Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Asking Dorothy (Martin Hasting Saga) fans for help

I'm going to work on some Martin Stuff today, i could use some help with Dorothy's best quotes (I would need the chapter number too). A fan suggested she have as much detail as Jessica, Tabitha and Leanne character profiles.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Martin Hastings Saga illustration has been added to the Martin Hastings Character Profiles page

Attention Martin Hastings fans!

I just uploaded a new illustration to the character profile page for the Martin Hastings characters. Hope you all enjoy and please leave a comment below to show your support.

New Martin Hastings Saga illustration later today

Hello everyone,

I know its been a while, but I will be releasing a new Martin Saga illustration later today. I was going to release it Saturday, but I felt its too long of a wait.

Hint: Its that other "forced relationship storyline" in the series.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Sorry for the delay

Hello Ladies,

I hope you are doing well and had a great Thanksgiving! I'm sorry to be away for so long. This past Thanksgiving week was very busy for me. I work two jobs and they all needed me to work overtime. I'm trying to add a little more art this week, now that the work week slowed down.

Thank you to Emily William, Jennifer Reed, Linda and Michelle Kend for writing to me and expressing your appreciation for the original art I do. I promise more to come.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Yes! A new erotic illustration was added to 7 Days this week

Hello Ladies,

I'm sorry, but I forgot to post that a new erotic illustration was added to Miss Annie's classic 7 Days during the week. The ending was also expanded to make a much more steamy climax. Hope you all enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment or too, Miss Annie and me do enjoy reading them.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New illustration added to Adventures at the Mall

Happy Hump Day! Its been a busy mid week, but I just uploaded a new illustration to Donna's Adventure at the Mall story here on the blog!!

Also, Silvy's Humiliated on Halloween isn't getting much praise, but it is quickly becoming the second most viewed story on this blog! Thank you!

Also a quick note, I always appreciate your comments and suggestions (they are always welcomed), so please don't be shy and leave comments. There is plenty of space below the stories and interview sections of the blog.

Thanks as always!

-Annabelle B

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Silvy Richards guest interview on Erotica Authors Corner

A very deep interview with Initiation Nightmare series author Silvy Richards in now up on the blog. She discusses her process and the decisions that helped shaped her stories.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Happy Halloween Ladies! A new Halloween story with illustrations now up!

Hello Ladies!

I uploaded a new story from author Silvy Richards on the blog, its her Humiliated on Halloween. It has been updated and it features two new illustrations as well! Hope you enjoy it! Please leave a couple of comments below the story of what you liked about it. Enjoy and have a Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Man Dating confusion

Hello Ladies,

Sorry for not having any content this week. Some of you know I work two jobs. But this week I got some relatives staying with us, so that makes its a little hard.

I wanted to clarify something, Caroline stop communicating with me about more Man Dating Art. Why? I don't know. All a I know is that she recently got another artist to do art for her on Fictionamania. I will leave it at that. Sorry to all the Man Dating fans out there. It was not my call.

I do almost have new 7Days art on the way. Very intimate. Sorry to Miss Annie, for taking too long on that.

Silvy's stories will also have some art. She recently liked what I sent her.

Please be patient with the cartoons. Me and Rikki have a small one coming up.

Have a great weekend all.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Billie's Story (Story of the Week)

"I don't know exactly when I started wearing female underwear."
Is the opening line to author's Wild Billie tale named Billie's Story (Crystal Story Site.com). In this lovely 2003 erotic tale we  follow teenager Billie as he discovers and experiments first with his mother's and sister's clothing and more intimate items sometime during the late 1950's and possibly early 1960's.

Billie's secret obsession with women's clothing rises after he moves in with aunt. Sometime after turning 16 he befriends his beautiful neighbor named Janet and shortly after he begins doing odd jobs around her house. Unknown to Janet and her husband Jim (besides that Billie is closeted crossdresser) is that they're love making has been witnessed on occasions by Billie through the couple's bedroom window exposing Billie to Janet's beautiful body and most intimate private moments.

Billie's fascination with dresses, bras and panties leads him to enter the couple's home one Summer day and try on Janet's unmentionables. Trying her clothe's is short lives when Janet returns home early and finds her her 16 year old teenage neighbor boy wearing her lingerie and attempting to wear her little black dress.

Overcome with immediate regret and shame he sincerely apologizes and confess his secret obsession to Janet, but instead of blackmailing him and punishing him, she is understanding and tries to calm him.

Finding her teenage friend in a dress like a girl intrigues and seems to arouse Janet. The sensual, but understanding Janet then agrees to help Billie explore his latent femininity.

