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Charlotte Johnson Interview

On this edition of the Erotica Author’s Corner, I’m very proud to have the very talented Transgender Romance Author, Charlotte Johnson. 

Charlotte has made a name for herself in writing over 37 plus stories and counting on Fictionmania! She has huge following on Fictionmania where her fans are always eager to read and view her latest content.

Charlotte welcome and thanks you for being on the Erotica Author’s Corner, I wanted to start off with what was your earliest exposure to erotic fiction?
Oooh, that takes me back many years. A close friend at the time had a collection of novellas from the 1960’s and 1970’s. I read them all and became fascinated with the genre, especially as, at the time, I was beginning to explore my own feminine nature.

How would Charlotte describe herself? In other words, how are you different than from other authors? 
I am, without doubt, a hopeless romantic and I would classify nearly all my stories as ‘Transgender Romance’. I love to write simple stories set in the everyday world, stories which reflect upon the developing relationship of the characters therein. I often make myself the heroine of these stories and enjoy imagining myself doing all the things I write about too. One of the things that really sets my stories apart are the pictures I use to illustrate them. In fact sometimes, the picture come first and then the story is written to match so as to achieve the perfect segue.

What motivated you to write erotic fiction?
Initially it was a way of exploring my own sexuality as I have a very strong feminine side to my nature. When I am dressed as Charlotte, I find myself fantasizing about what it might be like to have a loving man in my life. Creating the fictional Charlotte was a ‘safe’ way of experiencing what it might be like to take such a man into my bed.

You have distinguished yourself from other writers on Fictionmania by going the extra mile in creating visual for all of your stories. How has been the feedback for that?
What girl like me wouldn’t like to imagine herself looking ultra feminine and oh so sexy. The example above is a blend of a pretty hairstyle, my face and the body to go with them. This one works quite well I think.
It was not always the case however. Some of my early efforts were crude and not very realistic and these pictures would often deservedly get negative comments. However, I persevered and as my expertise with Photoshop improved with practice so did my pictures. I even went as far as conducting a little survey on Fictionmania, asking readers for their opinion. Reaction was mixed but on the whole, the majority were in favor so, hey, who am I to disappoint? I have even, in the past created stories and images for friends around the world.

Don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, but you look beautiful by the way.
That’s very kind of you but perhaps your readers should make their own mind up about that so I have inserted a recent picture of me.

Your stories are an incredible balance of healthy, sexy erotic fiction, you promote acceptance and self love. Can you tell us a little about that?
 As I have said, I am a total romantic and, when it comes to my fiction, I definitely wear rose tinted glasses. But, as far as I am concerned, being a cross-dresser or a transsexual woman is hard enough in its own right without introducing the pain and suffering that many authors in this genre seem to write about. Everyone deserves acceptance, true happiness and love, even if it is expressed in a fictional way. Consequently, this is the way I write. 

Here in America, people are slowly becoming more understanding of their fellow Transgender American. How is it developing in your part of the world?  
I don’t suppose it is any different here than it is in the good old USA. One thing we do have here is a brilliant website called tvchix ( It is a social media website designed especially for the TV/TS community and those who admire them. It is a brilliant way of making friends both in England and in countries from around the world and already has a following with girls across the pond.

Talking about acceptance again, your stories suggest they take place in the U.K, do you feel you have to be conscience of American readers “getting it culturally”? 
Well, as you might have gathered, I am English. Consequently I do use English phrases and idioms in my writing. Whilst the occasional reader has fun trying to spot the differences I don’t think it affects the overall enjoyment of a story.

By the way the intimate moments in your stories are incredibly steamy and palpable, you capture it so well. Can you tell us a little about them? Do you have a favorite one from one of your stories?
Do I have a favorite moment? No...probably not. But I do enjoy imagining two people falling in love, choosing then to express that love in the physical act.

How much overall time do you put into your content before submitting it?
This is something I work very hard at. The first step for me is to read and then reread what I have written, changing, editing and improving each and every sentence. Call me old fashioned, but I also like to print off the story and proof read it again on paper.  Even then, I still make mistakes. For some reason, I have a blind spot with names and more than once the name of a character has ‘accidentally’ changed. I put this down to being a ‘ditzy blonde.’

Just to correct you, you are not a ‘Ditzy Blonde’ Charlotte.
Ok, perhaps ditzy was a bit of a strong word but I definitely have my moments!!

Do you have a favorite story you wrote? Which is your least favorite story? (If any)
I don’t think I have a least favorite story but, without doubt, my favorite has to be ‘The Inheritance’. I don’t normally write about magical transformations but this one seemed to work beautifully. I even had one reader suggest it should be made into a film. Wouldn’t that be fun?

When you were writing your stories, what were the parts that you looked forward to writing about? 
I love to explore the emotions between two characters and, call me silly if you like, but on more than one occasion I have made myself cry with happiness as I put down the words. The first time this happened was when I wrote the first “Christmas Present” and even now, when I read it again, it never fails to bring a tear to my eye. As one reader commented, ‘the story went blurry at the end.’ It happened again in “What is Life Without Love’ and by the time I had finished writing the last chapter I was blubbering like a baby. 

And what are the parts you dislike or feel as if are played out in this genre?
I have only ever written two violent scenes, the first in ‘Working Girl’, the second in ‘Dance With Me’ and I have to admit, I did not enjoy the process. At the start of ‘Dance With Me,’ the central character is raped and I found writing this scene intensely painful. However, after much soul searching, I decided to include the scene as it becomes central to the development of the character. Even so, I hated having to write it.

I remember that story (Dance with Me), not many people know this, but at a young age I was molested. It could have gone to the point to what happened to your character when she was brutalized, but it didn’t. Do you ever get messages from readers finding inspiration from your stories after experiencing similar traumas? If so, can you share any examples?
No, not really. I do, however, get quite a lot of messages from readers who gain encouragement from the sort of stories I write. It always gladdens my heart to think that a single reader might be inspired to follow their heart simply by reading the words I have written. I do love to get comments and messages from readers as this is one of the things I find truly inspiring. I always add my email address to the end of a story and always respond to any personal messages that come my way. 

My email address is    
Drop me a line!!!!

What are your ambitions for the genre?
I have had a couple of stories professionally published by a company called Reluctant Press who specialize in Transgender fiction. However I would love for Transgender Romance to be accepted into the mainstream romance genre and am currently exploring how to self publish my work.

Miss Charlotte thank you again for sharing your time with us, this has been a lovely pleasure. We wish the best of luck on everything you do and look forward to all your wonderful literature. 

Please remember to leave a comments below as well as comments on her wonderful stories. Thank you for being respectful. 


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