Princess of Aragon Ch.2

By Jennifer Reed
Chapter two

Thomas walked with his husband to an area set up for the post wedding
photographs. The photographer had the area set up with a beautiful
floral wedding arch and display. He followed Leanne's instructions. He
saw the women watching him. Some women glared hatefully at him. The
hatred burned like embers in their eyes. He understood. Here he was with
a powerful rich husband who gave him the most expensive ring with the
largest diamond he could find. A man who would shower him with gifts and
take care of him in fabulous wealth. That was the thing that many women
aspire for all their lives and it all fell in his lap. What did he do to
make him more deserving than them? He wondered that himself. So he
smiled proudly as he held his hand on his husband's arms displaying the
wedding ring for all of them to see.

Thomas did not know how many of the women actually really knew he was a
straight man who was forced into this marriage against his will. Thomas
guessed all of them. They all came straight from the wedding ceremony.
They all heard him pleading and begging his husband not to go through
with forcing this marriage. The Bridesmaids who assisted him knew he was
forced. They helped Leanne force him. They saw the force she used and
heard his protests and her explanation of the things first hand. That
meant that everyone knew and there was no secrets. The bridesmaids who
dressed him saw Leanne threaten him with force and punishments if he
didn't let the women dress him as the bride. They saw his reluctance and
giggled as Leanne humiliated him. They knew he was being forced into it.

Yet, despite that, he saw the envy in some of the women's eyes. He
wondered how they could envy him. Did they want to be in a situation
like this, Thomas wondered as he walked in with his husband. He thought
about it and concluded some did. Not the force part, no woman wanted
that. Thomas was here, wearing a very beautiful expensive bridal gown,
with a handsome husband who would shower him with love and priceless
possessions and wealth. He had a gleaming huge diamond on his finger.
The women did want that in a marriage. They thought Thomas as a man was
unworthy and he had to admit, he did look more beautiful and graceful
than many of the women. He decided to flaunt it in their faces. Thomas
held his head high and walked in with his husband with a brilliant smile
as he proudly displayed his priceless ring on his finger. He held ring
finger for everyone to see. The ring probably cost as much as his dowry.

Thomas went with his husband to meet the meet the guests that had chosen
to stay for the photos. Thomas knew this would be a very humiliating
experience for any man. He knew his days of perusing women were over.
How could this nation really have him legally be this man's married
wife? Thomas was a biological man. According to the laws and records, he
was still a man in a same sex marriage with the Duke. They were
regarding him in a feminine way. He was called Mrs. Cordoba and named
the Dukes wife. It was humiliating, and confusing and Thomas was going
to figure it out. Leanne assured him he was not going to be made a
woman. His manhood would remain. He would just be regarded as a woman in
the marriage.

Thomas had already been approached by two women and they congratulated
him on his beautiful wedding. This woman had a wide smirk on their face
when she addressed him as Mrs. Cordoba. He gracefully accepted it and
thanked her respectfully with his own smirk. He would be damned if he
let any of them women see his real pain. He had been taught by his
father to keep his true feelings a secret. His father told him to never
show any weakness in front of an enemy, especially a woman. Another lady
was approaching him with a sly smirk on her face and it was getting
infuriating. She looked very alluring and in different circumstances, he
may have flirted and tried to approach her sexually. He had sexual
relations with women at weddings before, even the maid of honor at one
of his friend's weddings. His heart ached that none of these women here
would take him seriously enough as a man to even entertain such an
offer. His husband would not even consider tolerating it. He caught
himself gazing at the woman's enticing plump breasts. The woman showed a
lot of cleavage that he found very sexy. Thomas showed more cleavage
than the woman did. His breast display was almost lewd. He wished he
could flirt with her. Thomas looked at her breasts and he guessed the
woman's breasts were smaller than his by possibly two sizes. He was a
good judge of that. Thomas guessed the woman's had a single D cup when
his was two D, probably closer to an E. He had trouble keeping his eyes
on the woman's face as she approached him. She smiled in his face and
said holding the smirk as if she enjoyed Thomas being displayed like
this. "Congratulations on your wedding 'MRS' Cordoba," saying the MRS
part very loudly. Thomas knew she wanted to demean and humiliate him and
he silently wondered why the women were so cruel to him.

"May you and your husband have a beautiful intimate night together,"
said the woman. "You will make your husband a beautiful wife. My advice,
go with it and please your husband as a newlywed bride should!"

He kept his gaze soft and he smiled a soft feminine smile in return. He
knew she was being mean spirited out of envy and was trying to degrade
him as a man. He wouldn't let her. He smiled, bent a knee softly. "Ohh
thank you Ms. Anderson. You are single, am I correct?"

"Yes," the woman replied wondering how he knew who she was.

Thomas smiled. "You could easily get a man with breasts like that. Show
off more of those enormous breasts and you will find the man of your
dreams soon just like I have." Thomas smiled cruelly. "But, lose some
weight and work some fat off those hippo like hips and a little off your
thighs and you will be sexy as I am. I hope someday you do, a man
purchase you from your family and you go through this. The handcuffs on
your wedding day will be a dream come true. Especially with those
breasts you have. Not as beautiful as mine, and I'm sure my husband will
make mine real. Any man will like to play with your breasts and cum all
over them." Thomas smiled a vicious cruel smile at the woman. Thomas
clung tightly to his husband and smirked at her. He said to Jose. "I
love you with all of my heart."

"I love you, My Isabelle." He smiled at her too as they left to get
their photos taken. Thomas knew this would be a very humiliating and
demeaning experience. He was dreading it.

Thomas knew this was going to be one of the most humiliating moments of
his life. He was going to be professionally photographed with his new
husband and his family and the bridesmaids who dressed him was going to
be watching. Thomas stopped a tear from running down his face and
messing his mascara up. He also knew compared to what was to come, this
humiliation was going to be minor. He knew it was very important that
these photos portrayed him in a very good manner. He had to insure that
these photos showed him good at the start of his new life as a woman.
Somehow, he knew. These set of photos were going to show his beginning a
new life as a woman. He knew they were important to start this journey.
He had to show himself as someone important confident noble and strong.
He had to be shown as a woman that people could respect and support, and
follow. Some power had chosen this path for him and he didn't know why.
He knew it was important. It was important he didn't fuck them up with
his attitude. His resistance could come later, but not here in front of
these women who probably wanted to see him break down and resist so
guards could humiliate him. That may be something the women could use
against them later, and get some satisfaction seeing the feminized man
shut down in public. He would not give them that.

They Duke led Thomas to the area set up for the post wedding
photographs. The beautiful wedding arch caught Thomas's eye. He thought
it was beautiful. The beautiful pink and red rose vines decorated the
arch. The fragrance from the roses was strong as they approached the
arch. Whoever decorated it did a very good job. He saw the professional
photographer with the camera waiting for them. The man introduced
himself and asked his husband. "Mr. Cordoba can you stand under the arch
with your wife for the first photos?"

The photographer smiled softly at Thomas as he and took Thomas's
delicately manicured hand with brilliant his long polished red nails and
led him to the raised platform. The fragrance of the roses was stronger
and tickled his nose. The newlywed couple stood in front of the wedding
arch holding each other's hands. Thomas's polished red fingernails
glinted in the sun's rays and Thomas felt a crushing deep sense of shame
overwhelm him as he stood there dressed as a convincing woman, in the
arms of a man. The shame he felt was stronger with so many beautiful
women watching him. Thomas in the past would have openly flirted with
some of the women. He would have told them how beautiful they were. Then
he may have seen if she would go somewhere private with him. He
remembered getting one woman in a small closet during a wedding. In his
appearance now, such a proposal would have been considered humorous. She
would have laughed at him and he would have not blamed her. How could
any woman seriously consider him for sex? He felt much shame as the
photographer began taking his pictures as he held his husbands arm.
Thomas looked at the camera as he flashed a few more pictures of them.
The women were holding up their phones taking pictures of him. He held
his pose and lovingly held his husbands arm. He wanted these pictures to
be good.