She wouldn't tell my aunt about my dressing habits and I would not tell about our lovemaking. She got up on an elbow and looked at me for a second then said I really did look good as a girl and that she would enjoy helping me play that role. She would dress me and make me up and since she did not have children I would be like her daughter. I thought this was strange but as she said it she started to gently rub my cock into a full hard-on and I immediately agreed. She said it was time I lost my virginity
The story is told in first person and is claimed by the author to be based on his real life experience with his female neighbor when he was a teenage boy in the late 1950's early 1960's. Either way, Billie weaves a beautiful narrative that feels more like an excerpt from a well composed biography than a short story found in the depths of an internet. That's not to say that the more intimate scenes in the story are dry and void of spice. No, its the contrary. Once the characters in the story become intimate you the reader feel every twitch and feel the sweat that comes from their bodies. The visuals that the author paints with words are a candy to the brain.
As I mounted her she led my cock into her pussy. God what a feeling as my cock slipped fully into her hole. I thought her mouth on my cock was amazing but her warm moist pussy felt even better. I started to move in and out as she guided me by grabbing my ass with both hands. I don't know how long I lasted but I know when I came that time it felt wonderful. I could feel my cum injecting into her body.
Billie's sexuality and sexual experience is furthered explores when Janet brings her husband into the mix. Slowly and patiently, Janet introduces Billie to the role of the female in bed with her man.

The story ends on a sentimental note and may sadden some of the readers, but it may have been more tragic had Billie not explored that side that's in many of us. That would have been the real tragedy.

Thank you Wild Billie for this sharing a small part of your life with us.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Request for more Sissy Bride Brochure art

Hi Ladies,

I have been getting a lot of hits from the previous review I did for the Sissy Bride. I also got a number of email and messages asking for more art. I reached out to the Fictionmania Taskforce to see if I can get Janice to help out with some feedback.

I'll let everyone know how that turns out.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Sissy Bride: What to Expect on Your Wedding Night (Story Pick of the Week)

Yes! I know it's been a while since the last Story Pick of the Week, but now with a few complications behind me I can get back to bringing you all recommendations that I think you would enjoy before bedtime.

This week's offering comes from Janice337. Her story, The Sissy Bride: What to Expect on Your Wedding Night (Fictionmania.com) is a simple short story in the forced fem genre with a unique perspective. In Janice's story a young Robert is forced to obey the Verility Laws in his country. Pretty much meaning if you are a physically weak male with feminine interest or have a feminine curiosity, you will be turned into a feminine male bride to a stronger more masculine male (you would think they would prefer a real female).

While preparing Robert for his wedding ceremony, his mother gives him a brochure issued by the government designed to educate and inform the potential male bride of what to expect during their their first intimate sexual encounter with another male.

Aunt Rose came in with a large, colorful brochure from the
Institute. "Here, they handed me this to give to you after
your latest visit. It's to help with your wedding night. It
will help alleviate some of those 'jitters'." She giggled. 

This is where the story shines. Janice cakes her story with explicit detail on the process from the expected male bride's internal emotional feelings to the final organismic thrust inside the sissy bride. Janice's words are so vivid and the sex is explained in great detail that you almost can visualize the brochure.

2) Feeling Him Inserting the Head
He may or may not "play" with your anus, but your
conditioning has assured that you'll begin to secrete
moisture at this point. You'll feel him "mount" you, and
some sissies have reported this is the most humiliating
aspect of sex for them, as it effectively robs you of any
remaining maleness. Don't resist your husband at this
point. The head of a real man's penis is mushroom shaped,
and may vary between two inches and as much as three and a
half inches in width.

It's wonderfully explained in 10 steps much to Robert's chagrin. The story closes with the mother of the sissy bride telling Robert it's time to put on the wedding dress, but by that time the reader has a pretty good idea of what will be happening that night.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Working on a new Adventures of Rikki & Annabelle episode

Hi Ladies,
I'm happy to announce I have another cartoon episode of our two heroines, erotic author Rikki and illustrator Annabelle on the way! Another collaborative effort between me and Rikki.

I also have a new 7 Days illustration on the way (if you can't get enough of it). Also a new story pick of the week with an illustration as well!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

New Art added to Miss Annie's 7 Days added!

Good morning,
Miss Annie was so kind to bless us again with her writing gift by expanding on the "Bridget's" first kiss with a boy on Day 4 of her classic story. I also added a new illustration to compliment it. Please remember to leave us a comment. Thank you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Initiation Nightmare series added to the stories section

Silvy Richards Initiation Nightmare was added to today. I received permission by Silvy to host her classic story on this blog.

An interview with her and a few illustrations to compliment her story will follow.

Hope you all enjoy it!  

Monday, September 21, 2015

New art added to 7 Days

Added today a new illustration to the 7 Days story. The kissing scene will follow this week.....hopefully.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

7 Days sketch added to Sketch Folder

Hi Friends,

I just added a sketch to the Sketch Folder! I have three on the way. Its for Miss Annie's 7 Days. Its a working drawing of "Bridget" (Day 4) in his dress before his date. 3 More on the way.

