Princess of Aragon Ch. 5

By Jennifer Reed

Chapter 5

Thomas had just told the Duke he didn't want to bathe with him. The Duke
had just left Thomas strapped to the end of his bed. Thomas was
exhausted and desperately needed more sleep. His ass was burning in pain
from last night's sexual activity. The burning sensation in his ass was
deeply humiliating and it was continuous reminder of what he did last
night. All Thomas wanted to do now was curl up on the bed and go to
sleep, but he knew he would not be allowed. He groaned looking longingly
at the soft bed. "Leanne I had a very rough night and almost no sleep.
Could I try to sleep for just an hour and then start?"

Thomas knew there was no chance that Leanne would allow that. They had
their schedule and the bride's preparation probably took twice as long
as the grooms, so they must begin now or they would be late. That would
offset everything else.

"Oh no Ma'am," Leanne said. "We have things to do. The bride has her
obligations and we must begin now to meet those obligations." Leanne
smirked referring to Thomas as her. She loved demoralizing a man. Leanne
unbuckled one of Thomas's wrists from the bed. "I think you can do the
rest on your own while I prepare things."

Thomas released his other wrist very easy and had his ankles quicker
than Leanne thought possible. Leanne watched him free himself. He looked
around for the first time and noticed a few things. There were cameras
set up in two of the corners that must have recorded last night's
activities. His eyelashes went down in shame. Everything was recorded.

Thomas pulled back as Leanne reached for him. He snarled, "Bitch leave
me alone!"

Leanne walked away and she headed toward the other wall. Thomas saw
there was a large paddle hanging on the wall. The large paddle had his
new name etched in pink on the handle. She took it off the wall and
headed toward him.

Leanne violently yanked Thomas's body from the bed and led him to the
center of the room. He glared at her with an icy look. Leanne knew
Thomas was furious. She saw the smoldering anger in his eyes. She
prepared for anything. Leanne said in a calm voice, "Listen Mrs.
Cordoba. I know what you went through last night was difficult for you
to accept. I have a job to do here and I *will* do it. Since I am a
woman, I can't manhandle you. I have people who can manhandle you if you
need to be. Then you will be punished. You will get no less than ten
swats with that paddle," She pointed to the paddle on the wall.

"I have decided to give you one demonstration with the paddle," Leanne
said. "Bend over the bedrails and grab them with your hand." Leanne

Thomas looked at Leanne with pleading desperate eyes as he considered
pleading with her. The look he got back told him that it was no use.
Thomas silently walked over to the bed and put his hands on the rails as
he assumed the position for her to swat him. Leanne moved in behind
Thomas. She laid the paddle on his ass, pulled it back.


The violent impact jolted Thomas's body as the burning sensation spread
though his ass cheeks and his burning anus hurt even more. Thomas was
silent and showed no reaction to what had just happened. It hurt him a
lot. He looked at her. "Was that it, Mrs. Sterling?"

"Yes," Leanne said, "now That's out of the way we can hope there is no
more resistance. We have things we need to get done. You have to prepare
for the day. You are the bride with her customary bridal obligations."
She smirked.

"I wasn't planning to resist you, Leanne," Thomas said. "I know that I
have little choice in the matter."

"So you say," Leanne retorted. "That's what you said and now we know
what you will *do*"

Thomas smiled at Leanne. He did not intend his smile to be threatening
or malicious. Leanne froze and he saw fear flash in her eyes. He didn't
realize it at the time, but his sudden smile had a chilling effect. It
had such an effect that it sent shards of ice down leanness spine. She
froze for a second. For the first time, she felt real fear. Leanne
quickly recovered and said a little too harshly, "It's time to prepare
for the day."

Leanne recovered her composure and suppressed the tingling fear she
began to feel as she approached Thomas. Leanne turned Thomas away as she
reached for his bra strap behind his back. She began to unhook his bra
when Thomas snapped, "Stop it, I am not a little girl. I can remove my
own lingerie."

Thomas reached behind his back and unhooked his own bra and let it slide
off his arms. "I can take my own clothes off, thank you very much." He
looked in the mirror and felt very ashamed at the creases the bra straps
left on his shoulders and down both shoulder blades and under his arms.
He bent down and unhooked the garter belt and unhooked each strap from
his stockings. He removed his garter belt and and slowly rolled down the
stockings and laid them out for Leanne. Leanne smirked as Thomas's
cheeks flushed as he looked at his feminized reflection in the mirror.
The creases from the bra he wore all night. He looked down as a tear
went down his face. "What will we do now, Leanne?"

She showed Thomas pair of pink six inch high heels. "Put those on. It's
time to do the treadmill. You will do this every morning," Leanne
explained as he slipped the pink heels on his feet and walked most
naturally in them.

Thomas nodded as he slipped the pink stilettos on his feet and stepped
on the treadmill. Leanne started the treadmill. Leanne watched Thomas on
the treadmill and she smirked to herself. He moved very naturally as a
woman. He took shorter steps, his hips naturally swayed with each step.
He walked easily in the heels as if he had much practice in them. His
body moved so naturally feminine. His hips swayed, his steps were
shorter and his arms hung loose to his side as he walked. Thomas moved
and looked like a woman. It would be so easy for Thomas to pass as a
woman. He had the soft looks and demeanor. He also moved naturally as
any woman. If that was the goal, there would almost be no need for her.
Thomas was already there. She would just be needed to help enforce it,
and Thomas would be there in no time. That was not the goal. The Duke
didn't want Thomas to appear as an actual woman. He wanted Thomas to be
a sissy feminized male.

"STOP!" Leanne shouted as she paused the treadmill

Thomas stopped and looked at Leanne.

"You are doing it wrong, watch me. This is how we want you to start
walking. Your husband wants you to do this." Leanne pranced in a circle
for Thomas. It was a very effeminate sissyish walk. She took tiny dainty
steps in front of each foot. Her arms were stiff at her side and her
palms faced down, fingers pointed away from her body as she wiggled her
hips with each step in a very exaggerated manner. It looked almost
comical and Thomas understood, there was to be no question Thomas was a
feminized male wife to another man. He wasn't to be mistaken for a
natural woman.

Thomas's looked very menacing as he watched her. Leanne knew he
understood the full implications of this. His mind was very quick. He
briefly considered surrendering and doing it her way. He was tired and
didn't want any more conflict. Leanne was tough and unyielding. Thomas
had his pride and realized his mother was correct. To surrender to
Leanne would be to surrender all pride and any hope the public would
ever rally behind him. He would be made into a public joke, something to
amuse the people. He would be known as the powerful Dukes sissy wife.
That is what he would become and any hope of being taken seriously would
be gone. Thomas decided and shook his head. "I thought I was to become a

"Oh No, Mrs. Cordoba." Leanne shook her head. "We don't want anyone
mistaking you for an actual woman. You are a man dressing as a woman for
his man's desire. You are male bride. You will live your daily life
wearing women's apparel. You will be publicly accepted for what you are,
a feminized man. No one in public will ever think you are seriously a
woman, nor do we want anyone to mistake you as a woman. That is not my
intention here. You are not going to pass for a woman. You are in a same
sex gay marriage and that will make your feminine appearance socially
acceptable to most people. " She knew Thomas already knew that. "That is
how you will move and behave in public for the Duke."

