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On this edition of the Erotica Author’s Corner, we have author of the Perils of Paul series Valerie. For the entire month of June, Valerie released a new story each day on Fictionmania! The author recently took a little time off from her recent project to tell us a little about her experiences how the Perils of Paul series (2015) came about. 

Valerie welcome and thank you for being on the Erotica Author’s Corner, I wanted to start off with what was your earliest exposure to erotic fiction?

I purchased some porn paper back books from a used book store in New Jersey when I was about 15. I was totally turned on and could not put the books down. I must have read all 3 at least 20 times.

That’s interesting, could you tell us a little of what you read?

The stories were about light bondage, one dealt with feminization of a young boy. Another dealt with training a young girl to be submissive.

Do you have a favorite author? Story?

No, i don't unless you count non porn then it would be David Baldacci.

How would Valerie describe herself? In other words, how are you different than from other authors? 

I pull 100% of what I write from real life situations that I have experienced or from others that I have spoken to first hand. I enjoy coloring the scene with visual words to draw the reader right into the story.

Would you mind sharing with us which experiences you used for which stories? 

Well I cannot recount my experiences for each chapter but I will give you an idea. I went to the dentist office for a routine cleaning and the practitioner was very attractive in her twenties.  She was single and a little flirty. She accidentally sprayed the front of my shirt and giggled about having me take my clothes off while she dried them. Of course she never intended for me to do that but she enjoyed teasing the idea with me. I then let my imagination run away with the idea. The same sort of thing happened when my regular masseuse had a teenage substitute perform my massage. Another time when the doctor was delayed at the hospital and a nurse and a medical student did the preliminary examination, i simply let my imagination take over and explore the possibilities.. 

What motivated you to write erotic fiction?

 I just started writing down my dreams. 

Is this how your Perils of Paul series started? 

Yes. I started imagining "Paul" in various situations where he was not in control. In circumstances where he would be taken advantage of, I found stimulating. I liked taking advantage of Paul. I liked having power over him.

You have distinguished yourself from other writers on Fictionmania by submitting a story everyday during the month of June. How could you write so much in so little time?!

I didn't . I have been writing these stories over the past twenty years. Re-writing them and adding to them as I went along. I have been inspired by the reaction and reviews received and have begun writing a new series of stories called Samantha.

Your Perils of Paul series, I have to ask. Are they inter connected? Can you tell us a little about that? 

The chapters are separate situations  that "Paul" might find himself in over time (his life time). One or two chapters do not fit the mold very well at all but I think the rest could easily be situations of a single person named Paul.
Do you have a favorite story you wrote? Which is your least favorite story? (If any). 

I think Linda is my best and Gina is my worst.

Why is Linda considered your best and Gina your worst? 

I enjoyed writing "Linda" because I was able to deeply color the scenes and draw the reader into the story. Just describing the rain on the window pane as an example. "Gina" was hastily written. I was striving to create a wanton woman. I wanted her to be a product of her environment through no fault of her own. I did not take the time to embellish the story with color. 

When you were writing your stories, what were the parts that you looked forward to writing about?

Oh, I like almost everything about writing these stories. I like creating just how it feels to feel the silky fabrics or the humiliation of exposure or the helplessness of bondage. 

And what are the parts you dislike or feel as if are played out in this genre? 

I dislike writing about male on male encounters. It seems that every story about cross dressing male to female involves the newly female persona has to engage in a male encounter.

Is there a story you wish that you could go back and add improvements? Do you have any regrets in what you have written?

As I indicated Gina is one that could use a re-write but I do not want to go back. I would prefer to move on and write something totally fresh such as Samantha.

 What are your ambitions for the genre? 

I would like cross dressers to realize what they have encountered and what feeling they have actually happen to others and that they are not strange. I want readers to be turned on. I want non cross dressers to readily accept cross dressers and not necessarily categorize them as Gay or even transgender. I want readers to see that playful bondage is an erotic turn on of pleasure and not sadistic torture.

Could you share a little about the story you are working on? 

I will share just a little. Sam is an innocent young boy who finds himself envying the power women have over men. He is drawn to the costumes women wear to entice men and tease men. Unfortunately he is caught and forced to live his fantasy.

Valerie, thank you so much for your time. Questions and comments are welcomed by readers below. Thank you for being respectful.  

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