Man Dating Ch. 1

By Caroline S.

It was another Saturday evening and Jake and Tuck were firmly ensconced in front of Tuck's large screen TV; it was the only noticeably extravagant thing in his modest apartment. Tuck had purchased it off eBay some months back and had beat back several bidders at the last minute, raising the price to $505 in the closing seconds. He figured there were several bids at a five hundred and maybe even a few at a dollar or two over, and his stratagem had paid off when he won the bid. Now the seventy inch behemoth sat proudly on the credenza displaying whatever sport that he and Jake wanted to watch for the afternoon.

They were dark, very dark, and Jakes favorite; a beer that Tuck really could not abide but holding one close taking a small sip of the hard brown brew and knowing Jake was enjoying the same taste was enough for Tuck. Sipping it alongside his best and really only friend gave Tuck a sense of belonging and holding a place in Jake's life.
Truth be told, it was whatever Jake wanted to watch, as he was the real sports nut. Tuck just really wanted the friendship and company, so he would watch whatever Jake wanted.

Tuck felt lucky to have Jake as a friend. They had met several years back when they started out working for the same company. They began hanging out together after work when they found out they liked a lot of the same things, even though they appeared very dissimilar on the surface.

Jake Preston was tall at 6'-3", with short brown hair, brown eyes and a fairly muscular physique. He had played some football in high school, and a knee injury, all healed and essentially transparent today, kept him from the inevitable university scholarships. But he was fortunate that he didn't need them, as his family was easily able to foot the bill for his schooling. His time in college had earned him an MBA from Penn State and he was well on his way to a successful career. Money was not one of Jake's problems.

Francis Marion Tucker, on the other hand, was short at 5'-8", had naturally blonde hair, blue eyes, and could be considered almost scrawny. He had to work his way through college, both to pay for tuition and get decent grades. Though they had started working at the same company, Jake had moved on several times since then, while Tuck still worked at the same place and the same job. Their positions in life could really not be more dissimilar, and Tuck questioned why the big guy still hung around him.

 Jake was sprawled out on the couch, as usual, forcing Tuck to take residence in the easy chair, the only other piece of furniture in the room. During a commercial break, Tuck got up to get something to drink.

"While you're out there get me another beer," said Jake nonchalantly.

"Sure thing," answered Tuck, who was already in the small kitchen getting another coke. He didn't like the dark beer he had bought, but it was Jake's favorite, and his budget was tight enough that one type of beer was all he could afford.

"Thanks," Jake said, wrapping his hand around the bottle, making it look like it belonged in a miniature landscape.

Jake took a long swig of the beer as Tuck retook his seat.

"You know, I never noticed how small your hands are."

"They're not that small," Tuck said, taking some offense at the reference to his small stature. He had to be aware of these little barbs and fight back or they could continue to flow in his direction, usually a sign that something was bothering Jake. Tuck was an easy target for the bullying personality in Jake that sometimes escaped, a penalty and burden that one had to endure at times being friends with Jake.

"No... I'm right. Let me see your hand and compare," Jake insisted, holding up his hand, urging Tuck to do the same.

Hands.. why was it always hands. Not only smaller, much smaller of course but so much softer too. He hesitated but knew that the comparison was to happen and the result would be forthcoming from Jakes lips. "You have girl hands", a statement of fact without the potential for any rebuke at all.. would it change anything else, would he see things differently?
Tuck reluctantly placed his hand against Jake's, the difference between them being instantly obvious and not unexpected in any manner. However, the way Jake's hand nearly dwarfed Tuck's took them both by surprise.

"Damn Tuck, you really have small hands."

Tuck pulled his hand back quickly, the embarrassing comparison completed.

"Soft, too," mused Jake.

"Shit, Jake!" Tuck took the opportunity to gain at least a modicum of his diminishing masculinity back. "I work on a computer all day, not digging ditches."

Jake was running a small construction company at the time, and certainly not doing any manual labor himself, so the trite phrase was not welcomed, and he held his temper in check. But Jake still knew what buttons to push and retorted, "Like that has anything to do with your having girl hands and girl hair, Maryanne."

"Piss off," fumed Tuck at the added digs about his hair and his name. On Tuck's limited budget, he often let his hair grow out, convincing himself that it looked cool. He kept it clean and neat, but Jake kidded him about it often.

And Tuck regretted the day that he had confided in Jake about how the kids in school had teased him about his name. His parents loved Frank Sinatra and John Wayne, so they named him Francis Marion; the Marion part coming from Marion Morrison, John Wayne's real name. But the kids in school confused Francis with Frances, and if they were being particularly mean they would call him Frances Fucker or even Maryanne. It was no wonder that he preferred to be called Tuck.

"Don't get mad," Jake said, coming up with one more off kilter dig. "You know, they say cock size is directly proportional to hand span," he said, holding up his beefy paw again, the inference taking another dig at Tuck's masculinity.

Tuck let it stand and decided it was not a discussion or comparison that he wanted to participate in any longer since Jake was being so cruel about it. An uneasy silence fell between them.

The game went into extra innings and Jake had three more beers. Even Tuck had switched to a beer to ease his foul mood at Jake's comments. He nursed his along, however, finishing only half the bottle before it became warm and undrinkable, more so than just the taste.

Then out of the blue Jake said, "You know, we've been friends for a long time, and I just want to say sorry for ribbing you so hard about your girl hands."

