Mommy’s Little Sissy Ch. 5

Brenda  Gova

Chapter 05:  Girlie-boys swimming 

The rest of the evening was uneventful as was the night (except for the sweet dreams I was having (tee-hee).  My dreams were about me and Stephaney swimming and about the boys teasing us.  How they would pull the back of our suits and snap the elastic like a bra strap.  And with that I would turn and say ‘Now stop that boys or I’ll tell’ and ‘stamp’ my foot in the sand (just like a fairy).  OMG, I thought, I guess I may be a fairy, but not now, no, I’m all boy (I scowled).  Then my face softened as I thought ‘but maybe soon when my tits start growing (giggle)’.

That’s when I awoke with a start, saying to myself ‘Oh I’m late, what time is it, oh, oh.’  I was late, it was 8 O’clock and I had made a date with Patty to go swimming at 9:00.  I rushed around my room throwing clothes everywhere not being able to decide what to wear.  Finally I decided on a pretty dress with matching socks and shoes saying to myself. ‘If I’m going swimming as a girl I might as well look pretty (tee-hee)’.  I threw the dress on without even checking to see if my petticoat was straight saying to myself ‘Patty will make sure I look OK’. Then out the door I ran.

At Patty’s I got a surprise, Stephaney was already there, and dressed.  He had on a full bodied blue swimsuit covered by a white blouse with white girl’s sneakers. He actually looked pretty good (for a boy ‘tee-hee’ I snickered).  ‘Hurry up and change’ Patty commanded ‘we’re all ready to go honey.’  I smiled when she called me ‘honey’, that was a nice ‘feminine’ touch (I felt so ‘girlie’ now ‘giggle’).
Doing as I was told I changed right away and giving them my best girlie pose asked ‘How’s this girls?”  I looked in the mirror, satisfied, I presented myself to Patty and Stephaney.  They both snickered and tee-hee’d saying ‘you’re beautiful Brenda, just adorable’, but is that your ‘security’ doll you’re holding on too (giggle).  I ignored them and I giggled also, I loved my ‘Shirley Temple’ doll.  I then did a perfect ballerina ‘pirouette’ for them so they could see all of me (giggle) and they gave their final approval ‘OK, Let’s Go Honey’.  And off we went chatting and giggling all the way.

When we got to the lake Patty stopped us and from her bag pulled out three bathing caps.  Handing one to each of us she said ‘put them on boys, they’ll save your perm and keep your hair dry’.  She handed me one with daisy’s on it, nice touch I thought, very girlie.  Then, spreading our blanket and putting our stuff on it, it also meant kissing ‘Shirley’ (my doll) goodbye, she couldn’t swim, and we ran down the beach to the water.  I ran as prissy as I could, wiggling my hips and butt, trying to imitate the girls I’ve watched so often,  Finally, reaching the water we dove in and came up laughing and giggling, acting just like little girls.

But when we looked around we had a real surprise.  We were surrounded by boys.  From what I could see they were all between 13 and 14, just a year or two older than us.  Oh my heart was going a mile a minute and I didn’t know if it was because I was afraid of being found out, or, excited because I was going to have my first boyfriend.  In any case some of the boys were rowdy pulling the backs of our swimsuits (just like in my dream) but before I could take action an older boy (‘Robert’ I found out later) stopped them.
Robert and I talked for a while, traded addresses and phone numbers (I lied about mine).  And planned our next date (right, we hadn’t had our first yet). But it was a good day and at the end of it Robert wanted to take our picture to prove later that he wasn’t having a dream.  We made him take two, one for his camera and one in ours (Patty had one in her bag). So we posed as sexy as 12 year old boys could be (Giggle).  At the end we all laughed and giggled, and I even gave Robert a little kiss on the cheek to say goodbye.
On the way home we recapped the day’s events and agreed what a good time we had.  I had planned on taking Stephaney for a walk down the tracks tomorrow to my secret spot.  I’ll tell you about that tomorrow and what a special place it is (giggle).  Oh it’s special all right (tee-hee) and I’m sure you’ll like it too.

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