Sunday, June 28, 2015

Work, work, interviews and more art....

Hope everyone enjoyed Miss Annie's 7 Days and also the interview I conducted with her. I'm presently trying to get more authors to dedicate some time to explain their craft and their experiences here on the blog, so I'm looking forward to that.

Martin Hastings fans, I'm sorry to not have anything this week for you, but don't despair. You never know when I will pull off an all-nighter for you. 

Man Dating Fans, yes I will have one illustration for you!

Since 7 Days is on this site now, I will be updating the story with visuals from time to time. The story will remain the same, but it will remain refreshed with more visuals for the classic tale. 

Also, I'm trying to get in contact with authors, Thomas Robinson (Bridesmaid for a Friend) and Robyn (The Exchange Student). Anyone know how they can be contacted? 

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