their scores are near par by the end of the day.   Hilary and
Barbara don't keep score, but Hilary is certain that he is near triple
digits.  Thankfully, the entire experience is over as they head inside
the longue to have some drinks.

Robert and Thomas drink some beers together while Barbara and Hilary
are ordered some martinis by their spouses.  Much like the entire day,
Robert and Thomas continually talk joyfully while Barbara talks with
Hilary.  The men never engaged the women as their conversations and
interactions were separated throughout the entire evening.  Hilary was
getting tired of Barbara's blathering, but Barbara thought of Hilary as
one of her new best friends.  Hilary was tired of being ostracized and
secluded as the female in the relationship.  Finally, they head back to
the Chancellor's house as Hilary is allowed to keep his outfit.  Robert
then finally drives Hilary back to his apartment.  Robert walks Hilary
to his door and makes sure to kiss him deeply before they finally
depart.  Hilary can't help but feel intoxicated by Robert's kissing as
he wonders what is happening to him.

Hilary was hoping to go back to his video games throughout the week,
but that never seemed to be the case.  Once Hilary was finished for the
day with his bakery, his phone would ring and it would be Robert.  He
would talk with Hilary all night long and not let up until it was way
past his bedtime.  Hilary tried ignoring his calls, but Robert kept
calling him and then yelled at him when he did pick up.  At work, it
was even worse as another vase with a dozen pink roses and was placed
next to the other flowers.  Also, Robert showed up one evening as they
went out to dinner and Robert took him to the movie theatre.  Robert
made a big deal out of picking the movie as they eventually settled on
Hilary's 'choice' of seeing a romantic period piece.  Robert then
wrapped his arm around Hilary and held him throughout the entire movie.
They finally departed with another large kiss with Robert mentioning
that they had plans for the weekend.  Once again, Hilary was afraid of
what was happening, but he had now realized that it was much too late
to stop it.  With a new growing in his stomach, Hilary was not looking
forward to the weekend.

Chapter 9

Hilary was led back to the familiar clothing shop as Robert handed him
his outfit for the evening.  After his white panties were slid up his
legs, Robert handed him a pink and white small checkered shirt.  The
shirt had long sleeves and was a bit masculine in shape, but feminine
in color.  Another pair of white pressed pants was handed to him along
with a white jacket that had pink lapels, a pink leather belt, his
silky white socks and white leather shoes with pink accents on them.
After dressing, he met with Robert who was carrying a large garment bag
as they then went to his car.

Robert drove Hilary to another part of town as they ate in an
incredibly expensive Asian Restaurant.  Robert orders for Hilary as the
couple enjoys the exotic food.  Hilary tries to press Robert for the
plans this weekend, but Robert refuses to budge and begins to get a
little agitated.  Eventually, they make it back home as Hilary changes
into his satin pink pajamas and fall asleep with Robert holding him
that evening.

Hilary slowly began to stir awake the next morning as he felt large
hands gently moving around his body and the feeling of Robert's lips on
his soft skin.  As he slowly opened his eyes and let the morning sun
into his view, he was suddenly jolted awake by Robert's large hand
landing on his backside.  His eyes shoot awake as he looks to Robert
who then plants a quick kiss on Hilary's lips.  "I can't let my little
flower sleep the entire day away.  I am getting hungry and my breakfast
is not going to make itself.  Why don't you get moving and make sure to
wear your cute little apron, my little sweetie?"  Robert kept his stare
into Hilary's eyes as he begged the little man to rebel against his

"Yes Sir" Hilary said his affirmation and after one more kiss on his
cheek, Hilary got out of bed and headed into the kitchen.  His small
apron had been replaced by a knee length apron that had a halter neck,
tied in the back with long streamers and was decorated with soft
colored flowers.  Hilary then moved about the kitchen as he made
breakfast for Robert.  He then walked back into the bedroom and placed
the meal and tray on the bed as Robert kissed him one more time.

"Don't forget to make yourself something as well.  When you are done,
why don't you do some cleaning around the house?  I am certain several
rooms need some dusting and some tidying up as well.  Run along, my
happy little homemaker."  Hilary wanted to sigh or scream, but he knew
much better than to argue with Robert.  After eating a breakfast of the
leftovers he had already made, Hilary spent the rest of the day
cleaning Robert's house.  Robert had some work to do as he spent most
of the day inside of office.  He asked Hilary to make him lunch and the
two of them had another meal together before Hilary went back to work
cleaning the house.  As the sun began to fall down the sky, Robert
finally announced that it was time to get ready for the evening's
events.  Hilary was finally allowed to hang up his apron as he went to
the bathroom and began to prepare for the night.

A scented bubble bath had been prepared for him as his naked body slid
into the warm water.  Making sure to shave his entire body once again
and cleaning his body thoroughly, Hilary got out of the tub and used
all of the lotions, sprays and fragrances provided for him.  Wrapping a
towel around his waist, Hilary walked into the master bedroom to find
Robert in an extremely formal tuxedo.  The tuxedo was all black except
for the bright white shirt that had small little black buttons.  There
was a neatly tied small black bowtie, a black vest that went up to the
bottom of his chest, a black coat, black pants, black belt, black socks
and a pair of black shoes.  Robert looked incredibly dignified and
formal as he stared at Hilary with a large grin on his face.  "Tonight,
we have a formal fundraising event to garner money for the University
and I am going to represent the History Department.  You will attend as
my date and we need to get you ready as you have a salon appointment
rather shortly.  Off with that towel and let us get you dressed."