Tuck raised his hand in a dismissive gesture, not saying anything at all, but somewhat appreciative of the slanted apology.

"But I wanted to share an idea that I've had for a while," continued Jake.

Tuck turned away from the game wrap up on the big screen and towards his friend, waiting for his revelation.

"Well, you know I haven't had a date for months now."

"I'm not going out with you," quipped Tuck.

Jake stopped talking and glared at Tuck, daring him to interrupt again.

"Sorry, you were saying?"

"I said I don't have a girlfriend right now, no dates for months. And I miss it."

"Why don't you just ask ... oh, any girl you might see anywhere?"

Jake laughed. "Yeah right, well that's kind of the problem. I can ask any girl out, and almost every one would say yes, thinking they had won the lottery, but..."

Tuck smiled at his friend's impression of himself, even if it were partially true. "Sounds like a good problem."

"It is and it isn't."

Tuck just looked puzzled, wishing he had that problem.

"Yeah, I could get a date, but after the third date they all begin measuring windows for curtains."

"Curtains aren't a bad thing," joked Tuck.

It's not curtains that's the problem, asshole," erupted Jake.

"Figured as much," replied Tuck, trying to calm him down.

"It's that these girls start thinking about being Mrs. Jake Preston after three dates. It gets old after a while."

"I wouldn't mind having that problem at least once. After three dates, most of my 'girlfriends' forget to answer their phone."

"Well, the clinginess and the desire for commitment are enough to drive me off a cliff."

"So what can you do?"

"Well, I was thinking about your comment that you wouldn't go out with me... And I say, why not?"

"You're serious?" Tuck asked aloud, wondering where this was going.

"Ok, I know this might sound strange, but that's exactly what I would do, take you as my date."

"So you are serious, and crazy too."

"You don't quite get what I mean. Here's what I miss, nice restaurants, dressing up, conversation..."

"We talk!" Tuck said defensively.

"Yes we do," Jake said, agreeing with him. "In fact, we have some pretty open lines of communication. Can I continue?"

"Sure, the loony bin closes at eleven."

"So I miss all that and more. I like to spend money, buy presents and show off a little, the appreciation is really intoxicating. I like making all the decisions, and that's part of my dilemma. Not all my past girlfriends were quite accepting of this little quirk of mine."

"Sounds a little old school. Guess you were born in the wrong era."

"Maybe, but that's me... that's what I want; pay for everything, go to the nicest places, and make all the decisions."

"Sounds like a tall order."

"I guess, but..."

"But what?"

"It wouldn't be... with you."

Tuck almost choked. "Me?"

"Yes," bubbled Jake. "You're the perfect date. We already know and like each other, even though you have girl hands," Jake said with a wink. "You like nice things, good food, and the theater. You would be my perfect date."

Tuck was speechless for a minute, but finally managed to say, "Besides having girly hands, I am not traditional dating material. No tits."

Jake laughed, "True, but we can take care of that."

Tuck was not laughing as the conversation was already strange enough, adding that element was definitely not comfortable in any way.

"You're not serious, this is just a big joke, right?"

"No... I thought it was at first, but now that I think about it, it's the perfect answer."

"A date?"

"Well, not so much a date, but dating, plural."

"You are certifiable."

"Maybe, but I hate going out by myself. Look, I just want some company on some good nights out on the town, and you would be the perfect person to share those times without putting undo relationship pressure on me. What do you say, let's try it and see how it goes."

"I don't know, it still sounds really gay to me."

"You can think of it that way if you want, but I would just think of it as two good friends out for some nice nights out."

"I'd prefer not to think about it all."

Jake could sense Tuck was wavering. "It's settled, then. Saturday night, our first date."

"No, it's not settled."

"Tuck, it is..." said Jake, threateningly. "If you want to stay friends, you'll do this for me. If not, I walk out of here and we don't talk again except professionally."

Tuck thought very hard. Jake was his only real friend, and losing him in his life would be like cutting off an arm. The bleeding would kill him. He might be able to do this for his friend. If it really meant that much he could bend the rules a bit. Allowances and compromise were the keystones of a good friendship.

"Come on, I'll even treat you to some new clothes for our nights out."

Tuck finally gave in and said, "Ok, I'll try it out for one date."

"Dating," Jake answered back.

"Ok, dating," said Tuck.

There was a silence between them as this new door slowly opened.

"So what's next," Tuck asked.

"From this moment forward, I'm in charge, honey," he smiled as he used the feminine descriptive.


"Yes, honey! There is only one man in this dating relationship, and that would be me."

"Well I'm not the girl," Tuck said, realizing the implications if this were to continue along these lines.

"Well no, not the girl for sure. No tits, at least not yet," said Jake, repeating his earlier comment with an impish grin.

"Not funny, Jake."

"Oh come on, lighten up a little. What I mean is you have the 'girlish' role. Enjoy it, everything will be taken care of, no worries, I will have everything under control."

"Ok, but that does worry me."

"I have to run, but you be good, honey, and I'll talk to you later tonight."

Jake did not linger and was out of the apartment in just a few seconds, leaving a very stunned Tuck in his wake.

Tuck sat down on the sofa and put his hand on the spot where his friend Jake had been sitting. Okay, it was still warm. So the last fifteen minutes had not been some kind of waking dream, but he still had no idea what was going on. Part of him still thought that it was an elaborate joke by Jake. But the safest thing to do right now was just play along.