Then the photographer said, "You make a very good couple. Isabella,
stand in front of your husband. Face him and look deeply into his eyes.
A soft very wifely affectionate look of love as you gaze into the eyes
of the man you love. Remember he is the man of your dreams and you have
just married him. Think of the depth of your lifelong commitment you
just made to him. Hold both of his hands in yours, look into each
other's eyes. Show the deep affection and love you feel for your

Thomas wondered if the photographer had witnessed the wedding. Surely,
he knew Thomas had made no commitment to this marriage, if he saw the
ceremony. Thomas had not said his vows and he accepted nothing. There
was no commitment from him. Thomas looked fearfully and passively at the
man towering possessively above him. The man who was now his husband.
The man who he had just been informed that day that he was marrying
whether he wanted to or not. He just met this man for the first time in
his life, and now this man claimed him as his wife by force. The worst
part was it was legally recognized, and he could do nothing about it.
How could he do this? Thomas knew this was going to be a very demeaning
experience as a man. His sister was correct. It would be easier if he
was a woman. At least the transition to a woman's lifestyle was not be
so demeaning and difficult, but as a man, the experience would be
crushing and humiliating. He had a penis and balls so how could he think
as anything else? He was a man.

He knew Katherine was right and to survive this with any hope that he
would have to change his mindset and accept being a woman. He just
couldn't demean himself like that. Being a woman was disgusting and
humiliating. He needed to be a man. He felt the need to lash out at this
man who was forcing this humiliation on him. Thomas suppressed his
anger. Thomas let no hint of his true feelings show as he smiled softly.
Thomas's eyes were full of love and affection as he gazed longingly into
the Dukes eyes. He had seen women look this way to the man she held a
deep affection for, and he did his best to imitate that. He did a good
job as held the man's large hands in his own small delicate hands. The
photographer praised them and took a few more pictures of them.

Thomas looked surprisingly like a woman in love who was holding on to
the man she deeply loved as pictures were taken of them together. The
photographer took pictures and circled them. "That is good, Isabella,
hold your husband's hands fighter and stand closer." He did as the man
snapped off more pictures.

Thomas was frightened and disturbed as he deeply looked into the Dukes
eyes. He saw a deep smoldering hatred and anger within the man's eyes.
There was something that had really angered the Duke and now he was free
to unleash it in Thomas's direction. The Duke smiled softly as he
caressed Thomas's soft feminine hands. To the Duke, Thomas felt much
like a woman and it made him lust after the young man. Thomas saw that
look too, and it made him very uncomfortable. "Jose, remember, I am a
man!" He tried to whisper in the man's ears to remind it. Thomas saw it
made no difference.

"You are not a man," Jose replied with an affectionate knowing smile.
"Your sister had told me all about it. She enjoyed the games you two
played when you were young. Mademoiselle my lady. You are a woman." He
smiled down at Thomas as a look of betrayal and hurt appeared on
Thomas's face.

"How could she do this to me?" Thomas whispered in a very hurt tone. He
looked up with his beautiful face. "Jose, none of it is true."

He whispered as the photographer took more photos of them. "I have seen
the pictures your sister took of you during her friends sleepovers. You
looked beautiful in that black dress and cap curtseying as you served
her friends. She told me that you enjoyed the experience. It will not be
just dressing and playing now and I am sure you will enjoy the
recognition it gives you. We will talk about what I will do for you if
you cooperate with me."

Thomas fought to regain control of his emotions as more photos were
taken of him and his husband. "Now, get very close. Intimately close.
Hold each other affectionately. A deep loving embrace," they were told.

He groaned softly. "Oh no. This is too humiliating. Please don't make me
do this. I don't even know you," Thomas protested as the Duke pulled
Thomas in close to his large body. His 'breasts' were pressed against
the Dukes stomach. The Duke gave them a soft squeeze and said in
Thomas's ear, "They feel real."

Thomas felt humiliated as he felt the heat from the Dukes body and the
hard muscular chest on his own soft feminine body. Thomas felt revulsion
course though him. He looked painfully up into the looming mans eyes. He
clung to his husband's waist and tried to ignore the Dukes large hand
pressed on his buttock. He tried, but couldn't get his mind off the
disgusting feeling of closeness to this man, nor his fingers digging in
and squeezing his butt cheeks. He suppressed the hate he felt for this
man as he looked up affectionately into the Dukes eyes. He wanted
nothing more than to hit the man's face as he felt the Duke squeezing
his butt cheek. His arms were tightly wrapped around the Dukes neck as
the photographer took photo after photo of them in such an intimate
affection embrace as a newlywed couple. The beautiful bridesmaids and
his sister were watching this embarrassing humiliating display of
femininity from Thomas to the man he just married. Thomas could not get
himself to regard the Duke as his husband. The Duke was just a man. A
vile and very cruel man who for some reason decided to take destroy his
life. His eyes looked down at his feet in shame as more photos were
taken of him

Then it happened. The photographer said, "Good, now kiss each other."
Thomas quickly kissed the Duke on the cheek.

"NO!" cried the Photographer loudly. "Make it an intimate kiss,
Isabelle. He is your beloved husband, so show your love for the man you
married. Kiss very deeply and show us your passion for your husband."

Thomas's stomach twisted as he looked up at the Duke, knowing what
disgusting act he would have to do with another man. He wrapped his arms
around his husband's torso and pulled the Dukes face down as they
passionately kissed for the cameraman. He felt the Dukes mouth
descending and envelope his own mouth as their tongues twirled around
each other. His painted red lips tightly locked with the Dukes. His
tongue slithered into the Dukes mouth as they devoured each other. They
tasted each other's passion. Thomas fought his sick disgust at having to
kiss another man like this. The bridesmaids squealed and his sister
snickered at the intimate display of Thomas kissing his new husband. It
was grotesque and Thomas felt totally humiliated and nauseated. His face
was twisted in disgust at what he had done.

The Duke said after a long series of pictures of them embracing, "Can we
get some of the bride by herself before we get some final photos of us

The Duke left Thomas alone. At least this would be without having to
deal with the husband s intimate uncomfortable touches. He would be by
himself, but Thomas had little doubt this cameraman would be instructed
to humiliate himself for the cameraman in the presence of the
bridesmaids, his sister and mother. He would be doing various degrading
feminine poses for them. Thomas resolved to get through it and make it

The photographer said to Thomas, "Put your wedding veil down over your
face, cup your hands together daintily around the bouquet of flowers and
look at the camera for me". Thomas held that humiliating girlish pose as
pictures were snapped of him alone as the bride. The balls of his feet
were really starting to hurt from standing in those six inch stilettos.
It felt like his entire weight was on the balls of his feet.

"That was very good, Isabella. You look beautiful and very feminine." He
snapped a few pictures of that. Then he told Thomas, "Now straighten one
leg, bend the other leg slightly, stick your hip out and cup your hands
under your neck. Make sure the ring hand is on top proudly displaying it
for me."

He saw many professional models pose like that. It was very humiliating
as he did it. It was very feminine pose and didn't feel right. He did
the very degrading pose and held his hands together as he saw many girls
do, his ring glimmered in the sun as the man snapped off many more
pictures. His sister was smirking at him as he did this.

"You have such a strong feminine presence. You are doing good, Now turn
slightly, bend one knee again. Look at the camera and flip your wedding
veil for me. Keep the other hand behind your head and keep that pose for

The girls squealed in laughter as he did it. It was a very feminine
emasculating and made him feel demeaned. He held it for the camera,
shame was filling him. He wasn't sure if he could do all of this. He
held the pose as the cameraman took a few more.

"You are doing very well, Isabella. Now please, cross your legs, bend
down at the hips, look at the camera and put your hands on one thigh."
Thomas held that pose as more pictures were taken. "Now cup both of your
breasts," he told Thomas.

His face burnt red as he cupped both of his breasts as he looked into
the camera. The man took more pictures of him holding that humiliating
pose. Then the man said, "Now turn to the side, almost facing away from
the camera. Cross your legs and turn your head toward the camera. Show
us a lot of your back and buttock for the camera."