Leanne explained her intention all too well and now Thomas fully
understood, not that he didn't understand it before. His mother fully
explained the Dukes intentions on the first day. Leanne made it very
clear. Thomas understood, but he didn't accept it. Leanne started the
treadmill and Thomas began walking again. Leanne was angered that Thomas
continued to move in his natural feminine way that he seemed to have
done all his life. Leanne marveled at Thomas's feminine nature for a few
brief seconds. It was cute, but still unacceptable. Leanne had her

"PALMS DOWN!" Leanne shouted. "ARMS STIFF!"

Thomas said, "Go Fuck Yourself!"

Leanne held up a butt plug. "You see this." Thomas stared at it warily.
"This is the reward system for the walk."

Thomas immediately got the point. "Yeah whatever. You will reward me
with keeping that out of my ass, right?"

She nodded, surprised he got the idea so quickly. "Yes, if you displease
me, I will use that and it won't be removed until I am satisfied, not a
second sooner."

"Do what you have to Leanne, but I refuse to demean myself for this man,
or you." Thomas thought for a brief second then said, "He wants me to be
his wife, I will be his woman." Thomas could not believe what he had
said, but he knew which direction they wanted to take him. This was the
only way to avoid being made into something to amuse the public as his

Leanne called and two large security men came in. They came in and
roughly grabbed Thomas and held him over a chair for Leanne. Leanne
approached Thomas with a jar of lubrication in her hand. She inserted
her finger into Thomas and lubricated his anal walls. Then she took a
large butt plug and forced it in his rectum. She pushed it hard and his
anus widened to accept it. His sore anus flared in pain as it forced its
way inside him. His ass stretched to its limits and closed around it. It
still hurt as he was let up. Thomas was furious when she redirected him
to the treadmill. "Let's try it again, the plug will be removed when I
am satisfied."

Thomas smirked and went back on the treadmill. It started again and he
still refused to walk the sissy way she demanded.

"ARMS STIFF. FINGERS OUT. DO IT!" Leanne shouted.

Thomas ignored it and kept walking his naturally feminine way. She kept

She sped it up and he increased his pace as any woman. Ten minutes

Twenty minutes passed, Thomas was sweating and he still refused to take
the smaller sissy steps or keep his arms stiff and fingers pointed out.
Thirty minutes passed. Leanne had dramatically increased the speed of
the treadmill. Thomas's legs were aching badly as he struggled to keep
up in his five inch spike heels as he was nearly running full speed on
the treadmill. He wondered how long he could keep up this speed. His
calves and thighs were burning. His feet were really beginning to hurt.
He kept going.

Finally, after forty five minutes, Leanne gave in, "Fine, you have done
well enough. You have your appointments and we only have so long to
prepare. We can discuss this later." Leanne stopped the treadmill and
Thomas stepped off, panting as Leanne bent him over and yanked the plug
out of him.

Leanne decided Thomas was a male wife. If he walked like a feminine
natural woman and that was enough for now. Thomas was probably going to
accept a full transition to womanhood some time in the future. Thomas
was going to accept it sooner or later. Leanne had to concede because
they were running out of time. Thomas stepped off. "Now let's get the
toiletries out of the way then you can be bathed."

Thomas followed Leanne to the bathroom. Leanne issued him a few
instructions on how he was to conduct himself in a more feminine way. It
seems he was to live his entire life and everything he did had to be
done in a feminine manner. Thomas's cheeks burnt with shame as he gently
sat on the toilette with Leanne watching. He sat there for a second.
Thomas protested, "Leanne, Can I have some privacy?"

"No Mrs. Cordoba. I am only here to watch and make sure everything is
okay. I am only here to observe."

Thomas didn't like it, he shifted uncomfortably and nothing happened for
a few minutes. He had never done this before. Leanne shouted
impatiently, "Can't you do this while I am here?"

"It's difficult," Thomas replied. "You are a woman and you are here with
me. This is something I have always done in privacy. How can you expect
me to do this with you here watching me, could you do it with a man
watching you?"

Leanne turned on the water and ordered Thomas to spread his legs and
wiggle his toes. She shouted more impatiently, "Wiggle your toes, Now!
Do IT!"

He did. She shouted, "Mrs. Cordoba, if you can't do this when I am here,
I swear I will put a diaper on you and we will continue with the

Thomas glared at her with hate burning in his eyes. "Fine," he silently
swore to himself that no matter how long it took. Thomas was going to
find a way to make her experience the pain and humiliation she loved to
inflict on men.

This was one of the more unpleasant part of her job. Especially during
the initial consummation period. The bride was to be assisted with
everything. Part of it was to help her adjust to the fact that she no
longer had control of any part of her life. Her life was to be
determined by others from that point on. Even in the bathroom. The men
protested vigorously at having a woman in there with them in times that
were usually private. Privacy was no longer an option. They had to
accept it and adjust. "You need to include me in your modesty from now

He seemed to accept it and she stood by while the usual bathroom noises
and smells came from a man on the toilette. She decided to run his bath
for him as he was doing his thing. He finished and flushed the toilette
and she said, "Now it's time to bathe you." She had already ran his bath
for him.

Thomas knew this would be very humiliating for him. He watched Leanne
turn the faucet on with dread clutching him. The steamy hot water began
to fill the tub, and the steam filled the room clouding everything. He
looked at the bath she ran for him and stepped in and let himself sink
in the water.

Leanne said, "I believe Jessica filled you in about the consummation
process and the rules, but I will explain them to you just in case you
are confused about something. Your face is not to be seen by anyone
except your principal handmaiden, me, and your husband. Your face must
be hidden from everyone else. Do you understand?" Leanne asked.

He nodded. "Yes Leanne, does that mean you will put the bliss mask on me
while I am bathed?"

Leanne shook her head saying, "No. I will spare you from that for the
moment. I will use a thick coating of cold cream for now." Leanne was
not surprised that Thomas already knew about the bliss mask. He was very
quick with his mind and seemed to know everything in advance.

Thomas held still as Leanne approached him with a large jar of cold
cream. She applied a very thick coating to his entire face. It covered
his cheeks, his forehead and nose and mouth. "That should hide your face
while the attendants bathe you."

Thomas waited as Leanne walked to the door and told them that the bride
was ready. Thomas watched apprehensive as a young woman and a larger
older man walked in and headed toward him. The man looked aroused as he
leered at Thomas and smiled. He was large and muscular, and looked very
horny. They were all a little older than Thomas. Thomas remained silent
while they started their work. Thomas knew protesting would get him
nowhere, so he decided to remain passive and submissive while they
lifted Thomas from the tub. He was standing nude in the tube for them.
This bathing was not as disgusting and violating as what Thomas
experienced last night, but it was still difficult.

Thomas made himself remain still while the muscular young man put his
hands all over his body. The man and the woman stood on either side of
Thomas and began washing him. They began with his arms outstretched to
both sides. They soaped and scrubbed underneath his arms and his
shoulders. They did his chest and Thomas noticed that the man was paying
close attention to his soft feminine chest. The man pulled on his
nipples and rolled them between his fingers. Thomas remained stiff as
the man seemed to play with both of his nipples for several minutes,
while the woman washed his back and sides. Thomas felt very violated as
the young man pulled and teased his nipples. He spent several minutes
rolling Thomas's nipples between his fingers pretending to lather his
chest with soap.