He figured that it would all blow over in a few days, and the next time he saw Jake they would laugh at the whole thing. He started to pick up the beer cans and chip bowls and began to clean up a little before hitting the sack. After tossing out the garbage and putting the dishes in the sink, the kitchen was a bit tidier; not clean, but not in a shambles either.

Tuck headed for his bedroom when the bell on his phone went off indicating a message. Holding it up and reading the note he could see it was from Jake, who was evidently not finished with his joke. It read, "Honey, I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening. I made dinner reservations for us at Racket. I want you to wear something nice, too. See Michael at Kisses on Broad Street, he will help you find something. He is expecting you at 10:30am and I have you booked into my spa in the afternoon. I will pick you up at seven. Be a good 'girl' and don't disappoint."

"Good girl?" Tuck said aloud after reading the note and instructions. 'So the joke is going this far,' Tuck thought to himself. 'Well, I'll just continue to play along, and if he wants to front for some nice duds and a day at the spa, who am I to argue.' This was going to be fun and Tuck decided he would milk it for all it was worth.

Sleep came easily, and it seemed like only mere moments had passed as the sunlight poured in his bedroom window an hour before his alarm was to go off.

When he finally crawled out of bed, he remembered he was supposed to go to Kisses this morning. Strange name for a men's wear shop he thought as he entered the bathroom. His mind wandered around the elaborate joke that Jake was playing. He decided to go with the joke and see where it led. There would probably be a good laugh at the end and all would be fine.

The bathroom was Tuck's hidden gem and the only reason that he rented the apartment. It was somewhat out of his target budget, but once he saw the sunken garden tub, the steam shower, and the toilet with bidet jets, he was sold. He had spent a few dollars on making it his own, too. Every time Jake came out of it he was shaking his head and smiling. Sometimes his comments were unspoken, having made his review of Tuck's decorating style well known and near publicized. But Tuck liked what he had done, and smiled equally as often when he entered his private domain.

Having replaced most of the lighting with controlled lighting, the room was bathed in a soft rose light, and automatically came on as one entered, slowly coming to its preprogrammed level in a few seconds. He also had the room repainted to his liking. Jake argued that the walls were pink, but Tuck had it mixed custom, and it was far from pink; but perhaps in more honest moments he could agree it might belong in that family. The ceiling was painted the palest blue, and the combination of the three elements, walls, ceiling and lighting, was perfect in Tuck's eyes.

Since the overall effect of the bathroom was very feminine, his standard line to any lady friends that had graced his private confines, and lately those had been few and far between, was that the bathroom was like that when he got there, and management would not let him change it unless he signed a five year lease. It satisfied most of his occasional visitors, but Jake knew the truth, and he continued to use Tuck's decorating style as an ongoing joke.

The bathroom was immaculate; it was the one room in the apartment that was always ready. He had searched the Internet and found the most luxurious bath towels; ok, they matched the walls. He did not like to shave in the shower, so the sink was well lit with Hollywood lighting, and it was programmed to show natural lighting, indoor, day or night. His rare girlfriend loved it, but more importantly so did he. His pale skin needed protection, and he was told by a cosmetologist that he once dated that he should use this European male blemish reducer. He had gotten used to using it daily and would not go out of the house without spending a few minutes getting ready. Jake gave him a hard time saying he had more makeup than most of his girlfriends combined. Not true, but Tuck was not afraid of trying new products for men as they were introduced and available. A lot of his stuff was mail order from an English company.

He looked at the clock and decided he could afford the time to luxuriate in the shower. It was a deluge shower, with water nozzles in so many places he could not count, and it too was programmable. He set it on a custom setting that he seldom used, as it occasionally caused him to get excited and at times erupt like Mount Vesuvius. A bit of an exaggeration, but it could get intense.

He was quick to disrobe, waiting for the water to get hot. He liked to use the bidet function on the toilet before bathing as the water spray made quick work of any residue on his bottom before entering the shower. Sitting on the toilet he pressed the button on the side and the pre-warmed water jets efficiently sprayed his back side. Pushing down a bit he allowed the warm water to act as an impromptu enema, which usually made him feel cleaner. This morning he let the water continue to flow until he flet the beginning of a cramp and then expelled it. He felt the water turn into a hard spray as it found his hole now more receptive to its urgency, and the water entered easily. He smiled, letting the flow fill him fully and then pressed again to force the water out in a gush. The enjoyed sensation was completed three times before he removed his hand from the switch and pushed out the remaining fluid, now clear of any brown residue.

The shower was equally impressive; it should be for the money he spent on it. He was still not sure how he would dismantle it and move it if he ever decided on a new home or apartment. No less than six spray nozzles pelted his body, and it was programmed to alternate from a fine mist to an amazon rain storm. Currently the rainy season was upon him and the hot water was coming in torrential waves. Lasting a full five minutes the thunderous rain scrubbed his body clean. He thought about playing with his cock, giving the little guy some exercise, but decided he would wait until later, maybe after returning from his "date" to fully enjoy the self-satisfaction that he had made an art.

The rain storm was followed by a fine mist, and then hot air blowers evaporated even the smallest drops of water that clung to his skin. A pre-warmed towel waited on the towel rack and he ran the thick fiber over his head and neck, hanging it over his shoulders getting ready to shave.