Thomas had seen that pose done by many lingerie models and he thought
they were very sexy. He did as he was instructed. It was difficult
especially seeing his sister's wide smirk. More photos were taken. "That
was very good, Isabella. You are perfect. You have the perfect image of
femininity and grace. Now let's get some pictures of you with the
bridesmaids. Many pictures were taken of Thomas with the bridesmaids who
helped prepare him. They enjoyed it. They stood in a line looking at the
camera. There were several others with them holding each other and one
with them displaying Thomas in the front holding his wedding ring out.
It was all very demeaning and humiliating. His sister seemed to love it.
There was one with him with his sister behind him. Her smile was very
evident. She whispered in his ear. "You look like a very beautiful
woman. Isabella."

Leanne was becoming more troubled as she watched Thomas and the Photos
being taken. She had spent about half of the day with him and there were
things about Thomas that had become more troubling to her. Leanne felt a
chill run though her as she watched Thomas posing for the camera. He
took this very seriously and she could tell he was trying to be as
composed and cooperative as possible. His movements and way he held
himself troubled her the most and it had troubled her since he was first
brought before her in chains. How refined and graceful he was, how he
talked to her. His speech, movements. Thomas was like a woman. She
wasn't sure yet, but if her suspicions were correct it simply meant
trouble. The feminization and forcible transition from man to woman was
half of the job of breaking the male's spirit for his husband. If it
wasn't a forcible transition, there was not much left to break his
spirit. If he didn't consider the transition to womanhood traumatic and
shattering to his ego. In the end, it meant there would be more trouble.
Women had a more fierce spirit of independence. Women could be a lot
more vicious when they are hurt. Especially to other women. He didn't
seem aware of it and would fight the feminine transition forced on him.
Leanne smirked as she knew what was coming up and knew this would be a
crushing blow to his masculine pride. Leanne still held the ghost of

The photographer had received instructions before the ceremony during a
private discussion with the groom. He knew he was safe to make demands
and the groom had the legal authority to force the bride to cooperate.
The bride was a man who didn't seem the least bit happy at being forced
to be a woman in a marriage to a man. He snickered, what heterosexual
man would be happy about that? Would even a gay man be happy in such a
situation, he admitted he wouldn't be. This man's feelings were
irrelevant, things were what they were.

He smiled at Thomas, knowing that this next part would be very
difficult. "Isabella, please be strong because I would hate to see
security have to get rough with you. This was requested of your husband
and you have to do it. So please be strong. You need to get down on your
knees, show a very submissive posture and look into the camera. Fold
your hands together demurely in your lap."

Thomas did as the photographer instructed and folded his hands demurely
in his lap as the man took a few photos of this very humiliating pose.
He looked like a very submissive woman as he looked up at the man taking
his picture. His sister was even smirking. He held that pose of feminine
submission as the man circles him. Then he said to Thomas. "Good, learn
former some, and push your breasts up more, make a deeper cleavage and
hold them up as you are offering them. Smile for the camera please."

Thomas couldn't believe the demand. The Duke nodded in agreement and
watched as Thomas learned forward and placed both hands at the bottom of
each of his breasts and lifted them. He saw how it created a much more
appealing and sexy cleavage. That was what pushup bras were for and he
was wearing one. He looked very sexy now, almost sluttish. The man
smiled and took more pictures of him. Thomas felt so much humiliation he
wanted to hide his face from the women who were watching, but he
maintained his pose as pictures were snapped of him.

"Very good pictures, Isabella. Now get on all fours. Your hands and
knees on the ground and look up at the camera. Yes that's it, you look
beautiful Isabelle. That's the perfect pose, the submissive little

That was a very demeaning pose and one he never saw a woman do for her
wedding pictures. He looked up as the photographer took more pictures of
him. The man walked behind him and told him to sway his butt side to
side and arch his back up. Doing this made Thomas feel like such a slut.
He didn't want to think about what the Duke was thinking while he
watched. Thomas didn't feel like a man now. That was for sure.

Then the photographer looked toward the Duke, and said, "Sir, it is

The duke looked toward Thomas, still on all fours looking up. The Duke
smiled as he approached Thomas and said softly. "Don't worry, Princess.
Everything will be fine." Then he pulled out a long leather strap from a
case he had taken with him and approached Thomas.

Thomas cringed as the Duke approached him with the threatening painful
looking long leather strap. The duke unwound it as he approached
Thomas's cringing features. He stood over Thomas, unwounded it and then
wrapped it around Thomas's neck. It was a restraint collar with a leash.
He strapped it around Thomas's neck and hooked it. Thomas looked very
submissive now. Then he applied leather wrist cuffs on Thomas. Thomas
shivered and looked down in shame as he let all of this happen to him.
Then the Duke backed out of the picture, still holding the leash as the
photographer took more pictures.

Thomas was the very image of feminine submission and beauty and realized
this was about him and not his father. The Duke seemed to want him, he
was totally infatuated and seemed convinced that Thomas, was a woman, or
wanted to be a woman for him. He stood up once the photos were done, and
went over to stand with the Duke for a second. In front of everyone, he
bowed his head for the duke, kneeled taking the Dukes hands in his, and
said in fluent Spanish, the language of the elite aristocracy of the
island nation, "To you my husband, I pledge my loyalty and submission
for your love, and our love for each other and our people. I will be
your bride, your woman and queen for the people."

It was a stunning declaration that many there dint really understand.
The Duke knew exactly what it meant, and a few others. The meaning of it
passed over most of their heads. The official oath, the wording was very
similar. "That was very good Isabella. You are a very beautiful woman,"
The photographer said, "Now we need you and your husband together. Get
down on your knees before him."

Thomas felt a tight ball of fear form in the pit of his stomach as he
saw the Duke walk toward him. His face tightened in alarm. The Duke
stood towering over the small feminine man. The cameraman said, "Good,
now face each other and Mrs. Cordoba, look right at your husband's
crotch, smile for him. Duke, put your hand on the back of your wife's
head and softly caress her curls. Cradle her head."

Thomas felt disgusted as he was kneeling in front of the Duke, staring
at the growing budge in his slacks as the Duke was cradling his head. He
knew what image this portrayed to everyone as pictures were taken. It
was very submissive, and getting sexual.

Thomas stared at the man looming over him, and his eyes were glued on
the very distinctive male budge growing in his slacks. He felt very
uncomfortable. The photographer said Thomas, "You look very feminine and
submissive Isabella, reach out with your beautiful manicured hand and
polished nails, and cup your husband's crotch. Touch it softly and rub
it. Show your wifely affection and love for your beloved husband."

Thomas reached out and cupped his hand around the enormous budge in the
Dukes slacks. It felt soft, like he expected, but it was a massive mound
of soft flesh under the man's slacks. It felt hot, soft and disgusting.
Thomas pressed his hand in the mound of flesh and rubbed the large warm
organ. The bulge was enormous and dwarfed his small delicate hand. His
small hand softly rubbed the large penis and Thomas felt it begin to
stiffen under his hand. It started to show life under his attention.
Thomas reflected this turn his life had taken. Here he was a straight
young man just out of his teens. He was only attracted to women, but
here he was, kneeling in front of a man and rubbing his penis though his
pants. He was doing this in front of many beautiful alluring women that
in any other circumstance, he would approach and flirt with them. The
bridesmaids were smirking as photos were taken of that degrading

The cameraman looked at Thomas. "That is very good. Now move in closer
to your husband. Lean over, wrap your arms around the man you love.
Press your face into your husband's crotch and caress it with your

This was very disgusting, He felt the enormous warm organ growing under
the man's slacks. The thing was huge and its heat radiated out on his
face. Its hardness and heat felt very threatening. Thomas was completely
humiliated. The flashes from the camera were distracting and sometimes
it flashed in his face hurting his eyes. Then the man said, "Good, now
kiss it. Press your lips on the front of his pants and kiss it"

Thomas jerked back and looked up at the cameraman. "What! No! That's
gross and has gone far enough. Now you are just trying to humiliate me.
Duke, Please stop this!" Thomas sniffled and ruffed his eyes. "Please
don't make me do this."