Hilary looked at Robert and thought he looked like James Bond in that
powerful suit.  He oozed formality and masculinity.  Flashbacks to the
previous weekend suddenly ran through his mind and he desperately did
not want that embarrassment again.  Holding the towel close to his
body, Hilary tried to take a stand.  "Sir, I don't know..."

Robert grabbed Hilary's satin pink panties off the bed and stepped
closer to him.  With his formal shoes and Hilary barefoot in a towel,
Robert absolutely towered over Hilary as Hilary did not stand a chance
to Robert's demands.  With a slight annoyance in his voice, Robert
spoke to Hilary.  "My little flower, you know how I hate repeating
myself.  Don't make me angry as we have little time before your
appointment.  I am your boyfriend and you will attend all of these
events as my date.  Do I make myself clear or do I have to get firm
with you?"

Looking at the giant Robert, Hilary knew that he didn't stand a chance
as even the threat of his words scared him to death.  He grabbed the
satin pink panties and slid them up his silky legs as he submissively
spoke to Robert.  "No Sir" The panties were followed with a long sleeve
button down white shirt.  The dress shirt was incredibly well made and
seemed to fit Hilary's form perfectly.  A pair of light pink pants was
then pulled up his small form as the shirt was tucked tightly into the
pants.  The pants felt incredibly smooth as they had a very shimmering
look to them.  Pulling them high up his waist, the pants was then
cinched with a white leather belt.  Over the white dress shirt was a
pink vest made of the same material as the pants and color of the
shimmering pink satin.  The vest started high on his chest as only one
button of the dress shirt was visible and was then buttoned with the
large soft pink buttons.  A large soft pink bowtie was then tied by
Robert and placed directly in place.  Unlike Robert's small bowtie,
Hilary's bowtie was quite large as it had a vintage look to it.  A soft
pink jacket made of the same material as the pants was put over the
vest that was buttoned low on his chest as his vest was more clearly
shown.  Finally, a pair of shiny socks and a pair of white leather slip
on shoes with a slightly raised heel was put on his feet.  Hilary's
hands ran over the soft material of the jacket and pants as a rush of
excitement ran through his veins.  Robert then lead Hilary out to the
car as they then drove to the familiar salon for the finishing touches
of the evening.

Once again, Hilary sat under the satin pink cape as the stylist began
working on him.  She was gushing all about his adorable tuxedo as she
fluffed, fluttered and lightened his hair even more.  Another stylist
came by to give him small nails with just a hint of a French tip to
them.  His makeup was slightly heavier, but nothing obvious nor
feminine.  His lips were incredibly wet looking, his eyebrows were
trimmed once again and his eyelashes fluttered in the night.  Robert
returned with a large boutonniere made of a white and pink rose and a
sprinkle of baby's breath for an accent.  After paying the stylist and
driving back to the University, Robert began to instruct Hilary on the
evening's proceedings.  The turnout is supposed to be pretty large with
several couples from around town.  While walking to the door, Robert
places Hilary's manicured hand in the crux of his elbow and tells him
rather forcefully to never let go during the entire evening as he does
not want to lose Hilary.

Robert is spot on as the turnout is over and beyond everybody's
expectations.  The hall is filled to capacity as they have to struggle
to move even several feet.  All of the men are in their best formal
tuxedos while the women are in their long gowns.  Hilary is actually
scared of loosing Robert, so he grips tightly to his strong arm as he
is led through the crowded room.  They are stopped several times as
many couples want to meet the extremely popular couple.  The women gush
about Hilary's tuxedo as they show off their formal gowns to the
seemingly fashionable forward young gay man.  Hilary compliments all of
the women as he actually begins to relate to them.  They seem to have
the same mindset and are in the same position as Hilary, so it is
rather nice to get their perspective.  At the back of the hall, Robert
and Hilary finally run into the Chancellor and his wife who gush loudly
at the gay couple.

Barbara goes on and on about Hilary's soft pink tuxedo as she mentions
that he looks absolutely adorable and perfect for the occasion.
Barbara can tell that Hilary is absolutely in love with Robert as he
refuses to leave his hand from Robert's arm.  On the other side, Robert
and Thomas talk merrily and jovially about several school related
items.  Thomas is so proud to see Robert begin to settle down and find
a perfect spouse in Hilary.  Seeing the two of them get along so well
and remembering the fun they had last weekend, Barbara makes a
suggestion that perks up Robert's ear.  "Thomas dear, why don't we
invite this lovely young couple up to the stables tomorrow?  Wouldn't
it be grand to spend the day riding horses with this perfectly adorable
couple?"  Thomas readily agrees and the date is set for tomorrow

Robert is absolutely beside himself as he drives home with Hilary in
tow.  It is no secret that the Chancellor and his wife love to go
horseback riding, but hardly anybody has ever been allowed to go with
them.  Only the Chancellor's closest friends attend and that is even on
the rarest occasion.  With blood pumping through his large body, Robert
can see his goal in sight as he is just a few more moves away from
getting tenure.

