Monday, June 1, 2015

"Bridesmaid for a Friend" Story Pick of the Week

Wow! A week went by and now we are on a new story, hope you all had a great week and enjoyed last week's pick.

This weeks pick comes from author Thomas Robinson. I have to first get this out of the way. The story is not a forced feminization story. Instead it is a coercion crossdressing/feminization story. Ok, with that out of the way let's begin our review and why I choose it as my story pick of the week.

Robinson opens his story with a rather strange request from his childhood best friend Sarah. Sarah is getting married in three weeks and worries that her side will be outnumbered at the wedding ceremony. She explains to Thomas that it's important he be there by her side on the day of the ceremony. Thomas being a good hearted young man says of course he will be there to support his childhood friend, but Susan then reveals she was hoping to have him (if he agrees) as one of her bridesmaids.

Thomas is shocked at the request fearing some sort of plan to humiliate him, but his friend quickly calms him by explaining that she would never do anything to humiliate and embarrass her male best friend. Sarah informs that he would be convincing as girl (Thomas is 18 years) and only she and a few females close to her will know about this secret.

After Thomas agrees (unsure, but slightly excited) at the offer, Sarah and the other bridesmaids begin plans for his transformation.

Dresses styles are discussed and selected and of course lingerie (it would not be complete), a make over is done as well, hair styling included (cute too!). All this takes place while Thomas is nervous and is shaking inside, which is beautifully described by the author. 

 Jane took me to one side and whispered. "We aren't going to let you see yourself in a mirror until you are all made up and dressed back at Sarah's house so that we don't spoil the illusion. I hope you don't mind me being personal, but if you get excited by all this might I suggest that you go to the bathroom and masturbate before you get the dress on. Don't want any stains do we?" She winked and walked away. I almost fainted. 

There is no humiliation on the part of the girls, rather Thomas feels nervous and slight embarrassment as he is transformed with the help of the girls into "Rose" a cute teenage young lady. In fact they only express their appreciation for agreeing to be one of the bridesmaids.

"I am very nervous about this," I said. They all told me not to worry.They would look after me and they were so impressed that I would do this for a friend. "Not many men are brave enough to do what you are doing," said Jane, one of Sarah's school friends. The others all agreed.

The story's climax takes place at the wedding ceremony (of course it does) with Thomas now letting down her guard (must be the positive attention he is getting while in a pink 1950's prom short dress), either way "Rose" has a good experience up until he meets someone with an interest in Rose. The story ends in a way rather abrupt, but that's fine because Robinson leaves you to create your own conclusion. If you are a really intelligent reader (which I know all of you are) you will all have the same question about Sarah. I'm not giving away any spoilers as the story deserves to be read and unraveled.  

The story has a really nice flow and makes a terrific short story without shortening the transformation and main character development. The dialogue among the characters is what makes this story really strong, you may argue it is the backbone of the story.

There is no vulgarity or slang words (there are hints this story takes place in the U.K, not a bad thing though), its pretty innocent that it could have been made into a Disney Channel original movie. Of course certain scenes would have to be altered a bit especially towards the end where a vulnerable  "Rose" allows himself to be bent over like a girl and allows a young man access to his virginity.

All and all great erotic read! A must read.  

 Click here to read Bridesmaid for a Friend  


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