Friday, May 1, 2015

Martin and the Baron in bed together from the Life and Times of Lady Vargos

To read the story, click here

Thanks Jennifer for the reminder


  1. I love it, it is is one of your best Martin and the Baron pictures

    1. Thanks, it was actually a really fast drawing. It's not exactly the way Rikki wrote it (Martins butt would be higher) but it got the feeling I was trying to capture. Believe it or not these can be hard to pull off.

    2. yeah, i know what you mean. In the scene, he was in bed on his kneeds hugging the pillow. In yours, hes hung over the bed with his feed down.
      Aside from those little things, you got the scene very well and the emotion and feeling of the scene is there. You did it well.

  2. I love it. That Baron knows what's good ;).