On the other hand, Hilary wonders about the conflicting emotions inside
of him.  This relationship with Robert is growing deeper as he cannot
remember the last day he didn't at least talk to him or he was allowed
to play his precious video games.  What is more disconcerting is the
sudden rise in emotions he is feeling when talking to these spouses.
They are beginning to feel like his close friends especially Barbara.
Hilary desperately wants to attach it to his loneliness, but he is
afraid something larger is looming and growing inside of him.  He
doesn't know who to talk too about his feelings as Robert is growing
more demanding by the day along with more affectionate.  Looking up to
the powerful man, Hilary is scared and attracted to him even though he
is terrified to admit it.  With a pensive nature about him, Hilary
hangs up his tuxedo in the closet that is slowly growing with all of
his clothing and changes to his very familiar satin pink pajamas.
Walking to the bedroom, he finds Robert standing next to the bed as he
beckons Hilary near to him.  "My sweet little flower, you were
absolutely wonderful tonight.  Tonight, we take the next step in our
relationship as you will show your love to me."  With those haunting
words, Robert grabs Hilary close to him and kisses him with all of his

Robert's strong arms holds Hilary's small body close to him as he
sticks his tongue down inside of his mouth and presses firmly against
his muscular tone.  Hilary has to open his mouth and accept the
intruder as his small arms wrap around his large frame.  As the kissing
intensifies, Hilary can feel something grown inside of Robert's
pajamas.  Shaking in fear, Robert slowly breaks the kiss as he holds
Hilary's face in his own hands.  "Kneel before me and slowly undo my

There wasn't a playful tone in Robert's voice as this was a simple
command.  Trembling in fear, Hilary slowly slid to his knees and did as
he was commanded.  Suddenly, Robert's penis is allowed free as Hilary
stares at the giant monster.  "I want you to kiss it first.  Then,
slowly open your mouth and take it in your mouth.  Be slow and
careful."  With his lips quivering, Hilary softly kisses the tip of his
penis as it awakes for just a moment.  Opening his mouth, Hilary begins
to take the large member in his mouth as his tongue licks its
underside.  Robert's hands grab the back of Hilary's head and slowly
push him down the long shaft.  Shifting on his knees, Hilary eventually
takes the entire shaft in his mouth as he desperately tries not to gag.
His lips then move back up the shaft as Robert's hands guides him to
the art of sucking his member.  Robert is slow, thorough and extremely
guiding as he whispers orders to Hilary and shows him how to suck him
off properly.

Hilary doesn't know what to think as he is amazed that he is kneeling
before this large man and sucking his penis.  He is scared and
terrified of these events as his hands grab hold of Robert's legs for
leverage.  However, he suddenly feels the tip of his own penis begin to
extend and push against the satin fabric of his pajamas.  The masculine
scent of Robert began to waft into Hilary's nostrils as the tasty flesh
of his member scintillated his lips.  Hilary slowly began to close his
eyes and work on Robert's member with a growing fervor.  He didn't even
noticed Robert pulling his hands off of Hilary's head as a very
satisfied smile grew on his face.  Closing his own eyes, Robert's
breathing began to intensify as he suddenly knew what was about to
happen.  "Make sure to swallow every last drop.  This is all for you,
my little pink rose."  And with those final words, Robert's body tensed
up and then orgasm inside of Hilary's mouth.  Several globs of his cum
landed on Hilary's tongue and down the back of his throat.  Robert's
heavy body began shaking at the intense experience.  Hilary licked up
every last drop before he finally released Robert's penis from the
confines of his mouth.  Robert then readjusted his pants, picked up
Hilary and took him to bed that night.  Both Robert and Hilary fell
asleep that night with satisfied smiles on their faces.  However, it
was Hilary who had a small dark spot on his pink satin pajama pants.

Chapter 10

The next day, the two couples arrive at the stables and are met by two
young attendants.  A young male and a young female welcome Thomas and
Barbara as they are introduced to Robert and Hilary.  The young male
begins talking with Thomas and Robert as Barbara quickly grabs Hilary
and begins to lead them away with the female attendant.  Hilary turns
and watches Robert and Thomas walk with the young male to the other
side of the stables.  Ever since last night, Robert was extremely
affectionate as he could not keep his hands off Hilary during the
entire day.  Hilary actually began to miss the sudden lack of affection
as the young woman leads Barbara and Hilary to a changing room.
"Before you go riding today, you will need to change into the proper
equestrian outfit.  Barbara, your outfit is already ready for you.
Hilary, I am certain that we can find something for your size and
nature."  With a sudden blush to his cheeks, Hilary walked inside a
private changing room and slowly removed his clothing.

Stripping down to his panties, Hilary was handed a similar girdle to
the one he wore to the History Club meeting.  The girdle started at the
top of his stomach, smoothed his front and rear and then eventually
ended around his knees.  He zipped up the hard white material as it
hugged every inch of his skinny body.  He was then handed a pair of
white breeches that looked like a second skin.  The breeches hugged his
skin tightly as they went all the way up to the top of his girdle.  His
crotch was held tightly close to him as he had a very feminine v shape
between his legs.  All traits of masculinity disappeared as a tight
brown belt was cinched around the breeches.  A pair of heavy socks was
pulled up his feet as well.  A long white dress shirt was buttoned up
the front of his chest.  The shirt had a more rounded collar and a
large puffy attached white ascot that Hilary had to fluff out and pin
to his shirt.  A jacket that was white was then slid onto his body.
The jacket had four gold buttons that were buttoned and ended at the
top of his belt.  The jacket had two white tails in the back that went
to his knees.  A pair of brown boots was fit onto his feet that went up
to his knees as he watched his breeches disappear under the boots.  His
hair was then fitted under a small hairnet and he was handed a small
top hat to wear over the hair net.

Hilary walked out of the dressing as he looked himself in the mirror.
He was confused at what he saw as the attendant came by and started
making adjustments to his outfit.  His shirt was tucked in tighter and
his ascot was fluffed out even more between the lapels of his jacket
along with a pair of white gloves being slid onto his hands.  Before
Hilary could digest his new outfit, Barbara appeared in her riding
outfit.  Unlike the pants that Hilary wore, Barbara was wearing a
riding skirt and her outfit was all in black.  Her hair was pulled up
in a similar hairnet and wore the similar hairnet.  Barbara looked
dignified and elegant in her feminine outfit while Hilary wondered
about his appearance.

