Mommy’s Sissy Ch.3

Brenda Gova

Chapter #3 Back at home

When we got back home we all followed mom into the kitchen.  We all knew that she would recap the day’s events, our do’s and don’ts.  And she did just what we expected.  She started with her ‘allocates’ (which made us all feel good), but, she finished up with all the things we had done wrong, ‘slap on the hand’ if you will (which was a real downer). When she finished critiquing us we all sat down to gab and have cookies.  At that point Amelia made an excuse and left the ‘party’ (it was not really a party).

So there we were Suzie, me and Mom just sitting at the table.  Then mom spoke ‘Brian go get out of your dress, hang it up, and start practicing your ballerina steps.  I want to talk to Suzie a moment, and then I’ll be up to see you.  ‘OK mom’ I said and went upstairs.  But I was in a quandary, my ballerina outfit was back at the auditorium and I had nothing to practice in.  Oh well, I resigned myself to my fate. It was better to practice naked than be caught not practicing and incur my mother’s wrath.

Meanwhile mom was grilling Suzie ‘how many ‘girlie-boys’ are they in your collage?’  Suzie answered ‘about two or three dozen, and their really nice girls’.  Oh that’s good, I wouldn’t want Brian to be in the wrong crowd. ‘And how many of them are ‘black’’ mom asked.  About half, they stay in their own ‘click’, but they seem to be nice also.  ‘No gang bangers then’ mom asked.  Suzie replied ‘no that’s not allowed’.  ‘Well Suzie, how would you like to have a black girlfriend?’ Mom asked.  I’m thinking about changing Brian into a ‘Negro’ girl to teach him some humiliation and respect.  Would you look after him that way and keep him out of serious trouble. Oh yes, of course I would (then she thought about all those beautiful black dicks she could share and giggled).

Mom found out what she needed to know and was indeed satisfied with Suzie’s answers.  That, her son Brian, would be taken good care of as a black girl (tee-hee).  Showing Suzie to the door she said ‘goodbye honey’ and headed upstairs to Brian’s room thing to herself ‘he had better by practicing like I told him to do’.  Opening the door she let out an involuntary gasp when she saw me.  I was in a high kick on the bar, with my ’ding dong’ swinging freely in full sight.  ‘What are you doing boy?’ mom asked in a stern tone.   Brian tried to explain that his ballerina tutu and leotard was left at the show and he had nothing at home to wear.  His mom calmed down handed him a ‘pill’ and left saying ‘put on your little girl dress and come down stairs boy’.  Brian looked at the pill, hesitated a moment, then swallowed it.  Immediately he could feel his breasts starting to grow and he smiled.

Picking out a pink dress, matching flats and nylons he put them on making sure the dress hem showed the top of his nylons. Looking in the mirror he was satisfied that he was a pretty young lady for his mom, he smiled (and giggled to himself) and went down to get moms approval of his dress choice.  When she saw him she clapped her hands together and exclaimed ‘Oh son, you’re beautiful and I love your dress.  The short little girl dress was nice choice.  Oh, you are mommy’s girl tee-hee.’  He had never seen his mother this happy so he ‘pranced’ around a little bit just for her, flouncing the hem of his dress to show his pink panties.  That brought another ‘giggle’ from his mom.

 Then she told him to sit at the kitchen table.  They sat there for some time talking ‘small talk’ when mom brought out another pill.  Take this son, it’ll make you really beautiful.  But mom, I objected, I already took my girly pill.  This isn’t a ‘girly’ pill, it’s for your skin.  My ‘skin’, I asked in wilderment.  Mom said it’ll give you a deep tan, just like a ‘beach baby’ darling.  ‘Oh’ I said ‘OK mom’ (if I had known how deep my tan would be I wouldn’t have said OK so fast).

Oh I almost forgot, I found my practice tutu for you son, err….Brenda. I guess I should get used to calling you ‘Brenda’ all the time now.  Why don’t you try it on now so I can see if it fits properly.  So doing as I was told I stripped out of my dress and donned the tutu.  It fit perfectly, but as expected my ‘Ding Dong’ was in full view and mom was giggling.  That’s OK Brenda, when I go back to the auditorium I’ll get you leotard and pantyhose (giggle).  They talked for a long time, in fact it was late was late before they finished dinner, almost bedtime.  So Brenda, still wearing the tutu grabbed his dress, kissed his mom on the lips, and said ‘good night mom’ I love you.  She responded with a big smile. I love you too dear (he had never kissed her in the lips before and she liked it giggle).

It didn’t take Brenda long to don his favorite shortly nightgown and fall asleep.  He started with a dream about sun bathing on a beach blanket in a ‘skimpy’ bikini (he giggled in his sleep) with boys with big smiles standing all around looking at him (giggle).  He had great ‘fantasy’ dreams about his adventures at ‘bikini beach’ (‘great’ XXX rated dreams). In fact ‘great’ was a misnomer, they were ‘super’ dreams that every boy, or girl, should have (giggle).  Upon waking (still smiling) sitting on his bed in his ‘shorty’ nightgown he didn’t know why he was feeling this good.  He wondered about that for a moment, then dismissed the feeling as ‘crazy’, just a ‘girly thing’ giggle. Then he stretched, scratched an itch on his head, and prepared to put on his tutu for morning practice.  Wait a minute that wasn’t right, my head felt like a ‘SOS’ pad.  He put on his tutu then looked in the mirror.  He was amazed, over night he had a ‘tan’, a beautiful copper colored tan.  Moms pill worked, he looked like a ‘beach bunny’ ‘giggle’.  But his hair was ‘stiff and kinky’ like a black girls, but Brenda thought that may be a temporary side effect (Oh how wrong he was).

Today was a normal ‘girly-boy’ day (if you can call any day normal for a girly-boy) so I’ll skip ahead to the next morning.

Brenda had put his favorite shorty, just laying in his bed playing with his new boobies, and thinking X rated thoughts (with a huge smile) when his mother just walked in without knocking.  Brenda, you forgot to take your tanning pill.  Brenda jumped up, said ‘thank you mom for remembering’ and swallowed the pill.  Then he laid back, one hand on his tit, and one under the covers on his rock hard ‘ding dong’, kissed his mom ‘good night’ and closed his eyes.  It didn’t take long before he was back in his fantasy world with a big smile on his face.  But this time his mom was with him. She was his imaginary lover, playing with his tits and his ding dong, and he with her boobs and ‘pussy’.

He awoke when she climbed on top and started to enter him.  Wow, what a dream that was!  Slowly he got up, got dressed (he decided upon a mini-skirt) because he was going out today.  Then he looked in the mirror to make sure everything was OK.  He GASPED at what was looking back.  That couldn’t be him, there was a ‘Ebony’ girl looking back.  A black girl with a bulbous butt, with dark skin, big tits, and had a black kinky hair style, had changed places with him. Ugggghhhhhh.

That’s when Brenda’s mom entered his room saying “I heard your scream son so I knew the pills had worked.  You’re going to be this was for a while.  I fact, I’ve enrolled you in collage as a ‘Black Girl’, isn’t that nice.’  I was so shocked that I couldn’t say anything. Then I smiled when I thought about all the big black dicks I could get.

‘OK mom I’ll try to do it and see what happens’ I said laughing to myself (I’ll try alright, I’ll try them all out ‘giggle’).

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