I'm also going to rename my Blog to be more inclusive. I also got in contact with Silvy Richards of Initiation Nightmare fame for an interview.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

Hope you all enjoy today. Relax have some delicious meat....

Man Dating (working drawing for Caroline's Man Dating)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

7 Days works

Working on Miss Annie's "7 Days" stuff this week. Please be patient 2 out of 3 drawings are nearly done! We are taking another trip into that old mansion with "The Nanny"!

Still no word from Carolyn and anything from Man Dating....

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Feeling sick today on my day off

I got the fever. Anyone have any good stories they want to share while I'm in bed recovering?

Friday, August 21, 2015

Sketch folder section added to Illustration section

I was going through my folder today and I realized that I had a few unfinished and in development illustrations. I decided to share some of these. Ill add more as I begin to scan them.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Subjegated Step Sissy (complete) and Perils of Paul added

Hi all,

I added the complete story of Subjegated Step Sissy and Perils of Paul to the stories section of the blog. Still no word from Rikki or Caroline about their artwork. Oh well...

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pheobe Mills

I'm going to be working on Pheobe Mills next from the Martin Hastings Chracter Profiles section. I'm currently looking for help on suggestions for quotes to use for her profile. Suggestions are welcomed. Thank you!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Man Dating illustration

Rejoice Caroline fans, later today I might finally have the new Man Dating illustration ready!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cartoon added to the Illustration section

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the wait. I got pulled in 5 different direction the other day. The new cartoon is up in the Illustration section. Would love to think what you think, so please if you were to be so kind to leave a comment below. It would make my time working late into the night on these illustrations worth it.

Thank you in advance!

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Hi everyone,

I got this morning Rikki's ideas, but I need a little more time. I got called into work today, so I'll try to wrap up the new cartoon later today and have it ready tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

-Annabelle B

Friday, August 7, 2015

New Adventures of Rikki and Annabelle on the way!

Yes! I know it been a while since we last saw our heroines of the Rikki and Annabelle collaboration. When we last saw them, they were impaled on a pole forgotten by Leanne's assistants. 

Thanks for being patient fans, I have it nearly done! I just need Rikki's input and you will see it this weekend! Thanks again for being patient!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Subjegated Step Sissy is coming!

It's strange what one post on Fictionamania will do. After posting up the illustration for the review of the Subjegated Step Sissy, I was contacted by Priscilla herself! After some back and forth emails, she agreed to have me host her classic story! She also gave me permission to illustrate it!

I'm excited, now if I can only clone myself to finish off Miss Annie's 7 Days and Carolyn's Man Dating as well as that new cartoon I'm doing for the Adventures of Rikki and Annabelle....sheeeez! To much to do!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Happy Birthday to me and a new story on the stories section

Hi everyone,

I posted a new story from Miss Donna called Adventure at the Mall on the story section of the blog. It features one illustration for now. I will be updating the story with visuals as time goes on, I already have another almost done. Hope you enjoy and please leave us comments on it.

Oh by the way today is my birthday. All gifts can be sent to....I'm just joking, hope everyone has a great Saturday!

Skins Vs. Boys (Story Pick of the Week)

This week's Pick of the Week comes from author Couture. In her Skins Vs. Boys (2002) story, the reader is placed at the beginning of the loss of the Redskins at the hands of the Cowboys (Cowboy fans should enjoy this story), we are introduced to Cowboy fan Tracie and her husband who is a Die Hard Redskin fan (he is never named). After a short, but sweet victory dance in her cutoff Cowboys jersey and short gray shorts, Tracie reminds her husband of the the bet they had made prior to the game. 

We learn from their conversation that if Tracie's husband's team won, then Tracie would have to allow her husband something he had long craved in the bedroom....anal sex. If tomboyish Tracie's team won, then her husband would allow her to dress him as a sexy blonde Cowboys cheerleader! 
"Honey, I know we made a bet, but maybe I could do
something else," he said hopefully. "I'll clean the
house by myself for a month. I'll even dust your
Cowboys stuff."   
"Please?" he pleaded. 
"A bet is a bet, sweetie," I answered, loving every
minute of his mortification. "Come on, I've got a
bath already run for you." It wasn't just the bath, I
had *everything* ready. I had been working on this
all week, and I wasn't going to give him a chance to
think of a way to wimp out of it. 
Couture does a phenomenal job in presenting role reversal between a husband and wife couple, but she does it in a distinct way far away from the sadistic teen girl tormentors and cold sexy mistresses that populate Fictionmania and other Forced Crossdressing sites. Here we have a woman who is a little fed up that her are *needs* not meet being met and the insult of being asked to be put in the most submissive positions taking charge in her sex life and having a little fun in the process. At times I stopped thinking this might have been written for the feminist readers.