That worry disappeared when Robert met him with a large kiss.  Robert
and Thomas had similar outfits with black boots, regular tan pants,
black coat, white shirt, black tie and a black riding helmet.  Hilary
didn't know where he fit in between the obvious male and obvious female
outfits surrounding him.  Robert encased his hand with Hilary as the
two of them followed Thomas and Barbara out to the stables.  The
attendant leads Robert and Thomas to two brown stallions that have
heavy saddles prepared for both of them.  Next to the two saddles are
two white mares with smaller saddles in a different shape ready for
Barbara and Hilary.  Robert and Thomas are first readied in their
stallions as they begin to test out their powerful animals.  The
stallions are full of energy and ready to go on long sprints.  The
attendant then helps Barbara on her side saddle that she has to use
before of her skirt.  Hilary is forced to ride side saddle as well as
they get used to their mares.  The mares prefer a small trot compared
to the exuberance of the stallions.  Once everybody is settled, they
are allowed to ride their horses as Robert and Thomas get their
stallions up to a full sprint.

Robert is quite familiar with his horse while Hilary is incredibly
nervous and scared of the large animal.  However, Barbara is quite
adept and gets the two mares to a healthy trot along one of the paths.
In the distance, Hilary can see Robert and Thomas riding their
stallions throughout the course as he is suddenly jealous as he is
forced to ride his feminine mare with Barbara.  She is absolutely
beside herself as she finally gets some company to talk to as they
converse throughout the entire trot.  "They are just like little boys.
I am so glad to have you here with me today, Hilary.  You are so much
more refined and domesticated as we can enjoy our little stroll.  And
we can finally have some good girl talk, just the two of us.  I noticed
that Robert is very affectionate with you today and I can sense he is
much more relaxed than yesterday.  If my inclinations are true which
they always are, I know that you preformed some of your spousal duties
last night in the bedroom.  That is a wonderful first step and will
happen much more frequently once you are Robert's wife."

Hilary cannot believe his ears as he listens to Barbara talk to him
about oral sex.  Hilary's cheeks blush so intensely that he was afraid
they would melt off.  Barbara gets every scintillating detail about
last night's activities along with some tips for improvement.  Hilary
just wanted the day to end, but Barbara kept talking about the wifely
duties that Hilary will have to do in the future.  He wanted to run far
away as his little mare trotter along in the wooden path.  Without even
knowing it, he had gotten closer to Barbara as she now considered him
one of her closest friends.  Eventually, they made it back to the
stables as Robert came to him and kissed him heavily on his lips.
Hilary was allowed to keep his outfit as Barbara insisted before they
departed.  Finally, Hilary was driven back to his apartment and after
one final kiss from Robert, he was left alone.  He was exhausted and
draining in more ways than one as he wondered how much further this
relationship would go.

Chapter 11

Hilary desperately hoped and prayed for a change in his life.  Robert
continued to call Hilary every single day and Hilary didn't know if he
wanted to do another weekend with him.  The gossip mill was working
overtime and pretty soon the entire town knew about Hilary sucking off
Robert.  The proof was now in the pudding as they all had proof about
Hilary's homosexuality.  He wanted to tell them off, but a part of him
wondered if that was true.  If he could get some space and time to
think, then maybe he could clear out all of these confusing emotions.
However, that never did come, but Hilary did get his wish, just not in
the way that he wanted.

One day that week, Robert met Hilary at the bakery and took him out to
lunch.  This was a completely normal affair until they walked back to
Hilary's bakery.  Robert walked Hilary inside of the bakery as Hilary
noticed a new cake on the counter.  With a look of confusion on his
face, Hilary walked up to the cake to see that it was actually a cake
of a large penis.  The penis was perfectly anatomically correct with a
head, a long shaft and two large testicles underneath it.  Hilary's
mouth flies open as Robert watches with an amused grin on his face.
Hilary didn't know who baked the cake or how it got there, but the two
older women who owned the store walked in at the exact wrong moment.

"What is this Hilary?"  "We leave you alone for just one moment and
this is what we find you doing."  "You used our materials to bake an
erotic cake for your boyfriend here."  "We all heard the rumors of you
being a cocksucker, but this is too much."  "Who knew that you were
perverted as well and was willing to sullen our good bakery with your
erotic display?"  "We can't take your perversion any longer.  You are
no longer allowed to work here."  "You are fired!"

Hilary desperately begins to explain his story to the two old women.
However, they were not interested in a single word he said and told him
to leave the bakery immediately.  Hilary starts crying as he needed
this job to survive, but he is soon walking down the street with the
penis cake in his hands.  Hilary threw the cake away in the dumpster as
he drove back to his apartment.  The two women begin the rumor mill of
Hilary's perversion as the proof is in the discarded cake in the
dumpster.  Within a few short days, Hilary is labeled as a pervert and
an outcast to the entire town.

Because of his new reputation, Hilary can't even get his foot in the
door for interviews.  Nobody wants anything to do with him in Cedar
Falls.  Hilary even tries other states, but nobody is hiring him.  He
is making no money and the bills slowly begin to eat away at his
savings.  Because of his public perception, his car becomes vandalized
and tampered with several times.  He is flushing money down the toilet
trying to keep it running that he eventually has to sell it to make
rent.  The small town has turned their back on Hilary and he has
nothing left.  At the end of his rope, Hilary begins selling all of his
possessions including his precious video games.

