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Hello everyone! On this edition of Erotica Author’s Corner, we take a look at the literary art of erotica fiction author Silvy Richards. 

Her first submission into the genre was Humiliated on Halloween (2008), Mike's New Stepsisters (2010-2011) and of course the Initiation Nightmare series (2009)

I am proud to have Silvy Richards as my guest on the Erotica Author's Corner.

Silvy, I always start off with this question, what was your earliest exposure to this genre?

My first glimps came from the sporadic short stories that were sometimes featured in the magazines Leg Show and Penthouse Variation. It wasn't until I came across an ad for Jeff's Humiliation by Sandy Thomas that I discovered such literature even existed. After ordering it, and also receiving a complete list of their other books, I was amazed and elated by the treasure trove of material that I had found.

Writing these stories are not like college or high school assignments, no one gave you these assignments to write. What motivated you to write them and what made you want to share them with readers?

Originally, two things motivated me to write, first to prove to myself that it was even possible, and secondly, to hopefully inspire others to do the same. Having gone through all the stories labeled femdom, blackmailed, and deals/bets/dares at Fictionmania, I noticed that chronologically speaking, most of the stories I loved were a thing of the past. Assuming I could pull it off, or even just partially, maybe I could inspire someone out there to create a masterpiece.

Can you describing a little how you differ from other authors?

I believe I tend to put more of an emphasis on the dialogue between characters than most authors do. Also, something I've been both praised and criticized for, is that most of my stories seem to be one drawn out introduction. In my own defense, I personally have always found that most authors seem to stretch out their stories longer than they need to be. Either the situation gets way too far fetched, or the main that character’s personality gets thrown for a complete loop. Therefore, since I mostly only enjoy intros, I consequently write my stories accordingly. 

You have a gift for creating great dialogue and creating this mood of an uncomfortable unease for the protagonist. You did it beautifully for Nathan in Humiliation on Halloween and Mike’s New Step Sisters. Do you want to share a little about that? Perhaps your favorite exchange of words between characters?

When it comes to dialogue, I generally like to paint the "hero" out as being cocky, arrogant, naive, ignorant... and the dominant women as being assertive, sassy, wiser, and always ready to put their victim in their place. I also enjoy creating a roller coater type of effect when it comes to the emotions that occur during the banter. Where the main character goes from being cocky, to scared, to defensive, then back to being cocky, gets scared again, and sometimes even ends up trying to rebel. Where as the females, almost psychologically their emotions will hardly seem waver at all. At most they'll go from being as cool as cucumber and content, to being ecstatically happy. If there's any change, it's always a positive one.

Do you have a favorite or least favorite story you wrote?

Due to all the positive feedback Mike's New Stepsisters generated, and also because I loved writing it, I'd rank that one at the top of my list. Least favorite...I'd probably have to say Humiliated on Halloween, simply due to the poor grammar and it's overall sloppiness. But being that it was my first attempt at writing, and that the premise of the story had never been done before, I'm glad of it's final outcome... it inspired me to continue. 

Do you have a favorite time era for fashion?

Having been born in the early 70s, the fashions I've used have always been from he late 80s and onwards.

Do you have a favorite outfit from a story you wrote?

My favorite type of outfit that my characters end up wearing: a summer type dress with spaghetti straps (which will unavoidably display the slip and bra straps), a lacy full slip, stockings, garter belt, satin bra and thong panty set, and 3" heels. Basically the complete opposite of what the average male would wear.

In many of your stories, you have the dominant sister twirl a pair of panties in front of the male protagonist early on the story as a sign of mockery and foreshadow, but also as a sign of her confidence and empowerment in femininity. Was this a trademark you wanted to establish in your stories?

Being that Forced Feminization via panties is ranked very high on my list of fetishes, I always try to incorporate those types of scenes into my stories. Having the main character turn into a babbling idiot all due to a simple little article of clothing, is something I find both erotic and comical at the same time. With the amount of emotions that can be conjured by such a mundane object... fear, happiness, embarrassment, excitement, amusement, sexual arousal... one could argue that they practically have magical properties.  

Do you have certain parts that you looked forward to writing about?