The well-lit mirror made shaving a breeze, the warmed lather and daily fresh blades another luxury that added to his well-coordinated kingdom. Jake called it his boudoir. Tuck didn't care, as it was his respite from the rest of the world, and he wouldn't change it for anything. Now add to it, he smiled, that's another story.

His morning ablutions finally complete, he slipped on a pair of well-worn jeans, a blue pullover, and some boat shoes to complete the morning ensemble. Casual and handsome he hoped would be the comment he would get from any good looking girls he might meet during the morning. An unlikely occurrence, but one he wanted to be ready for, just in case, like clean underwear.

Having checked on the location of Kisses, he headed for the car. The drive took him only thirty minutes with the light traffic. He had not been to the store before so he was unsure of parking, and that part of town could be murder on a Saturday.

As he suspected, the street parking was already full on his first pass of the appropriate address. He could see no obvious clothes store, but he thought he caught a glimpse of the store's name. On the second go round he pulled to a stop in front, as there was nobody behind at that moment. It certainly did not look like a typical clothing store, as there were no mannequins in the front windows. In fact, there were no front windows. He saw a small sign near the small green door; he could not make out everything, but he could see something about appointments and parking in the rear. That was all he needed to know as he pulled forward, made a right down a small alley between the buildings, and then another right to get behind the store. There were two open spots that said 'Kisses private parking, appointment only, violators will be towed'. He pulled in one of them, got out and locked the car with the key fob as he walked away, the quick beep alerting and assuring him that the car was secure.

The back door of Kisses was only marked with a small hard plastic sign and a call box. The door did not even have a handle. He knew he had an appointment of sorts; at least that is what Jake had indicated. It could still be part of a giant gotcha gag for which Jake was famous. The whole idea of dating had to be a gag. But Tuck was going to play it through for the laughs.

He pushed the call button and waited. A moment later he heard a soft click that he assumed unlocked the door. He pushed on the metal plate and the door swung out quietly.

Tuck was greeted in well-lit back hallway by a strange little man. "Mr. Tucker, good of you to be on time, I do appreciate punctuality."

Tuck thought the statement a bit odd. After all, he was the customer and he was just there to get some new duds. How could being on time or not matter? But he ignored the incongruity, waiting for the next joke shoe to drop.

"Welcome to Kisses. This is your first time visiting, I assume. Your friend Jake has called and arranged everything."

"He has? I just bet."

"My name is Lawrence, and I will be fitting you today."

'Fitting?' Tuck thought. 'Helping maybe, but fitting?' He decided to just go with the flow. After all, this was all a big and expensive joke that Jake was running. He would milk it for all it was worth.

"Well, nice to meet you Larry, I'm Tuck. And I believe my friend Jake is running the biggest practical joke in history."

"It's Lawrence," he corrected, "and I am afraid I am unaware of any 'joke', Mr. Tuck."

"Just Tuck, please. No offense, but Kisses seems like a really strange name for a men's wear store."

"Oh my dear, we are so much more. We offer custom made attire for both men and women; very unisex, very exciting and complete services. We are not a men's wear store as you put it."

"Oh ok, don't get your drawers in a wad. I still think this is all a joke."

"Mr. Tuck, I do not take my professionalism as a custom fit specialist as a joke, I can assure you. Now if you will step this way, we can begin your fitting."

Tuck just smiled, knowing that the elaborate rouse was continuing and he thought, 'Let's just sit back and enjoy it'. "After you," he said, mimicking the affected tone of Lawrence, but Lawrence was not having any of it as he strode off purposely down the well-lit hallway.

The walk gave Tuck an opportunity to look around. The store, if you could call it that, had very few actual clothes; some were hanging on the wall and others were in very well maintained racks. Each article seemed to be an exact few inches from the next. What was so different was that it was mixed women's and men's clothing, and most things in between. There did not seem to be a real rhyme or reason to the set up, but everything looked expensive. Tuck smiled, very expensive, and all for a joke. He kept shaking his head.

"In here, Mr. Tuck." Lawrence said his name like it stuck to the roof of his mouth as he opened a door to a rather large dressing room.

"In here?" Tuck asked, poking his head into the door to see what was what. There was very nice couch, more like a chaise, if he had the right word, it looked French. There was a dressing table with a full assortment of perfumes and other items that he had to assume were make-up. Evidently the dressing rooms, while well stocked, were mainly designed for the needs of women. Even the carpet was lush, and he knew it would feel nice on bare feet. He decided that perhaps he might find something similar for his own bedroom, but perhaps not in the pink tone of the current selection.

"If you will divest yourself of those clothes you are wearing we can begin."

"What are you talking about? You want me to get naked?"

"Of course not, you will need to wear the underwear that your friend has selected. It is hanging there on the hook," he said, pointing to a nearly translucent piece of silk, its current folded appearance belying its use or design.

Lawrence picked up and unfolded it from the hanger, kind of smirking, knowing the reaction he would get from the little snot he was forced to work with. "This is your underwear; put it on so we may continue with your fitting."

"No way, that's not going to happen," balked Tuck as he saw what was being offered. The one piece garment was a soft blue and had some sort of design around the neck. It looked so thin that nothing would be hidden, almost like he was wearing nothing at all.

"Well then, if you're not going to put it on you may as well leave. It was nice to have met you Mr. Tuck."

"Wait a minute, why can't I just wear a regular pair of jockeys and a t-shirt?"

"Because those things are not part of your ensemble. Your friend left strict instructions, it is all or nothing."