The duke learned down and whispered, "Isabella, my love. Everyone is
watching, please don't embarrass me. You have to do this, show us your
desire to be a good wife for me. Show all of the women."

Thomas groaned out loud, looked at the huge budge in the man's slacks.
He nodded knowing there was no choice. "Yes my love. I will." Thomas
leaned forward and pressed his red shiny lips against the front of his
husband's slacks and planted a loving kiss. He felt the hardness of the
budge under the slacks, against his lips as he pressed his lips against
the man and kissed. He left lipstick on the Dukes business slacks. The
Duke held Thomas's head in place. His sister looked very happy at this.
She said to her brother, "You look like a very beautiful submissive wife
Isabelle. Now I want you to pull your husband's penis out and hold it in
your beautiful hands look at it."

How could Thomas as a straight man really undue a man's pants, reach in
and take a hold of another man's penis and pull it out, and hold it.
That was totally revolting, but he told Thomas to do it and everyone
there expected him to. Thomas hoped they would not make him do this. He
looked up pleading with desperate eyes. "Please, this has gone far
enough. I am straight and this is gross. Don't make me do that! Please.
I am a man, this is disgusting."

"Please don't embarrass me, my love. We are married now and you are not
a man. Act like the woman you are," said the Duke.

He knew there was no way around it. Thomas reached out with his hands
shaking and unzipped his husband's pants and pulled them down. He
reached up and pulled the man's boxer shorts down and looked as the semi
hard penis sprang up in front of his face. Thomas pulled back a little
in revolution. It was a disgusting tube of flesh, veins and the enormous
bulbous purple head bobbing in front of his face. The entire thing must
have been over two inches across. How would it fit in him? Thomas felt
like his skin was crawling staring at another man's penis bobbing in his
face, bumping on his lips as he knelt in front of the Duke. He stared at
it as it bumped in to his face. The man took photos of it and it looked
like the Duke was intentionally moving to cause his penis to flop and
impact Thomas's face. More photos were taken of this disgusting Task.

Then the photographer said, "Those are great pictures Isabelle. Now take
a hold of your husband's Penis, rub your hand, stroke it and make it
hard. Rub it like a loving wife adores her husband's cock."

He looked up, sniffing, his lower lip quivered. His eyes pleading to be
spared this disgust and humiliation of performing this act in front of
his sister and other women. He knew the answer. The Duke looked down,
smiled softly like he understood. He nodded, and whispered, "Isabella,
do this. If you can be a good compliant wife, we will discuss rewards
for your behavior. Please do as you were instructed, my beautiful
feminine princess."

Thomas nodded reaching out and wrapping his fingers around the
disgusting hard tube of flesh. The wrinkled soft flesh felt warm in his
hand. It was gross. Thomas started moving his hand up and down the shaft
in soft rhythmic motions with his hand knowing. He couldn't bear to look
around so he kept his eyes on the ugly shaft in front of his face. He
knew the women were watching him demean himself. "This is disgusting,"
He thought in his mind as he masturbated his husband. He thought the
only penis he would ever hold in his hand and stroke was his own. He
knew his sister was really enjoying this.

"That was very good, now kiss it. Move your lips in and kiss the head of
your husband's penis."

He groaned. "God, no please," he said softly to himself, but he knew
protesting anymore wouldn't get anywhere. He resolved to get thought
this humiliating photo shoot. So he told himself to do it.

The duke said softly, "Get used to it my love. It will be in your mouth
later. Kiss it for me and these women. It will make a good picture."

Thomas very slowly and reluctantly leaned his head forward toward the
large bulbous penis head. Thomas puckered his lips, wrinkled his nose in
disgust staring at the gross oozing head and eye of the penis almost
touching his lips now. He pressed his lips to the purple tip of the
penis and kissed it. The ooze from the eye of the penis smeared on his
lips and some slipped into his mouth as he kissed it. It coated his
lips. Thomas jerked back and coughing choking and gagging in revolution.
He knew the salty taste was some pre ejaculate from his husband oozing
out on his lips as he kissed it. It made him feel sick.

"That was a beautiful display of wifely affection," the photographer
gushed and laughed at the young man's gagging at his first taste of his
husband's semen. "Now, the final picture, Open your mouth let the dick
enter your mouth let it lay on top of your tongue and close your mouth.
Let's get a picture of it filing your mouth."

He looked at the cameraman knowing there was no way around this. The
women were looking at him, his husband looked down eager to have his
penis inside his wife's warm mouth. There was nothing he could do, this
thing was going to take its course whether he complied, or had to be
held and the penis forcibly stuck in his mouth. It was going in his
mouth so he nodded. "Yes. I will."

One of the bridesmaids who held the dress and complemented him on how
beautiful of a man bride he was, said, "You mean you want your wife to
give you a blowjob right here in front of all of us."

His sister covered her mouth saying, "Oh my gosh I can't believe it, and
you said yes!"

Thomas glared at her. "As if there is anything I can do to prevent it
SIS!" he snarled. "You signed the damn form condemning me to be this
man's wife. You knew what course this was going to take as you signed
it. Don't act like this is any surprise. I will be doing this sooner or
later, and you know what he will be expecting of me tonight."

His sister Katherine was disturbed that he seemed to blame her for it.
He didn't blame her. She didn't instigate it, she just complied and
signed it. She probably had to be persuaded to and he knew what force
his family could apply to get her cooperation. If it wasn't him in this
situation, it could have been her. It didn't mean he had to be happy
with it.

The Duke said, "No, no ladies. That would be inappropriate. Just a few
quick pictures of it inside her mouth. That's it. You will give me a
full blowjob later on the way to the reception, won't you my love."

Thomas swallowed. "Yes my husband. I will be glad to." His sister and
the other woman squealed in delight. She couldn't believe her brother
just agreed, but she knew there wasn't much else her brother could do.
Her friend said beside her. "Looking at how much semen is oozing from
that dick now is amazing. It's leaking all over your brother's face.
That's as much semen as my boyfriend shoots from a whole blowjob session
and that's just precum. I almost feel sorry for your brother. How much
will the Duke shoot in your brother's mouth from a full blowjob? Would
he be able to swallow it all?

Thomas didn't want to think about what was happening to him at the
moment. He was kneeling before a man who just married him. The man had
his pants down and his penis was rubbing his own face. The penis had
already left a thin shiny coating of semen all over Thomas's face. He
looked up and opened his mouth as wide as he could to accommodate the
enormous penis that was about to fill his mouth. The Duke smiled and
gently pushed his penis into Thomas's open mouth. Thomas closed his
mouth and sealed his lips on it just below the head. The Duke pushed his
hips forcing more of the penis into Thomas's straining jaw. Then it just
rested on top of Thomas tongue. It was disgusting and Thomas felt the
warm penis come to life in his mouth. Blood rushed and it grew and
hardened in his mouth. It stretched his jaw even more. The thing was
massive and he feared what would happen to his body during sex, when
that enormous penis penetrated him that night. It would be very painful
experience as his body become accustomed to penetration by this man.
Thomas began to now understand what it meant to be a wife. He had to
submit, sexually please this man as any other wife. His needs were
secondary to pleasing his husband. It was going to be a painful and
demeaning transition for his life. Thomas gagged as he felt warm pungent
thick fluid seep from the tip of the penis into his mouth. He
instinctively knew it was preejaculate. The taste was awful and he felt
bile threaten to rise. He forced it down. His face grimaced in complete
disgust as he tasted it and swallowed. Its pre ejaculate was as much as
most men fully ejaculate during sex. Thomas forced himself to maintain
that humiliating submissive pose as the cameraman kept taking pictures.
He swallowed as the thing filled his mouth for full minutes. "That was
good. Now let's go to the wedding reception. You will go with your
husband, Mrs. Cordoba."

