Miss Donna Interview

Miss Donna Interview


Riding the public bus to my college, I used to read the weekly alternative newspaper. I would skip to the last few pages of the paper to the spicy section of paper, where the sex hotlines, BDSM clubs and Erotic Boutiques where advertised. One word stuck out for one pf the club’s services, Feminization.

Curiosity led me to search the meaning of the word which led me to a website, Sissy Girl Story Site. On the site I found a wealth of stories. One of those stories made a profound impact on me, Adventure at the Mall by Miss Donna. 

On this edition of the Erotica Author’s Corner, I’m very proud and honored to have a personal favorite author of mine. She is the author of The Party and Adventure at the Mall.  

A: Miss Donna welcome to the Erotica Author’s Corner. I wanted to start off with a question I always ask my guests. Can you recall your earliest exposure to erotic fiction?

D: I can’t remember their names but in my early twenties I came across a series of small paper back books that had short stories in them. Some would be short stories and some would be serials. When I got on line I found a number of sites that had a lot of stories on them.

A: If you can, for those who aren’t familiar with you, how would Miss Donna describe herself? In other words, how are you different than from other authors?

D: The way I would describe myself is as a very happy woman. As you know and what I alluded to when I said the woman I had the fling with made me realize I had to do, I had reassignment surgery a while back. So now I am who I was meant to be and very happy. How am I different from other writers? I’m not sure I am. I think most people who write stories do so with subjects they enjoy and can have fun writing about. I know that is true of me.

A: Now that we know a little bit of yourself, what was it that motivated you to write erotic fiction?

D: I was in a long term relationship with a wonderful lady and we both had been in the bdsm scene for a long time. Her favorite aspect of the scene was feminization. In fact when we met we were at a scene party and I was dresses. That was probably the main attraction I had for her until we got to know each other. Toward the end of our relationship she decided she was going to start a web site based on feminization and was looking for stories to put on it. Since I enjoyed writing I told her I’d write a few stories for her. I knew a large number of people in the scene with similar fantasies and felt I could express those fantasies and put a bit of humor into a story.

A: When you were writing your stories, did you already have the title in mind? How important is the title to you?

D: To tell you the truth I’m not even sure if I am the one who came up with the titles or whether the person I was in a relationship with at the time who I wrote the stories for did that. So I guess the title was not important to my writing the story. I had an idea of what subject I wanted to write about and wrote it. The title always came afterward.

A: When writing erotic fiction do already have an idea of how the story will end? How do you know when it is done?

D: I would always have a general idea of how it was going to end but there would be times when I would start to go in one direction and think of something that would work better and take a little bit of a detour getting there.  I’m sure you do something similar with your drawings . When I write I set up a general outline of where I want to go but my mind is always thinking of ways to make it more interesting.

A: Do you have a favorite outfit from a story you wrote?

D: No, I wouldn’t say there was a favorite outfit. I dressed the characters in all my stories to fit the situation. There was probably a little bit of myself in Adventure  in the Mall but most of my stories had nothing to do with me.

A: Do you have a favorite time era of fashion? Where did you get your fashion inspiration that you use for your stories?

Sue dressing the character Don into a girl.
If I was going to pick a time era of fashion that I find interesting it would probably be from a few hundred years ago when the women wore the big hoop gowns and corsets. They were very impractical but I always thought they were beautiful to look at. Saying that it’s probably a little strange that I don’t dress ultra feminine and am lucky if I wear a dress twice a year.
I was in the BDSM scene for around twenty years and have known a lot of people who were in different areas of the transgender scene. Most of my inspiration as far as fashion and in characters came from people I knew.

A: You wrote Adventure at the Mall, about a man who is caught cross dressing by one of his female office co-workers at the mall. She then proceeds in seeing how far she can turn him into a woman with surprising results. The story had a great influence on me. Do you continue to get fan mail regarding the stories?

D: In the beginning a fair amount of people would write my former partner saying they enjoyed the stories and she would forward them to me but these days it is pretty rare.

A: There is an interesting story behind Adventure at the Mall that you told me. For those that don’t know it would you mind sharing it for the new fans?

D: I think you are talking about the contest I entered the story in. There was a professional domme that had a site on line and put on a contest of stories on different aspects of the bdsm scene. Readers on the site could vote on their favorites. There was one woman who entered a story who kept boasting that she was a professionally trained writer. I had a feeling this woman was a friend of the owner of the site. After a week or so my story was way out in front in all the voting and then all of a sudden the site owner announced that my story had been disqualified because it was over the word limit and for everyone not to vote for it. But she left it up and people kept voting for it anyway and in the end I had far more votes than anyone else. But the prize which I can’t remember ended up going to professionally trained writer.

What I didn’t tell you when told you about the contest is that if this person is who I think it was I had a very brief fling with her and although it was not her goal she is the one who finally made me realize what I needed to do in my life.

