O is for Orifice


A woman’s bodily orifice, while pleasant on the surface, is also inviting deep within.
Whether it is her mouth or an orifice farther south, openings tend to lure gentlemen.
When such invites are open, not a word need be spoken. Even dull men will get it.
It’s near silent and alluring, just like a pussy purring, and most men just love to pet it.

A tongue will happily linger, as will many a finger, in a woman’s sexiest glory hole.
Guests sure bring a smile as they play there awhile pounding with a hot penis pole.
She gladly greets a guest who gores her orifice and fills her with more than mere glee.
Ladies charge not a cent to entertain a fine gent because her orifices are open for free.

Her mouth invites a kiss which promises bliss, as gentlemen soon should find out.
A lady, old or younger, with great sexual hunger, wants more than kisses, no doubt.
She goes to her knees, her gentleman to please. Then his pants she does unzip.
" Put your cock in my maw and I'll suck it raw. "  This sex-starved lady doth quip.

First this lady allows one to come on her tongue, in her mouth and down her throat.
Four more men follow, all their cum she will swallow. She’s one cocksucker of note.
But this does not quench the appetite of this wench who’s ravenously hungry for sex.
Her sex orifice below needs some action and so smiling she yells out  “Who’s next?”

Seven gentlemen plus three fuck her hot, wet pussy and still she’s not had enough.
To join in this sex fun, she invites twenty-one more men to treat her most rough.
They flip her on her back, spread her legs, then attack her third and tightest orifice
Which they mercifully lube with KY from a tube but it’s forced up her butt with a fist.

But a fist in her anal cavity doesn’t satisfy her depravity. Her lust no one could slake.
This lady has class. In mouth, cunt or ass, four score or more cocks she could take.
Through each open orifice she gets and gives great bliss, for that is her primary goal:
To receive from gentlemen their precious semen and treasure it in her every sex hole

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