Thomas grimaced and thought about protesting as the larger man even
began squeezing his chest as a man would squeeze a handful of a woman's
breast tissue. He always had larger fuller chest area than most men. His
chest was softer and somehow more developed than other men's. Thomas
actually had an abnormal amount of soft breast tissue under each nipple
and it didn't bother him at all. It was difficult to hide and Leanne
didn't seem to notice. She put him in a bra and even used inserts or
breast forms so his extra soft and developed tissue on his chest was not
an issue Thomas didn't seem to mind having them at all. It did make it
fun for this man to squeeze his breasts and play with them. This man
really seemed to enjoy himself.

It was more difficult to accept what this man was doing as he began
messaging Thomas. His hands went lower on his body. He had stopped
paying attention to Thomas's chest and his hands began lathering up his
stomach area. Thomas let this man grope and caress him under the
pretense of bathing him.

Thomas felt like he had done well so far. He had remained passive and
silent as this man was taking all sorts of unwanted liberties with his
body while pretending to bath him. The man was just enjoying himself,
and Thomas remained silent and let him. Thomas knew he had little choice
in the matter. He slowly felt his control over himself slip as the man's
affection went lower on Thomas's body. The man began openly fondling and
rubbing Thomas's penis. The man began groping and fondling his penis.
Thomas felt anger smoldering. Why should he have to allow this man to do
this to him? The man gripped the back of Thomas's head, started kissing
him. His cold cream smudged as his mouth pressed against Thomas's. The
man's tongue slithered into Thomas's mouth in a lewd forced kissed.
Thomas's entire body went rigid and he felt a very deep sense of
violation as the man started openly masturbating Thomas. He could not
allow this and violently shoved the man back, saying, "Stop that, you
faggot, you are not my husband and I don't have to let you touch me that

"Mrs. Cordoba! That is not appropriate," Leanne shouted sternly. "And it
is uncalled for. Do you want a bar of soap in your mouth when they are
done with you?"

The man smiled to the young woman who was lathering up his thighs and
calves. Thomas knew it was no use, but he needed to say it anyway. "He
just forcibly kissed me, and he has been tweaking my nipples and playing
with my breasts! Then he started jerking me off. Can't I protest!"
Thomas shouted in anger. He knew he couldn't protest.

"I assure you Mrs. Cordoba, he isn't jerking you off, or squeezing your
breasts. You are a guy and you don't have breasts. It's all for hygiene
purposes. I did not see him kiss you at all. Let them do their job,"
Leanne said innocently, giving him a withering look. "We don't have all
day here after you wasted nearly an hour at the treadmill in which
should have lasted less than twenty minutes."

Both of the attendants bent Thomas over and the woman watched with a
smirk on her face as the man spread Thomas's butt cheeks. Thomas felt
terrible shame as the man lathered up the area between Thomas's butt
cheeks and scrubbing out all the massive amounts of his husbands dried
semen caked in his ass cheeks and on his body. Thomas felt tears forming
on his eyes as he silently sobbed. The man took his time cleaning all of
that out. Thomas was raised back up as the man deeply kissed him again.
Leanne pretended not to notice as she worked at Thomas's station
preparing things. The man had several long minutes to kiss and fondle
Thomas alone. He seemed to enjoy fondling and squeezing Thoms's breasts.
There were times when Thomas seriously wishe he didn't have the extra
breast tissue on under his nipples. It was hard to notice, but it was
there. He was helpless under this sexual assault. He whispered, "I wish
we could be alone, you look like such a beautiful woman."

Thomas noticed Leanne preparing things for Thomas. She had a sexy white
skirt, and some undergarments he was to wear. She had the Bliss Mask in
her hand as she walked in. It was strapped around a styrofoam head that
was usually used to display wigs. She was so preoccupied with Thomas's
preparation that she didn't notice the young man fucking him with his
fingers or the ending the session with another forced deep passionate
kiss. He held Thomas's head tightly as he forced his tongue in Thomas's
mouth again. He just silently accepted it. He knew protesting it would
do no good. Leanne probably knew what was going on, she just didn't
care. He wondered why she has just an unfeeling callous attitude.

"We are finished, Ma'am, we will be back tomorrow," the man said to
Leanne as they walked out. He turned and winked at Thomas adding, "I
will see you tomorrow honey. We will have more together." He blew Thomas
a kiss. "I can't wait. I had so much fun bathing your soft feminine
body. Think about me while I am gone."

He seriously felt like responding with a snide remark. He just stayed
silent as they left. It would probably be better to bathe with his
husband than endure that again. At least he was married to that man and
know the person who was touching him. Leanne helped Thomas dry off.

Leanne picked up a large bag with a frightening looking nozzle. She told
Thomas, "Bend over and grab your ankles please. You need to be cleaned
out for your husband."

Thomas glared at her and bent over as she inserted the nozzle into his
rectum and squeezed the bag. Thomas felt the warm water that was forced
in him. Thomas groaned in discomfort as she kept forcing the water in
him. He groaned again as she kept filling him. Leanne pulled the nozzle
out and replaced it with a large butt plug. "There you go, that will
clean you out and we can begin with your hair."

Leanne left as violent cramps began to hit Thomas. Thomas groaned and
clutched his stomach as violent cramps racked his body. His stomach was
aching as he groaned loudly. She returned around ten minutes later
Thomas was allowed to expel the water and clean himself as she watched.

Leanne pointed to the restraint chair that Thomas knew so well "Have a
seat, Mrs. Cordoba." Thomas obeyed her and he was strapped in the chair
rather loosely. He felt rather comfortable this time. He wasn't afraid
at all. Thomas could move his body and arms around. Leanne rubbed the
cold cream off and mentioned, "You seemed to have rubbed the cream off
your mouth, Mrs. Cordoba."

"That mad rubbed the cream off my mouth when he was kissing me. I didn't
take it off. He wanted to play with my mouth and kiss me. I told you
what he was doing to me," Thomas told her.

She gave Thomas a sly knowing smile saying, "Mrs. Cordoba you know you
should know better than kissing strange men during your consummation
with your husband. That is a form of adultery." She said with a smirk as
she proceeded to rub the cold cream off his face. Leanne leaned Thomas's
chair back to the sink and began thoroughly rinsing his hair. She
scrubbed his head vigorously rinsing the dirt and semen out of his hair.

"I wasn't inviting his attention," Thomas replied harshly. "I hated it."

She smiled again. "Sometimes we have to deal with strange men's
affections when we are so beautiful. You will have to learn to deal with

He said, "I wondered why they didn't wash my hair."

"I am your stylist, Mrs. Cordoba," Leanne responded. "I am the one who
does your hair because that is my area. It is why I was hired. Very
special care must be taken with the Brides hair as it is a large part of
any woman's look."

"Why did you let that man molest me," Thomas demanded. "You knew what he
was doing to me."

She had curled about half of his hair so far, and looked down. "Mrs.
Cordoba you need to be careful around men. Don't be kissing and seducing
men especially during the consummation process. Don't be such a slut."

"I didn't seduce him!" Thomas yelled. "I didn't invite any of his
attention so don't blame me for it you bitch! He molested and kissed me.
He squeezed my breasts. I tried to stop him when you threatened me. It
is your fault for not protecting me!"

