Friday, May 29, 2015

Currently working on Tabatha

Hello everyone!

I'm currently working on Life and Times of Lady Vargos character Tabatha. If all works out I'll have her in by Saturday or Sunday.

Any suggestions for her best quotes?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

FYI: Male Anal Sex Education

Male Anal Sex Education by netmaxtv

Hi Friends,

I found this video on Dailymotion a while ago and it reminded me of the brochure (very hot by the way!) in Janice 337's The Sissy Bride. 

I always wondered if the story was really just a public service announcement?

Please read the story in order to understand what I mean...

Click here to read The Sissy Bride: What to Expect on Your Wedding Night

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"7 Days" (Story Pick of the Week)

Hello friends!

This week's Story Pick of the Week comes from Miss Annie. A few years back she wrote 7 Days a little fantasy story featuring a young man going through 7 days of feminine experiences at the hands of an artificial intelligence robot.

The story opens with (I'll name the young man) a young man's car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, he looks for help by the side of the road in the pouring rain only to find an abandoned large house. Tired and sleepy he decides to rest and wakes up in the presence of "The Nanny" a human like robot that helps in placing him through girlhood and later a womanhood. 

Now what makes this story good? Miss Annie takes on the challenge of having our young man (never named, but given different female names) go through different 7 experiences of  being a female. Normally forced fem authors will have the protagonist through a select few of female experiences (dates, first kiss, dresses of course, school), but Annie puts the young man through the whole spectrum of being a female! Its almost all here! The dresses are cute and girly. Some of the dresses have a feeling of 1960's aesthetics to them, not a bad thing though. 

While the dresses are cute the dates for the young man are also cute. I like his nervous reaction upon going downstairs for his first date and later to the prom. Lovely moments. 

"He told me that he enjoyed himself and said he would see me tomorrow. I was a bit thrown off, but told him that I enjoyed it too. I then reached for the door, but saw that it was locked and when I turned around our lips met. I was trapped so I had to keep on kissing him. I was in complete shock as he continued kissing me. His tongue slowly went inside of my mouth...."

The story ends on the "7th Day" with a big day for the young man. Yes, as you read through the story you begin to see it coming (some of you will see it a mile way), but it does not really matter as its very hot and leaves you feeling like a kid that just read something very naughty.  

A truly delicious story. Maybe Miss Annie will bless us one day with a sequel...? Maybe if we leave her enough comments...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Quote of the Week: "The Exchange Student"

Last week I choose to pick Robyn's The Exchange Student as my Story Pick of the Week. This week I decided it be neat to have another story besides the Martin Hastings Saga have the visual spotlight (don't worry Martin fans, I have content on the way!). If you haven't read the story I strongly suggest reading it. The illustration is from the opening scene of the story with "Zoe" being admired by his sister and friends. 

Robyn, if you are reading this, Thank you for taking the time to write this lovely piece of erotica fiction! Please also take the time to leave me feedback and write something nice on Robyn' story review page. Thanks!

The following is small sample of the story:

"Come along, Zoe, dear," Renee taunted.
"Oh, yes...come on down, where we can all see you," chimed in Tina.

It was my sister Melissa, at the top of the stairs, that gave me a little 
push. "Your public awaits, Miss LeMercier," she giggled.

And here I was, dressed up like a seventeen-year-old girl, at the beck and
call of the three young women we wronged. And there, at the foot of the
stairs, was my mother, who agreed to the whole thing. She was smiling at my 

pretty predicament, and snapped off a few pictures with her digital camera.  

To read the story click here

Thursday, May 21, 2015

"The Exchange Student" (Story Pick of the Week)

Hi Everyone! 

Been a busy week with finals and getting ready for a graduation for a relative. One escape I have is escaping into erotica fiction, so one thing I wanted to start was a story pick of the week. 

This week is "The Exchange Student" By Robyn, (The GIRL Wonder). In this forced crossdress story James Budd is a high school boy being punished (never discussed) for a crime against three girls. As punishment he is then dressed like a teenage girl by his mother and sister, Melissa. He is then ordered not to speak any English, only French (James was born in Quebec) and must only speak in broken English. He is then ordered to pose as French exchange student named Zoe LeMercier. No one knows this except his family, the three girls he wronged and  his best friend Danny who is also being punished for his part in the crime by being ordered to take cute "Zoe" out on dates!

The story contains great dialogue and very cute outfits that Zoe is forced to wear. The story gets interesting as Zoe keeps getting himself more time in a skirt by breaking the set of rules given to him by the girls! The climax is nice, but keeps you leaving hungry for more! Great read!

Click here to read the story

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Been sick lately....

Hi all,

Sorry for not having some new work, been helping a classmate painting. I just recovered from a nasty stomach virus. I got some mail from a few of you. Thank you for showing you care.

Finals are this week at my school, but I'll try having you the quote of the week at least later today for Martin Hastings. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother's Day Card in the works Martin Hastings Style in the works

Hi All,

A little busy this week, but you are a getting a card from a a familiar face from the Martin Saga this weekend. its a surprise.....shhh :)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Working on Illustrations for two Forced Feminization stories

Hello Girls and Ladies,

I'm currently working on two forced feminization stories. "Adventure at the Mall" by Donna and "Man Dating" by Caroline S.

Both are really good and hot. Man Dating begins off as a simple proposition between friends then quickly becomes something more where the protagonist is forced to follow through humiliating sexual experiences.

Adventure at the Mall is a story where a man is caught in the mall in an embarrassing situation and is forced to go through humiliating experiences as his female co-workers lead him down the path of a slutty lady.  

Click below to read each story

Adventure at the Mall by Donna

Man Dating by Caroline S.