Even though it pains him and breaks his heart, Robert has to think of
his image as he keeps his distance from Hilary.  They no longer see
each other on the weekend or during the week.  The only time they do
communicate is during the late evening hours on the telephone.  Many
nights, Robert soothes Hilary's crying as Hilary tries to figure out
what to do.  With the entire town against him, Hilary feels like Robert
is the only person in the entire world who is on his side and
understands him.  Robert is Hilary's saving grace and the only person
that can help him.  He can't get rid of Robert, so he sells off all of
his materials besides his phone.  Finally, Hilary is at the end of his
rope.  He is withering away from hardly eating, he cannot afford rent
for the next month nor can he afford his phone payment.  He has no
possessions as he sleeps on his floor.  With tears pouring down his
face, Hilary tells Robert that he will be homeless soon and has to sell
his phone tomorrow.

After several days, Robert drives by Hilary's apartment with a single
pink rose.  By now, the fervor had died down and the gossip mill had
found another target.  Robert opens Hilary's apartment to find him
sitting on the floor with nothing around him.  The next day, the
landlord was going to kick Hilary out onto the streets.  Hilary notices
Robert and runs to him with open arms.  Tears of joy run down his face
as he hugs tightly the only person in the world that cares about him.
"My little flower, you are wilting away.  It is too obvious that you
cannot survive on your own, so I am here to watch over you.  I will
make everything better for you.  I have set up a new job for you
starting tomorrow and you will stay with me in my house.  Let us go
home, my pink rose!"

Once at their new home, Hilary notices that the décor of Robert's house
had changed dramatically.  Hilary noticed several pictures that were
taken of the two of them during important chapters in their courtship.
Also, the house had much more of a female touch to it.  There were
several pillows on the couches and beds, romantic pictures were hung on
the wall, bright colors all throughout the home and the minimalist
décor had been replaced with a much more traditional one.  Hilary
didn't ask any questions about the new decorations as he was happy for
a warm home, a bed to sleep on and Robert to protect him.  He gladly
accepted his pink satin pajamas and slept close to Robert for the
entire evening snuggled up in his arms.

The next day, Robert drives Hilary to a large upscale hotel.  With a
final kiss, they arrange a meeting at the end of the day as Hilary
walks towards the front desk.  The hotel is a five star hotel and one
of the ritziest in towns.  Hilary doesn't know the job that is set up
for him, but he feels excited at the thought of working in a five star
kitchen.  The manager then appears and greets Hilary with a firm
handshake that almost crushes Hilary's dainty hand.  "So, you are
Hilary?  I guess I was expecting somebody a little different, but
Robert is a good friend of mine and I owe him for what he has done to
me.  Let us go and I will show you your new position."  The man walked
with Hilary through the grand hotel as Hilary watched the doors to the
kitchen fade from view.  Walking through a side door, Hilary walked
through the bowels of the hotel before they reached one more door.

An old woman opened the door as she looked at Hilary and then to the
manager.  The manager and the woman exchanged some quiet words as her
eyes never left Hilary's sight.  With a nod of her head, the manager
walked away and left Hilary with the old woman.  "I guess there is a
first time for everything.  I am the manager of the Housekeeping
Department and you must be Hilary, the new maid."

Hilary's jaw fell to the floor as he listened to the old woman.
Shaking his head, he tried to put his foot down and explain his
situation.  "Ma'am, there must be some mistake.  I am a professionally
trained chef and baker.  I am not a maid."

The old woman desperately wanted to strike the young man, but she took
a deep breath.  "Well, then it was nice to meet you.  I am not in
charge of the cooking department.  You were recommended by our good
friend Robert who says you would be perfect for cleaning as you have
done a wonderful job on his house.  You can either accept the job or
leave."  Hilary had nothing left and he didn't want to face the wrath
of Robert if he walked out on a job.  He desperately needed the money
and was willing to take anything.  With his eyes submissively falling
to the floor, Hilary nodded his head and accepted the job.  "Good.  Let
us get you changed into your uniform and you can get started filling
out some paperwork.  You will be training with Lucinda later on today."

After filling out some paperwork and solidifying his new positional as
a hotel maid, Hilary was then given a uniform and several more take
home with him.  Over his panties, Hilary pulled up a pair of black
pants.  The pants had never been worn as they had a large crease down
the middle, went high up his waist and had large cuffs above his
ankles.  Hilary then buttoned up a light pink tunic that was double
breasted with several small white buttons.  The tunic ended around
Hilary's crotch and had large white lapels near his neck and turned
white cuffs on his arms.  He was given a white apron that reached his
knees and had a little ruffle to it.  White gloves, white socks, white
regulation shoes with soft soles and even a white cap were place on his
head.  The final indignation was a name tag that said Hilary was pinned
to his left breast.

All of the other maids wore the exact same uniform as he looked no
different than any one of them.  Hilary met with Lucinda later that day
and was shown the ropes.  She was a nice woman even if she thought
Hilary was a little odd to accept the job as a maid, but she knew that
money was money.  At the end of the day, Hilary grabbed a large bag
full of his old clothing, paperwork and several uniforms and went
outside to wait for Robert to pick him up eventually.  After waiting
several minutes, Robert eventually showed up and took Hilary home with
him.  The shoes helped his sore feet, but he was still exhausted from
the long day.  Robert insisted that he make dinner for him as Hilary
prepared the meal for the two of them and things eventually fell into a

Eventually, the gossip mill gets started again as the sight of Hilary
working at the hotel stirs the pot once again.  It comes out that
Hilary was a day away from being homeless and that Robert came to save
him because of how much he loved him.  Hilary might be a little
perverted, but Robert loved him anyway and couldn't let him out on the
streets.  Now, Robert is trying to help Hilary by getting him a job and
letting him move into his house.  Robert is made out to be an angel in
the town's eyes as they eventually try to see past Hilary's

The couple begins going out once again to expensive restaurants.  The
town begins to warm up to them once again as they can see how madly in
love they are with another.  Robert brings Hilary along to several more
University events along with going to museums, galas and other places
of high society.  Robert is always the gentlemen and leads the feminine
Hilary on all of these excursions.  For safety reasons, Hilary is given
another cell phone by Robert.  This one is a pink iPhone in a pink and
white case.  Also, Robert surprises Hilary with a new car all of his
own.  Coming home from work, Hilary finds a cream colored PT Cruiser in
the driveway with a giant pink bow on the top.  The PT Cruiser has
white leather seats and the car is trimmed in a custom made pink trim.
Hilary is so happy to have his own car and cell phone that he professes
his love for Robert right there on spot.  With a wide grin, Robert
knows the time is right.  His little flower is ripe for the picking and
this weekend was going to be very special.