It was over and Thomas felt relief when he felt the duke pull his penis
out of Thomas's sealed mouth with an audible pop. Now, no matter what,
he will always remember he had a penis shoved in his mouth, there will
be pictures to remind him. He had the foul taste of the Dukes semen
still in his mouth and his pubic hair between his teeth. Thomas felt his
stomach lurched and twist. He heaved over suddenly and his body heaved
and shook. Thomas was on his hands and knees dry heaving threatening to
vomit on the pavement. He fought to control himself with tremendous

He eventually gained control over his body and massaged his jaw with his
hand, trying to relieve the tension and pain after being pried open for
almost ten minutes. He stood up still having the taste of semen in his
mouth. The Dukes prejaculate was as much as most men shoot in a full
load. Thomas had swallowed entire it all. He feared what a full load of
this man's ejaculation would be like. Could he swallow all of that?
Thomas was amazed at the size of that mans balls under the huge stem of
the dick. That told him that his husband must shoot massive incredible
loads. Those testicles were massive. They were larger than his entire
package. It would fill his mouth and then some, probably twice or three
times. This man must be able to shoot entire cups of semen in one load.
He would have to take it all in his mouth. How could he do something so
disgusting? He knew he would have no say either way.

Thomas rose from the pavement, still a little unsteady as if he was in a
dream he was hoping to wake up from. He didn't look like he was entire
there in the moment. His husband looked into his face and said,
"Isabella that was wonderful. You are so beautiful and have a very
talented lips. They made me feel very good and I'm sure you will use
that skill for me on the way to the reception, my princess." The Duke

Thomas's face twisted in disgust and still tasted the Dukes semen in his
mouth. He fought to compose himself. Most of the women had already left.
The Duke was holding Thomas's hand in his as Thomas fought recover
control over himself. The duke was smiling and said to Thomas, "I had
hoped you would enjoy having my dick in your mouth. We will work on it
on the way to the reception." The Duke walked Thomas to a large
oversized black limousine. It was a huge vehicle with small on the rear
of the Limo. Thomas assumed it was his family crest and signifying he
was the Duke of the area and his political power of his family. He knew
this The Duke has immense and fearsome power in the area.

The Duke while fondling and caressing Thomas's chest whispered sensually
into his ear, "I love you my sweet. We will be headed to the wedding
reception very soon after I speak to some people. I will be back after I
finish with them." The Duke pulled the Thomas into an uncomfortable
forceful intimate embrace and smothered him in another forceful
disgusting kiss on his lips. Thomas struggled and a muffled desperate
squeal escaped as he felt the tongue slither into his mouth and held him
for a full minute. Then suddenly let him go and the Duke said, "I will
be back my love. Let these men do their job. Thomas looked at the
security men waiting to take control as the Duke walked away. The
security took over and cuffed Thomas's hands behind his back and led him
into the Limousine. They seated him carefully avoiding ruffling his
curled hair and applied three thick straps. One across his bust line,
another across his waist and one on the floor securing his feet. Thomas
couldn't move now as he just sat there looking forward waiting for the
Duke to return so they could go to the reception.

Thomas's was in a total panic as he was strapped immobile in the limo
waiting for his husband. He was in a panic breathing desperately trying
to regain control. He slowly regained control and started trying to
decide how to proceed. He decided to remain appearing to be the passive
graceful wife of society that he had become. He didn't want the others
to see him in an undignified manner. Society seeing the frightened
desperate wife as she has to be overpowered and forced into the role
would do him no good. That would not work and it would hurt his image.
The women would enjoy it, and no one could get behind him then. It would
not change his situation. If he wanted his situation to change, he would
need to look dignified and be a person of social standing and respected.
Then they would support him. He would need someone supporting him in

He knew he was going to be allowed to express himself in private. He
would be free to express his true outrage and feelings in private. The
people involved in his enslavement and transformation would keep his
behavior to himself, or report to his husband. They could not go public
with it. His private life was private. The security and handmaidens his
husband hired were sworn to secretly, and probably signed nondisclosure
contracts. This man had to keep everything he said private. Thomas
remembered him very well. Thomas looked up, he had a look of pure hatred
that he had cleverly repressed. "You!" Thomas snarled. "I remember you.
The scumbag who broke into my home with your friend. You are Richard,
and that other man Lurch. Is this what you do for fun?"

The young man seated across from Thomas was silent. He looked
professional, strong competent. There was no response as he kept his eye
on Thomas. His look was uncaring and detached. That made Thomas angrier
and he snarled louder, "You have no problem with this? Forcefully abduct
young men from their homes to bring them here against their will. To
marry another man. Do you do this very much?" Thomas figured he didn't
and this probably wasn't a common practice in this nation.

There was still no response. Thomas knew security people were trained to
be silent and competent. "I know your job to make sure that I stay under
control, so Leanne can dress me as a woman. Overpower my resistance if I
resist Leanne's efforts to feminize me for the Duke. You are probably
here to keep me under control for the Dukes perverted sexual desires
when that time comes. Is that about right, you and that fagot Duke, has
he had you too?"

Still, there was only the reflection of cool confidence from Richard.
His training allowed him to remain silent and in control of the subject
he was charged with. Thomas sensed a growing anger within the other man.
The dim flair in the man's eyes told Tomas that this man was getting
angry. Thomas smirked. His lipstick made his smile more evident and
sensuous. "Am I right" Thomas cooed to the man. "He did take you like
the Duke is going to take me? You were his bitch?" Thomas smirked wider.
"How was it?"

The response was still silence, Thomas felt a growing simmering anger
from Richard. "Just admit you liked it, Richard. You enjoyed the Duke
treating you like a woman, feeling him pounding you like a feminine
faggot, making you feel like a horny aroused woman. Did you dress sexy
for him when he took you like a woman?"

Thomas Stared at Richard. He felt he could almost see the steam blowing
from the top of his head. He shook as if to repress anger he was
feeling. Thomas knew this wasn't smart, but he was so angry and Richard
was part of the cause of it all. What ever happened, would be
interesting to see. "Admit it, You felt so good when the Duke fucked you
like the woman you are Richard. You dressed up sexy, seduced and let him
treat you like woman. That was your relationship to him, as his bitch
before I came along."

Richards face turned a darker shade of red, but he didn't respond. "Did
you gag on it when you were sucking him off, Richard? On your knees
taking his cock down your throat like a woman. Did you enjoy that too or
just anal? You can tell me, faggot." Thomas smirked knowing he just
about had it.

"I know you are a pervert like the Duke. You pretended to be his woman
and take his cock when he paid you all of the money to be his bitch. He
dominated you just like he is going to dominate me. How many times did
you dress up like a bitch and see him in his bedroom? Did you seduce him
for his money or was it for something else that went bad when he chose

That was it and Thomas knew it. Richard lashed out. "I never did those
disgusting faggot things you are about to do with your husband, you
perverted fagot. Look at you there. Look at me, what would make you
think I ever did those sick things? You are his wife. I am just here to
make sure you fulfill your obligations as a good wife, honey. You will
be the one who accepts his seed tonight. I have never accepted a man's
seed in me."

Thomas's smile grew. He knew this man never dressed as a woman or ever
let a man treat him as a woman. He had known all along. "I know that
Richard." Thomas said matter of flatly. I have to be that man's wife,
because of you. You and I both know what kind of man I was before this.
You saw me before. I never have dressed as a woman before. You abducted
me for that man. You made it possible to inflict all of this humiliation
and perversion on me. Your continued presence will insure that all of
their plans for me will be realized. You know that I resisted and I told
you I was not homosexual. I told you that I didn't want to marry him.
You know I am attracted to women because you saw that woman with me when
you dragged me from there. You know I am not willing in this, but
because of the laws, the legality of forcible arranged marriages in this
land and your orders, you don't care if I hate this. You have your
orders. Remember that point because it is important. This is on you, you
abducted me, and you followed your orders. None of this would have
happened to me if it wasn't for you Never forget that Richard, because I

The calm manner he spoke combined with the hard look in Thomas's face
had a chilling effect. Not that Richard thought Thomas could really do
anything to him. Yes Thomas was marrying one of the most powerful men in
the nation, his closeness and intimacy with the Duke combined with the
power Thomas would wield on behalf of the Duke once things began to
settle would make Thomas a very powerful person in his own right. Of
course, being the wife much of his decisions would have to be approved
to be valid and enforced, but that shouldn't be a problem. Richard
figured by this, he would be safe. They had a long way to go before that
time. He looked at Thomas, showing no fear at all. "Mrs. Cordoba, please
listen. None of this is my doing. I was just following orders and if I
didn't do it, someone else would. I had nothing to do with placing you
in this marriage to the Duke. That was your family. A lot of this was
Leanne's doing, she made you a woman and has done this to other people."