A: In your other story, The Party deals with a young man who identifies himself as a Sissy and in Adventures at the Mall you have another who is a Crossdresser. The Sissy character in the Party story goes through a series of sexual humiliations each one becoming more and more intense leading to a theatrical sexual experience which ends in his happiness as a Sissy while the crossdresser in Adventure at the Mall is gradually and better feminized and led to into a humiliating climatic sexual situation which ends in him questioning himself and about his sexual orientation.

In one story the character knows (The Party) who he is and what makes him happy while the other (Adventure at the Mall) the protagonist does not have a clear idea of who he is and is left with questions after being dropped off at his house. Was this a comment on the complexity of the community of males who dress in feminine clothing?

D: There was not a conscious effort to comment on the many variances of the transgender community but in the end that does come through. I’ve known so many different people over the years who get their enjoyment in a vast variety of ways and I do tell the stories of many of them. I mentioned before that there was a bit of myself in Adventure in the Mall and there was. No, I didn’t desire to be caught by my fellow employees and humiliated but at that time there was a lot of trying to figure out who I am. I knew at an early age that I related to myself as a female and then spent half a lifetime trying to convince myself otherwise and that I could be happy dressing as a female on weekends.

D: When I started buying clothes I wasted a lot of time buying things and then getting home to find they didn’t fit. So eventually I got the courage to try things on in the  stores and there was always the fear that someone I knew would catch me. So that is where a bit of that story came from along with some of the fantasies of people I knew.

A: Would you please tell us a little about the sex in your stories? The final sexual climatic scenes in your stories are almost theatrical ceremonies. How do they function in your stories as other than serving the requirement of erotic literature? Do they serve as a way to help fully transform the protagonist character?

D: I never really thought about it that way. I tried to write stories that I felt people could relate to and possibly get some sexual stimulation out of. But I also attempted to put a little bit of humor in them so maybe some who didn’t really relate to the story would get some entertainment out of them just because the character and the predicaments he got into made them laugh.

A: I’m sorry to say that I only know two stories from you on Sissy Girl Stories.com, are there more writings from you?

D: Unfortunately I wrote those stories toward the end of that aspect of my life. I’ve written more mainstream stories which I can’t remember where they are but that was my brief experience with writing feminization stories.

A: When you were writing your stories, what were the parts that you looked forward to writing about?

D: What I enjoyed was being able to express fantasies I knew a lot of people had but also to add humor and make people laugh about them at the same time. One thing I believe about the contest I entered is that most of the people who voted for me were not into feminization. They liked the story and voted for it because they thought it was funny. That’s the beauty about writing. Readers may not be interested in the subject but if you make it fun to read they will enjoy it anyway.

A: Is there a favorite moment in your stories that stand out the most to you? One you found memorable?

D: You’ve read two of my stories but there are a few thers that are probably out there somewhere but I no longer have copies of and don’t recall a lot of what they were about. Of everything I wrote Adventure in the Mall was the one I had the most fun writing and would say that the point where the character was originally caught by a co worker was my favorite part. On the other hand The Party was probably the story I had the least fun writing.

A: And what are the parts you dislike or feel as if are played out in this genre?

D: I didn’t really write enough for the subject to get played out for me. I can see how if you write about the same subject long enough you would run out of new ideas and start repeating things. Then it would cease to be fun to write about. The same could probably be true for reading the same things. One nice thing about writing fantasy stories is that there are always new people coming along who read about the subject for the first time. Who knows, maybe a hundred years from now someone will read Adventure in the Mall and it will change their life.

A: Do you have any regrets in your stories you wish you would have taken?

D: I do wish I had started writing them sooner and had written more but as I told you I wrote them at the end of that part of my life. Once I started my transition the ability to write on that subject left for good.

A: What projects are currently working on?

D: I’m not presently writing any stories. I do write a journal and there is always the idea something will come from that. Mostly these days I spend my spare time playing pool. A couple years ago I started playing and found I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Now if I can just get to be good at it.

A: Some people who read TG/Crossdressing in the erotic fiction of the different sites that make up the internet may find stories like yours enjoyable/curious fun. Sure, there are some readers who will enjoy it, but are not comfortable because it raises questions about their own sexuality. What do you say to them, now that you have found your version happiness of in your life?  

D: I’ve always had the philosophy that I did not want to get to the end of my life and regret that I had not done something I wanted to do. I also believe you can never be totally happy until you are true to yourself. As it was for me that can be extremely scary. I knew in my heart I am a female but I also knew that making that happen put me at risk of losing family and friends as well as possibly my job. But I also knew that not doing it meant that I was going to cease to exist. That’s probably a bit more extreme than most people trying to figure out their sexuality, but I think you at least need to try to answer your questions or they will haunt you all your life.

A: Miss Donna, thank you again so much for sharing a little bit of your own story and sharing your wonderful talents with the readers who continue to enjoy your stories time and time again. We are happy for you and wish you the best in your current life and future.   

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