The playful banter dished out by the dominating females, and also the occasional pieces of humor that I'll manage to fit in here and there.

I always enjoyed the dialogue your female characters have with the boys. Are there parts you dislike writing in your stories?

Properly phrasing a scene that demands intricate details, while keeping everything easily comprehensible, proves to be difficult for me at times. Being the perfectionist that I can be, I'll sometimes rewrite a paragraph twenty times before finally being satisfied.

Do you have any regrets you made in your stories?

Near the end of Evil Office Girls part 2, the story reaches a point where the main character is supposed to be shirtless, and a few paragraphs later made the mistake of mentioning that he was still wearing his shirt. Having written that sequence of events in several sittings, it was something that I completely missed. Besides that, in the Initiation Nightmare series, I always slightly regretted not incorporating a couple of scenes... the Shrinkage Test done by the sorority girls, and also the infamous Underwear Day.

Is there a favorite moment in your stories that stand out the most to you? One you found memorable?

In terms of my favorite exchange of words, and favorite moments that stand out... a couple come to mind, and both have to do with adding a little piece of unexpected humor. In Mike's New Stepsisters, when discussing terms of a bet and being manipulated into agreeing to shave certain parts of his body (including a brazilian), Mike ignorantly responds with: "Yeah, yeah, a brazilian, a mexican, a russian... whatever you guys want." And in Stepsister's Revenge, after being forced to strip and make her nipples erect with the use of ice cubes, Becky turns the tables on Dan and he finds himself in the same situation. Forced to strip naked and expose his under endowed penis, he's presented with ice cubes intended for a embarrassing shrinkage demonstration, but instead of applying the ice to his groin area, he tries to casually play dumb and swirls the ice cube over one of his nipples.

That’s a good lead-up into my next question, can you tell us a little about the sex in your stories? How do they function in your stories? 

Concerning the sex scenes in my stories, I find that forced-bi is one of the most humiliating forms of sexual domination that exists. Added with some bondage, like in Humiliated on Halloween, it just makes it even spicier. Having the victim plead though moans of uncontrollable pleasure for the sexual stimulation to stop, is both very erotic and humorous to me. Especially with sexy females mocking and egging the males on. Between getting mounted and doing the mounting, I always figured the latter would be more humiliating. If ever I decide to start writing again, and that a forced-bi scene is needed, I'll probably describe something of the sort. Having the females make a deal with their victim where if he loses his erection during the sex, he'll be allowed to stop... but odds are that's not what's going to happen... especially if he's been secretly dosed with some Viagra.  

When you were writing your stories, did you already have the title in mind? How important is the title to you? 

I normally come up with the titles early on when writing my stories. Generally I chose them so they somewhat describe what's to come. Also, for my last few stories, I've chosen titles that begin with words that start with the letters A B or C... reason being that new stories always appear in alphabetical order, so therefore I make sure it's at the top of the page where it can be seen.

When writing erotic fiction do already have an idea of how the story will end? How do you know when it is done?

My endings are generally already predetermined, and my goal is that the story does a full circle. Best example of that is in Stepsister's Revenge... the story starts Dan pointing his cell phone at Becky, video taping blackmail material, and ends with the roles being completely switched. When writing the intro to Initiation Nightmare part 2, I knew already right then that the story was going to somehow do it's full circle there, and that it was all going to end with that exact same scene somehow repeating itself. It was just a question of how. Yes, ending it with it all just being a dream had been an option I had thought of (would've meshed well with the title), but what I found more tempting (and challenging) was to find a way to end it with some kind of Groundhog Day effect happening. Besides being original, I also chose that route due to some past comments I had received regarding how I should finish my stories, that they should be 100% realistic and believable. Some went as far to suggest that the main character should either run away from home, try to get revenge on all the females who humiliated him, or my personal favorite, that he should seek out professional help and go into therapy! So to prove the point that it wasn't absolutely necessary, and also to throw in a totally unexpected twist, I opted to go with a sci-fi ending.  
Silvy, thank you so much for being on the Erotica Authors Corner. Her entire catalogue of literature is on Fictionmania.

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