NEW! Bambi Ch. 3 - Ilustrated

Brenda Gova  

My Adventure Continues

I was so happy with myself I giggled all the way home and I knew ‘Johnnie’ was happy too.  I knew it because he was way in and he didn’t hurt anymore.  He was so far in that when I put my fingers in I couldn’t feel him.   I found that if I wiggled my ass a little I could feel ‘Johnnie’ deep inside me.  I was a comfortable feeling and I felt ‘full’.  Oh, I loved Annie and my new girdle (giggle) I thought to myself as I drove home.

But when I got home I found that Karen had been there and left me a note.  She wanted ‘Johnnie’ back saying that she was ‘lost’ without him.  Well let me tell you, that busted my bubble, what would I do without ‘him’.  I was in a panic now, what would I do?  So I went in and started to change my clothes.  But I didn’t know what to wear, was I going back out to solve my ’Johnnie’ problem, or was I going to lounge around, think about it, and solve it tomorrow.  I elected to try to solve it right now.  So I picked out a yellow mini-skirt, a white blouse and an oversized purse (for ‘Johnnie’) and looked in the mirror.  With my see through white blouse, a short mini-skirt and long legs I was beautiful (I giggled).  But my girdle was showing under the short skirt, so I changed into a Spandex Panty and that solved my problem (‘Johnnie’ was safe).

So out the door I went, and before I knew it I was driving downtown and got a parking place close to a good store.  It was only a ½ block walk to Brianne’s Sex Shop and Fashion Boutique so just swishing my butt and looking as ‘girlie’ as possible I walked over. But since it was night time no one gave me a passing look.  I was so immersed with myself looking good I almost walked right past Brianne’s.  Quickly backing up I went in and before I could move was approach by a salesgirl, Susan, who offered to show me around the shop.

The shop was bigger than it looked from the outside so I accepted her offer. The first are area she showed me was the Fashion area and believe me the fashions were beautiful (and so skimpy).  I just had to stop and feel fabric in a Shelf Open Tit Bra and oh it was as smooth as it looked.  I could imagine myself wearing one and driving the boy’s mad (giggle).

From there we went to the Sex Lotion’s section.  I hadn’t known there were so many lotions to have sex. There were Lubrication Oils, Sweet scented lotions, and Edible Jelly’s and many more Specialty Lotion’s.  But I picked out a Sweet smelling Lubrication Oil named ‘Sweet Surrender’ which Susan recommended as really a multi- purpose lubricant (meaning for Pussy, Ass, or Oral).

Then Susan took me over to the toy section and looking at all the sizes I audibly let out a gasp.  Susan knew she had me in the right area now.  Oh there were so many different types from Double Ended (for lesbians), some with an extra Clit Massager, and some were Vibrating Dongs.  And the sizes were endless, from Little Dongs (I thought for midgets, giggle) to Monster Ding-Dongs (for well used Pussy’s or Asses, giggle).  Then I spotted the Bargain Basket on the floor with a ½ off sign.  That’s where I headed and Susan commented ‘Looks like I finally found your area Honey’.  Oh YES Susan and I dropped to my knees and started pawing (and drooling) though them all.  Finally, after ½ an hour, I found one like ‘Johnnie’ (who by the way had been squirming and keeping me ‘rock’ hard since we got there.

‘I think I got one ‘ I announce to Susan ‘what do you think Sue’.  That’s a good choice Dearee, you know you can load it too.  Here, look how easy it is to load Honey and you’ll have lots of fun with it.  She put a rubber on it, filled it with milk, and handed it to me saying ‘Go try it on for size Honey’ and handed hers to me.  But it’s a little larger than mine and the wrong color (mine was a dark tan, or light black, to go with my fantasies, giggle).  That’s OK Honey, I’ll find the right one while you’re in the dressing room Honey.
It took me some time to take ‘Johnnie’ out and to get the new one in (it was larger than ‘Johnnie’).  Now there was another problem, what should I call him?  I think I’ll call him ‘Moose’ cause that’s what he feels like, a ‘Moose’ (giggle).  Wiping ‘Johnnie’ off I placed him gently into my purse, and stepped out of the dressing room.  Presenting myself to Susan I said ‘Well it’s in and I’m about to cream my panties it feels so good’.  I can see you’re happy and just about to explode Honey.  Well I got this one while you were in the dressing room, how do you like it?

Oh Susan, it’s beautiful, I really love it.  Now I can make my fantasy’s almost real, giggle.  ‘Well girl what do you want me to do wrap it up, or wear it home (tee-hee)’ she asked.  If you wear it I’ll have to charge you a rental fee (tee-hee).  No don’t do that Sue, I’ll change now. And off to the dressing room I went, initially it was hard to get ‘Moose’ out, but all I had to do was start it and ‘Moose’ slid out with ease.  After a quick cleaning I headed out to give it to Susan and retrieve my ‘Moose’ (tee-hee).

Susan and I had a tearful good by with lots of hugs and kisses.  Then she whispered in my ear ‘I wish my boyfriend looked as good as you in a dress and was as loving as you are honey.  I hope I’ll see you again soon’.  ‘How did you know’ I gasped totally shocked.  I saw the little panty bulge under your skirt when you came in (giggle).  Then we kissed again and I left for home with a big smile on my face.

That night I had ‘Moose’ in a safe place (where he belonged) and had sweet dreams about Susan, giggle.

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