"I see," Tuck said, thinking about the various outcomes. He said he would do this guy dating thing, and if not... well, he preferred not to think about the alternative as Jake was very clear as to the choices. Well in for a penny...

"Ok fine, I guess."

"Excellent, Mr. Tuck."

Tuck decided he was not going to try to correct Lawrence again, so he would let the 'Mr.' Tuck slide for the rest of the time they were together. "Ok, now what?"

"We get you dressed so I can fit you. Please hang your clothes on the provided hangers and attend to your lingerie." Lawrence was enjoying the predicament that apparently the young man found himself in and decided he would do whatever he could to maximize his discomfort. The ever ready smile was still obvious but held a secret derision for this Tuck character that struggled with the decisions somewhat still hidden from him. His enjoyment would be on multiple levels.

"If you would, I would much appreciate your expediting the process, as I have other appointments for which I must prepare."

"And I would appreciate your leaving the room while I get undressed."

"Mr. Tuck, I can assure you that you have nothing that I have not seen before."

"Yeah, I can believe that."

"I beg your pardon, Mr. Tuck? To what might you be referring?"

"Nothing, it was more a joke than anything."

Lawrence was well aware of the intended slight but took no heed in the obvious and crude manner in which it was expressed. He smiled at the brief image of his own Bridgett at home waiting for him, the boy was coming along nicely. Very sweet and soon equally obedient. Perhaps Mr. Tuck and his Bridgett could have a play date in the near future.

Tuck and Lawrence stood staring at each other waiting for the first move in the awkward dance being played out. However it was Lawrence that was winning the confrontation, with Tuck never standing a chance.

"Please disrobe so we may begin, Mr. Tuck."

In a few moments Tuck was down to a pair of white jockeys, his un-toned body evident and well displayed in the room's wall to wall mirrors. Equally evident, even Lawrence had a more muscled body than he did.

Lawrence was holding up the silk looking garment, smiling as he watched Tuck struggling with the decision as to how to remove the last of his ability to hide his nakedness. Should he turn and show off his bare bottom or drop his underwear and proudly flaunt his massive organ. Lawrence was willing to match the pot that it would be his white bottom that would be displayed.

Tuck turned away, lowered his underwear and stepped out if them, but momentarily forgot that he did not have the replacement in hand. He reached back for the needed protection but Lawrence had moved a step away.

Lawrence was waiting for Tuck to turn toward him so that he could watch the little snot struggle with both his nakedness and putting the replacement garment on to cover, what he knew would be, his "little problem".

"Could I have that please," Tuck asked somewhat politely.

"Of course, Mr. Tuck," and he tossed it to him, purposely allowing it to fall to the floor. Tuck was forced to turn back and bend down to retrieve the silk lingerie. One hand was covering his crotch and the other searched the floor to secure the piece of silk. Once it was in hand, he stood up again, fully naked, but he tried to keep a direct view of his privates hidden from Lawrence's gaze.

"It seems to be a little cold in here," said Lawrence.

"What?" Tuck asked.

"Your penis seems very retracted and quite small, I suppose that it is just the chill in the air. Would you like me to adjust the temperature?"

"What are you talking about?"

"It's really almost diminutive. I might even call it cute, if I was so inclined," Lawrence continued, ignoring the obvious embarrassment he was inflicting on Tuck.

"It's not small," Tuck said defensively.

"Of course it's not," Lawrence replied in a condescending tone. "I have just caught you on a bad day. But if you don't mind me saying, Tuck, it is quite cute." He was smiling, thinking about the next hours where he would be able to get to play with the young man as much as if they were on a first date. "Why don't I assist you in putting your underwear on correctly? The first time can be a chore."

Lawrence snatched the garment from Tuck's hand, expertly fluffing out the gossamer thin fabric while bending to one knee so that he was near face level with Tuck's small package.

Tuck could feel Lawrence's breath on his little guy, and now he was afraid that it would react to the strange circumstances and began the dance, enlarging to its full, if not impressive, size.

"Here step into this," he said, holding the garment helpfully, albeit higher than he might otherwise for a different customer, forcing Tuck to lift his leg quite high, showing off all his secrets to the newly interested Lawrence.

Tuck, anxious to do whatever he could to hide his little penis from any further embarrassment or view, followed Lawrence's direction and put his foot through one leg hole and then the other as Lawrence held up the garment. He had to put his hand out for balance, setting it on Lawrence's shoulder. Once the two legs were in place, Lawrence pulled the garment up his chest and helped him slip his arms through the very brief arms, not more than a thick strap.

"There, that's much better." Lawrence stood and helped arrange the tight fitting one piece underwear and vest.

Tuck felt almost more naked in the thin, near transparent piece than he did when he was bare to the world. The garment fit very tight, and rather than cup his bottom it felt more like he was wearing a thong. But the most embarrassing aspect of all was that the cup for his cock and balls was mostly empty, not nearly filling the ample bulge in the material.

"I think we will have to go with the next smaller size, but let's not worry about it now."

Tuck was glad not to have to worry about disrobing again. But worried as to how tight the next smaller size would be.

"Your boyfriend has picked out your attire for this evening, but we must first take some careful measurements. Would be so kind as to stand over here?" Lawrence indicated a 12 inch riser in one corner that stood in front of a corner mirror set, the kind that allows a view from three sides at the same time.

Lawrence reached out to help Tuck stand on the small platform. Tuck was taken by how soft his hand was, and now realized that when Jake mentioned his own tender skin, it must have be a similar reaction to the girl soft hand he was himself holding at the moment.