"That isn't my job, Mrs. Cordoba and not my responsibility to stop it if
you chose to seduce and play with that man," Leanne replied. "It is all
a little fun all women have from time to time. He must have thought you
were hot."

"It was no fun," Thomas spat. "That disgusting man molested me against
my will and you sat there and let him do it. If you won't raise a finger
to protect me if I'm placed under your care, I will have to discuss it
with my husband."

She picked up another roller and asked inquisitively, "What makes you
think he will do anything more? It is my job to deal with your day to
day affairs. He placed me in charge."

"Because my husband loves me and wants his wife to be protected," Thomas
said flatly. "If you are failing in your duties, then he needs to be
aware so proper measures can be taken to insure I am protected from men
who would molest and hurt me." Thomas smiled at her.

Leanne stopped for a brief second and looked at his cold accusing eyes
and that vicious smirk he seemed hardly aware of. That was a very
feminine talent that Thomas seemed to have. That cold smile and look in
a woman's eyes when she was very angry, and meant it to be menacingly.
It stopped men cold, now she was facing that same look from a man. Her
hairs were really tingling with alarm now. His intent was clear. If
Thomas had reason to expect the Duke to honor and respect him as a real
beloved wife in a true marriage. Maybe this marriage was true and the
Duke felt real loving affection for his wife Thomas, instead of a
fetishistic game. If he just didn't want to hurt and abuse Thomas, if it
was real love. If so, then there may be reason for her to fear. "Mrs.
Cordoba I am just curling your hair and following your husband's
instructions. I have my instructions from the Duke and I am following
them. You will be okay, I assure you. You will settle into to life after
this initial consummation process. Things will be okay for you."

"I know I will be okay," was Thomas's reply. "I simply don't like other
people molesting me. My husband is the one I accept who has rights to my
body. I can accept him. Whoever that young perverted man was had no
permission to touch me the way he did and you let him."

Leanne had finished curling his hair and began shaving him with a
straight edged razor. "Be very still," Leanne warned him as she lathered
his face and neck with shaving cream. She took out the straight edged
blade and began shaving him. She pulled the razor down his face and neck
shaving him. She smiled knowingly to herself as she looked at the dark
hickies on his neck. She knew what they signified.

"You like those hickies on my neck, don't you?" Thomas said accusingly,
looking at Leanne's reflection in the mirror. "I know that you know what
they mean. I know that you have forced another man though this
experience. You love doing this job. You relish being here and seeing
the downfall of a man's masculinity and pride as he is abused and forced
to be a man's wife. You love seeing his will crushed as he is forced to
submit and accept his new position in society."

Leanne didn't respond to his tirade. She continued her job of shaving
Thomas then she put Thomas under the hair dryer and left him for about
thirty minutes. He was right, but she had her reasons for loving it and
Thomas was wrong. She wasn't just a cruel sadist who loved seeing a
man's spirit tortured and break. The male bride she worked on assumed
that, and Thomas has assumed that.

Thomas sat silently and thought about his situation. Leanne was more
worried about then than she revealed. Thomas had a very quick mind and
never let his emotions control him like the other man did. Thomas always
kept his calm icy composure no matter what. Thomas didn't panic and let
fear control him. He remained calm continued to analyze the situation
and find out as much as possible. As a result, Thomas seemed prepared
for everything and know what was going to happen before it did. There
also seemed to be a side to Thomas that was very troubling and almost
menacing. Leanne began to feel frightened.

Thomas needed to look good for this meeting, so he couldn't have the
curlers in his hair. Leanne left him under the hair dryer. Thomas just
sat there and analyzed his situation and thought about Leanne. He ended
up falling asleep. She returned and woke Thomas up. "Wake up Mrs.
Cordoba, it's almost time to get you dressed. Let me remove the curlers

Thomas was still as she removed the curlers and looked at his hair. It
seemed right.

Leanne unstrapped Thomas so he could stand up. It is time to get
dressed. Mrs. Cordoba. I have selected a beautiful outfit for your
meeting with your family," Leanne said with a smile.

Thomas smiled warmly, replying, "Thank you Leanne I can't wait. I know
that whatever you have chosen will be beautiful." He looked at the
outfit Leanne had for him. It was very sexy. The tight dress was all
white. He was required to only wear white during consummation period to
symbolize his virginity, as the bride.

She picked held out a pair of white satin thongs for him. "Step into the
panties, Mrs. Cordoba?"

Thomas looked down saying, "Excuse me?"

"We don't have much time left, Ma'am," Leanne snapped impatiently. "Step
into the panties now, we have a lot to do yet."

Thomas shook his head. "Why are you dressing me!"

Leanne understood now. His objection was because she was making him wear
women's panties. She assumed that because most men would object to
wearing women's attire unless they were cross dressers. Thomas objected
because she was going to dress him. That was so odd she just couldn't
figure Thomas out. He didn't mind wearing the panties, but he didn't
want to be treated as a little girl. "Because, we have to get this done
and I am here to assist you."

Thomas took the thongs from her hand and slipped them on himself. "I am
not a little girl, thank you very much," Thomas replied. "I can dress
myself. I have been doing it since I was five years old." She wondered
if Thomas has been dressing as a girl since he was five.

Thomas took the bra from the table and Thomas looked as if he liked the
Bra. It was a satin padded pushup bra with wires under the cups. Thomas
wrapped the bra around his chest and easily slipped his arms into the
straps and hooked them behind his back as most girls did. It didn't look
like the first time he had ever put on a bra. He took garter belt and
wrapped it around his hips and hooked it in back. He took the nylons
out, sat in the chair and slowly rolled each one up his legs and hooked
them to the garter straps as Leanne watched. She was slightly annoyed
and amused at the same time. She smirked and waited to see how Thomas
was going to handle this. He has to figure out how to put on that dress.
It was a sexy tight clinging dress and it had a lot of straps to keep
the back open. It had an open slit up the middle and had two straps for
each shoulder and crisscrossed in the back. It had another set of straps
on the bottom that crisscrossed. The back would have two meeting sets of
crisscrossed straps for a sexy very strappy look. To top it off, it had
a lacy heart design in the center between the breast cups. She smirked
and couldn't wait to see a guy deal with that. Especially since he told
her not to help him. She was in control, but decided to watch and see
what Thomas did.

Thomas picked the tight clingy dress up between his fingers and closely
examined the straps. Then Thomas shrugged and stepped in the tight
dress. He pulled it up his body and up around his chest. He arranged
each cup to fit in his breasts. He stuck each arm though the straps
correctly. He arranged the straps on his shoulders and turned his back
to the mirror and arranged each crisscross strapped on the middle of his
back and the other set higher in the middle of his shoulder blades.
"Leanne, can you finish this off, please tie my back?"

He arranged the sexy heart design as Leanne helped him tie the straps to
meet on his back. He did a sexy twirl. "How does it look?"

She frowned. Thomas didn't look like a guy trying to look like a woman.
Thomas looked like a woman. "You look very cute Mrs. Cordoba."

Thomas examined himself in the mirror and looked slightly disappointed
that the dress didn't reveal much. He didn't have the real feminine
curves the dress was supposed to reveal and enhance when it's worn by a
woman. He still looked very feminine to her eyes. Thomas looked at the
Bliss Mask, picked it up. He examined it.

"Is it time for the Bliss Mask, right," Thomas interrupted. "I was
wondering when I was going to have it put on and I am ready." He
carefully unstrapped it from the head and turned it around. Thomas
examined it closer.