Friday night after work, Robert tells Hilary that they are heading out
for the evening and for him to get dressed.  By now, Robert has paid
for Hilary's electrolysis as he no longer has any hair besides his
trimmed eyebrows and his fluttered head.  After the usual bathing and
preparing for the evening, Hilary dries his skin and dresses in the
suit provided for him.  He puts on a pair of simple white panties along
with the stretchy white girdle.  The girdle is one of the several that
Hilary now owns and saved for special occasions.  A lacey white
undershirt is slid over his body and falls to the top of the girdle.
It is sleeveless and very much like a camisole.  Hillary then takes a
soft pink blouse off its padded hanger and slides his slender arms into
the sleeves.  There was no mistaking it for a shirt as the buttons were
on the other side and had a small turned up collar in white lace along
with white lace down the middle of the blouse.  Black pantyhose that
had an elasticized top was slid up his hairless legs and stopped above
his knees right underneath the girdle.  Black pants were slid up his
legs and buttoned firmly against his tucked in waist.  The pants had a
small clasp to the side along with a small zipper as they hug his butt
tightly.  A black jacket with a single button is pulled over his
blouse.  The lace of the collar rises above the turned black lapels and
the single large buttons lets the lace and the pink color of the blouse
open for the world to see.  A slip on pair of tight black shoes with a
slight heel is slipped onto his feet as Hilary meets Robert.

By now, Hilary has gotten somewhat used to his feminine wardrobe, but
every fear or feeling of embarrassment is always thrown out the window
the moment he sees Robert.  With a wide grin on his face, Robert kisses
Hilary and tells him that he looks beautiful.  Unlike Hilary's suit,
Robert's suit is dark blue in color and very masculine.  It hangs loose
off his shoulder, but tight against his toned body.  Anyone can tell
that Hilary's suit is more feminine as the cut of the jacket and pants
along with the blouse make it obvious that they should be worn by a
female.  But in Hilary's eyes, he feels beautiful and is more than
ready for a dinner with Robert.

That night, Robert is quieter than normal as they drive to an extremely
romantic French restaurant in town.  Several couples' notice the two of
them as some of them even come by to say their greeting to them.  The
town has forgiven Hilary and has accepted him as Robert's significant
other.  Everybody realizes how happy Hilary makes Robert and they all
want to see the happy couple together.  Out of character, Robert orders
some desert for both Hilary and himself.  When the desert arrives,
Hilary begins to dig in, but a small white velvet box is slowly nudged
next against his plate.  Hilary drops his fork which makes a loud
clanging sound on the plate which causes several eyes to turn towards
them.  Hilary looks up to Robert who grabs Hilary's hand as he now
speaks a little bit louder for the sudden audience to hear.  "My
dearest Hilary, I have fallen deeply in love with you and I cannot
imagine my life without you.  You are my most precious flower and the
most beautiful creature in the world.  Would you do me the honor of
becoming my wife?"  Hilary cannot help small tears beginning to form
from the corner of his eyes as they begin to fall down his cheek.
Robert opens up the little white velvet box to reveal a large princess
cut diamond with platinum band sparkling back at Hilary.  Robert takes
the small ring in his hand as Hilary slowly begins to nod his head.

"Yes!  Yes, I will be your wife."  The ring slides across his finger in
a perfect fit as Robert seals the proposal with a kiss.  The entire
restaurant stands up and applauds the newly engaged couple.  Robert and
Hilary stand up and acknowledge the crowd as several pictures and well
wishes are thrown their way.  Looking down at the engagement ring and
then up to the man that he loves, Hilary is the happiest person in the
world and wants nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with

Chapter 12

The next morning, Hilary is cleaning up the breakfast that he just made
for Robert.  His apron that he now wears every time he is home is a
full length apron that is white and full of frills.  It is tied in the
back in a large fluffy bow and even has pockets for his cleaning.
Hilary uses his culinary training to shop for and prepare delectable
meals for himself and Robert.  Now, because of all the training at the
hotel, Hilary is becoming quite adept at cleaning around the house.  He
now spends much of his time cleaning, tightening up around the house
and making sure that Robert is satisfied.  The morning sun is beginning
to rise when the door to their house is suddenly thrown open and in
walks Deborah with two large garment bags.  "Where is my new son in
law?  I must see him and the beautiful engagement ring he is now
wearing.  It is all the talk of the town and I rushed over here as
quickly as possible to welcome him to our family."  Deborah immediately
hugs Hilary and looks at the new engagement ring that he is now
sporting as she gushes on and on about the wonderful news.

Eventually, Robert finishes his breakfast and heads to the kitchen to
see his mother and new fiancé.  With a wide grin on his face, he kisses
his mother's cheek and then kisses Hilary deeply on the lips.  Deborah
smiles brightly as she looks at the happy couple.  Robert has a grin
that cannot be wipe off his face and Hilary has a warm glow that lights
up the entire room.  After everything is settled, Robert rises to take
a large garment bag and leaves Deborah with Hilary.  "Okay, we have
spent too much time blabbering on.  Hilary, my dear, head into the
bathroom and I will be right with you.  Today is an important day for
all of us and you have to get ready."