A sound rang out, interrupting his thoughts. Pretty girl, pretty girl... The sounds were coming from a phone on a small table in one corner of the room, and the music played the notes and words over and over again.

"Why don't you answer, your phone?" said Lawrence.

"It's not mine," Tuck answered.

Lawrence picked up the phone, which was still ringing, and handed it to him.

Tuck looked at it and tried to reaffirm, "I don't own an iPhone."

Lawrence just smiled and said, "You do, now. Jake left it here with instructions to give it to you, so you probably should answer it."

Not exactly sure what to do, Tuck saw the instructions for answering and ran his finger across the glass face in the direction indicated and put the phone to his ear. "Hello?"

"Hi Tuck, it's Jake. How are you doing, hun?"

"Jake, what's going on... I never signed up for this..." Tuck started talking a mile a minute but was interrupted by Jake before he could get too wound up.

"Sweetie, now just stop."

The words hun and sweetie were not lost on Tuck, but he stopped in mid-sentence.

"Is Lawrence taking good care of you?"

"Yes, but..."

"Are you doing everything he tells you to?"

"Yes, but..."

"Then all is going as planned... put Lawrence on the phone."

Tuck handed the new phone to Lawrence. He held it close so as not to be overheard.

"Yes, very cute... He's in his one piece now, and I'm getting set to take measurements... Yes, I can have him ready to go to the spa in an hour... And everything will be delivered there, perfectly fit I might add... You're most welcome, after a little get to know you obstinacy he has been a good boy ever since, I look forward to our future adventures... Sure, I will put him back on."

Lawrence handed the phone back to Tuck.

"Lawrence tells me you have not been entirely cooperative. Is this true?"

"Well, this is a bit weird. I feel almost naked."

"I expect you to do everything he tells you or I will make that little fanny of your red with my belt. Do I make myself very clear?"

Tuck could tell that his friend was mad, and he didn't like to see Jake mad, it wasn't a pleasant sight.

"Ok... I will."

"I know you. I don't want any bad reports from anyone today and that goes double for the spa. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes Jake, very clear." Tuck hoped he was satisfying Jake's concerns and reducing his anger.

"Ok then, you be a good girl and do as you're told... Yes?"

Again with the girl stuff, but Tuck new instinctively this was not the time to bring it up or argue.

"Oh, and this is your new phone, keep it with you all the time. It has a tracking device, a microphone and of course a camera. I will show you how to use the camera."

"Ok, I will."

"Tuck, relax, just have fun. I'm very pleased how things are moving forward. I know the rest of the day will be an experience."

Tuck wondered what kind of experience, but the phone went dead.

A microphone and tracking device? This was getting even too weird for a bet. Did that mean he could be listening even now? Did he hear what was being said before? Tuck was going to err on the side of caution and assume that Jake would be keeping an ear and maybe an eye on his fitting. He decided it was in his best interest to change the attitude a bit, and offer more cooperation to Lawrence. Tracking?

"Well, Lawrence, I guess you're the boss."

"Was there ever any doubt, hun?"

Tuck just tried to smile. He was not sure if was going to get used to the feminine pronouns being cast around in relation to his person, but he supposed he could roll with the game for now.

"I suppose not, Lawrence."

"Well, let's get started. We need to take the measurements that we will use for the fitting. They should be good for some weeks, but as you lose weight..." Lawrence stopped for a second. "You are on diet, are you not?"

"I suppose I am, although not that I have actually been told so as of yet."

"Well, I am sure you will be."

Tuck figured that Jake would soon have him on a diet. He looked down at his tummy, and it was a little more round than it should have been. A little more exercise and less food would not be a bad thing.

"If you would stand with your feet apart... a little more..." he directed Tuck, who seemed to be complying with less whining. "That's good." He had Tuck's feet a good three feet apart, "...and if you could raise your arms, perhaps put them behind your head?"

Tuck did as he was asked and felt even more on display than before. Putting his hands behind his head caused him to involuntarily stick out his chest, and the near transparent one piece he was wearing outlined his little package completely.

Lawrence wrapped a bright green measuring tape around Tuck's ankle and began to document each section of Tuck's body. Lawrence held the tape again to Tuck's bare calf noting the measurement in three different places. His hands touched the bare skin, softly running up and down the leg, deliberately trying to both excite and embarrass. Each new detail was noted in his book.

Moving up to Tuck's thigh he took great pains to run his soft hands over the exposed skin, making four different notes as he took exact measurements of Tuck's body. He stopped and measured the same area again, crossing out the previous notation.

The last measurements were the most problematic; Tuck knew the usual inside seam measurement was always an invitation for a quick feel by the gay tailor, and Lawrence had his warm and soft hands over most of his lower body already.

But Lawrence did nothing of the sort; he simply unsnapped the crotch of the one piece and fully bared Tuck's little penis. Without any consideration or question Lawrence simply lifted Tuck's penis out of the way and wrapped the tape measure around Tuck's upper thigh, the tape going underneath his little balls.

Tuck could not believe the position he was in but didn't know if he was allowed to object. He also didn't know what to say out loud, knowing that Jake could be listening even now. His hands were still up and out of the way, his privacy fully invaded. He watched Lawrence leaning in very close, gently handling his little boy. He hoped it wouldn't grow, but that wish was not being heeded.