"Yes it is, Mrs. Cordoba," Leanne replied to him.

The mask was stunningly beautiful. It looked like it was worth at least
several hundred thousand Reals from where he came from. It was hard and
looked as if it was made of porcelain. The mask was really made of a
lightweight plastic. It has the image of a woman's beautiful face on it.
The brilliant sparkling red lips were in a slight pucker. It actually
looked like the lips were encrusted in ruby dust. The eyelids were half
closed, he could see though them. The eyelids had brilliant sapphire
stones. The cheeks were also encrusted with ruby dust to give the image
of bush. The image was a woman on the verge of an orgasm. It was
designed to cover his face from his hairline to his lower jaw, from ear
to ear. There were various other precious jewels and stones that made
the mask very beautiful. Thomas picked it up and looked into the face.
He turned it around and carefully placed the mask on his face. He looked
at Leanne, turned his back and said, "I am ready."

Leanne was baffled again. Her previous client had to be restrained and
the mask was put on while he was struggling and cursing. She had
expected to have to have Thomas put in the chair so she could strap in
on. She counted on seeing the desperate look in his eyes as she
approached him with the mask. She enjoyed that sinking feeling her
previous client had as she put the Bliss Mask on him. Here was Thomas
with the Mask and he had placed the mask on his own face and told her he
was ready. This was not what she expected at all. Leanne approached him
and parted his hair in the back. She placed the straps under his curls
and covered the straps with his own hair. She set his hair in place with
pins. Thomas grimaced in pain as she tightened the straps on the back of
his hair. Then Leanne sprayed his hair into a bouffant. Thomas was
silent during the whole ordeal.

He saw glimmering white peep toe heels. Thomas silently slipped his feet
into the five inch heels just in time to see his husband walk into the
room. He saw his brilliant red toenails in his white heels. His husband
smiled when he saw Thomas's feet. The Duke took Thomas's hand in his and
caressed Thomas as a woman. He looked at the mask on Thomas's face and
smiled. Then he said in his deep masculine voice, "We are almost ready
my love. Your family will be as the restaurant when we get there."

He walked over to Leanne and whispered in her ear. Thomas was unable to
hear what was being said. Leanne shook her head no and whispered barely
audible to Thomas, "No Sir I did not." Thomas felt very uneasy when he
saw a big evil smirk on Leanne's face.

He heard the Duke give her some instructions that he could not hear and
Leanne smile and tell him she would do it. The Duke Turned and left. He
looked at Thomas and said, "Isabelle, Allow Leanne to do her job and
please don't fight her. We will be leaving shortly."

He looked warily at Leanne as the Duke left the room. He had a gut
feeling that whatever the Duke had told Leanne to do was something he
would not like one bit.

Leanne approached him with a smirk with a large tube of lube in her hand
and the anal syringe she used on him before the wedding. She said, "Bend
over Mrs. Cordoba and grab your ankles."

Thomas backed away, his lip quivered. "Why do you have to do this,
Leanne? What! Does my husband want to fuck me at the restaurant? In
front of everyone?"

"Mrs. Cordoba please, cooperate. I can't say what the Dukes intentions
are. It would be inappropriate for me to discuss the private affairs of
you and your husband. It is none of my business, I just work for him. I
don't know what he has planned but, I have his instructions and you do
want to be prepared for whatever he has planned don't you," Leanne
flashed an evil smirk as she put on a pair of latex medical gloves. "So
please bend over and allow me to do my job, Ma'am."

Thomas sighed."Sure, you are doing the only thing you know how to do,
follow orders. Fine," Thomas bent over and allowed Leanne to insert his
finger and lubricate his anal walls with her finger. He grunted as she
forced nozzle into him. His poor anus flared in pain at the new
penetration. He allowed the violating syringe penetrate him. He felt the
sensation of a tremendous amount of lube squirting into his anus. Leanne
pulled his panties back up and walked out with him. The Duke was waiting
outside and they walked out together. Thomas didn't know what the Duke
had planned for him, but he knew that the Duke had the right to do
anything he wanted now that he was Thomas's husband. There was nothing
he could do about it so he prepared himself to be fucked there, with his

"Yes I am ready my love," Thomas replied as he embraced his strong

The newly married couple walked out together as Leanne sat and wondered
what the hell had just happened. How was a guy able to do what he just
did? She smiled a knowing smile as she already knew the answer to her
question. It was still none the less bewildering. Thomas must have had a
lot more practice with dresses and feminine straps than she had
originally thought. She watched Thomas walk out swaying his hips as
gently and naturally as any woman. He handled himself in those six inch
heels well. He never stumbled, he stepped naturally and carefully. He
placed his foot correctly each time so he never twisted an ankle, or
step into a crack that would break a heel. He carried himself as any
other woman she had even known and better than some. His posture and
movements was naturally feminine. How he knew how to put on that
complicated dress was another thing. Leanne was just not prepared for
this. This transition would be easy. Leanne's job seemed to be to get
Thomas to accept his already engrained feminine nature. The rest would
handle itself.

Leanne had gone to the drawing room to relax. She had plopped herself in
a comfortable recliner. She let herself sink into the soft comfort of
the recliner and counted on a few hours all to herself. She began to
reflect on this young man she was making into a male bride for another
man. It was her second. Nothing was going as she expected. She had only
done one other job before this. The two were nothing alike. The first
one was an unexpected traumatic change to a young man's life. Nothing
like that had ever been done to a man before. She began to think about
the first man she transformed into a male bride. There had been a few
same sex arranged marriages before. None of them needed her assistance
as those husbands, through they had the power over their spouse, didn't
demand the spouse live a feminine life for them. They were two men
married, one was just submissive and passive to other either by choice
or force.

This was the first male bride transformation. That man had already been
married to his husband for close to several months when the husband
demanded his spouse change for him. He tried to figure out how to change
his spouse to be feminine and they contacted the salon she was working
at. She was working at a salon at the time when the husband approached
the owner of the salon to do a forced hair styling to another young man
he was married to. The owner refused and said her place would have no
part in such a thing, even if was legal. Leanne found the idea of doing
a man's hair in a feminine style by force exciting and contacted the
husband on her own. They met, arranged the details, the payment and made
preparations. That was more of a 'learn as you go' situation. The chair
was custom designed for it and things proceeded. The man fought her
every step of the way. He became the feminine wife the husband wanted.
His resistance ceased as she began employing more restraints, help and
punishments for his resistance. She spoke to several professional
dominatrix's on various forms of punishments and learned of the more
effective punishments and took one of them on to employ very painful
testicle massages. Those really reinforced and made them man very
passive very quickly. His spirit eventually broke.

Leanne began thinking of her own previous marriage. That was one of the
most traumatic periods of her life. It was an unhappy marriage. She was
married to a very cruel selfish man and she was afraid most of the time.
She was lucky to escape that, as the laws of the land bound her to him
as tightly as the male brides were. She enjoyed seeing the male brides
suffer what she had went though. It was about time a man experience that
fear and humiliation. Especially Thomas with his sexist attitude. Leanne
had her eyes shut and was so deep in thought that she didn't hear the
door to the drawing room open. She didn't hear the distinctive taping of
heels against the floor approaching. She didn't see the person
approaching her. She was aware of nothing.

