Mommy’s Sissy - Illustrated

Mommy’s Sissy
By: Brenda Gova
Chapter #1 Dance Lessons

It’s been a long time since I wrote to you and told you what was happening, and a lot has happened.  It seems the good sisters at the ‘Sisters of Charity’ nunnery had tricked me by sending me home.  They only sent me home to get my ‘girlie’ clothes.  Unknown to me was I had 4 years of ‘Nun’ and civilian training to go. The Nun training was mostly Religious, with some ‘priestly’ duties (I won’t boar you with that cause I know you know what that was), and the civilian duties were mostly manners, social etiquette and the latest dances (but didn’t have a ‘boy’ partner) so all I had was Nuns and a few other trapped ‘girlie-boys’ to choose from.  Sister Marie and I became good friends (and closet lovers).  We were quite a sight dancing as I was 6” taller than her but we didn’t care.

It was a sad day when I had to leave the convent (and Sister Marie).  We were both crying our hearts out, but I was now 18 and I had to meet the world some day. So my mom thanked the Sisters and drove me home to my new life as a ‘young lady’.  I really wasn’t prepared for what I was in for. I didn’t even have a clue what was in store for me, all the housework, beauty preparation before stepping out in public, and dancing lessons, both social and private ballerina lessons.

 It didn’t take long before mom noticed how clumsy and unfeminine I was.  And after talking to the nuns, and my doctor, they all agreed that what I needed was ballerina lessons. She then decided to start my dancing lessons at home to get the ‘preliminary’s’ out of the way.  So every day, for two weeks, I would practice on the ‘bar’ (naked of course).  When I performed the moves correctly for mom she gave me a tutu for practice (that was better). After several weeks of that mom was satisfied and she dressed me in my first uniform and took me to the school to meet the instructors and the other girls. 

I just loved the girlie ballerina lessons having someone to talk too.  By now I was out of the ‘beginner’ class and was in the ‘intermediate’ class.  There were a lot of older girls (some like me were really ‘sissy’s) there and a few boys.  They all loved my ‘prima ballerina’ outfit and complimented me on it.  All I could do was ‘strut’ around and ‘giggle’ like a 12 year old girl (tee-hee).  I would strut around shaking my ‘booty’ excessively trying to impress them that I was a girl just like them.  But my secret was out, mom had told the instructors, who then told all the girls (and other sissy’s) that I was really Brian and not really ‘Brenda’ as I had registered.  I was devastated that mom would do that to me.  Uggghhhh!!!!

But things went well after the first day, when I settled down and actually met the girls.  They even introduced me to ‘Suzie’, another ‘girlie-boy like me, who I immediately liked.  He was a year ahead of me so he helped me with my moves. We worked really hard preparing for our first recital which was scheduled in two months.  During this time we became fast friends taking our dance breaks together and just talking ‘girl’ talk.  She was so nice, and beautiful, I wanted to take her to bed with me (‘stop that Brian’ I thought to myself).  So we centered our talks on the upcoming recital.

With her help I got all the moves down, and I was close to being ready to perform.  We practiced high flying ‘Jete’, the sensuous ’Arabesque’, the ‘Petit Battement’, and the ever popular ‘Pirouette’.  We really worked hard at all these as well as others until we were satisfied that we were ready.  Then the instructor gave us a surprise that we would be performing, not as a group, but individually as Prima Donnas’.  What a ‘bomb shell’ that was, now I was terrified.  It took Suzie almost an hour to calm me down to where I could focus again on the practice bar.

So Suzie and I practiced twice as hard to get our moves as perfect as possible.  Then the instructor announced ‘Oh, I forgot to say a trophy will be awarded to the one the judges find as ‘The Best Prima Donna Ballerina’ in the class.  Hearing that Suzie and I split-up to practice alone (I didn’t want her to see what I was planning, giggle).  Great, I had only two day to get my routine perfected and I didn’t even have a plan.

On the day of the Recital I was as nervous as a ‘girl’ could be.  But I wasn’t a real girl, I was a boy, and what if they found out.  Suzie saw how nervous I was and came over to my side.  Putting her arms around me she gave me a big hug, and a little kiss, and said ‘it’ll be alright dear, you’ll do well’.  That’s all it took, now I felt confident and all so ‘girlie’, I was ready.

Walking out on stage I faced the audience, gave them a polite curtsey (they gave me an unexpected applause) and I started dancing.  After every completed move they would applaud, smile, and cheer.  But after the flying ‘Jete’, the clapping and cheers were especially loud.  So I knew they liked that one (tee-hee).

So I continued on with a couple ‘Petit Battement’s and an excellent extended ‘Pirouette’.  I continued on with an ‘Arabesque’ which again brought the house down (a roar of approval).  I had won the crowd over.  Me, a little boy, had won the approval of the crowd as a ‘Prima Ballerina’ (giggle).  Now I wondered how the judges had scored me. I lookedover at them and immediately knew I was going to have a problem there.

One of them was a mean looking lady who was almost asleep, either that or suffering from a long night on the town.  Another looked ‘crotchety’ and ready to kill something.  The other two didn’t offer any hope either.  Boy, this was a ‘tough’ crowd but I’d have to do my best to win them over.  So I put my best ‘girlie’ dancing shoe forward and danced like I was dancing just for them.  I even let my tutu climb high giving them a full view of my crotch (giggle, that was dirty pool but it was OK with me).  I really wanted them to know that their ‘Prima Ballerina’ was a boy.  At first all I heard was ‘OOHhhh’ (an alarm bell), then all I heard was ‘Ahhhh’ (that was good) and I smiled at them my best ‘prissy’ smile. When they put my scores up they were all good and I thanked them.

Then my mom and Amelia appeared and gave me a gig hug saying ‘Oh son, I’m so proud of you. You danced so well and were so beautiful on stage, I love you son’.  Then Amelia came over and gave me a big kiss right on the lips, which really surprised me (but I liked it).

Back on stage they presented me with a trophy to commemorate my accomplishment.  It was a beautiful trophy and I imagined the figurine on top was me (tee-hee).  Mom had plans for it too.  She said she would put it in the living room, on the fireplace mantel where all our friends and neighbors could see it.

Backstage, in our dressing room, Suzie grabbed me and holding me tight gave me ‘tongue in throat’ kiss.  It was my first, but I smiled and said ‘Wow’ Suzie, that was good.  There’s plenty more where that came from dear, she smiled.  Yes, I said (my head was spinning with plans for our next encounter).  So we finished putting our clothes on, mine was a tight ‘A’ line dress and Suzie had a flared Mini-skirt and a white silk blouse. He looked beautiful.  I smiled and gave her a big hug and whispered in his ear ‘I guess we’re girlfriends now (tee-hee). 
You bet we are, she responded, and smiled a knowing smile.  This made me wonder what she had in store for me but I soon dismissed it as I saw mom coming toward me.  She had a strange look on her face as she approached but it turned into a huge smile as she kissed me.  We talked as we walked, and she made plans for showing me and my trophy off.  While she made plans I was also making mine.  How Suzie and I would have it all, me on top, her on top, Her fingering my boi-pussy and I hers, and her fucking me, and on and on. 

Mom broke my train of thought by saying ‘you better wipe your face dear we’re at the Drug Store and girls don’t broadcast that their easy (giggle)’.  ‘OH MY GOD’  I exclaimed!  Suzie’s lipstick kisses were all over me! 

I better stop here, in the Drug Store is another story.
Love you,



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