Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Sissy Bride: What to Expect on Your Wedding Night (Story Pick of the Week)

Yes! I know it's been a while since the last Story Pick of the Week, but now with a few complications behind me I can get back to bringing you all recommendations that I think you would enjoy before bedtime.

This week's offering comes from Janice337. Her story, The Sissy Bride: What to Expect on Your Wedding Night ( is a simple short story in the forced fem genre with a unique perspective. In Janice's story a young Robert is forced to obey the Verility Laws in his country. Pretty much meaning if you are a physically weak male with feminine interest or have a feminine curiosity, you will be turned into a feminine male bride to a stronger more masculine male (you would think they would prefer a real female).

While preparing Robert for his wedding ceremony, his mother gives him a brochure issued by the government designed to educate and inform the potential male bride of what to expect during their their first intimate sexual encounter with another male.

Aunt Rose came in with a large, colorful brochure from the
Institute. "Here, they handed me this to give to you after
your latest visit. It's to help with your wedding night. It
will help alleviate some of those 'jitters'." She giggled. 

This is where the story shines. Janice cakes her story with explicit detail on the process from the expected male bride's internal emotional feelings to the final organismic thrust inside the sissy bride. Janice's words are so vivid and the sex is explained in great detail that you almost can visualize the brochure.

2) Feeling Him Inserting the Head
He may or may not "play" with your anus, but your
conditioning has assured that you'll begin to secrete
moisture at this point. You'll feel him "mount" you, and
some sissies have reported this is the most humiliating
aspect of sex for them, as it effectively robs you of any
remaining maleness. Don't resist your husband at this
point. The head of a real man's penis is mushroom shaped,
and may vary between two inches and as much as three and a
half inches in width.

It's wonderfully explained in 10 steps much to Robert's chagrin. The story closes with the mother of the sissy bride telling Robert it's time to put on the wedding dress, but by that time the reader has a pretty good idea of what will be happening that night.


  1. This is an amazing story and absolutely one of my favorites. I can't wait to see any more pictures that you do for the story.

    Could you post a link to the story in the post? It'd be much easier for new readers to enjoy the story!

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Miss Annie. I embedded the links in the review.

  2. Awesome work Annabelle.

  3. that is such a wonderful story and I also hope you do other drawing of the steps she describes

  4. Have you read Tiffany Anne Easton's sequel? That story was my all time favourite tg story! I'm planning to write something similar but less sexual and with a nicer Groom.

    1. I loved that sequel! The author did an excellent job of continuing the story. I tried contacting both authors, but got no reply. I did have a plan to illustrate the other steps in the brochure, but gosh I got sidetracked with the other illustrations I have been doing. I hope to read your story in the near future and please notify us when it is published. Thanks!

  5. Nicely written story. This is how I would like my wedding day to unfold.

    1. I think many of us would also want that too Mishel.