"I am Yauying, and I assume you are Leanne Sterling." Leanne nearly
jumped out of her skin at the sound of another voice. Her attention was
jolted as she looked up sharply. Another woman was standing over her,
more like towering. This was a beautiful stunning Asian woman. She was
huge, Leanne guessed this woman stood at over six feet tall. She was
powerful and very muscular. She looked fearsome even though she was
wearing a tight sleeveless cheongsam dress. This must be the woman that
the Duke hired to train Thomas to be more womanly. As if Thomas needed
any instruction in that area. She was here and there was nothing to do
about it. She was sexy but she looked very fearsome and brutal. She had
an unwilling look in her face and her cold eyes spoke of her cruel
nature. "I was told you were coming to assist, welcome to the Dukes
estate. I assume you are the dominatrix that will help Mrs. Behavior
become more feminine?"

"That is correct," Yauying responded. "You look troubled?"

She smirked, thinking to herself, 'So will you after you meet him.' "Yes
I am. I am trying to figure out how Mrs. Cordoba is so calm with all of
this and so prepared. He seems to know everything that is going to
happen before it does."

It was Yauying's time to laugh out loud. "Isabella does her homework.
She obviously had prepared herself. None of this is a surprise. She knew
what was going to happen, she knew she was being sold. Leanne, don't you
think it is funny that Mrs. Cordoba had all of her accounts transferred
from Aragon to New York City while she was still living as a man. All of
the money in his trust, his funds and assets were transferred to the
United States. He put all of his money directly into a Federal Reserve
in the United States weeks before this marriage. Why would he do that?
Did you ever ask yourself why?" Yauying smiled.

"No," Leanne frowned as she thought about it. "I briefly remembered Mrs.
Cordoba telling me how now no one but him can withdraw from the
accounts. I know that in this nation that the laws give his husband
complete control over all of his assets and money."

"That is why her money isn't here, they were all transferred to the
United States. Neither her husband nor her family can touch them now.
Have you ever consider that?"

"No," Leanne responded. "I never thought about it that way," Leanne

"Mrs. Cordoba knew something was going on," Yauying said. "The United
States has different laws. The laws there respect a person's self-
determination and slavery and marriages like this are strictly illegal.
They have very strict laws against human trafficking. Our laws won't
work there nor will they recognize her husband's power over her
accounts, or the marriage they are in. Mr. Cordoba would likely be
arrested if he steps foot in the United States. The accounts in the
United States are in Thomas's name and only he can withdraw. The Bride
wasn't the last to know in this case."

"How is that possible?" Leanne inquired.

"Isabella is highly observant and intelligent," Yauying said. "Odd
quality for a man. Most men are dumb and quite oblivious. She suspected
something and knew there was a plot. She probably didn't know exactly
what was going to happen. She knew something was going to happen and she
took measures to protect her assets. She transferred everything to the
United States. It's odd that Isabella returned to face whatever her
family arranged. Isabella must have much courage. I am here to try to
make her into a submissive beautiful woman. Personally," Yauying said.
"From what I have been told, she has a very feminine spirit already, so
I am not sure what I am supposed to do." Yauying asked, "Can you tell me
what you have seen."

"Sure," Leanne stood. "Thomas Manning is his previous name. He is a
straight heterosexual male placed in an arranged marriage with another
man. At least he thinks of himself as a straight man. Whether he is
really a man or not, one thing is clear, he is not sexually attracted to
men. He likes women and I have seen how he looks at me. Last night was
very traumatic for him. The sex with a man is torturing his spirit. It
disgusts him."

Yauying seemed to go over that in her mind, then nodded to Leanne. "I
can help him with that. We will tell you when we need you again,
Leanne." Yauying turned and left. She was now in control of the
situation. Yauying looked like she was used to being in charge. There
seemed little Leanne could now do about the situation. The Duke had
informed her that he was placing Yauying in charge of his wife's
feminization and progress. Leanne liked being in charge, she didn't like
being told what to do. It was the Dukes decision to place whoever he
wanted in charge over his wife and her situation, and he was in charge
of the situation. He was the Duke and could do whatever he wanted.

Thomas felt dread clutching at his stomach as they approached the
restaurant. He felt pure dread and fear. He did not want to do any of
this. Thomas was sure this was going to be a major humiliating moment in
his life. He was tightly secured in the vehicle just like he was for the
first initial ride to the estate after the wedding. A large leather
strap was secured around his ankles. They couldn't move. Another large
leather strap was put around his chest just below his breasts and a
final strap was put around his waist. He was practically immobile with
both arms cuffed behind him. He sat in silence with his husband beside
him. Thomas asked meekly, "Must you restrain me like this for every

"Yes," the Duke replied. "Just for now, until we feel you are better
adjusted to this marriage and can be trusted. That should come quickly
enough. Don't worry my love."

Thomas really wished the Dukes hand wasn't under his bra playing with
his nipples. Thomas endured it. He even let himself moan in pleasure
while enduring it. He didn't feel any real pleasure. He only felt
revulsion and disgust that another man was so intimately touching him.
He knew the Duke wanted to think Thomas was getting some feminine
pleasure from a man's intimate touch, so he let the Duke believe that.

The Limo pulled up to the restaurant and the security unstrapped Thomas.
His hands were un-cuffed when he stood up. Thomas stood motionless from
fear as the Duke moved toward the door. He turned and saw Thomas was not
moving. He said, "Isabella, your family is in there waiting, aren't you

Thomas shook his head. The bliss mask didn't let his real emotions show.
It was as expressionless as ever. Thomas said in a voice muffled by the
mask, "No, How can I face my family like this, after everything that
happened between us last night. They will know, and see from my
appearance. How can I see them now?"

"I know It will be difficult, my love," the Duke admitted. "I will be
there with my love to help you face it." The Duke took Thomas's delicate
hand and led him through the doors.

This was a few feeling for Thomas as he walked through the doors of the
restaurant. The first thing he felt was a chill in the air as he walked
in the restaurant. Thomas nearly felt naked. His sleeveless white dress
that hung halfway up his thigh. He usually wore a suit and tie when he
went out to events like this. Much more skin was showing than the suits
he wore as a man. Thomas felt much more exposed and socially awkward
like this.

The awkwardness left quickly as he felt raw fear at what he saw as he
walked through the door with his husband. What he saw filled him with
total despair and humiliation. This was the worst possible thing. He
wept under his bliss Mask and tried to leave. The only thing that
prevented it was the firm grip of his husband. This was very
humiliating. He saw his Mother Renie and his Sister Katherine there. His
sister was with her best friend Dianna. Dianne was so beautiful. He had
a crush on Dianne since they were young children. He always had such a
crush on. Her friend was stunningly beautiful. Her golden blonde hair
was always perfect as it fell across her shoulders. Her hair was one of
her best features. She had very large beautiful breasts that he could
stare at for hours and that was a close second. They must be large D cup
and he loved how they held up perky and the tops she wore showed her
cleavage so good. Her eyes were enchanting. Her friend was so hot and
sexy, Thomas loved it when she came by to see his sister. Thomas flirted
with so much, they dated for a while. She liked Thomas too. They dated
and had sex. Thomas was a man when they were together. He was strong and
handsome, she was attracted to his strength and good looks. Here he was,
standing in front of his former crush as a woman. He was dressed as a
woman, holding hands with a man he married and who had sex with him last
night. Thomas wanted to flee and he would have. He was lucky he was
wearing the bliss mask because tears began to flow down his face. How
could he deal with this? It was just to humiliating.