"True," Thomas conceded. "You will took me from my home so Leanne could
do this to me. So it is on you. Not someone else. If it was not you and
someone else, then that person would share the blame instead of you.
Whatever sick perverted twisted thing he forced on me. You will share
the guilt in it. I won't forget you Richard."

Then Thomas said, "I always knew you didn't serve the Duke sexually. You
found girls for him didn't you?"

"What?" Richard looked up suddenly.

"You did this to me. I bet you found other girls for him. You looked
around for a girl to pick up and bring to the Duke, just like you did to
me?" Thomas said.

"You had a contract signed for you. Remember that Thomas," Richard
reminded him.

He smiled. "Yes. I am sure other contracts were signed for those girls
too. Either you found secrets to force them into it, or their families
did. The fearsome power of the Duke kept them quite. You two seem like
the type people who would have no problem finding a girls secrets she
wants kept quiet, dragging her here for the Duke to use overnight, or
over a period and then releasing her. You probably were allowed to spend
time with her too. Then the Duke would give her a massive sum of money
for her silence and what she suffered."

Richard just stared at Thomas for a minute. "How did you guess?"

"Because, you did it to me, so you probably did it to others. I am
guessing girls since this thing usually happens to girls. I am probably
the first man. I can't figure out what prompted the Duke to want to do
this to a man. Maybe a fetish, or something else. I will figure it out,"
Thomas said confidently.

Thomas and Richard sat in silence for the next few minutes. Richard was
most disturbed. How had Thomas figured all of that out? Somehow Thomas
could figure things out very quickly. Then there was that Threat and the
fact that Thomas held him responsible, at least partially. The Duke was
going to treat Thomas as his wife, and it was his right as a husband to
do it. There was nothing Thomas could do about it now. It was done.

"You could help me get away from here," Thomas said quietly. "It just
takes courage and you and I both know that you don't have the courage to
take an open stand against a system that would treat someone like this.
You could have helped those girls you abducted too, but you didn't. We
will talk about this later."

Just then, the door opened and the Duke slide in beside his male bride
Thomas. Thomas looked up, feeling very small and meek before the
enormous man towering above him. They looked very much like newlywed man
and woman now. The Dukes eyes were filled with lust as he looked down at
his bride. "I love you Isabella. You are ravishing and beautiful woman."

The Duke motioned for the driver and then it started. He descended on
his bride. The Duke wrapped his arms around his bride and began
smothering Thomas's face with passionate intimate kisses. Thomas
thrashed side to side in his bonds as he was smothered in kisses.
Desperate screams were coming from the bond man as he was assaulted with
kisses. Thomas's screams were smothered by the Dukes passion and came
out as no more than desperate high pitched squeal's. Thomas was
completely revolted. Thomas was restrained so he was helpless to prevent
it. He gagged and choked as the Dukes tongue was slithering inside his
mouth. He was receiving a deep passionate kiss from the Duke. Thomas
could do nothing but accept his husbands kisses.

Thomas stiffed as he felt the Dukes hand slide under the top of his gown
and began pinching his nipple. Thomas felt His nipple was being pulled
and rolled between the Dukes forefinger and thumb.

Thomas felt disgusted at what was going on. The painful and violating
pulling and playing with his nipple as he was being forcibly kissed felt
completely gross. Thomas was not homosexual and he didn't understand why
he was desired by this other man. Thomas could do nothing as he sat
restrained in his bridal grown but wait for the assault to cease. It
didn't take long. By the time the Duke had enough playing, Thomas's face
had a thin coat of the Dukes saliva on it, and it was dripping down his
cheek. His lips were sore from so much kissing and his were raw and
aching. The Duke began unstrapping Thomas from his seat and was even
nice enough to remove the handcuffs.

Thomas thanked the duke unstrapping him. The Duke replied. "You are
welcome my Princess. I know you are very scared because you have never
been with a man like me. I love you a lot, and I will be here to take
care of all of your needs my love. I will be a good husband for you and
help you adapt to being my wife. Leanne will also help you and there
will be other women to help you adjust. That is how much I love you."

Thomas snorted rudely. "Don't pretend you care about me, Jose. You know
that I am a man. You have on interest in helping me and neither does
Leanne. Leanne is a sadistic cunt you paid to force me into this life
for your perverted desires. She is only interested in a paycheck.
Helping me isn't on her mind, she is helping you. You are a cruel
sadistic monster and you only want to force me to be your wife for your
sick deviant desires. You are only interested in yourself, and your
quest for vengeance against my family. You want to crush me. There is
nothing I can do and you set it up that way so I have no choice. I am
trapped into being your wife with no way out. So please don't lie to me.
You lied to everyone else, but I see though your lies. I am not your
wife. I am your captive."

The Duke sat silently watching Thomas closely. His hand stayed in
Thomas's grown playing with his nipple. Thomas still couldn't get used
to the feeling. It made his skin crawl. "I will never accept you as my
husband because no one gave me a choice. Least of all you!"

Thomas kept thinking about the fact that he had another man's penis in
his mouth and had swallowed the man's semen. It was an uncomfortable
disgusting feeling. The fact bothered him and the taste as he swallowed
the load of semen bothered him more. It was a fact that Thomas had a lot
of trouble accepting. He had swallowed and injected at least three large
teaspoons of the Dukes semen. That was as much as most men ejaculate in
a full orgasm and that was just the Dukes pre ejaculation in preparation
for a full orgasm. What would that be like?

Thomas guessed that it would very disgusting and demeaning to him as a
man. He guessed it was going to be a massive load that he would be
unable to swallow at once. It would go all over his face and down his
check as he choked and attempted to swallow it. He didn't see any way
around it. He either do it or the Duke would force him.

The duke opened his pants and pulled his enormous penis out for Thomas.
He held it up for Thomas. "Isabella my princess, I know you don't like
it, but you are now my bride and its time you fully accept it. This is
your life. You are no longer a man. That is something you need to
understand and I will help you with that now." The Duke held his penis
out for Thomas and was rubbing it. He held Thomas's gaze.

Thomas warily looked at the huge penis the duke was offering for his
service. Thomas shook his head and trembled. He knew the terrible
disgusting thing that the Duke now wanted. He openly discussed it with
his sister and the other women at the photo shoot. The Duke wanted a
blowjob. After his previous disgusting experience, Thomas could not
imagine taking that penis in his mouth again. It was too much. "No,
Please, Jose." Thomas's voice cracked as his lower lip quivered.

The Duke kept his gaze on the trembling young feminized man as he shook
in fear as he watched the Duke holding out his penis. The Duke said,
"You know you have to do this for me. You told everyone that you would
give me a blowjob before the reception? I would appreciate that very

"No," Thomas said adamantly. "You can't make me do it," Thomas said,
knowing the Duke could force him. "I am a man and that disgusting I
refuse to give you a blowjob. I won't allow it."

"Isabella, I know that until now, you have lived as a heterosexual man
pursuing women. Women are no longer part of your wife now, except to
guide you to womanhood. You are now my wife. Your family agreed to this
deal and gave you to me. Your husband now wants your wifely affections.
You *WILL* do it. My dick wants your affections as my wife. Whether or
not you 'allow' it is irrelevant. It will happen. Whether you do it
willing or I have to force you to do your wifely duty is the question.
You will be sucking my dick. It is your choice how it gets done. You are
a sexy refined woman right now. You are a woman the other women will
envy. They will be jealous of you and want to show you up on your
wedding day. Think about it, all those society bitches wondering why a
man is so sexy and has the most powerful man in the nation at his side.
Why do you have such beautiful jewelry and the largest wedding ring. You
as a man should not have those things all women desire. They will be
jealous of you. Don't make me have to mess it all up by having to force

The Dukes eyebrow raised as he looked at Thomas. "You will make a very
dignified impression on them. You wouldn't want them to see you all
messed up because I had to struggle with you to overpower and force a
blowjob from you. Would you, my love?"