As Deborah pushed Hilary into the bathroom, Hilary suddenly stopped as
Deborah looked particularly strange this morning.  Her hair had been
tied up in an intricate bun and her makeup looked professionally done.
She was wearing a knee length soft pink dress that had a straight
skirt, a small sparkling pink sash with a pink flower off to one side,
the bodice had small ruching that went up to her collar bone and was
zipped up the back.  A soft pink bolero jacket with no buttons and
ending around her elbow was placed around the dress and strappy heels
were placed on her feet.  Hilary shook her head as she looked at
Deborah with a confused look on her face.  "What is going on, Ma'am?
What is happening today and why are you wearing that dress?"

Deborah laughs at Hilary as she looks to the young man.  "Dear, there
is no point in waiting.  Churches around here won't allow gays to
marry, so there is no point in having an elaborate ceremony.  We are
heading to Des Moines and getting you two married at the courthouse.  I
will be stepping in as the Mother of the Bride as I cannot miss my own
son's wedding.  You are already family anyway, so this is appropriate."
Hilary cannot believe his ears as Deborah rushes Hilary into the
bathroom.  Fear and butterflies began to form in his stomach as Deborah
began to wash Hilary.  Making sure to put on a plastic apron and being
extra careful about her outfit, Deborah makes sure that Hilary is
cleaner than he has ever been.  With all of the water drained from the
tub, Deborah pulls out a strange contraption and begins to instruct
Hilary.  "Now, dear, we all know what happens on a Bride's wedding
night.  A marriage isn't truly officially until it is consummated.  We
need to prepare you for tonight and that starts with a good enema to
clean you out for accepting my son."  Hilary's embarrassment cannot
grow any larger as he listens to his soon to be mother in law talk
about him having sex tonight.  The embarrassment is soon replaced with
pain as a lubed up tube is slowly inserted inside of Hilary's rectum.
Much to his surprise, Hilary's little penis grows hard as warm water
slowly rushes inside of Hilary's body.  Feeling like he is about to
burst, Hilary is washed out several more times until Deborah tells him
that he is ready for tonight.  "My dear, I don't have to tell you of my
son's temper, so I think it would be best if you started doing this on
a daily basis.  I know the two of you are quite enamored with one
another and it is your wifely duty to keep your husband satisfied, so
you should always be ready to be on the receiving end of Robert's large
manhood.  Speaking of his size, I don't want him to hurt you too much
tonight, so I am going to be prepare your little love hole for his
entrance."  Hilary now wants to die in embarrassment at listening to
his mother in law talk about her son's manhood.  But, before Hilary
could even process those words, Deborah slides a large butt plug
between Hilary's cheeks and sets it into place.  Hilary's rectum
clenches around the butt plug as it will not move an inch as it slowly
widens in preparation for the coming intrusion of Robert's penis.

With all that embarrassment finally finished, Hilary is allowed out of
the tub as Deborah helps him with the several lotions, perfumes and
moisturizes that he uses on his face and body.  Deborah then helps with
Hilary's makeup as he given soft pink lips, large eyelashes, a little
bit of blush and just a hint of mascara.  It is all very subtle and
used to heighten Hilary's natural looks.  After a large amount of
powder is fluffed against his small body, Hilary is ready to dress for
his wedding day.  A bridal white with a large amount of lace panty is
pulled up his legs and settles into place.  Once again, another girdle
is given to him as it flattens his manhood along with his stomach.  A
white lace camisole falls down his body as it stops above his girdle.
A bright white blouse with white lace is pulled over his shoulders and
buttoned up the front.  The blouse has long and billowing sleeves that
end in tight cuffs around his wrists, a tall and tight collar that is
trimmed in the white lace and a large pussy bow that is tied in a giant
bow right in front.  The bow almost extends from shoulder to shoulder
and the streams are close to ending at the very edge of the blouse.
Bright white pants are pulled up his legs and extend all the way up to
the top of his girdle.  The pants have no belt loops, pockets and are
zippered then buttoned up the back which Deborah helps with.  The pants
have a satin look to them as they almost sparkle in the light.  A
jacket made of the same material is pulled over the blouse.  The jacket
has small shoulder pads, large lapels and a one button enclosure right
above the top of his pants and then extends almost to his legs.  The
large puffy bow of the blouse is pulled out and sets nicely over the
lapels of the jacket.  A small pair of bright white pantyhose is pulled
up his legs and his feet are put into a pair of hard soled white ballet
flats.  A white wrist garter with a large blue blow is pulled on the
wrist that holds his engagement ring.  Fingerless lace gloves are
pulled over his hands that show off his manicured nails.  A wreath of
white and pink roses is placed on the top of his head.  The wreath has
a birdcage veil attached to it and it is pulled down over his face all
the way to the bottom of his chin.  Finally, he is handed a huge
bouquet of matching white and pink roses before he is allowed to take a
look at himself in the mirror.