Renie approached them as her son stood there with his new husband. She
had a very approving look on her face. "It is so good to see you again,
Mr. Cordoba. I have not thanked you for helping me and my family, we are
so lucky for your help. I hope my son is learning his place now, he is
so lucky to have a man like you in his life to love him."

"I am the lucky one," the Duke replied. "Your son is so delicate and
beautiful. I can tell she loves me so much she couldn't control herself
last night. She kept going at me and making me take her as a woman all
night long. She didn't let me sleep very much. Your son wore me out, she
is a very passionate woman. We had a very hot night. Look at the hickies
I gave her."

Thomas was burning in embarrassment. The young woman beside his sister
kept giggling and looking at Thomas. His mother and his sister examined
his neck and looked at the five hickies his husband gave him. They knew
what those marks signified. Thomas felt so humiliated.

Renie smirked and said to them all, "I can see you two had a fun night
together. I am pleased. I had an area reserved, please follow me."

Thomas walked with his husband following his mother and sister to a spot
in the center of the room. It was a large table and they all seated
themselves. Thomas sat by his husband.

Katherine and Dianne watched Thomas sit beside his husband. Dianne found
it very funny that Thomas moved to the table like a natural woman and
took the time to sit down carefully, smoothing his dress under him as he
sat down.

Thomas kept hoping that he would disappear as Dianna kept looking at him
and snickering. Dianna looked at his sister Katherine. "I can't believe
it," Dianna giggled. "Is that really your brother standing there with
those marks on his neck?"

"Yes, she is beautiful isn't she," Katherine said. "I am having a hard
time believing that is my own brother. I grew up with him and he used to
be strong and masculine."

Dianne giggled. "He doesn't look very masculine now in that dress and
those hickies from his husband. He is not like the boy who flirted with
me so much and asked me out. I wouldn't have went out with him at all if
he looked like that."

Thomas just stared at the table in shame as he silently sobbed.

Then Katherine kept looking at Thomas's hands as they were on the table
and she mentioned, mostly to humiliate him, "Your nails look so sexy. I
can tell someone spent a lot of time on them."

"Thank you, Katherine," Thomas replied glaring at her. They spent a lot
of time on his nails. "Professionals did spend much time polishing and
doing my nails. I am glad you like it."

Katherine couldn't let it rest. She had to mention it in front of her
mother and her friend. "What are those marks on your neck, Isabelle?"

"You know," Thomas said.

"No," Katherine said innocently.

The Duke spoke up, "Isabella, don't be rude to your family."

"What does those marks mean? Please tell me," Katherine demanded.

"Those are hickies Jose gave me," Thomas replied as he wept and stared
at the table. "He gives me a hicky each time he has sex with me."

"Oh my god," Dianne nearly shouted. "There are five, that means he has
had sex with that many times in just a night."

"Yes," Thomas admitted to his whole family including the girl he had sex
with. He never had been so humiliated in his life.

"Can you show us your wedding ring?" Katherine asked. "It looks so
beautiful and large."

Renie replied, "That is the largest diamond I ever seen. It is huge and
beautiful. Hold your hand up for us all."

Thomas stared at the table as he held his hand up for everyone to
clearly see his wedding ring his husband slid on his finger during the
wedding. He held the massive diamond up that was inlaid with a dozen
smaller diamonds around it. It was a very large massive ring. His
polished crimson nails shined brilliantly under the lights. His hand was
small and very delicate. His hand looked like a woman's hand. It had
been manicured, polished and had rings and his large wedding ring
proudly displayed.

"It is so beautiful, you must be so proud," Katherine said.

"I am," Thomas replied sourly.

"What is that mask he is wearing," Dianna asked.

"Isabelle, you can tell them," said the Duke as he kept caressing

He didn't respond. Dianna replied, "Isabella? Why is he calling you
that," She asked looking at Thomas.

"Yes, Explain that," Renie said.

Thomas knew there was no way around so he said in a voice muffled under
the mask, "My name is Isabella. The Duke married me and that gives him
power over my entire life, even my name and appearance. So I have to
wear women's apparel for him. I have no choice and he legally changed my
name to Isabella. I am Jose's wife. This mask symbolizes my feminine
submission to him, and that his rights as a husband over me are being
exercised. It is called a bliss mask. The mask is part of the wedding
ritual of this nation, the three nights of consummation. It means my
face must not be seen by anyone else except my husband. So I wear this
mask. Again, I have no say in it."

Dianna seemed to understand and smiled. "I hope that you two can make
this work. I know it must be difficult for you, being a man and
attracted to women. I know how much you loved being with me, how do you
deal with being a man's wife?"

Thomas shook his head. "I don't know, it is humiliating. It was
disgusting." Thomas avoided Dianna's eyes. He stared down at the table.
"I am still a man," Thomas said louder.

"I know," said Dianna. "You do look very beautiful. Your nails look
better than mine." She showed off her colorful nails. She looked at
Thomas's brilliant crimson nails. "They look so flawless and shine much
better than mine. I never knew a man's nails could look so good." She
giggled. "And I love that dress you are wearing." Then she looked a
little more serious and asked, "So did you, and him, last night,
really?" She blushed. "Well you know. What you and I did together? Did a
man do that to you last night and make you his real wife?"

Thomas avoided her question, refusing to respond. Renie spoke up,
"Isabella, we need to know this. It is important that you say it in
front of me so I can confirm it and put it in the records. That your
marriage. So tell us."

"Mother!" Thomas hissed. "Please don't make me tell you all of this,
with Dianne here. Can she leave? It is too much for me." Thomas began to

She moved in closer. "No she can't leave. We invited her. Son, you need
to tell us. Did you and your husband have sex last night?"

"Yes," Thomas hissed. "We had sex last night, are you happy?" Thomas
demanded. He didn't want to admit it at all in front of Dianne.

Dianna giggled. "I can't believe it. You were the boy who kept flirting
with me. You kept making those sexual advances on me. Telling me how
good you could make me feel. You pursued me relentlessly and we had sex.
You were very rough and dominant. I loved it. You have lived your life
pursuing women, hitting and flirting on women. Now you are dressing as a
woman and you are a bride to another man. That's so hot."

Renie spoke up over Dianne's giggles. "Son Liston to me because this is
an important detail. Does that mean you are accepting your wifely
position and accepted his semen inside you as a woman?"

Thomas blushed furiously, not that anyone noticed because of the
humiliating mask. He couldn't believe his mother's questions. Was she
enjoying doing this to him? She said, "Isabella we need to know."

"I didn't accept anything," he hissed in anger. "I was tied to his bed
and I didn't do anything. I didn't take part in it at all." They
probably knew he had no choice, and no chance to stop what had happened.

"Does that mean he didn't ejaculate in you," his mother demanded. "And
the blowjob does not count. It doesn't count if you only took his cum in
your mouth. It has to be in your anus to be consummated."

"Yes, He came in my ass," Thomas said in anger. "Jose had sex with me
last night, he ejaculated inside my ass all night long. I was tied to
the bed and was unable to stop him. I didn't accept it, he had me tied
up and he ejaculated inside me." Thomas felt so ashamed as Dianna was
smirking and busting out laughing.