The Duke watched Thomas's wheels turn as he considered his options.
Thomas knew he had to make a very dignified impression on the women if
he ever wanted to be someone people could respect and listen to. This
was still disgusting and he didn't know how he could get through it.
Thomas knew it would happen whether he refused or not. He would be
performing oral sex on the man either way. He whispered swallowing his
male pride. "I will do it."

"What will you do," inquired the Duke. He wanted to hear Thomas's total
feminine submission.

Thomas looked down at his feet in shame. "I will suck your dick."

"Good, now that is settled, let's get started. Please get down on the
floor for me." The duke smirked and watched the defeat of Thomas's
masculine pride.

Thomas went down on the floor, feeling the crushing defeat of his
masculine pride. Thomas was filled with shame as he looked up at the
flaccid penis. This was the position many women assumed for their
husband. It was a posture of feminine submission to her husband. It was
humiliating for Thomas. The Duke saw the fear in Thomas's eyes. "Don't
be afraid my bride. It is what a woman should do for the man she loves.
Don't you agree?"

Thomas agreed with the Duke, but he wasn't a woman. The duke knew it
too, but he did not care. Thomas said, "Yes, I agree."

"I am glad we agree," said the Duke as he smirked. "Now wrap your hand
around the dick, then put my dick in your mouth. Many women have done
this for me before, used their hand on my dick to prevent too much of it
getting in their throat causing them to choke. Make my dick hard in your
mouth and make sure seal your lips around my dick. Then start sucking. I
want to feel the erotic stimulation of your lips caressing the skin of
my penis. Use a lot of tongue around the head, swirl it around the head
and the slit."

Thomas sobbed as tears streamed down the side of his face as he wrapped
his fingers around the flaccid penis of his husband. He couldn't believe
nor accept that he was holding another man's penis in his hand. This was
something a man should never do. A straight man like him shouldn't ever
do it. It was fine for a gay man to do this disgusting thing, but he was
not gay. He whispered while softly caressing the penis and lowering his
face down to it. "This is disgusting. I am not gay!" He said mostly to

Thomas stretched his jaw as wide as possible to allow the enormous
bulbous head to slide into his mouth. He felt the head penetrate his
lips and side into his warm mouth and rest as he sealed his lips around
the shaft. He heard the Duke groan in pleasure as he started. The duke
replied. "That feels good. If you don't want to think of yourself as
gay, it could help. Try to think of yourself as a woman doing her
martial obligation to your husband.

Thomas felt his skin was crawling while his husband's penis filled his
mouth. The penis was prying his jaw apart more than it had ever been
before. It actually hurt. Thomas began bobbing his head messaging the
shaft of his husband's penis as a woman did. Thomas felt intense shame
as he was on his knees before his husband in a very feminine submissive
position that women did for the man they love giving him oral affection.
Many women did it out of love and devotion to their husband. It was an
enduring act of love they should do for their husband. It is a
fulfilling feeling for a woman who did it for their husband. Some women
even loved the taste, but most don't. The women enjoyed doing it for
their husband's desire, out of a feeling of obligation and the desire to
feel loved by her husband. It is an obligation for a woman, but, not
like this. No woman should endure this. This was forced. This was not
love, there was no devotion or obligation. There was no martial bond of
love or affection. This was just force and fear. Thomas imaged any woman
would feel exactly as he was feeling if she was placed in this position.
Thomas felt fear, disgust and degradation.

A blowjob was a woman's doing this duty for the man she loved. That was
good. She felt his desire and connected with her own, it created a bond
of love between the two. That was her feminine need to feel his sexual
desire, and his need to be pleased by her. This was not that situation.
Thomas felt nothing except extreme humiliation and degradation at what
this man was doing to him. He felt demeaned as a person and as a man.
His jaw was furiously aching as he moved his head up and down
stimulating his the man's penis with his moist lips. The penis stuck in
his mouth slowly hardened and forced his jaw further. It stiffened into
an enormous manhood that was violating him. He felt its heat pulse as it
grew. He felt no desire or love for the man he was doing this for. It
was gross and he gagged at the public hair getting stuck in his mouth.

His husband groaned loudly as he held Thomas's head, slowly guiding him
in his first oral sex with a man. He helped Thomas, slowly guiding his
pace at his desired speed. It was clear he wasn't guiding Thomas at the
pace that would result in an orgasm. He was just enjoying Thomas's oral
stimulation of his penis. He was enjoying the pleasure he was receiving
from Thomas's lips against the tender flesh of his own penis. Ten
minutes passed as his man slowly increased the pace. Thomas's jaw was in
agony. His mind was in complete turmoil at being forced to do oral sex
on another man. It was a truly grotesque experience that he desperate
wanted to be over. It was disgusting and very demeaning. He had been
giving this man a blowjob now for over twenty minutes and he was still
working his head at a very slow pace that was not intended to result in
an orgasm. Then, the man made Thomas work at a quicker pace and now he
was doing a more moderate speed. His head was bobbing up and down and he
got his second taste of the man's pre ejaculation. Gagged and it choked
him. It came so suddenly. It was about a teaspoon at first and kept
slowly oozing into his mouth as he kept sucking. Thomas did not expect
it to happen and it was so sudden that he wasn't ready for it. It was
Jose's preejaculate that he already tasted. It was a horrible taste and
realized why many women he talked to say they hated the taste. Most
women only did it because they loved the man. He was a man who could
never feel any desire or sexual attraction for another male. This was
demeaning, and the taste was horrible. He had had no choice except to
keep sucking and swallowing the small amounts of pre ejaculation that
was flowing freely from the tip of the penis lodged in his mouth.
Occasionally, his head was held tightly to shove the large head into his
throat. He gagged and choked more violently, but he could get no relief
from the penis lodged in his mouth expecting his affection. The duke
released his head as he groaned. The duke caressed Thomas's face. "Mmmm
this is so wonderful Isabella. This feels so good. I am getting close. I
promise I won't cum on your face. I will cum in your mouth and you will
have to work to swallow it all fast before it gets on your face. Just as
a woman should."

His mind ached and silently screamed 'no'. Thomas knew he would swallow
this man's semen. It was involved in performing a blowjob. There was no
way around it. He may not be a woman, but he was living as a woman and
doing womanly sex acts for a man who was now his husband. He could not
accept it.

The Duke thrust into Thomas's mouth much more forcefully. He gripped
Thomas's curls harder as he thrust his penis into the younger mans
mouth. Thomas could do nothing about the fucking of his mouth. He stayed
on his knees choking and making humiliating gawk sounds. He knew the
signs, having experienced this many times from the other side. He had
done this to women. Thomas squealed and gagged. His face twisted in
complete disgust as his mouth rapidly filled with his husband's pungent
hot fluid. Semen shot into his mouth and it kept flowing. His cheeks
puffed out as he desperately squealed. Thomas could do nothing but
swallow the pungent juices that totally filled his mouth to capacity.
Disgustedly, he swallowed it and felt the disgusting juice go down his
throat. Then another shot came unexpectedly as he was in the process of
swallowing. His mouth filled up again puffing his cheeks out with the
enormous quantity of semen that no man should be able to produce. It was
so unexpected that his swallowing accidently inhaled a great quantity up
his nasal passages and it flowed out of his nose. Thomas violently
choked on the semen and tears began flowing. It was a disgusting
experience and he cried. So much for presenting himself with any sort of
dignity for the assembled women. His red eyes, running makeup and semen
covering his face. They would all know what he had done and would have a
good time laughing at the feminized male bride who had just given his
husband a blowjob. He took a few Kleenexes and attempted to clean his
husband's semen off his face.