"Oh isn't that cute? Your cock is starting to get a little excited. My apologies, I was not really trying for that, I was just doing routine measurements. If I was interested in getting you excited I would have done this."

Lawrence quite smoothly took the boy's soft cock in his hand and held it firmly, letting his lips graze the tip. He then moved closer and took the whole thing into his mouth.

Tuck looked down and didn't know what to do. Lawrence had taken his whole package, his little soft penis and his balls, all into his mouth. Tuck could feel Lawrence's tongue gently licking the underside of his balls, and the sudden and so unexpected feelings were bringing his penis to its full length. Lawrence just smiled up at him and allowed the cock to expand.

Was Jake watching or listening? What could he see or hear? This was too much. Should he push Lawrence away? He could get mad and then give Jake a bad report. Tuck closed his eyes and the unique sensations emanating from his groin were becoming too much. "Stop, please..." he said silently, and then in the next seconds, "...don't stop." The magical feeling of the soft mouth loving his little cock, the whole of his cock and balls inside his mouth... no, it couldn't be happening.

The phone started to ring again. It was the same tune, so it was probably Jake calling. The building feelings were concentrating and growing, and he could feel his heart beating faster. He pushed himself against the warm lips, and then he felt Lawrence grab his bottom and pull him in tight. How could any more of his penis be inside this man's mouth, but he was pressing harder and sucking now. The pressure was building, the intensity and the electrical feelings grew as his cock and balls were being bathed with hot slime. He could feel the pressure building so fast, and the phone was still ringing. Then he let go a stream of cum accompanied by a pleasure rush like he had never felt before. As the sucking, and now the swallowing, continued, his little cock began to subside. Smaller, but still inside Lawrence's mouth, the gentle sucking took the last drop of cum from his little cock.

The phone stopped, and his now limp and small cock slipped out with a small wet pop. Lawrence grinned up at him.

"You really do have such a lovely little toy, and so tasty. Your boyfriend is one lucky man."

Tuck could barely breathe.

"Here's your phone, you better call him back. You don't want him to get mad at you," Lawrence smiled handing Tuck the phone.

On the screen was Jake's picture with the words, 'Call me ASAP. Just hit the #1, it will dial automatically'.

Tuck followed the directions, still standing on the platform, his now well used little penis dangling between his legs, all sense of modesty erased.

Jake immediately answered. "How come you didn't answer the phone?"

"Sorry Jake, Lawrence was in the middle of taking a measurement and I didn't get it fast enough."

"I see. Put the phone on speaker."

Tuck fumbled with the phone until he found the right controls, and Jake's voice rang out clearly in the room. "Is that true, Lawrence?"

"Yes, very true. I was in the middle of giving Mr. Tuck my full attention."

"Sorry Jake," Tuck said aloud. Even to himself he sounded like a penitent little girl.

There was silence. Tuck feared Jake had heard the whole thing and was going to just drop him as a friend after such a terrible act.

"That's ok, sweetie. Just from now on I want that phone answered immediately."

Tuck looked down at his now small and almost invisible little penis, still slick from Lawrence's attention, a single drop of cum oozing slowly out of the pee slit, the only evidence left of the terrible mistake that had just occurred.

"Ok," was all Tuck could say.

"And if you miss answering it, you need to call me back at the first opportunity. But you had better have a good reason that you missed picking up the phone, is that understood?"

Tuck thought for just a second before answering his friend. It sounded as if this was a deal breaker, something very critical to Jake. Sure he could answer the phone and he would do his best not to miss Jake's call. Besides, he liked talking to Jake on the phone, on the rare occasions he actually called; but maybe with this new thing he would get the opportunity to actually have a conversation that lasted more than 5 seconds.

"Sure Jake, no problem. I'll do my best to answer the phone when you call, and if I happen to miss catching it I will call you back right away."

"Good girl."

Tuck ignored the jest.

"Is Lawrence taking good care of you?"

"Yes." Tuck looked down at his cock, small now, or smaller he had to admit. He also noticed Lawrence, who was enjoying the three way conversation a little too much.

"Is she being a good girl for you, Lawrence?"

"Mostly. She is a little stubborn about getting measured and wearing what you picked out."

Again there was silence.

Tuck looked over at Lawrence and mimed how could he say that after what he just did? His shoulders made the questioning appeal and he pointed to his naked cock. Lawrence just smiled.

Jake broke the silence.

"Tuck that just will not do. You immediately apologize for being difficult."

Tuck held the phone out to the side in an expression of exasperation, shaking his head, as evidently Jake was clueless as to what he had just been subjected to. Knowing he had no real choice he blurted out a quick, "I'm sorry."

"Not nearly good enough. No, say it like you mean it."

Tuck was beyond words, he just didn't know what to do or say. He was still nearly naked, standing on the little platform.

"I'm waiting, and so is Lawrence," boomed the voice from the phone, demanding action.

"I am very sorry that I was being difficult. Your personal attentions were a bit more than I expected," Tuck said, trying to use some code to let Jake know that Lawrence had stepped over the line. I guess I wasn't expecting you to be so 'personal'." Tuck expected Jake to get the idea that Lawrence had indeed not only stepped over the line but had trampled it.

"That was better, but that's what I expect from Lawrence, very personal attention. I expect him to guide you and take you in hand."