Couture's Tracie drips sexy dialogue and female empowerment while her nervous husband descends into his new temporary role of a sweet, but sexy Cowboy Cheerleader.  
"You are so gorgeous, I could eat you up." I kissedhim deeply, bending him backwards over the sink. Icould feel my pussy gushing with my new found power. 
"We're almost there, sweetie, just a few more yards tothe end zone." I sprayed some perfume on the moreinteresting spots on his body, enjoying his discomfortand his scared uneasy eyes. Next came a pair ofdangly clip on earrings. I knelt down and sucked hiscock, taking it all the way down -- his favoritething.
Much the same way how Tracie creatively controls (very creative use of holsters Couture!) her husband, this story will keep the reader engrossed until the end. With no lace and lingerie or leather in sight, Couture relies on steamy dialogue and role reversal to create a strong tightly knit erotic short story.

4/5 Stars!
"I had a feeling you might try to be a tease tonight."I ground my pussy against his ass, pleasuring myselfand holding him totally immobile at the same time.
  Skins vs Boys by Couture

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Friday, July 17, 2015

New 7 Days illustration on the way for Miss Annie fans

Hello Miss Annie fans,

I just wanted to inform you that I'm finishing up a new illustration for 7 Days. Its going to be good! Trust me! Check back here for an update.

That may be the last 7 Days illustration for a while though, but it wont be the last! I just need to get to working on Man Dating (currently working on it) and wrapping up Adventure at the Mall.

I also have an interview with Perils of Paul writer, Valerie on the way as well.

A lot of content coming to this blog!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sorority Pledge (Story Pick of the Week)

This week Story Pick of the Week come from Kennal. Written and beautifully illustrated by Kennal, In the story/comicbook, Sorority Pledge a young man, named Brandon is trying to get into the fraternity at his college, but in order to to gain acceptance he has to break into the sorority sister's house and steal a pair of panties.

The young man is caught early on by the girls and is given an ultimatum, do as they say or be reported to the Dean who is one of the father of one the girls. Not wanting to get kicked out of college, the young man agrees and is quickly forced to strip naked in front of the other girls he is then ordered to put on a cute pink thong (likely the one he was going to steal) which awkwardly fits him.

The pink thong is just the tip of the iceberg, before he knows it he is corseted into a very tight short pink body hugging strapless dress, given breast forms, heels, given a slutty make over and has a blonde wig. Once Brandon looks in the mirror he realizes he has been made into a delicious young little minx now re-named "Brandy."
"Brandy?" -Brandon
"Yes!" - Sorority Sister
"Such a classy name for a little slut don't you think?" - Sorority Sister
"Little Slut?" -Brandon
 After the sorority sisters are done with their masterpiece, they take Brandy to a mysterious room inside the sorority house where he learns some shocking secrets of the sorority and later another big twist.

The story is very raunchy, but not tongue and cheek or vulger. Let's just say its very suggestive! Its cute enough that it could have been a story line to MTV's Undressed from back in the late 90's/Early 2000's, but with a little more "freedom" on sexual situations.

4 Stars! A great read and visual experience.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Quote of the Week: Missy Hastings

This Quote of the Week is from the Martin Hastings Saga's blonde beauty, Missy Hastings ( Martin's Step-Mother) and her very reliable personal massager.

My inspiration comes for this illustration comes from the Beautiful Agony web project. For those that want to know.  

Quote of the Week returns and Subjegated Step Sissy art on the way!

Thank you Jennifer for reminding me of adding more art to the blog. I have the quote of the week coming up tomorrow and it will involve two Martin Hastings characters. I also have some Subjegated Step Sissy fan art on the way!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Interview with Transgender Romance Author Charlotte Johnson

We are delighted and extremely proud to have the very talented and lovely Charlotte Johnson on this edition of the Erotica Author's Corner!

Click here to read the complete interview to find out more from this rising romance author

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Subjegated Step Sissy (Story Pick of the Week)

Years ago I found this incredible classic story on Sissy Girl Stories.com, The Subjegated Step Sissy by Priscilla Gay Bouffant.

In this 2003 forced fem story, Ron, a lazy privileged 22 year old young man finally has fed up his father with his embarrassing ways. While on a trip in Europe Ron's father agrees to let his new wife, Nicole (Ron's Step-Mother) feminize Ron with the help of several lovely ladies (The Cassandra Sisterhood) into a meek proper young lady!
"In a word Ronnie, I’ve convinced your father to permit me, carte blanche, in turning you into a endearing, obedient, sweet daughter that the entire family will adore to have around. Won’t that be lovely?"
In order to turn Ron now "Rhonda" into the perfect obedient daughter, the sisterhood not only dress him in the most feminine outfits and trips to the salon, they also use enemas to fully clean him, paddles for discipline and even arrange a visit to the gynecologist!

