Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Happy Halloween Ladies! A new Halloween story with illustrations now up!

Hello Ladies!

I uploaded a new story from author Silvy Richards on the blog, its her Humiliated on Halloween. It has been updated and it features two new illustrations as well! Hope you enjoy it! Please leave a couple of comments below the story of what you liked about it. Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Man Dating confusion

Hello Ladies,

Sorry for not having any content this week. Some of you know I work two jobs. But this week I got some relatives staying with us, so that makes its a little hard.

I wanted to clarify something, Caroline stop communicating with me about more Man Dating Art. Why? I don't know. All a I know is that she recently got another artist to do art for her on Fictionamania. I will leave it at that. Sorry to all the Man Dating fans out there. It was not my call.

I do almost have new 7Days art on the way. Very intimate. Sorry to Miss Annie, for taking too long on that.

Silvy's stories will also have some art. She recently liked what I sent her.

Please be patient with the cartoons. Me and Rikki have a small one coming up.

Have a great weekend all.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Billie's Story (Story of the Week)

"I don't know exactly when I started wearing female underwear."
Is the opening line to author's Wild Billie tale named Billie's Story (Crystal Story In this lovely 2003 erotic tale we  follow teenager Billie as he discovers and experiments first with his mother's and sister's clothing and more intimate items sometime during the late 1950's and possibly early 1960's.

Billie's secret obsession with women's clothing rises after he moves in with aunt. Sometime after turning 16 he befriends his beautiful neighbor named Janet and shortly after he begins doing odd jobs around her house. Unknown to Janet and her husband Jim (besides that Billie is closeted crossdresser) is that they're love making has been witnessed on occasions by Billie through the couple's bedroom window exposing Billie to Janet's beautiful body and most intimate private moments.

Billie's fascination with dresses, bras and panties leads him to enter the couple's home one Summer day and try on Janet's unmentionables. Trying her clothe's is short lives when Janet returns home early and finds her her 16 year old teenage neighbor boy wearing her lingerie and attempting to wear her little black dress.

Overcome with immediate regret and shame he sincerely apologizes and confess his secret obsession to Janet, but instead of blackmailing him and punishing him, she is understanding and tries to calm him.

Finding her teenage friend in a dress like a girl intrigues and seems to arouse Janet. The sensual, but understanding Janet then agrees to help Billie explore his latent femininity.

She wouldn't tell my aunt about my dressing habits and I would not tell about our lovemaking. She got up on an elbow and looked at me for a second then said I really did look good as a girl and that she would enjoy helping me play that role. She would dress me and make me up and since she did not have children I would be like her daughter. I thought this was strange but as she said it she started to gently rub my cock into a full hard-on and I immediately agreed. She said it was time I lost my virginity
The story is told in first person and is claimed by the author to be based on his real life experience with his female neighbor when he was a teenage boy in the late 1950's early 1960's. Either way, Billie weaves a beautiful narrative that feels more like an excerpt from a well composed biography than a short story found in the depths of an internet. That's not to say that the more intimate scenes in the story are dry and void of spice. No, its the contrary. Once the characters in the story become intimate you the reader feel every twitch and feel the sweat that comes from their bodies. The visuals that the author paints with words are a candy to the brain.
As I mounted her she led my cock into her pussy. God what a feeling as my cock slipped fully into her hole. I thought her mouth on my cock was amazing but her warm moist pussy felt even better. I started to move in and out as she guided me by grabbing my ass with both hands. I don't know how long I lasted but I know when I came that time it felt wonderful. I could feel my cum injecting into her body.
Billie's sexuality and sexual experience is furthered explores when Janet brings her husband into the mix. Slowly and patiently, Janet introduces Billie to the role of the female in bed with her man.

The story ends on a sentimental note and may sadden some of the readers, but it may have been more tragic had Billie not explored that side that's in many of us. That would have been the real tragedy.

Thank you Wild Billie for this sharing a small part of your life with us.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Request for more Sissy Bride Brochure art

Hi Ladies,

I have been getting a lot of hits from the previous review I did for the Sissy Bride. I also got a number of email and messages asking for more art. I reached out to the Fictionmania Taskforce to see if I can get Janice to help out with some feedback.

I'll let everyone know how that turns out.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Sissy Bride: What to Expect on Your Wedding Night (Story Pick of the Week)

Yes! I know it's been a while since the last Story Pick of the Week, but now with a few complications behind me I can get back to bringing you all recommendations that I think you would enjoy before bedtime.

This week's offering comes from Janice337. Her story, The Sissy Bride: What to Expect on Your Wedding Night ( is a simple short story in the forced fem genre with a unique perspective. In Janice's story a young Robert is forced to obey the Verility Laws in his country. Pretty much meaning if you are a physically weak male with feminine interest or have a feminine curiosity, you will be turned into a feminine male bride to a stronger more masculine male (you would think they would prefer a real female).

While preparing Robert for his wedding ceremony, his mother gives him a brochure issued by the government designed to educate and inform the potential male bride of what to expect during their their first intimate sexual encounter with another male.

Aunt Rose came in with a large, colorful brochure from the
Institute. "Here, they handed me this to give to you after
your latest visit. It's to help with your wedding night. It
will help alleviate some of those 'jitters'." She giggled. 

This is where the story shines. Janice cakes her story with explicit detail on the process from the expected male bride's internal emotional feelings to the final organismic thrust inside the sissy bride. Janice's words are so vivid and the sex is explained in great detail that you almost can visualize the brochure.

2) Feeling Him Inserting the Head
He may or may not "play" with your anus, but your
conditioning has assured that you'll begin to secrete
moisture at this point. You'll feel him "mount" you, and
some sissies have reported this is the most humiliating
aspect of sex for them, as it effectively robs you of any
remaining maleness. Don't resist your husband at this
point. The head of a real man's penis is mushroom shaped,
and may vary between two inches and as much as three and a
half inches in width.

It's wonderfully explained in 10 steps much to Robert's chagrin. The story closes with the mother of the sissy bride telling Robert it's time to put on the wedding dress, but by that time the reader has a pretty good idea of what will be happening that night.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Working on a new Adventures of Rikki & Annabelle episode

Hi Ladies,
I'm happy to announce I have another cartoon episode of our two heroines, erotic author Rikki and illustrator Annabelle on the way! Another collaborative effort between me and Rikki.

I also have a new 7 Days illustration on the way (if you can't get enough of it). Also a new story pick of the week with an illustration as well!