Lawrence reached over and took the opportunity to grab hold of Tuck's wet and flaccid cock. He looked at Tuck, daring him to say anything to Jake as he rolled his strong fingers around the glistening head, massaging in the last of the spunk, most of which Lawrence had already swallowed.

"Lawrence," Jake said, "Tuck might be a little nervous about the attentions you share, so I expect you might have to be a bit more for forceful with her. This evening is the start of something that I feel very strongly about, and I want it to go perfectly, so I expect your best work. I want Tuck to look perfect. She just needs a strong hand sometimes."

Lawrence squeezed Tuck's dick in his strong hands, looking at Tuck again, daring him to say anything.

"Don't worry Jake, he will be a good boy for me, I know how to handle this kind of problem. And if I have to, you know I can always take him over my knee if he misbehaves again."

"You have my full permission and encouragement, should that be the case. And Tuck, honey, I really don't want to hear any more bad reports today."

The phone went dead.

There was silence in the room for a few seconds. Lawrence was still holding on to Tuck's little package.

"So you are going to be a good girl for me and not give me any more problems?"


"And you're going to do as I say or you will go over my knee."

"I'm sorry, I won't give you any more problems, I promise."

"Ok then, let's get your little man cleaned up then and we can proceed."

Tuck assumed that meant a towel and that the unfamiliar feelings as a result of the very personal attentions would be over, and he was completely unprepared for what came next. Lawrence moved closer and took his little cock back between his lips.

"Oh god, what are you doing?" His hand came down to push Lawrence's head away, but stopped and just came to rest on Lawrence's head, as if he was pulling him closer. The hair between his fingers was warm, and as Lawrence's 'cleaning' progressed, the intensity of the sensations caused Tuck to involuntarily squeeze a handful of hair, causing Lawrence to increase the tempo and the depth of his attentions.

"Oh god," Tuck nearly screamed.

Taking this as a sign that Tuck was fully engaged in the passionate play, Lawrence took the opportunity to show his expertise and took the whole of Tuck's small toy between his lips, pushing his nose into Tuck's bared tummy.

His cock was held deeply in Lawrence's mouth, and with the piston action and the sucking, the intensity was growing and Tuck could only close his eyes, hoping that the pleasure he so enjoyed would never end, or the forbidden to end soon. His mind was in turmoil and lost for the right answer. It was no longer in his control as the buildup grew, the electricity coursing through him, and then at the peak the bolt of lightning as he exploded into Lawrence's mouth; a never ending pleasure, as each pulse of his body sent another gift of hot cum, filling his lovers mouth completely. The pleasure was like nothing he had ever imagined, he felt like his soul had been captured, held hostage and then suddenly released.

Lawrence did not let go of his cock after the explosion, but continued to gently nurse on the softening appendage. Tuck wanted to pull out and escape the sweet torture, the ecstasy having peaked and now passed. Like all his rare dates, he needed time to recover.

His penis now retreating, Tuck began to breathe again. He looked down at Lawrence, his smiling face still holding the now limp cock between his lips. He didn't know what to do; thank the man for the joy freely given, for the best blow job he ever had, or to rudely pull his cock from the hungry mouth.

The decision was made for him as Lawrence let go of the now clean cock, only his warm spit leaving a shine on the now soft and diminutive toy. "I need to freshen up. Stay there and I will be right back."

Tuck stood still for a moment with his cock sticking out from the man lingerie he wore as Lawrence departed. He waited a full minute to let his presence subside from the room, and then Tuck adjusted himself, once again trying to hide his little man behind the nearly transparent fabric, his small cock barely making a bulge in the revealing garment as he waited for Lawrence's return.

When Lawrence did return, the rest of the fitting went without further incident. Tuck was given a shirt and lime green pants which were sized and marked for alteration. It was like it had all been a dream.

"Sweetie, that was so much fun. I will send these over to Polly's when I finish the alterations. Now the outfit will be really tight," he smiled, "like your boyfriend is holding you so close. But that was how Jake wanted it. You're going to look smashing."

Just then the phone rang again. Tuck gazed in the direction of the ringing and spotted the phone sitting on the table but made no move to get it. He was pretty stunned by everything that had just happened and was in no shape to talk at the moment. So Lawrence picked it up and answered it, and after a few seconds put it on speaker.

Still holding the phone, Lawrence smirked at Tuck who was still standing there with a blank expression on his face and said, "I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience for him. I will see to it that he makes it over to the Dunbrier Club for his spa treatment."

"And don't let him go to the club in any of his old clothes; I want him to look halfway decent and make a good impression."

"Of course, sir, I will temporarily fix him up with something smart so he won't embarrass you."

"Thanks, Lawrence, you're the best."

Lawrence hung up the phone and turned to Tuck. "It looks like I have to find some other clothes for you. Wait here and I will be back shortly."

Tuck just stood there with a look of resignation on his face. Only bits and pieces of the phone conversation had registered on his mind, but he did understand that Jake wanted him to wear something decent to his spa appointment, so it was no surprise when Lawrence came back into the fitting room with a bundle of new clothes in his arms.

"Here," said Lawrence, tossing him a thong, "Take off your fitting garment and slip this on while I sort these things out."

Tuck looked at the skimpy piece of underwear with some dismay, but did as he was told. After taking off the sheer one piece, he slipped on the thong and snugged it into place. The tiny patch of pink fabric in front did a surprisingly good job of covering his now flaccid member, and he could only stand there thinking, 'What have I gotten myself into."

-End of Chapter 1-

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