Rhonda soon finds himself having sexual experiences with other males. In one erotic situation, he has another Nancy Boy's tongue down his throat and later between his legs! This makes Rhonda question his own sexuality.

Another complication for Rhonda in the story is the surprising crush that Antonio, a strong tall and dashing bi-sexual hair dresser has on our heroine! The crush Antonio has on Rhonda is very cute and Rhonda's reaction is priceless as he is strongly encouraged to pursue a relationship with Antonio by Nicole.
"Like many very international men; Europeans especially; he is very bi-curios. In your case the attraction, from his standpoint, is probably the fact that your are a stunningly striking, androgynous, effeminate beauty. You can’t blame him for being smitten. You also have tremendous potential as a lovely female and the cosmetologist in him sees that”
During the course of the story, Rhonda is made to do the daily chores that a woman of the house would do, he even is made to wash the underwear of the women in the household.

Looking for a way out and a way back home, Rhonda looks to his potential suitor for help in escaping from the Cassandra Sisterhood, but in return he agrees to allow the handsome Antonio to take him on dates and maybe perhaps into his bed! Yikes!

This story is broken into 4 parts and each one is masterfully written by Priscilla. A very entertaining and hot erotic short story, this story will keep you on the edge of your feet as Rhonda tries to make her escape from a life of forced young womanhood!

Fans of the the Martin Hastings Saga should definitely check this one out!  It's rare to have such a great composed erotic story available for free on the Internet, so take advantage of this great offering from Priscilla!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Become a patreon of my art!

Hi everyone,

I just launched a Patreon page, for fans that want to help contribute to the creation of more Martin Hastings Art.

Click here to find out how you can participate. 

Thank you!

New Chapter for Life and Times of Lady Vargos is posted at Rikki's Blog

Latest chapter for the Life and Times of Lady Vargos feature heavy shake ups!

Click here to read!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Work, work, interviews and more art....

Hope everyone enjoyed Miss Annie's 7 Days and also the interview I conducted with her. I'm presently trying to get more authors to dedicate some time to explain their craft and their experiences here on the blog, so I'm looking forward to that.

Martin Hastings fans, I'm sorry to not have anything this week for you, but don't despair. You never know when I will pull off an all-nighter for you. 

Man Dating Fans, yes I will have one illustration for you!

Since 7 Days is on this site now, I will be updating the story with visuals from time to time. The story will remain the same, but it will remain refreshed with more visuals for the classic tale. 

Also, I'm trying to get in contact with authors, Thomas Robinson (Bridesmaid for a Friend) and Robyn (The Exchange Student). Anyone know how they can be contacted? 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Miss Annie's 7 Days (Uncut Version)

Miss Annie's classic 7 Days is now available here! Uncut!
Exclusively on Forced Feminization Illustration Art's Classic Feminization Stories!

To read an interview with Miss Annie herself click here

Friday, June 19, 2015

"Perils of Paul" (Story Pick of the Week)

Recently I read two really good erotic stories this week on the forced feminization genre and I found a lot of good content. First of, Valerie2 has created some really good stories to read. If you don't know her, she simply has been a writing machine on Fictionmania!

So far this is her second week and she has been putting out a new story everyday! Someone needs to give that girl a medal or some kind of recognition because that shows a lot, especially on Fictionamania where stories can sometimes take years to complete....hey no one pays content creators  on that site! 

Ok, so since press time she has produced 12 stories so far in her Perils of Paul series. The stories are about a young man named Paul who goes through these humiliating experiences all perpetrated by females. In all the stories the protagonist is named Paul and may or not be interconnected. It's hard to know for sure as they may have taken place through different time periods of his life, but they never make a mention of the previous chapter's events. 

Of all the chapters the first two chapters are the best. In the first chapter, The Perils of Paul 1-The Beginning Paul is caught in his sister's underwear after becoming curious of the materials sensation. This eventually leads to her catching him and black mailing him into becoming the entertainment for her group of friends who are curious as to how a boy would look dressed a girl or simply are curious as to how he would look naked. The scene of him nude holding a glass of his own semen in front of the fully clothed girls expecting him to drink it is the most memorable in the story.
"Do you remember those pictures I took of you a couple of weeks ago? Well I was wondering if you want me to show them to Karen," she asked. "Stand over here in front of us and take all your clothes off. Do it now," she demanded.
The humiliations are erotic and very taboo, it ends leaving you hoping for more adventures.