"I submitted and gave you your blowjob and it still messed my face up
because you were way too rough. It spilled up my nose and went down my
face and chin. I wish I has some more makeup to make myself more
presentable as your wife."

The Duke had a very satisfied look on his face. "I am a large man and I
cum a lot my princess. You did very good with my quantity and swallowed
most of it." The Duke smiled approvingly. "You handled my load much
better than most women did. I will give you a lot of practice at it,
Isabella and in time you will improve. Your talented and very lovely
mouth will give me much pleasure often." The duke smiled. "Thank you for
such a good blowjob."

Thomas felt such a deep sense of humiliation. He hung his head and wept
softly. The humiliation he was feeling was overpowering him. He never
wanted to do such a disgusting thing again. Thomas rubbed his red eyes
trying to regain control of his emotions. His eyes were red from crying
and his jaw hurt from forced open for so long as he was sucking. He was
rubbing his jaw trying massage it. "Yeah. That was disgusting. If this
is what you want me to do then we will have to talk some more. I can do
this, but, Jose what is in it for me? You just want to hurt and
humiliate me for what my father did to you. That isn't right."

"My love, this is not about revenge against your father. He has nothing
to do with it at all. He made some mistakes and really he really made me
angry. He was very disrespectful, cruel and very malicious. I am not
doing this to you over anything he did. I want you, my love. It is about
my desire and what I can give you. I can give you so much, more than
anything you ever imagined before. Your father did nothing to me. He was
annoying and thought he had a lot more power than he really had here. He
was an irritation, but that's it. In the end, I got the best of him and
his son will fall for me."

"What if I don't fall for you, I am still a straight man no matter what
you force me to do, or how you make me look?" asked Thomas.

The Duke smiled. "I think you can fall for me my sweet. I will give you
anything you desire."

Thomas frowned. "I doubt it. May I ask what my father did to your

"Your father was very malicious. He thought he could get away with
anything and he had some powerful allies here until he went too far. He
dug his own grave. We will speak of him later," the Duke said.

"What made him do this to me," Thomas inquired. "Was it you?"

"Yes," the Duke assured Thomas. "In the end, he made a bad mistake in
how he handled me and my family. He knew it and I told him to arrange
this for you and I would forgive him and not go after his family. Your
step mother was afraid when she saw how you were treating women that you
would become him," Said the Duke. "So your sister and mother agreed with
your father and consented to this marriage in order to insure you don't
become your father. Your sister didn't want you to treat women the way
your father did."

"I wouldn't turn out like him. I had ways with women but I always made
sure they were comfortable with me. I never agreed with what my father
did or how he treated women. You don't have to abuse me like this,"
Thomas told him still sniffling and sobbing over what he had just

He laughed. "This isn't abuse. My wife just performed her marital
obligations. I had to apply some pressure and it is my right as a
husband. I know this will be a very difficult transition for you, but in
time, you will get accustomed to it. Just like any wife." The Duke was
enjoying this.

He couldn't imagine doing that again. It was the most disgusting thing
he ever had done. He felt do revolted and demeaned that he had trouble
composing himself for his husband now. His husband just brushed it off
as if it was nothing and it was Thomas's duty as a wife. He never
considered Thomas as a man may have trouble accepting this. That was
irrelevant. Thomas had no choice and he had to accept it. Thomas's
personal feelings were irrelevant. "Yeah, I will consider it. If I stop
fighting you. I will submit to being your loving wife with some
conditions for me. At least asking like I love you. I will need
something from you when you think I have made enough progress and
satisfying you enough."

"My love, if you do that, I will give you anything you ask. I can give
you the world," the Duke replied kissing Thomas.

Thomas shook his head. "There is nothing you can give me. You took
everything from me. Some things may make this life more acceptable if
you can. Just remember, you said anything I ask."

"I will give you anything," replied the Duke. "You just have to ask me,
my love. We will discuss it. Just don't try to ask me for something

"Unreasonable," Thomas snorted. "Like requesting me to change my sex for
you, my feelings and very life simply because you desire me. Live as a
female and be your wife and submit my entire life for your pleasure.
Unreasonable," Thomas's thinly arched eyebrow rose. "Doing this to me, I
think entitles me to ask anything of you. Nothing should be considered
unreasonable after this." Thomas's look was hard and unyielding.

The Duke returned his wife's look and it began to dawn on him. Thomas
was very intelligent and whatever was on his mind to ask, was something
huge and would be painful to deliver. It would be difficult to refuse.

"The thing I want the most now, is my freedom. I want to leave and marry
who I want and return to being a man." Thomas gave the Duke an accusing
look. "But we both know you won't let me leave, because you are a
perverted bastard. It is exciting for you to force another man to be
your male wife." Thomas's eyes hardened. "You are sick and disgusting."
He was trying to get the vile taste of the Dukes semen out of his mouth,
but he couldn't get the taste out. It was so disgusting he began gagging
and trying to calm himself. Tears were still flowing down his face as
they drove.

The Duke was watching his wife as they drove. He had his hand up his
wife's wedding gown sensually caressing and feeling Thomas's upper
thigh. It felt so soft and silky encased in his stockings. The Limo
approached the banquet hall The Duke rented for the reception. The
guests were all there by now waiting and probably wondering what was
taking the Bride and Groom so long. Some of the bridesmaids who were
there for the pictures knew. The Duke had told them. They knew The bride
and Groom would be a little late, and for what reason. The Duke watched
Thomas struggle with his emotions. The duke understood the struggle and
disgust Thomas felt. The Duke watched as Thomas struggle with his
stomach getting sick from injecting so much semen from another man. It
was something all heterosexual men thought was disgusting and demeaning.
Most men would feel very sick from it.

The Duke enjoyed watching Thomas struggle and slowly regain control over
his emotions as they approached the hall. Thomas slowly regain control
of his emotions and forced himself to stop sobbing. He got a cleaned and
wiped off the long purple streaks of eye shadow that had ran down his
face during crying. He attempted to regain some composer and look more
refined. He tried to wipe off the reflective coating of semen from his
cheeks and lips when the Duke told him to stop. The Duke wanted people
to see it. Thomas understood and didn't argue the point. He looked at
his reflection and he didn't do a very good job. Thomas hoped he could
see Leanne. At least she knew how to make him look more dignified and
she had amazing skill with makeup. He hated her as a person, but she
respected her abilities. She was very beautiful and skilled. Leanne was
highly intelligent, and very cruel.

"Will Leanne be there?" inquired Thomas softly.

"Yes," the duke replied. "Leanne will be there to help you with your
makeup. She assist you after the formal introductions."

"Formal introductions," Thomas said softly. He knew that it was be very
humiliating. He would be introduced to the community as the Dukes wife,
he was going to be dressed as a woman and pretty much how he would be
known to everyone. As the feminized male wife for the powerful Duke.
Living as a woman for another man's desire. About as emasculating to a
man as one could get.

Felt the chilling cold clutch of raw fear as he approached the Reception
hall in the arm of his husband. Thomas regained control of his emotions
and composed himself as a refined lady. He even smiled as he held his
husband close. He tried look refined even with semen caked on his lips
and chin. He did his best to make a good impression so he would be
someone the others could respect. He could not afford to present himself
as a defeated and desperate man. He couldn't make a scene of desperation
and humiliate himself. Maybe, they all knew and maybe they didn't.
Either way, he would not give them a scene that surely some of them
wanted to see. He would compose himself as the respectful and refined
lady, in love with his husband and willing to play the role. He was
going to be someone they could respect and admire. He was someone they
could look to leadership and dignity. Thomas was not going to be the
desperate humiliated man being forced into this life, even if they knew.
He would surprise them. That would get no one to support him, when the
time came. They would just laugh and think it was adorable. They all
knew the law and obviously many women had made scenes in ceremonies like
this. Obviously no one cared. It was the law and remained law because
they all supported things like this. He would not make an embarrassing

The scenes would come later.


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    1. Glad you enjoyed it, sadly I believe Jennifer will never finish this story.