Hilary cannot believe himself as the color of his suit and blouse is
the perfect virginal white.  He looks like the perfect bride ready to
marry his man.  However, besides a long gown, he is wearing a pant suit
and fluffy blouse as he is a flamboyantly and submissive gay man
marrying another gay man.  With a resignation to his fate, Hilary
walked outside to meet his groom.  Robert was wearing a traditional
morning suit.  The morning suit had a white dress shirt that had no
collar.  A gray silk puff tie was tightened around his neck in a large
knot that was pinned to the top of his shirt.  A gray vest with several
buttons was tightened around his stomach.  A black jacket with a single
button at the bottom of his vest with two tails falling down his legs
was put over the shirt and vest.  A pair of black pants, a black belt,
black socks and black leather shoes completed his traditional attire.
For a final touch, a white rose boutonniere was attached to his jacket
lapel.  Standing tall over Hilary, Robert kissed Hilary's netted cheek
as he told his bride how beautiful he looked.  Hilary's vision is
slightly blurred by the netting, but he can clearly see Robert and the
love he has for him.  Going outside, the happy couple gets in the
backseat as Deborah gets in the front seat with her driver.  They then
drive to the capital of Iowa, Des Moines to officially get married.

The car ride to Des Moines is mostly spent reminiscing about their
relationship as Deborah, Robert and even Hilary discuss their
courtship.  Deborah lets it out that Hilary was set up for Robert, but
by now Hilary doesn't even mind.  Everything has changed inside of him
as he is happy to be marrying Robert.  He doesn't know how it happened,
but he has suddenly fallen deeply in love with Robert and nothing can
change that fact.  At the courthouse, Robert and Hillary are officially
married.  Hilary is given a delicate wedding ring that matches his
engagement ring while Robert puts on a simple platinum wedding right
over his large finger.  After the marriage is official, Hilary gets his
last name changed to match Robert's along with even being allowed to
use the Mrs. Title.  Robert even pulls a few strings and gets Hilary a
new license plate for his car that reads 'Mrs Rob'.  All in all, it was
an absolutely perfect day for the happy couple.  Both of them are
tired, but excited for the night to come.  The butt plug made Hilary
walk in an incredibly swishy motion all around the courthouse as
everybody fell in love with the gay couple.  Iowa is proud to accept
gay marriage and Robert and Hilary are photographed and shown as the
new faces of gays getting married.  The internet grabs hold of the
story and by the end of the day; the entire world has seen the wedding
picture of Robert and Hilary along with the romantic story of the two
men finding love together.

Arriving at home, Deborah leaves Robert and Hilary alone in their house
as a newly married couple.  The two lovers take their time as they take
a bath together, light many candles and put on some romantic music.
After hours of teasing and prodding, they are finally ready for the act
of lovemaking.  Robert makes sure to lube his throbbing manhood and
Hilary's tight hole properly before he finally removes the butt plug.
Propping up some pillows and making sure Hilary is comfortable, Robert
slowly enters Hilary with his large manhood.  Hilary feels like his
hole is being ripped apart, but a sudden sensation shoots through his
veins as he moans in excitement.  Robert grunts and groans as he enters
the tight space of Hilary as he tries not to ejaculate right away.
With a slow breathing, Robert full enters Hilary and lets his size
expand Hilary's backside.  Slowly pulling out, Robert begins to pump
his manhood deeply inside of Hilary.

Shutting both of their eyes, Hilary and Robert see their future flash
before them.  Hilary spends her days cleaning the hotel as he is now an
official maid.  He rather enjoys his career as he has gotten incredibly
good at cleaning all of the rooms.  All of the staff accept him and
love him as a worker.  At home, Hilary spends most of his time catering
to Robert's needs.  On the weekends, he makes him breakfast in bed and
cooks all of his meals throughout the week.  While he isn't cooking,
Hilary takes up his new passion which is cleaning and decorating their
new home.  Hilary is a happy little homemaker and loves every moment of
his life.

Robert has finally gotten everything he has ever wanted in a partner.
Hillary is enamored and scared of Robert, so he will follow every one
of his orders.  He also waits on him hand and foot whenever he is
around the house.  Robert supports Hilary and helps around the house as
he does all of the outside work along with all of the financial
decisions.  Robert helps Hilary survive in a cruel world which he
couldn't do by himself.

As a couple, they are well liked by the entire town.  Their wedding
made them somewhat famous as other gay couples flocked to their city.
Pretty soon, Cedar Rapids becomes a happening place with many young
couples.  Robert and Hilary are invited to many events at the
University along with many gay activities.  Robert is always dressed in
his traditional and masculine attire.  Always attached to his arm is
Hilary who is usually wearing his favorite color of pink and usually in
a feminine or metro sexual style.  Both are extremely happy to have
found one another and wouldn't want it any other way.

Robert has brought so much good publicity to the University and the
town that even the Chancellor has to take notice.  Finally, in a rather
formal ceremony, Robert is awarded his tenure and even hinted at a
promotion to the Department Chair.  Thomas and Barbara could not be
happier as Barbara is absolutely in love with Robert and his gay wife
Hilary.  Pretty soon, Barbara will invite Hilary along and will soon be
added as another lady who lunches.

With one last push, Robert cannot take it anymore as his throbbing
penis finally ejaculates inside of Hillary.  Robert's entire body
shudders at this earth shattering orgasm is the most powerful he has
ever had.  With sweat glistening off of their naked bodies, Robert
collapses on the bed next to Hilary.  Eventually, the two lovers fall
asleep intertwined as their naked bodies glisten in the candlelight.
Robert's semen begins to ooze out of Hilary's tight hole as it pools on
their sheets.  Next to that pool is another pool of Hilary's semen that
shot out of his erect penis.  For the first time in his life, Hilary
shot his load without even needing anybody to touch his own penis.  His
small body shuddered as the most pleasurable experience ever ran
through his veins.  It may have been a strange journey, but Hilary was
exactly where he wanted to be.  He was now never alone and he was a
happy gay man.

The End!


  1. wonderful story a feminine male with her man is always the way it should be

    1. The story is a bit of a sleeper hit, it's well crafted and written. Clearly shows off Miss Annie's storytelling ability. Thank you for commenting!