The second in the series The Perils of Paul 2-The Initiation finds Paul in college getting asked by a cute girl (Valerie2's girls are always pixie like) for his assistance on pledging for the college's sorority. He relunctatly agrees after some coaxing by his female friend. They are taken to the mysterious sorority unknown location where he soon finds himself naked, separated from his friend, bound and strapped in a a very vulnerable  position at the mercy of the sorority girls.
"Prepare the virgin." I was strapped down to a table with my limp dick waving in the breeze. I felt several hands all over my body touching and tickling. I felt warm lips on my cock again. They were definitely female and experienced.
It is also fair to note that the girls pledging into the sorority also receive some sexual humiliation involving the unsuspecting boys they brought with them.

 The third best entry in the series is Perils of Paul 8-Thorough Exam. In this entry Paul is given a physical exam similar to that a woman is given. His exam is administered by three lovely ladies. The story is not as strong as the first two, but the idea of a male going through a gynecological like exam is a great turn on. A great example of role reversal in this genre.

My hope is that as a reader and fan, Valerie2 revisits the first two stories and adds to as it leaves the reader hungry for more. Thank you Valerie2 for creating such great hot reads!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Miss Annie interview coming and more illustrations on the way

Hi everyone,

An unexpected project came up with a community I work with sidetracked me this week. Here is what I have coming:

An interview with erotica fiction writer Miss Annie is coming. I'm working on getting more. We will see how that works...I also have some illustrations for Miss Annie's 7 Days.

I want to roll out a graph for the Martin Hastings Saga tomorrow, so everyone please make a comment.

I also have my pick of the week tomorrow.

By the way, the "Bridesmaid for a Friend" illustration has gotten more views than any other illustration I have posted here!? Why!? I can someone please tell me why? I won't make any judgements or criticize anyone. I just want to know why.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Thank you for liking Bridesmaid for A Friend

Hi friends,

I have been getting a lot of hits for the illustration for "Bridesmaid for a Friend." Before I was getting little hits for the review, but now they surpassed "The Exchanged Student"! I updated the review today. I just wanted to say thank you, but leave me a few notes or suggestions. Let me know you are out there and like this kind of work.

Thank you all!

-Annabelle B

Friday, June 5, 2015

Man Dating (Quote of the Week)

Just finished this little illustration for Caroline's Man Dating (Chapter 6), which is currently featured within the story on Fictionmania. This great forced feminization story presents the story of Tuck as he is asked by his best friend to go out "dating" just as friends.

Tuck is reluctant at first, but accepts the offer. Jakes arranges for Tuck to visit a spa where there he is feminized and surprisingly blackmailed by the women into going along with the "Man Dating" with his friend best friend Jake (unaware of the blackmail).

In this illustration, Tuck is given a semen filled cake. I edited the quote slightly. Great original erotic scene which needs to be read within the story in order to appreciate.

Will Mary Anne eat the semen filled cake? Find out by reading the first chapter of Man Dating.

Man Dating by Caroline    

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thank you for the comments on Robyn's The Exchange Student

I don't mean to sound bossy or rude, but I just wanted to say, I have gotten so many hits for "Zoe" from The Exchange Student for that I thank everyone.

However could everyone who enjoyed the illustration from which it originated from, please leave a comment on Robyn's story? Just one sentence or some nice words would be nice over at her Fictionmania story review page.

That is all thank you all again!

Update: Busy behind the scene

Good morning everyone,

I'm working on getting an illustration for my Story Pick of the Week (almost done!). I just wrapped up the first Illustration for Caroline's Man Dating yesterday. Hopefully you get to see it soon on Fictionmania. I also just got a request from a new author!

I'm Deviant Art now by the way. You can find some of my stuff at by clicking here: 

Lot of stuff coming up!

Monday, June 1, 2015

"Bridesmaid for a Friend" Story Pick of the Week

Wow! A week went by and now we are on a new story, hope you all had a great week and enjoyed last week's pick.

This weeks pick comes from author Thomas Robinson. I have to first get this out of the way. The story is not a forced feminization story. Instead it is a coercion crossdressing/feminization story. Ok, with that out of the way let's begin our review and why I choose it as my story pick of the week.

Robinson opens his story with a rather strange request from his childhood best friend Sarah. Sarah is getting married in three weeks and worries that her side will be outnumbered at the wedding ceremony. She explains to Thomas that it's important he be there by her side on the day of the ceremony. Thomas being a good hearted young man says of course he will be there to support his childhood friend, but Susan then reveals she was hoping to have him (if he agrees) as one of her bridesmaids.

Thomas is shocked at the request fearing some sort of plan to humiliate him, but his friend quickly calms him by explaining that she would never do anything to humiliate and embarrass her male best friend. Sarah informs that he would be convincing as girl (Thomas is 18 years) and only she and a few females close to her will know about this secret.

After Thomas agrees (unsure, but slightly excited) at the offer, Sarah and the other bridesmaids begin plans for his transformation.

