Mommy’s Little Sissy Ch. 12

Brenda  Gova

Chapter 12:  My 13th Birthday Party

I was just sitting around the house in my new dress, and scratching my new ‘bumps’ (when boobs were growing I didn’t know they itched so much), when Stephaney knocked on the door. Opening the door I said ‘Hi Steph’, his response was ‘Wow Brenda you look good, and in a new dress too’.  I hadn’t seen Stephaney in a couple of days so I had plenty to tell him.  I told him the whole story all about my ‘Pregnancy’, ‘Dr Pussybutt’, my ‘Girlie Patches’, and mom buying me my new dress.  Oh yes, and my new tits and how the patches worked. He laughed at that, then asked me if he could try one of my patches, saying ‘Why should you be the only boy with boobs’ (giggle).

So I grabbed him by his hand, while commenting on how nice his purple little ‘Girlie’ dress looked, and took him upstairs to my bedroom (that’s where my ‘cache’ of patches was).  Opening my top dresser drawer I pulled out a box of patches (a box had 7, a week’s supply) telling him I had plenty for both of us (giggle).

He immediately took one patch out and put it on.  ‘By tomorrow you’ll be a different boy’ like I knew what would happen (I’ve only had mine on for 5 hours) giggle.  That’s when mom caught us (wow she’s getting sneaky) and Stephaney with his dress up around his neck and his patch fully visible on his belly.

But rather than scold us (I fully expected to be beat half to death) she asked in a pleasant voice ‘Stephaney are you coming to Brenda’s Birthday Party tomorrow, it’s going to be lots of girlie fun’.  Lowering his dress he responded ‘Yes ma’am, I had planned on it and wait till you see the present I got him (tee-hee)’.  Great, that makes …., umm let me see Patty, Karen, Roberta, (who is Roberta?) you, me…… Makes six of us, it’ll be a good one.  Oh I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.  So after chatting with mom a while Stephaney had to rush home and change before his mom got home from work (his mom didn’t know about him).  I watched him closely as he walked to the door, amazed at how he walked like a girl, hips swinging, I had to giggle.
The rest of the day was uneventful and soon it was bedtime, so putting on a nightgown, kissing mom (oh, I let her feel my growing tits) and I went to bed expecting sweet dreams (giggle).  And sweet dreams I had, about me having a baby, about me nursing it, and about making love to Robert (a 15 year old down the street).

Then in a flash it came to me, it was Robert, Robert was Roberta.  It seems my mom had been busy telling the neighborhood women all about her ‘sissy’ son.  And Robert was the sixth girl, would he be wearing a dress too, I doubted it, he was too straight.  Boy was I wrong.  Still muttering to myself I went downstairs to breakfast, still wearing my pregnant ‘nursing’ nightgown (it had feeding slots over each tit).  When mom saw me she smiled and asked ‘how’s my little girl this morning’ giggle.  Just fine mom, but my new little ‘tit’s’ are itching like crazy (I was glad the nightgown had openings so I could scratch them).  That’s cause their still growing son, it’ll stop soon (giggle). Let me look and see what’s happening boy, so I opened one slit and flopped an almost ‘B’ cup out for her.  ‘Wow’ she said ‘pretty soon you’re going to have a rack to be proud of’.
Then, changing the subject, she presented a box to me and said ‘Happy Birthday Son, I’m sure you’ll like this Brenda.  Opening the box I saw a classic black dress (too old for me I thought) but mom went on to explain ‘those patches are going to give you a great figure and this dress will slow you down.  Put it on son and you’ll see why it’s called a ‘hobble’ dress, it limits your steps so the boys can catch you (tee-hee).

Sliding it over my head it felt cool as the nylon slid down my body.  ‘Ohhhh’ I said softly to myself as it hugged every curve (curves I didn’t have yesterday) and ‘hobbled’ my legs.  Oh I see what you mean mom, I couldn’t run if I wanted too. By now it was almost party time so mom touched up my makeup so I would look presentable for the ‘Girls’ (snicker).  Mom was just finishing my nails and the doorbell rang.

It was Stephaney and Roberta (and I was right) in a tight mini-skirt (WOW).  Come in girls, sit and Brenda will be right with you (tee-hee).  Just standing there was a problem, but the baby steps I had to take were a real problem, it took me a life time to traverse the 10 feet to the party room.  When the girls saw me they both said in unison ‘wow, is that all you, what a figure, you’re a living doll’.

Making my way over to a chair we all sat in a semi-circle to talk.  Ohh, my dress was even tighter when sitting, squeezing my butt so hard I thought my ‘little soldier’ was AWOL.  Then I said to Stephaney ‘I see the patches are working my dear, nice tits girl (we giggled).  And to Roberta I let him know his secret was safe with us.  He should have joined us over the last week or so, we had lots of fun playing dress-up.  Stephaney chimed in ‘Oh you’ve missed so much, playing with m y sisters make-up, and the fun shopping trip we made all dressed up’.  Roberta let us know that the fun times were just beginning because he was getting his driver license next month and he, and if we were good to her,  we be really free (giggle).  Just as we were making plans for our first trip the doorbell rang.

As planned, there was Patty and Karen.  Hearing the bell my mom and Amelia (Roberts’s mom) were coming from the kitchen to welcome the girls to my party.  Amelia, running right over to me, she yelled at my mother ‘get your camera Thelma, I have to have his picture, he’s such a beautiful girl’.  Mom got her camera gleefully (snickering all the way).  I could hear her giggling and tee-heeing all the way from the kitchen (I was embarrassed, ugghhh).

My party went well with Patty giving me a dress similar to the one she had on, Karen gave me cosmetics’, Stephaney gave me ‘day of the week’ panties, and Roberta gave me several size bra’s (B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ cups) saying I’d grow into them (giggle).  But my mom gave me the best gift ever, a ballerina tutu and tights, along with professional lessons from the dance school down the road.  I gave mom a deep kiss on the lips for that (I didn’t know it but it was my first ‘French’ kiss).  And of course my mom was capturing all of my antics on film for my photo album (I didn’t even know I had an album).  Then we played several girls games, only one I remember ‘spin the bottle’, now that was fun.  I even got to kiss ‘big busted’ Amelia, and I got to ‘cop a feel’ as I put my arms around her (Wow they were huge).
It was a memorable birthday party for sure (tee-hee).

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