"I can't believe you ever called yourself a man," Dianna said to him. It
was now ridiculous that she ever considered Thomas a man. No man would
ever let this happen to him. He would never dress himself up like this
and present himself to his family, with a man who had sex with him as a

"*I AM A MAN*," Thomas shouted loudly as she giggled.

A waitress came up, she looked at the young man wearing a bliss mask.
She couldn't help but giggle also. She thought Thomas was a woman until
he shouted that for everyone to hear "Are you really a man?" she asked.

"Yes," Thomas said.

"I didn't think you were a man. You looked just like any other woman we
had here wearing the ceremonial bliss mask for her husband. You are the
first man I have ever seen who wore that. Congratulations on your
marriage, sir," she said.

Then the waitress took everyone's order. Thomas really wished he could
order something, he was hungry. She looked at him. "I know you can't
eat, its custom until the three day period is over. I am sorry," she
said as she left.

Then Dianna asked, "How do you like being dressed as a woman, I mean, do
you like it?"

"No," Thomas replied. "You know I was a good man. You felt my masculine
passion as we had sex. How can you think I really enjoy this? I was a
man and want to be a man again."

"I think your manhood is lost, especially with your husband caressing
you like that. You aren't doing anything to stop it," she said with a
smile. "If my boyfriend was touching me like that in public, pinching my
breasts in front of everyone, I would have slapped him out of his chair.
You were never a man. No man would let himself be dressed like this and
treated that way."

Then Thomas said, "There was no way to stop it. He would punish me if I
embarrass him like that." Thomas looked down. "He may have Leanne spank
me or worse. There was nothing I could do to stop them from dress me, or
any way to stop him from having sex with me last night."

"You let him treat you like that, I would leave him if it was me,"
Dianna said

Renie said to Dianna, "Usually we can, except here, in an Arranged
Marriage, the bride gains an unwanted husband and loses all forms of
self-determination, expression and her assets. He can make her do
anything he wants."

"So you have to live like a woman for him," Dianna said. "I hope he
makes you beautiful."

The Duke was getting very aroused by Katherine's humiliating questions
to her brother and making him vividly recount what they did together
last night. The Duke turned to Katherine and said, "Katherine dear, may
you please excuse your brother and me for a few minutes. Please allow
your brother to accompany me to the men's restroom." He smirked as she
understood. "I need your brother for a bit."

Thomas's entire body stiffened with alarm. He cried, "No, Not now Jose,
not in front of them, not here. Please wait until we get home and I will
satisfy you as much as you want." He wanted to die, having to say such a
thing in front of his mother, in front of his sister and Dianna. Dianne
was smirking.

"Go ahead, we all know what you did with him last night, 'Isabella,'"
Dianne said with a smirk. "You can do it again. It won't hurt you,

The Duke pulled Thomas up, he said, "My love, remember our deal. Come
with me so we can have sex." Thomas dreaded this and felt so angry at
the Duke for doing this in front of his family. He knew that he had no
choice as he walked with his husband. He glared hatefully at his sister
Katherine. Thomas followed him to the men's restroom. He began to cry
and weep. He was openly sobbing as they entered the men's restroom.

He clung to his husband and begged, "Do we have to do this now,"

"Yes," the Duke said. "Please don't cry." He caressed Thomas's curls as
he clung desperately to his husband hoping to be spared from this
violation. Thomas knew in his heart there was no escape. "Let's do this
my love," the duke said as he pushed Thomas toward the sink in the
corner of the restroom.

"Please no!" Thomas pleaded sobbing.

"Bend over and hold the sink tight," the Duke commanded, ignoring his
wife's pleas. He turned Thomas around and bend him over the Bathroom
sink. Thomas held the sides of the sink with both hands to steady
himself. He was still crying as the Duke pulled Thomas's tight skirt up
past his buttock. He caressed Thomas's ass, squeezing and playing with
Thomas's ass cheeks. They stood out from the Thong he was wearing. The
Duke unzipped his trousers and rubbed the head of his penis against
Thomas's ass cheeks. Thomas kept pleading.

Katherine and Dianna stood outside the restroom. The sounds coming
though the bathroom door left no doubt what was happening inside as
Katherine heard the loud grunting from her brother. ARGGGGGG" Katherine
giggled at the intensity of the cries coming from the beautiful
feminized man that was her own brother. The cries as his anus was
penetrated by his own husband's massive intrusive cock. She heard his
cry as the cock forced its way steadly inside him. She pictured her
brother in her mind wearing the white dress being fucked by a real man.
It made her aroused. Her brother's tearful desperate cry was heard
outside and echoed off the walls. "Please stop, Jose. Stop it hurts."
She knew his husband had no intention of stoping until he had a
satisfactory orgasm inside her brother Thomas. She knew his pleading was
a spontaneous reaction to the pain he was enduring. It left no doubt
what was going on inside that bathroom.

She giggled more as she heard his desperate plea, "Hurry up and take it
out. Please." She heard her brother's voice fade as she heard his
husband grunt and the skin of the man's pelvis slapping against Thomas's
hips with each thrust as his cock slide in and out being squeezed and
massaged by Thomas's unwilling ass. Thomas was loudly grunting also as
his heels coming off the floor in a rhythmic taping sound that was heard
clearly from outside. Katherine wore a bright sadistic smile.

Thomas felt very disgusted as the man's large penis head rubbing against
his ass. Then the Duke pulled his thongs down. He screamed as he was
violently penetrated by the Duke. The Duke's massive cock rammed into
him with one violent push. Thomas was filled with the Dukes cock.

The women outside heard the young man cry and scream. Then they heard
the distinctive repeated slapping of flesh. Thomas was being forcibly
and violently fucked by the Duke. The screams were heard clearly. He
kept saying Stop. Katherine just smirked, she loved it.

The Dukes rhythm increased to a feverish pace. Thomas's body was rocking
violently from the Dukes merciless pounding. The entire sink rocked from
the force. The Duke cried out as he ejaculated a massive load into
Thomas. Thomas sobbed uncontrollably as the Duke had a very satisfactory
orgasm. He turned Thomas around and wiped the end of his penis against
Thomas's dress. He caressed Thomas's head and said, "You were very good
my love, I hope you will adapt to this my love. You can clean up and we
will be waiting at the table.

The Duke turned and left the restroom as Thomas began sobbing. This was
so cruel.

The Door opened, Thomas looked up to see Dianne walk in. She looked down
at the sobbing young man wearing a woman's wedding mask. She sat beside
him, and held him tightly. "I am so sorry for this. Thomas, This is so
cruel and wrong."

"I thought you enjoyed this happening to me," Thomas shot accusingly.

She shook her head as she held Thomas. "I do to an extent. I must admit
it is exciting but I also know right from wrong. Your sister does. She
is cruel and mean spirited. She enjoyed every minute of us. I want to
help you."

"I want to teach her otherwise," Thomas said, trying to regain control
over himself. "I can't believe she did this. Why do you want to help

"Because, You are very special and you are my friend. This stupid ritual
in this nation is wrong. I will help you get though this. The most you
can do is get though it with dignity. Don't let them see you crying like
this. You compose yourself and walk back to them like you enjoyed it. We
will discuss how to deal with your sister. I will help you," Dianne
said. "I have to pretend to be cruel so your sister does not suspect."


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