Dresses styles are discussed and selected and of course lingerie (it would not be complete), a make over is done as well, hair styling included (cute too!). All this takes place while Thomas is nervous and is shaking inside, which is beautifully described by the author. 

 Jane took me to one side and whispered. "We aren't going to let you see yourself in a mirror until you are all made up and dressed back at Sarah's house so that we don't spoil the illusion. I hope you don't mind me being personal, but if you get excited by all this might I suggest that you go to the bathroom and masturbate before you get the dress on. Don't want any stains do we?" She winked and walked away. I almost fainted. 

There is no humiliation on the part of the girls, rather Thomas feels nervous and slight embarrassment as he is transformed with the help of the girls into "Rose" a cute teenage young lady. In fact they only express their appreciation for agreeing to be one of the bridesmaids.

"I am very nervous about this," I said. They all told me not to worry.They would look after me and they were so impressed that I would do this for a friend. "Not many men are brave enough to do what you are doing," said Jane, one of Sarah's school friends. The others all agreed.

The story's climax takes place at the wedding ceremony (of course it does) with Thomas now letting down her guard (must be the positive attention he is getting while in a pink 1950's prom short dress), either way "Rose" has a good experience up until he meets someone with an interest in Rose. The story ends in a way rather abrupt, but that's fine because Robinson leaves you to create your own conclusion. If you are a really intelligent reader (which I know all of you are) you will all have the same question about Sarah. I'm not giving away any spoilers as the story deserves to be read and unraveled.  

The story has a really nice flow and makes a terrific short story without shortening the transformation and main character development. The dialogue among the characters is what makes this story really strong, you may argue it is the backbone of the story.

There is no vulgarity or slang words (there are hints this story takes place in the U.K, not a bad thing though), its pretty innocent that it could have been made into a Disney Channel original movie. Of course certain scenes would have to be altered a bit especially towards the end where a vulnerable  "Rose" allows himself to be bent over like a girl and allows a young man access to his virginity.

All and all great erotic read! A must read.  

 Click here to read Bridesmaid for a Friend  

Friday, May 29, 2015

Currently working on Tabatha

Hello everyone!

I'm currently working on Life and Times of Lady Vargos character Tabatha. If all works out I'll have her in by Saturday or Sunday.

Any suggestions for her best quotes?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

FYI: Male Anal Sex Education

Male Anal Sex Education by netmaxtv

Hi Friends,

I found this video on Dailymotion a while ago and it reminded me of the brochure (very hot by the way!) in Janice 337's The Sissy Bride. 

I always wondered if the story was really just a public service announcement?

Please read the story in order to understand what I mean...

Click here to read The Sissy Bride: What to Expect on Your Wedding Night

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

"7 Days" (Story Pick of the Week)

Hello friends!

This week's Story Pick of the Week comes from Miss Annie. A few years back she wrote 7 Days a little fantasy story featuring a young man going through 7 days of feminine experiences at the hands of an artificial intelligence robot.

The story opens with (I'll name the young man) a young man's car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, he looks for help by the side of the road in the pouring rain only to find an abandoned large house. Tired and sleepy he decides to rest and wakes up in the presence of "The Nanny" a human like robot that helps in placing him through girlhood and later a womanhood. 

Now what makes this story good? Miss Annie takes on the challenge of having our young man (never named, but given different female names) go through different 7 experiences of  being a female. Normally forced fem authors will have the protagonist through a select few of female experiences (dates, first kiss, dresses of course, school), but Annie puts the young man through the whole spectrum of being a female! Its almost all here! The dresses are cute and girly. Some of the dresses have a feeling of 1960's aesthetics to them, not a bad thing though. 

While the dresses are cute the dates for the young man are also cute. I like his nervous reaction upon going downstairs for his first date and later to the prom. Lovely moments. 

"He told me that he enjoyed himself and said he would see me tomorrow. I was a bit thrown off, but told him that I enjoyed it too. I then reached for the door, but saw that it was locked and when I turned around our lips met. I was trapped so I had to keep on kissing him. I was in complete shock as he continued kissing me. His tongue slowly went inside of my mouth...."

The story ends on the "7th Day" with a big day for the young man. Yes, as you read through the story you begin to see it coming (some of you will see it a mile way), but it does not really matter as its very hot and leaves you feeling like a kid that just read something very naughty.  

A truly delicious story. Maybe Miss Annie will bless us one day with a sequel...? Maybe if we leave her enough comments...

Monday, May 25, 2015

Quote of the Week: "The Exchange Student"

Last week I choose to pick Robyn's The Exchange Student as my Story Pick of the Week. This week I decided it be neat to have another story besides the Martin Hastings Saga have the visual spotlight (don't worry Martin fans, I have content on the way!). If you haven't read the story I strongly suggest reading it. The illustration is from the opening scene of the story with "Zoe" being admired by his sister and friends. 

Robyn, if you are reading this, Thank you for taking the time to write this lovely piece of erotica fiction! Please also take the time to leave me feedback and write something nice on Robyn' story review page. Thanks!

The following is small sample of the story:

"Come along, Zoe, dear," Renee taunted.
"Oh, yes...come on down, where we can all see you," chimed in Tina.

It was my sister Melissa, at the top of the stairs, that gave me a little 
push. "Your public awaits, Miss LeMercier," she giggled.

And here I was, dressed up like a seventeen-year-old girl, at the beck and
call of the three young women we wronged. And there, at the foot of the
stairs, was my mother, who agreed to the whole thing. She was smiling at my 

pretty predicament, and snapped off a few pictures with her digital camera.  

To read the story click here

Thursday, May 21, 2015

"The Exchange Student" (Story Pick of the Week)

Hi Everyone! 

Been a busy week with finals and getting ready for a graduation for a relative. One escape I have is escaping into erotica fiction, so one thing I wanted to start was a story pick of the week. 

This week is "The Exchange Student" By Robyn, (The GIRL Wonder). In this forced crossdress story James Budd is a high school boy being punished (never discussed) for a crime against three girls. As punishment he is then dressed like a teenage girl by his mother and sister, Melissa. He is then ordered not to speak any English, only French (James was born in Quebec) and must only speak in broken English. He is then ordered to pose as French exchange student named Zoe LeMercier. No one knows this except his family, the three girls he wronged and  his best friend Danny who is also being punished for his part in the crime by being ordered to take cute "Zoe" out on dates!

The story contains great dialogue and very cute outfits that Zoe is forced to wear. The story gets interesting as Zoe keeps getting himself more time in a skirt by breaking the set of rules given to him by the girls! The climax is nice, but keeps you leaving hungry for more! Great read!

Click here to read the story

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Been sick lately....

Hi all,

Sorry for not having some new work, been helping a classmate painting. I just recovered from a nasty stomach virus. I got some mail from a few of you. Thank you for showing you care.

Finals are this week at my school, but I'll try having you the quote of the week at least later today for Martin Hastings. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mother's Day Card in the works Martin Hastings Style in the works

Hi All,

A little busy this week, but you are a getting a card from a a familiar face from the Martin Saga this weekend. its a surprise.....shhh :)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Working on Illustrations for two Forced Feminization stories

Hello Girls and Ladies,

I'm currently working on two forced feminization stories. "Adventure at the Mall" by Donna and "Man Dating" by Caroline S.

Both are really good and hot. Man Dating begins off as a simple proposition between friends then quickly becomes something more where the protagonist is forced to follow through humiliating sexual experiences.

Adventure at the Mall is a story where a man is caught in the mall in an embarrassing situation and is forced to go through humiliating experiences as his female co-workers lead him down the path of a slutty lady.  

Click below to read each story

Adventure at the Mall by Donna

Man Dating by Caroline S. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Life and Times of Lady Vargos Character Battle

Hi Everyone,

I'm going to be finishing up the rest of the characters of the Life and Times of Lady Vargos, but I wanted to include the fans on it. I will allow the the fans to vote for the ones they want to see the most. Please vote on my blog. 

This week, I have Pheobe vs. Tabitha

Who ever gets the most votes gets to have a character study illustration next week. 

Vote below in the comments. The winner with the most votes by Friday Night at 10 pm will be illustrated. Please include your character's favorite quotes and what you think is their most erotic chapter!

Click Here to read the stories. 

The Adventures of Rikki and Annabelle

I'm going over my my notes and found this last comic we did of The Adventures of Rikki and Annabelle. It was taken down on Rikki's Blog, but I decided to bring it back. If you are unfamiliar with the cartoon, its a cartoon about me and Rikki having fun with cliches of Forced Fem literature and Martin Saga mythos. Here is me and Rikki on the Martin Hastings Saga's "Princess Pedestal" from Ch 8 of Life and Times of Lady Vargos  

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Introduction to the blog


My name is Annabelle Brito or just Annabelle B. I am a lover of forced fem literature, but I am an artist. In this blog I will begin posting illustrations to my favorite forced fem stories. Some people in the genre know me from The Life and Times of Lady Vargos and The Martin Hastings Saga which Rikki Blackwell writes and I illustrate. Well I have not abandoned that project, but I feel I need to carve my own path while still collaborating with Rikki on her masterpiece.

I will still work hard on bringing the characters from the Martin Hastings saga alive, so don't worry about that.

For now, please be patient as I start to build this blog!

Martin Hastings Saga Quote of the Week

Click here to read the story from where the quote originated 

Life and Times of Lady Vargos character profile for Leanne

Click here to read the first chapter of the Martin Hastings Saga